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Full text of "The San Francisco directory for the year .."

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Rnftfl H 

■ ■ ■ 

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i. ti'I J- I }\l\Ul<:>uH 



US 11 
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917.94 2227 A 



FORM 342 7-5000-8-46 

APR 4 1947 

WHITMAN /b Cf\ \ Purnish Employment for Everybody ; Send 
If I1B I IflMirc 0& UUi ( HELP to all parts of the Country; Buy and Sell Keal Estate- 



861 business GUIDE, 1862 

Compiled by HENRY G. LANGLEY. 

, Price, FIVE DOLLARS. Office, No. 536 "WASHINGTON STREET, up-stairs. 







$5 $ jK&m 

324 MONTGOMERY STREET, Montgy Block. 



_ c=== ^ BY— M 


\ « » m * t 

After twenty-one years' experience in my profession, I am convinced that more 

Jeeth have been lost by coarse and imperfect operations than by actual decay. 

Those who desire their Teeth Pilled, or who require an Operation performed in 

thorough and finished manner, can obtain my services for a fair remunerative fee. 

••^•The greatest care and best materials used in my Operations. 

DR. BLAKE, Corner of Clay and Kearny Sts. opposite the Plaza. 





ABYKftTHSBBiKHTS Inserted at BeasoaaMe Bates 

In Papers published on the pacific Coast and in the Atlantic States. 







XTC" -A. "X" O 3E3E 3ES i 

Imported direct from England and Geneva, and sold at N< 
£E> 12 ^^ S£2 C£} S3* ££> S3 


Montgomery Street, one door North of Commercial, S 


a»a uLiinmsts axtjtr J| 


"■ — — 

• I I 

W. Mi .BE 


Finest Quality M 


Surgical and Dental I 

roOLiT AHT0©L[E5 


The Genuine Farina Cologne 
Low's Old Brown "Windsor 

Also, Agent* for the sale of BURNETT* 
!Mi KXTRACTS; Jones. Whits & McC 
TKKTII l-l» KolL; Marsh's B 



5 Compounding of Physicia 

Preparation of FAMILY 

No. 521, | Old No. 137] MONTGOMERY STREET, between Cl$ 




415, 417 and 419 CALIFORNIA STREET, 


San I*r"a.ncl»co. 

Latest Styles of Sofas, Bureaus, Tables, Chairs, Chamber Sets, Bedsteads, Bedding. 





Office-621 Clay Street. 



E. W. BURR, 








X> I n. BCT, 



gMlmtfic mu\ pacific $Um&ty % 

^^T J^.&^XJsf\^rJ^TaTa. 

Forbes & Babcock, 

&± C^- Zm KS <0» S3 & 






<D O JX£ IE* j&. 1ST ^T * 

Organized March 1, 1854.. 

Capital Stock, $2,500,000. 

The following are the OFFICERS for the Years 1861-62 : 

President, JAS. WHITNEY" JR. ; Vise-President, RICH'D M. JESSUP ; Secretary, WILLIAM 
and F. F. LOW. Agents, Sacramento, ALFRED REDINGTON and WILLIAM IL TAYLOR; 
Marysville, HENRY GILMAN; Red Bluff, JAMES S. JOHNSTON; Stockton, J. S. PRATT. 

De^AitfruLxre from Elx-oa,ci"^«7-a,y Wharf 


Steamer CHRYSOPOLIS Capt. E. C. M. Chadwick 

Steamer ANTELOPE Capt. E. A. Poole 

Steamer ECLIPSE 

Steamer NEW WORLD 

Steamer HELEN HENSLEY Capt. E. Z. Clark 

Steamer J. BR AGDON Capt. D. B. Mosby 

Steamer CORNELIA Capt. E. Coxklix 


Every Day, at Four o'clock, IP. ]>X. 


Connecting with the light draught Steamers for 


I^gf-For further particulars apply at the OFFICE OF THE COMPANY: 

JAS. WHITNEY, Jr., President. 






T'tli, lT'tli and ^T'tli of eacli Month. 




EUREKA, (hcmboldtbay,) CRESCENT CITY, 


ik Mi &W& mm 

ip>. m ■/?\ iru .;ie% os 
in y, t>:r». r> L 



5th and 20th of each Month. 


e&m ST. LUCAS, GUA " 

I a 


JML onthly. 

Steamer IP Ji. JST .A. 3VL .A. - 

HOLLADAY & FLINT, Proprietors, 

407 WASHINGTON STREET, opposite Post-Office. 





Portland, Oregon, and .Victoria, V. I, 




San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, San Pedro 

.AND SAN 33IE3CS-0, 

9th, 19th, and 29th, of each Month, 

Steamer SENATOR. 

SAM'L J. HENSLEY, Proprietor, 

409 ■W.A.SHirN'a-TOZSJ- STREET, 




■ 1 » i — ■ — 









c 8| ■ 












" OMAHA 155 

" ST. JOSEPH 155 


3foc Pails and $mm$m vcill lair ovtx m nirjltt at §>att Safe (Cifn. 

J&3T Passengers will be permitted to lay over at any point on the road, and 

resume their seat when there is one vacant. To secure this privilege, they must 

register their names with the Stage Agent at the place they lay over. Passengers 

allowed 25 pounds of Baggage ; all over that weight will be charged extra. 

The Company will not be responsible for loss of Baggage exceeding in value 

Twenty-Five Dollars. 

«>■ » 


STAGE OFFICE, Second Street, between J and K, 


H. MONTFOET, Agent, 



£J^I2a^2* <\ a £1£I3<^ 







— AT — 


We have on hand and will manufacture anything in the shape of FIRE WORKS ever made, and we guarantee our 
WORKS to he as good as any manufactured in the United States. 


Patronize California Manufacture. We manufacture our Fireworks in San Francisco. 

X. U. — All Fireworks guaranteed to be of California manufacture, excepting such small Works as Pinwheels, Tor- 
pedoes, Pullers and Grasshoppers. 

&g- Country Exhibitions attended to promptly, and men sent to superintend them when required. 

ySmm 3E^» 3E^3E3C3]£3L3E3EjA.3$0E*- 


(famisstaucr at gccirs for all % States. 

m t — 



1 iU 1^1 It W Mh 3?S> /Si 5W1 *Wt M *s \ 



No. 614 MERCHANT STREET, nr. Montgomery, 




CAPITAL, $1,000,000. 




To Crescent City, Oregon, and the Southern Coast; 





Connecting in NEW YORK with the 






On all the PRINCIPAL CITIES in the United States and Canada ; Royal 
Bank of Ireland, Dublin, and Union Bank of London, London. 




N. W. corner Montgomery and Calfornia Streets. 



626 Clay Street, and 631 Merchant Street, 





irindRikskiia goods, etq. 

"Wholesale aDd Retail. 


Of our own Manufacture, received by 
every Steamer. 

Clotliixxg; JVIacio to Order. 

P. D. F. EWELL. San Francisco.] [ ALBE T LOCKWOOD, New York. 



REGENSBERGER & STERN, .... Proprietors. 


Making it one of the 


In the City. Every exertion will be made to satisfy the Public, both as to accom- 
modation and Prices. The Rooms are all furnished in the most agreeable style, 
either for FAMILIES or SINGLE PERSONS. The Table is always 
supplied with the MOST DELICATE VIANDS of THE SEASON. 







« 9 • » » 

©IFHK1 ^©® 1T1K1II @1^@@K1 

kellum ac CTJisrisriisra-iiA.iv.a:. 



IB ITIoIblSgi In HI) lb lb ^> Vij in M^X^i 


Also, the Celebrated 
J2T^.lvS:01&JD ROCK coozkuktg- STOVE, 

.fty-Now conceded to be the Haudsomest, Best Baking and Most Economical Stove ever brought to this market. 

Nos. 406 and 408 BATTERY STREET. 


(Late Secretary of the U. S. Land Commission,) 

Agent for Collecting Foreign and Domestic Debts, 

And Claims against the United States and Mexican Governments. 

Interpreter and Translator of Foreign Languages, and Examiner of Spanish & Mexican Land Titles. 

Solicitor of Patents for Inventions and Improvements, and Passports for Citizens of the United 

States going Abroad. Commissioner of the U. S. Court of Claims, at Washington, D. C: 

and Commissioner of Deeds, etc., of most of the States and Territories of the U. & 


Office, Montgomery Block, No. 33— 2d floor. Office Hours, from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. 
Residence, 759 Mission Street, near Fourth. 


j(. ir. HAiwrrx. 



glimijc gldjuste, Marchers of gwords and (Tonurganrcre, 







•i II El I F 


I'm Vvii'm !F 







Below Montgomery, 





« » » 

They are the most Simple Machine in Use. 
The STITCH IS ALIKE upon BOTH SIDES of the Fabric. 
The Stitch WILL NOT RIP or Ravel. 
The Stitch IS STRONG and Elastic 
every month in California, than all other kinds combined. 




Corner of Montgomery and Sacramento Streets, 



Manufacturers and Importers of 

Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises. 

■« ♦ — -♦- 


Superior aad Medium Clothing of Our fl>wa Manufacture 



Always in store, a large Assortment of 


Of every description. 

Bf&~ Orders for CUSTOM CLOTHING, will receive our most careful 
and prompt attention. 

Nos. 412 and 414 SAHSOME STREET, 




< • • » > 

Mrs. M. B. SWEDENSTIERNA Principal, 

No. 64 SILVEK STKEET, near Third. 


This Institution was founded with the design of establishing on the Pacific 
Coast, a SEMINARY where such advantages for a 

could be furnished, as should remove all necessity or design, on the part of 
parents, to send their daughters to an Eastern School. 

JJ3T One of the features of the Institute is a course of CALISTHENICS or such 
Gymnastic Exercises as are adapted to females. 

The various kinds of NEEDLE- WORK, plain and ornamental, together 
with EMBROIDERY, are also taught, if desired. 






— AND — 

Importers of 









N. B.— Sole Agents for the 


— FQR — 


Harness & Collars. 




Mechanic's Institute, 

1857 and 185 < -,»nd by 

Ik Sta'e Fair at Stockton 

For 1857, for the best 


Texas Ranger, and 


And for the best 


And Riding Bridles. 

526 WASHINGTON STREET, San Francisco. 


J. n. OAKTILW), SAZERAC 4CU.... J'°- .1. ARN.Vim . . . . 


,,KS J. TOURNADK Rooh.lle Rocheli.e BRAVDIB 

. DCWAIT1 Do Do. 


mperial, Hheims. 



0. DVI'DNT t'l'O.,' VtKZK.NAV M<h>sklx. Hheims. 



i?ao8\? \>Mi mam. 



Paris, 90 K« e Chateau d'Eau. 


Sacramento, Cor. J. and 5th Btreets. 






Montgoxnery Street, corner of Jackson, 

:d:r-a/w- oisr 












J3FThey also RECEIVE, OX DEPOSIT, THE SMALLEST SUMS, and for a moderate com- 
mission, remit them and cause them to be PAID — at fixed periods, Monthly, Quarterly or 
otherwise, 10 the Families of Depositors in the 








Corner Front and California Streets, 


Agents for " Coleman's California Line " of Clippers, 





n wm^raii 


No. 305 Sacramento Street, 










: i I ! WT ' 


The Subscriber is now prepared to execute orders for 

Any Description of Blankets which may be desired 

Dealers may be supplied by giving reasonable time for the execution of orders ; 
and consumers will not be slow to discover the merits of 



fi@P* Samples can be seen at the Factory, or at the Warehouse of 

Messrs. HEYNEMANN, PICK & CO., 311 arid 313 California St., 

Through whom sales will be made, or orders received. 









pi, it i 



Office at TTJBBS & CO., 611 & 613 FRONT STREET. 





/' T'l 

i 1 




James Hennessy; Otard, Dupuy & Co.; Rochelle and Other 



Dew Drop ; Steamboat ; Swan ; Holland and Telegraph. 


Oporto, Malaga, Etc. 


Duff Gordon & Co.; Harmony. 


Bourbon ; Monongahela ; Eureka. 


New England ; St. Croix, and Jamaica. 


Charles Heidsieck ; Mumm's ; Verzenay ; Piper Heidsieck; Cab- 
inet ; Clicquot, and other Favorite Brands. 

California Amines, 

From various Los Angeles Vineyards. 




Corner Beale and Market £ts., 








« — . • > 




wtm a iu» w 







-A.t IiOS AlXrGrlHXjIEIS. 



No. 801 Montgomery Street, Hentsch's Building. 




mmm & Bmnm 


Offer to the trade and public in general, at a low pric?, in lots to suit, the following: 

CAEiEODEtisriA. fotit •wizste, 

o.a.IjIifoiwS'Ti.a. -white wine, 




And made in our own Vineyards in Los Angeles. 

Particular attention Paid to Shipments for the Atlantic States & Europe. 







-A N U 

(ftttttrs! (tymmmhn IRmftanis, 


CLAY ST., leading through to Merchant, opposite Washington Market, 







Corner California and Sansome Streets, San Francisco. 

Steamers, Ships, Hotels and Family Stores, in every variety and choicest qualities. 

m w iq & m 

1 Wl! 1X1 

Fruit Trees ! Fruit Trees ! 




tfF" From the extent of my Nursery, covering over FIFTY ACRES of ground, I am enabled 

to give the purchaser many advantages not to be obtained elsewhere. 

I ha%'e received from the State Agricultural Society, their fihst premium for the Best Xursery 

in the State the past four years. 

**=■ To those in want of FRUIT TREES, VINES, ETC., by -writing DIRECT to 
B. S. FOX, will find all things to suit the times. 

San Jose, June 1861. 






Agents of Glidden & Williams' Line of Clippers from Boston. 

■OFOSXIV* 333FLOS «fc oo. 






Corner Battery and Sacramento Streets, 





MMFffF. mum & c®. 


(Successors to EUGENE KELLY & CO.,) 


Corner 8ansome and. Sacramento JStreets 5 



422 Battery Street, near Washington. 






|ktci) & gritannia Mm, f prp, €$m\\tp & With* 


No. 516 SANSOM STREET, Corner of Merchant, 


^ (SI 

No. 418 Montgomery Street, San Francisco. 

^bfomees \mk on (Soft* gust. 6oIb $>»ra kuglji anir soli. 


Charges for Assaying and smelting Gold— 2.00 below 50 oz.— All above 50 o«. \4 of one per cent. 

PQQQ3SB ?a[?aft EQQCLa 

I ~^am >d 





Depot and Office, 111 & 113 Davis St. near California 


All kinds of Paper on hand and made to order. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 



" " ' ft W W ^) Wft fib ft 




Incorporated under Act of the Legislature, April 8, 1858. 

CAPITAL STOCK, $3,000,000 
















Incorporated Jniie l£>tli, 1857. 


2,000,000 GALLONS DAILY. 

Corner Montgomery and Jackson Streets. 

Parties introducing Water into their premises, by apply- 
ing at the Office of the Company, can obtain any informa- 
tion desired regarding the weights, strength and sizes of 
service pipe suitable for different localities. 




J. G. HEW8TON, Jr. 



TON £ GO. 

Refinery and Chemical Laboratory, 

4ie mowtoomedry STit:E::E r _r. 



Deposits for Unrefined Bars will be returned in twenty four hours. The charge 
will be one quarter of one per cent, for all amounts over $1,200, and three dollars 
for any smaller amount. 

Charges for Refining ten cents per ounce, gross weight after melting, for all bul- 
lion over five hundred parts Gold, and for all bullion from five hundred to three hun- 
dred, five cents per ounce ; under three hundred fine, three cents per ounce. No 
charge less than Three Dollars. 

Deposits for Coinage will be refined by us immediately and deposited in the United 
States Branch Mint, aud returns made to Depositors on the same day the returns are 
made to us. The charge for coin will be one half of one per cent., being the same as 
charged by the United States Branch Mint. 

Silver contained in the deposit will be accounted for to the Depositor, in the man- 
ner aud at the rate customary at the Mint. 

If required, returns will be made in Refined Bars in four days, at a charge of 
one sixteenth of one per cent, on the value of all Gold Bars over $5,000, and one 
eighth of one per ceut. on all under that amount, and one 1 half of one per cent, on 
the value of Silver Bars. No deposit of Gold less than twenty-five ounces, or of 
Siver less than two hundred ounces, will be returned in Refined Bars. 

Analyses of Ores, Minerals, Metals, Soils, Waters, and the Productions of Art, 


OS^ The various applications of Chemistry to working of Metals, Manufactures, 
Agriculture, etc., will receive special attention. 

Refer to all the Bankers and Gold Dust Dealers in California. 




— AND- 

— OF— 


No. 432 Montgomery Street, 

§tW ^MJtl 




Returns made in from twelve to twenty-four hours, in Coin or 

Bars, at the option of the Depositor. 
Charges, one-quarter of one per cent, or $3 for lots under $1,200. 

v M 




Deposits Received and GENERAL BANKING Business transacted, 





Sansoin Street, opposite American Theatre, San Francisco. 

4 ^ » p 

The AMERICAN EXCHANGE is now permanently Raised to the Grade! 

Leaving two fine granite steps to the office floor from the Sidewalk. This grand 
Improvement to the Kxchange was completed in May, 1859. 

fl3F"Thc AMERICAN EXCHANGE has recently been re-furnished with 100 French Elizabethan Style Bedsteads; 
300 iiue Feather Pillows; 100 best Curled Hair Mattresses; 200 Feather Bolsters; 200 Premium Spring Mattresses. 
This old established Hotel is now furnished throughout the House with 


Furnished in the best Style. Also a large number of fine Family Rooms. 

/Kg* This Hotel is Fire-proof, and has ISO hard-finished Rooms. Ladies' entrance to the Ilotel, corner of Sansom 
and Hallick Streets. The EXCHANGE lias been entirely remodeled, painted and renovated throughout. The Pro- 
prietor will leave nothing undone to make the guests comfortable while stopping at this Hotel. .Prices reasonable. 


The EXCHANGE COACH will always be in readiness to convey passengers to and from the Ilotel. 

SIMON H. SEYMOUR, Proprietor. 
.T. MARTENSTEIN &c 00. 9 










(End of Sansom.) 

saw sriMffim 


M. LANZEN15EKO, Paris. JOHN HAIIN, San Francisco . 






Freacfii Eats, Plus&es, Eat & Sap Trimmings, 
No. 620, (Old No 174) CLAY ST. San Francisco. 




v 3M 



flgp- Opposite the Custom House. SAN PE.A1T0IS00. 


"Wir. Lane Bookee, Esq., EL B. M.'a Consul. Messrs. Dickson, DeWolf & Co. 
C. DePcisaye Green, Esq., Agent for Lloyds. " Daniel Gibb & Co. 

Capt. Robert Roxby, Lloyd's Surveyor. " Ziel. Bertheau & Co. 

Messrs. Edwards & Ballet. " "White & Wilson", 

Samuel Price i " Dupuy, Foclkes & Co. 



■ » ■ 





"vxrc>i:nt.a» city, 3sr. T- 

Business from California and elsewhere promptly attended to. 








Sacramento Street, near Sansome, 


Constantly on hand, a full and complete Assortment of 

\HM # fonts' latent §»|trfe, 




The Stock comprises at all times the 






Will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing else- 
where. Every article warranted, both as to make, fit and quality. 


[Successors to JOHNSON, CANFIELD & CO.] 




732 Montgomery Street, Comer Jackson, 


fa $Uh%, Ijapr tirades, &t 

ca$ szwtnc 





iboh nm wm gas, watbb ©b stbai. 



Coal Oil Lamps, Chandeliers, Etc. Etc. 






i®8SlS" <r '' 

llf. /4 ^f ^ 




Jrtncj) pate (glasses, Jrratfj |)Iatc 6Iass for MhMus, 

us hum & w ails fiia* 









J itlurgraplrs, <§il § aintitt|s, (fttt 






Orders from the country solicited and promptly attended to. 






Nos. 411, 413 and 415 BATTERY STREET, 





Nos. 411, 413 & 115 BATTKRY STRKET, 






<P Si ?Si (& 





S3T Particular attention paid to Forwarding and Transhipment of Merchandise, 
sale of Whalemen's Bills, and other Exchange, iusurance of Merchandise and Specie, 
under open Policies, supplying Whale Ships, chartering Ships, etc. 

Nos. 117 and 119 < AUIOKMA STREET, 




ESTABLI SH E 15 1859. 


No. 512 CALIFORNIA STREET, one door West of Montgomery, 

^<£^£3T £5fajS,£^:KSrcS3S3®C£>» 


MELTED and ASSAYED, with Correctness and Dispatch. 

(CgT In the shortest possible time, and on the most REASONABLE TERMS. 


4S" Having a complete dlEMICAL LABORATORY in connection with my facilities for Melting and Assaying, 
I feel confident of being able to give complete satisfaction to all who may favor me with their patronage. 

B^" For the convenience of Parties desiring Bars early on Steamer Days, Deposits 
will be received on arrival of the Expresses of the Evening previous. 




D. O. MILLS A CO., Sacramento. FREEMAN A CO. San Francisco. 







For Stores, Dwellings, Churches, Etc. Fitted up at Reduced Rates. 

Jobbing done with Neatness and Dispatch. ALL WORK WARRANTED. 

No. 706, (Old No. 162) MONTGOMERY STREET, 

(Below Washington.) SAN FRANCISCO. 



Real Estate, Stock and Merchandise Auctioneers. 


No. 534 (Old No. 144) Washington Street, below Montgomery, 


&f Special Sales of Proporty for Administrators, Executors, Guardian's, Mortgagees, Trustees, 
Etc. made whenever required, according to law. 

Household Furniture and Out-Door Sales made in any part of the City. 

Conditions of Sales of Real Estate. — Titles subject to legal examination. Terms given on 
day of Sale. Act of sale at purchasers' expense. 


No. 438 (Old No. 142) JACKSON ST. one door below Montgomery, 



PINET,CASTTLLON&>CO.,Cognac..CoGNAC Brandies. A. SEIGNETTE, Larochelle Rocbelle Brandies. 

TH. HINE &/ CO., Jarnac Do. Do. C. TJUPONT, Do Do. Do. 

H. BURGATJD, Mauri Do. Do. G. PBELLEB &- CO., Bordeaux Claret. 

B. BEBT &/ CO., Bordeaux, Cognac, Red & White Wines. BTJTNABT, FEBE &o FILS, Rheims Champagne. 

P. J. DE TENET &/ ED. DE 6E0BGES, Bordeaux, Claret. 


Champagne. Chateau Lafitte; Chateau Margaux; Chateau Leoville; Cos Destournel ; Gruaud Larose ; Cantenac; 

Perganson ; Haut Sauteme; Chateau Yquem; Chateau Deyme; Cognac; Absinthe; Vermouth; Brandy 

Fruits; Fruits in Juice; Sardines in Oil ; Olive and Capers; Green Peas; Mustard; Etc., Etc. 



Sole Leather Trunks, 

S. W. Cor. Washington & Montgomery Sts. 





Importer and Dealer in all kinds of 




703 & 705 (Old No. 167) Montgomery Street, 


(Metropolitan Building.) 


Jfantjj & flak Wk&\ §asin$, ^at| Cubs, 




©m ©tsm & w&irm ©©■©» 

The celebrated Morning Star and Bay State Ranges, Copper Boilers, 







(Incorporated under the Laws of the State of New York.) 
— WITH A — 


This Company is prepared to reduce, upon terms mentioned below, all Gold and Silver ores, 
redelivering the full value in bullion, as may be ascertained by any commercial assay. 

JOHN T. DOYLE, Vice-President. 

SIDNEY ASHMORE, Superintendent, 23 William Street, New York, 


toif)[ of djjharjgps for qduriwj <5otd and jwhu[t[ dte : 

Ores worth from $400 to $600, per 2,000ft, 4}4c. per ft. 
" " " $600 to $700, " " 6c. " " 
" " " $700 to $S0O, " " b%c " " 

Ores worth from $800 to $1,000, per 2,000ft, 6c. per ft. 
" " " $1,000 to $1,500, " " 7c. " " 
" " " $1,500 to $2,000, " " Sc. " " 

W. H. $i D. M. MOORE, 

mm s hl ilia 


Rear of the American Exchange, ^aioa S^cpaiaaoasso^a 


Brass, Zinc, Anti-Friction or Babbet Metal Castings 

Steam, f itjuor, Sok, ®il anb WMtt Cotta, pose Couplings, 









it nm 


545, 547 and 549 WASHINGTON STREET, 


Largest Clothing House on the Pacific Coast 

.A.S Claeap *is ixx any of tlxo Sastorn. States. 


524 Montgomery Street, 

(Old No. 136) 

<& OO 


Montgomery and Commercial Streets, 








Maratxme & all Ctoomercsal Writings & Boeameaf s Draws*. 

Consultations upon all Insurance mx) Ulratime Jmhjctfs. 
Office, Exchange Building, Battery Street, 



No. 645 Washington Street, South Side, 


Established February 26th, I860. 

For the Permanent Cure of Diseases by Electricity 



Since the establishment of this Institute almost every nameable disease to which tho human 
system is Liable, has been cured. During the lirst year over twelve hundred cases of different 
diseases were permanently cured. The Directors have authorized the Resident Physician to war- 
rant cures, when in his judgment they are cureablc. 

J. H. JOSSELYN, M. D., Resident Physician. 

5gjp~ CAUTION". — The above Institute is the only place where the Electropathic system is cor- 
rectly administered. 

* 6 




Corner of Merchant Street, 

e^s? ffn&AH(5iis<s(B)o 


J J Ms 

Envelopes, Law Books, Law Blanks, Fancy Articles, 

PRINTERS' CARDS, Plain and with Fancy Borders, 


Orders will be received for any Book or other article required from the States, 
and obtained in the shortest possible time. 



B£g~ Orders from the Country are solicited, to which special attention will be paid. 



Draw Sight and Time Bills on the American Exchange Bank, New York City. 



— AND 



Third Story, Room No. 16. S&ST ^^^^^22S<S^>a 




£511 ]VTontgom.ery Street 





-A.3ST3D — 

A ^^iW A ^^PUtfH^'««^ 









White & Tinted Drawing and Water-Color Paper. 

$hte Jlnjraftinjs, litjjognjrljs autr |Ijotognpljs. 
Mouldings for Frames, and Frames Made to Order, 

Orders promptly filled through ray Agents in New York and Paris. 


No. 511 Montgomery Street, Near Sacramento- 



No. 650 Washington Street, San Francisco. 




A. H. GALE & CO., New York, 

T. GILBERT, Boston, 

C. MEYER, Philadelphia, 

Whose Pianos they have always on haud, for Sale and for Rent. 



Voice and Piano, Piano, four hands, One Guitar, 

Piano alone, Piano, six hands, Two Guitars, 

Piano and Guitar, Two Pianos, Guitar and Voice, 

Piano and Violin, One Violin, Guitar and Violin, 

Piano and Voiloncello, One Flute, Guitar and Flute, 

Piano and Cornet, Two Flutes, Guitar and Piano, 

Piano, two Violins, Violoncello and Bass. Small Brass Band. 

Piano, Violin, Voiloncello and Organ. Full Orchestra, 15-25 Instruments. 

Small Orchestra. Full Brass Band, 15-25 Instruments. 



PLA XO— German, English and French. I GUITAR — German, English, French and Spanish. 

VIOLIN — German and English. Melodeon, Organ, Accordeon, Flutina, Concertina, 

FLUTE^ — German, English and French. Banjo, Violoncello, Double Bass. 



C jjurc|j Stusit, Complete ©pens & Oratorios, $iranb gtosit, $t. 

Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Etc., Etc., repaired neatly and cheap. Genuine Silver 

Strings, for Violins, Etc., spun to order. Pianos Tuned. Music for Balls 

and Parties Furnished. Music arranged for all Instruments. 


New Music Published, Music Assorted and Bound in the Best Style, 

A liberal discount made to the Trade and Professors of Music. 




SANSOME STREET, up stairs, 

Extending from Clay to Commercial Street?, ^5iaa. SP^SiOEioasEOcEo 



And the Famous PIANOS from PLEYEL, Paris, 
Also, THE PARLOR GEM PIANOS, Price, $200. 

And other Instruments from the best Manufactories of the United States and Europe. 

Conceded by the best Judges to be SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS, 


From the Celebrated Makers MERKLIN, SCHTJTZE &, CIE. and A. RODOLPHE, Paris. 

Jrass artir Mati fpustcal instruments, 

Imported from all- the Best Makers in the "World. 
This Stock is especially recommended by its variety, superior quality, and uniform Low Prices. 

TO&ig &<s&5to ^ml^is^a 53m2sr<Bs 9 $» ®* ®* 

Warranted superior to any other ever imported. Received fresh every three months. 



Every description of MUSICAL MERCHANDISE constantly on hand. 

panos Jlcntd, $twd and 2lcpir L al on thq most Jteonabte ijeps. 

Yankee Notions, China and Glassware ; Mantle and Parlor Ornaments ; Combs, 

Brushes, Perfumery, Toys, Etc., imported for the Wholesale Trade. 

J3^" These Goods are imported from first hands, and are sold at prices that defy competition. 

floors s@i® aw ^mm smi m wmww* 

This being the only complete stock of the kind in California, buyers will find it to 
their interest to call and examine for themselves. 

630 Washington Street.} retail stores {1108 Stockton Street. 




No. 236 (Old No. 68) MONTGOMERY STREET, 

< • • » > 

We shall keep on hand a good assortment of 

cakpets, wum, OIL c 


Upholstery Goods and Paper Hangings. 

With increased facilities at their new place of business, they are prepared to do work 
in every branch of the Upholstery Department. 

Particular attention given to the Re-Stuffing, Covering and Varnishing of 
Parlor Sets, and Refitting all kinds of Furniture. 


Plain and Fancy Decorations put up from the latest French Designs. 


And all other kinds of Matresses made to Order. 





No. 619 CLAY STREET, San Francisco. 

^ ■ ♦ ■ +■ 










Secretary WM. F. HERRICK 

Attorney ../GILES H. GRAY 

*»- See General Review for a Notice of the operations of this Institution. 






ZeS s*\ ^cl>> <£t> M 

mu i 


if 111 


< • » » ► 






PJ, IA1 








Surveying* and Navigating Warehouse 


*»m»t — ■ ■ 


Transits, Theodolites, Solar Compasses, 

Leveling Staves, Drawing Paper, Drawing Instruments, 
Barometers, Spy Glasses, Tracing Paper, 

Tracing Cloth, Ship's Compasses, Charts, Sextants. 


Repairs Executed in tlie Best Mannei*. 


Jfme Counting |)ouse jStatioittrjT in tbtnj Oarictn. 


Inks ; Gold Pens of the most celebrated Manufacture ; and Eogers' and Wostenholm's Pocket Cutlery, 

423 SANSOM STREET, Bet. Clay & Commercial. 



For the Year commencing September, 1861 ; 










The Consolidation Act and its Amendments ; the Municipal Government ; Societies and 
Organizations, and a great Variety of Useful and Statistical Information ; 








OFFICE OF THE DIRECTORY, No. 636 (Old No. 144) Washington Street, Room No. 4, up-stairs;- 

WM. B. COOKE & CO. 624 Montgomery Street; ROMAN & CO. 507 Montgomery Street; 

GEO. H. BELL, South-west Corner of Montgomery and Merchant Streets. 



517 Clay and 514 Commercial Streets. 


1* ~ «-« ~—h * \ 

*tivi * S -W-*fl the s zz - 

A. 3>T ID 


For 1 8 OS,: 





Price, Three Dollars per Tear, in half morocco ; or Two Dollars and a Half, in paper for mailing. 

HENRY Gr. LAJVGLEY, I>ut>lislier, 


Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the Year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty-one, 


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Northern District of the State of California. 




FOTl 1862, 

. 4 S24ro^i©©E ®W SIP AVZBVEOAIL IMOtfSi 



ISmo., 96 pp Pi'ice, S3 Cents. 

HEISTHTX' C3-. Ij-A.lSrOLE'sr, Publisher, 



In presenting the San Francisco Directory for 1861, the compiler feels 
a justifiable pride in accepting for his annual the position now universally 
accorded to it, as one of the "features" of our city, contributing unosten- 
tatiously, but faithfully, to its metropolitan growth and greatness. 

The Directory for 1860 secured for its compiler a degree of public favor 
and patronage, which was the more grateful, as it enabled him in the prep- 
aration of the present volume to collect the materials for a work which he 
humbly hopes and truly believes will be found stili more worthy of the 
flattering support which has already been secured for it. 

The difficulties which have been on former occasions adverted to, which 
embarass the collection and arrangement of a San Francisco register of 
names, have not diminished, but, on the contrary, seem to grow with its 
growth. The amount of time and labor devoted to this department is al- 
most incredible, and yet, notwithstanding that nearly five thousand names 
have been added to the list of last year, increasing that of the present to 
nearly thirty thousand, we are well aware of numerous — we will not say 
omissions, for in a proper sense they are not — but omitted names, for the 
reason that their possessors absolutely refused to furnish any information as 
to their place of abode. 

The system of numbering, ordered by the municipal authorities, has 
added value to the compilation of the present year, and were it universally 
adopted, would doubtless be received with general favor, and would tend 
much to simplify future references. The " Business Directory " has re- 
ceived from the compiler especial attention, and he feels confident that the 
industry devoted to that branch of the work has produced a very complete 
list of all trades and professions carried on in our city, with an accurate 
register of the names of all persons or firms engaged therein. In this list 
over ten thousand names will be found so arranged as to be of easy refer- 
ence, and supplying to the stranger ready means for procuring much valu- 
able information in regard to the trade of this city. The "Street Directory" 
has been carefully revised, and now conforms to the official data in the 
office of the Assessor of the city and county. 

In the "Appendix" the Consolidation Act has been republished, with all 
the amendments so methodically arranged, that the changes in the law are 
perceptible at a glance. In this part of the work is also embodied a mass 


of information, extremely varied and much of it very interesting, embracing 
lists of the Federal, State and Municipal officers, notices of local societies 
and associations, churches, military organizations, etc., etc. 

The general review presents a diary of the interesting local events of the 
year, brief notices of schools public and private, benevolent associations, 
cemeteries, public improvements, railroads and other subjects worthy of 
special mention, with historical data of present interest, and well calculated 
to make the book a valuable work of reference to future generations. But 
the particular feature of this department of the Directory is the tables, pre- 
senting a corrected census of the population of the city and county, the 
compilation of the United States census of the city and county of 1860, and 
the statement of the buildings within the city limits. To these there has been 
devoted immense labor at considerable expense to the compiler, but as they 
satisfactorily prove the permanent growth and prosperity of the city, consti- 
tute most valuable data for subsequent reference, and set at rest speculation 
on a much vexed question, he is fully rewarded for the expenditure. 

Prefixed to the Directory is a valuable map of the city and county of 
San Francisco, compiled and drawn from the United States surveys, care- 
fully revised and corrected with the copious materials in the custody of the 
city and county Assessor. 

The compiler cannot properly close these remarks without expressing his 
thanks for the universal courtesy which has been exhibited, and the ready 
aid accorded by the public officers, officers of societies, and others, on 
whose time and patience he has occasionally been compelled to trespass; 
and in this connection he feels it his duty to mention, especially, his obli- 
gation to Clement Ferguson, Esquire, late of the office of the Tax Collector, 
whose stores of information upon every subject connected with the material 
interests of the city have been generously placed at his disposal, and from 
which he has obtained much interesting and valuable data connected with 
the early history of San Francisco and the operations of the municipal gov- 
ernment. The San Francisco Directory for 1862-63 will be issued in 
September next. 

San Francisco, September 10, 1861. 



Geology, Topography, Finances, etc 1 


Population 1861 14 

National Census 1860 15 

City Improvements 16 

Number of Buildings 1861 20 

Tonnage of the Port of San Francisco 21 

Valuation of Imports 22 

Operations Branch Mint 22 

Returns County Assessor 22 

Product ami Exports of Quicksilver 22 

Chronological History 23 


Education and Public Schools 28 

Private Schools 29 

Catholic Schools 29 

St. I.-natiiis College 29 

Sf. Mary's School 29 

Scho.4 of St. Francis '. 2.) 

St. Man's College 29 

School Sistcrsof Presentation 30 

School Sisters of Charity 30 

St. Thomas' S-minary 30 

Young Ladies' Seminary 30 

Ladies' Seminary and Gymnasium 30 

Calif Tnia Collegiate Institute 30 

Union College 30 

City Female Seminary 30 

Citv College 30 

II brew Schools 30 

Industrial School 31 

University of the Pacific 31 


Sabbath Schools 31 

Sabbath School Union 32 


Mission Dolores Burial Ground 32 

Verba Bnena 32 

Lone Mountain 33 

Hebrew 33 

Calvary 33 





Shi Francisco and San Jose 34 

Market Street 34 

Omnibus 34 

F lsom Street 35 

Batterv Street 35 


Strings and Loan 35 

Hibernian 30 

French MutuM. 86 


German 3 

Building and Loan 36 

Union Homestead 36 


.San Francisco 36 

Mutual Marine 36 


Spring Valley 37 

San Francisc • City 37 


Foundries and Machine Shops 3-i 

Gold and Silver Refinery 39 

Pacific Metallurgical Works 39 

San Francisco Chemical Works 39 

Pioneer Woolen F'actory 39 

Refinery of Sugar 40 

Hydraulic Cement. 40 

Cordage and takum 41 

Billiard Tables 41 

Breweriee 41 

Ship Building 41 

Flour Mills 41 

Page - 

Enreka Match Factory 41 

Wire Rope Manufacture 41 

Wire Works 42 


Interesting Statistics 42 

Liquor Dealers 42 






Buildings 307 

Hall-, Blocks. Rows Wharfs 368 

Places of Amusement 369 

Prominent Places 369 

Kev to Public Offices 370 




Board of Supervisors 454 

City and County Officers 455 

District Officers 456 

Police Department 457 

Public Schools 457 

Board of Education 457 


Officers and Organization 457 


Custom House 4t8 

Branch Mint 464 

U. S. Surveyor-General 404 

Post Office 4t.4 



Baptist 466 

Congregational ist 466 

Episcopal 4.7 

Methodist Episcopal 408 

Presbyterian 469 

Roman Catholic 470 

Swedenborgian 471 

Unitarian 471 

Chinese Mission House 472 

Mariners' Church <72 

Church of Christ 472 

English Lutheran 472 

German Evangelical 472 

Hebrew 47-2 


Religions 473 

Benevolent 474 

Protective 477 

Literary 480 

Historical 4S0 

Social 482 



















Adams S 514 

Akers John C 526 

Aldricb .1. A., .Miss 360 

Alsop & Co 512 

American Exchange xxx 

Amletson T 554 

Armes & Dallam 526 

Arthur.). I). A Son 568 

Atwill A Co xxxl 

Austin B. C 568 

Austin ASchmitt 500 

Badger A Lindenberger xxxv 

Bailey A II unison 544 

Bartliug A Kimball 515 

BaumU 503 

Bell G. U xlii 

Bell IJ. W xxxvi 

Benicia Hydraulic Cement Co 557 

Bergin J. J 545 

Berkowitz M 548 

Bernard C 554 

Bigelow A Brother 497 

Blake & Co xl 

Blake C. E. Or front cover 

Boston Joseph 559 

Bourne G. M. I)r *4 

Boyce Thomas 5i6 

Boyd T.C 538 

Bradsh&w 4 Co xxiii 

Braverman A Levy cover 

Brltton, Key A O'Brien xxxvi 

Brodie Win. A Co 524 

Brooks Geo. J. A Co 527 

Brumagbn Mark A Co xlii 

Bunker, Greaves A Co xviii 

Buswell Alexander 360 and 569 

California Lloyds 497 

Cal. Mut. Marine Insurance Co.. .505 

California steam Navigation Co v 

Canfield, Pinrson A Co xxxi 

Ca/.neau T. N xli 

Cazneau T. N.,Supt. Immigrat'n.513 

Chapin G. W. A Co 551 

Clark O. W 552 

Clark Joseph xxxi 

Clark Wm. II. T 533 

Cotfey A Risdon 525 

Coleman W. T. A Co xviii 

Oilman Bros xxxvii 

Oniroy A O'Connor 575 

Cooke Wm. B. A Co cover 

Cornwall A Palmer 530 

Cox, Willcutt A Co xxiv 

Crafne Wm 518 

Crane C. A cover and 516 

Czapkay L. J 556 

Davis A Bowers xl 

Day T xxxiii 

De la Montanva J. A Brother ... 568 

Delavan .1. I)r 532 

Dickson, De Wolf A Co 511 

Dole John S. A Co 562 

Donnolly il)o 531 

Downie J. J. A Co 549 and 561 

Dunn I". F 553 

Eekman Julius Dr 496 

Edwards F. G 561 

Eisen A. F xlii 

Ellsworth T 550 

Elmore M. G A Co 539 

Emerson O. T 515 

Falkner, Bell A Co 511 

Faulkner W 506 

Field A <JniiiiI>y 541 

Fisher A Co xl 

Fisher Geo xii 

Kitzgibhnn A Wilde 5.0 

Fltxpatrick John 542 

Flanagan B 554 

Flanagans .V Mann 554 

Flint, Peabndj A Co xxiv 

Fo\ B. S. i San Jose) xxiii 

Frank Cbaa 531 

Freeman, Haller k. Haskell. . . . 550 

Friedel Henry 506 

Frontier A Deviercy 517 

Qenaonl A xliii 

Qlffln o. F. k Bros ix 

Gillespie A Gray 530 

Gloyai < ;. K 523 

Qodchaax Bros xvi 

Goddard A Co 522 

Gordon John A Co 504 

Gould James G 627 

■II. T 528 

Graves, Williams A Buckley. ..xxiii 

Gray Mathias 498 

Gray Nathaniel 546 

Grosh A Kuthertord 540 

Grovcr A Baker map 

Hallidie A. S. A Co 529 

Hanks H. G 519 

Hartshorne A Crary xxxi 

Haseltine Win 502 

Hassey A Uaram xii 

Haynes A Lawton xxv 

Hensley S.J vii 

Hentsch H xxix 

Heringhi B A Co 552 

Heverin M 533 

Hibernia Savings and Loan Soc. ..453 

Hill ,). li A Co xiii 

Hinckley A Co 625 

Hitchcock G. B xlviii 

Hoagland W. C 537 

Hobbs. Gilmore A Co xxi 

Hodge A Wood 498 

Boelscher, Wieland A Co 534 

Hoffman A Mooser 514 

Holladay A Flint vi 

Houston A. II 563 

Howlaud, Angell A King 523 

Hucks A Lambert 544 

Hughes M. E 555 

Hunt E. O 639 

Hyatt C 519 

Janson, Bond A Co 537 and 571 

Johnson T. R 548 

Johnston W. B 569 

Jones H 532 

Jones, Wooll A Sutherland . . . xxxiv 

Jordan M 517 

Joaselyn J. II xli 

Kellum A Cunningham xii 

Kellogg A Dr 540 

Kellogg, Ilewston A Co xxviii 

Keith W. 11. A Co ii 

Kesmodel F . 527 

Kimball Geo. P. A Co 526 

Kiepzig I. C. E. A Co 526 

Knapp, Bnrrell a Co 517 

Kohler A xlv 

Kohler A Frohling xxii 

Kuner A 562 

Langley Henry G 1 and 574 

Lanzenberg M. A Co xxxi 

Lawton W. W 530 

Lewis T O 553 

Lick James 502 

Locke A Montague xii 

Lock wood A Heudrie. .cover and 575 

Lockwood, Ewell A Co xi 

LohrC. C 553 

Low C. A. A Co 509 

Locke II 542 

Lust A Frisch 553 

Main A Winchester xvi 

Market Street Railroad 507 

Martenstein J. A Co xxx 

Martin E. A Co xx 

Matwedel A Otto 628 

Mason D. B 551 

Massev A Yung 517 

McDonald ,1. A Co S48 

McElwee A Ackerman xlvi 

McGill J. A Co 650 

McGregor J 543 

McHenry J .V.l 

McKibbinW 860 

McLean A Fowler 508 

McRuer A Merrill x\\v 

Mead J, B. A Co back cover 

Mecartney A 514 

Metropolitan Theatre 501 

Meulli J. A. A Co 540 

Meyers Hotel 563 

Middleton John A Son 500 

Molitor S A Co: XXV 

Moore W. II. A D. M x\six 

Morrison A Bryant 560 

Murphy, Grant A Co xxiv 

Mime ilf.ll (Platt'8) 573 

Myers J I) back cover and 499 

Neustadter Bros 552 

Norcross D 548 

NorCron A Co 565 

N. Y. Smelting A Refiu'gCo...xxxix 

Oriental Hotel 537 

Overland Mail viii 

Pacific Mail Steamship Co iv 

Pacific Metallurgical Works. . . 572 

Palmer A Co 522 

Palteughi A 542 

Parker E. U 510 

Patrick James A Co 535 

Peckham E. P ix 

Peirce J iii 

Pettlt A. P 518 

Pioche A Bayerque xvii 

Plum C. M 525 

Porter A Sawyer 530 

Portmann J. H. C 545 

Prior J. K xxx\iii 

Purdy I. B. Co 549 

Ransom L 562 

Rasche A Sons xliv 

Roach J 552 

Robinson Joseph 519 

Robinson T xxxiv 

Roman A back cover 

Rosa S 555 

Rosenbaum A. S. A Co 559 

Ross W. G 529 

Sainsevain Bros xxii 

ganfbrd J. L. A Co 503 

San Krau'coCity Water Works.xxvii 
San Franc'co Cordage Manul'ac'y. xix 

S. F. Fire Insurance Co iii 

San Francisco Sugar Refinery 566 

San Francisco Woolen Factory., .xix 

Savings and Loan Socity xlvi 

Schater J. F. A 11. H 642 

Bcbmoli W 558 

Schroder 11. A Co xxxvii 

SelleckS 537 

Belling, Marx A Co 503 

Sherman V7. A Co xv 

Sheiwood Kobert ii 

Sh reeve Geo. C. A Co cover 

Smith B. J 515 

Smith G. M 571 

Smith S. F 520 

Snook G. A W 663 

Bpaulding X. W .543 

Speyer if. Insurance 612 

Bpeyer M. Wines xvi 

Spreckles Bros 533 

Spring Valley Waterworks , xxvi 

Stead George . 543 

Stevens C. A Co 661 

St. Nicholas Hotel xi 

Btorj C. R. A Co 567 

StottC 544 

Stout A. B 514 

StratmaiiJ. A Co 561 

Swain R. B. A Co 513 

Swedenstiema M. B. Mrs xv 

Sweeney Daniel 520 

Talbot W. C. A Co . .550 

Tav, Brooks A Backus ... .567 

Taylot John 549 

Taylox s. 1' xxv 

Tennent T xlviii 

Thurnaner A Zinn 559 

Tillman F... 535 

T obi u Bros. A Co xxiv 

Torrenee A Parker 536 

Tow ne A Bacon 621 

Tubbs A Co xix 

Tucker J. W. A Co cover 

Valentine A Co 569 

Venard G 541 

Vice Martin 639 

Vuilleumier A 543 

V ii lean lion Works Co 524 

Warkenrcuder V 369 

WalnwrlghtJ. E A Co xxxvii 

Warren O. P.... 60S 

Washington Market 670 

Wriseiihorn F .. 541 

Wills. Fargo A Co x 

Wheeler A Wilson xiv 

Whitman S. P. A Co front cover 

WlgmoreJ, ...538 

Wiley A Craig 546 

Williams B. B 555 

Winkle 11 631 

Wood W. U Ix 

WoodZ 619 

Woodworth A Ce xlvii 

Wiiiinenberg A Co 545 

Zecb Jacob 638 

Zelle F. Dr 532 


Advertising Agents. 


Thos. Boyce 516 

C. A. Crane front cover and 510 

Agricultural Depots. 

J. D. Arthur & Son 568 


Metropolitan Theatre 501 

Music Hall, Piatt's 573 


Samuel Adams 514 

Wm. II. Keith & Co ii 

Carl Wilhelm 532 


A. F. Bison xlii 

Wm. Craine 518 

W". 0. Hoagland 537 

Hoffman & Mooser 514 

C. Hyatt 519 

A. P. Pettit 518 

Z. Wood 519 


G. W. Bell xxxvi 

Henry Hentsch xxix 

Kellogg, Hewston & Co xxvni 

8. Molitor & Co xxv 

N. Y. Smelting & Refining Co...xxxix 
Pacific Metallurgical Works 572 

Attorneys at Law- 
Porter * Sawyer 530 

Wm. G.Wood i* 


J. Middleton & Sou 500 

McKuer & Merrill xxxv 

D. Sweeney 52u 

J. E. Wainwright & Co xxxvii 


Chas. Frank 531 

H. Winkle 531 

S ankers. 

Mark Brumagim & Co xlii 

Henry Hentsch xxix 

Pioche, Bayerque & Co xvii 

Wells, Fargo & Co x 


J. F. & H. H. Sohafer 542 

Billiard Saloons. 

Bank Exchange ....536 

Billiard Table Manufactur's. 

M.E. Hughes 555 

Boat Builders. 
Martin Vice 539 

Boiler and Sheet Iron Works. 

Coffey & Risdon 525 


Bartling Sc Kimball 515 

A. Buswell 360 and 569 

G. T. Kmerson 515 

H. Friedel 500 


G. II. Bell xlii 

Adrien Gensoul xliii 

A. Roman back cover 

Boots and Shoes. 

P. F. Dunn 553 

John S. Dole & Co 562 

H. Lucke 542 

Boxes, Packing. 
Hobbs, Gilmore & Co xxi 

Brass Foundries. 
W. H. &D. M. Moore xxxix 


Hoelsrher, Wieland & Co 534 

Spreckles Bros 533 

Wunnenberg & Co 545 


C. Baum 503 

B. B. Williams 555 

Cabinet Makers. 

J. Wigmore 538 

Camphene and Coal Oil. 

Bailey & Harrison 544 

J. J. Downie & Co 549 and 561 

Chas. Srott 544 

Cap Manufactory. 

Lustft Frisch 5?3 

Carriage and Wagon Manuf. 

George l». Kimball fc Co 526 

Carvers and Gilders. 

Jones, Wooll & Sutherland xxxiv 


Nagle & Winkle 557 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

A. S.Bosenbaum&Co 559 

Cloaks and Mantillas. 

M.Berkowitz 548 

Clothing Dealers. 

I Canfield, Pierson & Co xxxii 

i Colman Bros xxxvii 

Davis & Bowers xl 

Lockwood & Hendrie 575 

Lockwood, Ewell& Co xi 

J. R. Mead& Co back cover 

W Sherman & Co xv 

I. B. Purdy & Co 549 

Cloths and Woolen Goods. 

Lauzeuberg & Co xxxi 

Coal Dealers. 

Thos. Anderson 554 

E Flanaaan 554 

Flanagans & Mann 554 

Hartshorne & Crary xxxi 

Coffee and Spice Mills. 

C. Bernard 554 

G. Venard 541 

Colleges and Schools. 

Miss J. Aldrich 360 

Dr. Julius Eckman 496 

Mrs. M. B. Swedenstierna xv 

Commission Merchants. 

Bunker. Greaves & Co xviii 

W. T. Coleman & Co xviii 

Flint, Peabody & Co xxiv 

McRuer & Merrill xxxv 


A. H. Houston 503 

G. Fisher xii 



Tubb* &Co xix 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Thomas Day xxxiii 

Uayues & Law ton xxv 

Frederick Kesmodel 527 

C. E. Blake front cover 

Doors, Sash and Blind Manuf. 
McGill & Co 550 

Dry Goods. 

Austin * Schmitt 500 

Godchanx Bros xvi 

Janson, Bond & Co 537 

Murphy, Giant &i'o xxiv 


A. Kellogg 540 

Engravers and Designers. 

T. C. Boyd 538 

A. Kuner 502 

Examiners of Deeds. 
Gillespie & Gray 530 


Wells, Fargo & ro x 

Fancy Goods. 
Tobin Bros. & Co xxiy 

Fire Works. 
0. F. Giffln & Bros ix 

Flour Mills. 

Grosh & Rutherford 540 

J. Lick 502 

J. Martenstein & Co xxx 


Wm. Brodie & Co 524 

George K. Gluyas 523 

Goddard &Co 522 

Hinckley & Co 525 

Howland, Angell& King 633 

Palmer & Co 522 

Vulcau Iron Works Co 524 

Fruit Dealers. 

James G Gould 527 

Graves, Williams & Buckley xxiii 

J. Bryant Hill & Co xiii 

Knapp. Burrell & Co._ 517 

J. L.Sanford & Co 513 

Furniture Dealers. 

J. Peirce "• 

Selling, Marx .v Co 508 

Gas Fitters and Plumbers. 

John C. Akers 526 

Britten, Rey « O'Brien xxxvi 

Thomas Day xxxiii 

J. K. Prior xxxviii 

G. & W Snook 563 

Gauger of Liquors. 
W. G. Boss 529 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 
Neustadter Bros 552 


J. McIIenry 551 

John Taylor 549 

Bradshaw & Co xxiii 

Klepzig & Co 526 


Marwedel & Otto 528 

Conrov & O'Connor 675 

Harness and Saddlery. 

H.Jones 532 

Main & Winchester xvi 

Hats and Caps. 

Blake & Co xl 

Fisher & Co xl 


American Exchango xxx 

Meyers' Hotel 563 

Oriental Hotel 537 

St. Nicholas xi 

White Sulphur Springs, Napa Co...xii 



Immigration Superintends. 

Thus. M. Cazneau 513 

Instrument Depots. 

John Roach 552 

William Schmolz 558 

Thjui is Tennent xlviii 

Insurance Adjusters. 

T. N. Cazneau xli 

Joseph Claik xxxi 

Hassey & Hainm xii 

Insurance Agents. 

Alsop & Co 512 

Kigelow & Brother 4H7 

Dickson, DeWolf &Co 511 

Falkncr, Bell & Co 511 

W. Faulkner 506 

Jausoii. Bond & Co 571 

W. B. Johnston 569 

0. Adolphe Low & Co 509 

McLean & Fowler 508 

A. Mecartney 614 

E. II. Parker 510 

M.Speyer 512 

A. B. Stout 514 

R. B. Swain & Co 513 

Insurance Companies. 

California Mutual Marine 5K> 

California Lloyds 497 

San Francisco Fire Ins. Co iij 

Intelligence Offices. 

Geo. \V. Cliapin & Co 551 

S. P; Whitman & Co front cover 

Japanese Goods. 
Wni. Haseltiue 502 

Jewelers, Manufacturing. 

Frontier & Deviercy 517 

Land Agents. 

L. Ransom 562 

Leather Dealers. 

Joseph Boston 659 

Cox, Wilcutt & Co xxiv 

Liquor Dealers. 

E. Martin & Co xx 

Morrison & Bryant 5fi0 

Jami'8 Patrick & Co 535 

II. Schroder & Co xxxvii 

Torreiice .t Parker 536 

F. Weiseuborn 541 


T. Ellsworth 550 

W.C.Talbot .'. 550 

Macaroni and Vermicelli Fac. 

J. A. Menlli, Tentbory & Co 540 

Machine Shops. 

Wm. McKibbin 560 

Mail Lines. 

Overland Mail viii 

Marble Yards. 

A. Paltonghi & P. Larseneur 542 


Washington Market 570 

Match Factory. 

M. C. Elmore & Co 639 

Medical Institutes. 

Dr.G. M. Bourne 6M 

L. J. Czapkay 551', 

J. II Josselyn xli 

J. I). Myers 499 

B. .1. Smith 616 

Dr. 9. Zelle 532 

Merchant Tailor. 

Chas. C. Lohr 553 

Mining Agency. 

Atwill'& Co. (Virginia City) xxxi 

Music and Piano Fortes. 

Badger & Liudenberger > xxv 

Mathias Gray 498 

A. Kohler xlv 

Rasche & Sons xliv 

S. Rosa 665 

Woodworth & Co xlvii 

Jacob Zech 538 

Native Wines. 

Hobbs. Gilniore & Co..... xxi 

Kohler &. Frohliug xxii 

Saiusevaiu Bros, front cover and xxii 

Newspapers, etc. 

Stratman & Co 561 

Notaries Public. 

Cornwall & Palmer 530 

W. W. Lawton 530 

E. P. Peckbam ix 


B. S. Fox (San Jose) xxiii 

Paints, Oils and Glass. 

II. 0. Hanks 519 

David B. Mason 551 

John McDonald & Co 548 

Joseph Robinson 519 

Paper Dealers. 

G. J. Brooks & Co 527 

S. P. Taylor xxv 

Paper Hangings. 

G. W. Clark 552 

Patent Medicines. 

J. Delavan 532 

C. R. Story & Co 567 


Silas Selleck 537 


0. P. Warren 503 

Picture Frames. 

Jones, Wooll & Sutherland xxxiv 

Thos. Robinson xxxiv 

Printing Offices. 

Towne it Bacon 521 

Valentine & Co 509 

Rail Roads. 

Market St. and Mission 607 

Real Estate Agents. 

Hassey & Hamm xii 

Regalia Manufacturers. 

T. R. Johnson 548 

D. Norcross 548 


Field & Quimby 541 


Fit/gibbon & Wilde 520 

S. F. Smith 520 

Salamander Safes. 

F. Tillnvn 535 

Savings and Loan Societies. 

Hlbernia 453 

Savings and Loan Society xlvi 

Saw Dealers. 

G. Stead 643 

N. W. BpaoldlBg 643 

Sewing Machines. 

R. G. Brown Map 

H. C. Hayden xix 

T. 0. Lewis 553 

Silver Platers. 

Win. H. T. Clark 633 

Soap Manufacturers, 

James . I. Bergin 645 

J. II. Portmaun 645 

Stair Builders. 

Freeman, Haller & Haskell 550 


G.H.Bell xlii 

Win. B. Cooke li Co Front cover 

Hdgefc Wood 493 

G. B. Hitchcock --.xlviii 


California and Oregon S. S. Lige vi 

California Steam Navigation Co v 

Oregon and San Diego S. S. Line...vii 
Pacific Mail S. S. Co iv 

Stencil Plate Cutters. 

A. Kellogg 540 

Stone Cutters. 

M. Heverin 533 

Stoves and Tinware. 

B. C. Austin 568 

De La Montanva kBro 568 

John Gordon & Co 504 

Locke & Montague xii 

G. fc W. Snook 563 

Tuy, Brooks & Backus 567 

Sugar Refinery. 

S. F. Sugar Refinery 566 


V. Wackenrender 369 

Tea Dealers. 

G. M. Smith 571 

Trunk Manufactory. 

John Fitzpatrick 542 


Nathaniel Gray 546 

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F. G. Edwards 561 

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McElwee & Ackerman xlvi 

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Geo. P. Kimball & Co 626 

Wagon Grease Manufacturers. 

Hocks & Lambert 544 

Watches and Jewelry- 

Braverman & Levy front coTer 

A. Borel 482 

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A. Vuilleumier 543 

Water Works. 

San Francisco Waterworks xxvii 

Spring Valley Water Works xxvi 

Windmill Manufacturers. 

E. (). Hunt 539 

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Wire Workers. 

II. T. Craves 628 

A. S. Ilallidic k Co 529 

Wood and Willow Ware. 

Amies & Dallam 526 

Thurnaticr A Eton 569 

Woolen Goods- 

8. F. Woolen Factory xlx 

Teast Powders. 

Donnelly & Co 631 



Historical Sketch of California. 

As an account of the Metropolis of California 
would be incomplete, without some allusion to 
the history of the country, it may, therefore, be 
expedient to give of it, a rapid sketch in this 
place. Half a century after the discovery of 
America by Columbus, Juan Rodriguez Ca- 
brillo, a Portuguese by birth, in the service of 
Spain, discovered Upper California, having landed 
at San Diego in September, 1542. On the death 
of Cabrillo, the voyage was continued by his 
Pilot and Lieutenant, Bartolome Ferrelo, who 
made a survey of the coast, during which, the 
entrance to the Bay of San Francisco is supposed to have been seen by him, when 
he discovered, what he considered to be, the mouth of a great river ; there is a proba- 
bility, therefore, that he was the first European who beheld the Golden Gate. In 
1579, Sir Francis Drake visited this coast, having landed a few miles to the north- 
ward of San Francisco, at a Bay which still bears his name ; being ignorant of Ca- 
brillo's prior discovery, he called the place New Albion. Francisco Vila landed 
here in 1582, and Juan De Fuca in 1595. In 1596, Sebastian Vizcayno — a famous 
Spanish navigator — established a military post at Santa Cruz; the astronomical posi- 
tions determined by him in 1603, was the only nautical authority for this coast 
during the subsequent 160 years. However, the permanent settlement of California 
did not commence till almost the close of the third quarter of the last century, after 
which 4 Presidios and 21 Missions were founded (A. D., 1769 to 1822) with the 
view of civilizing the natives through the peaceful influences of Christianity. In this 
the Monks labored with patient energy and devoted zeal, and California continued tran- 
quil for upwards of 60 years; the Fathers increasing the number of their converts, 
which at one period amounted to 20,000. Indeed the settlement of the country has 
been felicitously termed a "spiritual conquest." With the commencement of the 
present century, accounts of earthquakes make their first appearance in our local 
archives. In October, 1800, the Mission of San Juan Bautista was visited by six 
severe shocks in one day. The next mention comes nearer home — the Presidio of 
San Francisco having experienced 21 shocks between the 21st of June and 17th of 
July, 1808; and the church of San Juan Capistrano was destroyed by a violent 
earthquake four years afterward, when 41 Indians perished in the ruins. In 1829 


and 1839 several severe shocks were again experienced in San Francisco. In 1812 
the Russians formed a settlement at Bodega, which they maintained for thirty years. 
In 1822 California became a Mexican Territory, on the separation of all the Ameri- 
cas from Spain. Internal disturbances commenced about the year 1830, and a de- 
cree was issued in 1833, confiscating and secularizing the property of the Missions. 
Soon afterward the Natives became dissatisfied with the national government that 
succeeded the milder sway of the clergy, and more than once declared their inde- 
pendence, but just as often rejoined the confederation. Occasionally the ports were 
visited by trading vessels for grain, and the hides and tallow cured at the Mission 
stations ; and bands of emigrants, from time to time, crossed the Rocky Mountains, 
enduring hardships, and even horrors, in that slow pilgrimage of 2,000 miles ! Thus, 
however, commenced the development of the resources of the country ; the beaver 
and the otter assisting in the good work, by enticing across the Plains the hardy 
Trapper. In 1845 the Americans revolted and fought under the "Bear Flag" for 
independence. On the 7th July, 1846, Commodore Stockton took possession of 
Upper California, by raising the national flag at Monterey, and on the 2d of February, 
1848, the country was ceded by treaty to the United States. About this time (19th 
January, 1848) the statements of the early voyagers were verified, gold was discovered! 
" On the wings of the wind the glad tidings were conveyed throughout the world. 
Suddenly labor arose in value, and industry was universally stimulated. From the 
shores of the Atlantic and of the Pacific — from the isles of the Ocean and across the 
wide plains, the gathering of a multitude commenced." The military government 
was superseded by one based on a Constitution, which was ratified by the people on 
the 13th of November, 1849. Thus, California became a State, and as such, was 
admitted into the Union on the 9th of September, 1850.* 

Annals of San Francisco. 

Prior to the year 1835, no human being had ever resided north of Mission Creek, 
where the city of San Francisco is now built. "Within the limits of this peninsula, 
there was scarcely any spot more lonely. The few ships that found their way to this 
sequestered harbor, anchored in a little cove near the Presidio, which had been the 
embarcadero of the Mission. In the year named. W. A. Richardson, the Captain of 
the Port, erected a tent on the beach; and in 1836, Jacob P. Leese built the Jint 
house, where the St. Francis Hotel now stands, on the corner of Clay and Dupont 
streets. The place was then known as the Parage of Yerba Buena. In 1838 Mr. 
Leese built another dwelling on the southwesterly corner of Montgomery and Com- 
mercial streets, which he sold to the Hudson Bay Company, whose agents and ser- 

* The following is a list of all tho Governors of (."aliforma with their respective nationalities, and tho dates of 
their assumption of office, viz: — 

Spanish — 1767, Gaspar de Portala; 1771. Felipe de Barri; 1774, Felipe de Neve; 1782, 1'edro Fegas; 1790, J. A. 
Romeu; 1792. J. .1. de Axrillaga; 1794, I), de Boricaj 1800, J. J. de Arrillaga; 1814, Jose Arguello.: 181*, Pablo 
Vincente de Sola. 

Mexican— 1823, Luis Arguello; 1820, Jose Ma. de Ecbandia; 1881, Manuel Victoria; 1832, Pio Pico; 1S32, Jose 
Fk-ueroa; 1835, Jose Castro; 1830, N. Gutierrez; 183'., M. Chlco; 1830, J. B. Alvarado ; 18-12, M. Micheltoreua ; 
1846, Pio Pico. 

■State*— 1846, Military Government; I860, P. II. Burnett; 1861, John McDougal; 1852, John Bigler; 1856, 
J. Neely Johnson; 1858, John B. Weller; 1860,M. B. Latbam; 1860, J. 6. Downey. 
For much valuable information, reference is made to Randolph's brilliant address on the History of California. 


vants formed nearly the entire community. In 1839 Juan Vioget made the first 
survey of Yerba Buena — bounded by Pacific, Montgomery, Sacramento and Dupont 
streets. Up to the year 1843, this locality continued a comparative wilderness; 
cattle roamed undisturbed where now are crowded warehouses, and ravens croaked 
on the spots where peaceful dwellings stand. In 18-44 the village contained a dozen 
houses, and its permanent population did not exceed fifty. In 1846 the houses had 
increased to 50, and the people to 200. In September, 1847, the number of tene- 
ments was 157, and the population nearly 500. In the same year the local name of 
Yerba Buena was changed to that of San Francisco. A site so desirable for a 
city, formed by nature for a gieat destiny, "on one of the finest Bays in the world, 
looking out upon the greatest, the richest, and most Pacific of Oceans — in the very 
track of empire — in the healthiest of latitudes, such a site could not fail to attract 
the attention of the expanding Saxon race." Commerce hastened it ; the discovery 
of gold consummated it. In April, 1848, the town contained 200 dwellings, and a 
population of 850. In July, 1849, the number of inhabitants had reached 5,000. 
By the State census of 1852 the number then was 36,154; and now, in 1861, this, 
the Metropolis of the Pacific, numbers in population, 80,000 souls, and can boast of 
an assessment roll of forty millions of dollars ! In exports standing first, and in im- 
ports and tonnage among the very first of the great ports of the Union. Within 
the past year, sand hills have been leveled, valleys have been filled in, streets have 
been graded, sewers have been constructed, miles of gas-pipes have been laid, and 
exhaustless supplies of pure water introduced. Substantial fire-proof warehouses 
have been erected, and hundreds of dwellings have been built. Who can foretell 
the future of San Francisco? Her growth was sudden ; there was no infancy in her 
history. Within but a few years, her foundations have been laid, and after passing 
through the fiery ordeal, and a series of financial abuses and disasters, she now is on 
her onward march to wealth and greatness. 

View of the City. 

For the information of distant readers, it may be well to describe the location of 
"The City We Live In." San Francisco stands upon the hilly ridge which forms the 
barrier that separates the Pacific from the Bay, having the ocean four miles on the 
west. The city is on the northeasterly corner of this promontory; a series of lofty 
hills and sandy valleys originally marked its site ; the march of improvement has, 
however, to a considerable extent, leveled the one, and filled iti the other. Probably 
the finest view of San Francisco is that which is enjoyed by the spectator, who gazes 
upon the city and the surrounding country from the top of Telegraph Hill, an emi- 
nence which rises to a height of 289 feet. From it the landscape extends over por- 
tions of ten counties, combining the grandeur of the ocean, with the peaceful evi- 
dences of agricultural industry — a blending of the wild and picturesque — with the 
proofs of advanced civilization at your very feet. In a northwesterly direction we' 
behold the Golden Gate, against whose rocky portals the white waves of the Pacific 
are ever dashing, and into which the ocean breeze daily sweeps with its chilling but 
purifying mists. Due north are the harbor and village of Saucelito — Angel Island in 
full view — Alcatraces, with its formidable batteries, together with the rugged cliffs 


and picturesque headlands of Marin county. The northeasterly arm of the bay 
stretches afar, till lost in the distance, studded with smoking steamers and sailing 
craft, on the silent highway, to the numerous points on the Sacramento and San 
Joaquin. Looking eastward is the spacious harbor, crowded with ships, laden with 
rich and useful products from all quarters of the globe ; the Island of Yerba Buena 
" with verdure clad," together with the rural cities of Oakland and San Antonio ; 
behind which, hills rise on hills, and towering over these — nearly forty miles in the 
distance — may be seen the conical peak of Monte Diablo, 4,000 feet in height, seem- 
ing like a giant sentinel, that for ages has guarded the slumber of these waters, when 
their glassy surfaces were unrippled, save by the plash of the Indian's paddle. Far 
away are the lofty summits of the Sierra Nevada, at whose rugged base lie the 
treasures that have astonished the world. Turning to the south the eye embraces 
the scenery of San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, whitened with habitations ; 
together with the great southern arm of the bay, almost forming a horizon of water. 
Union City and the town of Alviso are also visible ; nigh at hand is the New Po- 
trero, and also the Mission Dolores, backed by the Bernal Heights, and by graceful 
hills. At your feet is the busy city ; an adventurous population throng its thorough- 
fares, exhibiting the complexions and costumes of many lands. The solitude of the 
desert has given place to the hum of industry, and the yell of the hunter is sup- 
planted by the echo of the steam-whistle. Where formerly stood the humble 
embarcadero, may now be seen numerous wharves extended into the bay, beside 
which, are the vast hulls and lofty spars of ocean leviathans. The permanent im- 
provements visible, on all sides, indicating the profound peace and prosperity which 
distinguish California. From the North to the South Beach, the hissing of the jack- 
plane, the grating of the hand-saw, and the click of the trowel are heard on every 
side ; workshops ring with the clang of metals, and factories with the whirr of looms. 
Lines of steamers connect us with the East, and incidentally with Europe, with South 
America and Australia, with the ports in the Gulf of California, with Oregon, with 
Washington Territory and British Columbia. By means of the magnetic Telegraph 
we are within speaking distance of every portion of the State — from the gold-placers 
of Yreka to the orange-groves of Los Angeles ; and within the year we will be in 
telegraphic communication with the cities of the Atlantic. Fleets of ships from all 
quarters of the globe supply us with the richest wares of foreign climes, returning 
freighted with the surplus products of our fertile soil. All these cheering indica- 
tions, together with an increasing population — the successful inauguration of rail- 
roads, with the constant pouring into the lap of San Francisco of the treasures of 
our mountains — the establishment of the Daily Overland Mail and of the Pony 
Express — all these have imparted additional value to the numberless interests of 
the State — and more particularly of our city. 

The Mission and the Presidio. 

During unnumbered centuries, the peninsula bounded by the Pacific Ocean and 
the Bay of San Francisco, continued an unchanging wilderness, until " men, foreign 
to the soil, but imbued with a sublime faith, left home and kindred to teach civiliza- 
tion to barbarism, and to preach salvation to the heathen." The very year which 


gave birth to the great Western Republic on the Atlantic shore of North America, 
witnessed the first permanent settlement on the coast of Upper California. In 1776, 
two Missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church reached the bay of San Francisco, 
and proceeded to establish a central point for their operations. Their names were 
Francisco Palou and Benito Cambon. They were natives of Spain, but came to this 
place from Mexico. Finding a fertile tract of land, capable of irrigation, nearly two 
miles south of the present city of San Francisco, they selected it for their home, and 
with much pious pomp, they founded the Mission of Our Father St. Francis ; but 
in the course of years, the name was changed to that of the Mission Dolores, in 
commemoration of the sufferings of the Virgin. The Fathers evinced much good 
sense in selecting the site for their buildings, which was a small, fertile plain, em- 
bosomed among green-clad hills. Several tiny rivulets of clear, sweet water met 
about the spot, whose united streams were conducted to the bay by one of a larger 
size, now well known as Mission Creek. Among the first buildings erected was the 
Church, which is still devoted to religious uses, while the adjoining adobe buildings 
are now used for secular purposes. The Missions were established with the view, 
not only of propagating the doctrines of the Roman Catholic religion, but by so 
blending agriculture and trade, under the tutelage of the Church, as to render the 
Natives amenable subjects of the Spanish Crown. The Friars succeeded in reducing 
a large number to a partial degree of civilization ; and to the self-denial of the good 
Fathers, La Perouse, Vancouver, Beechey, and other enlightened travelers, afford 
unqualified testimony. " During this primitive period, from which we are removed 
by so brief an interval, it would seem that kindness in their intercourse with one 
another, and hospitality to the stranger, were the characteristics of the Friars and 
their converts." Three miles west of the city, and two and a half miles north of the 
Mission is the Presidio, established to give military aid to the clergy in the conquest 
of the Indians. Under the protection of this Presidio were the Missions of San 
Francisco, Santa Clara, San Rafael, and Sonoma. The original buildings were con- 
structed in quadrangular form; the portions still remaining continue to be occupied 
as a Barracks. Here it is worthy of mention, that soldiers of three different nation- 
alities have been successively quartered in this venerable garrison. The Presidio was 
founded on the 17th of September, and the Mission on the 9th of October, A. D., 
1776. Those interested in the early history of the Mission and Presidio, will find a 
very graphic account in Palou's life of Junipero Serra. 

Fort Point, the Golden Gate, and the Bay. 

On the northwesterly extremity of the peninsula of San Francisco, four miles from 
the city, there stood, in early times, a bold, narrow, jutting promontory of hard ser- 
pentine rock, 107 feet above the level of the sea, surmounted by a small Mexican 
fortification, called Fort Blanco. The view from this point was one of the finest in 
the harbor ; but the entire headland has been cut down within a few feet of high 
water, and increased in area to make room for the present noble and substantial 
structure, known as Fort Point. It was commenced in 1854, and is four tiers in 
height, including the battery in the rear, mounting in all, 164 guns, with accommo- 
dation for 2,400 men. The ordnance here and at Alcatraces combines all the im. 


provements and appliances of modern warfare. A lighthouse and a fog-bell adjoin 
the Fort. The precipitate and rocky coast of California; which, in this parallel, from 
Monterey north, presents scarcely an indentation, here suddenly breaks asunder, 
causing the great cleft, or fissure in the coast range, known as The Golden Gate — 
the distance across, between Fort Point on this side, and Lime Point on the opposite 
shore, being one mile and seventeen yards. Here the tide varies about seven feet. 
The Bay of San Francisco, of which the Golden Gate forms the entrance, was not 
discovered till the end of October, 1769, when Don Gaspar de Portala, the first 
Governor of California, encamped on its shores. "Although navigators had passed 
it, anchored near it, and actually gave its name to adjoining roadsteads; yet it is 
most remarkable, that the clouds which concealed its entrance had never been lifted, 
and that it was, at length, discovered by land." The Bay is formed by the conflu- 
ence of the blended waters of the Sacramento and the San Joaquin rivers. The 
former, with its tributaries, draining the rich agricultural valleys and the auriferous 
slopes of the Sierra Nevada from the north, as the latter does from the south. It 
affords the finest and most commodious harbor on the Pacific coast of the United 
States, extending in a southerly direction about 40 miles, parallel with the ocean, 
from which it is separated by the peninsula forming the counties of San Francisco 
and San Mateo, varying from five to twenty miles in width. "When the geographical 
position of San Francisco is considered — holding the keys of the commerce of the 
northern Pacific — looking upon Asia and the teeming population of the Indies, and 
the ease with which it can be connected with the great seaports of the Atlantic, and 
thence with Europe — it would seem as if no city on the globe combined so many 
material advantages. Already, vessels freighted to and from her harbor may be seen 
in every sea, and in almost every port of the civilized world. 

Yerba Buena Island. 

Yerba Buena Island is situated in the Bay and within the legislative limits of the 
city and county of San Francisco. From Rincon Point and Market Street Wharf it 
is distant about one mile and a half, from Contra Costa nearly three miles, and the 
western point is one ami three quarters miles from Telegraph Hill. The northern 
end is distant from the Golden Gate five miles and a half. This island contains 198 
acres, of which 75 consist of rich soil, well adapted for garden purposes; 15 acres 
are heavily timbered ; 23 acres jungle and brushwood ; 85 acres hilly, rocky and 
sandy, being thickly covered with the herb or mint plant, from which the island takes 
its name. Springs of excellent water abound on the eastern and western sides, in 
the midst of a fertile valley. The apex of this island is 348 feet above high water ; 
the sides are steep and irregular — rising to a ridge running nearly cast and west. 
In early times it was densely covered with wood, and was known to ancient mariners 
and whalers as Wood Island ; but, in 1839, one Nathan Spear placed a number of 
goats thereon, and hence the still popular name of Goat bland. On the easterly 
side is a wide, shoal bay, dry at low water, which, with the present material on the 
island, could be filled up, so as to be more than double its size. This island is 
formed of compact beds of sandstone, from a few inches to six and eight feet in 
thickness. Its texture varies but little in the different beds, and the grain is close 


and even, and generally very fine. The strata are laid bare by the action of the water 
around the base of the island, and form a bold, rocky shore, which, in many places, 
appears to offer great resistance to the persistent denuding action of the waves and 
strong currents. On approaching the island from the west, the evidence of stratifi- 
cation becomes visible, and the beds are seen to dip westwardly towards the observer. 
The position of these beds of sandstone is highly favorable for working, readily 
loaded at the wharf, and ferried over the channel to the city. Several quarries have 
been opened on the island, and the supply of building stone appears inexhaustible. 
The United States Government, having proposed to place some batteries upon the 
island, included it in the third line of fortifications, and it was reserved with the 
other points in 1852. Angel Island, lying to the northwest of Yerba Buena, rises 
to a height of 771 feet, with a shore-line of five miles and an area of one square 
mile. Being in Marin county, it does not call for a more extended notice in this 

Alcatraces Island. 

Alcatraces, or Bird Island, is also within the bay, and within the limits of the city 
and county, lying to the westward of the Island of Yerba Buena. It is com- 
posed of a fine-grained and very compact sandstone, of a dark, bluish green 
color. This island takes its name from the immense number of these aquatic 
birds (pelicans) which, in early days, sought it as an abiding place. The apex 
of this rocky eminence is 135 feet above the level of the water, and its area 35 
acres. Its greatest length and its extreme breadth are 1,673 feet and 590 feet, 
respectively. The position of this little isle — suggesting at once extreme strength 
and impregnable defense — caused it to be reserved by the United States authorities, 
at the time of the cession of California by Mexico, and preparations were at once 
made to render it a formidable sentinel to watch over the safety of our city, even 
while its brilliantly-lighted summit indicated, during the night, the path of security 
to the fleet sailing in seaward from distant coasts — messengers of peaceful commerce. 
Three barbette batteries encircle this national stronghold. The one facing the city 
and commanding the bay, in the direction of the Presidio, mounting 35 guns- 
another, facing the Golden Gate, mounting 16 guns; and one on the northern side 
of the Island, facing Saucelito and Angel Island, mounting 40 guns. The ordnance' 
is of the heaviest and most effective used in the service, some of them beino- of im- 
mense calibre — large Columbiads — which throw shot weighing 120 pounds. The 
first structure, after landing at the pier, is a shot-proof guard-house, provided with a 
drawbridge and a heavy gate. On the crest of the island is a massive three-story 
barrack, or citadel, arranged so that every point can be brought under the effective 
fire of musketry. There are also three bomb-proof magazines, an extensive furnace 
for heating shot and cannon balls, a fog-bell and a light house — the latter being pro- 
vided with one of Fresnel's lanterns of the third order, which is 160 feet above the 
level of the sea. From Telegraph Ilill it is distant one mile and two thirds and 
from Fort Point two miles and five-eighths. Deep water-marks exist all round the 
island, and with the exception of one or two places, the sides are so steep that a 
landing could only be effected with great difficulty. 


Los Parallones de los Prayles. 

The Farallones were discovered by Ferrelo in 1543, but Sir Francis Drake is the first 
who specially mentions them (in 1579) as "lying off the bay where he refitted his 
ships." The Russians founded a settlement here in 1812, for the purpose of obtain- 
ing oil and skins, and several places are yet visible where the latter were stretched 
out and dried. The Farallones embrace the northerly, the middle and the southerly 
groups. The Northerly cluster is made up of four islets, within a space of half a 
mile square. Three of them are quite high and bold — the middle one attaining an 
elevation of 166 feet — the other being a mere rock, 100 feet in diameter, and 
scarcely 20 feet above water; the latter is six and a half miles from the light- 
house. The Middle Farallone is a single rock, 55 yards in diameter and 25 feet 
above water. From the light-house it is two and one quarter miles distant. The 
South Farallone is the largest and higbest, extending nearly a mile east and west, at- 
taining an altitude of 340 feet above the ocean. Upon it the lighthouse stands. 
The tower is built of brick, 17 feet in height, and is surmounted by an illuminating 
apparatus of the first order of the system of Fresnel. It is 234; miles distant from the 
Golden Gate. A fog whistle has been placed upon the southeastern end of the 
island, about 275 feet from the water's edge, and 20 feet above the sea level. It is 
erected over a hole in the roof of a subterranean passage, which connects with and 
is open to the ocean, and is blown by the rush of air caused by the sea breaking into 
its mouth. The sound is heard in the vicinity at all times, except about an hour and 
a half before and after low water. At other times it may be heard a distance of 
seven or eight miles. It is really difficult to imagine a more desolate place than 
these rocky islets present to view. Being a mass of jagged rock, neither a tree nor a 
shrub relieves the eye by contrast, or gives change to the exceeding barrenness of 
the landscape. Collectively, these islets may be considered as the most extensive 
poultry -yard in the world ; for here may be found in myriads the birds described by 
Buffon, as the Guillamot — the Uria Troile of Linnaeus — which lays its eggs upon 
the bare rocks. The appellation of the Foolish Guillamot has been given to this 
species by Latham, from the fact of its being with difficulty roused to flight, and 
often Buffering itself to be caught by the hand, particularly during incubation. Audu- 
bon, in his great national work, gives a charming account of the habits of this inter- 
esting species (Murre), which is well known to the eggers and fishermen of the 
Northern Atlantic. Some idea may be formed of their numbers, when it is stated 
that each bird, during the season, lays but a single egg, and that, since 1851, mil- 
lions of the eggs have been sold in the San Francisco market. They are mostly of a 
pale green color, blotched with umber. The egg season lasts about six weeks — from 
the middle of May to the end of June. The bird of the most varied and brilliant 
plumage to be found here is the Tufted Puffin. Though rather numerous on this 
coast, it is elsewhere very rare, as is the Horned-bill Guillamot, which has also been 
seen and caught here. Of neither of these had Audubon ever met with a living 
specimen. Here, also, may be seen the huge seals, called sea-lions (Phoca Otaria 
Jubata). This species attains a weight of 3,000 pounds. Occasionally they are 
very savage, particularly during the nuptial season, when the fierce and bloody bat- 


ties of the males render these isles of the ocean a very pandemonium. The Far- 
allones are within the legislative limits of San Francisco. 

The Pueblo Lands. 

By the Colonization laws, usages and customs of the Government of Mexico, and 
by virtue of an act of the Departmental Legislature of California, passed on the 9th 
day of November, 1833, a new town, containing at least thirty inhabitants and other 
requisites for a municipal organization, was entitled to four leagues of land. It fol- 
lows that when, on the 7th of December, 1834, an election was held at the Presidio 
and the Ayuntamiento installed, that San Francisco was duly recognized as a Pueblo 
and became vested with the title to the land.* On the 21st of December, 1854, the 
Land Commissioners rendered a decree confirming to the city an amount of land 
that would not exceed three leagues — lying north of what is known as the Vallejo 
line — running from the mouth of Mission Creek to Point Lobos. The United States 
appealed from this decree to the District Court, on the ground that the city had no 
title to any land, and the city also appealed, claiming title to the land as far south as 
the Buri Buri, or Sanchez ranch. Subsequently the United States withdrew their 
appeal, and an order of court was duly entered, granting permission to the city to 
proceed under the said decree of the Land Commission, as upon a final decree. 
Since that order was entered, the city has introduced some further proof in support 
of her claim to the land, tending principally to establish the southern boundary of 
the Pueblo at the Sanchez ranch. On this peninsula, north of the Sanchez ranch, 
there are eight leagues of land, of which one half (embracing the San Miguel, Bernal, 
Visitacion and De Haro ranches) has been confirmed to private individuals by the 
Federal courts, leaving four leagues to which the city is entitled under the laws re- 
lating to Pueblos. The Supreme Court of this State has, in a recent decision, [Hart 
vs. Burnett,) held that the Pueblo of San Francisco was entitled by law, at the time 
of its organization, in 1834, to four leagues of land, to be measured from the centre 
of the Presidio Square. On this point, Justice Baldwin says that the evidence is irre- 
sistible. With regard to the location of the land, he adds that " it appears from 
official documents, that the Presidio was located near the middle of the northern ex 
tremity of the peninsula formed by the bay and the ocean ; that the width of the 
peninsula, as far south as Mission Creek, is less than two leagues, and that still fur- 
ther south, to the Buri Buri ranch, the average width is just about two leagues, 
although two or three points project somewhat beyond." Of course, he continues, 

* The following is a list of the Alcaldes and other Chief Magistrates of San Francisco, sinco tho foundation of the 

Alcaldes under the Mexican Government.— 1835, F. De Haro ; 183G, J. J. Estudillo ; 1837, Y Martinez ; 1838, F. D. 
Haro ; 1&89, F. Gurrero ; 1842, F. Sanchez ; 1844, W. Hinckley and F De Haro ; 1S45, J. N. Padilla and J. De La C. 
Bandies: ; 1846, J. J. Noe. fl®, The sessions of the Ayuntamiento, or Town Council, were held at the Presidio till 
tho 1st of March, 1839, when they were removed to the Mission Dolores. 

Alcaldes under the XT. S. Flag.— 1846, W. A. Bartlett ; 1847, Edwin Bryant and George Hyde; 1848, J. Townsend 
and T. M. Leavenworth ; 1849, J. W. Geary. 

Mayors of the City and Ex Officio Presidents.— 1850, J. W. Geary ; 1851, C. J. Brenham and S. R. Harris; 1852, 
C. J. Brenham ; 1853, C. K. Garrison ; 1S54, S. P. Webb ; 1855, J. Van Ness. 

Presidents of the Boards of Supervisors.— 1856, G. J. Whelan, 1856, E. W. Burr; 1859-61, H. F. Teschemacher. 

Mayor of the City and County.— 1861, II. F. Teschemacher. 

For further details, reference is made to the volume of " Municipal Reports" for 1859-60, pages 177 to 185. 



" the Pueblo could acquire no right or title to the ocean or bay ; and, consequently, 
according to the laws of its foundation, the four leagues of land would be taken in a 
prolonged instead of a square form." This high authority would therefore fix the 
southern boundary of the Pueblo claim at the Sanchez Ranch, extending into the 
present county of San Mateo. (See Map accompanying this volume.) 

Annual Municipal Expenditure. 

The City of San Francisco was, for the first time, incorporated by the Legislature 
in May, 1850, the organization of the County having been effected in the month pre- 
vious, by the election of a Sheriff and other officers, thus establishing two distinct sys- 
tems of government. During the six succeeding years, the charters and other local 
laws were repealed and amended over and over again, but apparently all action failed 
to check the career of reckless extravagance that rapidly dissipated the wealthy es- 
tate which had belonged to San Francisco, as well as bequeathing to us a debt 
amounting to several millions of dollars. At length, the Legislature detached up- 
wards of five sixths of the territory — from which the present county of San Mateo 
was created — and, at the same time, united the governments of the city and county 
of San Francisco. The Consolidation Act took effect on the 1st day of July, 1856. 
Under its stringent provisions, our municipal affairs have been administered with 
energy and fidelity, and a thorough reform has resulted. The enormous outlay con- 
sequent on the dual system of government has been entirely abolished or seriously 
reduced, while the checks upon lavish expenditure were so well devised as to defy 
evasion, and the contraction of debts has been inhibited. The financial history of all 
this is sufficiently indicated in the subjoined exhibit of the Aggregate Annual Ex- 
penditures of the City and County of San Francisco, from 1850 to 1861 — since the 
first legislative organization of the Government — exclusive of the sums paid in liquid- 
ation of the principal and interest of the Bonded Debts : 









55 . 














The Governments of the 

City and County 



'456.:! 3 2 










Grand Total for Fleven Years $ 1 1,282,401 

To the eleven years' total, #1 1,282,401, may be added $2,269,927, paid towards the 
Funded Debts, and the amount collected for the State of California, which will in- 
crease the aggregate to sixteen mil lions of dollars! For the past five years, as con- 
trasted with the previous six, must be deducted the expenses of the departments of 
the Sheriff, the County Clerk and the County Recorder (£70,000 annually), the fees 



and emoluments of these offices being now paid into the treasury. During the same 
period, large amounts have been disbursed in liquidation of debts contracted prior to 
the 1st of July, 1856. 

Annual Revenue; 

The following is an exhibit of Receipts from State and City and County Taxes, 
Licenses, Stamps, etc., collected in San Francisco during the eleven fiscal years ending 
the 30th day of June, 1861 : 

Fiscal Tears. 

City and County of Sax Francisco. 





State of 


• Total 



City and Co. 

$ 59,591 











i 341,632 












85,319,684 8 1,608,212 $1,225,434 



In addition to the above sources of revenue, may be enumerated the receipts from 
Fines, Rents, Harbor-Dues, and Fees collected by the Sheriff, the County Clerk, the 
County Recorder, etc. 

Topography, Taxation and Assessments. 

The legislative limits of the City and County of San Francisco are co-extensive 
being bounded on the north and east by the bay, on the south by the county of San 
Mateo, and on the west by the Pacific ocean. The southern boundary line separates 
townships numbers two and three, running due west from the bay to the Pacific. 
The city and county may be considered nearly square, averaging six and a half 
miles each way, embracing a'n area of 42 square miles, or 26,861 acres, of which 
5,000 are within the former city charter line ; 8,000 are capable of cultivation, 7,861 
are rocks, drifting sand and water; 4,500 are adapted for pasturage, and 1,500 
within the Presidio reservation. Of the 8,000 acres outside the charter line and 
capable of cultivation, there are planted, in potatoes, about 1,200 acres; in market 
gardens, 600; grain and grass, 800; fruit trees, 200, and in untilled lands 5,200 
acres. The subjoined tabular form gives the amount of the Assessments, together 
with the rates of Taxation, for the twelve fiscal years, since the first organization of 
our local Government : 



Fiscal Years. 




Particular Class of Assessments. 

Total Annual 

Real Estate. 


Personal Prop. 



$2 00 


In Personal. 

$ 4,772,160 



4 10 






4 41* 






3 88^ 






3 85£ 



5,837, OUT 



3 85* 






2 30 






2 30 






2 45 






3 16,' 






2 85 


In Real. 




2 87 


The actual value of the taxable property is much more than the amount the returns 
of the Assessor would indicate, d statement conceded by those who are at all familiar 
with the subject. It is equally well known that real estate bears considerably more 
than its rightful share of taxation, as compared with personal property. This is at- 
tributable to the difficulty experienced in ascertaining the amount and value of per- 
sonal estate liable to assessments, and it is one of the causes which prevail of esti- 
mating landed property below its true value. (When contrasting these years, it 
should not be forgotten that, prior to 1856, the present county of San Mateo, con- 
taining 155,000 acres, formed a portion of San Francisco.) High, very high, as the 
rates of taxation have been with us, ours will compare favorably with New Orleans, 
Mobile, Brooklyn and other Eastern cities. But the fact should not be lost sight of, 
that in San Francisco the difference between the assessed and the actual value of the 
property may be averaged at about one third. It follows, that if property were 
assessed at its fair value, the diminution of rates would be in like proportion. The steady 
increase in our population, the annihilation of fraudulent land titles, the successful 
inauguration of the Market Street Railroad, with the daily requirements of trade and 
commerce, have, during the past year, given a very perceptible impetus to invest- 
ments in real estate. All these, with a continuance of our present economical sys- 
tem of municipal government, will enhance the value of property, and thereby in- 
crease the amount of the assessment roll, insuring to us hereafter, a very decided re- 
duction in the rates of taxation. 

Bonded Debts of San Francisco. 

On the 1st of May, 1851, the outstanding indebtedness of the city, bearing interest 
at the rate of 3 per cent, per month, was estimated at about $2,000,000. By an act of 
the Legislature, passed May 1, 1861, a commission was appointed to issue bonds re- 
deemable in 20 years, bearing an annual interest of 10 per cent., payable half-yearly 
in San Francisco. These bonds the Commissioners were authorized to give in ex- 
change for the indebtedness of the city contracted prior to May, 1861. As an in- 
ducement to parties holding the 3 per cent, per month warrants or scrip to make the 
exchange, the Funding Act stipulated that the sum required to meet the, interest, and 
also $50,000 annually as a "Sinking Fund," should be a lien on the general assess- 



ment roll of the city, and the Treasurer was forbidden, under penalties, to make any 
payment from moneys received for taxes, until the full amount required by the Com- 
missioners should have been paid to them. Under this stringent law the Commis- 
sioners succeeded in calling in the sum of $1,635,600, for which they issued bonds, 
but of which a very considerable amount has been since redeemed. 

The statements already given would not be complete without an exhibit of our 
funded indebtedness, which forms so large an item in the rates of taxation. The 
following is a correct abstract of the San Francisco Bonds now in circulation, with 
the rates of interest, dates of issue and maturity, etc. : 

Issued in 

By the 

Payable in 

Axxual Interest. 

Sinking Fund. 

Bonds in 

Per Cent. 

Payable in 








School Dep't. 

Fire Dep't. 


City and Co. 

School Dep't. 





San Francisco. 

New York. 
« it 

U a 

San Francisco. 
New York. 




In 1865 

In 1867 








Total Amount of Bonds in Circulation $3,139,400 

That this amount is large, is true ; but it fortunately is not so large as to alarm us. 
It must be borne in mind that these bonded debts form an integral portion of the 
early history of the city. The discovery of gold brought hither an immense popula- 
tion ; their accommodation and the requirements of commerce created an immediate 
necessity for a city upon the Northern Pacific, and the obscure cove of Yerba Buena 
was selected as its site. Works of absolute necessity had to be contracted for at 
rates exorbitant, almost incredible ; the wages of labor, the cost of materials and the 
interest of money, far exceeded all former precedent. The work of yeats was com- 
pressed into the labor of months ; and to carry through these vast enterprises in- 
volved indebtedness to which the incoming taxes Avere inadequate. The municipal 
revenue had to be anticipated, and warrants were issued. Added to all this, the in- 
flammable nature of the buildings subjected us to conflagrations which frequently 
desolated the city. Public offices were occasionally filled by men neither competent 
nor reliable ; unbridled extravagance and the confusion of our revenue system were 
among the consequences, as are these bonded debts, which, notwithstanding their mag- 
nitude, can, with ordinary prudence, be liquidated before the period prescribed by the 
Statutes. By an act of the Legislature, approved April 19th, 1861, the Board of 
Supervisors were authorised to take and subscribe $300,000 to the capital stock of 
the San Francisco and San Jose Railroad Company. This act was subsequently rat- 
ified by a vote of the people. Bonds will be issued from time to time, in sums of 
$500 and $1,000 each, payable in fifteen years, and will bear interest at the rate of 
seven per cent., the coupons payable in San Francisco. In 1866, and every year 
thereafter, a tax shall be levied for the purpose of raising a fund for the liquidation 
of these Railroad Bonds. A tax of one dollar upon each $100 of the assessments is 
levied for the current year, to pay the interest and to provide for the Sinking Funds 
of the several Bonded Debts, and is known as the "Corporation Debt Fund." 



Believing that the National Census of the City and County of San Francisco, 

completed during the year 1860, did not truly represent the number of 

our population, and at the urgent solicitation of numerous patrons of this 

work, the following exhibit, has been carefully prepared from the returns 

of the different canvassers engaged in collecting information for the present 

volume. The plan adopted to obtain the necessary data, was the same as that 

so successfully carried into effect in the months of April and May, 1859, the 

results of which were published in the San Francisco Directory of that year, as 

follows: "To arrange and classify each sex in three divisions, viz : Males; First 

Class — the head of each family and members thereof, over twenty-one years of age ; 

Second Class — those between five and twenty-one ; Third Class — those under five 

years of age. Females : First Class — those over eighteen years of age ; Second 

Class — those between five and eighteen ; Third Class — those under five years of 

age. Also, to collect such other information as would furnish an approximation 

of the different elements composing our population not included in the foregoing 

classifications :" 

"White males over 21 years, names in Register of the present 

volume (a) 27.100 

" " Residents floating, names not obtained (b). . 3,400 

" " Average number boarders etc.. at the ho- 

tels, boarding houses, etc., in addition 

to the regular boarders (c) 4,100 

" " In the Hospitals 481 

" " U. S. soldiers at the Forts (rf) 800 

" " Engaged upon water crafts, ocean bay and 

river, claiming residence in this city ('). . 2.300 
" u Foreigners, French, Spanish, etc., names 

not registered (/) 1.950 

Total white males 40,331 

" " Between 5 and 21 6,919 

" " Under 5 6,803 

" Females over 18 II. 

" '• Names not Registered 500 

" " Between 5 and 18 4,821 

" " Under5 5,136 

Total white females 37,962 

Chinese males over 21 2.4H0 

" Females over 18 520 

" Males under 21 and females under 18 210 

Total Chinese 3,130 

Colored males over 21 800 

" Under 21 250 

■ " Females over 18 600 

" " Under 18 150 

Total Colored 1,800 

Total population City and County of San Francisco 83,223 

(a) The number of names in the preKDt volume is nearly thirty thousand, of which nearly three thousand are 
composed of non-resident partners, of firms doing business in this <itv. Females, Chinese and Colored. 

(b) This is from nctual count, ami is composed of a 'lass of population "li<> bare iii) permanent place of abode. 

(c) This estimate lias bean annul at by careful investigation. Number of hotels and lodging houses In the city,840. 

(d) The number at Fori Point, Alcatraces and Presidio in June last. 

(e) This amount is composed of persons sailing from this port, who have shipped from this city. 
(/) This number has been obtained from actual ciiuiimerution. 



From the official returns deposited at the office of the County Clerk. Compiled 
expressly tor the San Francisco Directory, 1861-62, and now for the first time printed. 

"White Males. 

Under 1 year, . 1,730 

2 " . 777 

; ' 3 " . 730 

4 ■' . 627 

" 5 " . 645 

Total under 5 4,509 

Between 5 and 10 1,842 


20 2,915 

30 10,184 

40 9,390 

50 2,581 

60 842 

70 162 

80 36 

90 2 

Total white males 32,463 

"White Females. 
Under 1 year, . 1,563 
" 2 " . 739 

" 3 " . 677 

" 4 " . 600 

" 5 " . 551 

Total under 5, 4,130 

Between 5 i 
" 10 
" 20 
" 30 
11 40 
" 50 
" 60 
" 70 
" 80 

Total white females.. 20,610 


10 years. 

















Males of all ages. .2,168 
Females " " .. 448 

Total Chinese 

Males of all ages. . 711 
Females " " .. 435 


Total colored 1,146 


White males all ages . . . 
" females " "... 

Total whites 

Chinese, male and female 
Colored, " " 



Total pop., city and co.* 56.835 
* Tho official returns place the number at 56,805, a discrepancy as likely to exist in copying the census as in making 
our classification. — Editor. 

An examination of the foregoing table exhibits at a glance a vast difference be- 
tween the population of this city and county, as there stated, and as found by the 
National enumeration made last November, the official return of which presents an 
aggregate of 56,805. A dissection of the data upon which our enumeration is 
founded will confirm its correctness and satisfactorily prove the inaccuracy of the 
Federal census after making a liberal allowance for the increase of population in the 
interval between the two periods of enumeration. 

It will be observed that our register of names includes nearly 30,000, of whom 
27,000 are white males over twenty-one years of age. There is, also, a class which, 
in San Francisco, has always been numerous, who may be termed for the occason 
municipally nomadic, who are residents but who, either from frequent change of abode 
or other cause, refuse to give name and residence, and hence are not registered, al- 
though permanent residents in this city. We have spared no pains to obtain an ap- 
proximation to the actual number of such, and have not over-stated it. "When we 
inform our readers that San Francisco contains three hundred and forty hotels and 
boarding houses they will not be disposed to question the accuracy of our figures, 
which assigns 4,100 as the number of boarders, over and above those regular resi- 
dents whose names are registered as inmates of these establishments. The figures 
which make up our aggregate need no further explanation than our statement that 
they have been arrived at by the exercise of careful industry, with an anxious desire 
to avoid error. 

We might further fortify our returns by alluding to tho number of dwellings and 
other data, but we feel that we have presented sufficient facts and suggestions to en- 
able any intelligent gentleman to arrive at a just conclusion upon this subject. We 
shall, thorefore, close by giving our patrons the result of our own reflections, after a 


careful review of the figures presented, not only by ourselves but by the United States 
census, and this is, that San Francisco possesses at this writing nearly 75,000 perma- 
nent inhabitants and a floating population of nearly 10,000. 


During no year in the brief history of San Francisco has so much enterprise been 
exhibited in opening, grading, planking and paving streets, and in the erection of 
buildings, as has been shown by the works completed or in progress during the pres- 
ent season. By the courtesy of our efficient Superintendent of Streets, Mr. George 
T. Bohen, we have been able to visit the principal points in the City, in which heavy 
street-work is in progress, and to examine the archives of his office for such informa- 
tion as we desired to obtain in regard to his important Department. It requires actual 
observation to realize the immense amount of grading and other thoroughfare work 
in progress, and the collateral improvements which are induced by it. The celerity 
with which long rows of houses spring up upon streets just made accessible, is truly 
wonderful; and the fact that they are tenanted as soon as they are fitted for occu- 
pancy, shows most conclusively that this is a healthy enduring progress demanded by 
a rapidly increasing population, and is not the result of any mere speculative and 
transitory movement. An examination of Mr. Bohen's semi-annual report, made up 
to June 1st, 1861, shows the completion within that time of 323,491 cubic yards of 
grading, 84,000 square feet of macadamizing, 363,300 feet (board measure) of plank- 
ing, 30,000 feet capping, 101,700 feet of paving, beside side-walks, crossings, sewer- 
ing, etc., etc., and a total expenditure for the whole work completed within the six 
months of $130,576. This is exclusive of considerable work done immediately by 
property-holders, which will probably swell the sum for street improvements to over 
8150,000 for that period. The work in progress, or recommended, and which will 
soon be put under contract, comprises the complete maoadainization of Market street, 
a portion of which has been already done. The great hills at either end of Mason 
street are rapidly disappearing, and in a short time this pleasant street will be fully 
opened from Market street to the North Beach. Taylor street has also been exten- 
sively improved, and sidewalks from Post to Ellis constructed. Turk street is graded 
from Mason to Jones, save one square. South of Market the work in progress is par- 
ticularly worthy of mention. Both Fourth and Fifth streets are nearly or quite 
opened from Market to Brannan. Simmons (Sixth street) will shortly present a sim- 
ilar condition. Harris, or Seventh street, is the direct route to the Yerba Buena cem- 
etery, and is rapidly being graded, and on Fourth street the planking from Brannan 
to Bryant street is under way. The cutting through of Howard street is in rapid 
progress, and soon this beautiful avenue will afford another road to the Mission. 
Some embarrassment has been experienced in sewer-work this season, owing to the 
scarcity of cement, which has retarded several important jobs. On Harrison street, 
from Third to Fourth, and Bryant, between the same streets, the work of grading, 
sewering and planking is in progress. The work on Folsom street, from First street 
to the Water Front, and the long delayed repairs on Stewart street, will shortly make , 
Eolsom a most desirable route to the wharfs in that part of the city. In the north 
part of the city the cutting through of Mason street already mentioned, the grading 
©f Vallejo from Powell to Mason, of Union from Mason to Larkin, of Filbert from 



Powell to Jones, of Greenwich from Powell to Taylor, of Lombard from Stockton to 
Taylor of Taylor north from Pacific, of Stockton north from Greenwich, and of Chest- 
nut from Dupont to Mason, is progressing or under contract. Through Powell street a 
good brick sewer has been built, and a brick sewer is in course of construction on Fran- 
cisco street from Stockton west. "We have only attempted to direct attention to the 
principal work under the charge of the Superintendent, which may be easily guessed 
when we state that that officer has, within a brief period, sent in to the Board of Su- 
pervisors recommendations for over two hundred street improvements. The Super- 
intendent is opposed to laying clown any more plank where it is practicable to substi- 
tute paving with cobble-stone ; he also urges the adoption of a species of concrete 
upon the pavement where there is heavy wear and tear, formed by macadamizing 
with the common red stone from the Mission, and rolling it with a free application of 
water until it fills the interstices of the cobble pavement. There are various other 
suggestions of this officer worthy of more particular note, but we are restricted for 
room, and must close this branch of the subject by remarking that the faithful dis- 
charge of the duties belonging to this office involves herculean labor and the exer- 
cise of no small portion of patience. 

The effect of the improvements adverted to upon the value of property has been 
very great, and in the north part of the City, where real estate has so long been very 
sluggish, it is especially observable. We noticed a 50-vara lot on Filbert, near Mason 
street, for which the owner had just refused $10,000. A few months ago it could not 
have been sold for $3,000. The owner's assessment for grading in front of his lot, 
and for bringing his property to the grade, had been about $1,200. This is only one 
of the numerous instances of a similar nature, and we may now expect to see a re- 
vival of building in that hitherto neglected locality. 

Building. — We have elsewhere, adverted to the tremendous impulse which the 
construction of the railroad through Market street, and the opening, grading and 
otherwise improving other thoroughfares gave to building, and the almost miracu- 
lous rapidity with which suburbs have been converted into city streets and densely 
peopled squares. But, while the outskirts have been thus visited with a surprising 
activity, the business portion of the city has, during the current season, presented a 
series of substantial erections, unexampled in extent and cost within a like term 

Montgomery street is especially noted for the extensive and elegant structures fin- 
ished or in progress, for the adornment of that fashionable avenue, involving an ex- 
penditure, on that line alone, from Market street to Jackson, of nearly or quite one 
million of dollars. At the corner of Post and Montgomery streets, the magnificent 
edifice of the Masonic Order, seventy-five feet on Montgomery, by one hundred and 
sixty feet on Post street, is rapidly rising. The cost of this structure is estimated at 
$150,000. The remainder of the square to Sutter street, back to Lick street, is the 
property of Mr. James Lick, who is covering the entire space (two hundred feet on 
Montgomery, by a depth of one hundred and sixty feet), with a brick building, di- 
vided into six spacious stores, and two smaller ones on Montgomery, and several 
stores fronting on Sutter street. In the center on Montgomery street, a wide en- 
trance hall gives access to a dining room in the rear, and to the upper stories which 
will be arranged suitably for a mammoth hotel. The two stores at the southern end 


of the building, each twenty-three feet wide, will extend through to Lick street, one 
hundred and sixty feet. The upper stories will be built around a court, which will se- 
cure air and light to the interior rooms above, and which will extend over a portion 
of the deep stores referred to. Rear and side means of ingress and egress are provided, 
so that for hotel purposes in this respect nothing may be wanting. This huge build- 
ing will cost $150,000. At the corner of Bush street, and on the site of the old 
Musical Hall, another massive building, also designed for a hotel, " The Occidental," 
is in progress, and to which an addition will be made when the leases expire on some 
lots to the south of the building now going up. The depth of the eastern portion 
of this building will be one hundred and thirty-seven and a half feet, the front on 
Montgomery street is about seventy-seven feet. The foundations of this substantial 
building are of stone laid in the most secure manner, and giving promise of the dura- 
bility of time itself. This is the property of Mr. Donohoe. Further north, at the 
corner of Pine, another pile is in progress on the two 50-vara lots known as the 
" Russ property," which will also be put up in the most substantial manner, and in 
modern stvle. We also refer briefly to the extensive building at the corner of Sacra- 
mento and Montgomery, to make way for which Mr. Parrott demolished what were 
considered very substantial brick houses ; to the enlargement of the great store of 
Guerin & Co.; to that of Mr. Bailey Sargeant's well-known " Bachelor's Hall ;" to the 
re-building of the Lyceum, at the corner of Washington street, and the Metropolitan 
Theater, beyond. On the corner of Jackson street, adjoining the theater, a splendid 
building is in course of construction, by Mr. Piatt, which has been leased by the 
authorities of the United States for the accommodation of the Federal Courts, U. S. 
Marshal, Commissioners, ete., etc., and which will be fitted up in the best manner for 
its destined purposes. But in all the principal streets piles of brick and creamy look- 
ing mortar beds show that vacant lots are about to be occupied, or that old, ill-fur- 
nished or frame structures are to make place for modern brick buildings. Among the 
most extensive of these is a block of eight stores, which, under the superintendence of 
Mr. Butler, the well-known architect, are in course of erection on Front street from 
Clav street north. Among the public buildings put up within the time referred to, 
is the very extensive structure at the corner of Bryant and First streets, destined as a 
Hospital, to be controlled by the Sisters of Mercy, the Church of the Advent, several 
school houses elsewhere described, and the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb. A por- 
tion of the Hospital of the "Sisters" is to be devoted as a "House of Mercy " or 
"Magdalen Asylum." The site of this structure comprises four 50-vara lots, and is 
so elevated that from it a most extended and pleasing view is commanded of the Bay 
ami its Islands, the adjacent coasts, opposite shores and of a large part of the city. 
The dimensions of the building are, one hundred and twenty three by seventy-two 
feet, five stories in height, with the main frontage on Bryant street. It is suitably di« 
vided for its intended purposes, and exclusive of a chapel, store-rooms, wash-rooms, 
and all the auxiliary apartments demanded by modern improvement, and the por- 
tion allotted to the Magdalene, will contain sixty-five apartments, all well lighted, thor- 
oughly ventillated and supplied with gas and water. The whole cost of the building 
and ground will be about one hundred and twenty thousand dollars, of which ten 
thousand dollars were appropriated by the last Legislature especially for the Magdalen 


Asylum. It will be finished for occupancy during the month of November, 1861. 
The erection of the building is confided to the charge of Mr. P. O'Connor, Archi- 
tect, who has a corps of efficient mechanics employed in every branch of the work to 
be completed. 

We cannot with propriety omit in this place a slight allusion to the numerous 
beautiful private residences, which adorn our city, several of which are of recent 
erection. A walk through Taylor street, over and around Rincon Hill, through 
Folsom, Mission, and other streets, will satisfy the curious, that our citizens, who have 
the means, freely expend them in the construction of tasteful cottages, or palatial 
mansions, in which architectural symmetry is not neglected. Amongst houses lately 
built, which are especially worthy of mention, are the residences of W. C. Talbot 
Esq., Folsom street, that of Mr. W. Greene's, at the Mission, designed by Stephen H. 
Williams, Esq., and the mansion of Mr. Jonathan Hunt, at the corner of Pine and 
Leavenworth streets, constructed according to the plans of Mr. Henry W. Cleveland, 
architect. There are several others, which we should like to refer to if our time 
would permit, but for the present this must suffice. 

In the new constructions a want which has for a long time, we might say with 
propriety always, been painfully felt in San Francisco, has been measurably supplied. 
We allude to the erection of a medium class of residences, with pleasing surround- 
ings, suitable for tenants of moderate incomes and of refined habits of life, but with- 
out the requisite means to secure homesteads. 

A very large number of such houses have been put up within a comparatively 
recent period, and numerous families who have heretofore been huddled together in 
hotels and lodging-houses, have thus been enabled to supply themselves with the 
comforts of home, and to secure to their little ones the blessings of pure air and 
wholesome exercise. 

In order to vindicate our assertion, that the progress of San Francisco in building 
enterprise during the year ending August, 1861, is unprecedented, and as comprising 
information valuable both now and hereafter, we have, at much labor and expense 
collected the data with which we close this article, to wit : 

The number of new brick buildings erected, or rapidly approaching completion 
within the time named, are four hundred and forty-two, of which eighty-five are 
located on the southerly side and south of Market street, and three hundred and 
fifty-seven on the northerly side and north of that street. This is exclusive of 
buildings which have received extensive additions, as the Washington Market, 
Gucrin's and many others ; and a number of large buildings commenced earlier 
and which are still unfinished, as Grace Church at the corner of California 
and Stockton, the Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy, and others. The number of 
buildings erected of wood during this period is one thousand and thirteen, of which 
six hundred and forty-seven are situated on the southerly side and south of Market 
street, and three hundred and sixty-six on the northerly side and north of the great 
avenue. This enumeration does not include buildings which have been removed from 
one lot or street to another, nor the Church of the Advent, and several rows of 
houses commenced earlier than the time prescribed for our statistical comparison are 
also excluded. Thus it will be seen that fouiteen hundred and fifty-five new buildings 
have been put up within the limits of San Francisco during the year ending August, 



1861, and as under the general system adopted in this city, the upper stories of struc- 
tures, the lower portions of which are intended for business purposes, are arranged 
either as private domicils or as extensive lodging houses ; and as several of the great 
brick edifices to which we have made special reference are intended for hotels, it 
is easy to see that the accommodations for the " multitude " have been vastly in- 
creased, and living in San Francisco rendered more pleasant and inviting to the 
immigration which has given the impetus to the rapid development which we have 
endeavored to describe. 

In the present unhappy state of public affairs East, from the evils of which our remote 
location has hitherto given us exemption, it is but reasonable to conclude that im- 
migration of a desirable character will continue to seek our shores, if not prevented 
by any insane attempt to disturb the order of things now so happily existing on 
the Pacific Coast of the United States, and thus will be insured a continuance of 
the prosperity of our beloved city and State. 

Number of Buildings in the city and county of San Francisco, including those in 
the course of erection August 20, 1861 : 

Wood. — One story 4,034 

" Two stories 5,090 

" Three " 180 

" Four " 4 


Brick. — One story 27 2 

" Two stories 1,120 

" Three " 438 

" Four " 59 

" Five " 3 


Iron. — One story 8 

" Two stories 30 

" Three " 6 

Iron. — Four stories. 

Adobe. — One story. . . 
" Two stories. 
" Three " . 
" Four " , 


Stone. — One story. . . 
" Two stories. 
" Three " . 
" Four " . 

Total 11,205 

Buildings erected during the year ending August, 1861 : 

Wood. — One story, North Market. .170 




Brick.— Two stories, North Market. .152 





Two stories North " 



Three " 





" " South " 



ii ii 



.. 27 



Three stories North " 

.. 20 


Four " 





" u South " 

.. 8 




ii ii 






—One story North " 

.. 25 


" " South " 

.. 9 


Number of buildings, July, 1860, 10,123. Old buildings demolished during past 
year, 313. New buildings erected, 1,455. Net increase, same period, 1,142. Total, 
August, 1861, 11,265. 

Number of buildings erected north of Market street, which includes the northerly 
side of said street and Hayes' Valley, 723 ; do., southerly side and south, 732. 

In the above estimate, several large buildings are included as single structures, of 
which may be mentioned the following : Donohoe's new Llotel, Masonic Temple, 
Metropolitan Theater, etc. 



Tonnage of the Port of San Francisco. 











H >m. 

Fine' ii 



































12 376 














8,61 9 





23, 53 
3u 289 







l.i, 1:3s 



Sept oiber 

28,1 01 




21,'-' 10 
















February >- , 

















Lnul:.:::::. f *'• 

A .!"' n 1 2d. 


V * f «i'r. 


•! ,,lv ••; 1 3d . 

s ptember j q 

October 1 . . 








426,7 75 

















Dom. .Fore'n. 













23.75 s - 


25 5S* 


4' 1.498 
28,61 1 



4.1 ill.', 













7.7 37 










8 067 




6,J 87 



28.0 5 

29.1 18 




4. 53 







141.7.' 4 









January ) . . 

February V , 



103,037 6,878 
91,647 9,55( 

67,434 13,054 

85,333 12,327 


J l.4s; 


20,7 Of 

. 20.200 



23,8 -' 


2.152, 34 746 
2.77 7 

2.108 41.475 
2.75^ 41.129 
5,169 38.562 
4,132 3S.243 
4,361 28,793 
7,393 29.424 
4,221 31J878 
4,504 84,876 
1,177 2. 452 
4,071 24,626 


March j 1 r- 

( 23(1 
1 6,614 

■I 3,105 


22.4i 2 



April 1 2d 

May S- ~ ' 



. ■ ( dr. 



Angnrt Y JL- 






347,451 41.80S 








Notb.— A great many vessels which arrived during '49 and '50, did not leave until '51 and '52, which accounts 
for more arrivals than departures during those years. 

* Books of the Custom IIouso destroyed by fire, 1851. 



Free and otherwise, imported into the District of San Francisco, from July 1st, 1853. to Dec. 31st, 1860. 


First Quarter . . 
Second Quarter 
Third Quarter. . 
Fourth Quarter , 






$2,06S,55T $1,681,870 *2,125.4H9 
1,298,189 1,177,822 1,478,544 
1,475,615' 1,82.\649 2,126,073 
1,062,209 1,859,325 3,424,791 

$5,248,358] $5,899,620 $7,144,07-i| $9,155,507 




$2,422,744 $2,216,705 
2,145.1100 1,66.1.295 
2,891,755 3.4U3.017 
2.068,7921 1,786,238 



S9,52S,231 $9,105,S55 $10,539,494 

2.599,412 $3,108,744 
3,307.601 1,754,210 



Operations of the XJ. S. Branch Mint, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1861. 

Gold Deposits, (ounces) 651,068.74 

Silver " " 111.231.35 

" Parted from Gold, (ounces) 53,001.36 

Gold Coinage 

Silver " 

Refined Silver Bars. 

No uuparted bars made. No refined gold bars made. 

$12,421,000 00 

198,000 00 

71,485 61 

$12,590,485 61 
Book-Keeper, IT. S. Br. Mint. 

Beturns of City and County Assessor, 1860. 

Surface. — Approximate area in acres, 27,000; land cultivated, 1,725 acres; land, 
arable, uncultivated, 9,000 acres ; land for grazing. 6,000 acres ; land occupied by 
the City proper, 2,100 acres; land, mostly barren sand hills, 8,1*75 acres. Of the 
cultivated portion, 1,000 acres are used for vegetable gardens, producing several 
crops a year. 

Agricultural Products. — Land cultivated as gardens, 1,000 acres ; wheat, 25 
acres, 700 bushels ; barley, 250 acres, 7,500 bushels ; oats, 450 acres, 9,000 bushels ; 
tallow, 500,000 pounds. 

Fruit Trees and Vines. — Apple trees, 3,500; peach, 3,500 ; pear, 2,700 ; plum, 
1,700; cherry, 1,700; nectarine, 100; quince, 1,000; apricot, 2,500 ; fig, 100 ; 
prune, 1,000; almond, 20; gooseberry, 7,000; raspberry, 2,500; strawberry, 350,- 
000 ; grape, 2,000 ; currant, 7,000. 

Live Stock. — American and horses Spanish, tame, 5,000 ; mules and asses, 200 ; 
cows, 2,500 ; calves, 800 ; oxen, 100 ; sheep, 2,000 ; goats, 300 ; hogs, 6,000 ; 
chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese, 5,000. 

Product and Export of Quicksilver, 1860. 

The following shows the yield of the three mines now being worked : 

New Idite. Enriqueta. Gtndalupe. 

lstquarter om ilasks. 88 1 Masks. 825 flasks. 

2d quarter 1,045 " 1,722 " 650 " 

3d quarter 1,004 " 2,390 " 600 " 

4thquarter 1,578 " 1,823 " 600 " 

Total 4,018 " 6,816 " 2,675 " 

Total production in 1860, M,io7 Basks. Exports in I860, 9,348 tlasks. 


From July 1st, 1860, to June 30th, 1861. 

July 1, 1860. A single trnek of the San 
Francisco and .Mission Railroad completed — a 
distance of three miles from the foot of Market 
street to the Mission. 

July 2. J. A. Post, a well known citizen and 
a pioneer merchant of this city, committed sui- 
cide at the City and County Hospital, by cutting 

his throat, in a lit of insanity The trial of 

David S. Terry for killing David C. Broderiek in 
a duel commenced at San Rafael, Marin county. 

July 4. Independence Day celebrated by a 
grand military and civic procession, in which ap- 
peared all the principal organizations in the city. 
IS. M. Wilson delivered the oration at the Amer- 
ican Theatre, which was followed by a poem by 
J. F. Bowman. There was also an assemblage 
of the Sunday scholars of the city at the Pavil- 
ion bult for the Mechanic's Institute exhibition, 
which was addressed by Rev. T. Starr King and 
by J. V. Wattson, Esq. In the evening a grand 
display of tire-works took place at Washington 
Square. The general festivity was only marred 
by the accidental death of a lad of sixteen years, 
Willie Gauley, who was killed by the discbarge 

of a pistol by James Seymour The cars 

commenced running on the Market Street Mis- 
sion Railroad. 

July 7. Desperate encounter between Police 
officer Rand and one Jacob Keimer, known as 
Steamboat Jake, whom the officer was attempt- 
ing to arrest. Rand was severely wounded and 

Keimer shot and mortally hurt Geo. Wyc- 

kofl', formerly a merchant of this city, committed 

suicide by shooting himself with a pistol 

Phillip A. Roach elected President of the Society 
of California Pioneers. 

July 10. Collections for the Ladies' Mount 
Vernon Association reported by Mrs. Blanding, 
Vice-Regent, at $11,97:'. 81. 

July 11. Treasure shipped by steamer Sono- 
ra $1,071,732 03. 

July 16. News received of the final split in 
the Democratic National Convention at Baltimore 
and of the rival nominations of Stephen A. Doug- 
las and John C. Breckinridge. 

July 21. Steamer Golden Age sailed with 
treasure amounting to $1,078,883 02. 

July 25. Hebrew Cemetery at the Mission 

dedicated with appropriate ceremonies U. S. 

Steamer Saranac arrived in port from a cruise. 

July 26. Fifteen Bactrian camels arrived on 
the schooner Caroline E. Foote from the Amoor 

July 27. Fire on Battery street near Bush; 

July 30. Democratic State Central Commit- 
tee met and issued a call for Breckinridge Con- 

AUGUST 1. Oen. James Shields arrived in the 
this city by the Overland Mail coach Treas- 
ure shipment by steamer J. L. Stephens $876,- 

256 61 Celebration by the colored people of 

the anniversary of negro emancipation in the 
British West Indies. 

AUG. 2. Anniversary meeting of the La- 
dies' Protection and Relief Association. 

AUG. 4. In the Fourth District Court sen- 
tence of death pronounced upon James Whit- 
ford for the murder of Edward Sheridan. Exe- 
cution fixed for September 2 1 st. 

AUG. 6. Annual meeting of the Young 

Men's Christian Association Piatt's New 

Music Hall opened with a grand concert. 

Aug. 11. The State prison formally sur- 
rendered by the lessees to the State authorities. 
. . . .Treasure shipped per steamer Uncle Sam 
$1,030,553 18. 

AUG. 15. Fire on Clay street opposite the 
Plaza— loss $2,000. 

Aug. 17. The schooner Caroline B. Foote 
sailed, carrying the convalescent Japanese to their 
native land. 

Aug. 19. Yacht race between the Maria. 
Falcon, Heenan and Pomeroy — won by the 

AUG. 21. Treasnre shipment per steamer So- 
nora $871,260 68. 

Aug. 27. Democratic primary election of the 
Douglas wing. 

Aug. 31. Vacation commenced in the public 
schools Breckinridge primary election. 

September I. The Golden Age sailed with 
treasure, amounting to $1,287,657 89. 

Sep. 2. Comer Stone laid of the Saint Mary's 
Hospital, corner First and Bryant streets, under 

the direction of the Archbishop The steam 

fire engine imported for Monumental Eire Com- 
pany, No. 6, arrived per steamer John L. Ste- 
phens — the first apparatus of that kind brought 
to California. ... J. W. Cherry delivered open- 
ing address of the Third Industrial Exhibition of 
the Mechanics's Institute, at Piatt's Hall. 

Sept. 4. The Industrial Exhibition, or Me- 
chanic's Fair, opened at the Pavilion, corner 
of Sutter and Montgomery streets. 

Sept. 6. The Aurora Borealis visible in splen- 
dor, and the cause of a general alarm of lire. 
T, 8. Republican primary election. 

9. Destruction by fire, at the Potrero, 
of the residence of Bryan Donnelly. Mrs. 
Donnelly and one child were burned to death, 
and Mr. Donnelly ami another child sadly burnt, 
the latter so severely as to cause its death on the 
2l8l iust. 

SEPT. 10. Fire destroyed a number of shanties 
occupied by Chinese, on Jackson street, east of 



Dupont Fire in Sperry's store, in Jackson's 

building, on Montgomery street ; heavy loss of 

clocks and sewing machines Celebration 

(9th being Sunday) of the admission of Cali- 
fornia into the Union. Oration by Edmund Ran- 
dolph, and poem by Edward Campbell. 

Sept. 11. Treasure shipment per steamer J. L. 
Stephens, $1,009,158 36. 

Sept. 12. Anniversary of Monumental Fire 
Company, No. 6 — procession and ball. 

SEPT. 13. Anniversary of the death or Sena- 
tor Broderick, killed in a duel with D. S. Terry. 

Sept. 15. Grocery at the corner of Filbert and 
Powell destroyed by tire. 

Sept. 16. Mexican residents celebrated the 
anniversary of their National Independence. 

Sept. 17. Public schools re-opened. 

Sept. 19. The new High School building dedi- 
cated. Address by Rev. T. Starr King State 

Agricultural Exhibition opened at Sacramento, 

Sept. 21. James Whitford hanged at the 
County Jail for the murder of Edward Sher- 

ridan Steamer Uncle Sam sailed with 

$1,148,487 34 in treasure. 

Sept. 22. The body of a young German found 
near Lone Mountain; name ascertained to be 

Lahsen ; a verdict of suicide John 1 

an aged German, drowned in the dock at the 
foot of Market street. 

Sept. 26. Anniversary of the arrival of the 
California Regiment New York Volunteers. 

Sept. 27. The old Musical Hall — the second 
time on lire — totally destroyed by fire. The 
conflagration was extensive, destroying nearly 
all the buildings from the Hall on Bush to Sui- 
ter street, on Montgomery < I 

ham, native of Liverpool, belonging to Bhip Geo. 
Lee, found drowned at Broadway Wharf. 

Sept. 29. Douglas primary election for county 

October 1. Steamer Sonora sailed with treas- 
ure amounting to $995,496 10. 

Oct. 3, Win. II. Brown tried for the murder 
of Samuel II. Johnson, a colored man employed 
by him ; jury unable to 3| 

Oct. 4. Prince Lot Kamehameha arrived in 
his private yacht from the Sandwich Islands 

Congregational General Association met 

in First Congregational Church. 

Oct. 5. Two Large fires at the same hour in 
ining. One a broom factory on Druinm 
Btreet, near Sacramento, and the other on Broad- 
way and Front streets — about half the square 
burnt over. 

Oct. 6. steamer Golden Age arrived, having 
in tow the steamer John L. Stephens, disabled 

below Acapulco Hay District Agricultural 

Society opened with an address by Rev. Mr. 
Myers. Cattle Grounds at the Pioneer Pace 

Oct. ji. intelligence received thai the Oregon 
Legislature had elected CoL B. D. Baker, tJ. S. 
Senator Will of the late D. 0. Broderick ad- 
mitted to Probate, contest — John 

A. McGlynn "and A. J. tutors 

An Agricultural convention was held of dele- 
gates from the country membership of the State 
Agricultural Society, J. W. Osboru presided. 

Oct. 10. The building at the corner cf Bush 
and Taylor Streets, owned and occupied by Rev. 
Dr. Yer Mehr as a Seminary, totally destroyed 
by fire. 

Oct. 11. Steamer Golden Age, sailed with 
treasure amounting to $1,353,939. 

Oct. 12. Great Republican mass meeting. 

Oct. 13. Fire in Washington Place — 3 houses 

destroyed Steamer Grenada stranded on the 

beach about 600 yards South of Fort Point. The 
vessel was a total loss, machinery and furniture 

Oct. 17. Brigadier General Newman S. Clark 
died in this city. 

Oct. 18. Obsequies of Gen. Clark celebrated 

with great pomp People's municipal ticket 

presented Wreck of the Grenada sold for 

$9,400 200 guns fired in honor of the ar- 
rival of Col. Baker, from Oregon. 

Oct. 20. StmrCortez sailed with $1,022,550.05. 
'i Oct. 22. A public ovation bestowed upon Col. 
Baker, who received his admirers at Tucker's 

Oct. 23. Horrible murder near Lone Moun- 
tain Cemetery of the wife of Theophilus John- 
ston, Margaret Anne, his daughter 12 years 
old. and William Cook, a hired man. All killed 
with the same instrument, an ax, and apparently 
without motive. No clue to the perpetrators. 

Oct. 24. News received of the death of F. P. 
Tracy, an eminent lawyer of this city. 

Oct. 26. Col. Baker made his great speech at 
the American Theatre. 

Oct. 30. Son of Antonio Lead killed, on a 
temporary railroad track at the corner of Bush 
ami Taylor streets. 

Oct. 31. Michael Hargain killed his wife, in 
a saloon at the corner of Druinm and Pacific 
streets, in a lit of jealousy. 

November 1. Steamer Uncle Saw sailed, with 
treasure amounting to $1,188,071 43. 

Nov. 5. Fire south side Washington street, 
near Drumm, destroying Miners' Exchange and 
a rinegar factory. Grant Murphy burnt to death 
in the former. . . .Argument in the great Alma- 
den mine case concluded, in the Federal Court. 

Nov. 6. (Tuesday) Presidential and General 
State Election; vote in this city and county, 
1 k,419; in the State, 119,807. 

Nov. 10. Steamer Sonora sailed to-dav, with 
$923,419 67. 

Nov. 12. Fire at Baohman Brothers, corner of 
•v and llalleek si reels— loss, ^25,000. 

Nov. 14. Pony Express, with dates to the 7th, 
arrived al Fort Churchill, with news making the 

©lection of Lincoln certain. 

Nov. 15. Republican illumination in honor of 
Lineoln's election. 

Nov. 17. Fire in a millinery shop, on Clay, 
Kearny street. 

Nov. 17. Two men drowned off schooner 

Nov. 18. Fire on corner of Sacramento and 

Heel.-, destroying contents of several 

retail shops and millinery establishments. 

Nov. L9. George W. Brown committed suicide. 

ring the arm and bleeding to death, at 

the Jefferson House. 



Nov. 21. Steamer Golden Age sailed, with 
$1,210,213 68 The present system of house- 
numbering put in operation. 

Nov. 22. Major J. B. Scott, U. S. A., died at 
Oriental House. .. .Fire in Clay street, near 

Nov. 23. Pony arrival announcing secession 
of South Carolina and Alabama. 

Nov. 24. Sudden death of Major General 
Joshua P. Haven — much beloved and esteemed 
by his fellow citizens. . . .Guillaume LaCosta, an 
age I Frenchman, committed suicide by shooting 

Nov. 25. Yacht race between the Mermaid 
and Restless for $500, closely contested and won 

by the latter John Campbell Johnson, a 

native of Glasgow, found drowned. 

Nov. 27. Lyceum building, corner "Washing- 
ton and Montgomery streets, destroyed by fire, 
and Mr. A. F. Barbier fatally injured. 

Nov. 28. Eleventh Anniversary of the San 

Francisco Bible Society Explosion of gas 

in an upper room of Piatt's Building. 

Nov. 29. General observance of Thanksgiv- 
ing Day. 

Nov. 30. Pony brings confirmation of seces- 
sion news. 

December 1. Steamer Cortes sailed with 
$1,228,209 32 Shocking murder of Caro- 
line A. Park, mulatto girl, by John Clarkson, a 
negro. . . .Election for Chief and Third Assistant 
Engineers of the Fire Department. Total vote 
cast, 873; of which David Scannell, of No. 1, 
received 487 ; Robert Cushing, of No. 11, 380; 
Joseph Capprise, of No. 6, 6. Majority for Scan- 
nell, 101. For Third Assistant, vote cast, 871; 
of which John G. Corson, of No. 12, received 
467; John Swift, of No. 2, 366; Win. Bloomer, 
of No. 6, 38. Corson's majority, 63. 

Dec. 7. Minute guns from the U. S. Forts, in 
memory of Gen. Clarke. 

Dec. 11. Steamer Uncle Sam sailed with 

$1,466,915 58 James Grannan killed on 

Pine street, between Stockton and Powell, by 
the caving in of a bank of sand. 

Dec. 13. Fire on Bush street, between Kearny 
and Dnpont. 

Dec. 1 5. Martin Votz, a German, shot dead 
by a countryman, Malachi Kramer, at a brewery 
on Stockton street. Kramer was afterward 

found to be insane Public school vacation 

for three weeks commenced Judge Ed- 
ward Norton descended from the Bench of the 
Twelfth District Court B. W. Ilalleck ap- 
pointed l!ajor General, in place of Gen. Haven, 

Dec. 17. Resolutions complimentary to Judge 
Norton adopted bv the bar. 

Dec. 20. President's Message received. 

Dec. 21. Steamer Sonora departed with 
$1,467,119 42. 

Dec. 22. New Rincon School House dedicated. 

Dec. 25. Christmas — numerous festivals. 

Dec. 27. Declared coinage at the U. S. Branch 

Mint in this city, for the year. $11.442,000 

Explosion on steamer Diaua. oft' Vallejo Street 
Wharf. William Shaw, engineer, and Thomas 

Johnson, a hand, so severely injured that they 
soon afterward died. 

Dec. 30. Death of Hon. Gilbert A. Grant, a 
well known and popular resident. 

January 1, 1861. John Schwandau, a Ger- 
man, killed by being run over by a railroad car, 
which cut off both legs. Accident took place 

on the Mission road, near the junction 

Steamer Golden Age sailed with $1,255,029 77. 

Samuel T. Newell, a printer, mortally 

stabbed by Horace Smith, in Sacramento street, 
opposite What Cheer House. 

Jan. 3. Tho Bulletin reports treasure ship- 
ment for the year at $41,325,916 28. 

Jan. 4. Set apart by Presidential proclama- 
tion as a day of fasting and prayer. Services 
at Doctor Scott's Church. 

Jan. 7. The State Legislature convened. 

Jan. 9. Rufus Higgins, clerk of the Antelope, 

drowned at Rio Vista Charles Lindemann 

committed suicide by means of a pistol. 

Jan. 10. W. T. Stockfleth, a merchant and 
consul for Hamburg, committed suicide by shoot- 

Jan. 11. News received of the evacuation of 
Fort Moultrie. .. .Steamer Cortes sailed with 

treasure amounting to $1,446,936 77 Match 

factory on Natoma street, near Fremont, de- 
stroyed by fire. 

Jan. 12. H. H. O'Callahan, an infirm old man, 
nearly blind, run over on Montgomery street, 
by a grocer's wagon, and instantly killed. 

Jan. 13. A. G. Hirsch, a merchant of this 
cit3 r , found murdered near S&n Antonio. E. W. 
Bonney charged with the crime — arrested on 

Jan. 15. House of John Myers, on the San 
Bruno road, burned. 

Jan. 16. United States Judges announced 
their decision in the Castillero (New Almaden 

Mine) case in favor of the claimants Great 

outbreak at the State Prison — 3 convicts killed 
and 13 wounded. 

Jan. 17. Great fire at the corner of California 
and Davis streets; $25,000 worth of goods de- 
stroyed in New York Warehouse. 

Jan. 21. Steamer Uncle Sam sailed with- 
$1,002,675 02 Annual election of the Mer- 
cantile Library Association. 

Jan. 26. Injunction on the New Almaden 
Mine case dissolved Hon. Harry I. Thorn- 
ton died to-day. He was one of the Commis- 
sioners for the United States, appointed in 1851, 
on California Land Claims. 

Jan. 31. Captain Richard S. Whiting, a mas- 
ter in the employ of the Pacific Mail Steamship 
Company, died suddenly to-day. 

P'ebruary 1. Steamer California sailed, car- 
rying treasure amounting to $1,084,673 08. 

Feb. 5. Celebration of the tenth anniversary 
of the Protestant Orphan Asylum. 

Feb. 11. Steamer Golden Age sailed withi 
$826,358 11 in treasure Lady Franklin ar- 
rived here on board steamer St. Louis. 

Feb. 13. Mexican residents celebrated the 
success of the Liberal party in Mexico with 21 

Feb. 14. Ecclesiastical Court, for trial of Rev. 



Geo. B. Taylor, convened. The defendant with- 
drew his defense, and was found guilty, and sen- 
tence of deposition passed. 

Feb. 16. News received of the passage through 
the Senate of the Pacific Railroad Bill. . . . Hor- 
ace Smith applies for a change of venue. 

Feb. 17. Perfumery establishment of F. Rous, 
on Kearny street, south of California, injured by 

Feb. 18. News received of the seizure of the 
U. S. Branch Mint, New Orleans. 

Feb. 21. Shipment of treasure by the steam- 
er St. Louis $914,624 35. 

Feb. 22. Washington's birth-day celebrated 
by an immense Union demonstration — grand pro- 
cession meeting at the junction of Market and 
Montgomery streets, etc. 

Feb. 24. New Church of the Advent on How- 
ard Street consecrated. 

Feb. 25. Restaurant SW corner of "Washing- 
ton and Dupont streets destroyed by fire. 

March 1. Shipment of bullion by steamer 

Cortez $729,647 96 Albert Lee, colored man, 

executed for the murder of his wife George 

H. Jenkins committed suicide by shooting him- 
self through the head Annnal election Me- 
chanic's Institute. 

March 2. Fire corner Post and Dupont st. 
March 5. A shoemaker known as Gustave 
commitied suicide by hanging himself. 

March 9. Rev. G. B. Taylor deposed from 
the ministry of the Episcopal Church by Bishop 

Kip Steamer Nevada launched at North 


March 11. Golden Gate sailed with $n:>7,- 
099 31 John Clarkson found guilty of mur- 

March 13. Commander R. B. Cunningham 
died at Maro Island Navy Yard. 

March 14. Commencement Medical Depart- 
ment University of the Pacific. 

March 16. San Francisco Laundry, Post, be- 
tween Mason and Taylor streets, destroyed by 
fire — loss $5,000. August Sclirick, brother of 
proprietor, burned to death,. . . .Michael Bargain 
sentenced to death for the murder of his wile. 
March 17 (Sunday.) St. Patrick' s Day. 
March 18. President Lincoln's Inaugural re- 
ceived Celebration of St. Patrick's Day 

Two dwellings in block between Broadway and 
Vallejo and Stockton and Powell destroyed by 
fire— loss $2,000. 

March 20. The Legislature elected James 
A. McDougall to the United States Senate. 
March 21. Steamer Golden Age sailed with 

$1,112,841 7 1 Large quantity of grain and 

hay burnt on Folsom street near Stewart. 

March 24. Conrad Knus. a German, commit- 
ted suicide by taking poison in a fit of mortifica- 

March 26. Judge Campbell, of the Twelfth 
District Court, denied the motion of Horace 
Smitli for a change of venue. 

March 30. "William McNulty, a native of 
Mansfield, Ohio, and formerly a well known mer- 
chant of Sacramento, committed suicide at the 
Tehama House by shooting himself with a pi-tol. 

April 1. The steamer Sonora sailed, carrying 
in treasure $850,152 97. 

April 2. The Legislature for the second time 
elected James A. McDougall United States Sen- 
ator Democratic State Central Committee in 


April 4. The Spring Yalley Water Company 
celebrate the fact of filling the Potrero Hill 

reservoir A public reception, on a very 

splendid scale, welcomed Senator McDougall on 
his return from Sacramento. 

April 7. Jas. Floak, a native of New York, 
was drowned oft' Meigg's wharf. 

April 9. Theodore Payne, a wealthy and 
popular citizen, died at the Oriental Hotel, from 
illness contracted in crossing the Isthmus of 

April 10. The Twelfth District Court pro- 
nounced sentence of death upon John Clarkson, 
a negro, convicted of the murder ot Caroline F. 
Park, a mulatto girl. . . .The furniture store of 
Coustine & Fox, on Washington street, opposite 
the western end of the Plaza, destroyed by fire ; 
loss of property, including the building. $20,000. 

April 11. Steamer St. Louis sailed, with 
treasure amounting to $852,086 92. 

APRIL 12. Charles Rankin, a carpenter, died 
from injuries caused by falling from a roof in 
Hayes' Yalley. 

APRIL 14. Fire corner of Sacramento and 
Drumm streets. Loss about $6,000. 

April 20. Steamer Gulden Age sailed, with 

treasure amounting to $826,789 85 lolin 

Brown, a hand on the steamer Btvgdon, mur- 
dered on board that boat, lying at the wharf, by 
Peter McGreavy, who stabbed his victim with a 
butcher knife. 

APRIL 21. Thomas C. Burke, a confirmed 
inebriate, committed suicide in a small shop on 
Leidesdorff street, by cutting and stabbing him- 
self with a razor and knife. .. .Old Colony 
building, corner of Sansome and Pine streets, 
destroyed by lire. . . .Three men drowned, in a 
small boat off Angel Island. 

April 24. News received of the bombardment 
of Fort Sumter, and with it the proclamation of 
the President, calling for 75,000 troops, and 
convening tbe National Congress. . . .Mr. Thomas 
Cahill seriously wounded, in tiring a salute in 
honor of the return of Senator Latham. 

April 25. Ship Syren, with a full cargo of 
grain, etc., in beating mil of harbor struck upon 
Mile Rock and was compelled to return, discharge 
cargo and repair hull. 

April 29. Mr. K. W. Church, of the banking 
firm of Sat her A Church, died from an attaek 

of typhoid fev< r. . . .Fire destroyed a small ten- 
ement occupied by < '. W. filing as a jewelry store, 

situated on Clay street east of Kearny, and at 
the same time another fire broke OUt in a clothing 
store on Pacific street, between Kearny and 
Dupont, which was, however, soon got under. 

April 30. Fire discovered in the Mint build- 
ing, which was, however, extinguished with 
small damage save the immense Hooding be- 
stowed by the Fire Department 

May 1. News received of the passage of the 
Ordinance of Secession by the Virginia Conven- 



tion. . . .Steamer Golden Age sailed, with $485,- 
465 99 iu treasure. 

May 4. The ship Sea Nymph, with a cargo of 
immense value from New York, wrecked at 
Point Reyes. The ship and cargo afterward 
sold for account of the underwriters, and bought 
by Mr. Benjamin and associates for $9,700, who, 
by the advantage of a long spell of line weather, 
succeeded in saving almost everything out of the 
vessel, thereby realizing an enormous gain. 

May 5. The news of the secession of Ark- 
ansas received. 

May 7. The Democratic State Central Com- 
mittees, presided over respectively by J. P. Hoge 
and Charles Lindley, in session. The former 
decline all proffers for fusion or compromise. 

May 11. Steamer Sonora sailed, with treasure 
amounting to $424,791 11. .. .Immense Union 
demonstration, pursuant to previous notice. 
Procession, speeches replete with patriotic senti- 
ment, and 20,000 people in council — at the 
junction of Montgomery, Market and Post 

May 21. Steamer St. Louis sailed, carrying 
$696,503 08 in treasure. . . .Municipal Election 
held under the new law. The People's ticket 
triumphant throughout, save the Coroner, for 
which office Dr. B. A. Sheldon, on the fusion 
ticket, beat his opponent by over 1200 majority. 

May 22. Fire destroyed two frame buildings 
on Sansom street, south of Pine. Loss, $1,400. 

May 23. James Robinson, a resident of this 
city, found murdered at his ranch in San Mateo 

May 24. Festival of the Young Men's Chris- 
tian Association commenced. . . .Two children, a 
boy and girl, accidentally shot by their father, 
Christian Aderholt, a German residing on Pacific 
street, near Davis, in the attempt to eject an 
intruder from his apartment. The little girl's 
arm amputated. 

May 25. Charles W. Piercy killed in a duel, 
fought in Marin county with Mr. Showalter, upon 
a difficulty which arose in the late Assembly — 
of which body both were members. 

May 27. The State Teachers' Convention 
assembled and held its first session in San Fran- 
cisco. . . .Great fire on both sides of Commercial 
street, east of Sansom, and extending into 
buildings fronting upon Sacramento street. Loss, 

June 1. Steamer Orizaba sailed, with treasure 
amounting to $1,174,936 08. 

June 5. News received of the death of the 
gallant Col. Ellsworth. 

June G. Flags at half-mast in honor of Ells- 
worth's memory Doctor J. S. Skinner found 

dead in his room at the What Cheer House 

P. Fitzgerald died in a fit at the corner of Ecker 

and Stevenson streets Fire at the corner of 

Jackson and Montgomery streets, destroying 

$1,000 worth of property Another fire iutlie 

basement of Wells, Fargo & Co., put out with- 
out loss — but a number of firemen were asphyx- 
iated by the smoke. 

June 7. Charles Wheatleigh arrived from 
Melbourne on the ship Iconium. 

.IYxe 8. Michael Hargain, under sentence of 
death, respited to July 26th. 

June 10. Horace Smith admitted to bail in 

Placer county Henry Kull, a well known 

musician, died after a short illness Survey of 

the Sutter grant rejected. 

June 11. Treasure shipment by steamer Gold- 
en Age $953,203 10. 

June 12. Fourth of July committee organ- 
ized — A. G. Abell, Grand Marshal. 

June 13. Miss Joey Gougenheim arrived. 
. . . .Two children, John Coffee and John Patrick, 
fell through trap doors in houses on the wharves 
and were drowned. 

June 14. Howard Engine Company opened 
their new house with a splendid banquet. 

June 15. The death of the great Statesman, 
Stephen A. Douglas, announced in California, 
and received with universal sorrow and the most 
general signs of mourning. . . .Delegates elected 
to the Union Democratic State Convention. An 
excited canvass, in which $12,000 was reported 
to have been expended. . ..Benicia and Marysville 
fire companies arrived, to take part in the cele- 

June 16. Sacramento Confidence Fire Com- 
pany No. 1 arrived, as guests at the approaching 
celebration. . . .Sabbath School Union celebra- 
tion of the 17th inst. 

June 17. Firemen's Juhilee — grand procession 
of the most brilliant description. .. .H. B. M. 
Corvette Tartar, 20 guns, arrived from Victoria. 
.... A military company organized, composed 
wholly of printers. 

June 21. Steamer Sonora sailed carrying 
treasure amounting to $1,345,372 71, and well 
armed. . . .Thirty United States Sappers and Mi- 
ners returned under orders to Washington, on this 
steamer. Four Hags sent to Eastern regiments 

on this steamer by friends in this city Rev. 

H. Clarkson, of Chicago, elected Rector of Grace 
Church . . . . H. B. M. corvette Tartar, sailed for 
Panama, carrying in treasuie $125,000. 

June 25. Capt. Chenery entered upon the du- 
ties of Navy Agent, vice Smith, removed. 

June 26. Mrs. Margaret Bergeman committed 

June 27. A large quantity of arms for the 
supply of our Volunteer Companies received 
from the United States Government. .. .First 
regiment California Volunteers elected F. J. 
Lippitt, Colonel; James N. Olney, Lieutenant- 
Colonel; and James F. Curtis, Major H. I. 

M. gunboat Railleur, 2 guns and 28 men, arrived 
from Tahiti. 

JUNE 29. The new officers were inducted into 

the Mint The new Metropolitan Theater 

lighted up for the first time. 

June 30. Industrial School Anniversarv cele- 
brated Lawrence Strobin killed on the Mis- 
sion Railroad, by being run over by the train 
while walking upon the track. No blame at- 
tached to the officers of the road. . . .New Lib- 
erty Pole. Ill feet high, erected upon the Plaza 
....Grand Republican Ratification Meeting — 
General Nye, Governor of Nevada Territory, and 
Leland Stanford, candidate for Governor, princi- 
pal speakers. 


The Public Schools. 
The Public Schools of San Francisco have 
been liberally fostered by her citizens, and their 
progress is watched with eager interest by a 
people fully alive to their importance. The 
year past has been remarkable, less for the in- 
creased attendance than for a series of improve" 
ments, perfected or in progress, which are des- 
tined to give greater efficiency to the system of 
education in these institutions, and for which 
we are indebted to the industry and faithful de- 
votion of our worthy Superintendent and the 
Board of Education to their several duties. The 
re-organization which the present Superintend- 
ent and Board have introduced includes a more 
perfect system of classification, greater efficiency 
in teacher, a remodeling of the schools, and the 
adoption of a complete set of rules for the guid- 
ance of teachers and pupils, prescribing a uni- 
form set of text-books, regular gradation of 
studies, promotion, etc. When the recommend- 
ation of the Superintendent for the consolidation 
of the Schools is fully carried out, the expense 
of tuition will be very considerably reduced and 
the classification more perfectly adopted, pro- 
ducing greater interest and ultimate prosperity. 
Another incideut to the advancement at which 
we have hinted, is the erection of houses possess- 
ing all the modern conveniences for educational 
purposes, desirably located, and which have been 
built by means of the several loans authorized 
by the Legislature, amounting in the aggregate 
to $100,000, in bonds sold to John Perry, Jun., 
at about ninety-two cents on the dollar. 

When Superintendent Penman first entered 
upon the duties of his office, the Board of Edu- 
cation were in possession of only four houses be- 
longing to the Department, but within the last 
eighteen mouths there have been erected or pur- 
chased the following additional buildings: 
School. Edifices. 
High School Bui. dim;. —This edifice was 
fully noticed in our last volume. Since then a 
bell has been presented by H. W. Hooper a Co., 
of Boston, which will soon be placed in its belfry. 
Mission Dolokes School House.— This ia a 

commodions building in Mission street, between 
Fifteenth and Sixteenth street, in which 250 
scholars can be taught. The cost of building 
and lot is $7,600. 

B.IKCON Primary. — This large school house is 
located in Yassar place, a retired street leading 
from Harrison, near Second street. It is com. 
plete in every modern appointment, cost with the 
lot and furniture $11,650, and will accommodate 
540 scholars. 

Market Street School. — This is a neat two 
story structure, which will seat 480 pupils ; cost 

Powell Street School. — This building, lo- 
cated between Jackson and Pacific streets, has 
been purchased by the Board, and altered to 
suit the requirements for the Primary Depart- 
ment in this populous part of the city, which 
have hitherto been too much restricted. 

Hyde Street School.— This building has also 
been purchased, and with the additions and alter- 
ations has cosi $5,000. 

NEW Grammar School. — This is a huge 
building at the corner of Mason and Washing- 
ton streets, which probably possesses interior 
conveniences and a general adaptation to its pur- 
poses sufficient to atone for the total absence of 
external attraction. The total cost of this build- 
ing, furniture and site, was $30,800. 

school statistics. 
The following statistics, taken from the re- 
cords of the Superintendent's office, show the 
Dumber of youth in our city, of all ages and 
conditions, in October last : 

Total number of white children under 18 

years of age. 15,116 

Total number of colored children under 

1 6 years of age 219 

Total number of orphans under 18 years 

of age 274 

Total number of Chinese children under 

I s years of Bg6 65 

Total number of children of all classes un- 
der 1 8 years of age 15,400 

Total number of boys of all classes under 
L8 years of age 7,859 

Total number of girls of all classes under 

18 years of age 7,541 



Total number of children between i and 

18 years of age 8,669 

Total number of children under 4 years. 6,740 

Total number of children born in Cali- 
fornia 8,890 

Total number of deaf and dumb, irrespec- 
tive of age 10 

Total number of blind, irrespective of ago 6 

Total number attending private schools 

and academies 2,115 

Total number of private schools and acad- 
emies 73 

The lollowing is the average daily attendance 

in the public schools for each of the years 

named : 

During the year ending October, 1860. . .2.837 
" " " " 1859... 2,829 

" " " " 1858... 2,521 

" " " " 1857... 2.155 

" " " " 1856... 2,516 

" " " " 1855... 1,484 

" " " " 1854... 1, 01 U 

" " " " 1853... 703£ 

" " " " 1852... 445 


To a large portion of those among us whose 
feelings even are enlisted in the absorbing sub- 
ject of education, but whose attention has nat- 
urally been mostly directed to the public schools, 
a glance at the facilities for education among 
us, other than those provided from that source, 
cannot fail to be productive of surprise at their 
magnitude and variety. 

The patriot and statesman, whatever his creed, 
must find abundant cause of gratulation in the 
fact that in a city which has sprung into metro- 
politan importance within a period less than the 
primal ages of individual humanity, under the 
forcing influence of a devotion to wealth and fa- 
cility for its acquisition never before known in 
the world's history, the population have yet 
found time, and exhibited the liberality and self- 
denial requisite to provide for the intellectual 
wants of their immediate and remote posterity. 
If the other communities on the Pacific make 
any reasonable approach to the energy of their 
great commercial emporium in this regard, the 
future of the American population of the west- 
ern slope of the continent can be safely prog- 
nosticated, and freedom, in its true social and 
political acceptation, will be its heritage. As 
the most important in point of numbers and re- 
sources, we shall first direct attention to the 

In this institution, located on Market street. 
between Fourth and Fifth streets, the liberal 
studies are pursued under seven professors, at 

the head of whom is Rev. A. Maraschi, S. J. 
The college was chartered in 1859, under the 
direction of the Fathers of the Society of Jesus, 
and now has one hundred students. 


This school is for boys, and meets in the base- 
ment of Saint Mary's Cathedral, and is conducted 
by Father Harrington, aided by six other teach- 
ers and a member of monitors, who receive 
compensation. The number of pupils connected 
with this school is 560, and the average attend- 
ance 320. 

A thorough English course is taught here, to- 
gether with mathematics, the French and Span- 
ish languages. Classical studies may likewise 
be pursued with peculiar advantage if so de- 
sired. There is a nominal charge of one dollar 
per month for each primary scholar, and of fifty 
cents additional for the higher branches, to those 
attending the school, but it is not exacted except 
in cases where ability and willingness unite in 
making the payment. As this is a regulation 
common to the Catholic schools, male and fe- 
male, in the city, it will not be necessary to re- 
peat it in referring to the others. 


This is also a male school, conducted in the 
basement of the Church of St. Francis, on Val- 
lejo street. The number of pupils is 260, with 
an average attendance of 170. The course of 
studies is the same as in St. Mary's School. 


This institution is intended to accommodate 
from one thousand to twelve hundred pupils, 
and is especially intended to afford facilities for 
education to male children in various portions of 
the State, deprived of any local opportunities of 
instruction, though, of course, it will not be con- 
fined to them. The only charge for a complete 
course of studies, embracing a classical course 
to lit the student for the university, board, lodg- 
ing, washing, etc., will be one hundred and fifty 
dollara per annum. It is anticipated that the 
large attendance will make the institution self- 
sustaining, even at this low rate. Twenty-live 
thousand dollars has already been collected for 
the erection of buildings, and the plans have 
been adopted and the contracts made for their 
construction. The site originally contemplated 
for the college was a bioek of six lifty-vara lots, 
bounded by Larkin, Grove, Haves and Polk 
streets, but it has been decided that this is a 
plat altogether too limited for the extensive plans 
contemplated, and Archbishop Alemany has al- 
lotted to the purpose a tract of sixty acres, origi- 
nally intended for a cemetery, situated near the 
south line of the county, on the old San Ji Be 
road, and within six blocks of the line of the 
San .lose railroad. The work will be commenced 
as early in the spring as possible. It has been 
retarded lor the want of brick, but this difficulty 
surmounted, it will be pushed to completion 
witli great rapidity and it is hoped will be in 
-t'ul operation within eighteen months 
from this time (August, 1801.) 




This is a large female School conducted by 
the Rev. Mother Superior and fifteen Sisters of 
Presentation, at the Convent on Powell street. 
The number of pupils belonging to the School is 
520, and the average attendance 350. The studies 
embrace a full English course, vocal and instru- 
mental music, French and embroidery. An exam- 
nation recently concluded elicited high commen- 
dation for the Sisterhood as teachers, won by the 
intelligence displayed by the little ones under 
their charge. The pile of buildings devoted to 
this purpose constitute a feature of the northern 
part of the city, from the extent of ground occu- 
pied on a prominent avenue. The cost of these 
buildings was over £50,000, of which about 
$25,000 was recently expended in the construc- 
tion of the north half, and of which sum a large 
portion is still unpaid and is an incumbrance 
which ihe liberality of our citizens will not suf- 
fer long to hang over so useful an institution. 


This is a female day-School on Jessie street, 
under the direction of Sister Frances McGinness 
and ten other Sisters of Charity, who are also in 
charge of the Roman Catholic Female Orphan 
Asylum on Market street. The number of schol- 
ars belonging to the School is over five hundred 
exclusive of two hundred and fifty orphan chil- 
dren in the Asylum. The course of studies is 
the same as in the School last mentioned, and 
the noble ladies who conduct it have established 
a high reputation for ability and devotion to their 
self imposed duties. As this School is support- 
ed by voluntary contributions, it appeals direct- 
ly to the liberality of the generous and charita- 
ble in our midst. 

In addition to the foregoing the Sisters of Mer- 
cy have also a female School under their charge 
for children thrown upon their care, at which 
instruction in primary English studies is impart- 
ed, and the pupils are taught to be useful in the 
discharge of household duties. The only re- 
maining Catholic institution of learning to bo 
mentioned is 


This Seminary is for the pursuit of clerical 
studies, and was commenced at its present place 
(Mission Dolores) in 1854, although prior to that 
time a few students pursued their ecclesiastical 
Studies at the residence of the Archbishop. The 
number of students is now fourteen, and seven 
have been ordained who were educated at the 

vciim; LIDISS' seminary. 
Rev. Peter S. Williamson and lady conduct a 
School at 620 California street, commenced by 
them nine years a lame place. There 

is an average attendance of about forty pupils 
who, in addition to the English branches, are 
taught French and music. 


This institution is conducted by Miss J. Al- 
drich, assisted by excellent associate teachers, 

who have already established for it a high char- 
acter, which must command for it permanency 
and success. It is about to be removed to a new 
building constructed expressly for Miss Aldrich 
on Stevenson street, and numbered 124 and 126. 
The lower part of the building is fitted up with a 
large hall for gymnastic exercises, reception 
rooms, bath rooms, etc., and the upper divided 
into recitation and class rooms. This establish- 
ment offers great facilities in gymnastic exercises 
and instruction to ladies generally who may de- 
sire to avail themselves of them. 


This is the name of an admirably arranged 
and conducted female school, of which, Mrs. M. 
B. Swedenstierna, is Principal, assisted by Mrs. 
Goodridge, and three other ladies, with music 
and dancing masters, and instructors in lan- 
guages. The average number of pupils is 63, of 
whom nearly one half are boarding scholars. 
The course of instruction is very complete, and 
gymnastic and calisthenic exercises are not omit- 
ted. The location is on Silver street near Third, 
and the building large, pleasant and well adap- 
ted to the purpose for which it is used. 


This institution is located on Second Street 
near Folsom, and is under the direction of Messrs. 
Dupouey, gentlemen well known for their expe- 
rience and ability as teachers, especially of math- 
ematics and the classics. There are about 65 
pupils in attendance, a number of whom are 
from Mexico. The system of school government 
adopted here is most admirable, and its efficiency 
is fully exemplified in the discipline and progress 
of the students. 


This is a well conducted School in which from 
forty to fifty young girls are enjoying the advan- 
tages of a thorough course of instruction by the 
Rev. Charles R. Clarke, and a sufficient corps of 
assistants. The school room is in the basement 
of Calvary Church, which has been properly ar- 
ranged for the purpose and where it will perma- 
nently remain. 

The Rev. Doctor Burrows, the President of 
this College, commenced his educational labors 
in this City in November, 1859, in the basement 
of Calvary Church, with four pupils, the germ of 
the present linnly established and successful in- 
stitution, which now numbers 127 students. The 
location of the College is on a li fly- vara 
lot at the southeast cornel' ol Geary and Stock- 
ton streets, upon which two buildings have been 
: one combining all the requisite auxila- 
ries used for purposes of general instruction and 
the other as a chapel. The faculty embra< 

orships in addition to a provision for ele- 
mentary instruction for young scholars. Tho 
City College is destined to take high rank among 
the educational establishments of the Pacific. 

There exist two schools for religious instruc- 
tion for Hebrew children in this city. 




At the school house on. Sutter, second house 
from Stockton Street, under the management of 
Dr. Julius Eckman, was opened July 26th. 1854. 
At this school, children are taught the Hebrew, 
and the principles of the Hebrew Faith. It is 
supported by parents and voluntary subscrip- 
tions. The Xephtsi-bah School has its regular 
Sabbath and Holy-day services with a prayer- 
book in English and some portions in Hebrew, 
prepared for the special use of this school, the 
only publication of this kind known for Hebrew 
children. The school also has published' a He- 
brew and English vocabulary for the Hebrew 


Under the management of Rev. Dr. Elkan 
Kohn, teaches the Hebrew and the principles of 
the Hebrew faith. It is supported by the Syna- 
gogue Kmanuel. The average number of child- 
ren attending each of these schools is about one 
hundred and twenty. Both teach children of the 
poorer classes gratis. 


The number of Hebrews of San Francisco can- 
only bo approximately stated. Probably they 
number from 5,000 to 8,000 souls. 

To judge from the great increase of pupils of 
the religious schools they must have iucreased 
considerably since late years. The number of 
children attending religious instruction in 1854. 
was from 40 to 50, while the two schools now 
count about 250 children, besides a number that 
receive private instruction or none at all. 


This is a public institution of a correctional 
and reformatory character, for youthful offenders 
and refractory children. It is supported by a 
monthly stipend of $1,000, from the City, and 
annual contributions of gentlemen who form the 
" Department." There arc about thirty children 
in the school, principally boys, and their schol- 
astic instruction is entrusted to a teacher appoin- 
ted by the Board of Education. 

The foregoing embraces the most of the schools 
now in operation in the city, but there are a 
number of others principally devoted to primary 
studies which we have been unable to visit, and 
which in the aggregate afford elementary instruc- 
tion to several hundred children, male and female. 

The aggregate thus exhibited we think fully 
sustains the proposition that education is of car- 
dinal consideration in our good city of San Fran- 


Medical Department. — Faculty: J. Morison, 
M. D.. Professor of Pathology and the Princi- 
ples and Practice of Medicine ; Isaac Rowell, M. 
D., Professor of Chemistry; R. Beverly Cole, M. 
D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of 
"Women and Children ; E. S. Cooper, M. D., Pro- 
fessor ot Anatomy and Surgery ; L. C. Lane, M. 
D. Professor of Physiology; Henry Gibbons, M. 
D., Professor of Materia Medica ; Hon. Geo. 
Barstow, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence. 

Location of the department, north side Mission 
street, between Second and Third. 

Societies Religious, Benevolent and Pro- 

Our Appendix contains a full list of charitable 
associations and organizations established for 
the benefit and improvement of every class of 
humanity requiring aid and encouragement. 
Copious explanations and historical observations, 
in the Appendix, give the desired information 
concerning each of these societies separately, 
and leave but little to be said in this place, ex- 
cept of a general nature. It is, however, meet 
and pleasing to note the continued and regular 
increase in the number and importance of these 
indices of modern christian civilization in our 
midst. In the earliest phase of its American 
occupancy, steps were taken in San Francisco, by 
planting schools and by incipient organizations 
of a charitable character, to vindicate our right 
to the name of a civilized and christian people, and ( 
in the tremendous whirl of the first gold excite- 
ment if organization was necessarily for the time 
destroyed or suppressed, the land teemed with 
instances of individual charity, and of local and 
temporary combinations to aid the needy, which 
have had no parallel in number and extent in 
any other land. "When again men settled into 
regular business, and San Francisco began to 
assume the proportions of a metropolis, her citi- 
zens, fully conscious of the duty which society 
owes to God and itself, to cherish its unprotected 
members — too young or too feeble from any cause 
for self-support — cheerfully entered upon the 
course necessary for its performance. 

A glance at our earliest issue of the Directory 
and a comparison with each succeeding volume, 
will show how faithfully this holy duty has been 
discharged. All who feel a just pride in the 
progress of our city, who have gone with us 
through our Schools, public and private, our 
Churches, Hospitals, Orphan Asylums, Deaf and 
Dumb Institution, Magdalen Asylum, Christian 
Association, Bible and Tract Societies, Seamens' 
Friend Society, Sunday Schools, Industrial 
School, and the many other institutions which 
we have not room to name here, cannot fail to 
arise from the contemplation with hope invigo- 
rated, and confidence firmly established in the 
future of a city which, in its infancy, has done 
so much for humanity . 


The Sabbath Schools connected with the 
different churches are in a prosperous condition. 



Through the politeness of John F. Byxbee, Esq.. 
we are enabled to present the following : 


The Union was re-organized May, 185*7. 

The anniversary was held on the 16ih of June. 
1861, in Piatt's New Musical Hall. 

The eighteen Sunday Schools now comprising 
the San Francisco Sunday School Union, are in 
an encouraging and prosperous condition, afford- 
ing great cause for present thankfulness and 
encouraging renewed efforts for tiie increase of 
the numbers, efficiency and usefulness of these, 
the nurseries of the Church on earth. 

One addition to the Union has been made 
during the past year: The North Beach Mis- 
sion Sunday School. 

Two withdrawals, viz: The Olive Branch 
Baptist and Dupont Street Methodist E., both 
schools disorganized. 

Officers — President, S. B. Stoddard ; Vice- 
Presidents, L. B. Benchley, Wm. H. Coddingtou, 
J. B. Roberts ; Secretary and Treasurer, John 
F. Byxbee. 

The following returns to July 1st, 1861, ex- 
hibit the number of teachers and scholars at- 
tending the different schools comprising the 












First Congregational. 

L. B Benchley... 





First Presbyterian.. . . 

3. B. Stoddard... 





First Baptist 

A. B. Forbes 





Howard St. Presbvt'n. 

Wales L. Palmei 





Calvarv Presbyterian.. 






Powell St. Methodist E 





Folsom St. " 

W. H Coddiugtoi. 





Pina st. " < South) 

Chas. Spencer.... 





Mission St. Meth. E., 

.1. M. ISuffington. 





Mission St Meth.,(Ger) 





Spring Valley Mission, 

K. R. Waterman 





Union Miss. Vallejo St 

BeO. II. Foster.. 





II. Leffingvrell.... 





Mariners' Bethel 

u. McK. Bokee... 





Broadway German.... 

F. Kuchenbcisser 




\V. It.Wadsworth 



North Beach Mission. 

Thos. K. Chupin. 



St. Paul's Presbyler'n 









Episcopal Mission Sin-day School. — Organ- 
zed February, 1858. Officers — Superintendent, 
W. G-. Badger; Treasurer, John \V. Haynes; 
Secretary, John Madison; Librarian, John Car- 
tor. Meetings held at the Bethel Church, Mis- 
sion street, every Sabbath morning at 9 o'clock. 
Number of scholar*. 400; teachers, 40. Vol- 
umes in Library, near 2.000. 

For a detailed statement of the different Sun- 
day Schools, see appendix, Churches p. 466. 

The Cemeteries of San Francisco, 
Adjoining the venerable adobe church of the 

Mission Dolores is the ancient 


This sanctuar}' of the dead was consecrated A. 

I). 1770, and in September of that year the first 

interment was made by the pious Fathers who 
selected this portion of the peninsula for their 
missionary labors, and who have given a name 
to a great metropolis and to the magnificent bay 
which seeks the ocean through a golden passage. 
As a record of mortality from those early days 
through the term of spiritual dominion down to 
a period almost contemporary with our present 
work, this sacred spot will always be a place of 
earnest interest. An examination of its varied 
monuments and inscriptions — some in English, 
some in Latin, a few in French, and more in 
Spanish — will long afford matter for much curi- 
ous and instructive reflection. 

The ground occupied by this sanctuary of the 
dead is known as block No. 84, and its restricted 
space has compelled the Archbishop to make a 
more suitable provision for the requirements of 
the very numerous and rapidly increasing mem- 
bership of the Catholic Church in this city and 
vicinity. Accordingly a large tract of land lias 
been procured for the purpose and dedicated 
as Calvary Cemetery, ol which mention is made 
hereafter. Thus interments have in a great 
measure been suspended at the Mission Ceme- 
tery, and the spot will henceforth be preserved 
and protected as historical as well as "Holy 

The early "Homes of the dead " of San Fran- 
cisco other than that of the Mission just de- 
scribed, were found upon the summit of Rus- 
sian Hill, where, in 1847, a few scattere I graves 
were made; the southerly slope of Telegraph 
Hill, upon which, in 1848, some sailors and 
native Californians were buried ; and a fifty-va- 
ra lot on the southeast corner of Powell and 
Lombard streets, used for the interment of a 
number of pioneer immigrants. The bones of 
the mouldering occupants of these unconsecra- 
ted precincts, disturbed by the march of popu- 
lation, have nearly, or perhaps all, been re- 
moved to more sacred and remote places of re- 

In February. lsriO, the gore bounded by Mar- 
ket, LarkiB and McAllister streets — embracing 
an area of sixteen acres — was set aside for buri- 
al purposes, and named 


The season which followed the opening of 
this "city of the dead" was one of pestilence, 
and it became almost as populous as the living 
city which made it what it was. Before Lone 
Mountain Cemetery was Fully opened seven 

thousand bodies had been deposited in this bu- 
rial place, but it soon became apparent that the 
expansion of the city in that direction woidd 
make Verba Buena as delusive a "last resting 
as the earlier, though unhallowed spots 
it had succeeded, and it accordingly ceased to 
be used. 

Admonished by tho gigantic strides with 
which improvements were progressing, the city 
authorities have obtained legislative sanction to 
the expenditure of ten thousand dollars in the 

removal of the dead from this cemetery and its 
conversion into a park, which is to be ornament- 
ed and kept open as one of the breathing places 



of the Pacific metropolis, instead of serving as 
a receptacle of its dead. 


In 1854 a body of citizens, since incorporated, 
procured an extensive tract of land not far from 
the foot of a lofty hill, about three miles from the 
Plaza, known as Lone Mountain, which sug- 
gested the name of the Cemetery for which this 
ground was dedicated. By judicious manage- 
ment the natural beauty of this truly rural and 
and picturesque location has been preserved in 
the necessary changes required to adapt it for the 
purposes desired, and make it available for its 
own support and improvement. Winding ave- 
nues, grassy lanes and devious paths, penetrat- 
ing through the dense natural growth of dwarf- 
ish trees, opening here and there upon the me- 
mentoes by which affection and veneration hallow 
the places of the hidden ones, or alluring to 
elevated spots from which distant scenes to which 
cities and villages, gardens and islands, the tran- 
quil bay and the majestic ocean combine to give 
interest and delight, afford to the visitor a mel- 
ancholy, vet delicious, enjoyment and ample rea- 
son to believe that the Lone Mountain is in point 
of attraction, to be classed with the most cele- 
brated rural burial places of the older world. 


The pioneer Hebrew Cemetery was located at 
the Lagoon, in the northwesterly portion of the 
city, but being extremely limited in extent, within 
the last year two new burial grounds, adjoining 
each other, have been opened near the Mission, 
situated respectively on blocks 86 and 87. The 
Navai Shalome (Peaceful Abode) has been pur- 
chased and opened by the Eureka Society; the 
Giboth Olam (Hills of Eternity), by the Syna- 
gogue She-areth Israel. L. Tiehner, Esq.. is the 
President, and Mr. Meyer Steppacher the Sexton 
of the former ; M. Morris, Esq., President, with 
Mr. Jacob Reis as the Sexton of the latter. Both 
are provided with brick dead-houses, and other- 
wise ornamentally fitted out. 


This is located upon an extensive piece of land 
purchased by the Archbishop adjoining the Lone 
Mouutain Cemetery. It has only'' been dedicated 
about one year, and the improvements are of 
course limited. A neat chapel has been construct- 
ed, and the grounds fenced in, a"nd as means are 
realized and time permits, the grounds will be 
ornamented and the entire space laid out and 
made accessible. 


The last Legistatnre granted privileges to two 
Companies for the construction of macadam- 
ized roads which will give access to Lone Moun- 
tain and Calvary Cemeteries, one of them from 
Bush street and the other from Pacific. A very- 
excellent road also extends to both of them from 
Mission street through Hayes' Valley, which is 
known as Cemetery Avenue. 

Visitors will perhaps find it the most conven- 
ient route to Lone Mountain, by the Market St. 
Railroad to Hayes' Park, whence an omnibus 
plies regularly to the Cemetery. 

Associations, Literary, Protective, etc. 
For a description of the different associations, 
the reader is referred to the Appendix, page 473, 
in which will be found the officers and opera, 
tions of each during the past y r ear. The progress 
mado by many of these associations, reflects 
credit upon the members thereof, and is worthy 
of the liberality so generously exhibited in their 


The different associations connected with the 
Masonic Fraternity and the I. 0. of Odd Fellows, 
are represented to be in a very prosperous state. 

For list of the different associations, and the 
officers of each, see Appendix, page 483. 

Fire Department. 

The Department at present consists of 834 
members — divided into 14 engine and 2 hook- 
and-ladder companies. For their accommodation 
there are 16 houses ; and for service, 14 fire- 
engines, 14 hose-carriages, and two hook-and 
ladder trucks. Two new and powerful steam 
fire-engines have been added to the Department 
during the past year. There are in the city 38 
cisterns capable of holding 1,641,900 gallons of 
water — many of them substantially built of 
brick and cement. 

We refer our readers to the Appendix, page 
457, for a complete description of the organiza- 
tion of this important branch of the public ser- 
vice, in which will be found a mass of informa- 
tion concerning the different companies, useful 
to its members and interesting to every citizen. 

The construction of this means of communi- 
cation and transit has not kept pace with the 
other elements of progress which American en- 
terprise has brought into requisition in Califor- 
nia. The exceedingly high rates of interest 
which have heretofore ruled in our young, but 
rapidly growing, community', and the scarcity 
and consequent- dearness of labor during the 
same period, sufficiently explain this apparent 
departure from the rule of progression which has 
so distinguished the people of California in almost 
every other respect. As, however, the aggregation 
of capital and population has either removed or 
reasonably modified these impediments, far-see- 
ing and sagacious capitalists have secured such 
enactments as insure to the possessors of the 
franchises a reasonable prospect of successful 
investment, and busy labor is now rapidly en- 
gaged in building or extending railroads on im- 
portant routes through the State. Upon this 



enterprise San Francisco may be said to have 
now fairly entered, and as our book is entirely 
local in its purpose, we shall confine our re- 
marks upon this subject to the works within the 
territory of our city and county, completed, in 
progress, or contemplated. 


The company whose title we have just given 
was incorporated July 21, 1860, with a capital 
of $2,000,000, for the purpose of building a rail- 
road from this city to San Jose. The distance 
between the two cities is only fifty miles, but as 
the first link in the grand chain which, penetra- 
ting lofty mountains, spanning great rivers, anil 
traversing the vast - savannas and extended des- 
erts of the American continent, is destined at 
an early day to connect the shores of the Pacific 
with the waters of the Atlantic, and to bind the 
States of the great East to those of the greater 
"West, it assumes an importance and swells to a 
magnitude of consideration far beyond those 
involved in the immediate termini or the amount 
of capital directly required. 

The entire route between the two cities named 
is under contract to Messrs. McLaughlin & Hous- 
ton, who commenced active operations about the 
first of last May, and are now vigorously push- 
ing the work, witli a large force of laborers, in 
the counties of San Mateo and Santa Clara. 
During September of this year the contractors 
will commence grading in this county, and they 
expect, with great confidence, to have twenty- 
five miles of the road finished and in running 
order before the first of April next, and the 
whole completed and in operation on or before 
May 1st, 1863. Of the capital for this road, 
$600,000 is subscribed by the three counties 
through which it passes, of which amount, three 
sixths is the proportion of San Francisco, two 
sixths of Santa Clara, and one sixth of San 
Mateo; and as the remaining $1,100,000 re- 
quired for the work, has been subscribed by par- 
ties, or satisfactorily secured to the contractors, 
there seems to be no reasonable doubt that this 
important public work will be finished within 
the time indicated. 

Those best informed in regard to the route 
and the resources of the country crossed 
by this work, express the opinion that it 
is a most desirable investment of capital, while 
all must admit its importance as a means of de- 
veloping the industrial resources of the State, 
and its great convenience and benefit to the 
traveling public. 

The present Directors of the company are — 
Peter Donahue, C. B. Polhemus, If. M. Newhall, 
H. P. Manr., Timothy Dame, T. G. Phelps and 
G. II. Bodflsh. 


This is the pioneer street Railroad of our city, 
and its progress and completion have exhibited 
to the most incredulous and prejudiced opponents 
of this modern city improvement, the immense 
advantages which accrue from its judicious ap- 

plication. The charter for this road was obtain, 
ed in 1857, but the work of grading was not 
commenced until May, 1859. The work was 
prosecuted so vigorously, that on the 4th of Ju- 
ly, 1860, the experimental trip was made, and a 
few days afterward the trains commenced their 
regular travel. It was soon discovered that 
horses and mules as a motive power on this road 
were inadequate to the requirements of the pub- 
lic, and notwithstanding the company were re- 
stricted by their charter to the employment of 
animals, they hastened to apply steam, and the 
experiment proved so successful and so satisfac- 
tory that the late Legislature by a vote nearly 
unanimous legalized the change. This is, we 
are informed, the first successful application of 
steam as a motive power upon aii3 T omnibus city 
railroad (so called) in our country. "With the 
exception of the rails, all the materials used in 
the construction and working of this road, are 
of California manufacture; and the elegance and 
completeness of the spacious cars used by the 
Company, inferior to none in our eastern cities, 
demonstrate most satisfactorily the ability of our 
mechanics to meet all requisitions of a like char- 

The cars start from either end of the road ev- 
ery thirty minutes between the hours of 6:30 A. 
M. and 11:30 P. M. The distance from one ter- 
minus to the other being three miles, it will be 
seen that each train runs in the aggregate 102 
miles per day. 

It is shown by the books of the Assessor that 
the opening of Marke; street for this work en- 
hanced the value of property along the line ful- 
ly three hundred per cent., while the contiguous 
valleys which are made accessible by it, exhibit 
to the visitor familiar with those suburbs in times 
past, a change absolutely marvelous. With a 
celerity exceeding even California experience, 
and Aladin-like in its effects upon the imagina- 
tion, a few widely scattered gardeners' huts have 
given way to villages, towns and embryo cities, 
where rural loveliness is found combined with 
the luxuries and conveniences of a great com- 
mercial emporium. 

Tho officers of the Company are — President, 
Thomas Hayes: Secretary, S. C. Simmons ; Trus- 
tee. F. L. A. l'ioehc; Directors, Thomas Hayes, 
Frank McCoppin, Peter Donahue, J. P. Eayerque, 
Henry A. Cobb." 


Against an opposition of tho most determined 
description the proprietors of the principal omni- 
bus lines on what is known as the North Beach 
and South Park route, succeeded last winter in 
obtaining from the Legislature a specific grant of 
power for laying down rails through certain 
streets 1 ict ween the two portions of the city 
which are indicated by the name of the route 
above named. To overcome the strong resis- 
tance made to the privileges sought, those pro- 
prietors Were compelled to associate with them- 
selves a number of Influential citizens and large 
property holders, and to accept the charter so far 
modified as to oblige thorn to pass through 
Sansom street, unless they can induce a majori- 



ty of the owners of property on Montgomery 
street from Market to Jackson street (estimated 
by the front foot) to consent to the substitution 
of that street for Sansom. \ 

As in other respects the franchise granted to the 
company which has adopted the above designa- 
tion is substantially the same as those obtained 
by other street railroad companies authorized by 
subsequent enactment, we shall give as concisely 
as possible, its general features, as sufficing for 
all of them. The Act approved April 17th, 
1861, grants to Michael Skelly, John Gardner 
and Thomas Donahue and associates, privilege 
to lay down aud maintain a railroad, from the 
farther end of Third street, along Third to How- 
ard, along Howard to Second, along Second to 
Market, along Market to Sansom, along San- 
som to Washington, along Washington to 
Stockton, along Stockton to Union, along Union 
to Powell, along Powell to or near its northern 
end. and from the intersection of Sansom and 
Washington streets along Sansom to Jackson, 
and along Jackson to its intersection with 
Stockton, connecting with the main line at the 
intersections; and from the intersection of Mar- 
ket and Third along Third to Howard, along How- 
ard to Sixteenth, along Sixteenth to its intersec- 
tion with Dalores— with the privilege of the 
substitution of Montgomery for Sansom street 
on the condition already named. The fare 
allowed to be charged is five cents, with a pro- 
viso that for a single fare or ticket ten cents 
may be exacted. The limit of the franchise is 
twenty-five years, with privilege to the city and 
county to purchase, at any time after the expira- 
tion of fifteen years, the road, cars, etc., at an 
appraised valuation, which shall be exclusive of 
the value of the franchise. Two years from May 
1st. 1861, is granted for completion, and a bond 
of $30,000 required to bo given by the grantee 
for the fulfillment of the conditions of the grant. 
The Company under the above grant have fixed 
the capital stock at $1,000,000, divided into 
shares of SI 00 each, and have organized with 
the following officers: Peter Donahue, Wm. A. 
Piper, Michael Skelly, Robert E. Doyle, John 
Gardner, A. II. Houston and Samuel P. Bow- 
man. Directors, of whom the first named is 
President, the second Vice-President, and the 
third Treasurer, with John A. McGlynn as 
Secretary. The work will probably be constructed 
before the 1st of January, 1863. 

Folsom: Street Railroad.— By an Act 
approved April 17th, 1861, Robert Allen, A. J. 
Bowie, John Center, and associates, are author- 
ized to construct a road from the intersection of 
California and Montgomery streets, through 
California to Batten', ajong Battery to Bush, 
fbence to the intersection of First and Market! 
thpnee along First to Folsom. along Folsom to 
Sixteenth, aud through Sixteenth to the southern 
boundary line of the city and count}'. 

Tiik Freight or Battery Street Railroad. 
By an act approved on the samo day as those 
of the two preceding grants. Charles M. Hitch- 
cock, Joseph C. Tucker, William Sherman, and 
their associates, are authorized to lay a track or 

tracks, commencing at the south end of Fourth 
street, thence through Fourth to Mission, through 
Mission to First, through First and Batterv, and 
by the northern limits of the citv, outside of 
Telegraph Hill, to the north end of Mason, 
through Mason to Union, through Union to 
Powell, through Powell to Broadway, down 
Broadway to Kearny, through Kearny to Geary, 
through Geary to Dupont, thence along Dnporit 
and across and along Market to Fourth, and 
thence along Fourth to the place of beginning. 
The above comprises all the acts for the con- 
struction of street railroads within our city now 
in existence, and from the peculiar topography 
of San Francisco embraces about all the streets 
which such a franchise will be desirable for 
many years to come. As each of these are 
deemed of great value, the roads will probably 
be completed within the period fixed in the re- 
spective grants unless by collusion, or otherwise, 
expensive and harassing litigation is resorted to, 
in order to delay or prevent their construction. 

Savings Banks. 

There are three of these institutions in San 

Francisco, which are conducted on the same gen 
eral plan. In each deposits are received of sums 
apparently insignificant, but which aggregated 
constitute an important capital, and in numer- 
ous individual instances gradually swell to 
amounts constituting a competence for the de- 
positor. The investments made by these banks 
are generally on bond and mortgage, and by a 
novel provision the security, sufficient in the 
first place, is rendered certain thereafter. This 
plan has also been found to operate favorably 
for the interest of the borrower who makes the 
proper arrangement to meet the requisition. 
This is simply to require with each monthly 
payment of interest a reduction of the principal 
to the extent of a monthly installment, whereby 
at the time fixed for the maturity of the loan, the 
debt has been extinguished by these gradual 
payments. The interest is adjusted so that the 
lender pays only upon so much of the original 
sum borrowed as remains in his hands. The 
first of these institutions which was organized 
upon this coast is the 


Incorporated July 23, 1857. Office 619 Clay 
streot. E. \V. Burr, President; F. W. HerricK, 
Secretary. As this Society has just made up 
its eighth semi-annual report, we are enabled to 
present the facts and figures which prove it to be 
one of the most successful and prosperous 
moneyed corporations of which we have any 
record. The prodigious increase of the business 
of the Society is best exhibited by the following. 

The amount to credit of the members for the 
first half year, $21,521 98. Increase during the 
second half year. $31,886 48 ; during the third 
half year, $50,460 20; during the fourth half 



year $70,697 55; during the fifth half year, 
$109,530 84; during the sixth half year, S189,- 
721 60; during the seventh half year, $413,- 
015 71; during the eighth half year, S1.052,- 
869 34, leaving, at the date of the last report, to 
the credit of its members, $1,939,703 70. This 
lar<?e increase of funds for investment, and the 
determination of the Directors to prefer first 
cla*s securities, has reduced the dividend for the 
past six months to one per cent, per month. 
The management of the Savings and Loan So- 
ciety reflects high credit upon those who have it in 
charge, ai.d its advantages to the masses can 
scarcely be estimated. By its means and under 
the admirable system devised, depositors are 
made perfectly secure, thrift is encouraged by 
accumulations of interest, small capitals are ag- 
gregated, and enterprise stimulated by the facili- 
ties thus provided. The savings of the laborer 
thus invested, also aid in producing a general 
prosperity in which he is himself a sharer, and 
doubtless it is a conviction of these truths, with 
confidence, in the fidelity of those in charge, 
which have obtained for this Society the unpar- 
alelled success of which we have spoken. 


Incorporated April 12, 1859. M. D. Sweeney. 
President; John Mel. Treasurer. This is also a 
very flourishing Society, and the last report ex- 
hibits a state of affairs which must be highly grat- 
ifying to those interested. The amount invested 
on mortgage was, in July, 1861, $577,000, be- 
sides which there is a sinking fund and a conside- 
rable balance awaiting investment. The success 
and economy with which the business of the insti- 
tution is managed, reflects high credit upon the 
gentlemen who arc in charge of it. 


This institution was organized February 12, 
1860, and the same general remarks which we 
have made in reference to the other societies 
apply to this one. The names of its officers, 
which we subjoin, affords a sufficient guarantee 
that the affairs of this society will be faithfully 

Its last dividend was one and one eighth 
(H) percent, per month, declared in February, 

Board of Administration — President, J. Caire; 
Vice-President, N. Larco. Treasurer, B. David- 
son, and A. Favre, C. Martin A. Weill, J. E. 
Castera, G. Drouaillet, G. Berger. 


Of these societies there are three in this city, 
all of comparatively recent formation. 

The first one organized is known as the Ger- 
man Society, the plan of which is by a capital to 
be created by an original deposit of one hundred 
dollars from each member, and a subsequent 
monthly payment of ten dollars, to procure a 
large tract of land within the city upon which to 
erect for each subscriber a dwelling-house. 

The next society we have to mention in this 
connection is the Building and Loan & 
which has been organized by a number of prom- 

inent gentlemen, and which has in view the set- 
tlement of the unoccupied lands within the bor- 
ders of the city and county, but outside of the 
old city limits. 

The San Francisco Union Homestead Asso- 
ciation was the last formed. Each member con- 
tributes ten dollars entrance fee, and monthly 
payments of ten dollars. The society is numer- 
ous, and is composed of enterprising and thrifty 
citizens, and its managers are taking active meas- 
ures to carry out the purposes of the organiza- 
tion, which are substantially the same as those 
of the first named society. 


The formation of Home Insurance Companies 
has attracted considerable attention during the 
past season, and already four different associa- 
tions have been formed , and are now in suc- 
cessful operation ; of this number, the Califor- 
Lloyds and California Mutual, are for marine 
risks, and the San Francisco Insurance, and Ger- 
man Mutual, for fire ouly. In addition to these, 
there are over fifty Eastern and European Com- 
panies represented in this city, by reliable agents, 
a list of which may be found on pages 390 and 

San Francisco Insurance Company. — Organ- 
ized March 20, 1861. Oncers— President, E. 
W. Burr; Vice-President, C. O. Gerberding; 
Secretary, Geo. C. Boardman. Office 621 (lav. 
This is the first Fire Insurance Company organ- 
ized in the State of California. Its capital of 
$150,000 {bona fide cash), the sterling character 
of its well-known managers, and the conserva- 
tive policy adopted bj r them, bespeak entire con- 
fidence in the Company, and promise them a 
high rank among the permanent institutions of 
the Pacific coast. 


Organized, February 23, 1861. To arrest in 
part the flow of specie from California to eastern 
and foreign Insurance offices, and to retain in 
our own State the accumulations from premiums, 
as a fund whereon to base reliable security 
against the perils of the seas, are the objects of 
this Company. Kver since the introduction of 
commerce on this coast, our citizens have been 
dependent upon foreign underwriters for all their 
protection against marine disasters. 

Meantime nil attempts to establish local com- 
panies proved unsuccessful, because our Consti- 
tution ami Statutes have prescribed that the 
stockholders of all corporations should lie liable 
to make good their proportion of the Company 

debts. This has been variously construed to 
mean a several pro rata liability, <>r a joint and 
liability on the part of stockholders, a 
risk unknown to the laws of other States, and 
as unfavorable to the corporators in such institu- 
tion as it is favorable to their creditors. What- 
ever it may mean, however, twenty gentlemen 
of known wealth and business integrity have at 
■n found who ate willing to bear the brunt 
of the law for the sake of establishing the nu- 
of a Marine Insurance Company, which 
should meet the wants of the insuring public, 


and be based on such a footing as to secure care- 
ful management and gradual success. With 
these views this Company was formed. Its capi- 
tal subscribed and paid up, or secured to be paid. 
is $300,000. No dividend can be declared until 
such time as the assets shall have readied a 
figure double the amount originally subscribed. 
No money can be loaned to a stockholder. No 
stock can be sold or hypothecated without the 
consent of every stockholder, while the Com- 
pany lias the right to sell out the share of any 
stockholder whose solvency may at any time be 
questioned. Ten per cent, return on earned 
premiums is offered to the holders of open poli- 
cies at the end of the year in lieu of the scrip 
return of Eastern/Companies, while in case the 
assets of the Company should become exhausted, 
each stockholder is bound by law to make good 
his proportion of all the liabilities, thus affording 
to customers the actual securitj-, not only of the 
corporate funds, but also of the entire private 
fortunes of the shareholders. It is therefore 
both a Company and a Lloyd's Office combined. 
The Company has now been in operation three 
months, during which their expectations of busi- 
ness have been fully realized. The success of 
the California Mutual Insurance Company is only 
a question of time. 

See advertisement on page 505. 

Spring Valley Water Works Company. 

This company was incorporated in the month 
of June, 1858, in pursuance of an Act of the 
Legislature approved April 23, 1858. The cap- 
ital stock is s3. 000,000, divided into 3,000 shares 
of $1, 000 each. OfiUer* — President, Wm. II. 
Tillinghast; Secretary, Edward Mickle : Treas- 
ure r. Abel Guy; Chief Engineer, A. W. Von 
Schmidt j Trustees, vVm. II. Tillinghast, Henry 
Carlton, Jr., Robert Roxby, W. B. Johnston, and 
A. W. Von Schmidt. Office of the Company — 
South-east corner of Montgomery and Jackson 

The company was formed for the purpose of 
introducing pure water into the city and county 
of San Francisco, and supplying its inhabitants. 
The water is collected from various branches of 
the stream known as the Pillarcitos Creek, in the 
coast range of mountains, distant from San Fran- 
cisco about 15 miles in a southerly direction. — 
This supply is taken at an elevation of 700 feet 
above the level of the sea, through the main 
coast range by means of a tunnel 1,500 feet in 
length. At the eastern end of the tunnel the 
waters fall into a reservoir constructed in the 
bed of San Mateo creek. From this point the 
water is conducted around the hills into the 
grand Reservoir (Lake Honda) back of the Mis- 
sion Dolores, by a flume 18 by 30 inches, with a 
grade of seven feet to the mile. Two miles of 
iron pipe are used on this route, where it crosses 
ravines and low places. 

The flume will carry 4,000,000 gallons per 24 
hours. The company will have as a reserve in 
their reservoir at the creek 500.000,000 gallons, 
which is filled during the winter season and can 
be drawn from whenever required. " Laguna 
Honda," the distributing reservoir, is one of the 

finest natural reservoirs in the world ; and when 
finished will hold 100.000,000 gallons of water. 
From this reservoir 10 in. iron mains will belaid 
to the corner of Market and Stockton streets, be- 
ing about four miles in l"ngth. From the 16 inch 
mains, 12 inch mains take the water into differ- 
ent parts of the city, which are again tapped 
with smaller mains. 

All parts of San Francisco not exceeding 350 
feet above the city base will be supplied with 
water from these works without machinery. 

The waters of the Pillarcitos are well known 
for their purity. They rise in a granitic forma- 
tion, and have no vegetable impurities in their 

In addition to the above supply, the Company 
have immense sources of water south of the Pil- 
larcitos and San Mateo creeks, should it ever 
bo required. They are the Purissima, Tu- 
nitas, Lobitas and San Gregorio creeks. The 
last stream alone runs daily 12,000,000 gallons. 
But it will probably be many years before this 
additional quantity will be required. 

The Islais Creek also belongs to this company, 
and runs 300,000 gallons daily. The waters of this 
creek are already running through a number of 
the streets in the southern part of the city. The 
pipes of the Company now laid (July, 1861) from 
this source amount to five miles. During the 
present year (18G1) twenty miles of pipe will be 
laid; and in the course of 1862, an additional 
thirty miles, within the limits of San Francisco 
-—being the property of the Spring Valley Wa- 
ter Works Company. 


Capital stock, $1,500,000; expended on works, 
S857,800. Officers — President, F. F. Low; Sec- 
retary, Peter Carter; Trustees, F. F. Low, John 
Bensley, Anthony Chabot, H. S. Dexter, C. II. 
Simpkins ; Chief Engineer, C. W. Boynton ; 
Water Registrar, W. B. Swan. 

This company was incorporated June 19, 1857, 
and on the 27th day of September of the suc- 
ceedingyear introduced fresh water into the lower 
part of the city through works of a partially tem- 
porary description. On the 7th of January, 1860, 
the company brought into operation the perma- 
nent and extensive works at Black Point, by 
means of which the most elevated localities are 
furnished with an adequate supply of this great 

The source from which the water furnished by 
this company is obtained, is a stream of pure soft 
water, which has a natural outlet into the outer 
bay near Point Lobos, closed, for the purposes of 
the company, by a substantial dam. An aque- 
duct five and one third miles in length following 
the sinuosities of the bay shore, conveys the water 
to a great receiving reservoir at Black Point, 
where it is raised by a ponderous engine to the 
two distributing basins on the adjoining hills. 
The loftiest of these artificial lakes is 315 feet 
above high water mark, and is located at the cor- 
ner of Greenwich and IJyde streets, on the north- 
erly summit of Russian Hill. The second is lo- 
cated at the corner of Francisco and Hyde streets, 
and is 145 feet above high water mark. The ca- 



pacity of the upper reservoir is 3,600,000 gallons, 
and of the lower, 7,800.000 ; the latter serving all 
the mains east of Powell street, except Rineon 
Hill and a portion of Telegraph Hill, which are 
supplied from the former — that having the requi- 
site elevation for these lofty spots, as well as the 
many higher localities west of the first named 

The pumping power of the works at Black 
Point is equal to raising to these distributing 
reservoirs about 2, 100,000 gallons in twenty-four 
hours, proportioned to their relative capacity. 

The Company have in use twenty-two miles 
and a half of main pipe, from which copious 
supplies are distributed to manufacturing estab- 
lishments and dwellings, and by means of which 
168 fire hydrants are made an available defense 
against fires. For this last purpose the water is 
furnished without charge. By a provision in its 
charter, upon due notice, the city and county of 
San Francisco may become the proprietor of these 
works, on repayment of the amount expended 
by the company, with reasonable interest. Un- 
til such purchase the water rates of the company 
are so far under the coulrol of the Municipal 
Government that the company will not be per- 
mitted to exact higher rates than will afford a 
return of twenty-five per cent, per annum on 
their actual cash outlay. 

Eeview of Industrial Enterprises. 

The Business Directory, published in the pres- 
ent volume, will best exhibit the progress al- 
ready made in the different branches of mechan- 
ical industry in this city. We propose in this 
review to make a brief reference to a few of the 
most important branches, and to exhibit some 
very interesting statistics collected during the 
progress of our labors. 


There is no department of mechanical indus- 
try iu this city in which more enterprise and en- 
ergy is exhibited than in the manufacture of ma- 
chinery and the working of metals generally- 
There is probably no city in the Union that will 
bear a comparison to San Francisco in this re- 
spect. The number of establishments i 
mated at 250, affording employment to about 
1500 persons. 


The number of iron foundries is ten. 
gate number of persons employed, from 350 to 

Vulcan Iron Works Co. — Successors to George 
Gordon & Steen. The Vulcan Iron Winks, lo- 
cated on the corner of First and Natoma, were 
established in August, is:,], by (Jordon & Steen, 
for the manufacture of steam engines and ma- 
chinery. In January, 1866, they were converted 
into a joint stock incorporated company. Pres- 

ent proprietors, S. Aitken, Paul Torquet and 
Charles R. Steiger, who have been with the con- 
cern from its commencement. These works have 
turned out about 300 engines and 600 boilers, 
with the machinery of upwards of 500 saw, 
flour and quartz mills, candle and starch facto- 
ries, etc. All the hydraulic machinery for raising 
brick buildings in San Francisco, were invented 
and made at these works. The number of hands 
employed varies from 60 to 80. The business 
averages $270,000 per annum. 

Pacific Foundry. — Goddard ^. Co., proprietors. 
These works were established on their present 
location, Fiist street, between Mission and Na- 
toma streets, September, 1850, by Egery k Hinck- 
ley. The improvements consisted of a oue-story 
frame building, 50 by 50 feet, in which a general 
foundry and machine business was transacted. 
December, 1853. the proprietors purchased the 
interest of the original owners — erected a three- 
story building, 30 by 60 feet, and added greatly, 
by improvements in machinery, etc., to former 
facilities for meeting the increase of trade. In 
December, 1858, another addition was made of 
a brick building, 60 by 80, which is used for 
melting purposes alone. The cupolas, three in 
number, have a capacity of melting 16 tons of 
metal per day. The works employ from 60 to 
80 men, and the average annual business exceeds 

dry. — Corner of First and Mission 
streets. P. Donahue, proprietor. Employ from 
90 to 150 men. 

Fulton Foundry. — Hinckley & Co., proprietors. 
These works were established by Worth, Hyde 
A Field, Sept. 8, ls.">.">. as a machine shop; July 
2, 1856, facilities were added for casting metals, 
and changed to present style of firm on the 6th 
of same month. The works are located at 47 
and IK First street, between Market and Mis- 
sion, and at present keep about 50 hands em- 
ployed in the different departments. 

Sulkr Iron Works. — These works were 
liahed on the corner of Folsom and Beale ,-treets. 
January, ls50, by George K. Gluyns, in connec- 
tion with the International Navigation Company 
known as the A spin wall Company. The build- 
ings were not fully completed until September, 
of the same year, when the works were iu full 
operation and did a very large business. Prior 
to September, I860 the work that was transacted 
by this establishment, was, to a great extent, per- 
formed in the open air. These works are now 



located on tbe east side of First street, between 
Market and Mission. Number of bands em- 
ployed, 30. 

Miners' Foundry. — Ilowland, Angell & King, 
proprietors; First street, between Howard and 
Folsom. Tueiie works, recently established, liavo 
extensive facilities for the manufacture of every 
description of quartz and milling machinery, 
steam engiues, etc. Number of Lands employed, 

Golden State Foundry. — 6 Battery street; 
Palmer & Co. Proprietors. In addition to all 
kinds of foundry and machine work, as hereto- 
fore done in the State, this establishment is en- 
gaged largely in the manufacture of mantel 
grates of all styles and sizes, and of superior 
finish. They also keep constantly on hand and 
for sale cauldrons of all sizes of their own make. 
Persons interested in home manufactures are in- 
vited to exainiue their stock. 

Railroad Foundry.— Shaw & Yoorehamme 
proprietors; 326 Pine street. These works are 
principally employed in the mannfacture of 
steam engiues, grist and quartz mill machinery, 
and castings for house fronts. Number of men 
employed, 15 to 25. 

California Foundry. — Fremont near Market 
street; William Brodie & Co., proprietors. These 
works manufacture all kinds of saw and quartz 
mill machinery, etc. 

Albion Foundry.— Corner Market and Beale 
streets; J. Spratt proprietor; manufactur cast- 
ings of every description. 

In addition to the foundries above enumerated, 
there are numerous smaller establishments en- 
gaged in the working of iron, affording employ- 
ment to a large number of persons. 


The Boiler Works of Messrs. Coflfey & Risdon 
are engaged in an extensive and increasing busi- 
ness, employing a large number of hands, in- 
volving a heavy outlay for labor and materials; 
amount the past year, $110,000. The number 
of men employed, about 50. 

Eureka Works. — William McKibbin, proprie- 
tor; 324 Pine between Sansom and Montgomery 
streets. This establishment manufactures iron 
stairs, shutters, railings and house-work of every 
description. The celebrated Eureka Key and 
Clamp Bridge is also manufactured by Mr. Mc- 
Kibbin. Number of men employed, 5. 

There are numerous other establishments en- 
gaged in the working of metals, viz: blacksmith 

shops, G9; brass foundries, 0; carriage and 
wagon smiths, 24; tinsmiths, G7 ; coppersmiths, 
10 — exclusive of those employed in the precious 


The Gold and Silver Refinery is located on 
Brannan near Seventh street. The refinery, a 
substantial brick structure, is one story in height, 
and 60 feet in width by 130 in length, together 
with the various implements in use, represent a 
permanently invested capital of about $60,000. 
Employment is furnished to an average of from 
25 to 30 persons. Kellogg, Hewston & Co., pro- 
prietors, office -416 Montgomery street. 


Are situated on the corner of Francisco and 
Mason streets. San Francisco. They are exten- 
sive, and admirably adapted for tbe assaying 
and working of gold and silver ores. They 
were erected upon European plans under the 
direction of Mr. Foque, an able Metallurgist. 
Both wet and dry processes are used, and the 
works are capable of reducing three tons of ore 
per day, going through all the various manipu- 
lations of parting, assaying, smelting and refining. 
Thus, the metal contained in twenty tons of ore 
can be returned to the owner in line ingots in 
one week. Ore has been reduced here from the 
Dana lead, Gould & Curry (Lucerne), California, 
Bailey, aud other mines in California and Nevada 
Territory, besides ores from Mexico, Arizona, 
and other portions of Western North America. 

The proprietors are citizens of San Francisco. 
The agents are Messrs. Bradshavv & Co., office 
300 Sansom St., who transact all the pre- 
liminary business. Mr. G. F. Foque is the 

In testing ores, it is advisable to send to the 
works at least one ton, so that a fair approxima- 
tion of its general richness may be aimed at. 


The San Francisco Chemical Works are located 
near Mission Dolores; Shepard, Judson & 
Co. proprietors. These works have been suc- 
cessfully employed for the last three years in the 
manufacture of acids. The average number of 
persons employed is 14. These works supply 
the acids consumed at the U. S. Branch Mint in 
this city. 


These works are located at Black Point, on 
the block bounded by Beach, North Point, Polk 
and Van Ness Avenue. Capacity, 100 to ISO 
pairs blankets per day, depending upon the size 



and quality. Wool used per day, 1,250 pounds. 
Number of persons employed, men, 30; women, 
30; boys, 10; total, 70. Capital invested, S100,- 
000. The operations of this factory since the 
commencement, December 15, 1859, have fully 
tested the energy and practical skill of the en- 
terprising proprietors, to whom the State is in- 
debted for the successful establishment of one 
of the most necessary branches of mechanical in- 
dustry. The satisfactory results of a movement 
of this character cannot fail to direct attention to 
the importance of extending a liberal encourage- 
ment to our home mechanics in their efforts to 
develope the resources of the State. Proprie. 
tors, Heynemann, Pick & Co., 311 and 313 Cali- 
fornia street. 


The " San Francisco Sugar Refinery " is owned 
by a company of San Francisco merchants or- 
ganized by Act of the Legislature of the State. 
The works of the company are located at San 
Francisco, cor. Eighth and Harrison streets. The 
main building is 75 feet in width by 122 in length, 
and live stories high. Several small buildings 
are attached, for the prosecution of the different 
branches connected with the refinery. The en- 
tire premises cover an area of 412 by 275 feet. 
The raw material consumed at these works is 
obtained from Manila, Batavia, and other islands 
in the Pacific, and a line of clipper barks is now 
employed in maintaining a regular supply, to 
meet the requirements of the company. Over 
400 tons of sugar and 20,000 gallons of syrup 
per month are manufactured at these works. 
The number of hands employed is 100. Cost of 
buildings and grounds, $200,000. Commenced 
operations fall of 1856. 

A second sugar refinery, called the " Pacific 
Refinery," is now in progress of erection near 
the premises of the San Francisco Sugar Re- 
finery. This refinery will consist, when com- 
pleted, of a melting house SO by 45 feet and six 
stories high, a white-sugar house GO by GO feet and 
five stories high, and a bone-charcoal factory 
Ki liv .".it feet. This company possess implements 
of the largest and most improved kind. Their 
boilers were built in Boston at a cost of $21,000. 
Their vacuum pan, built in New York, is one of 
the largest ever made, and will boil eighteen 
tons of sugar at one time. The air is exhausted 
from it by a pair of air pumps, each 20 inches 
in diameter, driven by a 40-horse engine. The 
cost of the works is estimated at S1!K),000. 

two sugar refineries are t<> be under one! 

management, and will together turn out 85,000 
barrels of crushed and yellow sugars, and 
3G0,000 gallons of syrup annually. 


The proportionate consumption of this article 
in San Francisco is said, by those well qualified 
to form an opinion, to exceed that of any other 
place in the Union. "When procurable at reason- 
able rates, our builders use it extensively with 
their mortar, rendering that, of course, much 
''stronger" than when it is used without cement. 
Hitherto we have depended for the supply of 
Roman cement altogether upon the East, and as 
the shipments have not always been regular the 
fluctuations in the price have been very great, 
which has of course been detrimental to the 
general interest of consumers. "While the varia- 
tions in price here extended from one dollar and 
a half to twenty dollars per barrel, it may be 
stated that the current average value has been 
about four dollars. The greatest evil, however, 
of dependence upon sources of supply so distant, 
has been the well known deterioration which the 
best manufactured cement suffers from time. 
Freshness is an absolute necessity of excellence 
in this commodity, and, of course, the long voy- 
age from Boston or New York necessarily de- 
prives it of this quality to a considerable degree. 
Soon after the first contract was given out for 
the work on the Capitol building at Sacramento, 
veins of rock deemed suitable for this manufac- 
ture were discovered in the city of Beuicia, 
about two miles inland from the landing, and 
upon scientific examination, it was so pronounced. 
The manufacture, however, languished until the 
present season, when the property was purchased 
by the " Benicia Cement Company," of which 
Geo. D. Naglo is Superintendent and resident 
agent in this city, and Mr. Henry Winkle is 
Treasurer. The enterprising gentlemen compos- 
ing this company caused such explorations as 
satisfied them that the supply of rock is inex- 
haustible, and then proceeded to erect the works 
which are now in successful operation. The 
article furnished by this company meets the de- 
cided approval of the contractors and builders of 
this city, who find it equal to the best of Roman. 
This cement hardens iii a very few minut 
the company warrant it to "set" under water 
within live. If any further assurance is required 
that the cement, made by pur California manu- 
facturers is equal to the best, it is found in the 
fact that it is approved and used by the Federal 



officers at Mare Island, and the State officers 
superintending tbo erection of the Capitol. 

The consumption of hydraulic cement for 
which San Francisco is the market, ranges from 
10,000 to 12,000 barrels per annum, and when it 
is known that the mill of the Benicia Company- 
can turn out from fifty to one hundred barrels 
per diem, it can easily be conjectured that our 
dependence upon the old States for our supplies 
has ceased, and that as the article can be manu- 
factured and placed in this market by the com- 
pany at rates which will defy Eastern competition, 
further shipments from abroad must prove dis- 
astrous to the parties concerned in them. 


The San Francisco Cordage and Oakum Fac- 
tory is located at the Potrero. This enterprise 
commenced in April, 1856, by Messrs. Flint, 
Peabody & Co., and Messrs. Tubbs & Co., since 
which time the operations of the company have 
been successful. The buildings connected with 
the works are of the most extensive and perma- 
nent character. The main structure, occupied 
as a rope- walk, is 1,000 feet in length, and the 
spinning factory is 100 feet in length by 40 feet 
in width. The consumption of raw material is 
about 4,000 pounds of hemp per day, which is 
obtained from Manila, and arrangements have 
been completed for regular shipments thereof 
until California shall be able to furnish the same 
from the products of her own soil. Office of 
these works, 611 and 613 Front street. The 
specimens of cordage exhibited at the last Me- 
chanics' Fair far excel the imported article. 
They have also made arrangements for the im- 
portation cf seed, for the production in this State 
of a sufficient quantity of the raw material to 
supply the demands for home consumption. 


There are eight establishments in this city en- 
gaged in the manufacture of billiard tables, af- 
fording constant employment to from 40 to 80 
persons. One of the most prominent is that of 
M. E. Hughes, located on the North side of Pine 
near Front street. He is the sole agent on the 
Pacific coast for Mr. Phelan's justly celebrated 
Model Billiard Tables and Patent Combination 
Cushions. In this concern alone, there are con- 
stantly employed from 10 to 15 men. Sales- 
room 720 Montgomery street. 


The number of Breweries in this city is 24 ; 
aggregate capacity, over 1,500,000 gallons per 


annum, and employing about 150 persons. The 
establishment of Hoelscher, Weiland & Co.— the 
Philadelphia Brewery— situated on Second near 
Folsom street, is the most extensive establish- 
ment of the kind on the Pacific coast. 


This branch of mechanical industry has been 
exceedingly prosperous during the past year. 
Several heavy firms, employing quite a number 
of men, are at the present time profitably en- 
gaged in its prosecution. During the year 1860, 
several steamers and sailing craft were con- 
structed, whose sailing qualities have fully real- 
ized the expectations of their owners. Vessels 
built during the last year: Nevada, (side- 
wheel); Sacramento, ( side- wheel) ; Enterprise, 
(side-wheel); McClelland, (stern-wheel); Gem, 
(stern-wheel); Swallow, (stern-wheel) ; Salinas, 
(propeller) ; schooners Wm. Gaylord, Union For- 
ever, B. Strett and Sophia Hancock, and numer- 
ous small sailing craft for the Bay and river 
trade. Repaired, steamers Brother Jonathan 
and New World. In course of construction, 3 
steamers and 6 schooners. 


The number of flour mills is eleven, the ag- 
gregate capacity of which is nearly 1800 barrels 
of flour per day. The most extensive of these 
mills are the National, Eureka, New Genessee, 
Golden Age, Golden Gate, and Commercial Mills. 

The National Mills were erected in 1860 at an 
expense exceeding $40,000. The machinery is 
driven by an engine of 120 horse power, run of 
stone four, capacity for twenty-four hours 250 
barrels. J. Martenstein & Co., proprietors. 


M. G. Elmore & Co., proprietors, located in 
Hobbs, Gilmore and Co.'s Mills, corner of Market 
and Beale streets. Established in 1860. 
Employs 20 hands. Manufactures 100 gross of 
matches per day, which are furnished at lower 
rates than the imported article, and are much 
superior for sea voyages, damp air and tunnel 
uses, being manufactured especially to prevent 
all absorption of air and dampness. 


This enterprise was established by A.R. Hal- 
lidie & Co. and has been in successful operation 
for several years. The consumers of wire rope 
are principally the mining and ferry interests of 
this State and Oregon, it being chiefly used for 
hoisting, pump, derrick, ferry and bridge ropes. 
The longest wire rope made at this manufactory, 



without splice or joint, was more than one-third 
of a mile, and three inches in circumference. 
These works also manufacture considerable cop- 
per and brass wire rope for sash cords, lightning 
conductors, etc., and iron wire stays for shipping. 
The manufactory is located at the foot of Taylor 
street, North Beach. 


H. T. Graves' Wire "Works manufactory, 412 
Clay street, were established in 1852, as the Den- 
nis Wire Works, and is one of the oldest manu- 
facturing establishments in San Francisco. It is 
fully adapted to the manufacture of every article 
that wire is used for, and in its consumption 
every style and size is called in use, from the 
finest wire cloth, to the inch-square coal screens 
made of f inch wire. 

The Fluctuations of Trade. 

The following table has been prepared for the 
purpose of showing the changeable character of 
our business community. Only the leading 
branches of trade have been included, but these 
may be regarded as a fair indication of the whole. 
The yearly changes among the small dealers will 
not fall short of forty per cent, per annum : 









Billiard-table makers.. 
Boarding-houses, etc. 



Butchers and Markets.. 


Carpi' liters- .Master 

Cigars Dealers 

Clothing and Tailors... 

Coal and Wood 


Dry Goods 


Furniture, eto 








Merchants Commission 

Milliners, etc 



Printing Offices 



Stoves and Tin Ware... 

Upholsters, etc 

Watchmakers, Jewelers 

Total 3,799 4,155| 1,556 2,699 4,942 

















































































































Interesting Statistics. 
The following interesting statistics have been 
compiled from the "Business Directory" of the 
present volume : Number of attorneys in San 
Francisco, 315 ; physicians, 202 ; commission- 
merchants, 186 ; produce commission-merchants, 
79; hotels, boarding and lodging houses, 340 ; 
cigar dealers, 178; carpenter shops, 109; dry 
goods establishments, 139; fruit dealers, 105; 
grocers, 421; hair-dressing saloons, 102; bake- 
ries, 67; breweries, 24; butchers and markets, 
230; furniture and bedding, 53; clothing, inclu- 
ding tailors and drapers, 296; restaurants, 86; 
watchmakers and jewelers, 108; wood and coal 
yards, 87 ; upholsters and paper-hangers, 27 ; 
bathing houses, 15; brokers, 217; cooper shops, 
35 ; hardware dealers, 34 ; lumber dealers, 35 j 
milliners and millinery stores, 74; painters, 84; 
dress-making establishment, 81; stoves and tin- 
ware dealers, 66; agricultural stores, 14; apoth- 
ecaries and druggist, 56 ; assay establishments, 
7; auctioneers, 21; bankers, 18; billiard table 
makers, 8 ; cabinet makers, 33 ; camphene dis- 
tilleries, 8 ; confectioners, 29 ; daguerreian gal- 
leries, 13; dyeing establishments, 4; gunsmiths, 
15; harness and saddlery, 34; hatters, 21; 
printing offices, 19; produce dealers, 78. 


It is known that there are over 1000 estab- 
lishments in San Francisco at which liquors are 
sold, viz: wholesale, 77; retail, (saloons) 582; 
hotels, 40; groceries where liquors are sold, 330 ; 
billiard saloons, 12. These figures do not include 
commission merchants and brokers, who deal 
more or less in the article. 


The sales of native wine in this State are in- 
creasing very rapidly. The firms of Sainsevain 
& Brother, and Kohler & Frohling, of this city, 
are extensively engaged in the trade. The wine 
cellars of Kohler & Co., under the Montgomery 
Block, contain over 130,000 gallons, and the new 
vault of Sainsevain & Brother, is of a capacity 
to contain over 600 pipes. 

The vault of Messrs. Sainsevain is located on 
Mission street near Fourth. It is 160 feet in 
length by 50 feet in width. There are now stored 
therein, over 100.000 bottles of "Sparkling Cali- 
fornia," and 400 pipes assorted wines. 

Tlje exportation of native wine has increased 
over 100 percent, during the past year. 


There are 42 different newspaper and period- 
ical publications issued from this city, of which 
13 are daily. 21 weekly. 7 monthly and 1 annu- 
ually. of the dailies, l issue weeklies and 2 
■ editions, in addition to their regular is- 
Bues, making an aggregate of -is different papers. 
Published iu foreign languages 11, viz: French, 
5; German, 3; Spanish, 2; and Italian. 1. Of 
thf WW devoted to religion, and 1 to 

agriculture. Of the monthlies. :; are devoted to 
literature, '- to medicine, ami 1 to religion. Sinco 
the list of newspapers on page 188 was com- 
piled, the Times has been discontinued. 



Abadie C. H. Mme. midwife, 809 Clay 
Ackley J. T. stoves and tinware 215 Sac 
Adams Cyrus, dwl NE cor Mont and Pacific 
Adams James, (McEwen & A.) dwl 29 Clemen- 
Adams W. P. delivery clerk P. 0. dwl 609 Pine 
Affranchino A. Rev. assistant pastor St. Ignatius 

church, Market bet Fourth and Fifth 
Agard William B. (Dapuy, Foulkes & Co.) dwl 

Green bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Ainsa M. jr. notiry public and translator, 34 

Montgomery Block 
Alband Henry, barkeeper with Bolte & Roeben 
Albert John, moulder Union Foundry, dwl 331 

Alden 0. W. liquidating entry clerk Custom 

House, dwl 22 Government House 
Aldrich J. A. Miss, Ladies' Seminary and Gym- 
nasium 122 and 124 Stevenson 
Alexander (/.) & Mayers (John) boots and shoes 

NE cor Third and Stevenson 
Alhambra Silver Mining Company, office 815 San 
Allen Sheldon ( Curtis & A.) rms 634 Com 
Allen S. T. moulder Sutter Iron Works 
Alta Flo ir Milks, B. A. Henriksen proprietor, N 

s Stevenson nr First 
Ambrose Rosby (colored) fireman stm Nevada, 

dwl 500 Broadway 
Amo3 Mary F. Mrs. bds 761 Market 
Anderson Edward, 'longshoreman, dwl 134 First 
Anderson George, laborer, dwl Volunteer Engine 

Anderson Henry (col.) pantryman stm Nevada 
Anderson James T. A. book-keeper Sutter Iron 

Works, dwl 4 Stevenson 
Angerer C. boot-maker, 114 Fourth 
Applebee J. lumber- wagon, pier 1 Stewart 
Armes Jacob, tailor, dwl Trinity nr Bush 
Armstrong W. seaman, bds 323 Pine 
Arnold Mary, Miss, dwl 405 Union 
Aron Morris, card-writer, dwl 206 Sutter 
Arrington J. J. clerk U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 5 

Xaudee's Building 
Ash H. mrs. boots and shoes 115 Second 
Ash Leon, clerk 115 Second, dwl 325 Sutter 
I Atchinson C. H. builder, dwl 623 Market 
Atkins Charles, with Smith & Hopkins, dwl Pros- 
pect Place 
Auberlen Theodore A. safe and lock manufac- 
turer 320 Pine 
AudifTred (If.) & Male (G.) wood-yard foot Mar- 
ket street 
Auerback (Leopold) & Fromann (Susmann) boots 

and shoes 156 Third 
Aushel Elias, butcher 332 Kearny 
Ayers Ira, book-keeper with Geo. F. Bragg & Co. 
dwl 735 Market 

Babcock T. F. annealer U. S. Branch Mint 
Bachman Adolph, poultry 14 Metropolitan Mar- 
ket, dwl 109 Natoma 
Bachman August, upholsterer with J. D. Coulter, 

dwl 115 Virginia 
Baenhndel A. (Niebuhr & B.) 18 Sansom 
Baez Juan, printer Spanish American, dwl N a 

Francisco nr Stockton 
Bail T. C. compositor, dwl S s Pine bet Dupont 

and Stockton 
Baily William, fruit 407 Davis, dwl N s Silver 

bet Third and Fourth 
Bailey Jacob E. watchman Custom House 
Bailey Orrin, inspector Custom House 
Baker Isaiah jr. boarding officer Custom House 
Baker Henry, cashier U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

W s Second nr Howard 
Baker Thomas & Co. architects, S s Summer nr 

Ball Charles, cook with Field & Quimby 
Banks Albert, clerk, dwl N s Virginia Place 
Baon T. F. with Miller & Co. dwl 40 Clay 
Barbour B. S. hair-dresser with J. F. H. Miller. 

dwl 424 Market 
Barclay (Thomas) & Co. commission merchants 
618 Battery, dwl W s Leavenworth bet 
Geary and O'Farrell 
Barde W. L. D. attorney-at-law, dwl 61 Everett 
Barker B. M. private school Pine above Mont 
Barnes Jacob, clothing, 45 Jackson 
Barrett William, tender Sutter Iron Works 
Barron (M. D.) & Peters, (L.) Flag Exchange 

Saloon, NE cor Front and Commercial 
Bassett Joseph, flour and grain, 30 Clay 
Baum F. J. (K J. Schloes & Co.) dwl 430 

Baumgartner V. (Heerdink & B.) dwl Globe II 
Baur S. Miss, machine sewing, 204 Sutter 
Baxter John T. builder, 1210 Powell 
Bayerscram H. bargeman, Custom House 
Bazin Victor, merchant tailor, 447 Bush 
Beao-le (/. J.) & Mathews, (C. H.) paints, oils and 
"paper-hangings, 8 First, dwl SW cor First 
and Mission 
BEALS II. C. reporter Mercantile Journal, dwl 

NE cor Pine and Taylor 
Beatty (John L.) & Gower, (Z. L.) produce com- 
mission, 111 Clay, dwl 347 Minna 
Beatty Robert, Club Rooms. 603 Washington 
Beaumeister Hermann, tailor, 147 Third 
BEEt-HIVFj BUILDING, M. Cannavan, proptr, 

NE cor Washington and Dupont 
Beerbrewer John, billiard-table maker, NE cor 

Wash and Dupont, dwl 336 Bush 
Beerbrewer Louis, butcher, with Henry Wagner, 

dwl 1440 Stockton 
' Behr H. physician, 619 Montgomery 



Bell Christopher, bootmaker, with David Hauser, 

dwl G36 Pacific 
Bell Patrick, liquors, Post Office PI, dwl 610 Cal 
Bender Franz, bootmaker, 768 Folsom 
Bennet George, with J. J. Haley, dwl Pacific nr 

Bentz Henry, hair-dressing saloon, 18 Kearny, 

dwl S 8 Sacramento abv Jones 
Bernstein Harris, crockery, 337 Kearny 
Bertin Mrs. milliner, 34 Sutter 
Diehard Stephen, Pride of the Bay, foot Market, 

dwl junction Sac and Market 
Bidwcll Peter, real estate, dwl 024 Dupont 
Bigelow George H. (Bigelow & Brother) dwl 

1024 Stockton 
BIGELOW (Henry H.)k BROTHER (George H) 

insurance brokers, NW cor Mont and Sac, 

dwl 742 Howard 
Bigot Esther Mme. embroideries, etc. 735 Clay 
Black David, blacksmith, 665 Mission, dwl 706 

Black George, civil engineer, 78 Montgomery 

Block, dwl BW cor Second and Jessie 
Blake Sumner C. agent N. Y. Tribune, SE cor 

"Washington and Sansom. 
Bodger G. N. ( Clavadetscher & B.) dwl 9 Vallejo 
Body F. locksmith, 622 Front, bds Pacific Tem- 
perance House 
Boggs Biddle, laborer, Weigher's Department, 

Custom House 
Boisot ( Charles) & Smith (.4. B. C.) apothecaries, 

429 California 
Bolte (Henry) & Roeben (George) lager-beer, SE 

cor Dupont and Washington 
Bon Charles, contractor and brickmaker, office 

328 Montgomerv 
Bordwell W. W. with F. D. Conro & Co, bds 

783 Folsom 
Borger Christian, jeweler, 409 Sansom, dwl 

404 Stockton 
Bothe Sophie Mrs. midwife, SE cor Pine and 

Bowen E. 0. coiner, U. S. Branch Mint, dwl S s 

Sutter, nr Jones 
Bowen G. 0. physician and apothecary, 749 Clay 
Bowie Mary, (widow) boarding, 933 Sacramento 
Bowman P. E. (Gopp & B.) dwl 14 Mont 
Boyd Charles, printer with Towne & Bacon, dwl 

33] Fremont 
Boyle George, nurse, U. S. Marine Hospital. 
Boylen James, Refiner's Department, U.S. B. M. 
Brade Richard, dwl 625 A'allejo 
B R A D8H A W (Samuel C.) ft CO,( Turrell T. Brad- 

shavj) proprs Pacific Metallurgical Works, 

cor Francisco anil M . 
Brady John T. editor Monitor, dwl 621 Cal 
BRAY ( Watum A.) & BROTHER, (John G.) 

commission merchants, NE cor Clay and 

Brayton Charles B. dwl 1231 Stockton 
Brearcliff W. K. (Loder & B.) dwl 626 Market 
Breck 8. ( Bock <t- B.) dwl Valencia, bet Fifteenth 

and Sixteenth 
Bridgens B. lithographer, 528 Clay 
Brockett James, carpenter at 30 Second, dwl 

114 Jessie 
Brodio Wm. & Co. (J. McHaffie) California Foun- 
dry. W s Fremont, nr Market 

Bronstruf ( Wm.) & Cornaheus, (Herman) gro- 
ceries and liquors, 300 Third 
Brooks E. L. B. attorney-at-law, 3 Government 

Brosnan C. M. attorney-at-law, 517 Mont 
Brown James W. cook, U. S. Marine Hospital 
Brown Owen, (colored) cook, 630 Commercial 
BROWN R. G. agent Grover & Baker's Sewing 
Machine Co. 309 Montgomery, dwl 705 
Brownlee John, baker, bds 331 Bush 
Brownson W. I. ( Wade Buchan & B.) 71 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Bruce Wm. W. printer, 331 Fremont 
BRUMAGIM JOHN W., attorney-at-law, NE 

cor Mont and Cal, dwl 1315 Mason 
Brune August, cigar-maker, 1205 Dupont 
Brunne A. musician, dwl E s Dupont, bet Fil- 
bert and Greenwich 
Brunner Louis, watches and jewelry, 334 Mont- 
gomery, dwl SW cor Pacific and Sansom. 
Bryant A. J. (Morrison &B.)(l\vl Ss Bush above 

Bryant George W. delivery clerk P. O., dwl X s 

Howard nr Thirteenth. 
Bryson Hugh, bootmaker with A. Kohlman 
Bryson William, liquors, 30 First 
Buchan P. G. ( Wade B. & Brownson) 71 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Buchanan Isaiah (colored) boot-black, 105 San 
Buchanan McKean, tragedian, Metropolitan Thea- 
ter, dwl Hotel International. 
Buckley Timothy, deck-hand stmr Nevada 
Bull W. K. real estate, dwl First Avenue, Mis- 
sion Dolores 
Bullette C. vegetables and fruits 605 Sansom 
Bunnell (E. F.) ft Stuart ( William M.) dentists 
234 Montgomery, dwl NW cor Sacramento 
• and Van Ness Avenue 
BURBANK D. dentist 30 Sutro House, dwl 871 

Barbank Warren, with D. Burbank 
Burfeind Martin (Liebe & B.) dwl SE cor Stock- 
ton and Green 
Burke Michael, dwl 418 Green 
Burnap John, groceries 426 Davis, dwl Es Lar- 

kin between ( ireen and Union 
BURNETT {Abram) ft LEE (Franklin V.) build- 
ers, office 328 Montgomery, dwl NW corner 
Union and Leavenworth 
Burns D. J. clerk with Everett & Pope 
Burroll Andrew, door-keeper Metropolitan The- 
atre, dwl 300 Third 
Burrowes William, book-keeper with Hughes & 

Lynch, dwl Minna bet Fourth and Fifth 
Fury George, fish 7."> Washington Market 
Bushman William, dancing academy cor First 

and Clementina 
Fuss T. carpenter 702 Broadway, bds Globe H 
Butler Allied, sawyer, dwl N s Howard nr Filth 
Butler James, surveyor and draughtsman 530 

• Washington, dwl Union Hotel 
Butler Robert B. liquor saloon 11 First 
Butler W. hair-dresser, lids 328 Fine 
Byrne Domiuick, liquors 531 Market 

Caii.w.i.kro Jose, carrier Spanish American, dwl 
Dupont near Green 



California Brewery, A. Schupert proprietor, NE 

corner Stockton and Jackson 
Callabotta Sylvesta, restaurant 232 Stewart 
Callegar Pietro, fruits, 532 Montgomery 
Campbell Wm, H. express-wagon 414 Clay 
Card Runel, game and poultry 62 and 63 Wash- 
ington Market 
Caraan Rodolph, physician 143 Fourth 
Campbell John, watch-maker 406 Kearny, dwl 1 

Milton Place 
Campbell Patrick D. grain and feed 230 Fourth, 

dwl 325 Fourth 
Carmelich Geo. saddles and harness 408 Kearny 
Caruaud J. music school SW corner Jackson and 

Cargell A. II. ship-carpenter, bds 761 Market 
Carpenter Harvey, delivery-clerk Post Office, 

dwl NE cor Montgomery and Pacific 
Carpenter Mary P. adjuster U. S. Branch Mint 
CARRATJ (Josqih) &CRUZILL3 (AMph) butch- 
ers 1 New Market, dwl W s Taylor between 
Geary and Post 
Carson Bernard, engraver 334 Montgomery, dwl 

115 Pest 
Carter C. W. EL upholsterer with W. J. Silver, 

dwl 743 Clay 
Cassan Martin, bootmaker with A. Kohlman 
Cazeau D. restaurant SW cor Sansom and Merch 
Chambers John, Union billiard saloon 623 East 
Chambers Joseph T. tinsmith, dwl SW cor Jack- 
son and Front 
Charles J. W. teacher dancing, dwl SW cor Du- 

pont and Washington 
Charles Thomas C. ( Wakelee & C.) dwl 1705 Du- 

CHASE E. JACOB, clerk Washington Market, 

office 529 Merchant 
Chase James B. (Be Vries, C. & Co.) dwl W s 

Calhoun near Green 
Cheeseman Xehemiah, porter TJ. S. Branch Mint 
Chenango Silver Mining Co. office 236 Clay 
CBLBNERY RICHARD, Navy Agent, office NW 

cor Front and Jackson 
CHERRY JOHN W. sign and ornamental paint- 
er, 412 Montgomery 
Christian Richard, silk-dyer 695 Market, dwl 

NW cor Gough and Fulton 
Church Wm. compositor Spanish American, dwl 

S s Market bet First and Second 
Church Wm. A. Empire lodgings 640 Com 
Chwarz Frederick (Myers & C.) dwl 805 Clay 
Claffey John, clerk at 140 First 
Clark Seymour B. with O. F. Giffin & Brother. 
Clark Wm. H. attorne3 r -at-law 43 Metropolitan 

Building, dwl 712 Bush 
Clement R. H. {Redman, C. & White) dwl 807 

Clinch George, fruits 1402 Stockton 
Coe Edward H. inspector Custom House, dwl E 

s Codman Place 
Coes Geo. II. Mrs. furnished room3 SW corner 

Washington and Dupont 
Coggeshell C. A. salesman with Frank Baker, dwl 

NE cor Montgomery and Pacific 
Cohen M. office 77 Montgomery Block 
Cohen Mike, va-iety store 321 Commercial 
Cohen Samuel II. collector 1505 Stockton 
Cohen Walter, music teacher piano 1505 Stock 


Cohn Harris, drayman with Grover & Baker, dwl 

N s Natoma bet Second and Third 
Cohn Louis M. dry goods 106 Third, dwl N s 

Jessie bet Third and Fourth 
Coleman Luke (Hughes &, C. colored) dwl W s 

Virginia near Pacific 
Colgate II. C. agent for John B. Chace, pier 19 

Stewart, dwl 408 Beale 
Collins Joseph C. superintendent Government 

House NW cor^Sansom and Washington 
Colyer I. M. & Co. importers carriages 106 Front 
Colyer Joseph (I. M. Colyer & Co.) res Newark, 

Connelly E. S. Miss, millinery goods 1004 Stock 
CONRO F. D. & CO. proprietors Golden Age 

flour mills 717 Battery, office 127 Clay, dwl 

Sutro House 
Coney Daniel, weigher and measurer Custom 

H, dwl N s Vallejo bet Mason and Taylor 
Cooney Louisa Mrs. ladies' and chUdren clothing 

58 Second 
Cooney Solomon, dwl 58 Second 
Goobage Nicholas, fruits NE cor Kearny and 

Cook Louis, poultry 14 New World Market, dwl 

840 Vallejo 
Coots Charles, cook 612 Commercial 
Cornahrens Herman, (Bronstrup & C.) dwl 300 

Corrister W. D. vocalist Bella Union Melodeon 
Corrivean Louis, hair dresser, 540 Commercial, 

dwl N s Pacific nr Stockton 
Cothrin W. S. butcher, NE cor Third and Har- 
Coulon Eugene, tailor, 1233 Dupont 
Coulson R. paper hanger, 11 Third 
Cousins Chas. S. melting and refining dept U.S. 

Branch mint, bds American Exchange 
Cox Anson, produce commissioner, 46 Clay 
Cox John, barkeeper steamer Nevada 
Coyle Charles, porter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

15 St. Marks Place 
Cramer Frank, cigar maker with August Brun- 

edul, Green nr Laguna 
Credit I. W. (Smith Worden& (7.) dwl St. John's 

CRONICA ITALIANA, A. Mangine editor, of- 
fice 417 Jackson 
Crosby John, tailor, 618 Com, dwl 829 Dupont 
Croyski J. M. inspector Custom House 
Crowley Daniel, blacksmith with David Black, 

dwl 16 Jessie 
Crozat Peter & Co. (Alphonse Martin) proptrs St. 

Francis hotel, SW cor Clay and Dupont 
Cruz Henrique, wood yard foot Market st 
Cummings Michael, laborer, 111 Jessie 
Cunningham John, engineer steamer Nevada, 

dwl Sansom nr Broadway 
Cunningham Lawrence (Graham & C.) bds 

What Cheer House 
Currier Amos, (Shaddock & C.) dwl 313 Tehama 
Curtis (J. M.) & Allen (Sheldon) produce com- 
mission, 52 Clay, dwl 423 Pine 
Cutler (D. S.) & Taylor (Rev. G. B.) proprs Union 

Temperance Journal, office 224 Montgomery, 

dwl Tremont House 

Dahl Christopher, clerk with Meyer & Rosenburg 



Dahlmann Charles, clothing, 520 Sacramento, 
chvl 320 Sutter 

Daniels Edward, impost bookkeeper, C. H. 

D'Arcy John, proptr Metropolitan Bakery, N s 
Pacific nr Battery 

Dart P. C. broker, 419 Front 

Davant James, lamps and burning fluid, 1303 

Davis Henry, fruits, 147 Third 

Davis John, carpenter, dwl 331 Fremont 

Davis Simon, tailor, 702 Montgomery 

Day James (colored) porter, NE cor Mont and 

Dean W. E. Sec'y Chollar S. M. Co. office 610 

Debruck Louis, janitor Metropolitan building. 

Decker Henry, clerk with Henry Tietjen 

Deering James H. (Jacksonville, Cal.) office 213 
California, dwl 10123 Washington 

De Eu Alphonse, bakery, 41 1 Sutter 

De Forest (Joseph) & Tilden (H. W.) flour and 
grain, 223 Clay 

Delano C. W. (Washburn & D.) dwl cor Cali- 
fornia and Powell 

De Lavere Emanuel, assist wharfinger Vallejo 
Street Wharf, dwl Moulton PI, nr Mont 

De Montpreville Cyril, lithographer, NW cor 
Montgomery and Jackson 

De Witt Andrew, carpenter, dwl 208 Tehama 

Dexter Albert G. laboratory department U. S. 
Branch Mint, dwl 12 Bay State Row 

Dillon Michael, (Lount & D.) dwl 310 Sutter 

Dimpfel Geo. H. A. Entrance and Clearance 
Clerk, C. H. 

Dixon Richard, at San Francisco Baths, dwl 
Dupont bet Chestnut and Francisco 

Doble Abner, (Nelson <Sc D.) dwl NE cor Lom- 
bard and Pierce 

Dodge E. E. butcher, NW cor Sacramento and 
Waverly PI, dwl 320 Dupont 

DODGE (//. L.) & SHAW (John), commission 
merchants, 434 Front, dwl SW cor Cali- 
fornia and Prospect Place 

Dohn Thomas F. bricklayer, dwl N a Jessie, 
between First and Anthony 

DOLE JOHN S. & CO., importer and jobber in 
boots and shoes, 220 California, and NW 
cor Montgomery and Pine 

Dolson DeWitt C. messenger C. H. dwl S s Mar- 
ket, between Fourth and Fifth. 

Doscher T. (Koster & Co.) dwl SE cor Brannan 
and Ninth 

Dougan Patrick S. boots and shoes, 135 Kearny, 
dwl SW cor Mason and California 

Dougherty Thos. fruits, 140 First and 208 First 

Dow Abraham, boot maker, 103 Sansom, bds 
Mission Street House 

Dow Wm. H. merchant, 115 California 

Dowling B. Notary Public, 513 Merchant 

DOWNIE J. J. & CO, kerosene, camphene, etc. 
322 Montgomery, dwl 5G0 Howard 

Dreyfuse Ben. S. clothing, 541 Sacramento 
Drouilhat J. billiard- table manuf. 815 Mont 
Ducatel Agatha Mrs. fruits, 10 Wash. Market 
Duchow W. A. (San Francisco Times Associa- 
tion,) bds 615 Market 
Duff James M. house agent and collector, 622 
Montgomery, cor Merchant 

Duffy Patrick, bargeman, Custom House 

Duffy (James) & Goodman (James P.) liquors, 

SE cor Kearny and Washington 
Dumilatre P. & Co. manuf tobacco, 628 California 
Dunlevy P. ship carpenter, dwl 3 Minna 
Durking Auguste, jeweler, 102 Pacific 
DUTTON HENRY & SON, (Henry Button, Jr.) 

hay, grain and wood, Pier 7 Stewart, dwl 

SW cor Union and Mason 
Dutton Henry, Jr. (Henry Button & Son) bds 

with Henry Dutton 
Dye William M. messenger Custom House 
Dyer F. E. mailing clerk P. O. dwl 1009 Powell 

Ead (George C.) & Grant (John) carpenters, W s 

Dupont bet California and Sacramento 
Eckfeldt J. M. assistant melter and refiner, U. S. 

Branch Mint, dwl 1013 Clay 
Edes Joseph (San Francisco Times Association) 

bds 615 Market 
Edouart Alexander, photographic gallery, 634 

Wash, dwl NE cor Mont and Pacific 
Eisenroth Henry, hair dresser, dwl 323 Pine 
Eldridge Eliza Mrs. millinery, 408 Kearny 
Eldridgo Nathaniel C. dwl 408 Kearny 
Ellerhorst II. D. & Co. produce com, 64 Clay 
Elliott Frederick A. messenger naval office Cus- 
tom House, dwl 7 Anthony Place 
Emerson William L. saloon 150 Stewart 
Ennis George B. dwl SE cor Sansom and Com 
Estabrook John, butter and cheese 20 Metropol- 
itan Market, dwl 535 Mission 
Estrem (Josej)h)& Worms (Sa7nuel) clothing, 411 

BVERDING J. & CO. (Jacob Link) flour and 

grain, and starch factory, 64 Clay 
Everett (A. P.) & Pope (JohnF.) auctioneers 107 
California, dwl 1016 Washington 

Fallon" Mathew, clerk, dwl 711 Dupont 

Farley J. F. bds Union Hotel 

Fassett N. C. merchants 413 Front 

Feaster J. J. night work. 217 Pine 

Feeney J. laborer Appraiser's Department C. H. 

Fallen Mathew, at Muguire's Opera House, rms 

711 Dupont 
Fennell Henry, boots and shoes 152 Third 
Fenner ( William) Russell (James P.) & Co. fancy 

goods 720 Montgomery 
Ferguson John, agent and attorney, 734 Mission 
Ferrier .James ( Wheaton &F.) dwl Benton House 
FETTER. MAX A. II. physician, SE cor Powell 

and Vallejo 
Field Albert, store-keeper Custom House 
Field Thomas, butcher, bds 761 Market 
Fiukler Carl F. attorney-at-law, 39 Metropolitan 

Finneman William, carpenter, 109 Commercial 
Fippin John, blacksmith with David Black, dwl 

706 Folsom 
Fisher James II. clerk 16 Clay, dwl 216 Com 
Fisher J. If. sexton Church of the Advent, dwl 

512 California 
Fisk Royal, commission and forwarding, dwl S s 

Washington nr Taylor 
Fitzgibbon D. dancing academy Assembly Hall, 

X W cor Kearny and Post 



Fitzgibbon Michael E. (F & Wilde) dwl S s Jes- 
sie nr Fifth 

Flanders Alvan, refiner U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 
701 Stockton 

Flint Edward, (IMladay & F.) dwl Union Club 

Flynn Morris, laborer Pacific Foundr}', dwl S s 
e bet Third and Fourth 

Flyim Morris 0. fruits and vegetables 10 Metro- 
politan Market, dwl 217 Jessie 

Foard James, carpenter, dwl 607 Market 

Fonn T. V. laundry 108 Dupont 

Ford Patrick, laborer warehouse dept C. H. 

Forsee S. F. clerk with A. W. Yigoreux, bds E 
s Dupont bet Geary and O'Farrell 

Fotter Jacob, tailor, NW cor Pine and Quincy 

Fox Charles, barkeeper with Hughes & Lynch, 
dwl 906 Stockton 

Francis Henry A. dwl 335 Pine 

Franklin R. P. sweeproom U. S. Branch Mint 

Fredrickson F. cabinet-maker, 3 California 

French David M. (Prime & Co.) dwl 30 Natoma 

French Joseph M. money-broker, 419 Front 

Fridaek Evan Mrs. millinery goods 419 Kearny 

Friend Charles, farmer, dwl 323 Pine 

Frogel Jacob, tailor, 3354 Kearny 

From Charles, waiter, 317 Sansom 

Frohman Susannah & Co. (Auerbach & F.) dwl 
156 Third 

Froomberg S. clothing 407 and 419 Commercial 

Frost Frank F. poultry and game 6 and 7 Metro- 
politan Market, dwl 634 Commercial 

Fulter J. W. teacher dancing, Brooks House, dwl 
20 Sansom 

Fuller Silas, hides and coal NW cor Front and 

Gadsby E. H. (Sweett & G.) dwl 425 Third 
Galbraith J. D. butcher, cor Tehama and First 
Gale Joseph (colored) calker, dwl E s Powell 

bet Jackson and Pacific 
Gallagher James, dwl 502 Pine 
Gallardo F. F. teacher languages, 70 Sutro House 
Gallon Nicholas, miner bds 323 Pine 
Gammans George B. & Co. (L. A. Sanderson) 
wholesale groceries and provisions 309 and 
311 Front 
Garraud John, dentist. 719 Clay 
Garrone Felix, groceries and liquors SE cor Cali- 
fornia and Dupont 
Gebler (Theodore) & Koch (Godfrey) stoves and 

tinware 1090 Dupont, dwl 825 Clay 
Gelren R. G. tobacco and cigars, dwl 284 Wash 
Gendar Ann Marie Mrs. dressmaker, 120 Kearny 
Gerhardy Phillip ( William Meyerhollz & Co.) dwl 

409 Bush 
Gerlach Conrad, boots and shoes 337 Kearny 
CIETY, office 625 Merchant 
Gettleson H. (of Gettleson & Pertner, Shasta Cal.) 
office 213 California, bds St. John's House 
Gibb W. dwl Union Club 
Gibbon R. draughtsman U. S. Surveyor-General, 

office SW cor Montgomery and California 
GIFFIN O. F. (0. F. Giffin & Bro.) residence 

Giles Henry, groceries and liquors SW cor Kear- 
ny and Sutter 

GILBERT JAMES A. bookseller, bds Interna- 
tional Hotel 
Gilmor John W. A., corn merchant, NE corner 

California and Front, dwl 725 Bush 
Girard Antoinette Mrs. dwl 335 Bush 
Girard C. (M. & C. G.) dwl 335 Bush 
Girard Lewis, Laundryman, 335 Bush 
Girard M. & C. French laundry, 335 Bush 
Glidden & Williams' line of clippers from Bos- 
ton, Flint, Peabody & Co. agts, 716 Front 
Goldsmith Israel, shoemaker, 807 Clay 
Goodman David (Hait& G.) dwl 728 Mont 
Goodman James T. (Duffy & G.) dwl SW cor- 
ner Page and Laguna 
Goodnow John, book-keeper, with Hobbs, Gil- 
more & Co., bds 545 Market 
Goodrich John, with H. Casebolt & Co. dwl 331 

Goodrich T. with H Casebolt & Co. dwl 331 

Gordon George W. Mm. (colored) milinery goods, 

213 Second 
Gossen Herman, fruits, 1220 Powell 
Gotfredsen Conrad, groceries, 669 Mission 
Gough Thomas, attorney-at-law, dwl NE corner 

Montgomery and Pacific 
GOULD JAMES G. fruit 534 Clay, dwl 536 Clay 
Gould Wm. B. receiving clerk U. S. Branch 

Mint dwl NW cor Mont and Mont Place 
Gower Z. L. (Beatty & G) dwl 347 Minna. 
Graham John, laborer, bds 331 Bush 
Graham (John S) & Co., (Lawrence Cunningham) 

agt Geyser spa soda water, 722 Front. 
Granniss George W. inspector, C. H. dwl NE 

corner Montgomery and Broadway. 
GRAY MATHIAS, music and musical instru- 
ments, 613 Clay 
Green G. W. butcher, Metropolitan Market 
Grcenberg (Morris) & Smith (Caleb E.) Eagle 

Brass Foundry 120 Bush, dwl 661 Harrison 
Greenlaw J. W. (L. S. Greenlaw & Co) boards 

Tremont House 
Greenlaw L. S. & Co. (J. W. Greenlaiv) produce 
com. brokers, 208 Washington, boards St. 
Lawrence House. 
GREENOUGH (J. R) & CO. (Montraville Si- 
monds) hay and grain, U. S. Market, bet 
California and Stewart, dwl 619 Bush 
Gregg Wm. (Mens, G. & Co.) 618 Jackson 
Greguar Edward, merchant (Colima, Mexico) bds 

Union Hotel 
Grenthal Morris, tailor, 333 Kearny 
Griffin John, rooms 60 Sutro House 
Grover W. A. physician, office 238 Bush. 
Gruner Rinaldo, butcher, with C. H. Rice, bds 

New York Hotel, Kearny 
Gummer Frederick C. clerk U. S. Surveyor, dwl 

1107 Stockton 
Gunn John, bds Summer St House. 

Hacker Edward, foreman Masonic Temple, bds 

St Lawrence House 
Hagan M. E. Mrs., furnished rooms, 1009 Powell 
Hainberg Conrad, hair-dresser, 1406 Stockton 
Haines John, carpenter, bds 40 Third. 
Hamprich Louis, hair-dresser at 18 Kearny, dwl 

25 Post 
nanscom John O. (Palmer & Co.) 6 Battery 



Hanson J. chiropodist, 625 Broadway 
Hardens Michael, refiner's departm*t U. S. B. M. 
Harker John W. merchant 213 Sacramento 
Harris Josiah (colored) calker dwl E s Powell 

bet Jackson and Pacific. 
Harris Joseph G. Jr., tailor, 845 Clay 
Hart (Jesse) & Scott (George A.) contractors, 

9 Summer. 
Hart (Simon) & Goodman (David) game, butter, 

etc., 66 Wash Market, dwl 728 Montgomery 
Harte Edward, assistant Assayer U. S. Branch 

Mint, bds Oriental 
Hartman Isaac, att'y-at-law, dwl 652 Market 
Harzo John, clerk with N. Harzo, dwl SE corner 

Washington and Dunbar Alley. 
Harzo Nicholas, fruits, SVV cor Kearny and Sac- 

dwl SE cor Wash and Dunbar Alley 
Hasbach ( Otto) & Epner ( Gustav) custom house 

brokers, 504 Battery 
Hastings D. N. hay and grain, 132 Stewart, dwl 

Hastings Horace M. attornej r -at-law NW corner 

Montgomery and Washington, dwl 639 Clay 
Hauser David, boots and shoes 657 Clay, dwl 

229 Fourth 
Hawkins James (McNally & II. ) dwl 109 Minna 
Heany Patrick, stoves and tin ware, 221 Kearny 
Heath Jas., prop Government House, NW cor 

Washington and Sansom 
Heber Caroline, sausages and fruits, 70 Wash- 
ington Market 
Hefter Charles B. baker, at 110 Dupont, dwlSE 

cor Howard and Fourth 
Heintzelman H. P. ( Wm K Johnston & Co) rms 

NE cor Jackson and Kearny 
Henderson E. Mrs., milinery goods, 35 Second. 
Henderson Justus Capt. schooner Wm. Miles, 

dwl SE cor Druinm and Sacramento 
HENERIE DR. B. with Martin & Co. dwl 823 

Henriques Joseph, broker, dwl NE cor Wash- 
ington and Dupont 
Herman Isaac, groceries and liquors, SW corner 

Dupont and Sutter 
Hermann Jacob B. house and sign painter, 610 

Herring Morris, mason, dwl 213 Third 
Herring Morris Mrs. millinery goods, 213 Third 
Hervey Samuel, bootmaker, 227 Jackson 
Hess Augustus, Wash Bakery, 110 Dupont 
Hess Henry L. clerk with Louis M. Colin, dwl 

NE cor Stockton and Post 
Heuck Herman, cigars, 233 Kearny 
Hewes David (Safford & 27) dwl 234 Stevenson 
Howes (Jesse — col'd) & Coleman (Luke — col'd) 

whitewashes, 615 Market, dwl N s Sacra- 
mento nr Powell Place 
Higgins James, fruits, 330 Kearny 
Higgine Mark W. pas litter, 716 Washington 
HXRSCH ADOLPH, importers crockery and 

plass ware, 616 Kearny, dwl cor Dupont 

and Bush 
Hoag II. gutta percha roofing, 66 First 
HODGES K. II. attorney-at-law, 612 Clay, dwl 

128 Stevenson 
HOLLADAY (Benjamin) A FLINT, (Edward) 
agents California ami Oregon steamers, 407 
Washington, res New York 

Holmes John, White House, new San Jose road, 
nr Pioneer Race Course 

Holt Thomas H. attorney-at-law, office SW cor 
Montgomery and Commercial 

Horber John, furnished rooms, 9 Summer 

Horton J. G. physician, 70 Sutro House 

Horton William, inspector, Custom House, dwl 
6 Montgomery 

Houghton Samuel, groceries and preserved fruits, 
719 Miss on 

Howard Benjamin C. City Warehouse, Lombard 
Dock, and Bay Warehouse, near Sansom, 
dwl 421 Harrison 

Howard Daniel S. (Renton & H.) dwl 48 Silver 

Howard James, upholsterer, with W. J. Silver, 
dwl E s Fourth nr Market 

Howard (J/. E.) & Reilly (Pair ck) fruits, butter, 
etc. 46 Washington Market, dwl S s Bran- 
nan nr Second 

Howe Edwin C. City Laundry, office 304 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 422 Sacramento 

Howes John, produce, 502 Sansom, dwl 4 Gov- 
ernment House 

Hort W. B. laborer App Dept Custom House 

HUCKS (John J.) & LAMBERT, ( William) 
maftrs wagon-grease, N s Natoma, bet 
Jane and Third 

Hughes Mathew E.. billiard table manufactory, 
N s Pine, nr Front 

Humphrey (L.) & Spang (J. S.) produce com- 
mission 115 Clay, dwl Vassar Place 

Hnnter C. C. flour, 234 Commercial 

Hurd James M. laborer Ganger's Department, 
Custom House, dwl 745 Clay 

Hutchison W. A. clairvoyant physician, 251 

Huttleston George, bootmaker. 227 Jackson 

Hutton George W. cook at 761 Market 

Hyams George J. S. & Co. clothing, 506 Wash 

Hyman J. jeweler, 521 Kearny 

Inberg E. H. bdg 110 Sacramento. 

Inches Robert, bootmaker 103 Sansom, dwl 10 

Issleiber Frederick, clerk 304 Montgomery, dwl 

311 Pine 

Jackson (Andrew) & Cornor (Charles W.) 
butchers, 614 Market, dwl Union House 

Jackson Daniel, clerk, with F. Pancoast, dwl 750 

Jacobs Jacob, 417 Commercial 

Jefferson Joseph, comedian, Maguire's Opera 
House, dwl SW cor Wash and Dupont 

Johnston Wm. K. & Co. (II. P. Heintzelman) 
grain and produce brokers, 37 Clay 

Johnstowne William, shoemaker, 306 Third 

Jolly Richard, cook, with Field &Quimby 

Jordan Robinson, (colored) servant U. S. B. M. 

Joscelyn George D. steward, 761 Market 

JOSCELYN WILLIAM R. clairvoyant physi- 
cian, W s Brenham Placo nr Clay, dwl NE 
cor Dupont and Washington 

Joy Robert B. game 11 and 12 Metropolitan 
Market, dwl N s Jessie near Fourth 

Junkins M. J. carpenter at 759 Clay 

Kaeb J. A. Fair Wind Market, S s Comnr East 



Kanary Martin, butcher with S. S. Pitts, dwl 

W s Second, bet Natoma and Howard 
Kannavan James, laborer Warehouse Depart- 
ment, Custom House, dwl 441 Union. 
Kasson C. S. solicitor with D. M. Gazlay 
Keeler S. M. barkeeper, with Yandewater & 

Wilson, dwl N s Broadway, nr Stockton 
Keil M. Mrs. midwife, 407 Bush 
KELLOGG- A. Electrotype Foundry and sten- 
cil plate cutter, 517 Jackson 
Kennedy Leonard W. Chief Adjuster TJ. S. 

Branch Mint, dwl 732 Howard 
Kenney Joseph, bricklayer, dwl 620 Market 
Kent Samuel H. ship joiner, Folsom Street 

Wharf, dwl 120 Silver 
Kerdel A. watchmaker, 109 Dupont 
Keuscher Frederick, groceries and liquorS, SW 

cor Tehama and Third 
Kina: A. J. money-broker, G44 Clay 
Kingsbury Joseph, Assistant Entry Clerk, Cus- 
tom House 
Kinsley John, bootmaker with James F. Reilly, 

dwl NE cor Jessie and Anne 
Kirchner C. W. physician. 1226 Stockton 
Kirsky Isadore, clothing, 617 Pacific 
Kling 0. W. watch-maker, 225 Jackson 
Knaff C. P. (widow) Adjuster TJ. S. Mint 
Knox Richard F. plaster manufacturer, dwl 27 

Koch Godfrey, (Geble & K.) dwl 109 Dupont 
Kohlman A boots and shoes, 108 Third 
Korniker L. oil clothing manufacturer, 327 

Commercial, dwl 25 Dupont 
Koster John, groceries and liquors 719 Pacific 
Krahe Wm. A. jeweller 205 Montgomery 
Kraus Frederick, liquor saloon NE corner Mar- 
ket and Montgomery 
Krause Wm. E. F. importer NW cor California 

and B Utery 
Kuttner Naohtaly, cap manufacturer 362 Third 
LADD J. W. (of Ladd, Reed & Co. Portland, O.) 

office 419 Front 
Lallemand Henri, manuf tobacco 1017 Dupont 
La Malfa Joseph, bill distributor with H. C. Hay- 
den SW cor Montgomery and Sacramento 
Lammond Margaret Miss, Young Ladies' Semin- 
ary E s Third near Harrison 
Lane S. C, M. D. Professor of Physiology Uni- 
versity of the Pacific 660 Mission 
Lapine James, tailor 60 Second 
LATHROP A. B. contractor, dwl 23 Ritch 
Laughlin George, melting and refining depart- 
ment U. S. Branch Mint 
Lawrence Henry H. weighman U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 414 Beale 
Lawrence Richard, dwl Sansom St. House 
Leaman Andrew, actor, dwl SW cor Washington 

and Dupont 
Leblanc A. Mad. millinery goods 1112 Stockton 
Le Fort Albert, dwl 106 Kearny 
Leib Anton, boot-maker with A. Kohlman 
Leipnitez Gustave, apothecary 312 Kearny 
Lentill James, watchman U. S. Branch Mint 
Lemmon (Isaiah) & Moore (John F. — colored) 

boot-blacks 530 California 
Lengenfelser Joseph, boot-maker 542 Third 
LENT ( Wm. M.) SHERWOOD (B. F.) & CO. 
commission merchants 712 Montgomery 

Letcher Wm. H. ( Wilson & L.) dwl American Ex 

Levet John B. builder, dwl 409 Dupont 

Levi Henrich & Co. (L. Loupe) provisions, liquors 

etc. 222 Cal, dwl NE cor Mont and Pac 
Levinson Michael, dress and cloak trimmings 7 

Levy A. N. ladies' shoes 1002 Dupont 
Levy Simon, cabinet-maker 11 Second 
Lewis J. O. abstract clerk Appraiser's depart- 
ment Custom House, dwl 146 Kearny 
Libby E. H. carpenter, bds 761 Market 
LIGHTNER JOEL F. secretary Mining Co. NW 

cor Montgomery and Merchant 
Lion Sampson, refiner's department U. S. Branch 

Littlefield D. C. butcher 29 Metropolitan Market, 

dwl NW cor Market and Montgomery 
Lock wood T. W. printer Union Temperance 

Journal, dwl 623 Market 
Lodge Madame, female physician NE cor Dupont 

and Yallejo 
Loewe L. H. (L. Brothers) dwl SW cor Fourth 

and Minna 
Loewe Brothers (M. H. & L. H.) groceries and 

liquors SW cor Fourth and Minna 
Loney Anthony (AfcFee & L.) dwl cor Pacific 

and Virginia Alley 
Loomis (E. J.) & Miller (J. F.) produce commis- 
sion 607 Sansom 
Louderback D. office 528 Clay 
LOUNT (Daniel S.) & DILLON (Michael) real 
estate brokers 609 Mont, dwl 811 Stockton 
Lund Catherine Mrs. dress-maker 55 Sacramento 
Lund Charles, saloon 22 Sacramento, dwl 55 Sac 
Lusk Chester D. livery-stable 535 Jackson, bds 

Tremont House 
Mackav Burton, architect 411 Merchant 
Magee Wm. E. (Lyle & M.) dwl NW cor Com- 
mercial and Leidesdorff 
Magrorty Wm. upholsterer, dwl 759 Mission 
Maguiro Louisa, adjuster U. S. Branch Mint 
Maineka G. H. merchant, bds 323 Pine 
Male G. (Audiffred & M.) dwl SE cor Green and 

Malaquist Jacob, groceries NW cor Kearny and 

Mangels Peter & Co. (Christopher Schult) liquor 

saloon 425 San, dwl SW cor San and Pine 
Martin Abraham, provisions 319 Commercial 
Martin Adam, miller, dwt 8 Summer 
Martin Dauiel, teamster, dwl 111 Jessie 
Martinon A. commission merchant 707 Sansom, 

bds 10 Third 
Massie Pauline Mrs. laundress 730 Market 
Mathoson Alfred C. & Co. (Henry Nelson) bowl- 
ing saloon 9 Washington 
Mathew Alphonse (P. Crozat & Co.) dwl St. 

Francis Hotel 
Mathews C. H. (Beale & M.) dwl NW cor Mis- 
sion and First 
Mathews (E. G.) & Co. (//. Allen Mayheiv) pro- 
duce commission NW cor Clay and Drumrn 
Mayer John (Alexander & M.) dwl NE cor Third 

and Stevenson 
Mayer Robert, merchant (Colima, Mexico) bds 

Union Hotel 
Mayers Robert, jewelry and fancy goods 330 



McCall William E. with Martin & Co. dwl 80 
Montgomery Block 

McCarthy David C. clerk East bet Market and 

McColgan Daniel, harness-maker, dwl 134 First 

McCreery A. B. merchant 311 Commercial 

McDonough James, fruits SE cor Third and 

McEntire P. laborer weigher and measurer's de- 
partment Custom House 

McEwen (B.) & Adams (James) hay and grain, 
pier 8 Stewart, dwl 331 Beale 

McG-uire J. ( W. W. Slow) attorney-at-law 25 
Metropolitan Building 

Mcllwaine Alex. (John Mcllwaine & Co.) dwl S 
s Clementina nr First 

Mcllwaine John & Co. (Alex. Mcllivaine) butter 
21 Metrop Mkt, dwl S s Clementina nr First 

McKarraher John, book-keeper with James E. 
Wainwright & Co. 

McLelland Hugh, dwl 11 Bar State Row 

McMahon M. T. (Miller & McM.) dwell Hotel 

McManus Michael, steward at "761 Market 

McQuade (Patrick) & Stanton (Michael B.) boot- 
makers 620 Commercial 

McQuillan James (San Francisco Times Associa- 
tion) bds 615 Market 

Meagher James, physician, office 515 Sac 

Means (Thomas) Gregg (William) & Co. manf 
leather 618 Jackson 

Meier George, builder 901 Jackson 

Meloon Horace, watchman U. S. Branch Mint 

Menke August, groceries and liquors 639 Cal 

Menomy "Walter B. clerk with Wilson & Stevens, 
dwl SE cor Taylor and Clay 

Merrill Annis, attorney-at-law 639 Washington, 
dwl 932 Pacific 

Meyer J. Joseph, merchant, bds Revere House 

Meyerholtz William & Co. (Phillip Gerharcly) 
Metropolitan Market 409 Bush 

Michael Elias, clerk with S. 0. Alexander, dwl 
721 Vallejo 

Michel Carl, butcher 625 California 

Midgett B. inspector Custom House 

Miller G. F. H. (colored) hair-dresser 424 Market 

Mitchell D. T. cashier Assistant Treasurer C. H. 

Mitchell John C. book-keeper Assistant Treas- 
urer C. H. dwl W s Mason nr Union 

Mitchell John W. saloon SE cor Davis and Com 

Moffatt C. F. dyer 24 Kearny 

Mohr Charles, dyer 228 Third 

Monaghan John J. printer, dwl 20 Sansom 

Monmonier Charles, attorney-at-law XW corner 
Mont and Washington, dwl 926 Jackson 

Monstery Thomas H. cigars and tobacco 15 Kear- 
ny, and fencing school 107 Battery 

Mony John, boot-maker 209 Stevenson, dwl 109 

Moore John F. (Lemmon & M.) dwl NE cor Ma- 
son and Broadway 

Moran Timothy, boot-maker 339 Bush 

More Joseph J. (Smith <fc M.) dwl 575 Mission 

Moreeno Jos6 Miguel, physician, dwl 528 Clay 

Morgenstern Meyer, cloaks and trimmings 635 

Morrow Thomas H. merchandise agent, office 
409 Front 

MORSE EDWARD A. & CO. (John Hall) com- 
mission and lumber merchants, 11 and 13 
California, and 114 116 Market 

Mosheimer J. plaster-manufacturer S s Bryant 
nr Third 

Mott Peter D. fireman U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 
249 Minna 

MOULTON (B. F.) & STEWART (J. W.) real 
estate and slock 622 Monigomery, dwl NW 
cor Montgomery and Green 

Munkittrick James, blacksmith 505 Market 

Munro Robert, longshoreman, dwl 55 Sac 

Murphy James, attorney-at-law, XW cor Mont- 
gomery and Washington 

Murre John, tinsmith 415 Dupont 

Myers Frederick (Sullivan tfc M.) dwl 214 Stew- 

MYERS J. D. electric institute 625 Market and 
128 Stevenson 

Myers John, porter with C. O. Turner & Co. dwl 
cor Harrison and Park 

Myers (Milchel) &, Chwarz (Frederick) tailors 805 

Muller Herman, searcher records 540 Clay 

Xeal Ractiael Mrs. boarding 750 Market 

Nichols C. M. with Xichols, Harvey & Co. dwl 
234 Third 

Xorcross Thomas, box-maker with Hobbs, Gil- 
more & Co. dwl 55 Sacramento 

Northern Edward F. office 638 Clay, dwl Inter- 
national Hotel 

Noss ( William) A Wanderer (Henry) boots and 
shoes 530 Sacramento, dwl Xew York Hotel 

O'Brien D. messenger Custom House 

O'Bryan Felix, laborer, dwl cor Yallejo and Mont 

Ocksenbein Louise Mme. machine-sewing 806 

O'Donnell Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker 205 Ste- 
O'Farrell J. notary public 604 Montgomery 
Oliphaut Henry D. superintendent warehouse 

department C. H. dwl 620 California 
Omnibus R. R. Co. office XE cor Montgomery 

and Market 
0"Xeil Mary, adjuster TJ. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

20 Sansom 
O'Shea James J. stoves and tinware 1324 Stock 
Otthearu George P. dwl 214 Sansom 
Overall C. A. Mrs. shirt-maker 219 California 

«fc Buckley proprietors, 534 Clay and 529 

PA( ; B (Robert C.) GRAXT (Joseph) & CAVAIr 
L1ER (J. B. E.) notaries public and real es- 
tate agents 607 Clay 

Pahner Edwin, book-keeper 213 Sacramento, 
dwl E s Powell nr Lombard 

Parsells (K. W.) k Co. auction and commission 
NW eor Montgomery and Merchant, dwell 
Hotel international 

Parsons Samuel S. clerk stm Jane, dwl 652 

Paulissen Henry, fresco-painter 28 Third, bds 
Xew England House 

Pay*ant J. physician 305 Montgomery 



Peake W. B. & Co. (0. W. Spencer) flour and 

grain 64 Clay, dwl W s Mont nr Green 
Pease William C. captain revenue cutter W. L. 

Marey rooms 53 Montgomery Block 
Peck E. f . (J. R. Stewart & Co.) bds American 

Peiser Michael, tailor, dwl NW cor Pine and 

Quincy Place 
Pellier Lewis, fruits 2 New Market 
Pench John, fruits G8 Washington Market 
Perkins J. A. invoice clerk appraiser's dept C. 

H. dwl N s Vallejo bet Mason and Taylor 
Perkins Joseph, oQice 64 Clay 
Perry E. W. jr. portrait-painter 204 Montgom- 
ery, dwl 621 California 
Peters L. {Barron & P.) dwl NE cor Front and 

Pfeifier Ernst, drugs and medicines SE cor Pow- 
ell and Vallejo 
PFEIFFER JOHN W. locksmith 759 Clay 
Phetteplace N. J. stableman 425 Jackson 
Pierce Georgia, adjuster U. S. Branch Mint 
Pierre Thomas W. (colored) tailor 530 Califor- 
nia, dwl 438 Union 
Pillsbury Samuel, superintendent laborers C. H. 

dwl 44 and 45 Government House 
Pim Frederick {Tyrrell & P.) physicians, dwl 37 

Pinckus H. caviar-manufacturer 815 Dupont 
Piper W. A. office 606 Montgomery 
Pipes G. J. cook 761 Market 
Pitman Benjamin, dwl 22 South Park 
Pitts S. S. market 747 Mission, dwl 134 Fourth 
Plunkett L. Mrs. millinery-goods SW cor Third 

and Minna 
Pohlker John H. groceries and liquors 253 

Polastri V. physician 938 Dupont, dwl E s Ma- 
son bet Union and Filbert 
POLLACK BROTHERS (Leopold & Joseph) im- 
porters and jobbers dry goods 5 C. H. Block 
Pollock Robert, carpenter and builder, dwl Tay- 
lor Place nr Washington 
Pope John F. (Everett cfc P.) 107 California 
Potter T. F. engineer U. S. B M. dwl 610 San 
Potter Jennie, Miss, furnished rooms 20 Kearny 
Prebasco J. H. watchman Custom House 
Pretzel (August) ft Eggert (Herman) machinists 

116 Bush, dwl cor Belden and Bush 
Purdy Elbridge, dwl 128 Stevenson 
Purkitt John, inspector C. H. dwl 1121 Powell 

Quinley Joseph M. butcher 28 Metropolitan 
Market, dwl 118 Post 

REED (A. J.) & HESS (George B.) Telegraph 

Saloon W s Brenham Place nr Clay 
Reilly James F. boots and shoes 552 Third 
Reilley Patrick (Howard tfc R.) dwl N s Vir- 
ginia Place 
Reinhardt Bernard, clerk with H. Levi & Co. 

dwl NE cor Montgomery and Pacific 
Relav John H. saloon (522 Market 
Rich George B. salesman with B. S. Dreyfuse, 

dwl 5 Trainer's row 
Richards C. F. (Richards Bros.) dwl 735 Market 
Richards Brothers (D. B. and C. F.) drugs, SW 
eor Sansom and Clay, dwl 735 Market* 

Richards O. 3. commission mcht, 223 Clay, rooms 

705 A'allejo 
Rieux (Alonzo) & Truett (Felix), real estate 

agents, 523 Merchant 
Rinaldo David, sign and ornamental painter 206 

Sutter, bds New York hotel, Kearny 
Robbins W. wood-yard, 21 Market 
Roberts H. H. carpenter, bds 761 Market 
Robinson (G. I.) & Sawyer (Leander) livery 

stable. 425 Jackson 
Robinson W. tailor, bds 323 Pine 
Roeben George (Bolle & R.) dwl 39 Pacific 
Rollins Wm. broker 619 Merchant, dwl W s 

Mary bet Mission and Minna 
Rosenberg Meyer, groceries, SE cor Davis and 

Jackson, dwl 710 Union 
Rosenthal A. clothing, 415 Commercial 
Rothman H. I. hand-cart, dwl 509 Broadway 
Rowe Edward S. butcher with Rufus Rowe 
Rowe Rufus, butcher, 56 Washington market 
Ruard Alfred, physician, office SW cor Wash 

and Dupont, dwl 804 Jackson 
Russel James P. (Fenner & R.) dwl 720 Mont 
Ryan Hannah, adjuster, U. S. Branch Mint 

SALMAN A. watchmaker, 9 Third 

Satterlee Wm. doorkeeper U. S. B. M. dwl N s 

Pine abv Powell 
SAWYER A. F. physician, office and dwl S s 

Post nr Montgomery 
Sawyer Leander, (Robinson & S.) dwl Old San 

Jose Road, 1 mile S Mission Dolores 
Sayle (Daniel) & Magee (William E.) oysters, 
clams, etc. 7 and 8 New World market, dwl 
SW cor Broadway and Dupont 
Schaeben Aug. fruits and groceries, 26 Geary 
SCHAEFFER F. J. & CO. (James Cobbledick & 
J. W. Bales), imptrs carriage and wagon 
materials, N s Pine bet Front and Davis 
Schintz Alfred, cutler with J. H. Schintz, dwl 

417 Kearny 
Schintz J. II. cutlery, 417 Kearny, dwl W s St. 

Marys Place nr California 
Schoenau Henry, clerk with Frederick Keuscher, 

dwl SW cor Third and Tehama 
Schroeder Fredk, groceries. SE cor Sacramento 

and Drumm 
Schult Christopher (Peter Mangels & Co.) dwl 

SE cor Sansom and Bush 
Schultz Emanuel, real estate, dwl NE cor Mont 

and Pacific 
Schultz John T. broker, dwl 6 Sansom 
Scintich M. fruits, 423 Davis 
Scoffy P. M. laborer, gauger's dept. Q. H. 
Sebasticn H. tailor, dwl 1233 Dupont 
SEMLER FREDK. boots and shoes, 693 Market 
Shall L. liquors, bds 323 Pine 
Sharp William, watchmaker 837 Clay, dwl NE 

cor Fremont and Harrison 
SHAW (Frederick) & VOOREHAMME, (John 

J/.) Railroad Iron Works, 326 Pine 
Sheppard R. F. clerk with Washburn & Delano, 

dwl N W cor Stockton and Jackson 
SHERMAN WILLIAM ft CO. clothing, SE cor 
Sansom and Commercial, dwl 732 Howard 
Sherwood D. W. carpenter, dwl 40 Third 
Sherwood Elijah, machine sewing, 2s W cor Sac 
and Battery 



Shields (James) & Shearer (Lewis) attorneys-at- 
law, NW cor Montgomery and Washington 
Sickier Jacob, fruits, 430 Third 
Siebe (Frederick) & Burfeind (Martin), groceries 

and liquors, SE cor Stockton and Green 
Silver William J. upholsterer, 743 Clay, dwl 

Prospect Place 
Slocomb James, coiner U. S. B. M. dwl 25 Turk 
SMITH BARLOW J., M. D. physician and 

surgeon, Water Cure Institute, 623 Mont 
Smith Caleb E. (Greenberg & S) dwl 120 Bush 
Smith (E. G.) Wooden (S. B.) & Credit (/. W.) 

manfs Wyckoff's boring machines 
SMITH 0. FRANK, attorney-at-law, 74 Mont- 
gomery block 
Smith George, hair-braider, 205 Montgomery 
Smith Laurence, dwl N s Greenwich bet San- 

som and Montgomery 
Smith (Thomas S.) & More (Joseph J".) carpenters 

and builders, 575 Mission 
Smithy Michael, machinist, dwl 1 Dupont 
Snyder Zachariah, conductor U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl 1112 Taylor 
Sonnois Eugene, restaurant, 930 Dupont 
Spalding Joseph W. Columbia Hotel, 761 Market 
Spang J. S. (Humphrey <&; S.) rooms SE cor 

Dupont and Jackson 
Spencer 0. W. ( Wm. B. Peake & Co) dwl Park 

Place near Second 
Stanton M. B. (McQuade & S.) dwl 620 Com 
Stein Miles, watchmaker, 540 Commercial 
Steinmann Hermann, cigar-maker, bds 323 Pine 
Steinmaun Jacob, broker, bds 323 Pine 
SteveDS A. refining dept U. S. Branch Mint 
Stevens A. C, stamp clerk Post Office dwl 539 

Stewart James, liquors cor Battery and Yallcjo 
Stewart John II. att'y-at-law, 19 Metropolitan 

Block, dwl NW cor Sansom and Wash 
Stewart J. W. (Moulton & S.) dwl N W cor Mont- 
gomery and Green 
St. John B. G. lumber, Pior 22 Stewart, dwl 

S s Minna near Sixth 
Stolze Conrad, livery stable, 25 and 27 Battery. 
Straehan James, boot maker, with D. Hauser, 

dwl 35 Valparaiso 
Stuart Wm. M. (Bunnell & S.) dwl 234 Mont 
Sturman Solomon, jeweler, dwl NE cor Stock- 
ton and Sacramento 
Summers Wm. J. refiner's dept U. S. B. Mint 
Swain Isaac, inspector C. H. dwl 807 Pacific 
Sweeney Dauiel, auctioneer horse and cattle 

yard. S s Pacific bet Mont and Sansom 
Sweett (G. W.) & Gadsby (K II.) house and 
sign painters 404 Market, dwl 425 Third 

Tate Robert II. groceries 913 Washington, dwl 
SW cor Broadway and Leavenworth 

Taylor James S. veterinary surgeon 130 Fourth 
dwl 11 Bagley Place 

Taylor Oliver 11. carpenter U. S. Branch Mint, 
dwl 22 Cleary 

TAYLOR WM. C. editor and proprietor Police 
Gazette, office 610 Mont, dwl 93 Stevenson 

Tempie Baptist, vegetables and fruits 605 San 

THAYER ANDREW E. attorney-at-law 22 
Men hints' Exchange bdg, dwl N s Green- 
wich ftet Sansom and Montgomery 

Thomas P. J. printer Bulletin, dwl 43 Natoma 
Thomas J. G. physician 518 Sacramento 
Thompson F. J. B. omnibus advertising, office 

with M. Skelly & Co. dwl 521 Pine 
Thrall Stephen C. Rev. rector Trinity Church, 

dwl 44 Minna 
Tietjen Henry, groceries SW cor Sansom and 

Timmerman L. F. mail clerk P. O. dwl 917 Clay 
Timmons John, boot-maker 511 Kearny 
Tracy William F. messenger Custom House 
Treackle E. W. rooms Sutro House 
TRUETT H. B. office SE cor Front and Sacra- 
mento, dwl SW cor Stockton and Green 
Truett (Miera F) Jones (G. C.) & Arriugton 
( Wm.) office SE cor Front and Sacramento 
Tyler Simeon, fruits 809 Washington 
Tyrrell (G. G.) & Pirn (Frederick) physicians 37 
Second, dwl 28 Natoma 

Van Syckle R. W. messenger Custom House 
Vantine A. A. salesman 421 Montgomery, dwl 

American Exchange 
Yantine W. D. Japanese goods 421 Montgomery, 

dwl American Exchange 
Yer Mchr J. M. clerk U. S. Surveyor-General, 

dwl SW cor Montgomery and California 
Vivian Richard, poultryman with Louis Cook, 

dwl 605 Broadway 
Vogelsdorflf Jacob, broker, dwl 25 Dupont 
Voorhamnie John M. (Shaw &, V.) 326 Pine 

Waciidel Henry, carpenter, 109 Commercial 
( W. I.) attorneys-at-law, 71 Montgomery Blk 
Wagner Courad, fruits and cigars, 129 Kearny 
Wakelee (Charles II.) ft Charles (T. C.) real- 
estate 605 Sacramento, dwl 510 Broadway 
Walton J. S. inspector, Custom House 
Warren Orran P. physician, N s Market opposite 

WASHBURN (7! W.) & DELANO, (C. M.) 
groceries, NW cor Stockton and Jackson, 
dwl SW cor Powell and Washington 
Watkins Ellen Mrs. millinery, 213 Second 
Watrous Charles, Mail Agent, office Post Office, 

dwl 313 Sutter 
Welch J. II. groceries. E s Sixteenth nr Mission 
Welter C. L. ( WeOer .1- McMoJton) dwl 302 Stockton 
Weller (John II. and Charles L.) ft McMahon 
(J/. T.) attorneys-at-law, NE corner Mont- 
gomery and California 
Wennerholde Christian, foreman Laboratory De- 
partment, U. S. Branch Mint 
Wessels Herman, carpenter, bds 331 Bush 
Williams J. C. portrait painter, 605 Broadway 
Williams J. F.Union Farm and Plantation Mills, 

109 Clay, dwl 933 Sacramento 
Wilson (John) k Letcher ( Wm. II.) attorneys- 
at-law, SW cor Montgomery and Merch 
WILSON (John Y.) «t STEVENS, (Gtorgt W.) 
pork packers, NW cor Sansom and Bdwy, 
and pork, etc., 25 and 26 Metropolitan Mkt 
Wilcott C. P. inspector, Custom House 
WOODLAND T. W. physician and apothecary, 

SW cor Clay and Kearny 
WOOLLEY J. II. dentist, NW cor Sansom 
and Washington 



For the Year commencing September 1st, 1861, 

Notice. — Names too late for regular insertion, removals, changes, etc., which have occurred 
during the printing of the ivork, will be found on the pages immediately preceding this. 

For list of Holds, Boarding Houses, etc., see Business Directory, page 371; for Packets, sail and 
steam, see Register of Names. 

abv Above 

acct Accountant 

atty Attorney 

av Avenue 

bdg... Building or Buildings 

bds Boards 

bet Between 

blk Block 

C. H Custom House 

elk Clerk 

com Commission 

cor Corner 

dept Department 

dwl Dwelling 

E East 

exch Exchange 

F. P Fort I'oint 

h House 

imp Importer 

lab Laborer 

manf Manufacturer 

mtc Mechanic 

n cht Merchant 

Mis Dol Mission Dolores 

mkr Maker 

mkt Market 

N North 

nr Near 

off Office 

op OpP' 'Site 

pi Place 

p. Post Office 

Pre'o Presidio 

proptr Proprietor 

res Resides or Residence 

nns Rooms 

S South 

s Side 

stm Steamer or Steamship 

U.S.B.M U.S. Branch Mint 

wkm Workman 

W West 


Bdwy Broadway 

Bat Battery 

Cal California 

Com Commercial 

Leav Leaveu worth 

Leid Leidcsdorff 

Merch Merchant 

Mont Montgomery 

Pac Pacific 

Sac Sacramento 

San Sansome 

Stock Stockton 

Wash Washington 

Aaron Adolph, dwl 13 Ellis 

Aaron Isaac, cigars and tobacco, 36 First 

Aaron Simon (H. Aaron & Brother, Yreka) dwl 

171 Minna 
Abadis Jarnne, dwl 500 Broadway 
Abars Eliza (widow) dwl 440 Bush 
Abbate Paul B. real estate agent, 612 Clay, dwl 

SE cor Clay and Powell 
Abbott Charles L. pilot office, SW cor East and 

"Wash, dwl 308 Folsom 
Abbott Henry, mariner, dwl Ss Union, bet Jones 

and Taylor 
Abbott Henry B. with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. 

dwl Union above Taylor 
Abbott J. D. bricklayer, dwl 110 Prospect Place 
Abbott John E. cook, Bush St. House, dwl 128 

Post rear 
Abbott Joseph E. cabinet-maker, with Appell, 

Derome & Co. dwl cor Sac and Stockton 
Abbott M. A. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Abbott Osborn, book-keeper, with Sullivan & 

Cashman. dwl 113 Virginia Place. 
ABBOTT WILLIAM A. Sailors' Home and 

Inspector C. H. 316 and 318 Davis 
ABELL ALEX. G. Grand Secretary Grand 

Lodge P. and A. M. 502 Montgomery, dwl 

SE cor Mason and Washington 
Abels Frederick, waiter, Stewart St Restaurant 
Abils Frederick, clerk, dwl 127 Prospect Place 
Abraham Jacob, dry goods, dwl 155 Minna 
Abraham Louis, clothing, 327 East 

Abrahams Lyman, dwl 306 Sansom 
Abrahams Samuel, jobber, dwl 32 Kearny 
Abrahamsohn Julius, clerk, 808 Kearny, dwl 

1110 Powell 
Abrahamson Peter, stoves and tinware, 439 Bush 
Abramoski (Adolph) & Co. (-4. Wozsciechowski), 

butchers, 900 Broadway 
Abrama David, grocer, dwl 29 Minna 
Abrams David, natter, dwl 179 Minna 
Abrams H. groceries, 206 California, dwl 

29 Minna 
Abram Jonas, boots and shoes, 325 East, dwl S ; 

s Commercial bet Drumm and East 
Abrams M. office with H. Abrams, dwl 204 First 
ACADEMY OF MUSIC, J. W. Tucker proprie- 
tor, 323, 325 and 327 Montgomery 
Acevedo Manuel, hair-dresser at 608 Kearny, 

dwl 613 Kearny 
Ach Leon, dwl 325 Sutter 
Achinson B. M. clerk with T. H. Stevens, dwl 

Cal near Dupont 
Acker Frederick, machinist, Sutter Foundry, dwl 

W s Beale bet Harrison and Bryant 
Ackorly J. carpenter, dwl 226 Sansom 
Ackerly Wm. O. carpenter, dwl Original House- 
Ackerman Auguste, clerk, with C. F. Zwey- 

bruck, dwl 746 Washington 
Ackerman August, clerk, 617 Montgomery, dwl 

W s Kearny bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Ackerman Hart S. (Ackerman Bros.) dwl 760 




Ackerman Bros. (Hyman S. Samuel S. and 

Hart S.)dry goods, 646 Sacdwl 750 Mission 

Ackerman Joseph (McElviee & A.) dwl 518 

Ackerman Louis S. dry goods, 638 Sacramento, 

dwl 722 Green 
Ackerman Samuel S. (Ackerman Bros.) dwl 760 

M ission 
Ackerson C. H. builder, 623 Market 
Ackerson Thomas, boatman, dwl N \V cor Folsom 

and Spear 
Ackland (E. T.) & Co. ( W. W. Patch) fish, 34 

Metropolitan Market, dwl 65 Minna 
Ackley (George W.) & Davidson (Ole) cabinet- 
makers, 314 Pine, dwl Hardy Place bet 
Bush and Sutter 
Ackley Henry F. clerk with McLean & Fowler, 

dwl NE cor Taylor and "Washington 
Ackley J. T. stoves and tin ware, 215 Sac 
Ackley R. G. merchant, dwl 902 Jackson 
Adams ( Caleb A.) & Marks ( John J.) ship chand- 
lers, 6 Clay, dwl 608 Bush 
Adams Charles, mariner, dwl Potrero 
Adams Charles S. hide-cutter with E. Grisar, 

dwl 608 Broadway 
Adams Fanny Mrs. dwl with A. G. Abell 
Adams F. G. rooms NE cor Front and Sac 
Adams Halsey D. W. machinist with Devoe & 
Co. dwl N s Folsom, bet Fremont and First 
Adams Harry, flour-packer, bds 20 Jessie 
Adams Henry Q. clerk, Hall of Records, dwl S s 

Chestnut, bet Stockton and Powell 
Adams Herman, tailor, 406 Jackson 
Adams Hugh, barkeeper, Oregon House, Stewart 
Adams James, dwl 1015 Dupont 
Adams James, dwl with John Hall 
Adams James H. book-keeper, with Sewall Ben- 
son, dwl 29 Clementina 
Adams John, miner, dwl N s Filbert nr Taylor 
Adams Joseph, gauger, N\V cor Front and Com, 

res Oakland 
Adams Lawson S. (Derby & A.) dwl 118 Minna 
Adams N. 13. clerk, with Fordham & Jennings, 

res Potrero 
Adams P. ship-carpenter, dwl 336 Bush 
Adams Q. L. physician, dwl E s Prospect Place 

near California 
Adams Richard, bricklayer, bds Miners' Ex- 
change House 
Adams Richard, butcher, with James Willoughby 
Adams Robert H. & Brother (Boss M. Adams) 
hatandcapmanf, 647 Wash, dwl 1005 Mason 
Adams Ross M. (Adams & Bro.) dwl 1311 Stock 
Adams Samuel, lime and cement, 112 Battery 
ADAMS SAMUEL, druga and medicines, 760 
Clay, dwl N s Bush, bet Taylor and Mason 
Adams Samuel K. clerk with Elam & Howes, 

dwl 516 Battery 
Adams S. .1. Mrs. boarding, 728 Market 
A HAMS T. liquor saloons, 516 Montgomery SE 
cor Commercial, and cor Market and Mont 
Adams Thomas, Beaman, bds 46 Stewart 
Adams Thomas A. office 232 Bush 
Adams Warren P. delivery clerk, Post Office, 

dwl 515 Sacramento 
Adams William, laborer, dwl 331 Green 
Adams "Win. II. porter, with Blackmail, Howard 
& Co. dwl 19 Harlan Place 

ADAMS ( William J.) BLINN (Samuel P.) & CO. 

(George Plummer) lumber, Pier 17 Stewart, 

dwl 423 Harrrison 
Adams Z. B. clerk, with J. C Johnson & Co. 

dwl 643 Howard 
Addington George G. carpenter. Rope "Walk, dwl 

with John Hopper 
Addison James, painter, dwl 505 Howard 
Addison John E. dwl 85 Montgomery Block 
Addison William, seaman, dwl 905 Battery 
Addoms Samuel, porter, with Elam & Howes, 

dwl 516 Battery 

Joseph) importers and jobbers fancy goods, 

cutlery, etc. 2 Custom House Block, cor Sac 

and Sansom, res Bavaria, Germany 
Adelsdorfer Joseph (A. Brothers) res Bavaria, G. 
Adger Thomas, laborer, dwl 111 Chambers 
Adler Adolph, clerk with S. Wolf!, dwl Bache- 
lor's Hall 
Adler B. dwl 74S Howard 
Adler Bernard, 27 Pacific 
Adler David, market, SE cor Montgomery and 

Vallejo, dwl W s Montgomery nr Vallejo 
Adler E. bakery, 716 Vallejo 
Adler George salesman with Scholle Brothers, 

dwl Custom House Block 
Adler Henry, book-keeper, dwl 137 Montgomery 
Adler Jonas (of J. Seller & Co. Portland, 0.) office 

NE cor Bat and Sac, dwl 530 Mission 
Adler Julius, salesman with Pollack Brothers, 

dwl 520 Stockton 
Adler L. shoemaker, 807 Sacramento 
Adler Morris. Rineon Market, N s Folsom near 

Beale, dwl 301 Beale 
Adler Robert, brewer with Thomas Green 
Adlam Benj. 'longshoreman, dwl 322 Vallejo 
Adolphe August, seaman. 24 Sacramento 
Adolpbua II. patent medicines, 232 Bush 
Adrian William, merchant, dwl 629 California 
Adsit L. B. real estate, dwl 117 Minna 
Aerireie Pierre, Bugle Garden, N s Guerrero bet 

Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
Aesleaber Fred k, California Laundry, 309 Pine 

Edward 11. Barker, agent, 204 California 
Agard W. B. (Dupu/y, Foulkes & Co.) dwl Greeu 

bet Mont and Kearny 
Ager Thomas, dwl 319 Green 
Agis George, varnisher, boards 540 California 
Aglae M. Madame, dwl 211 Sansom 
Agnew Gilmore, compositor dwl 423 Third 
Agnew John (Boies dt A.) dwl 28 Kearny 
AGNEW ffitomaa //.) .V DEFFEBACH, ( Thomas 

5.) job printers, all Sansom, dwl 1006 Clay 
Agnew William, seaman, bds Miner's Ex, House 
A hern .lohn, laborer, dwl with Daniel Donnelly 
Ahern Julia, domestic with Dr. R. B. Cole 
Ahlander i>. X. seaman, lids 21 Sacramento 
Aiders Henry, clerk. 656 Pacific 
Alders John II. job wagon, cor Pine and Sansom, 

ids Mechanics' Hotel 
Ahpcl Henry (Eppinger & Co.) res Sacra 
Ahrens August, carpenter, dwl :> Sherwood PI 
Ahrens Christian, jewelry, B36 Dupont 
Ahrens Henry, groceries, 37 Kearny 
Alliens 11. .t Co. (John Schreiber) groceries, 160 




Ah Sing (Chinese) laundry, 832 Washington 
Aikin A. jeweler, dwl 422 Broadway 
Aiken John, sailmaker, dwl 643 Howard 
Aiken William, packer with J. Martenstein & 

Co., boards Golden Gate House 
Aine Louis, French Laundry, 431 Bush 
Ainsa J. M. impost clerk, Naval Office Custom H. 
Aiusa Manuel, dwl 405 Lombard 
Ainsa Manuel, jr., translator, 52 Montgomery 

Block, dwl 405 Lombard 
Aitken Charles, butcher, dwl S s Union near 

Aitken Charles A. {Hall & A.) 6 Washington, 

dwl cor Union and Gaines near Battery 
Aitken Samuel ( Vulcan Iron Works Co.) foreman 

boiler dept, dwl N s Clementina bet Third 

and Fourth 
Aitken William, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Akers John C. gas-fitter and plumber, 730 Mont- 
gomery, dwl El Dorado Building 
Akin A. boards What Cheer House 
Alais A. dwl S s Howard near First 
Alamada P. job wagon, cor Kearny and Pacific 
Alamo Gold and Silver Mining Company, office 

X W cor Front and Clay 
Albers August, cook with Dr. Scharlach 
Albert Charles, seaman, bds 9 Washington 
Albert Frederick, cook, City Laundry, corner 

Brannan and Third 
Albert James, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Albert John, moulder, dwl 16 Sansom 
Albert {Lewis) & Co. {George Hall and John W. 

Norton) teamsters, pier 1 Stewart 
Albert Marcus, groceries and liquors, 641 Pacific 
Albertson Louis M. dwl 1519 Powell 
Albin Leonce, job printing, 657 Washington, 

dwl 802 Kearny 
Albinger C. bds What Cheer House 
Albion River Line Packets, Stewart St Piers 
Albrahr Joseph, San Francisco Brewery, 637 

Albrecht August, groceries. SE cor Geary and 

Albrecht Charles, carpenter with M. S. Duane 
Albrecht Joseph, tailor, 236 Kearny 
Alcalde Louis Miss, dwl 1031 Kearny 
Alcalde Lucinda O. Mrs. dwl 1031 Kearny 
Aldama A. saddler, dwl 531 Pacific 
Aldeu Richard C. chief clerk U. S. com. dep't, 

208 Sansom, dwl 51 Tehama 
Alden Samuel, drayman, dwlNE cor Sacramento 

and Jones 
Alden {Solomon E.) & Boyd ( Oliver D.) restau- 
rant, Tehama House, 317 Sansom, residence 

Alderhood Christian, laborer, dwl 108 Pacific 
Aldersey John, asphaltum worker, 605 Sacra- 
mento, dwl Grove near Yan Ness Avenue 
Alderton R. A. clerk, dwl 510 Sacramento 
Aldoen Edward, cook with E. Anne 
Aldred Robert, laborer, dwl 59 Jessie 
Aldrich J. machinist, bds First Street House 
Aldrich J. A. Miss, principal Bush St Seminary, 

dwl 445 Bush 
Aldrich Lorinda Miss, dress-maker, dwl 310 

Aldrich Louis, attorney-at-law, office 5 Armory 

Hall, third story 

Aldridge John, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Alemany Joseph S. Most Rev. Archbishop, St. 
Mary's Cathedral, dwl E s Dupont adjoining 
Alexander A. boards What Cheer House 
Alexander Edward, toys and stationery, 11 Third 
Alexander Ele, butcher, 223 Sutter, dwl N s 

Stockton Place bet Dupont and Stockton 
Alexander Elizabeth (widow) dwl 120 Prospect 

Alexander George, cooper, Dow's Distillery, dwl 

W s Ninth bet Market and Mission 
Alexander George, proprietor Chelsea Laundry, 

Brannan near Third 
Alexander Henry, clerk, 1016 Dupont 
Alexander Henry, cigars, 12 Clay 
Alexander Isadore, boots and shoes, 1016 Du- 
pont, dwl Third bet Folsom and Harrison 
Alexander J. &, Co. {E. Eohn) auctioneers and 
commission merchants, 410 and 412 Com- 
mercial, dwl S s Yallejo bet Stockton and 
Alexander Jacob, box-paper maker with Louis 

Levy, dwl 11 Third 
Alexander James, seaman, dwl S s Merch nr East 
Alexander J. D. {Kenny & A.) and engineer U. 

S. B. Mint, dwl W s Mason near Vallejo 
Alexander Joel, auctioneer, dwl 725 Yallejo 
Alexander Julius, cigars and tobacco, 205 Pacific 
Alexander Julius, clothing, 82 Sacramento, dwl 

800 Mission 
Alexander Leontine Mrs. dwl 734 Yallejo 
Alexander Louis L. contractor, dwl 1 Delaware 

Alexander S. tailor, 317 Commercial 
Alexander Simon, hats and caps, 1331 Dupont 
Alexander S. O. clothing, 942 Dupont, dwl 721 

Alexander William, book-keeper, dwl 66 Sutro 

Alexis Earnest, shoemaker, dwl 527 California 
Alexis Felix, confectioner with L. Dingeon 
Alexis (John) & Wilmain {August) French pas- 
try, 1320 Dupont, dwl 508 Union 
Alexis Michael, with F. Lermitte, dwl 520 Merch 
Alexis Millet, butcher, 2 Clay Street Market 
Alfater Frank, milk ranch, Potreronear San Bru- 
no road 
Alfora James, dwl 215 Dupont 
Alger George W. teamster, with Oldham & Crow- 
ell, dwl 415 Market 
Alger James, with Lawrence & Houseworth, 

dwl Market n Third 
Allard A. R. clerk, with J. L. Sandford & Co. 

bds What Cheer House 
Allardt George F. draughtsman, office U. S. Sur. 

Gen. dwl 711 Bush 
Allay Win. H. stevedore, dwl Greenwich bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Allen Alexander, weaver, Mission Woollen Mills 
Allen Amaziah T. clerk, 317 Davis, bds Frank- 
lin House 
Allen Amos S. dwl 57 Minna 
Allen Asa, hair-dressing saloon, 305 Davis, dwl 

307 Davis 
Allen B. J. carpenter, dwl 215 Sansom 
Allen Charles, drajmian, with H. Cohn & Co. dwl 
W s Third bet Stevenson and Mission 



Allen Charles, ship-carpenter, dwl SW cor Fol- 

som and Beale 
Allen Charles H. accountant, with Oakley & 

Jackson, rms X s Green abv Stockton 
Allen Cornelius, waiter, dwl 30 Jessie 
Allen E. bds What Cheer House 
Allen Emma E. (widow) adjuster, U. S. B. Mint, 

dwl Armory Hall 
Allen George, carpenter, dwl 19 Spring 
Allen H. A. purser, bds International Hotel 
Allen Henry A. sailor, dwl 230 Townsend 
Allen Henry H. ( Greene, Heath & A.) 609 Front 
Allen Hiram, hide curer, with E. Grisar 
Allen Isaac S. accountant, with Tubbs & Co. 

dwl 929 Sacramento 
Allen Isaiah, messenger, C. H. 
Allen James, hostler, bds E s Webb 
Allen James, longshoreman, rooms X s Commer- 
cial nr East 
Allen James S. civil engineer, dwl Crescent En- 
gine House 
Alk-n John, house-raiser, dwl 66 Natoma 
Allen John, drayman, dwl Montgomery Flace 

nr Montgomery 
Allen (John) & Page (Robert) variety store, 1733 

Allen John F. waiter, with Lazar & Blumenthal 
ALLEN (Joseph E.) k SPIER (Richard P.) book- 
sellers and stationers, 542 Clay, res New 
Allen J. T. painter, dwl Laurel Place 
Allen &, Landrin, packets, Clay Street Wharf 
Allen Lorenzo H. oyster and clam dealer, rooms 

412 Jackson 
Allen Michael, mariner, dwl 11 Bay State Row 
Allen Orlards. carpenter, dwl 13 Front 
Allen 0. P. accountant. Commercial Printing 

office. 517 Clay 
Allen Oscar, bricklayer, dwl 12 St. Mark's Place 
ALLEN ROBERT Maj. Asst. Q. M. I 

office SE cor Montgomery and California, 
dwl 726 California 
ALLEN (Roe) x CO. (Simon Crim and Joseiih 
J>. 0. Br.acli) proptra Market Street Stables, 
»;<)!» Market 

. drayman, 4 L3 Sacramento 
Allen Theodore, stevedore, dwl 185 Dupont 
Allen Thomas, milk ranch, San Jose Road 
Alien Thomas, dwl 122 Kearny 
A Urn Waldo M. clerk, with Savory & Co. dwl 

American Exchange 
Allen Wm. barkeeper, with Wm. Crany, dwl 

92M Dupont, )■ 
Allen Wm. carpenter, dwl Moore's Place bet 

renworth and Hyde 
Allen Wm. chuiis and oysters. 9 Chambers 
Allen William, iron moulder, Sutter Works, dwl 

Beale nr Folsom 
Allen William, turner, with William Davis, dwl 

cor Second and Mission 
Allen Wm. A. master schooner Fanny Piper. 

office wit 1 1 x. ( '. Efforts 
A lldi William F. Bhip-carpenter, dwl 10 First 
ii W. R. agent Sacramento and Stockton 
sailing packets. M Cogswell's bdg, Front 
or JackBon, dwl Es Leavenworth nr lush 
| Allen W. s. book-binder, with Battling ft Kim- 
ball, dwl E s Dupont nr Sacramento 

Alliger John, laborer, bds 129 Pacific 
Ailing Frank S. tinsmith, rooms 847 Clay 
Allison James, stableman, bds Burnett House 
Allison Levard, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
AJlister John, cooper, with Wm. Gunn, 608 

Allman J. laborer, with G. W. Blasdell 
Allmann Peter, cabinet-maker, with Appell, De- 

rome & Co. dwl New England House 
Allon E. T. saloon, 214 Pacific 
Allovon John D. piano-forte tuner, 16 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 60 Third 
Allspice J. bds Original House 
Allyn, William F. draughtsman, with Eastman 

& Loomis, dwl 449 Bryant nr Third 
Allyne John, machinist, with Steen & Austin, 

dwl Tehama Place 
Alhambra Mining Co. office 315 Sansom 
Almann Harris, tailor, dwl 130 Pacific 
Almon James, commission merchant, NW cor 

Clay and Front 
Almy Andrew J. (Redingion & Co.) dwl 643 

Almy Benjamin D. watchman, dwl 911 Sac 
Almy Cranstein, teamster, with Oldham & Crow- 
ell, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Almy Moses B. clerk, with R. E. Brewster & Co 

dwl 634 Commercial 
Alpeu Herman, mariner, dwl with Frederick 

Alpers Charles, musician, dwl 616 Sacramento 
Alpers Frederick, hair-dresser, with N. Fisher, 

dwl 416 Commercial 
Alphonse F. printer, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Powell and Mason 
Alsenz Jacob, bootmaker, dwl 439 Mission 
ALSOP & CO. (Charles R Polhemus and Robert 
Burnett) commission merchants, 411 and 413 
Alsop John, umbrella manufacturer, 334 Bush 
ALSTROM S. proprietor Oriental Hotel, SW cor 

Bush and Battery 
ALTA CALIFORNIA, Fred. MacCrellish & Co. 
proprietors, Daily, Weekly and Steamer, of- 
fice 536 Sacramento 
Altamirano Mary Mrs. dwl 1407 Dupont 
Attenbcrg Fritz, shoemaker, dwl W s Gardner 

Alley nr Post 
Altenberg Peter, shoemaker, at 119 Clay, dwl 

Post bet Kearny and Dupont 
Altenberg Rosalie Mrs. dressmaker, dwl W s 

Gardner Alley nr Post 
Altenburg E. book-keeper, with A. S. Rosen- 
berg & Co. dwl S s California bet Dupont 
and Stockton 
Althaus Daniel, porter. New England House 
Altman Clara (widow) lodgings, 728 Sacramento 
Altman Bamui 1. dry goods, dwl 124 Sutter 
Altmyer Abraham, salesman, with Einstein Bros. 

dwl 22 Geary 
Alton Jane A. (widow) lodgings, 1020 Stockton 
Altshul Co. (Ludwig Taussig) wines 

and liquors, 43 Jackson 
Alvarez Kossuth, miner, dwl 418 Green 
Alvey Charles W. stoves and tinware, 905 Kear- 
ny, dwl Mechanics' Hotel 
Alvifl Francis, handcartman, NE cor Sansom and 



Alviso and San Jose Union Line Packets. Cen- 
tral Wharf 
Alviso and San Jose Line Packets (West's) Cen- 
tral Wharf 
Alvord B. laborer, dwl with John Center 
Alvord Henry B. with William Alvord & Co. 

dwl 564 Folsom 
ALVORD WILLIAM & CO. (Richard Patrick 
and Joseph Tarratt) importers hardware, 122 
Battery, dwl 50-4 Folsom 
Ambroise S. butcher, 500 Dupont 
Ambrose J. printer, bds Original House 
Ambrose P. stevedore, dwl S a Vallejo, nr Sansom 
Ambrose Samuel, Ambrose Saloon, 124 Mont 
Ambrose T. H. with S. Ambrose, dwl 52 Mission 
Ambrus Rashy (colored) steamboat fireman, dwl 

702 Front 

Seymour proprietor, 323 and 325 Sansom 
PANY. New York; A. P. Flint, Agent, NW 
cor Montgomery and Sacramento 
PANY, office 11 Broadway 
AMERICAN THEATRE, H. M. Naglee, pro- 
prietor, E s Sansom bet Cal and Sac 
Amerige George, printer, dwl NE cor Stockton 

and O'Farrell 
Ames Benjamin F. drayman, 423 Front, dwl W 

s Jones bet Geary and O'Farrell 
Ames George H. miller, dwl 121 Prospect Place 
Ames Henry, stevedore, dwl 111 Minna 
Ames Henry K. bagmaker at 314 Davis, bds 232 

Ames N. 0. boarding-house 219 First 
Amic Madam dwl N s Washington, bet Stockton 

and Dupont 
Amme H. H. tailor, rooms 510 Front 
Amory Chas. G. sailmaker at 211 Sacramento, 

rooms at What Cheer House 
Amos (F. R.) & Co.. commission merchants, 219 

Clay, dwl 1101 Clay 
Amos John, silversmith, with Yanderslice & Co. 

dwl 1100 Powell 
Amos John T. millwright, dwl 349 Minna 
AMOS (Zachariah) PHINNEY (Arthur) & CO. 
( William H. Ilooke) lumber, Piers 9 and 18 
Stewart, dwl 664 Howard 
Amy Oscar, salesman, with Lanzenberg & Co. 

dwl 108 Post 
Anderfuhren John, tailor, dwl 630 Green, rear 
Andersen Christian, seaman, bds 9 Washington 
Andersen John, seaman, bds 9 Washington 
Anderson Abraham, cabinet-maker, dwl 320 

Andorson Albertine Miss, dwl 1507 Dupont 
Anderson Alexander, teamster; with John Hen- 
derson, dwl Vallejo nr Kearny 
Anderson Andrew, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Anderson August, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Anderson Charles, collector, dwl E s nubbard nr 

Anderson Charles, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Anderson Charles, laborer, J. Q. North's ship-y'd 
Anderson Charles, waiter. Willows near Mission 

Anderson Charles C. express wagon, dwl N s 
Summer nr Montgomery 

Anderson Christopher, sewing machines, dwl 59 

Anderson D. C. actor, dwl 536 Jackson 
Anderson D. W. bds What Cheer House 
Anderson Edward, ship-carpenter, J. G. North's 

Anderson Edward A. A. dwl Ritch bet Brannan 

and Townsend 
Anderson E. M. tailor, dwl 409 Bush 
Anderson Francis, dwl 523 East 
Anderson Frances (widow, colored) lodgings 828 

Anderson George, seaman, bds 208 Commercial 
Anderson George (Lee & A.) Red Jacket Res- 
taurant, 527 East 
Anderson Henry A. mariner, dwl 24 Clementina 
Anderson Henry C. (Potter & Co.) dwl E s Kear- 
ny bet Washington and Jackson 
Anderson Horace, Triangulating Dept. U. S. 

Coast Survey, office C. H. 
Anderson J. A. D. carpenter, E s First near 

Anderson James (Stewart & A.) dwl Montgomery 

near Vallejo 
Anderson James, boiler-maker, bds N s Clemen- 
tina near Fourth 
Anderson James, watchmaker, with J. W. Tuck- 
er, dwl 167 Minna 
Anderson James H. (Johnson & A.) dwl cor Pa- 
cific and Virginia Place 
Anderson James R. (Louderback & A.) dw 14 

Anderson James S. attoruey-at-law, NW corner 

Montgomery and Merchant 
Anderson John, dwl 34 Ellis 
Anderson John, barkeeper, with Wm. Dove 
Anderson John, laborer, dwl with Hutter & 

Anderson John, 'longshoreman, bds 419 East 
Anderson John, nurse U. S. Marine Hospital 
Anderson John, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Anderson John, seaman, schooner Clay, Wash- 
ington St Wharf 
Anderson John, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Anderson John! tinsmith, with John Keane, W 

s Drumm nr Jackson 
Anderson John M. clerk, with Thos. Anderson, 

dwl 34 Ellis 
Anderson Joseph, Commercial Nursery, SW cor 

Folsom and Sparks 
Anderson Lewis, dwl 338 Third 
Anderson M. Capt. schr Mary Anderson, Pier 8 

Anderson Matilda (widow) boarding, 1024 Stock- 
Anderson N. T. 'longshoreman. W s Sansom nr 

Anderson Olif, boatman, bds 46 Stewart 
Anderson Otto, cook St. Charles Hotel 
Anderson P. shipping, dwl E s Montgomery bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Anderson P. (colored) coat renovator, 511 Mer- 
chant, dwl NE cor Green and Sansom 
Anderson Peter, clothing, dwl E s Sausom near 

Anderson Robt. 'longshoreman, bds 11 Jackson 
Anderson Robert J. seaman, bds 46 Stewart 
Anderson Samuel Capt. bark Jenny Ford, dwl 7 1 



Anderson Sarah A. stewardess stmr Chrysopolis 
Anderson T. B. seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Anderson Thomas, cabinet-maker, dwl 320 Yal 
Anderson Thomas, Empire Coal Yard, 731 

Jackson, dwl 34 Ellis 
Anderson Thomas M. engineer, bds 26 Jessie 
Anderson "Walter, boatman, bds 46 Stewart 
Anderson "William, boatman, bds 46 Stewart 
ANDERSON WILLIAM C. Rev. D. D. pastor 

First Presbyterian Church, dwl 1008 Powell 
Anderson William H. calker, dwl with H. W. 

Andes Mary, laundry, 731 Broadway 
Andornetti John, grocer, dwl T26 Pacific 
Andre John, saddler, dwl 603 Broadway 
Andres Chris, musician, 320 Kearny 
Andres J. P. bds New England House 
Andresen C. (Andresen, Roberts & Co.) dwl Bry- 
ant Place 
Andresen (John) Roberts (John) & Co. ( C. An- 
dresen) carriage-makers, 119 Sansom, dwl 

Bryant Place 
Andresen John Capt. dwl 217 Montgomery 
Andreski "William, laborer, dwl 778 Folsom 
Andrew Smith, master sloop Sarah Pratt, dwl 56 

Andrews Aun Mrs. boarding 553 Market 
Andrews Arthur, saloon 811 Washington, dwl 

1314 Dupont 
Andrews C. bds "What Cheer House 
Andrew Christian W. turner with W. Davis, dwl 

35 Jessie 
Androws Elizabeth Mrs. seamstress, 513 Bush 
Androws Fitzhugh S . drayman with L. Haskell 

& Co. 
Andrews Frank, drayman, bds 335 Broadway 
Andrews Frank, rooms 809 Clay 
Andrews Frederick, porter, Gilbert's Melodeon 
Andrews Geo. painter with Thos. Robinson, dwl 

Pacific nr Front 
Andrews Hannah H. Mrs. groceries, NW cor 

Mission and Sparks 
Andrews 11. S. Mrs. dwl 631 Market 
Andrews Jacobina Mrs. (widow) washing, dwl 

775 Folsom 
Andrews John, broommaker with C. W. A G. 

W. Armes 
Andrews John, laborer, dwl 553 Sansom 
Andrews John, porter. Railroad House 
Andrews Oliver, engineer Sperm Tallow "Works, 

Andrews Richard, stevedore, dwl W s Sansom 

bet Filbert and Union 
v,s T. B. clerk Pacific Foundry, dwl E s 

Fremont bet Folsom and Harrison 
Andrews Thos. J. malster, bds 606 Third 
Andrews William, tanner, dwl 35 Jessie 
Andrews Wm O. real estate agent, dwl NW cor 

Mission and Sparks 
Androsliir Wm. laborer S. F. Su?ar Refinery 
Angals Eugenia (widow) dwl 19 Dupont 
Angoal Pauline Miss, domestic 1415 Powell 
Angel M. B. physician, dwl 22 I". S. Court Bdg 
Angelbeck Gr. II. laundry, dwl 427 Greenwich 

- le George, gunsmith, \Y.\1 Bush 

Beaman, bds Sailors' Home 
A X< ; ELL E. C. dentist, SE cor Clay and Kearny, 

dwl 656 Folsom 

Angell Eliza J. Mrs. dressmaker, 69 Minna 
Angell Horace B. (Howland, A. & King) dwl 

130 Fourth 
Angell Joseph F. mason, dwl 1106 Taylor 
Angell Joseph S. dwl 69 Minna 
Angell Marius, bookbinder with A. J. Cortis 
Angelis Edward, German Hall, 18 Sansom 
Angelo B. cabinet-maker, dwl 320 Yallejo 
Angelo Charles, dwl "W s "Wetmore Place nr 

Angelo Henry, laborer, dwl S s Yirginia Place 
Angelo Sarah (widow) dwl "W s Morey Alley 

bet Yallejo and Broadway 
Angers Louis, laundryman with "William Cole 
Angle Oliver, caulker, bds Isthmus House 
ANGUS JOHN A. superintendent S. F. "Woollen 

Factory, Black Point 
Ankin Edward, cook, dwl NW cor Stewart and 

Ankle Morris, express wagon, dwl 406 Jackson 
Annereaux John, scenic artist, dwl 422 Sac 
Anniso James, calker, bds Mechanics' Exchange, 

"W s Drumin nr Jackson 
Anniso "Wm. Mechanics' Exchange, Yf s Drumm 

nr Jackson 
Ansaldo Frank, drayman with F. Daneri & Co. 

dwl N s Union bet Powell and Mason 
Ansaldo Paul, drayman with F. Daneri & Co. 

dwl N s Union bet Powell and Mason 
Ansbro Thomas, special officer P. M. S. S. Co. 
, wharf, dwl 315 Fremont 
Ansell Thomas, cook with M. Michelson 
Anskeagan Ernst, seaman, dwl 37 Jessie 
Anson Richard, painter, dwl NY' cor Larkin and 

Ansous Yictor, butcher, 6~Clay St. Market, dwl 

525 Merchant 
Antelope Silver Mining Company, office 621 Clay 
Anthes Frederick, musician, dwl 7 St. Mary's PI 
Anthes (Ptter) & Diehl ( Christopher) hair-jlress- 

ing saloon, 533 Sac, dwl 63 Salina PI 
Anthony (Edivard T.) & Co. (Lawrence Green) 

repaekers merchandise, NE cor Sac and 

Bat. dwl 120 Post 
Anthony Richard M. book-keeper with YVilliam 

Sherman, dwl 606 Montgomery 
Antone Mary (widow) dwl S s Folsom nr Beale 
Antonovich Florio, at coffee-stand NW cor Clay 

and East 
Antrobus Charles, chiropodist, 413 Commercial 
Aphus Charles, drayman, dwl N s Lewis Place 

nr Taylor 
Appel Fred, blacksmith, dwl 228 Sutter 
Appel John, chiropodist, dwl 323 Dupont 
Appel Samuel, oilcloth manf, 209 Clay, dwl Du- 
pont bet Sutter and Geary 
Appell (Jno. C.) Derome (Louis) &. Co. (J. G. Chit- 
tenden) manf chairs, sofas, etc. SE cor Market 

and Beale, 
Applegate Josiah II. attorney-at-law, 702 "Wash, 

dwl 219 Stevenson bet Third and Fourth 
Applegate Uriah, wagon manf, 211 and 213 Pine, 

dwl 72 Minna 
APPLETON DAYID E. books and stationery, 

508 Mont, and SF cor Kearny and Clay, dwl 

Armory Hall 
Appleton Sarah Mrs. real estate, dwl 835 Clay, 



Appree F. boiler-maker, Union Foundry 
Apps Wm. waiter with John W. Wilde 
Aprila Xichola, with Vincent Squarza 
Arba Gaspar, plaster ilecorations 523 Cal 
Arbogast Fred, clerk with Frank G. Edwards 
Axobbald John, auditor Savings and Loan So- 
ciety, dwl 1312 Powell 
Archer Catharine (widow) dwl 10 Minna 
Archer Crusse, laborer, dwl 10 Minna 
Archer Edwin (col'd) servant with Wm. Xorris 
Archer William, machinist with Devoe & Co. dwl 

136 First 
Archie Edward, cook, dwl 415 Filbert 
Ardis James, porter with Falkner & Bell, dwl 

W s Mary Lane nr Sutter 
Arees (Peter) & Co. (John Bigne & P. Manceit) 

Hotel de France, 821 Kearny 
Arey Walter, book-keeper witli J. Underbill, 

dwl Pine nr Montgomery 
Argenti Joseph G. dwl 43 Government House 
Ar^obac F. bds Original House 
Argotsinger James, drayman, SE cor Front and 

Argus J. bds Union Hotel 
Ar Hinjr, Chinese laundry, 753 Clay 
Arias Benancio, porter with I. N. Kierulff & Co 
Arigoni F. artist, rooms 424 Dupont 
Antrobis Julia Mrs. laundress, dwl N s Mont- 
gomery nr Broadway 

cor Montgomery and California 
Armand A. Sutter Restaurant. 205 Sutter 
ARMES (Charles W. and George W.) & DAL- 
LAM (Richard B.) importers and dealers in 
wooden ware, brooms, etc. 221 Sacramento, 
dwl N W cor Tehama and Second 
Armes George W. (Amies and Dallam) dwl NW 

cor Tehama and Second 
Armitage John, keeper Home of the Inebriate, 

XE cor Sansom and Pine 
Armifage Rachel, matron Home for the Inebriate 
Armor J. J. sign painter, 611 Market 
ARMORY" HALL, XE cor Sacramento and 

Arm-trong Andrew, laborer, bds 45 Stevenson 
Armstrong C. sign painter, dwl Original House 
Armstrong Charles M. (Durkin & Co.) dwl 608 

ARMSTRONG (E. I.) & TODD (Samuel) pro- 
prietors Metropolitan Hotel, SW cor Bush 
and Sansom 
Armstrong James, seaman, dwl with I. C. Price 
Armstrong James, laborer, dwl 46 Bryant Place 
Armstrong John, at Red Jacket Restaurant, 527 

Armstrong John J. plasterer, 24 Dupont, rear 
Armstrong Joseph (colored) cook stmr Helen 

Armstrong Mary Miss, domestic, 1008 Wash 
Armstrong Rebecca, private school, 40 Tehama 
Armstrong Samuel, cook with M. C. Batcman 
Armstrong T. B. bds Xiantic Holel 
Armstrong Truman B. tinsmith, 120 Front, dwl 

S s Pine bet Montgomery and Sansom 
Armstrong William I. laborer, dwl 46 Bryant PI 
Armstrong W. W. box clerk Post Office, dwl 220 
I Arnason Even, laborer, dwl 111 Sacramento 

Arnheim Adolph (Amheim & Brother) dwl 315 

Arnheim (Samuel) & Brother (Adolph) clothing, 

315 Pacific 
Arnheim S. S. cigars. 8 Stewart 
Arnold (Abram) & Son (Isaac L. Arnold) cigars, 

526 Montgomery 
Arnold Amelia Mrs. liquors, 413 Davis 
Arnold Benjamin E. dvvlSE corFolsom and East 

Arnold C. game, vegetables, etc. 11 and 12 Me- 
tropolitan Market, 
Arnold (E. F.) & Brother (J. F. Arnold) hay and 
grain, 320 Jackson, dwl S s Wash nr Leav 
Arnold Emily P. Mrs. dwl 1300 Kearny 
Arnold Ferdinand D. butcher, dwl SE cor Folsom 

and East Thirteenth 
Arnold Francis W. (Hand & A.) dwl Fell bet 

Octavia and Gough 
Arnold Frederick, clerk with H. M. Newhall & 

Co. dwl 310 Sansom 
Arnold Hiram, teamster, Sperm Tallow Works, 

Mission Dolores 
Arnold Isaac L. (Arnold & Son) dwl 526 Mont 
Arnold J. F. (Arnold & Brother) dwl S s Wash- 

ingtor near Leavenworth 
Arnold John, mariner, dwl SE cor Folsom and 

East Thirteenth 
Arnold John C. butcher, dwl SE cor Folsom and 

East Thirteenth 
Arnold N. bds What Cheer House 
Arnold Oscar B. machinist, O. F. Giffin & Bro 
Arnold Robert (colored) wood-sawyer, dwl W s 

Sansom near Green 
Arnold T. J. surveyor, dwl 509 Dupont 
Arnold William, deck-hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Arnoult Juliet (widow) butter and eggs, 2 Xew 

Market, dwl SWcor Sansom and Pacific 
Arnstein Eugene, book-keeper, with Simon Bros, 
dwl S s Washington bet Powell and Mason 
Arnsten Fanny Miss, dwl 906 Broadway 
Aron Joseph ( Weil& Co.) dwl Sansom nr Sac 
Aronsohn S. waterman, dwl W s Mutiro nr Bush 
Aronstein Adolf, physician, 810 Washington 
Ar Quong (Chinese) laundry, 822 Sansom 
Axrinuton J. J. clerk U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 5 

Xaglee's Building 
Arrington Johanna (widow) dwl 1307 Mason 
Arrington Owen, assistant S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Arrington ( Wm.) & Shipley (A. J.) real estate 

agents, 7 Armory Hall, dwl 1307 Mason 
Arrowsmith David B. clerk with Henry Baker, 

dwl 244 Stockton 
Arrowsmith H. B. bds International Hotel 
Arrowsmith J. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Arthur George N. clerk with J. D. Arthur & Son, 

dwl 1014 Powell 
ARTHUR JOHX D. & SON (Wm. N. Arthur) 
importers agricultural implements. SW cor 
Washington and Davis, resides Xew York 
Arthur R. G. proprietor Ocean House 
Arthur William, laborer with A. EL Houston 
Arthur William N. (John D. Arthur & Son) dwl 

1002 Powell 
Artigue* Lewis, tripe, etc. New Market, dwl 

Potrero Xuevo 
Asbury George, printer, Eureka Typographical 



Aschar E. tailor, 104 Bush 

Ash Charles, dr yman, dwl 567 Mission 

Ash Jacob, clerk with J. Alexander & Co. dwl 

410 Commercial 
Ash L. book-keeper with S. Rich & Bro. 
Ash Phillip, moulder Sutter Iron Works, dwl 

Foundry House 
Ash William H. clerk with Peter Thomson 
Ashbury Monroe, real-estate, 420 Montgomery 
Ashbumer W. assist, geologist State survey, G6 

Montgomery Block 
Aschora J. E. clerk County Recorder's office, 

boards 621 California 
Ashcroft William, mate stmr Bragdon, dwl 39 

Asher A. F. clothing, 233 Pacific 
Asher Marks, dwl 619 Sacramento 
Asher {Simon) & Harris (Samuel) clothing, 609 

Ashim (Morris B.) & Brother (Solomon Ashim) 

auction and com. merch. NE cor Sacramento 

and Liede8dorff, dwl Geary nr Dupont 
Ashim Solomon (Ashim & Bro.) res New York 
Ashland William A. special policeman, dwl 1032 

Market near Fifth 
Ashley Sidney J. master-mason, dwl Fort Point 
Ashman Richard, engineer rope walk, Potrero 
Ashmead Gustavus S. carpenter, dwl E s Larkin 

bet Green and Union 
Ashton C. clerk with G. T. Knox, dwl S s Com- 
mercial near Kearny 
Ashton Charles, collector, dwl E s Hubbard near 

Ashton George, miner, dwl 326 Tehama 
Ashway Benjamin, 'longshoreman, dwl Union 

near Battery 
Asmos John, laborer, dwl 338 Third 
Asm us John, porter with Grosh & Rutherford, 

dwl 411 Powell 
Asmussen Laurence, cooper with J. C. Ruppen- 

thal, bds 510 Davis 
Aspinnall Benjamin, dwl 537 Folsom [ 
Aspril William, ship-carpenter, dwl Main near 

Assin Jamea, hand-cartman, rooms 923 Dupont 
Assion Henry, tailor with I. Assion, dwl corner 

Bush and Market 
Assion I. tailor, 230 Montgomery 
Aetley J. H. dwl California Engine House No. 4 
Aston James, porter with John Sime & Co. dwl 

617 Mission 
Atchinson Authon W. waiter with T. H.Stevens, 

dwl California near Dupont 
Athern (diaries G.) & Morrison (Charles W.) 

grocers, 8 Clay, dwl N s Jessie near Fourth 
Athearn George F. dwl 214 Sasnom 
Athearn W. messenger Wells, Fargo & Co. Ex 
Athern George, clerk O. Mail Co. rooms 738 

Washington, rear 
Atherton Faxon D. real-estate broker, 705 San- 

som, dwl NE cor Second and Bryant 
Atkins Henry B. salesman NE cor Montgomery 

and California, bds 408 Sansom 
Atkins Richard, laborer with Bryant & Muller, 

Old Rockaway House 
Atkins Robert C. (Orr & .4.) dwl 1416 Powell 
Atkins Wm. sailmaker with T. McColliam, dwl 

S e Clark near Front 

Atkinson Adolph, sailmaker, bds Fisher House 

Atkinson David, laundryman with M. Michelson 

Atkinson Francis, steward Crescent Engine Co. 
No. 10 

Atkinson John P. steamboating, dwl S s Steven- 
son bet Third and Fourth 

Atkinson Joseph B. (L. Atkinson & Co.) resides 

Atkinson Joseph H. superintendent Lone Moun- 
tain Cemetery, office 6 Government House, 
dwl 21 Government House 

ATKINSON L. & CO. (Joseph B. Atkinson) im- 
porter shirts and collars, 511 Sacramento, 
dwl Hotel International 

Atkinson P. painter, dwl 812 Jackson 

Atkinson Thomas C. with L. Atkinson & Co. dwl 
NW cor Sansom and Washington 

Atkinson William, hod-carrier, dwl S s Pine nr 

Atlets George, butcher with Bernard Horn 

New York ; Edward H. Parker agent, 204 

Attridge Edward, porter with Horace Webster 
k Co. N s Filbert bet Jones and Leavenworth 

Attridge Thomas, porter with Lewis P. Sage, 
dwl W s Sansom nr Union 

Atwell I. driver, bds Ongiual House 

Atwell J. stage-diiver, dwl Lovejoys Hotel 

AT WILL JOSEPH F. (mining agency, Washoe 
N. T.) dwl 616 Howard 

Atwood IE. T.) & Shaw (B. F.) produce com- 
mission, 10 Washington, dwl E s Stockton 
bet Clay and Sacramento 

Atwood Jabez, moulder, Vulcan Foundry, dwl 
Foundry House 

Atwood Lucy Mrs. dwl 13 Tehama Place 

Atwood Sarah Mrs. dwl 1018 Powell 

Au Herman, teacher, German Catholic School, 
22 Sutter, dwl 1001 Dupont 

Auberlen Theodore A. safe aud lock manufac- 
turers, 320 Pine 

Aubert Albert, with Henry Hentch, dwl 126 

Aubert J. (Rapp A. & Hertzerberg) physician, 64 
California Hotel 

Aubert Paul, jeweler with Frontier &, Deviercy 

Aubris John, laborer, Charles Bon's brick-yard 

Aubrv Francis O. toys, 20 Second 

Aubry Joseph, saloon, 725 Pacific 

Audd tsi. bds Original House 

Audiffred Hypolite, with A. M. Leite & Co. dwl 
N s Broadway bet Kearny and Dupont 

Auerbach Louis, clerk with Arnold Kalish, dwl 
What Cheer House 

Aufermann August, reporter S. F. Evening Post 

Aufermann E. merchant, dwl 1001 Dupont 

Auger B. Eugene, importer and commission 
merchant, 704 Sansom, dwl N s Mission nr 

Auger Lambert, instrument maker with T. Ten- 
nent, dwl W s Stockton nr Broadway 

Augur Lewis, gardener, dwl 1314 Dupont 

Auguste Caroline (widow) dressmaker, dwl 923 
Dupont rear 

Augustus Joseph, painter, dwl N s Jackson nr 

Aular Henry, billiard-table maker, dwl 622 Front 



Auld Edwd. H. watchman with B. T. Chace & Co. 

dwl W s Leavenworth bet Vallejo and Green 
Aure Eugene, restaurant. 507 Washington 
Au r ich A. liquors, bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
AUSTIN ALEXANDER, importer dry-goods, 

427 Montgomery 
Austin Alvah C. (Stein & Co.) agent Reynolds 

Patent Steam Engine Cut-Oft', SW corner 

Market and Fremont, dwl 37 Clementina 
Austin B. moulder, bds Isthmus House 
AUSTIN B. C. imptr and manuf stove9 and tin- 
ware 322 Clay, dwl 720 Filbert 
Austin Edward, workman stmr Chrysopolis 
Austin Emillus, tinsmith with B. C. Austin, dwl 

NE cor Hyde and California 
Austin F. B. real-estate, bds Metropolitan Hotel 
Austin H. dentist 634 Washington, dwell 509 

Austin Henry, drayman, dwl NW cor Clay and 

Austin Jacob, commission merchant, bds Fisher 

House, Clay 
Austin Jas. with John Barmore, dwl Broderick 

Engine House 
AUSTIN (Joseph) & SCHMITT (J.) importers 

dry goods 427 Montgomery, dwl 636 Sac 
Austin L. clerk with J. W. Gale, boards with 

Philander Fisher 
Au«tine William, major U. S. A. Fort Point 

and Cross & Co. agents, Federal Buildings 
Avalos Francisca Mrs. vocalist, dwl 13 Geary 
Aveline Louis, shoemaker, dwl 1216 Dupont 
Averell Anson, Winchester Market 330 Kearny, 

dwl 232 Kearny 
Avery Mrs. homeopathic physician, 629 Market 
Avery Clark, carpeuter, dwl S s Jessie bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Avery Dean, produce Washington Market, rooms 

810 Clay 
Avery H. G. tinsmith with R. & J. Kohler, dwl 

430 Fremont near Harrison 
Avery J. captain schooner Florence, pier 11 

Avery Ophelia Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 834 Sac 
Avery Simeon, waiter Original House 
Avis Fredk. book-keeper Philadelphia Brewery, 

dwl 722 Howard, rear 
Awley H. merchant, dwl 30 Sutro House 
Ayello Garibaldi, upholsterer with Selling, Marx 

& Co. dwl Dupont nr Green 
Ayer Edward, dwl with Westly Diggins 
Ayer Washington, physician 605 Sacramento, 

bds American Exchange 
Ayers Humphrey (Hamilton, A. & Co.) dwl NE 

cor Spring and Summer 
AYERS JAMES J. & CO. (C. F. Job-son, Geo. 

Ed. Barms and Peter H Forster) proprietors 

Morning Call, 532 Mont, dwl 132 Geary 
Ayers John C. brass-founder, dwell Potrero SE 

Ayers Wra. H. L. brass-founder with J. C. Ayers, 

bds with J. C. Ayers 
Ayers Wm. O. physician, dwl 81 5 Stockton 
AYLWARD (Thomas) & CHESSMAN (G. H.) 

sailmakers corner Davis and Clark, dwl NE 

cor Sutter and Montgomery 

Ayres Henry, newspaper carrier, dwl 223 Bush 
Ayres Hiram, newspaper carrier, dwl 223 Bush 
Ayres Ira jr. clerk, dwl 735 Market 

Baas C. barkeeper, Pavilion, Hayes Valley 
Babb L. H. (of L. H. Babb, Marysville) office NE 

cor Front and Clay 
Babbit Horace F. carpenter, dwl 165 Jessie 
Babcock Benjamin E. (Scott & B.) dwell 1307 

Babcock Devoe, druggist, 309 Davis 
Babcock E. A. fireman Market Street Railroad, 

dwl E s Valencia nr Seventeenth 
Babcock H. S. cashier banking dept Wells, Fargo 

& Co. dwl 1 1 Essex 
Babcock Jasper, contractor, dwl 536 Jackson 
Babcock T. F. annealer U. S. Branch Mint 
Babcock Wm. F. (Forbes & B.) dwl 11 Essex 
Babe Ferdinand, musician, dwl E s Vallejo Place 

near Vallejo 
Babler Frederick, milkman, old San Jose" Road 
Babson Edward, accountant with Taylor & 

Swasey, 228 Sansom 
Babson S. bds Hotel International 
Baby F. R. captain P. M. S. Sonora, dwell 539 

Bach Frederick, clerk with Simon Mayer 
Bach Jacob, milk ranch, Dorland's Lane near 

Bach John, gunsmith and sporting materials 408 

Commercial, dwl 116 Virginia 
Bach Simon H. agent for L. Schwartz, boards 

American Exchange 
Bacharach S. (Praslovj & Co.) res New York 
Bachelder Henry, porter, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Larkin and Hyde 
Bachelder Hiram, carrier Evening Bulletin 
Bachelder P. J. carpenter, dwl 107 Montgomery 

Bachenheim Louis, dry goods, 1310 Dupont 
Bachhaus P. S. barkeeper with George Roeben, 

39 Pacific 
Bachman David (Bachman Brothers) dwell St. 

Nicholas Hotel 
BACHMAN BROTHERS (Herman, Nathan and 

itavtrf) importers fancy and staple dry goods 

211 Battery, residence New York 
Bachman Isaac, provisions, dwl 109 Natoma 
Bachman Nathan (Bachman Bros.) 211 Battery 
Bachman S. (Selig. & B.) dwl 106 Montgomery 
Bacin D. S. 214 Sansom 
Bacigalupi George B. with N. Lastrato & Co. 
Bacigalupp (John) & Co. (John Lena) wood and 

coal, 637 Vallejo 
Backer Ferdinand, shoemaker 608 California, 

dwl Hayes' Valley 
Backus Henry M. book-keeper with C. Morrill, 

dwl cor Bush and Chelsea Place 
Backus G. A. japanner 56 Clay, bds Knicker- 
bocker House 
Backus Oscar J. (Tay, Brooks & B.) dwl NE cor 

Montgomery and Green 
Bacon Benjamin T. carpenter, bds Burnett House 
Bacon C. C. miner, bds with T. Smith Webb 
Bacon Ealmor Mrs. nurse, dwl 696 Montgomery 



Bacon T. F. book-keeper, rms Government House 

Bacon Francis N. machinist with W. H. & D. M. 
Moore, dwl 24 Sansom bet Bush and Market 

Bacon George, machinist, dwl 227 Beale 

Bacon George T. draughtsman Pacific Foundry 

Bacon James, laboror Miners' Foundry, bds 115 

Bacon Jacob (Toivne & B.) dwl 816 Bush 

Bacon J. S. (T. H. & J. S. B.) dwl 1 Vernon 

Bacon L. sculptor and modeler, 623 California 

Bacon R. II. dwl 214 Sansom 

Bacon T. F. with Duncan & Co. dwl 36 and 3^ 
Government House 

BACON T. H. & J. S. importers and commis- 
sion merchants and agents Boston under- 
writers, 218 California, res Boston 

Badarous C. physician, 732 Washington 

Badell William, bds St. Lawreuce House 

BADENHOP HENRY, groceries and liquors, 
N s Mission bet Twelfth and Thirteenth 

(7! E.) importers and jobbers clothing etc. 
and agents Chickering & Son's piano-fortes, 
411, 413 and 415 Battery, cor Merchant, 
dwl 218 Bush 

Badie Raymond, gardener, res Mission Dolores 

Badt Morris, clerk with Julius Baum, dwl SE cor 
Leidesdorff and Commercial 

Baellas A. book-keeper with J. B. Romero & Co. 
dwl NE cor Washington and Powell 

Baettge Charles, waterman, dwl 231 Stevenson 

Bagga Charles, baker, dwl 15 Hinckley 

Bagin Elizabeth (widow) S s Geary bet Hyde 
and Leavenworth 

Bagley 0. B. dwl 305 Montgomery 

Bagley Townsend, Justice of the 5th township, 
office 613 Market 

Bagley William H. soap manufacturer, Toucey 
bet Brannan and Bryant 

Bagnall Joseph J. deck hand steamboat Sophie 
McLane, dwl 223 Jackson 

Bagnell Eliza Miss, domestic with William 

Bahen Francis, dwl 234 Minna 

Bail Thomas C. printer, rooms 613 Pine 

Bailey Alexander H. dwl 31 Minna 

Bailey Charles G. collector Morning Call, dwl 
1004 Jackson 

Bailey D. bds International Hotel 

BAILEY (F. P.) & SANBORN (Joseph T.) but- 
ter, cheese and eggs, 7 and 8 Washington 
Market, dwl NE cor Pine and Quincy 

Bailey Isaac L. omnibus proptr, dwl 177 Jessie 

BAILEY J. HOLMES, groceries, 1513 Stockton 

Bailey Jacob, bricklayer, dwl .'SI Minna 

Bailey James F. bds Union Hotel 

Bailey Justus C. broom-maker with Thomas 
Ward, bds 28 Drumm 

BAILEY LEWIS II. proptr Portsmouth House, 
NW cor Clay and Brenham Place 

Bailey L. L. (widow) dwl with Mrs. Charles 

Bailey Martha A. (colored) laundress, dwl 6 
Brooklyn Place 

Bailey Mi.ry J. (widow) dwl 27 Perry 

Bailey Orrin, Inspector C. II. dwl 1423 Kearny 

Bailey Sarah (widow) dwl 1102 Clay 

Bailey Silver Mining Co. office 505 Montgomery 
Bailey Thomas, wool-grader with Donald McLen- 

nen, dwl cor Spear and Folsom 
Bailey Thomas W. (Cables A B.) dwl 842 Clay 
BAILEY (William) & HARRISON (Chas. II) 

Phoenix Oil and Camphene Works, and office 

for Benicia Pilots, 210 and 212 Wash, dwl 

S s Townsend bet Second and Third 
Bailey William, carpemer. lids :i Harlan Place 
Bailly Arthur, porter, 415 Montgomery 
Baily Francois, provisions, 1208 Pupont 
Baily Robert S. J. hall-keeper, 726 Montgomery 
Baily William, fruits, 406 Davis 
Baily William J. (Holden & B.) dwl 54 First 
Bain John, blacksmith, dwl 27 Ritch 
Bainbridge Arnop, clerk dwl Broderick Engine 

Baird John H. (J. W. Tucker & Co.) dwl Pacific 

Baison Henry, barkeeper, dwl 321 Stockton 
Bajon Antonio, dwl Potrero near San Bruno 

Baker Alexander, accountant with Geo. M. Jos- 

selyn & Co. dwl 509 Pine 
Baker Alfred, bds 408 Dupom 
Baker Alice T. Miss, assistant teacher Spring 

Valley School 
Baker Caleb H. rooms 129 Broadway 
Baker Charles' brewer Golden Gate Brewery, 

dwl 824 Broadway 
Baker Collins C. (Stevens, B. & Co.) res Provi- 
dence, R. I. 
Baker Collins C. Jr. (Johnson & Co.) dwl 509 

Baker Conrad, assaj ing department U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 508 Broadway 
Baker David, bds 255 Stephenson 
Baker E. baker, dwl 231 Montgomery 
Baker Eddy, driver Overland Mail Co. rooms cor 

Kearny and St. Marks Place 
Baker Edson C. harness-maker 583 Market 
Baker Edward G. carrier Morning Call 
Baker Edward D. teamster with Stanyan & Co, 

dwl Ritch bet Folsom and Harrison 
Baker Eugene J. drayman, bds 760 Harrison 
Baker Ferdinand, shoemaker, dwl S s Hayes nr 

BAKER FRANK, importer dry goods, carpets, 

etc. 414 and 416 Clay 
Baker Frank, clerk with II. D. W. Davis & Co. 

bds Niantic Hotel 
Baker Frank B. fruits, dwl 515 Sacramento 
Baker Frederick, baker, with Pierce & Co 
Baker George, mason, bds N s Clementina bet 

Third and Fourth 
Baker George, Alvarado Exchange, 713 Davis, 

dwl 1219 Kearny 
Baker George L. dwl Howard engine-house 
BAKER OEORGE P. Rincon Point Warehouses 

and Rincon Point Dock, cor Harrison and 

Baker Oeorgo W. book-keeper Empire Brewery, 

dwl NW cor Second and Tehama. 
Baker Henry, clerk U. S. Treasurer, U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl W s Second nr Clementina 
Bassett Fanny Miss, bds Niantic Hotel 
Bassett Joseph. Hour and grain 106 Front, dwl 

S s Sutter bet Taylor and Jones 



Baker Henry, horse trader, dwl 111 Jessie 
Baker Henry, pantryman, Railroad House 
Baker Henry, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Baker Henry G. ship-carpenter, bds N s Eddy 

bet Hyde and Larkin 
Baker H. Y. engineer, with B. T. Chace & Co. 
Baker Isaiah, bds Fisher House 
Baker J. B. bds American Exchange 
Baker (J. G.) &, Steel ( Win. H.) shipping office 

and brokers, 526 Davis, bds International 

Baker John B. book-keeper, "with J. Bryant Hill 

& Co. dwl S s Sacramento bet Sansom and 

Baker John E. hackman, dwl 712 Broadway 
Baker John P. with Meeker & Co. dwl Tehama 

Baker John S. dwl 130 Montgomery 
Baker Joseph, drayman, with A. H. Nevins, dwl 

N s Harrison bet Third and Fourth 
Baker Joseph, first officer ship Massachusetts, 

Pier 20 Stewart 
Baker Judah Jr. {Stevens, Baker & Co.) dwl E 

s Leavenworth bet Wash and Jackson 
BAKER L. C. office Mercantile Agency, dwl N s 

Broadway near Montgomery 
Baker Mary Mrs. dwl 162 Howard 
Baker Mary (widow) washerwoman, dwl E side 

Haywood nr Folsom 
Baker N. J. bds What Cheer House 
Baker 0. carpenter, bds Original House 
Baker Orrin V. blacksmith, with Devoe & Co. 

dwl 538 Pine 
Baker S. bds What Cheer House 
Baker Samuel, boots and shoes, office 57 Front 

dwl S s Folsom nr Harris, 
Baker Samuel, carpenter, bds with J. Kendell 
Baker Samuel, commission merchant, 217 Front, 

dwl S s Folsom bet Seventh and Eighth 
Baker Silas {Clark & B.) colored, dwl 117 Kear 
Baker S. S. (widow) boarding 25 Geary 
Baker Stephen N. policeman, City Hall, dwl 103 

Baker Thomas K. mechanic, with Hobbs, Gil- 
more & Co. dwl 28 Post 
Baker T. J. bricklayer, dwl E s Montgomery bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Baker William, dwl 1010 Powell 
Baker William, Sand Hill Bakery, 1036 Clay 
Baker William, laborer, bds 213 Broadway 
Baker William, waiter Sansom House, 18 San 
Baker William jr. dwl 1010 Powell 
Baker's Landing Line Packets, Clay St Wharf 
Balch Barker S. dwl 900 Bush 
Balch Frank S. book-keeper, with Balch & Web- 
ber, dwl Pier 20 Stewart 
BALCH {Lafayette) & WEBBER {Joseph B.) 

lumber, props. Victoria and Puget Sound 

Packets, Pier 20 Stewart 
Balch M. bds What Cheer House 
Balcomb Christian, dwl 1020 Pacific 
Baldemann Adolph {Theiledc i?.)713 Union, dwl 

W s Union alley 
Baldwin A. B. butcher, dwl Potrero S Brannan 

street Bridge 
Baldwin Alexander R. with S. H. Meeker & Co. 

dwl 837 Mission 
Baldwin Amos, butcher, with A. J. Shrader 

Baldwin A. S. physician and surgeon 307 Mont 
Baldwin Benjamin, bookbinder, with A. Buswell, 

dwl 900 Clay 
Baldwin Charles H. {C. Adolphe Low & Co.) 426 

Baldwin {Delos W.) & Hunt {John) liquors, 344 

Kearny SE cor Pine 
Baldwin {E. J.) & Little {John) livery stable 704 

Commercial dwl E s Second nr Market 
Baldwin Elisha F. dwl S s Hayes nr Polk 
Baldwin George W. machinist in Miners' Foun- 
dry, dwl N s Jessie nr Harris 
"Baldwin Hiram S. physician, 612 Clay, dwl 818 

Baldwin Josiah A. bottler, with L. Delafont & 

Co. dwl S s Jackson bet Mont and Kearny 
BALDWIN {Marcus 31.) & READ {Samud) 
manufacturers, jewelers and lapidaries, 516 
Clay, dwl N s Mission bet Harrison and 
Balwin Sarah A. Mrs. dwl 46 Tehama 
Baldwin W. carpenter, dwl W s Liberty Place 
Baldwin W. C. cooper, with Alexd. Murdock, 

bds Pacific Exchange 
Bales Francis, Garibaldi Saloon, 109 Wash 
Balfore Charles (colored) cook with Driscoll & 

Balfour Isabella (widow) saloon 922 Kearny 
Balich Lucas, barkeeper at 522 Commercial 
Balkie William, steward at Empire House 
Ball Albert, physician, 528 Clay 
Ball Charles, porter, with Riley & Mullen, dwl 59 

Ball Charles, waiter 426 Sansom 
Ball Francis, seaman, dwl 524 Dupont 
Ball George, b rkeeper, rooms 5 Waverley Place 
Ball George E. oyster stand, 618 Montgomery, 

cor Merch and Mont 
Ball James, stevedore, dwl S s Francisco nr Kear 
Ball James J. ship-carpenter, dwl 10 First 
Ball J. E. bds What Cheer House 
Ball John, pilot, dwl 1011 Mason 
Ballard Charles, lodgings 206 Leidesdorff 
Ballard George, sign painter, with H. G. Bloom- 
er, bds What Cheer House 
Ballard Joseph, clerk, dwl 1111 Stockton 
Balldas Josephine Mrs. dwl 1114 Powell 
Ballentine James, builder, 169 California, dwl W 

s Ninth bet Market and Mission 
Balleux Alexander, liquor saloon, Potrero S Bran- 
nan street Bridge 
Bailey Edward, clerk, with Danl. Gibb & Co. dwl 

S s South Park nr Second 
Ballhouse Frederick, gardener, dwl S s Lombai d 

nr Leavenworth 
Ballinger Andrew, wool dealer, with Donald Mc- 
Lennan, dwl 825 Sacramento 
Ballinger Patrick, wool dealer, with Donald Mc- 
Lennan, dwl Pratt Court nr California 
Ballmaster Henry, carpenter, rear 327 Bush 
Ballou Nathan, furniture, dwl 912 Jackson 
Ballou B. W. calkor, dwl Crescent engine- 
house No. 10 
Balls Catherine Mrs. dwl 204 Davis 
Balser Charles, butcher, with II. Zimmerman 
Balzer C. A. {Ziel, Bertheau& Co.) res Hamburg 
Balzer Henry, clerk, with J. F. Schafer & Bro. 
dwl 504 Sansom 



B AMBER J. & CO. (C. E. DriseoB) Contra Costa 

Express, 719 Davis dwl 323 Broadway 
Bamber W. F. expressman with J. Bamber & Co. 

dwl 323 Broadway 
Bamer G. L. ship carpenter, dwl Geary near 

Banckert "William, chemist with Geo. L. Dickey, 

dwl 35 Stevenson 
Bancroft A. L. (H. H. Bancroft & Co.) dwl 530 

BANCROFT H. H. & CO. (A. L. Bancroft) im- 
porters and jobbers books and stationery, 

609 Mont, dwl 530 Harrison 
Bandel Frank, iron-worker with Jno. R. Sing, 

rooms W s Kearny nr Broadway 
Bander Caroline (widow) dwl 34 Geary 
BANDMAXX (Juliw) NIELSEN (jK) ft CO. im- 
porters and commission mehts, 210 Front, 

dwl N s Lombard bet Stockton and Powell 
Bane W. bds What Cheer House 
BANK EXCHANGE. Torrence & Parker pro- 
prietors, SE cor Mont and Wash 
Bank Joseph, billiard-table maker, dwl E s Mont 

nr Pacific 
Banks George F. iwl 91S Clay 
Banks Geo. S. Oriental Rice Mills, 36 Fremont, 

dwl 307 Dupont 
Banks (J. A.) & Sheldon (Hiram A.) carpenters 

and builders. 233 Jackson, dwl 1107 Kearny 
Banks James, fireman stmr Salinas, rooms XE 

cor California and Davis 
BANKS (Thomas C.) & DAVIS (Erwin) bankers. 

SW cor Mont and Com, dwl 124 Cal 
Banks William, manf of clothing, dwl 1001 Mason 
Bannan John, ale and porter, dwl 512 Green 
Banner William, lumberman, dwl 14 Stewart 
Bannerman J. B. card, seal and general engraver, 

648 Sac 
Bannim Joseph, laborer with Charles Bon 
Banning John, inspector, C. H. 
Bannon Christopher, moulder with George D. 

Xagle. res SW cor Broadway and Dupont 
Bannon Edward, drayman with Treadwell & Co. 

dwl XE cor Battery and California 
Bans Henry, barber with Chas. Proschold 
Banstead fhos. D. acct, 5 Wash, bds 3 Wash 
Bantham B. clerk, bds What Cheer House 
Bapp John, cigar maker with J. W. ShaefTer 
Baptist Thyes J. foreman with Eagelbreeht, 

Mavrisch Bros, dwl X s Folsom bet Fourth 

and Fifth 
Baptisto John, wood-yard, 515 Pacific 
Baquertte Frederick, elk with Hunter ft Co. 612 

Baraty Francois, butcher, 1 Clay St. Market, dwl 

237 Stevenson 
Barbat John, druggist, 910 Pacific 
Barb£ (Pierre) ft Ducoron (Francis) liquors, 124 

Barber Edward E. carpenter, dwl Union near 

Barber E. W. blacksmith with Lawton ft Klap- 

perick, dwl 24 Sansora 
Barber Henry, broom-maker with C. W. ft G. 

W. Armes 
Barber James, calker, dwl 40 Xatoma 
Barber Joseph, with Frank Ravmond, 2 New 
World Market 

Barber Louisa, servant with Hiram Coy 
Barber Mary E. boarding, 16 Quincy 
Barber Peter J. builder, X s Virginia Place 
Barber P. J. piano maker, 404 Market 
Barber Thomas H. boatman, dwl 162 First 
Barbero J. S. Vigilant Engine House 
Barbetta Fredricko. saloon. 16 Washington 
Barbetta Garvaso. groceries and liquors, N s 

Sixteenth bet Dolores and Guerrero 
Barbetta J. bds 16 Washington 
Barbier Armand, agent Tucker's Acad of Music 

and special policeman, dwl 223 Minna 
Barbiere John, basket dealer, dwl SE cor San 

and Jackson 
Barcalona Peter, schooner Basquaise, Market 

St. Wharf 
Barckhausen Julius, agent German Benevolent 

Society, dwl Louisa nr Fourth 
Barclay Francis, laborer Union Foundry, dwl 

Minna bet Fourth and Fifth 
Barclay George R. dwl 80 Xatoma 
Barclay Robt. H. carriage-maker at P. Whitbeck, 

bds Benton House 
Barclay Thomas, dwl X s Cal nr Mason 
Bardc W. L. D. attorney-at-law, 618 Merchant, 

dwl 415 Green 
Bardeurwerper C. P. drayman, 210 Front 
Bardes John, cooper, dwl 45 Clementina 
Bardon Michael, dwl 139 Minna 
Bardstream Hans, mariner, dwl with A. J. 

Bardt Frederick, laborer, sugar refinery, dwl 

with Joseph Scheidler 
Bardwell J. L. ft Co. produce dealers, 2 Merchant, 

bds Xiantic Hotel 
Baremon Andrew, tailor, dwl Dupont nr Bdwy 
Baretta Louis, cook, St. Nicholas, rooms Man- 
sion House 
Barge August, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Bargman Samuel, butcher, 256 Third 
Bargonis Leonardo, drayman, dwl S s Francisco 

bet Mason and Taylor 
Baright George, carpenter, dwl 16 Dupont 
Baright W. L. contractor, dwl 27 O'Farrell 
Barkeloo John, real estate agent, 622 Merchant, 

dwl 31 South Park 
Barker (Aimer If.)& Paddock (V. C.) merchants, 

XE cor Front and Jackson, dwl 14 Kearny 
Barker Eugenia (widow) dwl 69 Tehama 
Barker Francis, carpenter, dwl 134 First 
Barker George, laborer, Pioneer Malt House, 

dwl E s Stockton nr Francisco 
Barker Helen II. (widow) principal Market St. 

School, dwl 47 Tehama 
Barker Henry R. drayman with Haynes & Law- 
ton dwl 679 Harrison 
Barker John, hog ranch, dwl SE cor Wood and 

Barker John, dishwasher at 614 Clay 
Barker Joshua, book-keeper with J. H. Coghill 

ft Co., dwl with H. G. Livermore, 
Barker Maria Miss, domestic, 1 Auburn 
Barker Samuel F. drayman, dwl 532 Folsom 
Barker Stephen, drayman, 205 California, dwl 

582 Folsom 
Barker T. L. (of Booth & Co. Sacramento) office 

XW cor Front and Com, rooms 745 Clay 
Barker William, actor, dwl 536 Jackson 



Barker William, wood and lumber, Market St. 

"Wharf, dwl NE cor Cal and Jones 
Barkert William, apothecary, dwl 35 Jessie 
Barkhousen Julius, intelligence office, dwl 8 

Barkley Robert, laborer, 344 Brannan 
Barkley Samuel, bookkeeper at Wilson & Stevens, 

dwl Pacific bet Hyde and Larkin 
Barkley Wm. commission merchant, dwl N s 

Pacific between Hyde and Larkin 
Barlage Henry, cabinet-maker with J. Peirce 
Barlay George, engineer, Mission Woollen Mill, 

dwl Fifteenth nr Folsom 
Barling H. H. Pine Tree Saloon, 301 Kearny 
Barman Charles, tinsmith, 10 Sacramento, rooms 

W s Third nr Stevenson 
Barmore John J. liquors, 529 Washington 
Barnard A. S. Miss, asst teacher, Rincon School 
Barnard C. Edwin, clerk with A. Hiller, dwl 23 

Barnard Frank, accoutant with A. G. Ramsdell, 

dwl E s Hawthorne nr Folsom 
BARNARD (George W) & LANCASTER ( Wil- 
liam) saddlers and harness-makers, 583 

Barnard Harriss, workman, dwl 232 Stevenson 
Barnard Isaac, merchant, dwl 916 Stockton 
Barnard Isaac D. (S. P. Whitman & Co.) dwl 

N E cor Washington and Kearny 
Barnard Moses, laborer with P. H. Cootey 
Barnard Moses, cooper, dwl W s Spear nr Folsom 
Barnard Thomas G. carpenter, NE cor Pine and 

Front, dwl 23 Hawthorne 
Barnatt Julius, with Ashim & Bro. dwl Geary 

near Kearny 
Barnes B. W. seaman, dwl N s Com nr East 
Barnes Charles, plasterer, dwl 15 Sherwood PI 
Barnes D. barkeeper, with Peter Bergen, dwl 

412 Jackson 
Barnes Daniel B. wheelwright, with P. Whit- 
beck, cor Front and Pine.bds Revere House 
Barnes Demas S. & Co. (R. S. Torrey) drugs and 

patent medicines, 709 Sansome, res NYork 
Barnes D. L. bds Original House 
Barnes George, seaman, bds Keystone House 
Barnes George Ed. (J. J. Ayers & Co.) dwl 810 

Barnes J. bds What Cheer House 
Barnes Mathew, at Sugar Refinery, dwl with 

Richard Butler 
Barnes William W. printer, Commercial office, 

bds What Cheer House 
Barnet Julius, clothing, dwl 13 Geary 
Barnett Norman W. milk ranch old San Jose 

Barney A. job wagon, cor Kearny and California 
Barney Alexander J. surveyor, dwl N s Broad- 
way bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Barney Charles, milkman, bds with Alex. Barney 
Barney M. W. bds What Cheer House 
Barney Thomas V. with John Wigmore, res with 

George Cofran 
Barnhard Samuel, blacksmith, 323 Bush 
Baruhart William, merchant, dwl 51G Bryant 
Barnhisel E. R. waterman, Howard nr Third 
Barnhisel Louis, paper carrier, dwl 26 Battery 
Barnhisel Olivia Mrs. 26 Battery 
Barning Herman (Michaels & B.) dwl 1500 Stock 

Barns H. J. bds What Cheer House 
Barns James, laborer, dwl W s Battery bet How- 
ard and Mission 
Barns Mat. laborer, S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Baron Henry, express wagon, dwl 319 Bush,rear 
Baron John, clerk, 815 Pacific 
Barquin Franqua, liquor saloon, Telegraph Hill 
Barr Charles, blacksmith, with Geo. W. Coffee, 

bds Washington House 
Barr Henr)-, dwl N s Cal bet San and Mont 
Barr John, dwl S s Union, bet Mont and San 
Barr John, planer, with B. T. Chace & Co. 
Barr Neil, moulder, Union Foundry, dwl 125 

Barr Niel, clerk, with S. J. Hensley, dwl SW cor 

Montgomery and Commercial 
BARRA E. I. family liquors, 106 First 
Barragen Philip, pantryman, Metropolitan Hotel 
Barrat Bridget (widow) domestic, 717 Green 
Barratt John, printer, dwl 126 Broadway 
Barratty Francis, butcher, dwl 237 Stevenson 
Barrell John, seaman, dwl 14 Stewart 
Barrell Samuel, real-estate, dwl Virginia Block 
Barrett Alfred, watches and jewelry, 57 Second 
Barrett Edward, laborer, dwl 24 Clementina, rear 
Barrett John, collector for Mooney's Express, dwl 

123 Third nr Minna 
Barrett John, printer, with Agnew & Deffebach, 

bds Bush Street House 
Barrett John, washman, U. S. Marine Hospital 
Barrett Margaret, servant, with Geo. W. Green 
Barrett Patrick, bds Golden Gate Hotel 
Barrett Robert, brickmaker, bds with P. Webster 
Barrett S. bds What Cheer House 
Barrett William G. collector Gas Co. bds 551 

Barrett William, driver with Skelly & Co. 
Barrett William, laborer, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Barrington William B. porter, with Dickson, De 

Wolf & Co. dwl 412 Broadway 
Barris Hiram D. Philadelphia Market, 904 Stock 
Barroilhet Henry, with Belloc Freres, and Con- 
sul for Peru, 535 Clay, dwl 1020 Clay 
Barron Antoine, laborer, Chas. Bon's brick yard 
Barron Edward, dwl 829 Mission 
Barron Elisha, carpenter, dwl 510 Post 
Barron John, painter, with J. R. Deane 
Barron John, helper, Vulcan Iron Works Co. 
Barron Joseph (Barron & Co.) dwl 606 ttockton 
Barron Louis, cook, Golden Gate Nursery 
BARRON ( William E.) & CO. (Joseph Barron 
and Thomas Bell) commission merchants and 
agents New Almaden Mines, 696 Merchant, 
dwl 606 Stockton 
Barrow Anna M. (widow) boarding, N s Jessie 

near Fourth 
Barrow Henry, wines and liquors, NE cor Stock- 
ton and Francisco 
Barrow James G. scavenger, dwl 421 Kearny 
Barry Anna Miss, domestic, 918 Vallejo 
Barry Augustus, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Barry Baker, baker, Pacific Mec Bakery 
Barry Charles E. clerk, with Richard Tobin, dwl 

S s Pacific, bet Powell and Mason 
Barry David, groceries, 700 Lombard 
Barry David, laborer, dwl 229 Post 
Barry Dennis W. porter, U. S. B. Mint 
Barry Edward, builder, dwl with A. P. Petit 



Barry Edward, laborer, with "William Harmill 
Barry Emma H. (widow) dwl 723 Pacific 
Barry George, fish, 75 Washington Market 
Barry Henry, milkman, dwl with M. W. Lamb 
Barry Jacob, furniture, 740 Pacific 
Barry James, blacksmith, with Nelson & Doble, 

dwl 738 Green 
Barry James, boots and shoes, 230 Bush 
Barry John, dwl 923 Pacific 
Barry John, melter, with Hinckley & Co., dwl N 

s Minna bet Second and Jane 
Barry John, painter, dwl S s O'Farrell nr Mason 
Barry John T. printer, bds Winthrop House 
Barry Michael, carpenter, dwl 20 Cleary 
Barry Michael, clerk, with H. Wilder, dwl 824 

Barry Michael, laborer, dwl 221 Dupont 
Barry Richard, laborer, Sugar Refinery, dwl 

with Owen Casey 
Barry R. M. tailor, Trinity S Bush 
Barry Teresa (widow) dwl W s Hubbard near 

BARRY (Theodore A.) & PATTEN (Benjamin 

A.) wines and liquors, SE cor Montgomery 

and Sacramento, and wholesale liquors 541 

Sacramento, dwl 211 Geary above Stockton 
Barry Thomas, baker, dwl S s Post nr Taylor 
Barry Thomas, laborer, dwl S s Filbert bet San- 

som and Montgomery 
Barry William, student, dwl with Jacob S. Cohen 
Barry William, comedian, Maguire's Opera House, 

dwl 536 Jackson 
Barry William McG. architect, dwl 1011 Kearny 
Barry William, boarding, 114 St. Marks Place 
Barry "William, butcher with Charles Wilson, 

dwl 1312 Kearny 
Barry William, compositor, Alta office, dwl S s 

Clay bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Barry William, hack-driver, dwl 710 Broadway 
Barry William, harness-maker, bds Staten Island 

Barry William, liquor saloon, 624 Sansom 
Barry William, ship-carpenter, dwl 47 Jessie 
Barstain Thomas, with Richard Cunningham 
Barstow A. (D. P. & A. B.) dwl 116 Montgomery 

Barstow D. P. & A. attorneys-at-law, 56 Mont- 
gomery Block, residence Oakland 
BARSTOW (George) & HOLT (Thomas H.) 

attorneys-at-law. and professor Medical 

Jurisprudence, University Pacific, office 502 

Mont, dwl N w cor Taylor and Broadway 
Barstow S. F. compositor Alta California, dwl 

612 Commercial 
Barstow William, artist, dwl 17 Xatoma 
Bartets Conrad, musician, dwl 1518 Powell, rear 
Iiarthel Michael, Bhoemaker, 11 Kearny 
Barthumel L. 8. t»ls What Cheer House 
Burtis J. L. ranch, San Bruno Road 
Bartlett Charles II. painter. 7-12 Market 
Bartlett Charles T. sea captain, dwl 15 Everett, 

basement . 
BARTLKTT C. J., (S. F. Bulletin Co.) dwl 621 

Bartlett Columbus, deputy County Clerk, Probate 

Court, bds 621 California 
Bartlett C. T. captain bark Ionia, office with 

Pickett & Co. 

Bartlett Earl, attorney-at-law, 623 Montgomery 

dwl 70 Minna 
Bartlett Francis A. diseharging-clerk, dwl S s 

Chestnut near Stockton 
Bartlett Mary A. Mrs. dwl 603 Broadway 
Bartlett Job, drayman, rooms 1 Central Place 
Bartlett M. L. clerk with Wm. B. Cooke & Co. bds 

What Cheer House 
Bartlett Nathaniel, packer with H. Davis, dwl 

Page's Restaurant 
Bartlett Pliny, Pacific Laundry, 339 Pine, dwl 

Pine near Kearny 
Bartlett Robert L. store-keeper with Macondray 

& Co. 
Bartlett Rufus, ship-carpenter, dwl SW corner 

Folsom and Beal 
Bartlett Samuel (Lord & B.) dwl 147 Second 

office City Hall, bds 621 California 
Bartley John, laborer, dwl 233 Jackson 
BARTLIXG '(William) k KIMBALL (Henry) 

bookbinders, 535 Washington, dwl S side 

Pacific near Taylor 
Bartly Johanna Miss, domestic, dwl 726 Bdway 
Bartman Ferdinand, carpenter, 729 Pacific 
Barto Cornelius, wood and coal, dwl 112 Bush 
Bartoloma Henry, porter with C. H. Strybing, 

dwl Rassette Place near Sutter 
Barton Benjamin F. (Barton & Brother) 218 Sac 
Barton D. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Barton John, boot-maker, bds 256 Kearny 
Barton & Brother (John and Benj. F.) Pacific 

Salt Works, 218 Sac. dwl 15 Laurel Place 
Barton William, dwl 814 Pacific 
Barton William, clerk with James E. Wain- 

wright. dwl NE cor Union and Larkin 
Barton William Sheridan, dwl E s Vincent bet 

Green and Union 
Baruch B. J. clerk, dwl 629 Sacramento 
Baruel B. Jacob (Xeristadt & Co.) dwl St. 

Nicholas Hotel 
Barwell L. job-wagon, cor Sac and Leidesdorff 
Barwold Benjamin, meter-maker, dwl Post near 

Barwold T. clerk with E. "W. Moss, dwl SW cor 

Dupont and Post 
Basch (/.) Cohn (Simon and Manheim Cohn) 

& Co. importers and manuf. cigars, SE cor 

Front ami Sacramento, residence New York 
Basch William H. groceries, 31 Fourth 
Baschum Frederick, mason, dwl cor Mission and 

Basford John K. druggist, 400 Kearny 
Bashan Frederick, ormimeiital-plasterer with N. 

Brown, dwl Mission 
Bass B. F. sash and blind maker with J. McGill 

& Co. dwl Bush near Sansom 
Bass B. S. bds Original House 
Bass Charles, liar-keeper. Hayes Park 
Bass T. J. drayman with Cameron, Whittier & 

Co. dwl N s O'Farrell nr Leavenworth 

Bassalina , bda St. Lawrence House 

,:rrs & Co.) dwl W s Dupont 
• Pine and California 
Bassett Aimer, contractor, office SE cor Battery 

and Washington, dwl 720 Bush 
Bassett Charles F. clerk with Todd & Richards, 

dwl X s Turk bet Taylor and Jones 



Bassett Nathaniel, dwl 11 Geary 

Baaaett William, engineer atmr Helen Hensley 

Bassourie Leoutine Miss, dwl 30-4 Sutter 

Bastin George, bds 40 Minna 

Boston A. F. warehouseman with Sewall Benson 

Baston H. C. liquors, dwl 130 Montgomery 

Bat Minna (widow) dwl 119 Kearny 

Bat Morris, accountant, dwl 119 Kearny 

Bataman Michael, contractor with Dietz & Co. 

dwl S s Stevenson bet Ecker and Second 
Batchelder G. engineer S. F. Mission Railroad 
BATCHELDER JOSEPH M. lumber pier 3 

Stewart, dwl 15 Post 
Batchelder Levy L. stevedore, dwl 1014 Wash 
Batchelder William II. porter with Castle ft 
Freeborn, dwl W s Leavenworth bet Pacific 
and Broadway 
Bateman David, engineer steam-tug Columbia, 

dwl 329 Vallejo 
Bateman James, boot-maker 219 Davis 
Bateman James, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Bateman Michael C. Eagle Bakery 41 Stevenson 
Bateman Patrick, baker with Deeth ft Starr 
Bates A. C. surveyor Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Bates Gustavus B. drayman SE cor Front and 
Washington, dwl XE cor Jane and Natoma 
Bates Henry, with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. cor 

Market and Beale, dwl 1015 Mason 
Bates Jacob, waiter, dwl cor Kearny and Market 
Bates (James) & Agnew (John) livery-stable 30 

Bates J. W. (F. J. Schaeffer & Co.) res Marysville 
Bates William H. pattern-maker, dwl E s Second 

near Harrison 
Bath Albert L. carriage-maker 581 Market, dwl 

639 Mission 
Bath Frederick, liquorman S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Bath Isaac, moulder, bds St. Charles Hotel 
BattaQe T. G. impost book-keeper Custom House 
Battams William, clerk with Locke & Montague, 

dwl 621 Bush 
Batten George, waiter Brooks TJouse 20 Sansom 
Batters J. A. (J. P.. Stewart t Co.) 418 Cai 
Battersby John, stoves, etc. 228 Bush, dwl 301 

Battens Daniel, Club House 605 California, dwl 

SW eor Bush and Kearny 
Battles Win. W. ft Co. rice cleaners and dealers 

217 California, dwl 347 Fremont 
Batturs Edward T. collector Frank Baker, dwl 

N s Jessie above Third 
Bau William, boatman Vallejo street steps 
Baucher L. laundryman French Hospital S s 

Brvant bet Fifth and Sixth 
BAUCK JOHN II. wines and liquors 803 Bat- 
tery, dwl Sacramento Hotel 
Bauer Emil, clerk with J. W. Sullivan, dwl 414 

Bauer George, waiter with Lauenstein & Saul- 

BAUER J. A. druggist 644 Washington 
Baufidd John F. ship-carpenter, dwl 732 Harrison 
Baugh J. A. Custom House broker 508 Battery 
Baugh Theodore E. proprietor Merchants' Ex- 
change Reading Rooms 521 Clay 
Baugh Wm. dwl 500 Broadway 
Baugh W. Washington, clerk with T. E. Baugh, 
dwl 521 Clay 

Baul John, dwl 603 Broadway 

Baulsin Nimrod, pump and block maker with 

Tho. F. Mitchel, bds Knickerbocker House 
BAUM CHARLES, C. H. broker SE cor Bat- 
tery and Oregon, dwl 818 Broadway 
Baum F. J., N. J. Sohloss & Co. dwl 430 Green 
Baum Julius, clothing cor Battery and Commer- 
cial, dwl Si: cor Leidesdorfi' and Commercial 
Baum Simon, clerk with J. Baum, dwl SW cor 

Battery and Commercial 
Bauman Henry, dwl 217 Montgomery 
Baumer Jacob, tailor, dwl 313 Bush 
Baumgartna V. with John Heernik, dwl cor Beale 

and Market 
Baur Jacob, liquor-saloon 640 Pacific 
Baurhyte Isaac, fireman stmr Antelope 
Baurhyte Robert H. engineer stmr Antelope, dwl 

S s Reilly near Taylor 
Bausherr Henry, tailor with Walter & Brooks, 

dwl 515 Vallejo 
Bautet Joseph, clerk 815 Jackson 
Baux T. B. groceries and liquors N s Sixteenth 

bet Dolores and Guerrero 
Bawler Thomas, black house S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Baxter Benjamin, dwl 18 Prospect Place 
Baxter B. D. dwl Cenother's Hall, Potrero near 

Sixteenth St. bridge 
Baxter Charles, carpenter, dwl 540 Clay 
Baxter Charles (Leon & Co.) dwl 164 Clay 
Baxter Charles C. M. captain stmr Petaluma 

Vallejo st. Wharf, res Petaluma 
Baxter Edward H. clerk with Crane & Brigham, 

bds 28 Battery 
Baxter George, engineer Flint & Peabody's Rice 

Mill, dwl Harrison bet Third and Fourth 
Baxter Jno. B. carpenter NE cor Miss and Ridley 
Baxter Joseph G. drayman Custom House, dwl 

16 Harlan Place 
Baxter Louisa Mrs. boarding 28 Battery 
Baxter Theresa, domestic, dwl 1312 Powell 
Baxter T. P. dwl Oriental Hotel 
Baxter William, cook Bay City Restaurant 
Baxter W. n. harness-maker 532 Market, dwl 

217 Third 
Bay H. carpenter, dwl 323 Pine 
Bay Thomas H. tin-smith with Locke & Montague, 

dwl Wisconsin House, Kearny 
Bayden Jeremiah, carpenter, dwl W s Clara near 

Bayer Anthony, with S. Ambrose, dwells 650 

Bayer Jane Mrs. bakery 650 Mission 
Bayerque J. B. (Pioche & B.) dwl 804 Stockton 
Bayless Charles E. with J. B. Holmes & Co. dwl 

319 Tehama 
Bayley Pauline (widow) midwife, dwl 17 St. 

Marks Place 
Bavley Charles A. clerk 156 Second 
Bayley Henry, moulder Vulcan Ircn Works Co. 
Baynes William, ship-carpenter, dwl cor Davis 

and Commercial 
Bays.Henry, ship-carpenter, dwl E s Crooks nr 

Bayzelle Alexander, attorney-at-law, dwl 630 

Bayzelle George, dwl 630 Folsom 
Bazile (John) & Pac (Joseph) hog-ranch, Potrero, 
SE Brannan St. Bridge 



Bazin Y. tailor, dwl 30 Kearny 
Bazina Louis, crockery, dwl 924 Pacific 
Beaben Isaac, teamster, dwl 22 Yalparaiso 
Beach C. bookseller, 18 Montgomery, dwl 910 

Beach Eliza (widow) boarding, 807 Pacific 
Beach Gilbert, hatter, 114 Kearny 
Beach Henry Martin, salesman, with A. L. Blu- 

menthal & Son 
Beach J. C. waiter, Original House 
Beach Joseph D. C. (Allen & Co.) dwl Second nr 

Beach Lewis, waterman, dwl G02 Powell 
Beacham Margaret Mrs. domestic. 1215 Powell 
Beacher William, waiter, Metropolitan Hotel 
Beagle Harvey, painter, bds First Street House 
Beagle (/. J.) <fc Mathews (C. H.) paints and 

paper hangings, 8 First, dwl 52 First 
Beaird George, stevedore, dwl Greenwich bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Beal John, hostler, with William Shear 
Beal S. H. clerk with J. Castera & Co. dwl 

24 Kearnv 
BE ALE EDWARD F., TJ. S. Surveyor-Gen- 
eral, office Sutro House, dwl Tehama 

Beale George, mariner, dwl 1433 Dupont 
Beale George, machinist, bds 541 Mission 
BEALL A. T. secretary Port Warden's office, 

dwl 610 Front 
Beals H. Charming, commercial reporter Times, 

dwl NE cor Pine and Taylor 
Beamas Charles, machinist, dwl 13 Tehama 

Bean James M. with J. J. Haley, 327 Mont 
Bean Moses T. mariner, dwl E s Mason bet 

Filbert and Greenwich 
Beane Lyman W. machinist, dwl 616 Lombard 
Bear William, machinist, bds 706 Battery 
Beard George, butcher, dwl 52 First 
Beard John, laborer, dwl N s Townsend near 

Beard Joseph R. Secretary Sonora Mining Co. 

509 Montgomery, dwl 514 Dupont 
Beard William, hostler with G. Morrow,^ 826 

Beardsley F. A. & Co, manfs and dealers Cali- 
fornia coal oil 219 Clay, dwl 20 Clementina 
Bearse Gorham, laborer, with P. H. Cootey 

Goraham C. stevedore, dwl with George 

Beatrice ('. Mrs. dwl 603 Broadway 
Beatty Dana V. dwl with Robert Beatty 

John, dravman, with Samuel Adams 
Beatty John W. carpenter, dwl 104 Jessie 
Beatty Patrick, upholsterer with J. Peirce, dwl 

7 Berry 
BBA.TTY ROBERT, White House, New San 

Jose Road, nr Pioneer Race Course 
Beatty Samuel <i. (Gvmniaon & B.) dwl BE cor 

Ellis and Mason 
Peaty John, cabinet-maker, residence 25 Second 
Beaucbamp Leander, tin-ware 628 Jackson, dwl 

1207 Kearny 
Beauchamp L. <>. printer with L. Albin 
Beauharnaie Mrs. dwl 603 Broadway 
Beaumeister Herman, tailor, dwl W a Clara nr 


Beaver George W. (James Patrick & Co.) dwl 

927 Market 
Bebans Isaac, carpenter, dwl W s Telegraph PI 

near Greenwich 
Bebee John, ship carpenter, bds First Street 

Bebler Frederick, grocer, 1126 Dupont 
Becht Joseph, Philadelphia House, 336 Bush 
Beck Adolphus G. accountant 232 Montgomery, 

dwl N 8 Turk nr Taylor 
Beck Charles, bds What Cheer House 
Beck David L. salesman with Wm. T. Coleman 

& Co. dwl 514 Howard 
Beck Eugene B. clerk with D. R. Provost, dwl 

514 Howard 
Beck John, cooper with P. Molloy, dwl SE cor 

California and Davis 
Beck John, bds Original House 
Beck Johu G. dwl 631 Yallejo 
Beck Louis, dishwasher with Lauenstein & Saul- 

Beck N. A tanner, dwl 309 Ritch 
Beck Paul H. handcartman foot Commercial, 

rooms S s Commercial nr East 
Beck Peter, carpenter, Yulcan Iron Works Co 
BECK (Peter) & BERTRAM (Frederick) grocers, 

83 Jessie 
Beckart James, dwl 323 Pine 
Becker Brothers, (B. A. <k M. R. E.) cigars, 708 

Washington and 600 Montgomery, dwl SE 

cor Stockton and St. Marks Place 
Becker Henry, cook, with Johu P. Muller 
Becker Joseph, furniture, 127 Montgomery 
Becker Joseph H. cigars and tobacco, 319 Mont- 
gomery, dwl Mission nr Fourth 
Becker M. R. E. (Becker Bros.) dwl SE corner 

Stockton ;.nd St. Marks Place 
Becker Nicholas, confectioner with M. Bernhiem, 

dwl S 8 California bet Kearny and Dupont 
Beckett Henr} r , varnisher with J. Peirce 
Beckett James, varnisher with J. Peirce 
Beckford 1). R. clerk with T.^O. Lewis, dwl Vir- 
ginia Block 
Beckley Absolom, produce, 224 Sutter 
Beckman Isaac, poultry, 14 Metropolitan Market 
Beckwith Eliza, (stewardess Helen Hensley 
Beckwith Elliott S. carpenter at 22 Merchant, 

rooms NW cor Sacramento and Drumm 
Bedell William, machinist, Pacific Foundry 
Bedert A. miiaicJRn, dwl X s Berry nr Dupont 
Bee A. W. merchant 22] Front, dwl Yassar PI 
Beebe Thomas, operator Yance's Gallery 

B. W. clerk Clinton Temperance House, 

31] Pacific 
PEE HIVE BUILDINGS, M. Cannavan prop., 

XE cor Dupont and Washington 
Beekman William, waiter, dwl 323 Pine 
Beer Julius ( Weil & Co.) rooms W s Stockton 

bet Pacific and Broadway 
Beers Barrit, student with J. B. Beers, 615 Clay 
Gh W. physician 12 Montgomery, dwells 

Railroad House 
BEERS (Henry I.) ,\ I > AY IKS (Jo/m S.) import- 
ing, commission and paper warehouse 311 

Clay, residence New York 
J. bds What Cheer House 
BE E RS JOB X B. dentist 6 1 :, ( 'lay. dwl 813 Bush 
Beers Nancy A. milliner, 1227 Stockton 



Begen Joseph, butcher, dwl 611 Kearny 

Begennan August, brickraaker, dv*l Potrero nr 
Dows' distillery 

James, Assistant Superintendent S. F. 
■ ( las (Jo. dwl SE eor First and Natoma 

Begga Thomas, lamplighter S. F. Gas Co. 

William J. reporter Herald, dwl 528 Green 
Wm. W. Superintendent S. F. Gas Co. 
dwl SE cor First and Natoma 

Begin Joseph, with J. A. Van Houten, dwl 600 

Begley Michael, moulder at 326 Pine, dwl 31 St. 
Marks Place 

Begue J. dwl Lafayette H. & L. Co. S s Broad- 
way near Stockton 

Behanger George, dwl 603 Broadway 

Behbry Jacob, bricklayer, dwl XE cor Pacific 
and Kearny 

Belirens Detriek, blacksmith, rooms 123 Jackson 

Behnken Martin, porter, with J. D. Arthur & Son 

Behr Hermann, physician, and Consul of Desaau 
and Lubeck, office 638 Washington, dwlNE 
cor Bryant and Fifth 

Behre (Henry) & Co. {Emik Oetzmann) confec- 
tioners. 833 Clay 

BEHRENS H. C. F. physician, 754 Washington, 
dwl 38 Natoma 

Behrens J. bds Original House 

Behrens John, cabinet-maker, with J. P. Good- 
win, dwl S s Broadwav above Dupont 

BEHRENS JOSEPH, grocer, SW cor Brannan 
ami Simmons 

Behrmann Frank, carpenter, 241 Pine, dwl 15 

BEIDEMAN (Jacob C.) & PAGE (Robert C.) 
real estate agents, 502 Montgomery, dwl 
621 Cal 

Beinematut Charles, clerk with Schultz & Von 
Barren, dwl X s Com bet Kear and Dupont 

Beithmiller Cunard, weaver, S. F. Woolen Fac- 
tory, Black Point 

Bekbessenger Fred, butcher with Louis Scholl 

Beke Wm. cooper, S s Oregon nr Davis 

Belcher Fred. P. drayman, with Crosby & Dib- 
blee, dwl S s Union nr Taylor 

Belcher Robert H. drayman with F. Tillman, 
dwl S s Union bet Jones and Leav 

Belden Chas. H. agent, 204 Mont, dwl SW qor 
Stock and Pac 

Belden Francis C. proprietor Union Club Rooms, 
XW cor California and Montgomery 

Belden Jonah, 204 Montgomery, dwl San Jose 

Belden Win. seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 

Belding Orin, machinist, dwl 343 Fremont 

Belding William F. pattern-maker, Miners' Foun- 
dry, dwl 343 Fremont 
ler Chas. painter, 341 Bush 

Beliere Eugene, hair-dressing saloon, 1025 Du- 

BELKNAP (D. P.) & WRIGHT (S. S.) attor- 
neys-at-law, XW cor Mont and Merch, dwl 
Virginia Block 

Bell A. F. porter with Kennedy & Bell 

Bell A. R. plasterer with Wm. Xagle, dwl S s 
Stevenson nr Sixth 

Bell A. T. accountant, rooms 604 Dupont 

Bell C. dwl 603 Broadway 

Bell Christopher, shoemaker, 1238 Dupont 

Bell Fred. W. accountant with P. Witbeck, cor 

Front and Pine, dwd 818 Clay 
Bell F. W. bds Union Hotel 
Bell Gabriel, farmer, Brannan nr Sixteenth 
Bell George, tinsmith with Tay, Brooks & Backus, 

dwl X s Francisco nr Dupont 
BELL GEORGE H. bookseller and stationer, 

SW cor Mont and Merch, dwl S W cor Geary 

and Dupont 
BELL GERRIT W. assayer, 512 Cal, dwl SW 

cor Pine and Leav 
Bell Henry, porter, dwl 10 St. Marks PI 
Bell Henry, dwl with James E. Blethen 
Bell H. W. exchange clerk, Wells, Fargo & Co.'s 

Bank, dwl 715 Broadway 
Bell James (Falkner, B. & Co.) dwl 32 South Park 
Bell James, barber, dwl 434 Union 
Bell James W. dwl SE cor Mission and Lafayette 
Bell John (Kennedy & B.) dwl 213 Stevenson 
Bell John, bds Fisher House 
Bell John, book-keeper, butcher with M. O'Brien 
Bell John, sail-maker with T. McColliam, dwl 

SE cor Mission and Lafayette 
BELL JOHN C. carpets, paper-hangings, uphol- 
stery, etc., 634 Clay and 637 Merch, dwl 

504 Greenwich 
Bell John L. clerk, dwl 46 U. S. Court bdg 
Bell John P. clerk, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Bell John W. New York dept, Wells, Fargo & 

Co.'s Express, dwl 715 Broadway 
Bell Joseph (col'd) laborer, dwl 232 Third 
Bell Lorinda Miss, lodgings, 12 St. Marys Place 
Bell P. laborer, Weigher and Measurers' dept 

C. H. dwl 610 California 
Bell Peter, mariner, dwl Beale nr Harrison 
Bell Phillip A. (colored) employment office 840 

Bell Roland, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Bell Ronald, carpenter, bds with J. P. Manrow 
Bell Samuel, ship-carpenter, dwl 342 Brannan 
Bell Thomas (Barron & Co.) dwl 606 Stockton 
BELL THOMAS, Bell's Saloon, 226 Clay 
Bell William, third officer Golden Age, dwl 180 

Bell William, ship-carpenter, dwl 342 Brannan 
Bell William, compositor, Alta California, dwl 

S s Washington nr Leavenworth 
Bell William F. upholsterer, dwl S s Ewer near 

Bell William H. accountant, dwl 522 Bryant 
Bell W. J. laborer with A. EL Houston 
Bell Wm. J. printer, dwl NE cor Kearny and 

Bell Zed, steward, dwl 512 Post 

proptr, 706 Washington 
Bellav M. artist, 423 Mont, res Oakland 
Belleau Eusebe, St. Francis Hotel, dwl 820 Bush 
Bellemere Augustus, jeweller with Baldwin & 

Read, dwl 117 Xatoma 
Bellemere Louis, shaving saloon, 652 Sac, dwl 

SE cor Mission and Price 
Bellingham Bay Coal Company, office NW cor 

Mont and Mercht 
Bellini Madam, dress-maker, 1211 Dupont 
Bellman V. laborer, rope- walk, Potrero, dwl Po- 
trero nr powder house 
Bellmer Herman, clerk with Richard Phillips 



BELLOC FRERES (B. ft J. Bdloc) importers 

and bankers, 535 Clay 
Belloc J. (Belloc Freres) res Paris 
Bellrude John S. furrier, 27 Hinckley 
Bellum Robert, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Belou Michael, tailor, dwl 1012 Kearny 
Bemis A. silversmith with Yanderslice ft Co. 
BEMIS CHARLES C. machinist, 411 Mission 
Bemis (Stephen A.) & Thomas (Frank E.) wood 

and coal, 18 Washington 
Benard Alexander, cook, dwl 262 Tehama 
Benard Auguste, clerk with Henry Payot, dwl 

262 Tehama 
Benas Solomon, cigars and tobacco, SW cor 

Commercial and East 
Benavidas Antonio, tobacco and cigars, dwl 6 

Lafayette Place nr Green 
Benchel Gottlieb, tailor, dwl 439 Union 
BENCHLEY L. B. & CO. (John Bensley, F. D. 
Kellorjg and James Mc.Mechan) importers for- 
eign and domestic hardware, 206, 208 Bat, 
dwl 1006 Powell 
Bendar Philip, cabinet-maker with L. Emanuel 

& Co. dwl cor Summer and Spring 
Bendel F. sheet-iron-worker, L T nion Foundry 
Bendeloben Ottfried, clerk with Edward Yischer, 

515 Jackson 
Bendent Isaac, peddler, dwl 91 Stevenson 
Bender John, piano-forte-maker, 226 Stockton 
Bender Josiah P. mason, dwl 4 Auburn 
Bender Win. H. butcher, Fourth St. Market, 204 

Bendit Morris, job-wagon, cor Mont and Cal 
Bendit Samuel, furniture, 1003 Dupont 
Bendix 0. F. liquors, Contra Costa Saloon, 707 

Bendizen A. L. book-keeper with Heynemann, 

Pick ft Co. 214 Sansom 
Bendixen Geo. L. J. (Jones & B.) dwl X s Cal nr 

Benecke C. August, (Schafer & B.) res New 

Benedict C. S. shipping-clerk with Janson, Bond 

& Co. dwl 616 Powell 
Benerst M. E. chemist, dwl 900 Clay 
Beneux Jules, clerk 1031 Dupont 
BENHAM A. C. k CO. (John R. Bidoe. Lewis 
Gee, Nathan Simmons, Henry George and 
J. J. Knowlton), proprietors Evening Jour- 
nal, office 532 Merchant, dwl Bryant Place 
nr Bush 
BENHAM CALHOUN, attorney-at-law, 50 

Montgomery Block 
Benham John A. carpenter, dwl 111 Kearny 
Benicia and Martinez Line Packets, Clay Street 

Bening George, Ocean Tearl Saloon, SW cor East 

and Washington 
Benjamin Caroline V. Miss, principal Primary 
department Rincon School. dwl 12 Haw- 
Benjamin Edmund B. (Cameron, Whiltier & Co) 

dwl 309 Harrison 
Benjamin F. A. merchant, office T. J. L. Smiley 

& Co. dwl E s Powell nr Jackson 
Benjamin Frederick, miner, dwl 1206 Powell 
Benjamin Israel J. Rev. dwl New York I 
Benjamin Joseph, laborer, dwl 209 Stevenson 

Benjamin Wm. K. drayman 507 Clay, dwl SW 

cor Post and Taylor 
Benjamin (Z.) & Brown (David) clothing, 307 

Benn Fredrick. (Eoltz & B.) dwl SW cor Mont 

and Pacific 
Bennan Hugh, laborer, dwl 828 Broadway 
Bennan John (Cleary & B.) dwl Mont 
Bennent Harris ( Weidenreich & B.) dwl 232 

Benner George, ship-carpenter, bds 33 Geary 
Benner Wm. hatter with Charles A. Fisher & Co 
Bennett Charles C. trimmer with S. D. Hend- 

Bennett Charles X. carriage maker, dwl SW cor 

Bryant and Harris 
Bennett Charles W. seaman, bds 208. Com 
Bennett Ohauncy C. liquor saloon, 1318 Dupont 
Bennett George, bds 9 Wash 
Bennett Henry W. syrup manufactory 611 Mis- 
sion, dwl 613 Mission 
Bennett James C. carpenter, dwl 108 Sutter 
Bennett J. F. bds What Cheer House 
Bennett Mary B. (widow) milliner, dwl 310 

Bennett Peter B. fish, Washington Market, dwl 

Union Alley nr Green 
Bennett K. II. & Co. produce com merchants, 3 

Clay, dwl S s Essex Place nr Harrison 
Bennett Samuel, clerk, dwl 114 Sacramento 
Bennett Sarah Mrs. dress maker 109 Third 
Bennett Thomas, physician 618 Sac, dwl Pine 

nr Powell 
Bennett William, seaman, bds 541 Mission 
Bennett Wm, laborer, rooms 19 St. Marks Place 
Bennett Win. H. South Park Laundry, 540 Third 
Benney Olpha, contractor, dwl 1407"Powell 
Benoit M. H. meats. 5 New World Market 
Benoit P. ktker 310 Kearny 
BENSLEY JOHN, (L B. Benchky & Co.) 
I'M S. F. C. Water Works, office 806 

Mont, dwl 708 Mission 
Bensley Wm. painter, rooms 761 Mission 
Benson Andrew, laborer, boards Manhattan 

Benson Andrew, seaman, bds 24 Sac 
Benson Henry, moulder at 326 Pine, dwl Lick 

Alley nr First 
Benson James, plasterer, dwl 10 Dupont 
Benson Janus, saloon. 809 Kearny 

eeountant, dwl Ws Simmons 
Brannan and Townsend 
Benson John, miner, dwl 26 Stewart 
Benson John, broker, 702 Washington 
Benson I .. • w i s (colored) porter with Smith, 

kfcDaniel <v Co. Moms 122 Front, up-stairs 
Benson Sewall, hay and grain, 122 Stewart 
Bent .!> lore, bdfl 46 Stewart 

wood worker with H. Casebolt & Co. 

Bent Samuel, Laker, International Hotel 
Bent Winslow B. (G. P. Kimball ft Co.) dwl 11 
Louis, driver for Henry Winkle 
Benteen J. painter, dwl 774 Folsom 
BF.VL IN 11« IUSE, F. J. Hanlon proprietor, 347 

and 349 Commercial 
Benton John S. clerk steamboat Sophie McLane, 
dwl 2.'!7 Minna 



Bentz Henry, barber, dwl Ss Sac bet Jones and 

Benz John, with J. II. Kessing, dwl Clinton 

Temperance House 
Benz John J. finisher, baa 540 Cal 
BENZEN G. A. attorney-at-law, 623 Merchant, 

dwl NE cor Pine and Dupont 
Beojauger Eugene, commission merchant, dwl 

. Mission 
Bepler F. G-. coppersmith, 118 Bush 
Bequette Pascal, dwl 734 Montgomery 
Beranger Claudius (Chiousse & B.) dwl 716 

Berasford John, porter, American Exchange 
Beratah Benj. garden bet San Jose and San 

Bruno Roads 
Berberovich Tripo, Confederation Saloon, 41 C 

Berce (Joseph) & Guidi (J. A.) fish, 31 and 32 

Washington Market, dwl 512 Clay 
Berck Isaac, groceries, dwl 711 Broadway 
Berepta Peter, machinist Union Foundry, dwl 

Minna bet First and Second 
Berg Carl, physician NE cor Kear and Jackson 
Bergeman R. dwl Lafayette H. & L. House 
Bergen Peter, saloon, 412 Jackson 
Bergen Win. bds Original House 
Bergenheim Otto M. manufacturer of clothing, 

dwl 919 Powell 
Berger Gabriel (Geneve & B.) boards California 

Berger Julius, with Edward Colin, 629 Clay 
Berger W. builder, dwl 606 Pine 
Berghauser John, dwl 1520 Dupont 
Berghauser Margaret Miss, dwl 1520 Dupont 
Berghofer (Conrad) & Dodge (Daniel) Or 
Market, 202 Stewart, and cor Main 
Bergin Ellen, dwl 1426 Powell 
BERGIN JAMES J. soap manufacturer, SE cor 

i and Powell, dwl 1526 Powell 
Bergin Mary Miss, domestic, dwl 1307 Stockton 
Bergin Michael, law Btudent, dwl 1526 Powell 
UN (Peter) & CRAWFORD | 
liquor saloon, NE cor Powell and Pn i 
Bergin Thomas I. Jr. attorney-at-law, NE cor 

Mont and Cal, dwl 1526 Powell 
Bergman Jacob, laborer with George Hatman 
Bergman Rodolph, steward, dwl 731 Wae 
Bergman William, clerk with Robert Ilagen, bds 

Original House 
Bergoine Leonardo, drayman with Laviosa & 

Bergson Ole, carpenter and builder, 109 Leid, 

dwl 112 Powell 
Bergst Louis, hair-dresser, 512 Jackson, dwl 21 

Bergstein Lewis, dry goods, 1221 Stockton 
Bergstrom John, cabinet-maker, dwl 318 Vallejo 
Bering John P. accountant, dwl SE cor Sacra- 
mento and Jones 
Berk M. G. clerk with J. Newbury, dwl 813 Sac 
BERKOWITZ MEYER, cloaks, trimmings, etc. 

626 Sacramento 
Berkson Charles, dwl San Bruno Road 
Berlege Henry, cabinet-maker, with J. Peirce, 

dwl 114 Virginia 
Berlin David, musician, bd3 Brooks House 

Berlingham Patrick, laborer, dwl 50 Stevenson 

Bernal Augustine, bds Union Hotel 

B irnal .hum, bds Union Hotel 

Bernard A. plaster-modeler, 406 Pine 

Bernard Adolph A Co. (Morris Rosenlaum) cap 

and fur makers, 645 Commercial 
Bernard C. grocer, 20 Third, dwl NE corner 

Third and Stevenson 
Bernard Charles, Chartres Coffee Factory. NW 

cor Jessie and Annie, dwl 20 Third 
Bernard Chas. A. painter, with H. G. Bloomer, 

bds 411 Pine 
Bernard J. A. lithographer, dwl cor Bush and 

Bernard John L. jeweler, dwl Crescent engine- 
house No. 10 
Bernard Joseph, dwl N s Mission Dolores 
Bernard Julia Mrs. furniture, 1118 Stockton 
Bernard Paul, watchmaker, 520 Clay, dwl N s 

California near Dupont 
Bernard Robert, sign and ornamental painter 

with T. R. Robinson 
Bernard Vanhono, boots and shoes, 804 Kearny 
Bernd Peter, vegetable wagon, res Miss. Dolores 
Bernede John, butcher, 5 Clay St, Market, dwl 

Bernev' William M. saw-maker, 318 Jackson, 

dwl 318 Ji 
Bernhard Bernard, hair-dresser, with Stable Bros. 

dwl 115 Geary 
Bernhard S. H. blacksmith with Pretzel & Eggert 
Bernhart George, dentist, dwl 613 Kearny 
BERNHEIM MAURICE, confectioner, 408 

Clay, dwl cor Franklin and Oak 
Bernheim ( B. ) 4 Co. boots and shoes. 02 Third 
Bernhisel B. R. waterman, dwl 506 Market 
Bernstein Edward, cabinet-maker, with John 

Wigmore, 1205 Dupont 
Bernstein J. job wagon, dwl 20 Dupont 
Bernstein W. F. bds New England House 
Berou Henry, express wagon, dwl 231 Mont 
Berreyeza Jose' 8. real-estate office, 101 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Berringham Peter, student, St. Thomas School, 

Mission DoL 
Berrings H. cigar-maker, dwl 403 Bush 
Berrings Edwd. liquor-dealer, rooms 615 Dupont 
. resides Mission Dolores 
Berry Am. Laundry 

Berry Colton G. drayman, dwl 516 Dupont 
Berry David J. clerk with Davis & Jordan, bds 

329 Pine 
Berry F. G. drayman with Irvine & Co. dwells 

Duponl bel Pine and California 
Berry George, tailor, dwl 822 Mission bet Fourth 

'and Fifth 
Berry Geo. laborer, dwl W s Scotland nr Filbert 
Berry 1. boards What Cheer House 
BerrV James, driver Chelsea Laundry, S s Bran- 
nan near Third 
Berry J nan, bds Miners' Exch. House 

Berry John, carpenter, dwl NE corner Clay and 

Berry John B. seaman, rooms 419 East 
Berry John J. book-keeper St. Charles Hotel 
Berry R. II. job wagon, corner Sansom and Cal 
Berry Richard, stevedore, bds 40 Stewart 
Berry Richard N. broker, 509 Mont, dw!712 Miss 



Berry Robert J. (colored) barber, 615 Davis 
Berry Thomas, baker, dwl W s Taylor nr Post 
Berry Thomas, ironer, Chelsea Laundry 
Berry Thomas, porter with Frederick Griffing 
Berry W. H. barber with Henderson & Brown, 

dwl 15 Sutter 
Bert B. {Henry Schroder & Co.) resides Bordeaux 
Bert Edw. G. agent F. Gilbert, dwell 11 Harlan 

Bert F. W. book-keeper with Koopmanschap & 

Bertheau Cesar (Ziel, B. & Co.) resides Hamburg 
Berther August, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Bertholomew Eliza J. Miss, cigar-maker, 215 

Sacramento, dwl Commercial near Davis 
Berthoumiear John, cooper, dwl Beal bet Mission 

and Howard 
Bertin M. H. tailor, with C. L. Cordiner 
Bertody Charles, physician, 807 Washington 
Berton August, boot-black, 677 Market 
Berton Francis, cashier with Henry Hentsch, 

dwl 835 Howard 
Berton Perolini Madame, millinery, 9 Post 
Bertram Frederick (Beck & B.) dwl 83 Jessie 
Bertram Theophilus, special policeman, dwl 1311 

Bertrand Leon B. boot-maker, 538 Merchant 
Bertrand R. (widow) seamstress, 261 Minna 
Bertrand William, dwl 18-4 Stevenson 
Berts Adolph, waiter with Page & Decker 
Bertz Henry, porter with Weil & Co. rooms SW 

cor Dupont and Broadway 
Berwald Louis, express wagon, dwl 1217 Post 
Berwald Tobias, accountant, dwl 1217 Post 
Berwick Thomas, sail-maker, 36 Clay 
Berwin Aaron (Berwin & Bros.) res. New York 
Borwin Isaac, tailor, 322 Commercial, dwl NE 

cor Battery and Commercial 
Berwin Morris (Berwin & Bros.) dwl Natoma nr 

BERWIN (Pincus) & BROTHERS (Morris and 

Aaron Berwin) importers and jobbers hats 

and caps 319 Sacramento, dwl 118 Natoma 
Besbey Henry, barkeeper with Barry & Patten, 

bds 526 Pine 
Besse L. dwl Lafayette H. and L. House 

Besseliern , nurse with Maj. W. W. Mackall 

Bessey Albion P. drayman, XE cor Sansom and 

Commercial, dwl 147 Minna 
Besson Felix (Breast & Jl.) dwl 514 Clay 
Besson (Harriet) & Pons (Charlotte) Mmes. 

corset-makers, etc. 635 Sacramento 
Best John, finisher with John Wigmore, dwl 149 

Best William, stair-builder with N. P. Langlard, 

bds Branch Hotel 
Beston John, apprentice Pacific Foundry 
Beth S. M. machinist, dwl 411 Piuc 
Bctjeman L. grocer, NE cor Townsend and Crooks 
Betkowski Peter, express wagon, dwl 23 Silver 
Betteaux Louis, distiller with J. E. Castera & Co. 

dwl 418 Dupont 
Bettman Moses, bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Betts Isaac, bds Isthmus House 
Betty Jane A. Miss, domestic, 1210 Mason 
Betty John, drayman, dwl 274 Tehama 
Betty T. L. silversmith, 131 Kearny 
Betuel Francis, laundryman, dwl 807 Howard 

Betuel Francois (widow) laundress, dwells 807 

Betzel Louis, tailor, dwl 409 Stockton 
Beurimo H. clerk with Falkenstein & Co. dwl 

cor Bush and Milton Place 
Beusen D. dwl 727 Davis 

Bevalle Richard, dwl cor Yallejo and Hall's Alley 
Bevans Edward, plasterer, dwl SW corner First 

and Market 
BEYAXS JOHN, apothecary, 1236 Stockton 
Bevans T. P. physician, 1236 Stockton, dwl S s 

Yallejo bet Hyde and Larkin 
Bevins John, printer, dwl W s Mason nr Bdwav 
Bevins W. H. clerk with O. F. Griffin & Bro. 

dwl with 0. F. Griffin 
Bewley Allen H. Assessor's office, dwl Dupont 

near Sacramento 
Beynowiey Ambrose, barkeeper, dwl 645 Com 
Bibben Robert, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Bibbins Tracy L. Commercial Academy, 305 

Mont, dwl NE cor Pine and Prospect Place 
Bibeant Charles C. rooms 105 Geary 
Biber George, medical student, dwl 911 Dupont 
Bichard N. importer anchors, chains, etc. pier 15 

Stewart, dwl 5 Post 
Bichend F. dwl 409 Bush 
Bickel Conrad, real-estate, dwl 125 Post 
Bidan Peter, real-estate, dwl 924 Dupont 
Bidden D. bds What Cheer House 
BIDEN CHARLES S. supervisor First District, 

dwl with John Raynes 
Bidlack Benjamin A. dwl 906 Sacramento 
Bidleman Joseph B. office with F. J. Thibault, 

dwl Washington 
Bielawski C. draughtsman, TJ. S. Surveyor-Gen- 
eral's office, dwl 242 Stevenson 
Bielefeld H. cooper, 718 Battery, bds Shakspeare 

BEEN II. REY'D, editor and proprietor True 

Pacific Messenger, office 22 Government 

Bien Morris, furniture, 1026 Dupont 
Bigarel Dominique, merchant tailor, 635 Wash 
Bigelow Benjamin D. ship carpenter, dwl West- 
ern Hotel 
Bigelow F. commission merchant, 124 Clay, bds 

558 Folsom 
Bigelow Jabez, boots, dwl SE cor Battery and 

Bigelow Martin, dwl 721 Dupont 
BIGELOW (Samuel C.) & BOWMAN (Arthur 

W.) real estate agents, 204 Montgomery, 

dwl 26 Laurel Place 
Bigelow Theodore F. pattern-maker, dwl 109 

Bigger Alexander, with J. J. Haley 

Terrance, watchman, with Skelly & Co. 
Biggins Thomas, brickmaker, dwl with Patrick 

A. K. at A. M. Gilman & Co.'s, dwl 111 

Biggs (John E.) & Hersee (George) proprietor 

Columbia House, 46 Stewart 
Big^s Mary (widow) dwl 1024 Stockton 
Bigler David, bda Original House 
Bigler John, laborer, bds 414 Pacific 
Bigler Reed, surveyor, bds 509 Dupont 
Bigley C. groceries, 134 Clay 



Bigley D. clerk with C. Bigley 

Bigley John, drayman with Todd & Richards, 

dwl W s Morse bet Bush and Pine 
Bigley Michael, moulder, dwl 31 St. Marks Place 
Bigley Thomas (Ringol & B.) dwl 320 Post bet 

Post and Stockton 
Biglione A. Rev. S. J. assistant pastor St. Ig- 
natius Church 
Biglow C. P. bds What Cheer House 
Biglow Daniel, laborer Sugar Refinery, dwl S s 

Harrison nr Price 
Biglow Edward, laborer Sugar Refinery, dwl 

with Daniel Biglow 
Biglow George, butcher with Henry Miller 
Bigne John {Arees & Co.) dwl Hotel De France 
Bigne Vincent, waiter Hotel De France 
Bigot Ernst, dwl 303 Montgomery 
Bigot Esther Madame, embroideries and laces, 

303 Montgomery 
Bigot John, shaving-saloon, 714 Pacific 
Bigot Leon, clerk, 303 Montgomery 
Bill Philip, dwl 338 Third 
BILLINGS FREDERICK, attorney-at-law, 40 
and 41 Montgomery Block, dwl 90 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Billings John F. drayman, dwl 626 Vallejo, rear 
Bingenheimer Christopher, cooper, 106 Davis 
Bingham J. W. collector of licences, dwl 417 

Binney J. B. first G., I. O. of K. office NE cor 
Washington and Montgomery, dwl 618 Sac 
Binzel B. cooper, bds New England House 
Birch James, blacksmith, bds National House 
Birch Thomas, plasterer with William Nagle, 
Birch William, mate stm Golden Age, dwl 769 

Bird Ann S. (widow) SE cor Williams and Jones 
Bird Catherine (widow) dwl W s Baldwin Court 

nr Folsom 
Bird George W. contractor, dwl 342 Minna 
Bird James, moulder, dwl 21 Ritch 
Bird Mary Miss, domestic 711 Pacific 
Bird Michael, laborer, dwl 24 Dupont 
Bird Michael, seaman schr Ellen & Catherine, 

Clay St Wharf 
Bird Philip, cook Manhattan House 
Bird R. D. Mrs. principal Greenwich St School 
Bird Robert, jeweler with Baldwin ft Reed, dwl 

E s Stockton bet Clay and Washington 
Bird Sarah Miss, dwl with Orville O. Pratt 
Bird William, steward with Eugene G. Boyle 
Birden Albert, drayman with Thomas EL Selby 

ft Co. dwl 9 Stevenson 
Birdsall Elizabeth Mrs. adjuster U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 602 Filbert 
Birdsall (E. M.) ft Rowlands (//. R) shipwrights 

and calkers, 27 Commercial 
Birdsall George, laborer, Warehouse Department 

Custom House, dwl 750 Howard 
Birdsall John, teamster with L. B. Garrison, dwl 

SE cor Pine and Market 
Birdsall J. S. dwl Sansome Street House 
Birdsall Wyatt, engineer, stm Contra Costa, dwl 

711 Davis 
Birdsall Z. driver, Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, 

dwl NW cor California and Montgomery 
Birdsey L. L. bds What Cheer House 
Birge J. J. dentist, 311 Montgomery, up-stairs 

Birmingham John, chief engineer, P. M. S. Gol- 
den Age 
Birmingham P. S. carpenter, dwl 336 Bush 
Birney William, ship carpenter, dwl Third near 

Birney William, dwl N s Jessie nr Fourth 
Birney William jr. cutler, dwl N s Jessie near 

Biron D. O. drayman, cor California and Front 
Birrell Andrew, dwl 150 Third, rear 
Birrell Andrew jr. dwl 150 Third, rear 
Bisagno Brothers {Louis & Pio) importers hard- 
ware, cutlery, etc. 420 Battery, dwl N 8 
Pacific cor Scott 
Bisagno Pio {Bisagno Bros.) resides Stockton, Cal. 
Biscaccianti E. Mme. cantatrice, Bella Union 

Bishoff Hermann, musician, dwl 323 Pine 
Bishop Brown, barkeeper, NW corner Clay and 

East, bds with Henry Bishop 
Bishop C. H. L. jeweler with F. R. Reichel, dwl 

W s Trinity Alley nr Sutter 
Bishop Henry, dwl SE cor Geary and William 
Bishop Henry, clerk with Frederick Harjes 
Bishop Henry, Continental Saloon, NW cor Clay 

and East 
Bishop J. watchman, Piatt's Music Hall 
Bishop Lewis, jeweler, dwl Trinity S Bush 
Bisset Andrew, stone-cutter, dwl S s Howard nr 

Bisset William, seaman, bds Glencoe House 
Bitbize Dominique, harness-maker, 533 Bdwy 
Bitner A. laborer, S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Bitner William, laborer, S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Bitner Andrew, shoemaker, dwl 7 St. Marys 

Bitter William, proptrietor Mechanics Hotel, 605 

Bivins Samuel, furniture, dwl 16 Scott 
Bixler Daniel, clerk, dwl 1009 Mason 
Bixler David, attorney-at-law. XW cor Mont- 
gomery and Commercial, dwl 1009 Mason 
Bjkerke H. T. fresco-painter. 38 Second, rear 
Bjorhman August, drayman, with J. L. Laggard, 

dwl Chelsea Place, nr Bush 
Bjorhman John, laborer, S. F. Woolen Factory, 

Black Point 
Black A. (widow) dwl N 3 Charles Place, near 

Black Alexander, waiter, St. Lawrence House 
Black A. S. bds Niantic Hotel 
Black David, blacksmith, 257 Third 
Black Diamond Coal Mining Co. office, 192 

Black Henry M. carriage-maker, dwl N s Ste- 
venson nr Fourth 
Black John, mariner, dwl S s Howard nr First 
Black J. W. book-keeper with Thomas II. Selby, 

dwl Charles Place nr Montgomery 
Black Samuel, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Black Smith A. with Cleary & Bennan, dwl 

Front cor Sacramento 
Black T. J. clerk, 224 Montgomery 
Black William, hostler, 344 Brannan, dwl cor 

Geary and Williamson 
Black William {Doyle & B.) dwl 8 Lafayette PI 
Black William, seaman, bds Miner's Exchange 

House . 



Blackburn Frederick, accountant, bda 322 .Sutter 
Blackburn George E. engineer, 12 Battery dwl 

NE cor Hayes and Laguna 
Blackburn John, dwl with Richard Carroll 
Blackburn Leslie F. bar-keeper with M. Kenny, 

dwl 361 Sutter 
Blackman Cash, clerk, with Blackman, Howard 

& Co. dwl 873 Mission 
Blackman Maurice, tinsmith, dwl 241 Wash 
BLACKMAN (0. P.) HOWARD (Charles Webb) 

& CO. (Charles B. Marvin) importers and 

wholesale wines and liquors, 325 Front, dwl 

39 Sutter 
Blackmore Thomas, boarding, 327 Beale 
Blackstone John, capt. schooner Rosalie, Pier 6 

Blackwood John, porter, U. S. Com. Dep't. 208 

Sansom, dwl 7GG Harrison 
Blackwood William, Sec. Guadalupe Min Co. SE 

cor Montgomery and California, dwl 7 GO 

Blakie George W. ship-joiner, dwl B s Leaven- 
worth bet Clay and Washington 
Blaikie James, carpenter, dwl 121 Prospect 

Place, rear 
Blaikie Sarah (widow) dwl Leavenworth bet 

Clay and Washington 
Blair Phineas H. groceries, 1434 Stocktou, dwl 

E s William nr Geary 
Blair Samuel, schooner J. R. Whiting, Pier 11 

Blair Thomas N. special policeman, dwl 10S 

Blaisdell E. F. (widow) lodgings, 3 Harlan 

Blaisdell George, bag-maker at 218 Clay, dwl 

418 Bush 
Blaise C. L. dwl N s Broadway bet Stockton and 

Blaive Dominick Rev. pastor Notre Pame des 

Victoires church 
BLAKE {Calvin T.) & CO. (Geo. W. Blake) hat- 
ters, 524 Montgomery, dwl Calhoun near 

BLAKE CHARLES E. dentist, SW cor Clay 

and Kearny, dwl 130 Bryant 
Blake Edwin, teamster, dwl cor Post and Mason 
Blake Elizabeth Mrs. dwl N s Lick Alley 
Blake (Francis) k Moffitt (James) steam print- 
ing presses, 528 Merchant, dwl :>:!l Bush 
Blake George II. (colored) cook al 61 1 Kearny 
Blake George M. book-keeper, with Frank Baker, 

dwl 70 Minna 
Blake Geo. W. (Blake d- Co.) dwl Calhoun near 

Blake Ingles, painter, dwl Sansom Street House 
Blake J. laborer. P. M S. S Co.'s works, 
Streel Wharf, bda What Cheer li 
John, butcher, bds with Henry Clarkson 
BLAKE MAURICE C. Judge County Court, 

office City Hall, dwl 218 Bush 
Blake 0. Capt bark D. M. Hall, office with Wil- 
liam B. Bourn 
Blako S. ('. carrier Morning: Call 
Blake William, dwl 518 Sacramento 
Blake William II. dwl Kiantic Hotel 
Blake William II. (colored) hair-dresser. 508 
Clay, dwl S s Green bet Kearny and Dupont 

Blakely Francis, carpenter, dwl 109 Powell 
Blakely George, laborer, bds 250 Stevenson 
Blakely Robert, plumber, with J. K. Prior, dwl 

N s Market nr Second 
Blakely W. H drayman, with Dickson, De 

Wolf & Co. dwl S s Harrison bet Fifth and 

Blakie Richard, carpenter, bds with William F. 

Blakiston J. sail-maker, 36 Clay 
Blan Godfrey, bootmaker, 6 Second 
Blane Stewart, shoemaker, 705 Battery 
Blauchard David, rooms 529 Pine 
Blanchard D. L. storekeeper ware-house depart- 
ment Custom House, dwl 1707 Dupont 
Blanchard Julius, crockery, 26 Third 
Blanchard Louis, carpenter, E s Lestrades Alley 

nr Pacific 
Blanchard Robert S. carriage-maker, with Kim- 
ball & Co. dwl 62 First 
Blanchford Thomas, carpenter, dwl 114 St. 

Marks Place 
BlaDci Irina Mrs. groceries, NE cor Laguna and 

Blanci Louis, Haves Valley Restaurant, SE cor 

Haves and Laguna 
Blanck M. printer, dwl C03 Broadway 
Blanding Edward J. with Bowen & Bro. dwl 

239 Stevenson 
Blanding Louis, attorney-at-law, SE cor Mont- 

gomerv and California, dwl 214 Sansom 
BLANDING WILLIAM, attorney-at-law, 802 

Montgomery, dwl 1301 Taylor 
Blaney John II. groceries, dwl G!!7 Howard 
Blaney J. H. Mrs. millinery and dressmaker, 

dwl 637 Howard 
Blank Jacob, grocer, 200 Pacific 
Blanken Henry, Overland Mail House, San Bru- 
no Road 
Blankenstein Henry, clerk, with Jacob Cohen & 

Co. dwl 315 Dupont 
Bias Z. gardener, res Lagoon 
Blasdell < reorge, dwl X s Bush bet Kearny and 

BLASDELL GEORGE W. contractor, office SE 

cor Cal and Mont, dwl 324 Folsom 
Blasdell II. G. commission merchant, NW cor 

Clay and Front 
Blasdell Samuel F. traveling agent for Grovcr & 

Baker, dwl .'!24 Folsom 
BlaSS G. clerk, 62 Second 

bliss Meyer, dry goods, G2 Second 

Blattner John, pattern-maker, Union Foundry, 

dwl 30 Everett 
Blau Gottfried, boot maker, bds Pacific Tem- 
perance House 
Blauvelt Richard D. Jr. rooms NE cor Mont and 

Bleckbill Charles, carpenter, rooms 31 Kearny 

cfc B.) ."'17 East 
Blehl Henry (Leritter & Co.) dwl 931 Kearny 
Blen Eunice (widow ) dwl 62 Tehama 
Bleaker J. waterman, .Market opp Sansom 
Blessman Louis, cook with Page & Pecker 
Blethen AJphonso c. (B .) res Maine 

Blethen C. P. ship-carpenter, bds 564 Mission 
Blethen (James E.) & Brother (Alpha 
Blethen) water works, 575 Market 



Blethen (James E.) & Pierson (James) manufac- 
turers of grain separators, 575 Market, res- 
idence San Antonio 
Blettner Nicholas (Latvje & B.) dwl Niantic 

Key A.dolph (Pinner <fc B.) 10 Clay 
Bleyler Peter W. painter with J. W. Denny, dwl 

300 Bush 
Blick Pierre, dwl S s Broadway bet Dupont and 

Bligh Catharine (widow) dwl 528 Union 
Blinc Maurice, laundry, S s Clementina nr Fourth 
Blinn Samuel P. (Adams, B.k Co.)dwl 64 Tehama 
Bliss George D. (ff Connell & B.) dwl SE cor 

Pacific and Polk 
Blitz B. S. Sergeant-at-arms Board of Supervi- 
sors, dwl 624 Washington 
Bloch Asa B. clothing, 1214: Stockton 
Bloch I. F. (of Aaron Cohn & Co. Oregon) office 

312 California, dwl 10 Anthony 
Bloch William, boots and shoes. 1032 Dupont 
Blochman Emanuel, milk ranch, one mile west 

of Mission Dolores Church 
Block A. (A. Block k Co. Nevada) office NE cor 
Sac and Battery, dwl SE cor California and 
Block James, book-keeper with H. Cohn & Co. 

dwl SE cor San and Cal 
Block John, clothing, Kearny, dwl 233 Sutter 
Block John, dry goods, 1207 Stockton, dwl 1007 

Block John, tailor, 602 Kearny, dwl Sutter nr 

Blohm Christopher, clerk, dwl SE cor Taylor and 

Blohm Herman, brewer, Pacific brewery 
Blohm Peter, groceries, 42 Webb 
Blohm Wilheim, seaman, bds Empire house 
Blom Charles, steward Sacramento Hotel 
Blom John, ship-carpenter, dwl N B Vallejo bet 

Kearny and Montgomery 
Blondell T. fish, 36 Metropolitan Market, dwl 

135 Minna 
Blood James, wood and coal, Battery bet Union 

and Green, dwl S s Greenwich nr Mont 
BLOOD J. H. attorney-at-law. 7 Montgomery 

Block, dwl SE cor Mont and Cal 
Blood J. M. bonnet maker, dwl 316 Ritch 
Blood Levi L. commission merchant, 58 Clay, 

dwl N s Riley nr Jones 
Blood Wm. sail maker with Andrew Crawford, 

dwl N s Greenwich nr Sausom 
Blood William H. stock-dealer, dwl 832 Bdwy 
Bloom Wolf, boots and shoes, 124 Third 
BLOOMER HIRAM G. paints and oils, 725 

Montgomery, dwl W s Vernon Place 
Bloomer Isaac, mill-wright, dwl 130 Natoma 
Bloomer Theresa Mrs. lodgings, 421 Dupont 
Bloomer Wm. special policeman, Metropolitan 

Market, dwl 421 Dupont 
Bloomiugdale J. B. clerk, 103 Third 
Bloomiugdilt H. bds What Cheer House 
Joseph, laborer, dwl 21 Stevenson 
BLOSSOM WILLIAM H. Blossoms Saloon, 323 

Blucher John, boot-maker with Fred Kramer 
Blue George, carriage-painter with E. S. Ross, 
dwl 31 Second 

Bluo (J/. II.) & Levy (Simon) furniture, 31 

Blue X. S. milkman, dwl with Martin R. Thurber 
Blum Isaac, clerk, Original House 
Blum Isidore, clothing, 411 Montgomery, dwl 

1028 Clay 
Blum Leopold, commission, dwl 743 Howard 
Blum S. job wagon, cor Sansom and Cal 
Blume Charles (Saulnier & Co. dwl 245 Wash 
Blame Henry, boots and shoes, 29 Second 
Blumenberg J. H. gilder, 313 Pine 
BLUMENTHAL A. L. & SON (Julius B.) foreign 
manufacturers cloths, importers and whole- 
sale dealers, 616 Sac and 615 Com, dwl 11 
and 14 Government House 
Blumenthal Henrv (Lazar & B.) dwl 718 Vallejo 
Blumenthal Julius B. (A. L. B. & Son) 616 Sac 

and 615 Com 
Blumenthal L. tailor, 333 Kearny 
Blumenthal Martin A. crockery, 726 Montgomery 

dwl Sacramento nr Kearny 
Blumfisher Andrew (John Sime & Co.) dwl 426 

Blun Simon, merchant, dwl 3 Hardee Place 
Blunett Thomas, physician, dwl N s Pine near 

Blunn Edward, gardener, dwl 46 Silver 
Blunvelt T. Y. miner, bds What Cheer House 
Bluxome Isaac Jr. coal agent, office 206 Front, 

dwl 8 Kearny 
Bly L. A. carpenter with Brokaw & Metcalf, dwl 

W s Calhoun nr Green 
Blythe Henry, clerk with Amos Phinney & Co. 

dwl 319 Beale 
Blyth Robert, cook, dwl N s Market bet Jones 

and Taylor 
Boardman Charles, mechanic with Hobbs, Gil- 
more & Co. dwl 420 Bush 
Boardman George C, Secretary S. F. Insurance 

Co, 621 Clay, bds Oriental Hotel 
Boas Joseph, 'agent Humboldt Line Steamers, 

412 Sacramento, dwl 1607 Powell 
Boas Michael, laborer with G. W. Blasdell, dwl 

538 Howard 
Bobus John, clerk, dwl 4 Broadway 
Bock Charles, Harmonic Beer Saloon, 773 Clay 
BOCKEX HENRY, proprietor German Coffee 

Saloon, 614 Montgomery 
Bookman L. H. saloon, 202 Fifth 
Bockmann Henrv, groceries, 22 Third 
BOCKMAXX (Henry) & KAPPKE (Ferdinand) 

groceries, 771 Howard 
Boozhsch Karl, laborer, dwl with Wm. Fruhling 
Bode George C. accountant with J. B. Thomas, 

dwl SW cor Harlan Place and Dupont 
Bodeker B. musician, dwl 422 Green 
Bodega Line Packets, Washington St. Wharf 
Boden John F. with W. H. J. Brooks, 748 Wash- 
Boden John II. clerk with Henschel & Maurice 
Bodiuo William O. assistant keeper Tucker's Hall 
Bodwell H. H. cooper, N s Oregon bet Front 

and Davis, dwl 55 Everett 
Bodwell Jopeph R. dwl 1102 Kearny 
Boeglar Rudolph, clerk, 538 Kearny, dwl Kearny 

nr Pacific 
Boehndel A. (Niebuhr & 5.) 18 Sansom 
Boenduell Walcott, miller, dwl 616 Third 



Boettcher Ferdinand, chemist with Dr L. J. 

Czapkay, dwl 519 Sac 
BOFER WILLIAM & CO. (August Bultmann, 

Adolph Marquard & Carl F. Marwede) hard- 
ware, 610 Sac 
Bofinger Jacob, silversmith, 118 Bush, dwl Du- 

pont nr Pacific 
Bogardus John P. collector, dwl N s Green bet 

Hyde & Leavenworth 
Bogart John M. with F. D. Conro & Co. dwl 19 

Boge J. carpenter, 241 Pine, dwl Laurel Place 
Bogel C. H. groceries and liquors, 1 Powell 
Bogel Th. (Lefevre & Co.) dwl 743 "Washington 
Boggs Alexander, clerk, dwl 351 First 
Boggs C. S. U. S. N. inspector light house, office 

C. H. third floor 
Boghisuch B. N. coffee-stand, SW cor Pacific 

and Drumm 
BOHEN GEO. T. superintendent streets and 

highways, office City Hall, dwl 617 Pine 
Bohen J. A. J. deputy superintendent streets, 

office City Hall, dwl 411 Dupont 
Bohen Michael, laborer, dwl 19 Spring 
Bohen Walter J. machinist, dwl 411 Dupont 
Bohley Joseph, dwl S s Brannan bet Fifth and 

BOHM S. H. & CO. importers and jobbers dry 

goods, 421 Sac, dwl S s Green bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Bohm Wm. jeweller, 614 Merchant 
Bohme Fred, musician, dwl E s Clara nr Sutter 
Bohme Louis, clerk, 641 Sac, dwl 113 Post 
Bohme Wm, pantry-man, Steckler's Exchange 
Bohn A. baker, dwl 37 St. Marks Place 
Bohn Daniel, cook, stmr Chrysopolis 
Bohn John, stoves and tin ware, 1218 Dupont, 

dwl 418 Union 
Bohn Wm. (Schumacher & B.) dwl 136 Second 
Bohner Karl, barber-shop, 315 Kearny 
Boicman Robt. seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Boie George, packer with H. Davis & Co. dwl 

Sutter nr Taylor 
Boilleau Ferdinand, cashier with Alfred Borel, 

dwl 831 Sac 
Boir Henry, broom-maker, rooms NW cor Davis 

and Clay 
Boiro Louis, salesman, 64C Sac, dwl Powell nr 

Boisett C. apothecary, bds Original House 
BOISOT CHARLES, drugs, 429 Cal 
JBoisse Eugene, hair-dresser, 526 Com, dwl Sac 

nr Kearny 
IBoisse Hermione Madame, dress-maker, 625 Sac 
jBakee D. McK. clerk, City and County Treasurer, 

dwl Fella Place 
Bokce Wm. 0. book-keeper with Barry & Patten, 

dwl 6 Mont 
Bolado Joaquin, (Sa?ijwjo B. & Pujol) dwl 516 

Boland Elizabeth Miss, dress-maker, 28 Post 
Belaud J. groceries, SE corner Harrison and 

Roland J. expressman, S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Boland James Mrs. bds Niantic Hotel 
Bolaad John, store-keeper, American Exchango 
BoJand (John) k Gray ( William) Eureka Market, 

J 23 Bush, dwl 628 Mission nr Jane 

Bolger John, boiler-maker, Yulcan Foundry, 

dwl N s Clementina nr Fourth 
Bolger Miles, liquors, SW cor Davis and Sac 
Bolinas Line Packets, Jackson St. Wharf 
Boling Daniel, driver, Overland Mail Co. rooms 

cor Dupont and Wash 
Bolito Wm. boiler-maker, Union Foundry 
Bolland Wm. H. book-keeper, dwl 607 Market 
Bolle Frederick, brewer, Union Brewery, Fol- 

som nr Fifth 
Boiler Wm. butcher, 329 East, bds Pacific Exch 
Boiling George K. clerk, 420 Com. dwl 1624 

Bollingen John, tinworker, 102 Kearny 
Bolster Thomas, contractor, dwl 357 First 
BOLTON JAMES R. office 618 Merchant, dwl 

NW cor Jones and Greenwich 
Bolton John H. clerk, with Barron & Co. dwl 

718 Filbert 
Bomiseler Herman, laborer, with J. Martenstein, 

dwl 115 Minna 
Bon Charles, brick and asphaltum office, NE cor 

Montgomery and California, dwl SW cor 

Third and Stevenson 
Bonacina A. carver, with Appell, Jerome & Co. 
Bonacina F. dwl Union Club 
Bonall John, shoemaker, 727 Jackson 
Bond A. boiler-maker, with Coffey k Risdon 
Bond Chas. barber, dwl Belden near Bush 
BOND CHARLES R. City and County Assessor, 

office City Hall, dwl 1 2 Hawthorn 
Bond C. J. (Janson, B. & Co.) res New York 
Bond David, printer, with F. Eastman, dwl SE 

cor Montgomery and Jackson 
Bond John, 'longshoreman, dwl San nr Green 
Bond Marshiretta (widow) dwl 207 Harrison 
Bond Richard L. carpenter, dwl 429 First 
Bond Thomas J. carpenter, dwl 429 First 
Bondel P. laborer, French Hospital, S s Bryant 

bet Fifth and Simmons 
Bonduel Charles, Foreman L'Echo du Paeifiquo 
Boueisler nermann, miller, dwl 634 Commercial 
Bones John W. builder, dwl 330 Green 
Bonestell J. T. clerk, with Sperry & Co. dwl 5 1 2 

Bonestell Lewis H. salesman, with J. J. Le- 

count, dwl 512 Stockton 
Bonley Paul, miner, dwl 715 Davis 
Bonnard Francis A. printer, Morning Call, dwl 

132 Geary 
Bonneau Thomas C. hair-dresser, 310 Conmier- 

ci:il, dwl 24 Post bet Mont and Kearny 
Bonnell A. (.'. book-keeper and cashier, Evening 

Bulletin, dwl 219 Minna 
Bonnell Edwin, clerk, Recorder's Office, dwl 

219 Minna 
Bonnell Henry, clerk, with Gillespie & Grav, 

bds 219 Minna 
Bonnell Rufus, clerk, with George L. Story & 

Co. dwl 219 Minna 
Bonner C. tailor, dwl E s Dolores nr Oorbett 
Bonnet Edward, wheelwright, dwl 619 Bdwy 
Bonnet Sosthine, dwl 571 Tnion 
Bonuey Edward, books and stationery, dwl with 

Joel Bonney 
Bonnoy George, purser, stm Senator 
Bonney Joel, book-stand, SE cor Sacramento and 

Mont, dwl W s Mont hot Vallejo and Green 



Bonnore Peter, carpenter, dwl S s Mission bet 

Eighth and Ninth 
Bonzi Antonio, clerk, 515 Merchant 
Bonzi (Pietro) & Descalzi (Antonio) Italian Res- 
taurant 515 Merchant 
Boobar Elijah (Galloway & B.) dwl 55-4 Folsom 
Booken C. II. groceries, 560 Bush 
BOOKER W. LANE. II. B. M.'s Consul, office 

42 S California, dwl Union Club 
Books Frank, watchmaker, dwl 29 Webb 
Bookstaver S. J. Centre Market, 449 Bush 
Boone J. B. moulder, Pacific Foundry, dwl 514 

BOORAEM H. TOLER, attorney-at-law. NW 
cor Mont and Wash, dwl 830 Washington 
Booren Townsend, teamster, dwl 26 Clementina 
Booth (Adam) & Co. [Alexander XichoUon) pro- 
duce commission, 486 Merchant, dwl W s 
Mason bet Green and Union 
Booth C. H. ship carpenter, dwl 14 Stewart 
Booth Charles, ship carpenter, J. G. North's ship- 
Booth Daniel, dwl 1412 Powell 
Booth J. B. actor, Maguire's Opera House, dwl 

W s Calhoun nr Green - 
Booth Joseph, ( Wm. Booth & Co) res Newark 
Booth MichaeL stevedore, dwl 26 Stewart 
BOOTH WILLIAM & CO. (Joseph Booth) impts 
and manfs hats, 314 Sacramento, dwl 42 
Boothby Wm. L. teamster with Reynolds & Ran- 
kin, dwl 57 Minna 
Boothrold Thomas, weaver, S. F. Woolen Facto- 
ry. Black Point 
Bootz"Adam. New York Hotel, 331 Kearny 
Boozin John, blacksmith, bds 414 Pacific 
Boran James, drayman, dwl 6 Scott 
Borchers H. Mrs. dwl 510 Front 
Borde Louisa Mrs. with Mrs. J. Gargansen, dwl 

S s Yallejo bet Powell and Mason 
Borde Fritz, melter with S. Molitor. dwl 1616 Pow 
Bordeaux and San Francisco Maritime Line 

Packets, E. deRutte agent 431 Battery 
Bordell H. W. porter with F. D. Conro & Co. dwl 

Ws Third nr Harrison 
Bordfeild Earnest, cabinet maker with P. Sisen- 

felt, dwl 612 Battery 
Bording Michael, teamster, dwl 111 Jessie 
Borduce Jacob, carpenter, dwl Sansom St. House 
Bordwell George, architect, 224 Mont 
BOREL ALFRED, merchant, NW cor Jackson 

and Montgomery 
Borel G. collector, dwl Potrero nr San Bruno 

Boreum Ira B. job cart, cor Clay and Sansom 
Borgadas James, laborer with Bernard O'Rourke, 

dwl NE cor Bush and Pierce 
Borger Christian, jeweler with Joseph McGregor, 

dwl 204 Stewart, rear 
Borger Fredricka Miss, dwl Oregon House 
Borkwitz G. W. (Carlton & B.) Charley's Place, 

liquors. San Jose road 
Borman J. H. cook with Phillip Horn 
Born Charles, barber with A. Creamer, dwl 319 

Born Peter, dwl 26 Government House 
Borneman Francis G. florist, SW cor Folsom and 

Bornheimer Francis, tailor, dwl 226 Third 
Bornstein John, fruits, dwl 237 Jackson 
Bornstein Joseph, fruits, dwl 237 Jackson 
Bornstein Julius, with E. Martin & Co. dwl 433 

Borntzky Flora Mrs, dwl 110 Sacramento 
Bortburck R. bds Original House 
Bortfeldt E. F. dwl Original House 
Borthwick Robert, porter with A. M. Gilman & 
Co. dwl N s Yallejo bet Montgomery and 
BORUCK MARCUS D. (Chase & B.) dwl Es 

Mason abv Jackson 
Bosage Jean, coppersmith with Graves, Smith & 

Hoffimire, dwl 522 Davie 
Boschen Fabien (Inderstroth & B.) dwl Frederick 

bet First and Second 
Boschken Jacob, carpenter, dwl 407 Powell 
Boschulte Theodore, dwl N s Jessie bet Third 

and Fourth 
Boscowitz Leopold, book-keeper with H. M. Lan- 
german, dwl Sullivan'* Bdg Pacific cor Du- 
pont and Broadway 
Bose John, hog ranch, dwl N s Folsom near 

Bose Julius, at Golden Gate Market, rooms 218 

Bosnian A. (Koopmanschap & Co.) residence 

Hong Kong 
Bosqui Edward, real estate agent, 5 Naglee's 

buildinsr, resides Contra Costa Co 
Bosse H. W. brewer, dwl Grove bet Polk and 

YanXess Avenue 
Bossuge John, dwl Ns Broadway bet Dupont 

and Stockton 
Bostdan Zeffiro, cook with Lauenstein & Saul- 

Bostlett J. drayman, dwl Jackson nr Taylor 
Boston Line Packets, Glidden &, Williams, Mae- 

der, Lolor & Co. agents, 405 Front 
Boston John, dwl 14 Stewart 
BOSTON JOSEPH, depot Kirby, Jones & Co.'s 

Tannery and importer leather, 322 Wash 
Bostwick John, porter, dwl 322 Vallejo 
BOSWELL (S. B.) & GEDDES) John S.) butter, 

cheese, etc. 208 Clay, dwl 757 Howard 
Boswich Amos, plumber with J. R. Prior, dwl 

cor Tavlor and Wash 
Bosworth C. W. porter with Wilson & Stevens 
Bosworth George F. printer, Herald, bds Tremont 

BOSWORTH JOHN H. & CO. (George B. Gam- 
mans and L. A. Sanderson) wholesale gro- 
ceries and provisions, 309 and 311 Front, 
dwl Pacific Club 
Bosworth William, com mcht, dwl 14 Prospect 

Bothe Charles, cook, dwl 621 Kearny 
Bothe Sophie Mrs. midwife, dwl 621 Kearny 
Bothgaenger Frederick, wagon-maker, dwl E s 

Gardiner Alley nr Post 
Botts William S. dwl 633 Com 
Bottum George R. accountant with Dodge & 

Shaw, res with H. S. Dodge 
Botzer John, farmer, dwl with Jason Wight 
Bouchard Hvppolite, broker, dwl 1421 Powell 
Bouchard Paul, printer, LePhare, SW cor Clay 
and Sansom 



Boucher Charles, laborer, dwl 7 Tehama 

BOUCHER EUGENE, merchant tailor, 537 Sac, 
dwl XW cor Quincy and Pine 

Bouchford Pierre Mrs. dress maker, dwl 513 

Boudon Alcicide Mrs. washing and ironing, dwl 
W s Mason nr Chestnut 

Bougrand Louis, laundry, 607 Yallejo 

Bouise Peter, livery stable, S s Market nr Third 

Boulden G-. T. constable 5th township, dwl Ss 
Mission bet Second and Third 

Boullet Joseph, painter, 13 Market, dwl 916 

Boulman F. cabinet-maker. 127 Mont 

Boulton J. P. bda Union Hotel 

BourdinE. D. brick-moulder with Charles Bon's, 
brick yard 

Bourgeois Alexander, blacksmith, 630 Bdwy 

Bourn William B. shipping merchant, 222 Sac, 
dwl 537 Third 

Bourne Elisha TV. book-keeper with Macondraj 
& Co. dwl 428 Brvant 

BOURNE GEORGE M. water cure physician 
and electro chemical baths, 631 Market 

Bourne J. B. book-keeper with Castle & Freeborn 
dwl 222 Stockton 

Bourne Russel, commission buyer, 410 Front, 
rooms 718 Stockton 

Bourne TVm. II. special policeman, dwl STV cor 
Dupont and Kearny 

Bourquin Emile C. dwl 115 Virginia 

Boursier Edouard, dwl N s Lombard bet Powell 
and Mason 

Bouthaille Henry, cook, St. Francis Restaurant 

Bouton Louis H, bds Union Hotel 

Boveo James S. policeman, City Hall, dwl 815 

Bovee Lyman T. {Forrest & B.) rooms 719 Mar- 

Boveo TVm. dwl 28 Battery 

BOVEE TVM. H. Contra Costa Laundry, office 
13 Broadwav 

BOVEE (William R.) k WALLER ( George C.) 
coffee and spice, 515 and 517 Front, Mills 
SW cor Fremont and Mission, res Oakland 

Boverat J. tobacconist, S 3 Broadway bet Stock- 
ton and Dupont 

Bovyer William L. carpenter, dwl N s Pine near 

Bow Edwin, clerk with Holcombe & Brothers, 
dwl with Caleb Punish 

Bow Polly (widow) dwl with Caleb Parrish 

Bowden Benjamin, mariner, dwl 307 Fourth 

Bowden C. S. barkeeper, dwl N s Pine nr Kearny 

Bowden John, porter Wells, Fargo & Co. Express, 
dwl 13 Mary Lane 

Bowden Joseph, painter, bds with TVm. Bowden 

Bowden William, house-painter, dwl S s Filbert 
bet Leavenworth and Hyde 

Bowen A. 0. 'longshoreman, dwl N side Mont- 
gomery near Alta 

Bowen Catharino Miss, seamstress, bds 42 Pitch 

Bowen (Charles F.) & Edmund (Renry R) milk- 
depot, 403 Third 

Bowen (Charbs U.) >v Brother (Pardon M. 
Bowen) groceries, SE cor Montgomery and 
California, dwl 211 Stevenson 

Bowen Dennis, laborer, dwl 804 Sansom 

Bowen E. C. coiner U. S. B. Mint 

Bowen G. C. druggist, 701 Clay 

Bowen James, gardener, dwl W s Oak Park bet 

Harrison and Bryant 
Bowen James B. (Dietrich & B.) dwl 305 Fremont 
Bowen Mary (widow) dwl 42 Hitch 
Bowen Pardon M. (Bowen & Brother) residence 

Bowen Ruben W. with Bartling & Kimball, dwl 

S s Pacific near Taylor 
Bowen Thomas, boatman, bds 29 Jackson 
Bower F. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Bower George, superintendent Green's Saloon, 

dwl 121 Prospect Place 
Bower S. bds Original House 
Bower Sophia Miss, dress-maker, dwl 204 Sutter 
Bowers Alexander, washing and ironing, dwells 

N s Market near Front 
Bowers Charles, compositor Morning Call 
Bowers Jacob, ship-carpenter, dwl Third near 

Bowers John B. (Davis & B.) dwl 547 Wash 
Bowers John T. with James R. Bolton, dwells 

1007 Mason 
Bowers Joseph, dwl 9 Front, rear 
BOWIE AUGUSTUS J. attending physician 

St. Mary's Hospital, office 622 Clay, dwells 

403 Stockton 
Bowie David, book-keeper with J. J. Lecount, 

dwl NIC cor Kearny and Jackson 
Bowie Michael D. porter with Geo. F. Bragg & Co. 
Bowink Henry, broom-maker, with C. TV. & G. 

W. Armes 
Bowker Edward, seaman, bds 208 Commercial 
Bowlan Martin, paver, dwl 3 Varcnne nr Vallejo 
Bowland William, clerk with A. S. Pease & Co. 

dwl 611 Market 
Bowler George R. carpenter, dwl cor Van Ness 

Avenue and Fifteenth, rear 
Bowles George R. carpenter, dwl N s Francisco 

bet Polk and Van Ness Avenue 
Bowler Mary (widow) dwl 37 Stevenson 
Bowley S. C. boards Hotel International 
Bowlin Thomas, laborer S. R. dwl with Owen 

Bowman Arthur W. (Bigelow & B.) dwells 26 

Laurel Tlace 
Bowman B. (widow) dwl S s Mission nr Price 
Bowman Bernardus, boots, 10S Sutter 
Bowman Charles C. merchant. NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Jackson 
Bowman Frederick, clerk, 237 Kearny 
Bowman George F. purser P. M. S. S. Sonora, 

dwl 24 Laurel Place 
Bowman James, real-estate, office 430 California, 

dwl 864 Mission 
Bowman .lames, wharfinger, 312 Bush 
Bowman James F. attorney-at-law, NW corner 

Montgomery and Merchant 
Bowman Joel K. (J. Gardner tfc Co.) dwl Union 

Bowman John, mariner, dwl Folsom nr Spear 
Bowman John, musician, dwl 27 St. Marks Place 
Bowman John, waterman, rooms 129 Post 
Bowman S. P. ( Gardner & Co.) dwl 218 Tehama 
Bowne George N. commission merchant, office 

:;il East, bds with TVm. F. Bowno 
Bowne M. laborer with Samuel Hovner 



Bowne William F. commission merchant, office 

311 East, dwl 334 Fremont 
Bowrne Alice Miss, chambermaid Tehama House 
Bowrne Catherine Miss, chambermaid, Tehama 

Bowrne Maria Mi.^s. chambermaid, Tehama II. 
Boyce Charles, boiler-maker Union Foundry 
Boyce John, laborer Pacific Foundry, boards St. 

Charles Hotel 
BOYCE THOMAS, advertising agent, XE cor 

Mont and Washington, dwl 526 Bryant 
BOYD ALEXANDER, attorney-at-law and 

notary public, and commissioner for all the 

States, 11 Wells' Budding, dwl 609 Pine 
Boyd Anther, moulder, bds Mechanics' Hotel 

Benjamin, seaman, dwl 1-1 Stewart 
Boyd Catharine (widow) lodgings 323 Dupont 
Boyd Charles, painter, dwl 16 Sansom 
Boyd George, dwl 103-4 Market 
Boyd George W. captain brig Merchantman, 

Pier 1 Stewart 
Boyd I. varnisher, dwl 506 Market 
Boyd J. F. bds Original House 
Boyd James, dwl 9 Post 
Boyd James T. attorney-at-law, 9 Wells' Build- 
ing, dwl X s Mission nr Fifth 
Boyd John D. (Merkle & B.) dwl N s Market nr 

Boj*d Joseph, tinsmith, dwl 103 Pacific 
Boyd Oliver D. (Alden & B.) dwl Tehama House 
Boyd Oscar H. hatter, 524 Montgomery, dwells 

206 Bush 
BOYD THEODORE C. engraver, and agent 

Epis. Church Book Society 310 Montgomery, 

dwl S s Jessie nr Fifth 
Bovd William, mariner with George A. Meiggs 
Boyd William A. {Cutter & Co.) dwl 163 Second 
Boyer Augustus, plasterer, dwl 115 Stevenson 
Boyer David, fruit, dwl S side Sacramento bet 

Davis and Drumm 
Boyer William, laborer, dwl W s Russ nr Folsom 
Boyes Charles, tailor, 128 Montgomery 
Boylan Charles, fruit, 1326 Stockton 
Boylan Joseph, real-estate, dwl 411 Pino 
Boylan Patrick, laborer, dwl 908 Market 
Boyle Agnes F. Mrs. lodging-rooms, 505 Howard 
Boyle Arthur, moulder with Hinckley & Co. dwl 

Mechanics' Hotel 
Boyle C. seaman, dwl with I. C. Price 
Boyle Edward, porter with Edward A. T. Gal- 
lagher, dwl 4 Hunt 
Boyle James, seaman, dwl 905 Battery 
Boyle James, dwl 528 Commercial 
Boyle James, ship-carpenter, dwl 504 Bryant 
Boyle John, laborer, dwl 421 Mission 
Boyle John C. gas-titter with Britton, Rey & 

O'Brien, dwl 319 Bush, rear 
Boyle Michael, clerk, 26 Clay, bds 62 Clay 
Boyle Thomas, ship-joiner, dwl 742 California 
Boyle Thomas, seaman, dwl 905 Battery 
Boyle Thomas A. ship-carpenter. S s Mission nr 

Stewart, dwl X s California bet Powell and 

Boyle W. A. dentist, 625 Clay, dwl 755 Howard 
Boylings Thomas, mariner, dwl 1214 Kearny 
Boyne Estha, cook, with J. J. Young, Sutter 
Boyne Joseph, laborer, dwl W s Codmau Place 

nr Washington 

Boynton Charles E. (Hamilton, Ay res & Co.) 

dwl XE cor Spring and Summer 
Boynton C. W. engineer S. F. Co. Water Works, 

dwl SW cor Stockton and Pacific 
Boynton O. P. butcher, dwl 28 Ritch 
Boyreau J. B. C. cashier, V. Marziou & Co. dwl 

E s Chatham Place nr Bush 
Boysen Charles, hatter, 316 Kearny 
Boysen Henri, carpenter, bds 46 Stewart 
Boysen Julius, hatter, with J. Wores, dwl 11 

Boysen Peter, brickmaker, dwl SE cor Pacific 

and Hyde 
Brabasco John W. dwl 512 Bush 
Brach L. waterman, Market op Montgomery 
Brackett George, flour-packer, with J. Marten- 
stein & Co. dwl 232 Bush 
Brackett John B. carpenter, dwl 83 Everett 
Brackett Xathaniel, millwright, dwl 536 Howard 
Brackett Walter, flour-packer, with J. Marten- 
stein k Co. dwl 232 Bush 
BRACKETT ( William L.) & KEYES ( Orson H.) 
Stewart St Market, 50 Stewart, dwl 34 
Bradbury James W. barkeeper, dwl XE cor 

Battery and Commercial 
Bradbury John, gas-fitter, with Peter McKewen 
Bradbury William B. builder, dwl 7 Third 
Braddock Ann (widow) Xeptune's Saloon, 47 

Braddock (G.) & Brother (Rudolph Braddock) 

clothing, 623 Davis 
Braddock Rudolph (Braddock & Bro.) dwl 623 

Braddock Thomas, bds 47 Davis 
Bradel John, clerk, with H. E. Frost 
Braden Catharine, domestic, 525 Union 
Brader Ann (widow) dwl 740 Broadway 
Brader (Louis) & Co. (Peter Brader) Excelsior 
Soda Works, 525 Yallejo, dwl 740 Bdwy 
Brader Peter (Brader & Co.) dwl 740 Bdwy 
Brader Thomas, dry-goods, dwl 530 Bush 
Bradewell J. engineer, dwl 411 Pine 
Bradford C. bds St. Lawrence House 
Bradford G. B. dwl 65 Tehama 
Bradford Thomas G. dwl 420 Bush 
Bradish Richard, broker, dwl SW cor Green- 
wich and Jones 
Bradlee Stephen H. stair-builder, with Freeman, 
Haller & Haskell, dwl W s Sansom nr Cal 
Bradley B. T. dwl N s Tehama bet Turk and 

Bradley E. Mrs. lodgings, 221 Bush 
Bradley George L. (of Bradley & Chesley, Sac- 
ramento) office 423 Battery, dwl S s Bush 
bet Taylor and Jones 
Bradlev Henry W. importer daguerrian materi- 
al's 622 Clay, dwl 933 Sacramento 
Bradley Hugh, plasterer, dwl W s Mason near 

Bradley James, boarding, 108 Pacific 
Bradley James, plasterer, dwl 79 Stevenson 
Bradley John, with X. L. Broughton 
Bradley John, dwl 415 Market 
Bradley John, with Richard Hildreth, dwl Ports- 
mouth House 
Bradle}' L. H. carpenter, bds Original House 
Bradley Mark, baker, 715 Pacific 



Bradley P. bds What Cheer House 

Bradley Thomas, kitchen-hand, with Alden & 

Boyd, dwl 317 Sansom 
Bradley ( Thomas Wi)&Sawin {George W!) wood 

and coal, 608 Broadway, dwl "Washington 

Bradley William, stableman, rooms 19 St. Marks 

Bradley William H. clerk, with A. J. Prager 
Bradner B. dwl 659 Clay 
Bradshaw George H clerk, with Bradshaw & 

Co. dwl 20 Post 
Bradshaw Richard, blacksmith, with P. Wit- 
beck, bds New England House 
BRADSHAW (Samuel C.) & CO. (TureU T. 

Bradshaw) grocers, NE cor Sansom and 

California, dwl 20 Post 
Bradshaw Samuel C. Jr. clerk, with Bradshaw 

& Co. dwl 20 Post 
Bradshaw TureU T. (Bradshaw & Co.) dwl 20 

Bradt G. G. policeman, City Hall, dwl E s Miles 

Place nr Sacramento 
Brady Benjamin, agent Bryant's Stomach Bit- 
ters, 120 California, dwl 628 Vallejo 
Brady Caroline (widow) dwl 108 St. Marks 

Brady Catharine (widow — colored) cook, dwl 

Grove nr Scott 
Brady Catharine E Miss, domestic, with Edmond 

B. Benjamin 
Brady Henry J. clerk, with Wm. W. Stow 
Brady, J. A. dry-goods, 34 Montgomery, dwl 

Bush nr Stockton 
Brady James A. engineer, Pennsylvania Engine 

Co. dwl 829 Kearny 
Brady James G. printer, Morning Call, dwl NW 

cor Taylor and Vallejo 
Brady Johanna (widow) dwl E s Brooke bet 

Market and Geary 
Brady John, dwl 129 Sansom 
Brady John, boiler-maker, Union Foundry, dwl 

72 Jessie 
Brady John, cooper, Dow's distillery 
Brady John, draughtsman, with B. F. Butler 

dwl 1117 Kearny 
Brady John, laborer, dwl 158 Jessie 
Brady John, laborer, dwl 202 Pacific 
3rady John, waiter, Metropolitan Hotel, dwl 183 

BRADY JOHN J. Franklin House, SW cor 

Sansom and Broadway 
Brady Joseph, porter, P. M. S. S. Co. dwl 64 

Brady Michael, (itone-cutter, with Charles B. 

Grant, dwl Riley 
Brady Patrick, laborer, bds 45 Stevenson 
Brady Patrick, waiter. St, Nicholas Hotel 
Brady Patrick F. upholster, with J. Pierce, dwl 

W a Powell nr Bush 
Brady Philip teamster, dwl with Philip Cassidy 
Brady Richard, cook, Davis Street House 
Brady Robert, gas-litter, i:i7 California, dwl N s 

Natoma nr Second 
Brady Rosanua, dwl 4 California 
Brady T. A. office Monitor, 130 Montgomery, 

dwl S s California nr Kearny 
Brady Thomas, 34 Montgomery 

Brady Thomas, barkeeper, with J. M. Donlon 
Brady Thomas, (colored) cook with J. F. Hill, 

NW cor Pierce and Turk 
Brady William, boiler-maker, Union Works, dwl 

72 Jessie 
Braydon Samuel H. tinsmith, dwl 529 Pine 
Bragg George F. & Co. importers and commis- 
sion merchants, 111 California, rooms 824 
Bragg Mar}' (widow) dwl with Robert Bragg 
Bragg Robert, ship-joiner, dwl W s Minna bet 

Rincou and Folsom 
Brahard Mason, spar-maker, bds First St House 
Brahm William, steward, Franklin Hotel, 722 

Brainard H. waterman, Market opp Sansom 
Brainard Richard, clerk, with Charles Langley, 

dwl 139 Minna 
Braley Miss S. M. milliner, bds 316 Minna 
Brallev Patrick, shaving saloon, 404 Kearny, 

bds 128 Sutter 
Braly Marcus A. real-estate, 311 Front, dwl 212 

Bramord H. waterman, dwl 221 Bush 
Bramson Henry, machinist, bds Philadelphia 

Branch L. H (Chudman & B.) dwl NW cor 

Post and Mason 
Branch William, baker with J. C. Chadbourne, 

dwl 1519 Dupont 
Brand Aristide (J. Saulnier & Co.) dwl 825 

Brand Herman, manufacturer cigars, etc. 406 

Clay, dwl 504 Vallejo 
Brand Leonard, driver for Henry Sammy, 627 

Brand Robert, sail-maker, dwl 421 Kearny 
Brandenstein Joseph (A. S. Rosenbaum & Co.) 

dwl 39 Minna 
Brander John S. (Hazelquist & B.) dwl 814 

Brandhofer Michael (Lober & B.) dwell 628 

Brandon Joseph R. attorney-at-law, 10 Mont- 
gomery Block, dwl SW cor Folsom and 
Brands James, foreman with Hinckley & Co. dwl 

43 Clementina 
Brandt Bernard L house and sign painter, 212 

Battery, dwl 345 Minna 
Branger John, cook, dwl 936 Clay 
Brangon Richard M. (Hatch & B.) dwl 1006 Clay 

above Powell 
Braning Fredrick, cook Union House, 32 Stewart 
Brankin Michael, clerk with Crosby & Dibblee, 

dwl NE cor Montgomery and Broadway 
Brann R. C. Bail-maker with Harding & Linekin, 

dwl W s Kearny bet California and Pine 
Brannau Bridget, housekeeper for Michael Codey 
Brannan Bridget Miss, chambermaid, Hotel In- 
Brannan Edmond, porter, dwl 87 Stevenson 
Brannan House, NE cor Brannan and Harris 
Brannan James, Gardener, dwl 218 Teli 
Brannan James, mattress-maker with J. D. Coul- 
ter ft Co. dwl Ohio nr Broadway 
Brannan James, hostler with George & Finch, 
408 Bush 



BR ANN AX JOHN, agent Samuel Brannan, of- 

lice 420 Montgomery, dwl 130 Second 
Brannan John, gardener, dwl S s Presidio Road 

nr Franklin 
Brannan John, laborer, SW cor Hyde and Filbert 
Brannan John, laborer, dwl 29 Beale 
Brannan, Joseph R. attorney-at-law, dwl 637 

Brannan Michael, porter, dwl W s Trinity near 

Brannan P. bds Original House 
Brannan Patrick, clerk, dwl Russ nr Pine 
Brannan Patrick, laborer, bds Winthrop House 
Brannan (Patrick) & Dunnigan (Patrick) black- 
smiths, 16 Spring, dwl Anna nr Jessie 
BRAXXAX SAMUEL, office 3 Masonic Build- 
ing, 420 Montgomery, dwl Express Build- 
ing, rooms 11 and 12 
Brannan Samuel, cook with John Doyle 
Brannan Thomas, dwl 112 Natoma 
Branuan Thomas, boatman, bds 46 Stewart 
Branscheid William, shoemaker, dwl 820 Pacific 
Branson W. foreman for Harding k Linekin, dwl 

1207 Powell 
Brant Louis, hostler, rooms 923 Dupont 
Brant R. miner, bds What Cheer House 
Brantford J. laborer, dwl with John Center 
Brarly John, spinner, S. F. Woollen Factory, 

Black Point 
Brasche Henry, dwl 403 Third 
Brash Elizabeth Miss, dwl 732 Green 
Brash G. A. confectionery, dwl 1228 Stockton 
Brash John, printer with Valentine & Co. dwl 

Broderick Engine House 
Brash William G. printer with Valentine & Co. 

dwl 1 Rassetto Alley 
Braticevich Louis, coffee-stand S s Jackson St 

BRAUER A. & CO. publishers California Chro- 

nik, office SE cor Sacramento and Mont 
Braner Aloys (F. Hess & Co.) dwl E s Stockton 

bet Broadway and Pacific 
Brauer ( Glaus) & Co. (Henry Schroder) grocers, 

332 Pacific 
Brauu Frederick W. steward, 417 Front, dwl SE 

cor Jackson and Stone 
Braven Thomas, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
BRAVKRMAX (Louis) k LEVY (John) import- 
ers watches, jewelry, etc. 621 Washington, 
dwl 262 Minna 
Brawley Mark C. real estate agent, dwl 210 

ii son 
Bray Edward, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Bray John, accountant with Bray & Brother, dwl 

406 Front 
Bray John J. chaser with Vanderslice & Co. bds 

Manhattan House 
Bray John G. (Bray & Brother) res Santa Clara 
Bray Michael, shoemaker with James Noble, dwl 

24 Minna 
Bray Walter, actor, dwl 29 Louisa 
BRAY {Watson A.) k BROTHER (John G.) 
com. merchants and agents Alviso Flour 
Mills, 408 Front, resides at San Antonio 
Braytou Charles A. reporter, dwl 1311 Stockton 
Brazer John (Larrabee & B.) rooms 95 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Brazil John H. (McCarthy k B.) dwl 919 Kearny 

Brecht August, wood and coal, 128 Geary 
Breck Charles E. merchant, dwl 214 Sansom 
Breck Joseph, capt. ship Moonlight, dwl 53 

Breda Peter, billiards and liquors, 535 Broadway 
Bredet Henry, liquor saloon, 940 Kearny 
Brudewell James, engineer with II. Davis i Co. 

bds What Cheer House 
Bredhoff Charles, Queen City Saloon, SE cor 

Pacific and Drumm, dwl 1216 Powell 
Bredhofl' Henry, Sacramento Exchange, 423 East, 

dwl cor Washington and East 
Bree John, brass-finisher with W. T. & J. Gar- 

ratt, dwl 76 Jessie 
Breed Daniel C. (Breed & Chase) dwl 1021 

BREED (Daniel H. and Daniel G.) & CHASE 
(Andrew J.) groceries and provisions, NE 
cor Clay and Battery, dwl 1021 Washington 
bet Powell and Mason 
Breed Edward A. mailing clerk Post Office 
Breed John, bds Union Hotel 
Breen John J. cooper, 121 Washington, rooms 

NW cor Stockton and Sacramento 
Breen Thomas, machinist, 321 Pine, dwl S s 

Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
Breeze Louis A. clerk with Murphy, Grant & Co. 

dwl S s Sutter bet Taylor and Jones 
Breeze Thomas (Murphy, Grant & Co.) dwl Vir- 
ginia Block 
Breil Henry, upholsterer with McElwee & Acker- 
man, dwl SE cor Stockton and Pine 
Breiseker Solomon, baker, 614 Clay 
Breitweiser Charles (Harrison & B.) SW cor 

Washington and Drumm 
Brekle G. proptr Golden Gate Brewery, XE cor 

Union and Jones 
Breman John, iron-worker with John R. Sims 
Bremberg J. B. book-keeper, Oriental Hotel 
Bremer E. Herman, cigars, dwl 402 Kearny 
Bremsing Mathais, brewer, Xew York Brewery, 

119 Post 
BREXHAM C. J. notary public and commis- 
sioner of deeds, Washington op P. O. dwl 
Sixteenth bet Mission and Folsom 
Brennan Edward, porter, with Goldstein, Ryan 

& Co. dwl 87 Stevenson 
Brennan J. dry goods, dwl 224 Montgomery 
Brennan (James) & Co. (John McIIwjli) produce 
commission merchants, and agents propeller 
Salinas, 104 Clay, res Watsonville 
Brennan John A. drayman, with F. Henderson, 

dwl 8 s Stevenson bet First and Second 
Brennan Patrick, porter, with Treadwell & Co. 
Brennan Wm. F. attorney-at-law, 613 Merchant 
Brennen John, laborer, with Charles Bon 
Brennen Michael, porter, Metropolitan Hotel 
Brenner Anthony (Brenner & Bro.) dwl 222 Kear 
Brenner C. M. musician, dwl 443 Bush 
Brenner (Geo rye) i Brother (Anthony Brenner) 

tailors. 222 Kearny 
Brensheid William, bootmaker at 628 Clay, dwl 

820 Pacific 
Brereton James, collector S. F. Gas Co. dwl 41 

Bresnalm Michael, shoemaker, 720 Pacific 
Bresse (Louis) k Besson (Felix) coffee-saloon 514 
Clay, dwl 20 Minna 



Bresson Joseph, proptr. Tivoli House, S s Six- 
teenth bet Mission and Valencia 
Brethoul August, laborer, Sugar Refinery, dwl 

with Joseph Schiedler 
Brett Arthur, dwl S s Jackson bet Kearny and 

Bretyke A. with Z. Grozinger, dwl Sansorn St 

Bretzel August, machinery, dwl 336 Bush 
Brew Nathaniel, ship-carpenter, dwl 29 Cleary 
Brewer H. Lieut. U. S. A. rms Tehama House 
Brewer Jacob, carpenter, dwl 723 Market, rear 
BREWER JOHN H. attorney-at-law, 55 Mont- 
gomery Block, dwl 89 Montgomery Block 
Brewer L. bds Original House 
Brewer W. H. Prof, botanist, State Geological 

Survey, 66 Montgomery Block 
Brewer Win. stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Brewster Barbara R. Miss, dressmaker, 615 Cal 
Brewster Benjamin (Jennings <fc B.) res N York 
Brewster Eliza (widow) dwl 1610 Powell 
Brewster John (Morre & B.) proptr Summer 

St House nr Montgomery 
Brewster John Jr. painter, dwl 63 Minna 
Brewster M. bds Union Hotel 
BREWSTER R. E. & CO. (0. Dickinson, Jr.) 
wholesale grocers, NW cor Front and Clay, 
dwl 15 Court Block 
Brewster William, bricklayer, bds 109 Pacific 
Breyon M. carpenter, Charles Bon's brick-yard 
Briant Edward, messenger, Custom House 
Brickby William, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Brickwedel Charles H. proptr Steamer Dining 

Saloon, 253 Stewart 
Brickwedel Earnest (Brickwedel Bros.) dwl SW 

cor Stockton and Clay 
Brickwedel Frank, clerk, 2 First 
BRICKWEDEL HENRY & CO. (Otto Klopjien- 
burg) wines and liquors, 208 Front, dwl 
1104 Powell 
Brickwedel Jacob (Brickwedel Bros.) dwl 813 

Brickwedel (John) & Brothers (Earnest and Jacob) 

grocers, 814 Clay, rooms 813 Clay 
Brickwedel John, groceries and liquors, 2 First, 

dwl 13 Third 
Brickwell William, miller, with Grosh & Ruther- 
ford, dwl Isthmus House 
Bridge Charles, folder, Chelsea Laundry 
Bridge Samuel J. Appraiser General U. S. office 
SW cor Jackson and Batterv, dwl Oriental 
Bridge William, stable-keeper, 329 Pino 

William E. drayman, with II. Levi & Co. 
is R. P. engineer, 528 Clay, dwl Es Tay- 
lor nr Clay 
Bridgwood Samuel, seaman, dwl SE cor Lom- 
bard and Kearny 
Briedenstein Leonhardt, jewelry box manf, 037 

Wash, dwl 504 Vallejo 
Briel Henry, upholsterer, bds 518 Stockton 
Briele Jacob, butcher with Hellcnschmidt & 

Briencher Leopold, butcher, dwl 241 Sutter 
Brier James W. Rev. agent Livingstonian Insti- 
tute, dwl Ws Broadway nr Taylor 
Brigaerts Louis, dwl Ecker cor Lick Alley 
Briggs Caroline Miss, dwl 10 Scott 

Briggs Castor, clerk with Winant «fc Co. dwl 526 

" Clay 
Briggs Edgar, miner, dwl Ss Market bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Briggs Edward K, carver, 106 Front, dwl Xs 

Baldwin Court nr Folsom 
Briggs J. C. dwl 536 Washington, room 12 
Briggs John, printer, Eureka Typo, rooms, 509 

Briggs John K. drayman, dwl 49 Everett 
Briggs Margaret E. (widow) dwl 1501 Dupout 
Briggs M. C. Rev. pastor Powell St. Methodist 

Episcopal Church, dwl 1008 Wash 
Briggs William, dwl 38 Sac 
Briggs Wm. C. engraver with R. B. Gray & Co. 

dwl 3 Hardie Place 
Brigham C. O. (Hall & B.) dwl 41 Natoma 
BRIG HAM S. O. & CO. (Louis Gorman) dealer 

sewing machines, S s Summer nr Mont 

dwl 215 Sansom 
Brigham Wm. H. (Crane & B.) resides N. Y. 
Brighart Lewis, waiter, dwl 45 Ecker 
Bright Samuel, laborer, bds with Daniel Dunn 
Brignardello Luigi, cook with D. Ghirardelli, dwl 

415 Jackson 
Brignardello Nicola, clerk, 623 Pacific 
Brignardello (S.) & Macehiavello (John) vermi- 
celli and maccaroni manf, 706 Sansom, dwl 

703 Stockton 
Brignardello (Santiago) & Bro. (Stephen Brignar- 
dello) hardware and crockery, 623 Pacific, 

dwl 703 Stockton 
Brinck James, carpenter, dwl 18 Sansom 
Brinck William, with Appell, Deromo & Co. dwl 

Sansom St. House 
Brindle William, stone-mason, dwl 50 Jessie 
Brinjea Deidrich, groceries, 425 Bush 
Brink P. S. carpenter, dwl '-'6 Stewart 
Brinken Adolph, cigar-maker, dwl XE cor Town- 
send and ( ' 
Briody (John) & Pardee (S. E.) grocerios and 

liquors, 60 First 
Briody Margaret (widow) dwl Ns Charles Place 

nr Mont 
Brior Adam, with O. L. Morrcll, dwl cor Dupont 

and Pacific 
Briordy Patrick (Burke k B.) 525 Front 
Brisk E. clothing, 23 Jackson 
Brison William, boiler-maker, dwl cor Harrison 

and Main 
Brista August, cook, dwl Es Braunau Placo nr 

Bristol A. lids Niantic Hotel 
BRISTOL .). D. attorney-at-law, NW cor Mont 

and Washington, rooms 18 and 19, dwl 403 

BRITTAN J. W. importer stoves and metals, 

11 1-1 'JO Front, resides Redwood City 
Briton Julius, barber, dwl 1025 Dupont 
Britton Charles D. clerk with Edward Fli 
Britten Jane (widow) dwl Sa Union nr Taylor 
BRITTON (Jos.) REY {Jacques J.) & 0'] 

(John II.) plumbers and gas-fitters, 706 

BRITTOX (Joseph) & CO. (Henry Steinegger and 

X. V<ii< de Casteeh ) lithographers (and ; 

visor Second District ) X E cor Com and Mont, 

dwl S s Union nr Taylor 



Britton Louise Miss, bds 252 Third 
Broad Charles, butcher, XE cor Bush and Larkin 
Broadie James, machinist, dwl 790 Folsom 
Broadway Wharf Company, office NB cor Front 

and Jackson 
Broadway Block, NW cor Broadway and Kearny 
Broaby John, pork inspector at State Inspectors 

office, Market, bds 412 Davis 
Brocas John W. (Sayre cfc B.) dwl NW cor 

Mout and Jackson 
Brock Crescent C. dwl 3 Hoffman Place 
and real estate agency, NE cor Mont and 
Brockway J. H. physician, 639 Clay 
Brod Emanuel, cook. Benton House 
Brode William, laborer, dwl 144 Natoma 
Brodek Samuel, barber, 111 Pacific, dwl Pacific 

Temperance House 
BRODERICK DANIEL T. agent Singer's sew- 
ing machines, 139 Mont 
Broderick Edmund P. wood-turner with L. 

Emanuel & Co. 28 Sansom 
Broderick John, mealman, Dows distillery 
Broderick John, expressman, dwl NW cor Sim- 
mons and Brannan 
Broderick Patrick, coachman at California Hotel 
Broderick Patrick (Luhden& B.) dwl 220 Second 
Broderick T. J. boots and shoes, 220 Mont 
Brodhun Charles, tailor with Lober and Brand- 

hofer, dwl 628 Merchant 
Brodie Kate, cook with Miss A. M. Slade 
BRODIE SAMUEL H. attorney-at-law, 614 

Merchant, dwl 323 Pine 
Brodie Wm. ( Young & B.) dwl N s Natoma nr 

Brodvoalf George, tailor, dwl 624 Mission 
Brohan Thomas, shoemaker, withM. Guerin, dwl 

NW cor Battery and Commercial 
Brokamp Benjamin, with J. F. Schafer & Bro. 

dwl 504 Sansom 
BROKAW (James) & METCALF (Samuel A.) 
sash and blind makers. 403 and 405 Mission 
Broker John, mariner, schr Harrett, Rincon Dock 
Broker John J. dwl 26 Stewart 
Brokmann William, groceries, 229 Minna 
Brome J. R. eailmaker, dwl 6 Sansom 
Brome Mathew, laborer, dwl 810 Montgomery 
Bromley William, asst. pilot stm Antelope 
Brommer Henry, clerk, 454 Third 
Brommer John, clerk, dwl 165 Jessie 
Bromson Henry, machinist, dwl 336 Bush 
Broner Olof H. varnisher, with M. E. Hughes, 

dwl 23 Sansom 
Bronge John, cook. American Exchange 
3R00KLYN HOTEL, John Kelly, Jr. proprie- 
tor, S s Broadway bet Battery and Sansom 
Brooks Aaron, bedstead and furniture manufac- 
tory, 407 Mission, dwl 578 Mission 
Brooks Alfred E. dwl Sansom St House 
BROOKS BENJAMIN S. attorney-at-law, office 
XW cor Montgomery and Washington room 
11, dwl Harrison opp Hawthorne 
Brooks Charles, cigar-stand 508 Washington, 

dwl Stono near Washington 
Brooks Charles S. clerk, with Geo. J. Brooks & 
Co. dwl W s Stockton between Jackson and 

Brooks Charles, ship-joiner, dwl W s Vincent nr 

BROOKS CHARLES W. & CO. ( W. Frank Ladd 

and Edward F. Hall, Jr. shipping and 

commchts, 511 Sansom, dwl 227 Fourth 
Brooivs David, painter, dwl 50 Stevenson 
Brooks D. C. & Co. (L. Washburn) auctioneers, 

533 Washington, dwl Tremont House 
Brooks Edmund (Iieid & B.) dwl SW eor Sacra- 
mento and Stockton 
Brooks E. L. B. attorney-at-law, 3 Government 

Brooks Eugene K. stableman with John F. 

Brooks (Ezra L.) & Buzzell (Isaac) carpenters, 

642 Mission, dwl 63.'! Mission 
Brooks Frank W. (Geo. J. Brooks & Co.) and 

Supervisor Fourth District, dwl 20 Laurel 

Place near Essex 
Brooks Frink, porter, with Hobart & Bro. 
Brooks George, builder, dwl E s Kearny bet 

Chestnut and Lombard 
Brooks George (colored) steward, dwl 835 Yal- 

lejo, rear 
BROOKS GEORGE J. & CO. (Frank IF. Brooks) 

importers printing, writing and wrapping 

papers, 513 Sansom cor Merchant, dwl 

Oriental Hotel 
Brooks Henry B. (Tay B. & Backus) dwl 227 

BROOKS (James) & LAWRENCE (Joseph E.) 

editors and proprietors Golden Era. office 

543 Clay, dwl 1019 Kearny 
Brooks James, barkeeper, steamer 0. M. Webber 
Brooks James N. Central Warehouse, 208, 210 

and 212 Sacramento 
Brooks Jane M. (widow) dwl 9 Post 
Brooks John L. ( Walter & B.) dwl 113 Post 
Brooks Joseph, with Cutting A Co. dwl XW cor 

Mary and Xatoma 
Brooks L. H. fish, 19 and 20 Washington Mar- 
ket, dwl 1610 Stockton 
Brooks S. cutter, with Walter & Brooks, dwl 113 

Brooks Samuel H. State Controller, dwl6_2 Sac 
Brooks S. S. contractor, dwl 804 Bush 
Brooks T. II. salesman, with D. C. Brooks & Co. 

dwl Tremont House 
Brooks T. R. dwl Oriental Hotel 
BROOKS W. II. J. Searcher of Records, 718 

Washington, dwl X s Clay nr Powell 
Brooks William, laborer, dwl 538 Commercial 
Brooks William 1'. carpenter, dwl 1521 Dupont 
Brooks Wm. S.' boarding, 557 and 559 Market 
Brooks Wm. S. seaman, dwl 208 Third, i 
Broomfleld Alfred, carpenter, with Brokaw & 

Metcalf. dwl Mission bet Fifth and Sixth 
Broomfield George, captain, bda Manhattan II 
Brophr James, spinner, S. F. Woolen Factory, 

Black Point 
trophy M. lab, U. S. Appraiser's Store. C. II. 
Brophy Michael, farmer, dwl XW cor Pacific 

and Gough 
Brorkman A. drayman, 424 Front 
Bros George, hair-dresser, with A. Creamer, dwl 

Pratt Court near California 
Brougham John, barber, with Stalde Bros, rms 

El Dorado building 



BROUGHTON N. L. State Inspector Beef and 

Pork, 214 Market, dwl N s Tehama near 

Broundhardt B. dry goods, 302 Kearny 
Broust A. sugar-refiner, dwl SE cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Broustrup William, groceries, 300 Third 
Brow (Chester) & Wells (A. ft.) stair-builders, 

535 Market 
Browell Jeremiah, house-raiser and contractor, 

dwl Lombard bet Dupont and Kearny 
BROWER DANIEL R. prop. Brower's Bakery, 

NE cor Stockton and Vallejo 
Brower Henry J. Emblem Saloon, 16 Jackson, 

dwl 505 Green 
Brower H. J. collector, dwl 400 Kearny 
Brower John, cabinet-maker with Aaron Brooks, 

dwl Philadelphia House 
Brower Robert, fireman, rooms NE cor Jackson 

and Drumm 
Browere A. D. O. painter, 219 Bush 
Browing Jacob, drayman, dwl N s Geary bet 

Powell and Mason 
Brown A. superintendent Flint's warehouse, dwl 

cor Front and Broadway 
Brown A. D. policeman City Hall, dwl S 8 Mis- 
sion bet Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Brown Albert, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Brown Alexander, engineer, dwl 11 Ritch 
Brown Alfred, porter with Gushee & Elder, dwl 

cor Sacramento and Mason 
BROWN ALONZO F. importer Indian and 

fancy goods, beads, etc. 308 Battery, dwl 

761 Howard 
Brown Andrew, 'longshoreman, bds 419 East 
Brown Andrew J. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Brown Anthony, paver, bds 217 Jackson 
Brown Archibald, stoves and tinware, 214 Third 
Brown Benjamin, policeman City Hall, dwl S s 

Mason bet Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Brown Benjamin F. baker, 1223 Stockton 
Brown Benjamin 11. with Sawyer & Clark, dwl 

1220 Kearny 
Brown Brice, domestic, 926 Clay 
Brown Broure, carpenter, dwl 23 Ritch 
Brown B. W. hatter, dwl 42 Sutro House 
Brown C. boiler-maker with Coffey & Risdon 
Brown 0. II. express wagon, 707 Montgomery, 

dwl SE cor Green and Mason 
Brown (Charles) & Bleg (Peter) coffee-saloon, 

517 East 
Brown Charles, dwl W s Dolores bet Fifteenth 

and Sixteenth 
Brown Charles, carpenter, dwl 134 Minna 
Brown ('has. carpenter, dwl Ss Green nrSausorn 
Brown Charles, cook, dwl 415 Sutter, rear 
Brown Charles, cook, 611) Market 
Brown Charles, deck hand, stmr Helen Hensley 
Brown Charles, fisherman, dwl 108 Washington 
Brown Charles, laborer with A. II. Houston 
Brown Charles, laborer, dwl with John Myers 
Brown Charles, Beaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Brown Charles, seaman, bds 208 Commercial 
Brown Charles, stevedore, dwl 26 Stewart 
Brown Charles, stoves and tinware, 34 Kearny, 

dwl L32 St. Marks Place 
Brown Charles, waiter Hotel International 
Brown Charles W. laborer with A. II. Houston 

Brown Christopher, clerk with Horning & Burns 
Brown Cornelius (colored) waiter, dwl 6 Brook- 
lyn Place 
Brown Daniel T. baker, 1223 Stockton 
Brown Daniel T. Jr. baker, at 1223 Stockton 
Brown David, hostler, dwl Foundry House 
Brown David (Benjamin k B.) dwl 307 Kearny 
Brown D. B. policeman City Hall, dwells 913 

Brown Detler, 'longshoreman, bds Empire House 
Brown Edward, dwl 17 Lafayette Place 
Brown Edward (colored) boot-black, 9 Merchant 
Brown Edward (colored) barber with C. H. 

Mercer, dwl Green nr Dupont 
Brown Edward (colored) cook stmr Active, dwl 

N s Eliza Place bet Taylor and Jones 
Brown Elizabeth Miss, milliner, 124 Second, dwl 

22 Bitch 
Brown Emanuel, laborer with J. Martenstein 

& Co. dwl 585 Market 
Brown E. O. real-estate, dwl 411 Pine 
Brown Frank, painter, dwl 2 First 
Brown Frank, waiter Hoeschs' Coffee Saloon, 

rooms 25 Spofford, rear 
Brown Frank Q. butcher with Henry Hickson, 

dwl 569 Howard 
Brown Fred'k, stmr St. Louis, dwl 210 Stewart 
Brown Frederick, seaman, dwl 26 Stewart 
Brown Frederick, shoemaker, dwl E s Lafayette 

Place near Union 
Brown Gideon H. dentist, 1302 Powell 
Brown G. T. bds What Cheer House 
Brown Gustav, hostler, 115 Kearny 
Brown Harvey S. (Camjibell & B.) dwells 1309 

Brown II. C. book-keeper with Birry & Patten, 

dwl W s Dupont bet Pine and Bush 
Brown Henry, baker, 627 Broadway 
Brown Henry, blacksmith with H. Casebolt & Co. 
Brown Henry, clerk with Charles Cook 
Brown Henry, runner, dwl 24 Sacramento 
Brown Henry, steward Knickerbocker House 
Brown Henry A. calker, dwl with Win. Brown 
Brown Henry T. fanner, res Prosjiect Place 
Brown II. J. porter with Barron k Co. dwl NW 

cor Merchant and Montgomery 
Brown H. M. C. rooms 815 Dupont 
Brown II. S. ship-master, dwl E s Montgomery 

bet Vallejo and Green 
Brown Ireson C. carpenter, dwl 616 Dupont 
Brown James, boatman, bds Miners' Exeh House 
Brown James, laborer, dwl SW cor Union and 

Brown James (colored) livery stable, 606 San- 

som, dwl E s Scotland nr Greenwich 
Brown . I :mies Jr. (colored) with James Brown, 

606 Sanson, 
Brown James, Beaman, bds Sailor's Home 
Brown James, porter, with James S. Urie 
Brown James A. drayman, with O. E. Giffln & 

Bro. dwl 9 Riley 
Brown James E. carpenter, dwl 2 Ilardie Place 
Brown James 1'. engineer, dwl lis Post 

Brown James W. cook D*. S. Marine Hospital 
Brown .lames W mariner, dwl 11 Minna 
Brown Jesse, cigar-maker, dwl W s William bet 
rreU and Geary 

Brown J. F. bds Original House 



Brown John, baker, dwl 225 Dupont 

Brown John, carpenter, at 306 Davis, dwl 414 

Brown John (colored) drayman, with Redington 

& Co , „ 

Brown John, laborer, dwl W s Baldwin Court 

nr Folsora 
Brown John, laborer, dwl Sansom nr Green 
Brown John, laborer, dwl 439 Jackson 
Brown John, laborer, bds Manhattan House 
Brown John, laborer, with George D. Nagle 
Brown John, 'longshoreman, dwl 26 Stewart 
Brown John, 'longshoreman, rooms N s Commer- 
cial nr East 
Brown John, mason, dwl 22 Sansom 
Brown John, nurse, U. S. Marine Hospital 
Brown John, plasterer, dwl N s O'Farrell near 

Brown John, porter, dwl 444 Union 
Brown John, printer, bds 215 Fourth 
Brown John, ship-carpenter, bds Olive Branch 

Brown John, ship-carpenter, dwl 508 Howard 
Brown John B. shoemaker, S s Sutter bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Brown John D. liquor, 112 First 
Brown John F. printer, with C. P. Robbins, dwl 

4 Douglas Place 
Brown John F. liquor saloon, 1628 Stockton 
Brown John H. office 406 Mont, res Oakland 
Brown John M. carpenter, dwl 1 Auburn 
Brown J. P. engineer, with H. Davis & Co. dwl 

Post nr Powell 
Brown (J. S.) & Sewell (James) Tenth Ward 

Exchange, 266 Third 
Brown Justus, fireman, bds with Wm. Van 

Wart „__, 

Brown Lawrence W. bookbinder, with H. 1 ne- 

del, dwl 44 Ritch 
Brown Lewis, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Brown Lottie' Miss, dwl with Benj. C. Howard 
Brown Louis, steamer Sonora, dwl 210 Stewart 
Brown Manuel, miller, dwl 307 Sutter 
Brown Mark, laborer, dwl .with James McDevitt 
Brown Mary (widow) nurse, dwl cor Howard 

and First 
Brown Mary A. (widow) laundress, dwl 44 Ritch 
Brown Michael, teamster, S s Union nr Battery 
Brown N. stucco worker, 20 Montgomery 
Brown Newman, broker, dwl 836 Green 
Brown Patrick, laborer, bds 227 Sutter 
Brown Peter, boatman, bds 46 Stewart 
Brown Peter, iron-moulder, dwl W s Jensen bet 

Greenwich and Lombard 
Brown Peter, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Brown Peter N. baker, 1223 Stockton 
BROWN R. G. agent Grover & Baker's Sewing 
Machine Company, 329 Montgomery, dwl 
324 Folsom 
Brown Richard (Henderson & B.) dwl 510 Howard 
Brown Robert H. miller, with J Martensteiu & 

Co. dwl 557 Market 
Brown Seth, carpenter, 306 Davis, dwl 414 

Broadway bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Brown Simon, brickmason, bds with W. Buckley 
Brown T. laborer. P. M. S. S. Co.'s Works, Fol- 
som Street Wharf 
Brown Theodore, gardener, dwl 760 Howard 

Brown Thomas, laborer, dwl cor Market and 

Brown Thomas, laborer, bds 553 Market 
Brown Thomas, laborer with Samuel Hevner 
Brown Thomas, 'longshoreman, bds with David 

Brown Thomas, salesman with Treadwell & Co- 
il wl cor Jessie and Third 
Brown Thomas, watchman, Tehama House, dwl 

10 Anthony Place 
Brown Thomas A. moulder with Hinckley & Co. 

dwl Seymour House 
Brown Thomas N. marker, Chelsea Laundry 
Brown Wilhelmina (widow) dwl 210 Stewart 
Brown William (J. Martenstein & Co.) dwl 307 

Brown William, bds United States Hotel 
Brown William, dwl 812 Powell 
Brown William, Capt. schooner San Pablo, dwl 

W s Main bet Folsom and Harrison 
Brown William, crockery, 508 Market 
Brown William, deck hand stm Sonoma 
Brown William, hostler with Robert Beatty 
Brown William, ironer Chelsea Laundry 
Brown William, laborer, weigher and measurer's 

department, C. H. 
Brown William, laborer with James M. Raymond 
Brown William, clerk, bds What Cheer House 
Brown William, Pony Express agent, dwl 1311 

Brown William, seaman, bds 208 Commercial 
Brown William, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Brown William E. accountant with Stanford 

Bros, dwl 907 Clay 
Brown William H. (Swain & B.) 5 Kearny 
Brown William H. jeweller, with Vanderslice- 

Brown William H. vegetables and fruits, 41 and 

42 Washington Market, dwl 810 Clay 
Brown William H. night contractor, dwl Rasette 

Place nr Sutter 
Brown Wm. R. wheelright with Lawton & Klap- 

perich, dwl 10 J Mission 
Brown Wm. Y. carriage-maker, dwl Ns Mission. 

bet Tenth and Eleventh 
Browne Francis, barkeeper with James Cahill 
Browne Joseph (Percy & Co.) and physician, 514 

Browne Theodore, seaman, bds 11 Jackson 
Browne Thomas E. dwl 746 Howard 
Brownejohn Thomas, book-keeper with B. C. 

Horn dwl 622 Sacramento 
Brownell Abner H. tinsmith, 10 Sacramento, 

rooms SW cor Market and First 
Brownell Edward, brick-layer, dwl 2 First 
Brownell Wm. clerk, 426 Front, dwl Ss Bdwy 

bet Sansom and Battery 
Browner Henry, clerk with Henry Heyer, dwl 

454 Third 
Browning (Augustus) & Finch (Joseph) locksmiths 
and bell hangers, 843 Kearny, and groceries 
and liquors 656 Pacific nr Dupont 
Browning Jacob, drayman with Couroy & O'Con- 

ner, dwl cor Geary and Powell 
Browning John, drayman with Conroy & O'Con- 

ner, dwl cor Geary and Powell 
Browning ( William) & Kohlmoos (John) butter, 
cheese, etc. 505 Wash, dwl 412 Union 



Browning ( William) k Scheper {John H.) gro- 
ceries and liquors, SE cor Kearny and Pac, 

dwl 412 Union 
Brownlee John, baker, Pacific Mechanical bakery, 

Ns Bush nr Kearny 
Brownson Wm. I. (Wade & B.) dwl American 

Brubaker H. M. with A. Kalish, 526 Sac 
Bruce James, captain schooner Cochief, office 

with X. C. Efford 
Bruce John, calker, bds Isthmus House 
Bruce Robert, furniture, 25 Second 
Bruce Wm. peddler, 322 Tehama 
Bruce Wm. W. (San Francisco Times Association) 

dwl 16 Sansom 
Bruder William, cigar-maker, dwl 802 Mont 
Bruell Van Den, student, St. Thomas school, 

Mission Dolores 
Bruhus Henry, seaman, dwl TVs Sansom bet 

Filbert and Greenwich 
Brumagim Jacob II. (21. Brumagim & Co.) res 

Xew York 
Brumagim John TV. (M. Brumagim k Co.) dwl 

1315 Mason nr Jackson 
BRUMAGIM MARK k CO. (Morton Cheesman, 

Jacob H. Brumagim and John W. Bruma- 
gim) bankers, 404 Montgomery, dwl 1315 

Mason nr Jackson 
Brumagim Patrick, hostler with Skelly & Co 
Brumer E. 'longshoreman, dwl Sansom bet Union 

and Filbert 
Brummer C. A. cigars, 107 Kearny 
Brummer Clouse, milk-ranch, old San Jose road 
Brunckus John, dwl TVhat Cheer House 
Brundi Antonio, coffee-house, E s Drumm bet 

Clay and Washington 
Brune Henry, drayman, dwl 512 Yallejo 
Bruner W. H. physician, cor Mont and Market, 

bds American Exchange 
Brunigen John, groceries and liquors, 600 Pac 
Bruuil Leonora Mrs. Railroad Restaurant, W s 

Sixteenth nr Guerrero 
Brunjes Henry, groceries and liquors, 201 San 
Brunn Dinah Mrs. dwl 3 Hardie PI 
Brunn T. O. clerk with A. Kohler, 1108 Stock 
Brunner Eleonora Miss, dwl 1507 Dupont 
Brunner Louis, watches and jewelry, 607 Clay, 

dwl SW cor Pacific and Sansom 
Brunnings Herman (J. & II. H.) dwl 100 Third 
Brunnings Herman, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Brunnings John k Herman grocers, 100 Third 
Brunnings Martin, clerk with Charles Melin 
Bruno Guiseppe, with X. Lastrato & Co 
Bruns Charles, brewer, dwl 16 Everett, rear 
Brims Christian, physician, dwl 611 Washington 
Bruns Conrad, grocories and liquors, SE cor 

Mission and Sixth 
Bruns Didorich, cook at 416 Kearny 
Bruns Frederick (Scanlin k B.) dwl XW corner 

Bush and Jones 
Bruns (H.) k Co. ( Wm. Cassebohm) produce com 

mchts, agents Sonoma steamer, 37 Clay, dwl 

SW cor Kearny and Bush 
Bruns Hermann (Homing k B.) 210 Stewart 
Bruns Henry, groceries, 525 East 
Bruns Henry (Homing k B.) dwl SW cor Davis 

and Com 
Bruns John, liquors, 425 Sansom, dwl 2 First 

BRUNS NICHOLAS, groceries, 617 Davis 
Brunt William X. butcher, dwl 612 Powell 
Bruny John, cigars, dwl 605 Pacific 
Brush Albert, shipsmith with W. S. Phelps & Co. 

dwl X s Post bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Brush G. E. fish-stall, 36 Metropolitan Market 

dwl What Cheer House 
Brush Joel C. carpenter, dwl X s Sacramento nr 

Brush Ruben G. clerk with R. B. Swain & Co 

206 Front, bds witli E. D. Waters 
Brusher Joseph, seaman, bds 11 Jackson 
Bruton James, laborer with George D. Xagle 
Bruton John C. dwl 1030 Clay 
Bryan Alfred W. dwl SW cor Dupont and Union 
Bryan Charles H. with Flood k O'Brien, dwl W 

s Fremont bet Folsom and Harrison 
Bryan D. carpenter, bds Original House 
Bryan Edward, Empire Restaurant, 426 and 428 

Sansom, dwl 129 Montgomery 
Bryan Henry, bar-keeper with William Bryan, 

dwl 1 Custom House Block 
Bryan Thomas, W. (colored) cook stm Golden 

Age, dwl 831 Clay 
BRYAN WILLIAM, proprietor Custom House 
Exchange, 1 Custom House Block, dwl SE 
cor Commercial and Sansom 
Bryan William H. dwl with William H. Ward 
Bryan William H. dwl 508 Sutter 
Bryan Wm. J. Pacific Foundry, dwl 128 Second 
Bryan William J. house-broker, 534 Washing- 
ton, dwl W s Fremont bet Folsom and Har- 
BRYANT A. J. (Morrison k B.) dwl S s Bush 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Bryant Alexander, dwl 21 Stevenson 
Bryant C. G. physician, 305 Montgomery dwl 

659 Howard 
Bryant Delina (widow) dwl 411 Sutter 
Bryant Edward, clerk Custom House, dwl S s 

Chestnut bet Powell and Stockton 
Bryant George, sail-maker, bds Clay St House, 

62 Clay 
Bryant (George W.) k Miller (Charles) farmers 

near Ocean House 
Bryant Joseph, cook NW cor Front and Sacra- 
mento, dwl SW cor Broadway and Kearny 
Bryant Margaret (widow) dwl N "s Mission near 

Bryant R. bds What Cheer House 
Bryant Samuel (colored) house-carpenter, dwl S 

s Greenwich bet Larkin and Polk 
Bryant W. D. dwl TV s Stockton bet Pacific and 

Broad way 
Bryant W. O. laborer with G. W. Blasdell 
Bryant William H. ship-carpenter, dwl 506 Mar- 
Bryarly Wake, physician, office NE cor Market 

and Montgomery, dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Bryden James TV. tinsmith, rms Howard engine- 
Bryers Mary Miss, domestic 1016 Powell 
Brynes Francis, seaman, bds Sailor's Home 
Bub Carl II. steward, California Restaurant, dwl 

Kearny nr Butter 
Buchan P. G. attorney-at-law, 540 Clay 
Buchanan A. W. messenger, Wells, Fargo & Co.s 
Express, dwl 1030 Clay 



Buchanan Henry, liquors, 324 Commercial, dwl 

NE cor Commercial and Battery 
Buchanan James, stable-man, bds 42 Webb 
Buchanan John, groceries, 569 Howard 
Buchanan John, bds Original House 
Buchel Edward, musician, dwl 37 Geary 
Buchmuu W. waterman, S s Market op Mont 
Buchmann Welch, wheelwright, with P. Witbeck, 

bds Xew England House 
Bucholtz (Jolin) & Co. {Claus Kock) New At- 
lantic Hotel 611 Pacific 
Buck David W. special policeman dwl XW cor 

Tehama and Second 
Buck George, clerk with Kerby & Byrne, rooms 

102-4 Stockton 
Buck George, drayman, bds 314 Third 
Buck Lewis, groceries, 30 Dupont 
Buck Silas M. attorney-at-law, dwl S s Market 

nr Fourth 
Buckhaber Richard, groceries and liquors, SW 

cor Folsom and Beale 
Buckingham A. A. pilot, office SW cor Wash- 
ington and East, dwl 717 Bush 
Buckingham Charles E. insurance adjuster, SE 
cor Battery and Commercial, room 3, dwl 
1009 Stockton 
Buckley Charles P. carpenter, Maguire's Opera 

Buckley Daniel, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Buckley Dennis, with Perine & Co. 
Buckley E. P. chief cutter, U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl 1204 Powell 
Buckley Francis, dwl SW cor Eddy and Devisa- 

Buckley Francis, jr. builder, dwl SW cor Eddy 

and Devisadero 
Buckley James, brick-burner, dwl 517 Greenwich 
Buckley James A. clerk, dwl N s Bush bet Bat- 
tery and Sansom 
Buckley John, boiler-maker, bds 26 Jessie 
BUCKLEY J. P. (Graves, Williams & B.) dwl 

SW cor Taylor and Jackson 
Buckley Mary (widow) dwl 21 St. Marks Place 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, dwl 925 Broadway 
Buckley William, brick-maker, dwl S s Pacific 

nr Tavlor 
Buckley William, superintendent Overland Mail 

Co. rooms 738 Washington, rear 
Buckley William H. dwl Benton House 
Bucklin E. P. book-keeper, What Cheer House 
Buckman Ezra T. stoves and tinware, 22 Stew- 
art, dwl IS Eddy 
Bucknam Charles, salesman with Guerin & Co. 

415 Montgomery, dwl 504 Dupont 
Buckner Charles, cabinet-maker with Strahle, 

Kreig &, Nachtigall, dwl 14 Scott 
Buckner Charles, cabinet-maker, dwl 508 Bush 
Buckney Charles, laborer, Chelsea Laundry 
Bnckwell Henry, liquor mcht, dwl 1104 Powell 
Bucler Lucien, with G. Yenard 
Buddensieck Charles, porter with H. Gerstung, 

dwl Bush near Dupont 
Buddington Mose3 T. master brig W. D. Rice, dwl 

27 Perry 
Buddington Walter, vegetables and fruit, 1 
Washington Market, dwl S s Jessie bet 
Second and Third 
Budlong J. B. carpenter, dwl Columbia H, Bdwy 

Buel Fredk. Rev. Agent American Bible Society, 

'jo Montgomery 
Buell C. Mrs. dwl 603 Broadway 
Buersynger Louis, upholsterer, dwl 323 Pine 
Buese Julius, clerk, Golden Gate Market, dwl N 

s Washington bet Front and Davis 
Buffington J. M. accountant, with Wm. Horr & 

Co. dwl 29 Silver 
Buft'ord James L. painter, dwl 523 Post 
Bufford Samuel F. ironer City Laundry, bds 610 

Bugbee Norman, jeweler, dwl 63 Minna 
Buhring H. bds Original House 
Buhle Henry, cooper, dwl* E s Harris, bet Fol- 
som and Howard 
Buhrmeister ( Christian II.) & Horning (Richard) 

liquor saloon, SW cor Mission and Beale 
Buhrmeister ( Claus) & Schultze (Richard) Two 

Brothers Saloon, 44 Stewart 
Buhrmeister Henry (Yaw Glahn & Co ) dwl 126 

BUHSEN DEITRICH, groceries and liquors, (27 

Bujac Daniel, stevedore, dwl Trainor's Row, SE 

cor Kearny and Sutter 
Buld (Hen) y) & Ritt (Henry) Louisiana Beer Sa- 
loon. 643 Jackson 
Bulger Martin, chief engineer stm Columbia, dwl 

E s Russ bet Howard and Folsom 
Bulger Raphael, printer, Evening Bulletin, dwl 

Mason nr Pacific 
Bulger William, hostler, with Jas. M. McDonald 
Bull Alpheus, capitalist, NW cor Clay and Front, 

dwl 930 Bush 
Bull Jacob, carpenter, bds Oriental House 
Bull John, laborer, with A. H. Houston 
Bullaen Christian, cook, dwl W s Gardiner alley 

near Post 
Bullard Calvin, laborer, dwl with Owen Johnson 
Buller Mary Miss, dwl 22 Perry 
Bulletti C. (Grosse & B.) dwl Post alley near 

Bulloch Mrs. washing, dwl W s Jones nr Post 
Bullock Frank D. clerk, with J. R. Mead & Co. 

dwl 423 Sutter 
Bullock William, seaman, dwl Sac St Hotel 
Bulson John, assistant engineer stm Golden Age, 

dwl 174 Jessie 
Bultmann August ( William Bofer & Co.) dwl 610 


Bumin George S. brick-maker, dwl 527 Mission 

JJumm George W. printer, with Whitton, Waters 

& Co. dwl S s Mission bet First and Second 

Bunce William, accountant, with II. B. Truett, 

dwl 318 Minna 
Bundy John II. (colored) boot-black, with Stable 

Bros, dwl Potrero Nuevo 
Bundy Thomas (colored) job-wagon, dwl Potrero 

S Brannan St Bridge 
Buner John (Dait & B.) Ranch Road to Ocean H 
Bunges F. waterman, S s Market opp Sansom 
Bunker (.1. C.) & Co. (R. L. Jefferson) butchers, 

704 Bush, dwl 624 Bush 
Bunker David, stevedore, bds Fisher House 
Bunker Fredk. R. clerk, with Moore & Folger, 
dwl S s Union bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Bunker George F. master bark N. S. Perkins, 
dwl 1017 Clay 



BUNKER (Henry S.) & GREAYES (Benjamin) 
& CO. Mexican shipping and commission 
merchants, SW cor Sacramento and Front, 
dwl 10S Turk 
Bunker Robert F. drayman -with Badger & Lin- 
denberger, dwl N s Pac bet Hyde and Larkin 
Bunnell Ann (widow) with J. McDonald & Co. 

dwl cor Tehama and Second 
Bunnell E. F. physician, dwl NW cor Yan Ness 

avenue and Sacramento 
Bunnell Geo. W. principal of Hyde St Grammar 

School, dwl with E. F. Bunnell 
Bunner Stephen, clerk, dwl 510 Sacramento 
Buno A. Mrs. laundress, 1337 Dupont 
Bunting Joseph, salesman with Lockwood & 

Hendrie, dwl 23 Minna 
BURBANK (Caleb) & PERKINS (E. F.) 
attorneys-at-law, rooms 6 and 7 Wells 
Building, dwl SW corper Jones and Clay 
Burbank (Sheldon C.) & Hovey (George) employ- 
ment office, 710 Kearny, dwl 806 Stockton 
Burch Charles, dwl 003 Broadway 
Burch H. laborer P. M. S. S. Co's Works, 

Folsom St Wharf 
Burch William, machinist, dwl 609 Howard 
Burch ard Jacob, liquor saloon, 643 Pacific 
Burckes Henry W. carpenter, dwl 325 Broadway 
Burckes L. M. carpenter, dwl 20 Geary 
Buret Louis, drug-clerk, 739 Clay 
BURDELL 'GALEN, dentist, 625 Clay, boards 

Oriental lintel 
Burden Edward, boatman, rooms SW cor Clay 

and East 
Burdett Peter, butcher, dwl N s Thompson near 

Burdick E. F. book-keeper with H. M. Newhall 
k Co. dwl N s Tehama bet First and Second 
Burdick J. D. zephyr worsted and fancy dry- 
goods, 651 Clay 
Burfina Martin, clerk. 101 Kearny 
BURGESS BENJAMIN II. with Turner Cowing, 

bds Revere House 
Burgess Charles, artist, 638 Sacramento 
Burgess George H. portrait-painter, 638 Clay, 

rooms 409 Dupont 
Burgess Hubert, artist, bds 711 California 
Burgess Robert, mariner, centre Greenwich bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Burgi Peter, veterinary surgeon, dwl 331 Pine 
Burgres Henry, with J. II. Kessing, dwl Broad- 
way House 
Burham James, dwl NW cor Folsom and Main 
Burham W. cigar-maker with Charles Weber 
Burhans Willett S. pattern-maker, dwl 735 Market 
Burhana William D. clerk, 32 Clay 
Burk Edward, box-maker with Hobbs, Gihnore 

<& Co. dwl Bay State Row, Sansom 
Burk Henry, laborer, dwl with James McDevitt 
Burk Henry, cigar-stand, 21!) California 
Burk James, laborer, dwl Howard nr Second 
Burk Mathew, laborer, dwl 23 Beale 
Burk Patrick, helper Vulcan Iron Works Co. 
Burk Walter, glass-maker, dwl 121 Mission 
Burke Alfred I. clerk Herald office, dwl NE cor 

Jones and Filbert 
Burke Ann Miss, domestic with Wiliam nooper 
Burke Barbary (widow) dwl NE cor Jones and 

Burke Catharine (widow) dwl E s Sansom near 

Burke Catharine (widow) dwl 323 Stockton 
Burke David, laborer, bds 518 Mission 
Burke David, liquors. 36 Jessie 
Burke (Dennis) k Briordy (Patrick) liquors, 525 

Front, dwl S s Pacific near Front 
Burke Elizabeth Miss, dwl E side Yerba Buena 

near Clay 
Burke Edward, drayman, dwl 416 Pacific 
Burke Garatt, dwl 36 Jessie 
Burke Jeffrey, laborer, bds with Daniel Dunn 
Burke John, blacksmith, dwl 28 Jane 
Burke John, laborer, bds with Wm. Barry St. 

Marks Place 
Burke John, pattern-maker Pacific Foundry 
Burns John Jr. com. merchant, 49 Stewart, dwl 

812 Powell 
Burke Joseph, carpenter Union Foundry, dwl 

NW cor Jane and Natoma 
Burke L. moulder Union Foundry 
Burke Margaret Miss, with Wheeler & Wilson, 

dwl cor Sutter and Stockton 
Burke Martin, laborer, 314 Yallejo 
Burke Mary Miss, with Wheeler & Wilson, dwl 

cor Sutter and Stockton 
Burke Mary Miss, domestic with Chas. Gillespie 
Burke Michael, baker with T. H. Stevens 
Burke Michael, carpenter, bds Oriental House 
BURKE M. J, chief police, office City Hall, 

dwl 930 Clay 
Burke Patrick, baker with Wm. Horr, dwl 719 

Burke Patrick, deck-hand stmr Bragdon 
Burke Patrick, laborer, bds Broadway Hotel 
Burke P. W. lids What Cheer House 
Burke Stephen, wheelwright with H. Casebolt & 

Burke Thomas, carpenter, dwl 517 Yallejo 
Burke Thomas, painter, dwl NE cor Turk and 

Van Ness Avenue 
Burke Thomas, painter, dwl 790 Folsom 
Burke Thomas, polisher Chelsea Laundry 
Burke Timothy, bds S s Chamber bet Front and 

Burke Thomas, laborer Union Foundry 
Burke W. moulder Union Foundry 
Burke William, hackman, dwl 1602 Stockton 
Burke William A. clerk with A. Kohler, dwells 

S s Clay bet Taylor and Leavenworth 
Burko William F. salesman with John S. Dole & 

Co. dwl 1006 Clay 
Burkett John T. carpenter, dwl NE cor Kearny 

and Yallejo 
Burkett Joseph M. with Smith & Byington, dwl 

Burkhardt George, watchmaker and jeweler, 209 

Bulkhead William N. foreman Herald, dwl 927 

Burks Charles 1. carpenter, dwl 20 Sansom 
Burley Nelson, hardware, dwl 605 Pacific 
Burlieu E. Nye, salesman with J. Peirco, dwells 

Jackson near Powell 
Burling William, merchant, 410 Merchant 
Burman Louis, laborer, steam laundry, Lagoon 
Burmeister A. clerk, dwl 201 Mont 
Burmeister Henry, groceries, 201 Mont 



Burmeister Henry (John Van Glahn & Co.) dwl 

NW cor Mary ami Natoma 
Burmeister Henry, waiter with Schad & Schwerin 
Burmingham Thomas, Sarsfield Hall, NW cor 

Pac and Mont 
Burn Thomas Mrs. children's clothing, 120 Kear 
Burn Thomas, laborer, dwl 1023 Pac 
Burnap John, groceries, E s Davis nr Wash 

dwl E s Larkin bet Green and Union 
Burnell J. tinsmith with J. E. Jorgensen 
Burnes Ellen Miss, chamber-maid, Niantic Hotel 
Burncs Hugh, dwl cor Folsom and Eleventh 
Burnett (Abram) & Lee (Franklin V.) builders, 

dwl cor Union and Leav 
Burnett B. laborer, dwl 310 Broadway, rear 
Burnett Edward W. student, dwl Ws Dupont 

nr Lombard 
Burnett Francis, cook at Isthmus House 
Burnett Frank J. cook, bds Burnett House 
Burnett George W. butcher, dwl NW cor Larkin 

and Green 
Burnett J. F. bds What Cheer House 
Burnett John, proprietor Burnett House, 23 

Burnett Mary A. Mrs. dwl 603 Bdwy 
Burnett Mary (widow) dwl SE cor Folsom and 

Burnett Robert (Alsop & Co.) dwl 424 Beale 
Burnett W. C (Murphy & B.) dwl W s Dupont 

nr Lombard 
Burnett W. G. tub-maker with C. Parrish & Co. 

dwl What Cheer House 
Burnett Wm. moulder, dwl Branch Hotel 
Burnett Wm. seaman, bds at Glencoe House 
Burnett Wm. workman, Lyon Brewery 
Burney Henry, milkman with Martin W. Lamb 
Burnham Benjamin, carpenter, dwl SE cor Sac 

and Davis 
Burnham Edward P. carpenter, dwl 105 Geary 
BURNHAM OILMAN M. lumber, 25 Stewart, 

dwl 350 First 
Burnham H. printer, bds Original House 
Burnham J. bds Hotel International 
Burnham Jas. miner, dwl 54 Third 
Burnham Jas. W. upholsterer with W. M. Hixon, 

dwl 54 Third 
Burnham Sarah E. Miss, boarding-, 54 Third 
Burnick Thomas, sail-maker, 15 Clay, dwl W s 

Mason nr Greenwich 
Burning Moscow Silver Mining Co. office 215 

Burnkhurst C. butcher, What Cheer House Res- 
Burns Aaron, dwl 1211 Powell 
Burns Ann (widow) washing, dwl Ws Taylor 

nr Post 
Burns Annie, nurse, dwl with Rev. Samuel H. 

Burns Barney, sugar refinery, dwl with Richard 

Burns 0. B, bds What Cheer House 
Burns Charles F. sail-maker, dwl E s Mason nr 

Burns (D. P.) & Chambers (David W.) real estate 
agents, office 10 Court block, dwl N s Bush 
nr Dupont 
Burns Edward, laborer, dwl SW cor Jones and 

Burns Edward, mariner, 303 Beale 

Burns Ellen Miss, book-folder with Bartling & 

Kimball, dwl NW cor First and Natoma 
Burns Francis, saloon, N s Com bet Drumm and 

Burns Garrett, dry goods, dwl 842 Mission 
Burns H. laborer with J. G. North 
Burns Henry, engraver, rooms 224 Stockton 
Burns Henry, hostler, 606 Sansom 
Burns Honnora Miss, dwl with Hugh Burns 
Burns Hugh, laborer, bds NW cor Larkin and 

Burns Isidore, shipsmith, S s Market bet Stewart 

and Spear, dwl Mission nr Fourth 
Burns James, boarding, 43 Ecker 
Burns James, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Burns James, clerk with Thomas Snow, bds 

Union House 
Burns James, driver with Arthur Waters, dwl 

Trinity near Bush 
Burns James, employe St. Thomas School, Mis- 
sion Dolores 
Burns James, express-wagon, dwl 1001 Battery 
Burns James, 'longshoreman, dwl S s Union bet 

Sansom and Calhoun 
Burns James L. book-keeper, dwl Union House 

Burns John Jr. forwarding and commission 
merchants, Pier 4 Stewart, dwl 812 Powell 
Burns John, laborer, bds 206 Pacific 
Burns John, miner, dwl N s Market nr Front 
Burns John, waiter with John Doyle 
BURNS (John H.) & MAGUIRE (John) proptrs 
"Snug," 614 Washington, dwl 809 Jackson 
Burns John J. shipping and forwarding, 25 Stew- 
art, dwl 812 Powell 
Burns J. W. 'longshoreman, dwl N s Filbert bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Burns L. clerk, dwl NE cor Howard and Ellen 
Burns Michael, at Miner's Foundry, dwl 657 

Burns Michael, cooper with P. Molloy, dwl 404 

Burns Michael, laborer, dwl 16 Dupont, rear 
Burns Michael, laborer with Samuel Hevuer 
Burns Nancy Mrs. sewing machines, dwl 919 

Burns Patrick, blacksmith, 10 Geary, dwl, 158 

Burns Patrick, blacksmith with P. Witbeck, 15 

Burns Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Rouch, bet 

Howard and Folsom 
Burns Patrick, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Burns Patrick, laborer, bds 316 Pacific 
Burns Patrick, Miner's Home, 416 Pacific 
Burns Patrick, waiter, dwl 242 Minna, rear 
Bums Patrick J. waiter Oriental Hotel 
Burns Peter, laborer, dwllOOl Battery, rear 
Burns (Robert) & Quast (Charles) proprietors 
What Cheer House Restaurant, 527 and 
529 Sacramento, dwl 42 Government House 
Burns Stephen, with P. Ryan, dwl 530 Sac 
Burns Stephen C. painter, dwl 804 Washington 
Burns Thomas, boarding, 802 Sansom 
Burns William, 'longshoreman, dwl 1016 Bat 
Burot B. gardener French Hospital, dwl S s Bry- 
[ ant bet Fifth and Sixth 


Burr Alva B. dwl S s Bay nr Dupont 

Burr Clarence C. dwl SE cor Filbert and Yan 

Ness Avenue 
BURR E. "WILLARD, merchant and President 
Savings and Loan Society, office 619 Clay, 
dwl Filbert nr Larkin 
Burr George W. moulder with Hinckley & Co. 

dwl Bush St House 
Burr Henry P. master bark Architect, dwl 17 

Burr Henry T. assistant librarian, Mercantile 

Library, dwl 217 Pine 
Burr Levi, Eureka Saloon, S s Bay nr Dupont 
Burr Lucy Miss, dwl with E. W. Burr 
Burradge G. F. book-keeper with R. B. Gray & 

Co. dwl 546 Mission 
Burrell Henry, brick-maker, bds with J. Clay 
Burrell M. S. (Knapp, B. & Co.) residence Port- 
Burrett Robert, coachman with P. Sather 
Burroughs Charles, club-rooms, 614 Kearny 
Burrowes George Rev. D. D., principal City Col- 
lege, SE cor Stockton and Geary 
Burrows Herman, fruits, 838 Kearny 
Burrows John, laborer, 344 Brannan 
Burt C. blacksmith with Coffey & Risdon 
Burt Charles, mariner, dwl S s Mission nr Stewart 
Burt E. C. Mrs. principal Powell Street School 
Burt Edward, milk-ranch, with John J. Burt 
Burt John J. milk-ranch, San Bruno Road 
Burt Patrick, laborer, dwl 24 Dupont 
Burt S. S. dwl 932 Clay 
Burt William II. mariner, dwl 1618 Powell 
Burtis James L. farmer, Hunter's Point 
Burton Caroline Mrs. rooms 15 Sutro House 
BURTON C. H. (rep. Burton & McCarthy. Sac- 
ramento) NW cor Front and Clay, dwl 101S 
Burton James G. dwl 1030 Clay 
Burton J. B. bds Hotel International 
Burton, John L. 'longshoreman, bds Western 

Burtsell John M. clerk with Murphy, Grant & Co 
Busch P. H. toll-keeper Folsom Street Road, cor 

Ninth and Folsom 
Buschan Nicholas (Hofercamp & Co.) dwl 501 

Bush Alonzo, drayman with Wm. T. Coleman 
& Co. dwl 49 Bitch bet Folsom and Harrison 
Bush Charles, moulder, bds Isthmus House 
Bush David, hatter, dwl 9 Bagley Place 
Bush Edson D. importer, office at Dodge & 

Shaw's, bds Hotel International 
Bush Ferdinand, tailor with P. Anderson, dwl 

304 Dupont 
Bush Henry, photographic gallery, 622 Kearny 
Bush J. teamster with Henry Miller 
Bush John, laborer, dwl with Jonas Call 
Bush John, boiler-maker with George W. Coffee, 

dwl 324 Green 
Bush J. P. physician, 605 Sacramento 
Bush Louis, dentist, dwl 013 Kearny 
Bush Nathan, furniture, 708 Pacific 
Bush Norton, collectors. F. G. Co. dwl 72 Minna 
Bush P. Union Malt IIouso, N s Filbert bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Bush Thomas H. book-binder with A. Buswell, 
dwl Yerba Buena nr Sacramento 

Bush William, cabinet-maker with J. Peirce 
Bush William H. dwl 130 Montgomery 
Bushen D. groceries, 727 Davis 
Bushman Charles, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Bushman John, waterman, Market opp Sansom 
Bushman Wihiam. pattern-maker with Hinckley 

& Co. dwl 47 Third 
Bushnell W. C. mariner, bds 46 Stewart 
Bushnell William, mariner, dwl 6 Montgomery 
Bushway John, coppersmith, dwl 10 Pinckney 
Businger Frederick, brass-finisher with W. T. & 

J. Garratt, dwl Minna nr Second 
Busse Albert ( Cook & Co.) dwl 247 Minna 
Busstan John, laborer with F. T. Eiser 
Buster H. C. Market Street Exchange, 605 Mar- 
ket, dwl 130 Montgomery 
Buster H. C. Mrs. lodgings, 130 Montgomery 
BUSWELL ALEXANDER, bookbinder, 517 
Clay and 514 Com, dwl SW cor Union and 
Buswell Helen Miss, dwl 932 Clay 
Buswell William F. pattern-maker Yulcan Iron 

Works, dwl 542 Folsom 
Butcher James L. butcher with A. Dolet, dwl N 

s Pfeiffer bet Dupont and Stockton 
Butein Thomas, bricklayer, 128 Natoma 
Butenop Henry, groceries, 625 Pacific 
Buthe Christian R. clerk, 520 Pine 
Butler Annie (widow) lodgings, 511 Pine 
Butler Annie, domestic with Geo. Hyde 
Butler Anthony, laborer Sugar Refinery, dwl 

with Joseph Schindler 
Butler Benjamin F. lithographer, SE cor Cal and 

Mont, dwl E s Taylor nr ('lav 
Butler C. 0. Mrs. boarding. 218 Bush 
Butler Charles, steamboatman, bds 11 Jackson 
Butler Chas. E. fireman stm Chrysopolis 
Butler E. dwl 542 Washington 
Butler Edward P. clerk with S. S. Butler, dwl 

528 Commercial 
BUTLER (E. Joseph) & CO. proprietors Police 

Gazette, 610 Mont, dwl Brooks House 
Butler Felix, carpenter, dwl S s Chestnut bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Butler George, laborer with Daniel Welch, cor 

Turk and Filmore 
Butler ( George) & Dewsnap ( Cyrus) liquors, SE 

cor Halleck and Leidesdorrf 
Butler Henry W. assistant mailing clerk Post 

Office, dwl 516 Bush 
Butler James, workman Empire Soda Works, 

dwl cor Market and Geary 
Butler John C. mariner, dwl 812 Jackson 
Butler John 0. carpenter, dwl with William 

Green, Jr. 
Butler John S. dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Butler Joseph, conk steamboat Antelope 
Butler Joseph (Leopold Knh & Co.) 32 Clay 
Butler Joseph D. special policeman, dwl 417 

Butler Joseph J. dwl 322 Yallejo 
BUTLEB M. A. Mrs. millinery goods. 642 Sac 
Butler Mary (widow) dwl 521 Vallejo 
Butler Mary Mrs. dressmaker, dwl 417 Sutter 
Butler Mathew, painter, S. F. Sugar Refinery, 

dwl witli Richard Butler 
Butler M. F. architect 802 Montgomery, dwl 30 



Butler Michael, laborer, dwl W s Salmon near 

Butler Parks, captain schooner Blanco, Pier 11 

Butler Patrick, cooper, dwl 147 Notoma 
Butler Patrick, laborer, dwl 16 Dupont 
Butler P. F. dwl 642 Sacramento 
Butler P. T. foreman S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

"W s Russ nr Howard 
Butler Richard, Sugar Refinery, dwl W s Eighth 

nr Folsom 
Butler Robert, at Maguire's Opera House 
Butler Robert, painter S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

W s Russ nr Folsom 
Butler S. S. lodgings, 528 Commercial, SW cor 

San and Wash, and S s Com nr Leid 
BUTLER WARREN C. wood-engraver, 610 

Mont, dwl 1524 Stockton 
Butler William, runner Manhattan House 
Butler William, laborer Sugar Refinery, dwl with 

Joseph Scheidler 
Butler's Landing Line Packets, Clay St Wharf 
Butman Charles, 'longshoreman, rooms 11 Clay 
Butman Frederick, artist, dwl 111 St Marks PI 
Butmer Cornelius, laborer, bds 414 Pacific 
Butt Arthur, waiter with John Stock 
Butt Peter N. clerk with Browning & Scheper 
Butterfield Eliza Miss, milliner, dwl 1018 Powell 
Butterfield James, miner, dwl SW cor Folsom 

and Beale. 
Butterfield Wm P. mechanic with 0. F. Gimn 

& Bro. 
Butterford C. B. carpenter, dwl 323 Pino 
Butters J. A. (/. R. Stewart & Co.) dwl 214 San 

bet Pine and Cal 
Butters John, First Officer steamer Brother 

Butterworth James, tinsmith Union Foundry, 

dwl 156 Natoma 
Buttner August, cook German Hospital 
Butts Chas. M. salesman for S. P. Taylor & Co 
111. Davis, dwlN s Bush bet Kearny and 
Butts H. D. laborer, dwl Mission bet Sewart and 

Bulurn George, with Penne & Co 
Buxton Chas. dwl N s Pine bet Montgomery and 

Buxton George, engineer, dwl 740 Harrison 
Buzzell Isaac, (Brooks & B.) dwl W s Florence 

nr Vallejo 
Byer John, plasterer, dwl 115 Stevenson 

Byers C. C. harness-maker with Chas. H. Mead, 

bds with Chas. H. Mead 
Byers John, mason, dwl N s Union nr Battery 
Bvfield A. N. Portugese Consul, dwl 149 Jessie 
Byington Horace W. (Smith & B.) dwl S s Eddy 

nr Steinet 
Byrant Maria Miss, domestic with Garrett Burns 
Byrne B. saloon, 350 Third 
Byrne Dennis, waiter with Porter & Collins, dwl 

W s Mont bet Charles and Pacific 
Byrne E. A. (widow) dwl NE cor Sacramento 

and Yerba Buena 
Byrne Edward, broker, bds St. Francis Hotel 
Byrne Edward, laborer, dwl Ws Jones bet 

O'Farrell and Ellis 
Byrne Felix, carpenter, dwl 650 Howard 

Byrne Garret J. (Kerby, B & Co.) dwl 842 Miss 
BYRNE HENRY H. (Freelon & B.) 635 Clay 
Byrne James, dwl 544 Wash 
Byrne James, laborer, with Haste & Kirk, dwl 

Minna nr Second 
Byrne John, waiter with Lazar & Blumenthal, 

rooms Branch Hotel 
Byrne John M. (GreUet & Co.) dwl 533 Sutter 
Byrne Joseph J. laborer, dwl N s Pacific bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Byrne Lafayette, clerk, dwl NE cor Howard and 

Byrne Mary J. (widow) groceries W s Drumm nr 


Byrne Michael, clerk with Kerby, Byrne & Co. 

dwl Prospect Place 
Byrne Patrick, apothecary St. Mary's Hospital, 

1314 Stockton 
Byrne Patrick, porter with Charles Langley, dwl 

139 Minna 
Byrne P. R. saloon, NE cor Clay and Davis 
Byrne T. C. bds Original House 
Byrne Thomas, gas-fitter with J. K. Prior, dwl 

544 Washington 
Byrne Thomas, laborer, dwl Ns Mission bet 

Ninth and Tenth 
Byrne Thomas, milkman, dwl with John Elliott 
Byrne Thomas, miner, dwl NE cor O'Farrell and 

Byrne Thomas L. porter with S. H. Meeker & Go. 

dwl 219 Front 
Byrne Thomas, speculator, dwl 257 Stevenson 
Byrne Thomas, shoemaker with N. Galmger 
Byrnes John, mariner, dwl 60 Clementina 
Byrns Harry, seaman, bds Keystone House 
Byrns Patrick, liquors, NE cor O'Farrell and De- 
Byron John, bricklayer, dwl 249 Minna 
Byron Michael, bricklayer, dwl 338 Minna 
Byron Patrick, laborer, dwl 626 Cal 
Byron Wm. sheet/iron worker, Union Foundry 
Bvryant Alexander, dwl 427 Cal 
Byxbee John T. book-keeper with H. B. Tiohenor 

Byxbee Robert G. (K B. Tichenor & Co.) dwl 
26 Laurie 


with Rountree 

Caballero Augustus, porter 

Bros, dwl 419 Clay 
Cabannes Joseph (Dupuy & Co.) dwl Protrero 

Nuevo S Brannan St Bridge 
Cabaul John, What Cheer House Restaurant 
Cabellero M. bds Original House 
Cable T. W. seaman, bds 46 Stewart 
Cables (Alfred II.) & Bailey (Thomas W.) vege- 
tables and fruits, 71 and 72 Washington 
Market, dwl 176 Jessie 
Cables Lewis H. clerk with Henry K. Cummings, 

dwl 910 Broadway . 

Cabot Elias, cabinet-maker with Weir & Irwin, 
Cabrera Pascuel, dwl 1314 Dupont 
Cadean Nicholas, carpenter, bds 12 St. Marks 1 1 
Cadean Patrick, plasterer with Wm. Nagle, bds 

12 St. Marks Place 
Cadigon John, laborer Sugar Refinery, dwl W s 
Ritter bet Harrison and Bryant 


Cadigon Timothy, helper Sugar Refinery, dwells 

W s Ritter bet Harrison and Bryant 
Cadiz Eugenia (widow) dwl 712 Bush 
Cadwell David, porter with Wegener & Shoenbar 
Cady John, boiler-maker, dwl W s Moss Place 

near Folsom 
Cady Lorenzo, contractor, dwl 105 Prospect PI 
Caffrey Catharine, washing, dwl ' N side Clara 

near Sutter 
Caglieri Georgio, clerk with D. Ghirardelli, dwl 

415 Jackson 
Cagney John, teamster with Reuben Morton, 

dwl NE cor Taylor and O'Farrell 
Cagney Martin, laborer, dwl S s O'Farrell near 

Cahalin Edward, porter with Einstein Bros, dwl 

271 Stevenson 
Cahalin John, porter with Hofflin & Rosenstock, 

dwl 271 Stevenson 
Cah ill A. G. drayman, bds 115 Stevenson 
Cahill Bridget, domestic with John Pope 
Cabill Edward, recorder T. J. L. Smiley & Co. 

dwl 408 Dupont 
Cahill Jas. laborer, dwl W s Fifth nr Stevenson 
Cahill James, saloon, dwl 441 Bush 
Cahill James A. laborer with Wo. Xagle 
Cahill James F. liquors, 242 Kearny 
Cahill John, porter with Rosenstock & Price, 

dwl 119 Third 
Cahill M. doorkeeper Maguire's Opera House, 

dwl S s Vallcjo near Sansom 
Cahill Mary (widow) dwl 422 Sacramento 
Cahill Mathew, porter with Redington & Co. dwl 

SW cor Mason and O'Farrell 
Cahill Patrick, drayman, dwl 335 Broadway 
Cahill William, porter with Einstein Bros, dwl 

Union House, First 
Calm Aaron (of A. Cahn & Co. Oregon) 312 

California, dwl 12 Anthony 
Calm Leopold ( Uhlfelder & Co.) dwl 10 Anthony 
Cahn L. M. merchant 312 CaL dwl 12 Anthony 
Cahn Wolf, lumberman, dwl 1521 Stockton 
Cahn Wolf, hand-cartman, dwl X s Mission near 

Caho Patrick, laborer, dwl X s Minna bet Boale 

and Fremont 
Cain Edward, printer with Agnew & DefTebach, 

dwl Washington 
Cain Edward (colored) whitewasher, SE oor Cal 

and Montgomery, dwl W B Larkin nr Union 
Cain Frank, apprentice S. F. Gas Co. 
Cain John, porter Washington Market 
Cain John, laborer, dwl 25 Jessie 
Cain Rufus K. bricklayer, dwl 411 Dupont 
Cairo Adrien (Caire Bros.) resides Paris 
Caire Brothers {Jii^ilninu & Adrien) importers 

hardware, 530 Washington and 1028 Dupont, 

dwl 426 Vallejo 
Cairns Robert, clerk with J. Peirce, dwells 243 

Calahan Cornelius, laborer, dwl W s White bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Calahan John, laborer with Charles Bon 
Calahan John, merchant, dwl SE cor Chostnut 

and Hyde 
Calahan Mary Miss, domestic with D. Mahoney 
Calaly Michael, laborer, dwl 8 Hawthorne 
Calasard Eugene, New York Baths, 738 Pacific 

Calderwood David, carpenter, dwl 911 Sac 

Caldwell Andrew, porter with W. H. Keith k Co, 
dwl 719 Yallejo 

Caldwell David, dwl X s Pine bet Sac and Mont 

Caldwell John E. with Dietrick & Bowen, dwells 
324 Tehama 

Caldwell William, machinist Vulcan Iron Works 
Co. dwl N s Liberty Place 

Caldwell Z. (colored) waiter stmr Chrysopolis 

CALEF J. S. physician, 726 Washington, dwl 
312 Post 

CALER ( Otmar) & CO. {Frederick Seidensiriker) 
proprietors Pavilion, Hayes' Valley, dwl 
XW cor Octavia and Hayes 

CALHOUX CHARLES A. book and job printer, 
535 Washington, dwl W s Mason bet O'Far- 
rell and Geary 

Calhoun James E. attorney-at-law, 27 U. S. Court 
Building, dwl Union Hotel 

LIXE, Holladay and Flint agents, XW cor 
Sacramento and Leidesdorff 

California Bible Society, office 18 Montgomery 

California Building and Loan Society, office Ar- 
mory Hall 

CALIFORNIA CHROXIK, Brauer & Co. pro- 
prietors, office SW cor Sac and Mont 

California Coal Mining Co. office Pioche & Bay- 
erque, SE cor Montgomery and Jackson 

proprietors, office SE cor Sac and Mont 

editor and proprietor, office 728 Mont 

proprietors, X s Fremont bet Market and 

CALIFORXIA HOTEL, Gailhard Brothers, pro- 
prietors, SE cor Dupont and Commercial 

CALIFORXIA LLOYDS— John Parrott, George 
C. Johnson, X. Luning, James Phelan, La- 
fayette Maynard. James Donahue, William 
E. Barron, James Otis, James B. Haggin, 
ami J. Mora Moss; G. Touchard, secretary 
— ollice S W cor Washington and Battery 

Rosenfield proprietors, office 602 Mont 

E. Dyer proprietor, XW cor Front and Com 

office 619 Clay 

ANCE CO. ollice SE cor Battery and Com 


agent, E s Kearny, opposite Plaza 

California Silver Mining Co. office 606 Merchant 

fice 630 Montgomery, Montgomery Block 

office XE cor Front and Jackson 

California Wool-Growers' Association, office NW 
cor Commercial and Front 

Calipe Alexander, painter, dwl 737 Commercial 

Calish R. S. waterman, dwl 15 Jessie 

Calkin Milo, ollice c, Montgomery Block, dwl 24 
eminent House 

Calkins Ripley R. clerk with C. J. Haw-ley 

Call Dennis, laborer, dwl with James McDevitt 



Call Jonas, milkman, S s Presidio 
Callabotta Sylvester, coffee-saloon, Railroad De- 
pot, Market nr California 
Callaghan Jeremiah (of J. D. Callaghan, Shasta) 

421 Front, dwl S s Mission nr Fourteenth 
Callaghan John, wholesale provisions, 121 Front, 

dwl oor Hyde and Chestnut 
Callaghan Michael, cook with Thomas Hayes 
Gallagher Peter, seaman, bds 208 Commercial 
Callahan B. chief engineer Sugar Refinery, dwl 

W s Russ bet Howard and Folsom 
Callahan David, laborer, dwl 102 Minna 
Callahan James, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Sansom 

and Montgomery 
Callahan Jaines K. blacksmith, with S. S. Ross, 

dwl Columbia Hotel 

{Samuel A.) importers crockery and glass- 
ware 418 Battery, dwl 760 Folsom bet 

Third and Fourth 
Callahan Michael, saloon, cor Drumm and Com 
Callahan Michael L. dwl 204 Davis 
CALLAN THOMAS, liquors, 209 Leidesdorff, 

dwl 30 Ellis 
Callan Thomas, laborer, bds 17 Stevenson 
Calnen Daniel, laborer, dwl 755 Mission, rear 
Calnery Thomas, drayman, dwl with Win. Taaffe 
Calnon Patrick, liquors, 100 First, dwl 30 Jessie 
Calsen Peter, carpenter, dwl S s Pacific nr Larkin 
Calling Jacob, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Caman Rodolph. physician, dwl 430 Bush 
Camden C. D. Mrs. dress-maker, 114 Mont 
Camel Mary Miss, domestic 726 Green 
Cameron August (Robb & Co.) wood-turning 

Chase's mill. 309 Market 
CAMERON (Caleb) WHITTIER (W.Frank) & 

CO. (E. B. Benjamin) importers and jobbers 

paints, oils and window-glass, 425 and 427 

Cameron Duncan (Otis & C.) NW cor Main and 

Cameron Hugh, boarding, 312 Beale 
Cameron John, blacksmith, Union Foundry 
Cameron John, miner, dwl 116 Silver 
Cameron John D. toll-keeper. Mission St Road 
Cameron N. bds Niantic Hotel 
Cameron Robert, book-keeper, with McEwen & 

Cameron William, apprentice, Pacific Foundry 
Cammaron A. captain schooner Eclipse, pier 11 

Cammelet John, eggs, 524 Clay, dwl over Clay 

St Market, Leidesdorff 
Cammeron S. carpenter, dwl 506 Market 
Cammet (John) & Kauce (Francis) New York 

Baken r , 626 Kearri) r , dwl Third nr Mission 
Cammetto Martin, schooner Basquoise, Market 

St Wharf * 
Camp Herman, silver-miner, bds Tehama House 
Camp William F. saw-maker, dwl 114 Mont 

District Court, office NW cor Montgomery 

and Washington, dwl 26 Turk 
CAMPBELL (Alexander) & BROWN (Harvey 

S.) attornevs-at-law, City Hall, second floor, 

dwl 1509 Powell 
Campbell Alexander, with Rockwell, Coye & Co. 
dwl 417 Post 

Campbell Allen D. bootmaker, 425 California 
Campbell Chas. compositor Pacific Methodist 

office, dwl California nr Dupont 
Campbell David, seaman, bds 11 Jackson 
Campbell Duncan, carpenter California Foundry 
Campbell Duncan, rigger, dwl N s Union bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 

11 Elizabeth (widow ) dwl with N. O. Ames 
Campbell E. R. attorney-at-law, dwl Union Hotel 
Campbell Frank, broker, dwl 265 Minna 
Campbell George (Dickson, DeWolf & Co.) resi- 
dence London 
Campbell Hamilton, artist with William Davis, 

dwl 516 Bryant 
Campbell Henry, gilder, dwl 516 Pine 
Campbell Henry C. clerk with John H. Saun- 
ders, dwl 26 Turk 
Campbell John, dwl 3 Milton Place 
Campbell John, boarding, 214 First 
Campbell John, book-keeper with W. C. Talbot 

& Co. dwl 10 Third 
Campbell John, seaman, bds Miners' Exch H 
Campbell Margaret Miss, dwl E 8 Wetmore PI 

near Washington 
Campbell M. E. Mrs. actress, dwl NW cor Mont 

and Jackson 
Campbell N. carpenter, dwl 659 Clay 
Campbell Patrick D. laborer U. S. B. Mint, dwl 

325 Fourth 
Campbell Peter, laborer South Park, dwl 3 Hunt 
Campbell Philip, laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl Jessie 

nr Fifth 
Campbell R. bds Union Hotel 
Campbell Steuart C. lamps, 10 Third 
Campbell T. cabinet-maker with Easton Bros. 

dwl 24 Sansom 
Campbell Thos. blacksmith Vulcan Iron Works 

Co. dwl 10 Ritch 
Campbell Thomas (colored) whitewashes dwl 

Spofford nr Clay 
Campbell Thompson, attorney-at-law, dwl 1024 

Campbell W. B. bds What Cheer House 
Campbell Win. carpenter, dwl N s Oak nr Taylor 
Campbell Wm. H. carpenter, dwl N s Kent bet 

Union and Filbert 
Campe Albert, dwl 637 Jackson 
Campe Henry (Decker & C.) dwl NW cor Second 

and Tehama 
Campe (John) & Kohn (Henry) groceries and 

liquors, NE cor Folsom and Baldwin Place 
Campi James <fc Co. (Mauletti & C.)cor Merchant 

and Sansom 
Campion Thomas, baker with Wm. Horr, dwl 719 

Campodonico John, drayman with Hodge & 

Wood, E s Powell nr Post 
Camson Henry, barkeeper with Samuel Gardiner 
Canady James, laborer Spring Valley Water 

Works, dwl with Chas. A. Lanpher 
Cande (Laurent) & Fretigny ( Victor) St. Anne 

Garden, NW cor Powell ami Eddy 
Candelet Allen, butcher 80 and 81 Washington 

Market, dwl 508 Washington 
Cane Patrick, miner, dwl Mississippi House 
Cane Patrick, waiter, dwl 206 Pacific 
Caney Chas. M. clerk with Thos. Ogg Shaw, dwl 

310 Sutter 



CO. (Aaron Johnson) importers clothing, 6 
Custom House Block, res New York 
Canfield E. T. jeweler witli C. Walker 
Canfield R.J. collection department, Wells, Fargo 
& Co. dwl E s Mason bet Yallejo and Bdwy 
Canfield Wm. jeweler, rooms 627 California 
Canham Thomas, seaman, dwl 13 Kearny 
Canham Wm. F. sign-painter, 13 Kearny 
Cann Thomas, carpenter, bds 557 Market 
Cannavan E. J. dwl 423 Mission 
Cannavan B. cabinet-maker with M. E. Hughes, 

dwl cor Yallejo and Leavenworth 
CAXXAYAN MICHAEL, importer dry goods, 
Bee-Hive Building, NE cor Dupont and 
Canney B. R. {Copp & C.) dwl 820 Stockton 
Canning James, stove-mounter with Locke & 

Cannon Adam, dwl 622 Sacramento 
Cannon James, laborer, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Cannon James, laborer at 112 Davis, bds Stock- 
ton bet San Francisco and Bay 
Cannon John, liquors 210 First, dwl 18 Natoma 
Cannovan John, laborer, dwl 25 Beale 
Cantrell Thomas G. machinist with Jas. Devoe, 

dwl Greenwich cor Jansen 
Cantrell Wm. B. carpenter with Brokaw & Met- 

calf, dwl Greenwich near Powell 
Canty Daniel, clerk with J. Regan 
Canty John, laborer Sugar Refinery, dwl with 

Owen Casey 
Canty Michael, fruits, dwl 16 Sherwood Place 
Canty Thomas, saloon, 328 Third 
Canty Timothy, merchant tailor,528 Montgomery, 

dwl 383 Market 
Canty Wm. boiler-maker with Coffey & Risdon 
Cany Edward, 552 Mission 
Capp Chas. S. deputy county clerk Fourth Dis- 
trict Court, dwl 525 Union 
Cappelmann Cornelius, groceries, 366 Third 
Capplemann (C.) & Winckelmanu (Henry) gro- 
ceries, 1 Dupont 
Capprise Joseph, saloon, 915 Dupont, dwl N s 

Yallejo near Kearny 
Caradine Peter, seaman, dwl S s Com nr East 
Carafae D. Geneva Bakery, 1309 Dupont 
Caray Peter, bricklayer, dwl N s Stevenson near 

Carbon Louis, farmer, S s Mission Dolores 
Carbonell Alexander, barkeeper, dwl 621 Kear 
Card Russell (J. H. Cook & Co.) dwl 321 Sutter 
Card Stephen, president M. T. Co. NE cor Bat- 
tery and Clay, dwl S s South Park 
Cardinell G. dwl 542 Washington 
Cardinet Einile. flab, 25 and 28 Washington Mar- 
ket, dwl N s Lombard bet Powell and Ma- 
Carew Thomas, drayman with W. and I. Stein- 
hart, dwl 34 Natoma 
Carey Eliza bfiss, domestic 1018 Wash 
Carey Jas. bds 527 Pine 

Carick Daniel, seaman, dwl Knickerbocker nouso 
Carigan Thomas, laborer, dwl 8B cor Tost and 

CARL (Charles) & FLINT (AugtuttU P.) book- 
sellers and stationers, XW cor More-hunt 
and Mont, dwl 1213 Mason 

Carl Dennis C. Exchange saloon, 1301 Powell 
Carl Edward, porter, dwl 607 Market 
Carl John, laborer, S. F. G. Co. dwl 509 Howard 
Carl Silas, carpenter, bds 26 Jessie 
Carlan Edward, hostler with L. Coburn 
Carlan P. laundry, dwl Ws Annie nr Jessie 
Carlan William, blacksmith. 619 Bdwy 
Garland M. E. salesman with Winant & Co. dwl 

526 Clay 
Carle E. A. bds Original House 
Carle Edward, porter with Scholle Bros, dwl S s 

Market nr Second 
Carleton Chas. C. engineer, 620 Bdwy 
Carleton Jas. P. professor City College, dwl 517 

Carley Anna Miss, domestic 1711 Dupont 
Carlin Wm. porter with R. E. Brewster & Co. 

dwl S s Geary bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Carlisle George barkeeper with Jos. Capprise, 

dwl 915 Dupont 
Carlisle William (colored) steward stmr Senator, 

dwl 729 Folsom 
Carlo John, gardener, dwl NW cor Eleventh and 

Carls John H. porter with J. R. Stewart & Co. 

dwl 20 Scott 
Carlsen nans H. seaman, bds 9 Wash 
Carlson H. teamster Pier 1, Stewart 
Carlton Chas. C. clerk with Wm. T. Coleman & 

Co. dwl with Fred MacCrellish 
Carlton Cook, dwl with Timothy Sargent 
Carlton (Frank B.) & Bookwitz (G. W.) Charley's 

Place, liquors. San Jose Road 
Carlton Frank D. (A. Roman & Co.) dwl 108 

Carlton George, clerk with McReur k Merrill 
Carlton Harriet C. (widow) dwl 329 Fremont 
Carlton Henry Jr. ( Wm. T. Coleman & Co.) dwl 

N s Harrison bet Second and Essex 
Carlton H. P. principal Mason and Washington 

St School, dwl 1005 Powell 
Carlton Richard, captain ship Torrent, Pier 12 

Carlyle David, dwl 360 Brannan 
Cann Michael, coachman with L. J. Czapkay 
CARMAN BEXJAMIX, Justice of the Peace, 

Third Township, office 588 Mont, dwl SE 

cor Sac and Leidesdorff 
Carman Benjamin R. physician 1112 Stockton 
Carman Charles, dwl W s Sansom bet Union and 

Carman Geo. groceries, 101 Kearny 
Carman Wm. physician 236 Bush, dwl 56 Minna ' 
Carmany Cyrus W. clerk Savings and Loan So- 
ciety, "dwl 323 Pine 
Carman v John II. printer with Towne & Bacon, 

dwl 323 Pino 
Carmelich (George) & Hurlbutt (James J/.) sad- 
dles and harness, 408 Kearny 
Carmichael John J. carpenter, bds Manhattan 

Carnaham Alox. butcher, bds New England 

Carncll Herbert S. with I. Blum, dwl 206 Bush 
Carnor James, carpenter, dwl Ws Trinity bet 

Pine and Bush 
Carnes Patrick, butcher, dwl Manhattan Engine 




Carnin Joseph, Belvidere laundry, 830 Bdwy 
Cams Robert, salesman with J. Peirce, dwl 243 

Caro Julius, dry goods, 322 Kearny 
Caro Louis, clothing, 113 Pacific 
Caro Samuel, clothing, 58 Third 
Caro Wolf, dwl 181 Jessie 
Carpee J. waterman, 623 Sansom 
Carpenter Daniel, dwl 414 Post 
Carpenter Francis Miss, domestic, Virginia Block 
Carpenter George W. clerk with I. H. Knowles, 

bda 521 Pine 
Carpenter G. M. bds "What Cheer House 
Carpenter Harriet Miss, comedienne, bds Niattic 

Carpenter Isaac W. printer, rooms cor Pine and 

Carpenter Miles B. (J. Y. Hallock & Co.) dwells 

Powell near Jackson 
Carpenter Rufus (White & C.) dwl 262 Third 
Carpenter "William, mashman Dow's Distillery, 

dwl with R. A. Tibbits 
Carpenter William C. store-keeper stmr Golden 

Age, dwl NW cor Turk and Mason 
Carpenter Wm. G. compositor, dwl 400 Kearny 
Carpenter Wm. H. (colored) billiard-saloon, 926 

Kearny, dwl 402 Stockton 
Carpenter Wm. L. compositor Evening Bulletin, 

dwl Lincoln Place 
Carpenlier Edward R. attorney-at-law, NW cor 

Montgomery and Merchant 
Carpentier Horace "W. attorney-at-law, NW cor 

Montgomery and Merchant 
Carpy John, drayman for Denny & Vorbe, dwl 

TV s Montgomery bet Jackson and Pacific 
Carr Andrew, porter with Conroy & O'Connor, 

dwl W s Vincent bet Green and Mason 
Carr B. TV. with G. McFarland, dwl with Mme. 

Carr Jesse D. real-estate, dwl 316 Folsom 
Carr John, Bensley Laundry, 316 Pacific 
Carr John F. carpenter, dwl St. Lawrence House 
Carr John S. book-keeper with James E. Wain- 

wright, & Co. dwl 316 Folsom 
Carr Joseph, wool-dealer, dwl Potrero nr Dow's 

Carr Mary, servant with A. S. Leon 
Carr Mary Ann Miss, dwl with Gen. Jas. Shields 
Carr Patrick, laborer, dwl 15 Eddy 
Carr Patrick J. dwl with John Lennan 
Carr S. L. clerk with A. Franklin 
Carr Thomas, laborer, dwl Filbert nr Sansom 
Carr William, laborer, dwl 38 California 
Carr William, gardener, Golden Gate Nursery 
Carr William W. groceries. 59 Clementina 
Carrabine James, dwl 30 Jessie 
Carrabine John, dwl 30 Jessie 
Carragan Thomas, seaman, bds Miners' Ex House 
CARRAN (Joseph) k CRUZILLS (Adolph) 

butchers, 1 New Market, dwl W side Taylor 

bet Geary and Post 
Carraro B. saddler, dwl 531 Pacific 
Carrere James, cooper, dwl 511 Dupont 
Carroty Joseph, steward with E. Bryan 
Carrick Daniel, seaman, dwl 61 Stevenson, rear 
Carrick J. M. waterman, Market 
Carrick Richard, seaman, dwl 79 Stevenson, rear 
Carrick Thomas, seaman, dwl 67 Stevenson, rear 

Carrie George C. clerk, dwl 320 Folsom 
CARRIE (Joseph A.) & DAMON (James E.) 

importing stationers, 402 and 404 Battery, 

dwl 119 Ellis near Powell 
Carrie William, drayman with F. J. Eisen, dwl 

Larkin bet Ellis and O'Farrell 
CARRIERE G. H. dwl 542 Washington 
Carrigan Andrew Jr. clerk with Conroy & 

O'Connor, dwl Mission near Fourth 
Carrigan H bricklayer, dwl 114 Bush 
Carrillo Ebaristo, moulder, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Carrington Henry, dwl 719 Clay 
Carrington Wm. real-estate, dwl 827 Sac, rear 
Carro Eugene, butcher, 3 Clay St Market 
Carrol John, deck-hand stmr Bragdon 
Carrol Thomas, carpenter, dwl Mississippi House 
Carrol Wm. seaman, bds Miners' Exch House 
Carroll Bridget (widow) dwl N s Stockton Place 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
Carroll C. F. 'longshoreman, dwl Alta bet Sansom 

and Montgomery 
Carroll Dennis, liquors, Lone Mountain Av. dwl 

cor Powell and Pacific 
Carroll George, painter, bds 206 Pacific 
Carroll George H. painter, bda N .T. Exchange 
Carroll J. B. stove-fitter with J. De La Mon- 

tanya & Brother, bds Manhattan House 
Carroll Jeremiah, boiler-maker, dwl E s Sutter 

Alley W of Bush 
Carroll John, carpenter, dwl 30 Jessie 
Carroll John, gas-fitter, bds 706 Battery 
Carroll John, laborer S. F. G. Co. dwl 509 Howard 
Carroll John, laborer, dwl 506 Market 
Carroll John, lamp-lighter S. F. Gas Co. 
Carroll John, painter, dwl 128 Sutter 
Carroll John, porter, 120 Front, dwl with Martin 

Carroll John, porter with J. De La Montanya & 

Carroll John, saloon, 545 Kearny 
Carroll John P. book-keeper, 305 Front, dwl 307 

Carroll John, wholesale liquors, 305 and 307 

Front, dwl 307 Folsom 
Carroll Martin, drayman with J. W. Brittan, dwl 

Dupont near Filbert 
Carroll Michael, cabman, Plaza 
Carroll Owen, machinist, bds Mission House 
Carroll P. brick-moulder Chas. Bon's brick yard 
Carroll Patrick, book-keeper, dwl 919 Pacific 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, bds NE cor Cleary and 

Carroll Patrick, laborer, dwl N side Filbert bet 

Sansom and Montgomery, rear 
Carroll (Patrick) & Brother (Thomas C.) groceries, 

123 Third 
Carroll Richard, milkman, old San Jose Road nr 

Mission Dolores 
Carroll Thomas, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Carroll Thomas, second-hand clothing, 826 Clay 
Carroll Thos. C. (Carroll & Bro.) dwl 123 Third 
Carroll Thomas D. ship-carver with William B. 

Goreau, dwl 826 Clay 
Carroll T. P. book-keeper with Janson, Bond & 

Co. dwl Green bet Stockton and Dupont 
Carroll W. cabman, Plaza 
Carroll William C. tinsmith with R. & J. Kohler, 

dwl Trinity nr Pine 



Carroll William, laborer, dwl 335 Broadway 
Carrollo R. P. moulder Pacific Foundry 
Carruthers George, carpenter, dwl E s Yerba 

Buena nr Clay 
Carsky Morris, cap-worker with A. Bernard & 

Co. dwl Pacific nr Dupont 
Carson Bernard, engraver, 642 Commercial, dwl 

115 Post 
Carson Frederick, clerk, 409 Union 
Carson Hans, teamster, dwl 806 Broadway 
Carson James, butcher with John G. Prior, dwl 

Folsom bet Johnston and Thome 
Carson (John) & Libby (E. L.) Bay City Restau- 
rant, 30 Clay, dwl N s Jackson bet Drumm 

and East 
Carson Joho, clerk, dwl 510 Sacramento 
Carson John, restaurant, dwl 20 Jackson 
Carson Joseph, dwl with John Donaldson, San 

Bruno road 
Carson Mary Miss, seamstress, dwl E 8 Taylor 

nr Eddy 
Carson Matthias M. carpenter, dwl 20 Ritch 
Carstan Philip, clerk with C. Scheper, dwl NW 

cor Montgomery and Sutter 
C .rswell G. W. porter with Tubbs & Co. 613 

Carswell John D. printer with F. Eastman, dwl 

825 Union 
Cartel Peter, laborer, dwl 502 Union 
Carter Benjamin (colored) whitewashes 329 

Bush, rear 
CARTER CHARLES D. real-estate agent„610 

Merchant, dwl W s Taylor bet Filbert and 

Carter Frederick S. salesman with Holcombe 

Bros, dwl 217 Stevenson 
Carter George, boatman, dwl 3 Yallejo 
Carter George R. (Treadwell & Co.) residence 

Boston, Mass 
Carter George W. carpenter, dwl 26 Scott 
Carter Henry, teamster with Preston & Mc- 

Carter James J. machinist Union Foundry, dwl 

Mission bet First and Ecker 
Carter John, barkeeper, 671 Market 
Carter John, blacksmith, dwl with John Toomy 
Carter John, drayman, dwl W s Bannam Place 

nr Green 
Carter John, laborer, dwl W s Taylor nr Geary 
Carter John jr. clerk with R. A. Swain <fc Co. dwl 

217 Stevenson 
Carter John S. salesman with Bray & Bro. dwl 

N s Washington l>et Stockton and Powell 
Carter John T. book-keeper with Callahan & San- 
derson, dwl 217 Stevenson 
Carter John W. clerk with R. A. Swain, dwl 

S s Stevenson bet Third and Fourth 
Carter John W. S. confectionery, 120 Third 
Carter Louis, broker, dwl NW cor Hyde and 

Carter M. IT. drayman, dwl 9 Post 
Carter Myron H. drayman with Tandlor & Co. 

dwl S s Stevenson nr Second 
Garter Peter, Sec. S. F. Co. Water Works, 804 

Carter Robert W. & Co. house agents, 714 Mont, 

dwl NW cornor Pino and Prospect PI 
Carter W. P. building-raiser, bds 564 Mission 

Cartier Victor, lapidary, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Cartin Hugh, lather, dwl 20 Sherwood Place 
Cartmell Margaret (widow) dwl 16 Ecker 
Carto Benjamin, carpenter, dwl 527 California 
Carton Bridget (widow) dwl 1113 Kearny, rear 
Carton James E. clerk with Geo. M. Smith, dwl 

Keai ny nr Broadway 
Cartwright J. carriage-maker, dwl 24 Sansom 
Cartwright Thomas, driver with Bradshaw & Co. 

dwl Columbia Hotel 
Carty James, cooper, 516 Front, bds NE corner 

Front and Oregon 
Carvalho Charles, interpreter Police Court, dwl 

13 Minna 
Carvan A. J. clothing, 643 Merchant 
Carvill Orin S. (Pollard & Co.) bds Branch 

Cary Isaac G. barber with C. H. Mercier, dwl 

cor Harrison and Fourth 
Cary James C. (Holladay & C.) dwl 20 Tehama 
Cary John, laborer, dwl with Daniel Donnelly 
Cary John, waiter, dwl SE cor Mont and Bdwy 
Cary John, at Eagle Warehouse, NW cor Davis 

and Pine, dwl Lafayette Place nr Union 
Cary Joseph, fireman on Helen Hensley 
Cary (S. D.) k Winegar (A. B.) flour merchants 

and Suffolk Salt Works, 221 Clay, dwl NE 

cor Tavlor and Broadway 
CARY THOMAS G. commission merchant 416 

California, up stairs, dwl 25 Prospect Place 
Casanova Carlotta Miss, teacher music, etc. 1114 

Casanova Eugene, porter with F. Daneri & Co. 

dwl 421 Jackson 
Casanova Henry (F. Daneri & Co.) dwl 421 

Case C. L. dwl nr San Bruno road 
Case George A. express-wagon, NW cor Mont 

and Wash, dwl W s Stockton bet Lombard 

and Chestnut 
Case Joseph, brakeman S. F. and Mission rail- 
road, dwl 252 Stevenson 
Case Lizzy C. (widow) dwl W s Mason nr Union 
Case Philip H. salesman with Sherman & Co. 

dwl 708 Taylor 
Casebolt George T. foreman with Henry Casebolt 

& Co, dwl 34 Everett 
CASEBOLT II. & CO. (J. H. MaMetf) carriage 

manufacturers and importers, 532, 534 and 

536 Market, dwl 34 Everett 
Casebolt Ira J. blacksmith with Henry Casebolt 

& Co. dwl 34 Everett 
Casebolt Jacob D. blacksmith Henry Casebolt 

& Co. dwl 34 Everett 
Casebolt M. A. Miss, assistant teacher primary 

department, Rincon School 
Casedy J. lids What Cheer House 
Caselli A. with Pioche & Bayerque, dwl SW cor 
ind Sanson) 
1 latherine Miss, dwl with Dennis Mahoney 
Casey P. porter with Crosby & Dibblee, dwl cor 

Sansom and Green 
Oasey Daniel, hat-maker with Collins & Tiffany, 

dwl 711 Tehama 
Casey Daniel, laborer, NW cor Sansom and Green 
Casey Daniel J. blacksmith with Lawton A Klap- 

perich, dwl Wash Ave nr Mission 



Casey Ellen Miss, special assistant teacher, 

Union St School. dwl with Dennis Mahoney 
Case} r Eugene, plumber S. F. C. Water "Works, 

dwl NE cor Sao and Leidesdorff 
Casey Frank, laborer, dwl Potrero 

fames, compositor Monitor, dwl Brooklyn 

Casey James, hostler with Skelly & Co 
Casey Joseph, tailor, dwl 714 Tehama 

Margaret Mrs. liquor saloon, 1007 Kear 
Casey Mary (widow) dwl 40 First 

Mary Mies, dwl with Dennis Mahoney 
Casey Mary Mrs. saloon 233 Jackson 
Casey Mary Ann, domestic with Joseph Myrick 
Casey Michael, blacksmith with A. Folsom, dwl 

Sutter nr Powell 
Casey Michael, carpenter, dwl 184 Jessie 
Casey Michael, miner, bds 414 Pacific 
Casey Owen, carpenter S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

cor Harrison and Eighth 
Casey Patrick, painter 38 Cal, dwl Clara bet 

Ritch and Fourth 
Casey Patrick, Sugar Refinery, dwl with Richard 

Casey Patrick C, shipwright, dwl 233 Jackson 
Casey Robert, foundryman, dwl N s Francisco 

nr Dupont 
Cash Robert, laborer, dwl N s Louisa bet Third 

and Fourth 
Cash Samuel machinist, Miners' Foundry, dwl 

with N. 0. Ames 
Cashmau Dennis, laborer, dwl 8 Silver 
Cashman John, waiter, dwl 15 Hunt 
Cashman Thomas, broker, dwl 51 Stevenson, rear 
Cashman Wm. F. (Sullivan &, C.) NW cor Front 

and Wash 
Casimier Avigron, dwl 513 Jackson 
Casimier Peter, baker with Peter Job 
Caskiu Louis, butcher, 15 New Market, dwl 525 

Casle J. A. carpenter, dwl 41 1 Pine 
Casler John 0. carpenter, S s Market nr Tenth 
Caspersen Martin, upholsterer with Frank Baker, 

dwl 426 Keamy 
Caspersen Morris J. bds Original House 
Cassady Hugh, wool with Donald McLennan, 

dwl Valparaiso nr Taylor 
Cassady John, liquor saloon SW cor Jackson and 

Cassady Mary, fruits, 739 Broadway 
Cassas F. B. Jr. dead letter clerk, Post Office 
Cassay Patrick, bds Original House 
Cassebohm Wm. (H. Bruns & Co.) dwl N s Pine 

3d house W Dupont 
Cassell Joseph, brick-layer, dwl 51 Clementina 
i Thomas, laborer, bds NE cor Clary and 

Cassens Henry, groceries and liquors 601 Green- 
wich, dwl 607 Greenwich, rear 
CASSERLY EUGENE, attorney-at-law, NW 

cor Com and Mont, dwl NW cor Harrison 

and Fremont 
Casserly Michael, boarding, 304 Pacific 
Casserly Patrick, Atlantic House, 210 Pacific 

y James, hostler, dwl 129 Stevenson 
Cassidy Catherine, domestic with J. P. Davis 
Cassidy Ellen (widow) dwl E s Vincent bet Green 

and Union 

Cassidy Hugh, laborer, dwl 16 Valparaiso 
Cassidy Hugh, teamster, dwl 903 Battery 
Cassidy John, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Cassidy John C. manager Pacific Club, 633 

Cassidy John J. laborer, dwl 27 Everett 
Cassidy Mary (widow) dwl 117 Stevenson 
Cassidy Michael, hack driver, dwl 1016 Stockton 
Cassidy Philip, teamster, dwl E s Gilbert near 

Cassidy T. fireman stmr Bragdon 
Cassidy Thomas, saloon 132 Pacific 
Cassidy Wm. drayman, dwl W s Morse nr Pine 
Cassie Wm. teamster Pioneer Mills, dwl SW cor 

Larkin and Ellis 
Cassin Francis, book-keeper with Riley & Mullin, 

dwl 74 Natoma nr Second 
Cassin Mary T. music teacher, dwl 74 Natoma 
Cassin (F. J.) & Forde (T.) wines and liquors and 

manufacturers of syrups, cordials, bitters, 

etc. 211 Washington 
Cassou P. importer cigars 413 Wash, dwl 536 

Casswell James, gardener, dwl with James W. 

Castagnet Dominique, groceries, 709 Bdwy 
Castagnino Lazzaro, carpenter, 1514 Dupont 
Castagnino Mianuelle, carpenter, 1514 Dupont 
Castany A. saddles and harness. 505 Pac, dwl 

Pac bet Kear and Dupont 
Casteal Thomas, butcher 30 Third, dwl S s Ste- 
venson nr Fourth 
Castel Francis, furniture, 819 Jackson 
Castelle Xavier, lithographist with Britton & Rey, 

dwl X s Lewis PI nr Taylor 
Castello Nicholas, carpenter, 126 Bush 
CASTERA J. E. & CO. (L. Lacour) importers 

wines and liquors, 540 Washington, dwl 

SW cor Washington and Spofford 
Casteran Castel, laundry, 638 Broadway 
Castle Charles, engineer Vulcan Iron Works Co 
Castle Charlotte (widow) dwl 4 Delaware Court 
Castle F. (M. & F. C.) dwl 1115 Stockton 
CASTLE (F. L.) k FREEBORN [James) whole- 
sale grocers, 213 and 215 Front, dwl 1115 

Castle Frank, laborer, dwl Hodges cor Vallejo 
Castle G. (Cook, Field & Co.) office 213 Front 
Castle G. Mrs. (widow) dwl 748 Mission 
Castle J. bds What Cheer House 
Castle John, boat-builder, rooms Olive Branch 

Castle M. & F. mchts, 206 Front, dwl 1115 

Castle Nicholas, carrier Alta and Bulletin, dwl 

Salmon bet Pacific and Broadway 
Castle Stephen W. builder, bds 15 Dupont 
Castner Clias. A. ship-carpenter, dwl Beale bet 

Folsom and Howard 
Castre Joseph, dishwasher Barnum's Restaurant 
Castreo David B. clerk with G. W. Blasdell, dwl 

7 Geary 
Castro Henry, furs and wools, 211 California 
Castro Joseph, cabin-boy stm Antelope 
Castro Manuel, ranchero, bds California Hotel 
Castro T. dwl with N. F. Biehit 
Castrouch K. drayman, dwl 1 1 - Stevenson 
Caswell A. H. bds Original House 



Caswell Allen, blacksmith Miners' Foundry, dwl 

with N. 0. Ames 
Caswell George W. clerk with Tubbs & Co. dwl 

325 Union 
Caswell John C. boat-builder at 22 Merchant, 

dwl NW cor Sacramento and Drumm 
Caswell W. laborer with J. G-. North 
Casy Catharine, dwl with John Fahey 
Casy Johanna Miss, dwl with John Fahey 
Catarina Carmina Mrs. dwl 30 Sacramento 
Cathcart William, captain bark Wm. B. Scran- 
ton, office with Pickett & Co. dwl 552 
Cathcart William, waterman, dwl N s Pacific nr 

Catlin P. II. fruits, 112 Montgomery 
Catton John C. com mcht, dwl 400 Green 
Caughell James, captain schr Pride of the West, 

dwl E s Zoe Place nr Folsom 
Caughell Peter, captain schr Martha and Eliza- 
beth, dwl E s Zoe Place nr Folsom 
Caughlan John, laborer, dwl 809 .Sansom 
Caughlin John, teamster with Chas. Bon 
Caughlin Michael, tinman S. F. Gas Works, dwl 

Foundry House 
Caughlin Thomas, teamster, dwl Foundry House 
Caulkins Z. ship-carpenter, foot Beale 
Caulstrom Hennan, mariner, dwl N s St Charles 

bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Oauly Henry, dwl 500 Broadway 
Cavallette Chas. D. fisherman, dwl 723 Sansom 
CavaUia Edmund, dwl 762 Folsom 
Cavallier J. B. E. dwl S s Post bet Mason and 

Cavalrey Edward, dwl NW cor Mont and Vallejo 
Cavanagh James, laborer, dwl with Edward Rus- 
Cavanagh John, bricklayer with Saml. Hevner 
Cavanagh John, laborer, dwl with E. Russell 
Cavanagh John M. tinsmith, dwl 724 Harrison 
Cavanah Peter, baker, dwl 312 Dupont 
Cavanah W. V. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Cavarly Richard, boiler-maker Union Foundry, 

dwl 14 Jessie 
Caven George, ship-joiner, dwl 822 Union 
Oavanaugh James, carpenter, bds Original H 
Cavenaugh Chas. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Cavichnough John, bricklayer, bds 557 Market 
Cavill Harry, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Cavnagh Dorah (widow) dwl SE cor Ninth and 

Cawill O. carriage-maker, dwl 22 Sansom 
Cayioi J. dwl 214 Sansom 
Cazales Eugene, manager house T. Marziou & 

Co. 316 Commercial 
Cazalle Mitchell, plaster-moulder with Pisani Bros 
Cazneau Laura (widow) lodgings, 602 California 
CAZNEAU T. L. notary public and general in- 
surance agent, Underwriters' Rooms 504 
Battery, dwl 1018 Folsom 
Cazneau Wm. L. shipmaster, dwl 1018 Folsom 
Cazucau Wm. L. jr. clerk Recorder's office, dwl 

1018 Folsom 
Oeaser Antonio, fisherman, rooms 18 Merchant 
Coile C. D. bds Original House 
Celle Eugene, physician, 829 Washington 
Celler M. drayman with Selling, Marx «fc Co. dwl 
112 St. Marks Place 

Celler William, seaman schr San Bruno, Market 

Street Wharf 
Cellett Chas. moulder, dwl 16 Sherwood Place 
Cement J. L. miner, bds What Cheer House 
Cenega B. lithographer, with Britton & Co. dwl 

Pacific, bet Mason and Taylor 
Center Dana, dwl S s Sixteenth nr Folsom 
Center James, stock-dealer, dwl with John Center 
CENTER JOHN, real estate, office Armory 

Hall, dwl NW cor Center and Folsom 
Center Joseph, deck-hand, stm Antelope 
Center T. F. newspaper-carrier, dwl 58 Govern- 
ment House 
Centlivre Francis, drayman, dwl Sansom bet 

Vallejo and Green 
Centlivre Henry, drayman, dwl Sansom bet Val- 
lejo and Green 
Central Silver Mining Co. office 326 Clay 
Central Wharf Co. office 522 Clay 
Cerensky Joseph, dwl 15 St. Mary 
Cerf David, jeweller, dwl 827 Vallejo 
Cerrini Frank, bottles and bags, 813 Mont 
Cesar William, waterman, dwl N s Stockton 

Place bet Dupont and Stockton 
Cevern George, U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 536 

Chaband F. money-broker, bds California Hotel 
Chabbot A. bds American Exchange 
Chabot John, trustee S. F. C. Water Works 
Chabot Remie, dwl NE cor Kearny and Jackson 
CHACE (B. T.) & CO. (Donald A. McDonald, 

John U. McDonald) Chace's mills SW cor 

Market & Beale, dwl 340 Fremont 
Chace George, vinegar manufacturer, dwl 86 

Chace John A. oil bleacher with Bailey & Har- 
rison, bds Hamburg's Hotel 
Chadbourne Charles F. drayman, with Edward 

Martin, dwl SE cor Dupont and Union 
Chadbourne Joseph, Eclipse Bakery, 1414 and 

1416 Dupont 
Chadbourne Thomas J. driver Eclipse Bakery, 

1414 Dupont 
Ohadde William, cooper, Sugar Refinery, dwl S 

s Minna bet Seventh and Eighth 
Chaddcrdon Jacob, paper-hanger with G. W. 

Clark, dwl S s Green nr Dupont 
Ohadwick E. C. M. captain California S. N. Co.s 

steamer Crysopolis 
Chaffee C. L. dwl Sansom St House 
Chafin Bernaditti, fisherman, rooms S s Merch 

bet Drumm and Bast 
Chalin Nicholas, fisherman, rooms S s Merchant 

bet Drumm and East 
Chagniot Emelie, domestic 1111 Stockton 
Ohalgnaud F. cutter with E. Boucher, dwl W s 

Stockton bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Chains Leon, jeweler, dwl 204 Montgomery 
Chains M. (widow) rooms 204 Montgomery 
Chalmers James B. dwl W s ILyde bet Bush and 

Chaloner Mary Mrs. dwl 921 Washington 
Chambaricre Isadore, (Grelkt & Co.) dwl 428 

ier Frederick W. laborer for A. H. Titcomb 
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, rooms 521 Clay 
Chamberlain C. M. (Papy & C.) dwl N s Bdwy 

above Taylor 



Chamberlain Henry L. tinsmith, with Locke & 

Montague, and librarian Y. M. C. A. dwl 

NW cor Broadway and Kearny 
Chamberlain Joseph, Pony Saloon, 714 Market 
Chamberlain J. P. news-paper clerk Post Office, 

dwl 18 Tehama 
Chamberlain Samuel, driver with Skelly & Co. 
Chamberlain S. F. dwl S s Mission nr Price 
Chambers Charles, laborer, dwl with Samuel 

Davis, jr 
Chambers David W. {Burns & C.) dwl Potrero 
Chambers George, machinist, dwl 617 Third 
Chambers George, waiter, stm Cornelia 
Chambers J. B. liquors, SE cor Mission and First 
Chambers John, saloon, N s Hayes nr Laguna 
Chambers John, captain schooner Auckland, dwl 

N s Hayes nr Laguna 
Chambers J. P. tinsmith, bds Knickerbocker 

Chambers T. J. A. proprietor Government House, 

NW cor Sansom and "Washington 
Chambers William, seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 
Chamou E. jr. editor and publisher La Mine Lit- 

teraire, office 517 Clay 
Chamora Jane Mrs. dwl 613 Broadway 
Champel R. gardener, dwl SW cor Fifth and 

Champlin Hester Miss, dwl with Robert B. 

Champlin William B. drugs and medicines 215 

Third, dwl 70 Clementina 
Chandler J. laborer with G. W. Blasdell 
Chandler John G. 1st Lieut. U. S. A. Presidio 
Chandler Robert, watchman stm Bragdon 
Chandler Richard D. weigher with Hartshorne & 

Crary, dwl 306 Green 
Chandler Thomas J. A. compositor with Valen- 
tine & Co. dwl 3 El Dorado Building 
Chaney Aaron, mill-wright cor Folsom and Beale 
Chapiu E. M. {Goodman & C) dwl 17 Tehama 
CHAPIN GEORGE W. & CO. general agency 

and employment office, Kearny, lower side 

Plaza, dwl cor Jackson and Mason 
Chapin H. R. clerk Dows' Distillery, dwl with 

Samuel Davis, jr. 
Chapman Caroline Miss, actress, dwl 116 St. 

Marks Place 
Chapman C. C. clerk with J. C. Horan & Co. dwl 

240 Stevenson 
Chapman Chas. C. contractor, dwl 514 Stockton 
Chapman George, actor, dwl 116 St. Marks Place 
Chapman George Mrs. actress, dwl 116 St. Marks 

Chapman Geo. "W. restaurant, 673 Market 
Chapman Geo. W. porter with McRuer & Merrill, 

dwl 613 Market 
Chapman Howard {R. King & Co.) dwl 920 

Chapman Ira H engineer, dwl 11 Hinckley 
Chapman James, captain brig Carlo, dwl 327 

Chappell Jacob G. policeman City Hall, dwl S s 

Hinckley E Dupont 
Chappelle A. Marius, real estate agent, 519 Mcht 
Chappman J. laborer, dwl 6 Hardie Placo 
Chardin A. M. restaurant, dwl E s Dupont bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Charles Henry, mariner, dwl 711 Lombard 

Charles Isaac, paper-box mauf, 514 Sacramento 
Charles L. L. freight clerk Cal. S. N. Co. Broad- 
way "Wharf 
Charles T. C. liquidating entry clerk Custom 

House, dwl 1705 Dupont 
Charlton Francis (colored) dwl Bdwy nr Dupont 
Charmers William, waterman, dwl 312 Yallejo 
Charpentier Adolphe, distiller with J. E. Castera 

& Co. dwl 542 "Washington 
Charpiot Joseph, hay and grain, 1514 Stockton 
Charpiot Marie Mrs. lodgings, 936 Dupont 
Charrier Eugene, cook with Win. Barron 
Charrnau M. (widow) pork and sausages, 6 new 

Market, dwl St. Marks Place 
Chart John, cook, dwl with F. A. Davis 
Chart Obed, vegetables, dwl S 3 Presidio Road, 

Charter Oak Insurance Company, (Hartford) Mc- 
Lean & Fowler agents, NE cor Clay and 
Chase Andrew J. {Breed & C.) dwl 1121 Taylor 
CUS D.) editors and proprs Spirit of the 
Times and Fireman's Journal (and notary 
public) 430 Montgomery, dwl 1007 Wash 
Chase E. Mrs. dwl 927 Washington 
CHASE E. JACOB, clerk Washington Market, 

dwl 526 Merchant 
Chase Geo. vinegar manufactory, 63 Everett 
Chase Geo. ship-owner, dwl 313 Fremont 
Chase G. H. actor Maguire's Opera House, dwl 

1 Central Place 
Chase Henry A. compositor Spirit of the Times, 

dwl 1007 Washington 
Chase J. B. stevedore, dwl W s Calhoun Place 

nr Green 
Chase John, dwl 934 Kearny 
Chase John, with Jennings & Brewster, dwl 313 

Chase L. calker, dwl E s Beale nr Folsom 
Chase Quincy A book-keeper with A. Kohler, 
424 Sansom, dwl N s Pine bet Stockton and 
Chase Robert P. physician, dwl 436 Bush 
Chase Wm. carpenter, dwl 215 Sansom 
Chase Wm. W. with G. Morron, dwl 934 Kearny 
Chaseman B. F. bds What Cheer House 
Chaseman James, teamster Charles Bon's brick- 
Chassagne Leon, porter with Favre, Pionneau & 

Co. dwl 434 Jackson 
Chater Albert, sugar-refiner, dwl 27 Clara 
Chater Alfred, clerk, bds 27 Cleary 
Chatfield R. E. express-wagon, with Knapp, 
Burrell & Co. dwl N s Washington bet Davis 
and Drumm 
Chatham Rowland, miller Sierra Nevada Mills, 

dwl Potrero nr Brannan St Bridge 
Chauche Adrian G. importer wines and liquors, 

809 Montgomery 
Chauchi Adelia Mrs. groceries, 1022 Dupont 
Chauncey C. Mrs. dwl 1108 Powell 
Chavack Jestin, calker, dwl cor Beale and 

Chavelier Alonzo, mariner sloop Hector, Mission 

St Wharf 
Chnvon Eulie Mrs. furnished rooms, 536 Wash 
Chavon Jules, merchant, dwl 536 Washington 



Checeten Andrew, gardener, res Five-Mile House 
Chee Chong (Chinese) butcher, 737 Sacramento 
Cheesman B. F. clerk, bds Brooks House 
CHEESMAN D. W. U. S. treasurer, office U. 

S. B. Mint, dwl 44 Tehama 
Cheesman Morton (31. Brumagim & Co.) dwl N 

s Folsom bet Eleventh and Twelfth 
Cheets Nicholas, shoemaker, bds 540 California 
Cheever Henry A. dwl 26 Essex 
Chelman John A. brick-maker, bds with P. 

Chemin Leon, editor and publisher L'Union 

Franco- Americaine, office 517 Clay 
Cheminant A. druggist French Hospital, S s 

Bryant bet Fifth and Sixth, dwl 13 Virginia 
CHEXERY RICHARD, U. S. navy agent, office 

(see "names too late") 
Cheney David B. Rev. pastor First Baptist 

Church, dwl 1001 Clay 
Cheney Henry W. book-keeper Railroad House, 

dwl 318 Commercial 
CHENEY JESSE (Savory & Co.) dwl N s 

Mission bet Fifth and 8ixth 
Cherowitch Andrew, saloon, Railroad Depot 
Cherpin T M. New Orleans Saloon, 104 Pacific 
Cherry Chas. Philadelphia Bakery, 31G Third 
Cherry James, boiler-maker, dwl 114 Bush 
CHERRY JOHN \V. painter, dwl E s Hyde bet 

Green and Union 
Chesholm Stephen, blacksmith with Gallagher & 

Chesley Charles P. newspaper-carrier, dwl 238 

Chessman G. H. (Aylward & C.) dwl Sailors' 

Chester Henry, (Sparks ifc C.) bis 38 Third 
Chester Henry J. carpenter, with IIo'>i 

more & Co. dwl 119 1'ine 
Chester John, drayman with Bates <fc Aguew 
Chesum Donald, laborer, bds Mission House 
CI IK VALUER VICTOR, drugs & medicines, 

7:;: ' Clay 
Chevassus Edward, book-keeper with J. E. Re- 
ne, dwl 71 G Montgomery 
OHEVERS W. II. clerk U. & District Court, 

office 14 U. S. Ct. building, dwl 914 Jackson 
Chew R. B. bds What Cheer House 
Chichester James, painter, dwl 31 St. Mark's 

Chick Augustus, dwl N s Sutter bet Taylor and 

Chick Elwell, carpenter, dwl 62 Jessie 
Child E. F. with French, Wilson & Co. 
Child E. 0. painter, 602 Battery 
Child T. T. dwl Montgomery bet Vallejo and 

Child Win. 0. salesman with French, Wilson & 

Cm. dwl SW cor Cal and - 
Childress II. J. miner, dwl 1705 Dupont 
Childress Martha M. adjuster U. S. Mint, dwl 

X\V cor Greenwich and Dupont 
Childress Prentiss, elk with W. IT. llalleck, dwl 

NW cor Greenwich and Du] 
Childa Geo. shipping clerk, dwl 7 10 Eolsom 
chillis James, mariner, dwl 17 Cleary 
Childs John M. dentist, SE cor (.'lav and Kearny 
Childa Thomas T. clerk with O. .EGiilin a Bra 

dwl E s Montgomery bet Vallejo and I 

Chincorvich Peter, fruits, 850 Washington 
Chiousse (Joseph) & Berranger ( Claudius) plants 

and birds. 716 Washington 
Chipman J. H, confectiouer. 744 Market 
Chipman Wm. W. attroney-at-law, 623 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 1807 Stockton 
Chisholm Alexander, clerk, 640 Sacramento 
Chisholm Donald, wool, with Donald McLennan, 

dwl Mission St. House 
Chisholm Stephen, carriage-maker, dwl 513 

Chisholm Wm. pressman, dwl 513 Greenwich. 
Chism Peter, boiler-maker, Union Foundry, dwl 

8 Anthony 
Chittenden (Henry W.) & Culverwell (SlepJien) 
sash, door and blind manfs 519 Market, dwl 
408 Market 
Chittenden H. W. Mrs. lodgings 408 Market 
Chittenden Joseph G. (Appell, Derome & Co.) 
manf chairs, sofas etc. SE cor Market and 
Beale, dwl 11 Minna 
Chittick Johnson, laborer, dwl W s Russ near 

CHO ATE (T. B.) k CO. ( W. A. Grover) apoth- 
ecaries, 200 Montgomery, dwl 42S Pine 

cor Jackson and Montgomery 
Chong Ah (Chinese) washing, 329 Bush 
Chong Chang (Chinese) butcher, 720 Jackson 
Chong Long (Chinese) washing, 329 Bush 
Chong Men & Co. (Chinese) merchants. 734 Sac 
Chong Yuen (Chinese) merchant, 738 Sac 
Chord John, laborer, dwl with Francois Coret 
Chrislome John, baker, 326 Bush 
Christ George, carriage-maker, dwl 114 Bush 
Christen Jerdeuson, workman with C. Bernard, 

dwl XI'] cor Filbert and Dupont 
Christenscn A. carpenter, bds New England H 
Christenson Christian, seaman sch Susan Faulk- 
ner. Market St. wharf 
Christian Advocate, Rev. E. Thomas editor, of- 
fice 622 Clay 
Christian Charles, laborer, dwl 32 Stewart 
Christian Edwin, dwl 122 Davis 
Christian James, with Ilyman A; Label, dwl SW 

cor Montgomery and Summer 
Christian. lames, physician, dwl 1123 Stockton 
Christian Lewis, saloon, dwl 204 Sutter 
Christian Richard, silk-dyer. 302 Montgomery 
and junction Market and Eddy, dwl NW 
cor Gough and Fulton 
Christian Thomas, at coffee-stand NW cor East & 

Merchant, room 62 Merchant 
Christiansen C. (J. Y. Halleck & Co.) dwl XW 

cor 1st Avenue and Fifteenth 
Christie Daniel, with E. A. J. Diss, dwl 723 

Christie Eeni i with C. Storms & Co. 

dwl S27 Sacramento 
Christin Charles, melter with Henry Hentsch, 

432 Montgomery 
Christie Pons (<S'.) Lafayette saloon 

843 Kearny, dwl 204 Sutter 
Christmas William, -. Marine Hospital, 

dwl E s Baldwin's court near FolBOm 
Christopher R. F. carpenter, dwl 563 Mission 
Christy James, ship-smith, with Gardner & Cole- 
man, dwl cor Beale and Harrison 



Christy Robert, blacksmith Vulcan Iron "Works, 

dwl 50G Market 
Christy Robert, machinist, room 8 Quincy 
Ohubbuck Henry, carpenter, 118 Washington, 

dwl 116 Washington 
Chule John, boarding, 816 Clay 
Chee Lung (Chinese) washing 326 Commercial 
Chung Ah (Chinese) washing, 105 Sacramento 
Cluing E (Chinese) laundry, S s Clark nr Davis 
Chung Sung Co. (Chinese) merchants, 709 Sac 
Church Edward W. Mrs. (widow) dwl 339 Second 
Church Thomas R. salesman with T. G. Sanford, 

dwl American Exchange Hotel 
Church T. M. stevedore, dwl with Mrs. George 

Church William, gardener, bds 557 Market 
Churchill Albert, butcher, dwells with Abram 

Churchill Joseph B. cooper with P. Molloy, dwl 

110 Pacific 
Chute P. laborer P. M. S. S. Co's "Works, Folsom 

St "Wharf 
CI13' Lung & Co. (Chinese) silks and lacquered 

ware, 612 Washington 
Cian Thomas Rev. (Chinese) assistant pastor St. 

Francis Church, 519 Green 
Cico John, painter with B. L. Brandt, dwells 

Franklin House 
Cills James H. clerk U. S. B. Mint 
Cimball Charles, driver with Skelly & Co. 

proprietor, E s Third nr Howard 
CIPRICO (George) & EWALD (Edward) proptrs 
Montgomery Baths 621 Montgomery, dwl 
723 Vallejo 
Cisco Aaron (colored) steward with Chas. Minturn 
Citizen George, carpenter, with J. L. C. Robinson 
Citron M. S. clothing, 129 Pacific 
George Burrows, principal, SE cor Stockton 
and Geary 
FORD, McLean and Fowler, agents, NE cor 
Clay and Battery 
City Letter Express, S. G. Earley proptr, office 

630 Montgomery 
Claffey David, glazier, dwl Second nr Howard 
Claffey H. D. carpenter, dwl 63 Minna 
Claftey Mary Miss, housekeeper American Exch 
Clahan Mary (widow) dwl 91 Stevenson 
Clair Lee, dwl 421 Lombard 
Clairon Amidee, clerk 534 Broadway 
Clancy John, porter with L. B. Benchley & Co 

dwl Market opp Montgomery 
Clancy M. seaman, dwl W s Sansom nr Union 
Clancy Thomas, drayman with Goldstein, Ryan 

& Co. dwl SW cor Jones and Chestnut 
dapp Gustavus W. delivery-clerk Post Office, 

dwl 403 California 
CLAPP (Jason) & WINALL (S. A.) blacksmiths 
and carriage-makers, 505 Market, dwl 42 
Clapp L. A. Mrs. assistant teacher High School 
Clapp Mitchell, carpenter, dwl 8 Hardie Place 
Clare John, tailor, 141 Montgomery 
Clark Allan, machinist Union Foundry, dwl cor 

Tehama and First 
Clark Caroline Mrs. dwl 136 Sutter 

Clark C. B. book-binder with A. Buswell, dwl 

913 Washington near Powell 
Clark Charles, milk-ranch, old San Jose Eoad nr 

Beatty's Hotel 
Clark Charles, pilot stmr Chrysopolis, dwl 711 

Clark Charles, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Clark Charles H. (Loring & C.) dwl 900 Bush 
Clark Chas H. Jr. barkeeper, dwl 242 Stevenson 
Clark Charles P. watchman, dwl 30 Ritch 
Clark Charles "W. milkman, dwl Clay bet Larkin 

and Polk 
Clark Charles "W. weigher Sugar Refinery, dwl 

with Charles Hodgdon 
Clark C. "W. seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Clark Daniel (John-son & C.) 11 and 12 Court 

Block, dwl 834 Broadway 
Clark Edward, laborer, dwl 827 Sacramento, rear 
Clark Edward, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Clark Edward M. cook at 553 Market 
Clark Ellen (widow) lodgings, 713 Dupont 
Clark Elizabeth (widow) dwl 813 Vallejo 
Clark Elizabeth (widow) lodgings, 422 Sac 
Clark Emily (widow) bds St. Lawrence Hotel 
Clark E. Z. captain Cal. S. N. Co's stmr Helen 
Hensley, office NE cor Front and Jackson, 
dwl 639 Clay 
Clark F. B. Mrs. bds Hotel International 
Clark Francis, butter, cheese, etc. 22 Metro- 
politan Market 
Clark Francis, mariner, dwl S s Baldwin Court 

near Folsom 
Clark Frederick, seaman, bds Miners' Exchange 
Clark George, ship-carpenter, dwl 43 Clementina 
Clark Geo. J. ship-carpenter, dwl Western House 
CLARK GEORGE W. importer paper hangings, 
NE cor Clay and Sansom, dwl "W s Mason, 
bet Green and Union 
Clark G. "W. engineer, dwl N s Gold nr Sansom 
Clark H. dwl NE cor California and Montgomery 
Clark H. C. Mrs. rooms Tehama House 
Clark Hiram, carpenter, dwl 505 Market 
Clark Hugh W. carpenter, dwl S side Sutter bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Clark J. (colored) cook with J. Hunefin 
Clark James, mining agent, rooms 504 Dupont 
Clark James, dwl 7 Second 
Clark James, "What Cheer House Restaurant 
Clark James, clerk, dwl 519 Union 
Clark James, hod-carrier, dwl Dupont bet Green 

and Union 
Clark James, seaman, bds 46 Stewart 
Clark James, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Clark James, watchman Maguire's Opera House 
Clark James A. milkman, dwl with Norman "W. 

Clark J. D. bottler with N. B. Jacobs & Co. dwl 

931 Pacific 
Clark J. E. bag-factory, 218 and 220 Davis, bds 

Metropolitan Hotel 
Clark Jeremiah, attorney-at-law, 12 Court Block 
Clark Jessie, workman Lyon Brewery, dwl 159 

Clark J. G. & Co. (George B. Wilbur) office 722 

Clark J. H. surgeon, 917 Dupont 
Clark John, baker "What Cheer House Restaurant 
Clark John, builder, 12 Second * 



Clark John. cook, bds "Winthrop House 

Clark John, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 

Clark John G. clerk with Donohoe, Ralston, & 

Co. dwl XE cor Jones and "Washington 
Clark John J. carpenter, dwl cor Sansom and 

Clark Joseph, insurance broker, 504 Battery, 

dwl XW corner Chestnut and Jones 
Clark Joseph, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Clark Joseph, pile-driver, dwl 30 Battery- 
Clark J. P. bag-maker with J. E. Clark, rooms 

506 Dupont 
Clark Jubal, laborer, dwl W s Spear nr Folsom 
Clark J. W. (J. H. CoghiU &, Co.) dwl 615 Har- 
Clark J W. mining agent, 606 Montgomery, dwl 

W s Dupont nr Pine 
Clark Leonard S. attorney-at-law, office with 

Currey & Mastick 
Clark Lyman Mrs. dwl S s Stevenson nr Fiftti 
Clark M". Mrs. dwl with J. W. Clark, 615 Harrison 
Clark Mary (widow) dwl S s St. Charles near 

Clark Michael A. mason, bds Seymour House 
Clark Moses E. carpenter, dwl S s Market opp 

Clark Nathan, hair-dresser with A. Creamer, 806 

Clark Orris, engineer at City Laundry, cor Bran- 
nan and Third 
Clark Patrick, brick-maker, bds with P. Webster 
Clark P. B. SE cor Mission and Fifteenth 
Clark P. B. Mrs. principal Deaf, Dumb and 
Blind Institute. SE cor Mission and Fifteenth 
Clark (Peter G.) and Johnston (J. W.) photo- 
graphic gallery, 659 Clay, bds Rail Road 
Clark Peter, stevedore, dwl E s Baldwin Court 

nr Folsom 
Clark Peter T. seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
CLARK (Reuben S.) & KEXITZER (Henry) ar- 
chitects, 428 California, res Sacramento, Cal 
Clark R. Frank, salesman with E. M. Cottrell, 

dwl 422 Sacramento 
Clark Richard, butcher with Myer Rosenberg, 

703 Battery 
Clark Robert, milk-ranch, Old San Jose Road 
Clark Robert, stoamboatniau, bds 126 Pacific 
Clark Robert, boards Original Ho 
Clark Rodney, foundryman, dwl 719 California 
Clark Rosanah Miss, dwl with Henry H. Law- 
Clark Rosanah (widow) bds Sumner St House 
Clark (»?.) & Baker (Silas — colored) hair-dressers, 

117 Kearny 
Clark Samuel, boatman, dwl Jackson bet Davis 

and Front 
Clark Terrencc, laborer, dwl 518 Pine 
Clark Thomas, dry-goods, 912 Stockton 
Clark Thomas W. carpenter, dwl SW cor Taylor 

and Union 
Clark Treat P. carpenter, 545 California, dwl 129 

Clark William, seaman, bds 704 Front 
Clark "William B. bag-maker at 312 Davis, rooms 

XE cor Clay and Davis 
Clark William II. attornev-at-law, 34 Montgom- 
ery Block, dwl 712 Bush 

Clark "William H. T. gilder watches, etc. 134 

Clark "W. S. real-estate, dwl 436 California 
Clarke Alfred, policeman, City Hall, dwl 1028 

Clarke Charles R. Rev. teacher Female Seminary 

basement Calvary Church, dwl 517 Bush 
Clarke Francis, paper-carrier, dwl 42 Com 
Clarke Francis, wood and coal, "W s Battery bet 

Union and Green 
Clarke G. E. (Sawyer & C.) dwl Pacific nr Mont 
CLARKE GEORGE J. Capt stmr Sonoma, dwl 

526 Davis 
Clarke John A. deputy sheriff, City Hall, dwl 

817 Washington 
Clarke James, 'longshoreman, dwl E s Sansom 

bet Greenwich and Filbert 
Clarke James, vegetable stall, 31 and 32 Metro- 
politan Market 
Clarke John, carpenter, dwl 133 Sansom 
Clarke John, 'longshoreman, dwl E s Sansom 

nr Greenwich 
Clarke Patrick, laborer, bds 706 Battery 
Clarke Richard, carpenter, dwl 114 Bush 
Clarke Thomas, blacksmith Union Foundry, dwl 

77 Jessie 
Clarkson Edward F. special policeman, dwl XE 

cor Kearny and Jackson 
Clarkson Henry C. manufacturer, dwl 706 Folsom 
Clarto Robert, cap-maker with W. Fleisher, dwl 

First nr Jessie 
Clarus John, dwl 119 St Marks Place 
Clary Thomas, waterman, dwl 2 Jane 
Clasey Daniel, laborer, bds with Daniel Dunn 
Classen B. porter with Frederick Grilling, dwl 


John, carpenter, dwl E s Powell near 

Classen J. Milton, Pacific Soda Works, S s Jessie 

lift Second and Third, dwl E s Hampton 

Place nr Folsom 
Classon B. seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Claughley James, dwl X s Filbert nr Taylor 
Claughley Mary Mrs. actress, dwl X s Filbert nr 

Clausen Francis, diamond-setter. 622 Clay 
Clauahie llypolitte, cook with Peter Job 
ClauBSen (//. EL) A Co. (//. Rapp) veterinary 

surgeons, 261 First 
Clavadctscher (Peter) k Bodger (G. N.) liquors, 

9 Vallejo 
Clawson Benjamin, laborer, drilling's Warehouse, 

dwl E. a Taylor nr Geary 
Clay Jabez P. brick-maker, dwl XE cor Bdwy 

and Leavenworth 
Clay Street Market. X s Clay opp LeidesdortV 
Clay Street Wharf Co. office 526 Merchant 
Clayburgh Albert, clothing, 516 and :>1S Com 
Clayburgh Morris, clerk 516 and 518 Com 
Clayton Annie Miss. sub-principal Powell St. 

. . 1 W s Mason nr .lack 
CLAYToX ( C harks) & CO. (Samuel 8. Johnson) 

produce en. agents Santa Clara Mills. 223 

Clay, dwi 538 Folsom 
Clayton F. D. bond clerk, warehouse department 

in House, dwl 1310 Dupont 
Clayton Funnan, chief engineer stmr Pacific, dwl 

1223 Mason 



Clayton Joshua E. civil engineer, dwl 29 O'Farrell 
Cleary Francis D. receiving clerk with Goldstein, 

Ryan & Co, dwl S s Tehama bet Third and 

Cleary P. laborer, dwl with John Center 
Cleary {Patrick) & Bennan (John) dry goods, 226 

Mont, dwl Ss Chestnut bet Stockton and 

Cleary Robert (colored) waiter stmr Chrysopolis 
Cleary S. bds What Cheer House 
Cleary T. waterman Market opp Montgomery 
Cleary Thomas, waiter Metropolitan Hotel 
Cleaveland Henry W. architect, -120 Montgomery 

dwl Oriental Hotel 
Cleaveland R H. dwl 226 Sansom 
Clees Peter, billiard manufactory, 510 Jackson 
Clegg Thomas, speculator, dwl E s Hampton 

Place nr Folsom 
Clement Daniel ( Weiss & C.) dwl Trinity near 

Clement Ephraiam B. clerk, dwl 526 Green 
Clement Jabisb, phonetic short-hand reporter, 

639 Washington, dwl 1024 Stockton 
Clement Joseph, searcher of records, Brenham 

Tlacc, dwl 526 Green 
Clement Peter, upholsterer with J. D. Coulter & 

Co, dwl 5 Trinity Alley 
Clement Roswell P.* (Merrill C. & While) dwl 

807 Union 
Clement W. bds What Cheer House 
Clements Harriett Miss, seamstress; 1104 Stock 
Clements Genero, boatman, dwl W 8 Janson bet 

Greenwich and Lombard 
Clements Matilda Miss (Marshall & C.) dwl 159 

Clemmens John, laborer with Turner Bros, bds 

Pacific nr Front 
Clemmens Wm. engineer, dwl 226 Minna 
Clemment Buison, bds with Ed. Rondel 
Cleiumeut Daniel, dwl W s Trinity nr Bush 
Clemment J. brick-layer, dwl 28 Sansom 
Clendenan J. B. surveyor lumber, Stewart St. 

Cleney Margery Miss, domestic with Edward 

Clery Patrick, mariner, dwl 1015 Pacific 
Clery Thomas, mariner, dwl 1015 Pacific 
Cleveland G. W. (J. G. Horan & C.) dwl 120 

Click Colman, cigar-maker, dwl E s Stockton bet 

Clay and Sacramento 
Clifford B. C. bds What Cheer House 

ird James, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Clifford John, plasterer, dwl 8 Hunt 
Clifford Mehitable (widow) dwl with Thomas J. 

L. Smiley 
Clifton H. actor Maguire's Opera House 
Cline Charles, boots and shoes, 45 Davis 
Cline Frederick, waiter with Alden & Boyd 
Cline (Henry) & Dahmka (Frederick) groceries, 

123 Jackson 
Cline John, waiter Bank Exchange, dwl S s Pac 

bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Cline Peter, laborer, dwl S s Pacific bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
Cling William, jeweler, dwl 112 Virginia 
Clint Charles, 'longshoreman, dwl Greenwich bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 

Clinton James, drayman, dwl S s Natoma bet 

Fifth and Mary 
Clinton John, seaman, dwl S s Vallejo nr Mont 

Miner propts, 311 and 313 Pacific 
Cloadman (Nathan B.) & Branch (L. H.) Bay City 

Market, W s Mason nr Post 
Cloak Daniel, machinist, Sutter Iron Works 
Clone Thomas, blacksmith, dwl 903 Battery 
Clooney Dennis, laborer, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Close L. E. dwl 26 Montgomery 
Closen Charles, mariner, dwl 403 Folsom 
Clouch Daniel, engineer, bds 20 Jessie 
Clough E. printer Eureka Typographical Rooms, 

509 Montgomery 
Clougli George, tinsmith, bds 529 Pine 
Clough James P. clerk, 449 Bush, dwl 445 Bush 
Clough John, blacksmith, 581 Market, dwl 184 

CLOUGH (Joseph) & DAM (George W.) real 

estate agents, 424 Montgomery, dwl 1107 

Clouser S. F. attorney-at-law and secretary Bailey 

Silver Mining Co. 305 Montgomery 
Cluer Thomas, blacksmith, 819 Battery, rear 
Cluin John, blacksmith, dwl N s Hayes bet Van 

Ness Avenue and Franklin 
Clynes Margaret, ironer Chelsea Laundry, S s 

Brannan nr Third 
Coad Alfred, engineer, bds 20 Jessie 
Coad Henry, actor National Theatre, dwl 906 

Coad Mary Miss, domestic, dwl with John Conway 
Coady J. K. California Engine Co No 4 
Coakley Cornelius, plasterer, dwl 19 St. Marks PI 
Cobb Charles, ship-carpenter, Union nr Calhoun 
Cobb David, clerk with Stallman & Herrlich 
COBB (Henry A.) & SIXTON (Richard H.) real 

estate agents and auctioneers 406 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 1413 Powell 
COBB HENRY A. & CO. proprietors Pacific 

Mechanical Bakery, 326 Bush 
Colli) J. C. bds Fisher House 
Cobb Joseph L. seaman bark Live Yankee, pier 

4 Stewart 
Cobbledick James (F. J. Schaeffer & Co.) 108 

Cobin James, dwl 214 Sansome 
Cobleigh John, milkman, dwl Clay bet Polk and. 

Van Ness Avenue 
Cobliner Aaron, jobber, dwl 620 Sansom 
Cobuern Francis H. carpenter, dwl 204 Stockton 
Coburn L. livery-stable. 610 Sansom 
Coburn M. bds What Cheer House 
Coburn Parker, carpenter, dwl Pacific nr Scott 
Cochlan John D. blacksmith with Fisher & 

Cochran A. livery stable, dwl 323 Pino 
Cochran John, laborer, bds Pacific Temperance 

Cochrane Alexander (colored) porter, 643 Com 
Cochrane Catherine, domestic with B. C. Austin 
Cochrane D. clerk with Cantield, Pierson & Co 
Cochrane John, boiler-maker, 16 Post 
Cochrane John, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Cochrane Mary Y. Mrs. dwl 11 Third 
Cochrane Robert, dwl S s Sutter nr Taylor 
Cochrane Robert, carpenter, dwl Fort Point 



Cochrane R. X. butter, eggs, etc. 48 and 49 

Washington Market, dwl S s Sutter near 

Codau Alexander, upholsterer with Selling, 

Marx & Co. dwl N s Broadway nr Dupont 
Cede John ( William k John C.) dwl 23 Battery 
Code Samuel, teacher, 561 Mission 
Code William and John, livery stable, 23 Battery 
Code William G. dwl 636 Howard 
Codington Charles P. (Litchfield & C.) dwl W s 

Taylor nr Geary 
Codington William H. accountant with Lux & 

Miller, dwl W s Taylor nr Geary 
Cody Michael (McAran & C.) dwl cor Hyde and 

Cody Patrick, fireman steamer Pacific, dwl 308 

Codyn Thomas, laborer, dwl Mississippi House 
Coe Edward H. merchant, dwl E s Codman Place 
Coes George H. vocalist, dwl 927 Washington 
COFFEE GEORGE W. U. S. steamboat in- 
spector boilers, Murray Iron Works 121 Pac, 

dwl 612 Mission 
Coffee James, carpenter, bds 314 Pacific 
Coffee John, boarding, 314 Pacific 
Coffee John R. dwl El Dorado Building 
Coffee Michael, workman Mission Woollen Mill 
Coffee P. J. carriage-painter with Kimball & Co. 
Coffee William, boiler-maker, bds Union House 
Coffey John, packer, dwl 113 Geary, rear 
Coffey John F. stevedore, dwl Sansom bet Fil- 
bert and Union 
COFFEY (Lewis) & RISDOX (J. N.) boiler- 
makers, NE cor Bush and Market, dwl 517 

Coffey William, boiler-maker with Coffey & Ris- 

don, dwl Union House, First nr Market 
Coffin A. G. (Redington & Co.) res New York 
Coffin Albert, cooper, rooms 43 Everett 
Coffin Alexander, re-packer salt provisions 708 

Front, dwl 217 Minna 
Coffin Benjamin, lauudryman, dwl E s Selina 

Coffin Edward A. with W. T. Coleman & Co. dwl 

E s Vincent nr Green 
Coffin George, stevedore, dwl 316 Beale 
Coffin H. Charles, draughtsman with Caleb Hyatt, 

dwl 24 Sansom 
Coffin Henry, packer, dwl 545 Howard 
Coffin J. B. book-keeper with R. S. Eells & Co. 

dwl 408 Beale 
Coffin John W. drayman with William Langer- 

man, dwl 822 Broadway 
Coffin Reuben M. cooper, dwl 1017 Clay 
Cofflin Thomas, dwl with Samuel Davis, jr. 
Coffrey P. laborer with G. W. Blasdell 
Coffrin George, stevedoro with P. H. Cootey, 

dwl Adams House 
Cofran George, contractor and builder, dwl 615 

Cogan F. sail-maker, dwl 335 Pine 
Cogan James, clerk with Alexander B. Grogan, 

dwl 1114 Stockton 
Cogan Richard, boarding, 541 Mission 
Coggeshall C. A. salesman with Frank Baker, 

dwl E s Stockton, bet Pacific and Broadway 
COGGESHALL J. H. apothecary SE cor Stock 

and Pacific, dwl SE cor Clay and Jones 

Coghill Andrew J. (of Fogus & Coghill, Sacra- 
mento) office SW cor Front and Commercial, 
dwl 1213 Clay 
COGHILL J. II. A: CO. (J. W. Clark & WiOitm 
N. Coghill) importers and jobbers groceries 
and provisions, SW cor Front and Commer- 
cial, residence New York 
Coghill William X. (J. II. Coghill d- Co.) dwl S s 

Washington bet Taylor and Jones 
Coghlan Thomas, clerk, dwl 34 U. S. Ct Bdg 
Coghlin Daniel, ship-carpenter, dwl 236 Fremont 
Cogill John, daucing academy 1102 Stockton, 

dwl 1406 Powell 
Cogswell Ann Miss, actress Maguire's Opera H 
Cogswell B. F. stoves and tin-ware Market op 

Stewart, resides Oakland 
Cogswell H. D. real estate, 610 Front 

ell James, dwl 24 Sansom 
Cogswell James L. dentist, 610 Front 
Cohal William, boot-maker, bds Union House 
Cohan Lewis, variety store, 743 Pacific 
Cohay Francis, dwl 500 Broadway 
Cohea Edward W. dwl Vallejo bet Hyde and 

COHEN A. A. office 64 Clay, res Alameda 
Cohen Ben. clothing, SW cor Commercial and 

Cohen D. C. stoves, dwl SW cor Sacramento 

and Taylor 
Cohen Edward, clerk with J. Xewburg, dwl 26 

Cohen H. drayman, 325 California 
Cohen Henry, jobber, 411 Sacramento 
Cohen Henry, merchant, dwl with J. P. Davis 
Cohen Henry S. salesman with A. L. Blumen- 

thal & Sou, dwl Pine near Dupont 
Cohen H. S. dry goods, 126 Third 
Cohen Isaac (of A. Shey & Co. Marysville) office 

406 Sacramento, dwl 13 Minna 

Cohen Jacob & Co. (Alexander II wry) importers 
and jobbers dry and fancy goods, 402 San- 
som, residence Xew York 

Cohen Jacob S. office Beef and Pork Inspector, 
dwl 1312 Kearny 

Cohen John, merchant, bds 515 Pine 

Cohen John, tinsmith, dwl 26 Battery 

Cohen King, cigars, 942 Kearny 

Cohen Louis, tailor, 70 First 

Cohen M. (of M. & S. Cohen, Grass Valley) 414 

Cohen Mike, clothing etc. 420 Commercial, dwl 

407 Commercial 

COII EX MORRIS A. broker, 64 Clay, res Ala- 

Cohen Nathan, clerk with Levine Bros 

Cohen Samuel, astrologer. 530 California 

Samuel, glazier, dwl K s Sutter alley 

Cohen Sam. clerk with Levine Bros. 

Conn Abel, glazier, dwl 2"> Ji 

Cohn Abram, tailor, dwl 221 Davis 

Cohn Brothers (Meyers and Lotus) clothing, 508 
and aio Commercial 

Cohn Edward, cigars, 629 Clay 

(JOHN KLKAX REV. principal Academic Sem- 
inary. 613 Stockton, dwl 408 Sutter 

Colin F. drayman with L. King & Bro. dwl N s 
Stevenson near Second 



Cohn Gabriel, clothing, 321 Kearny 

Cohu Geo. M. clerk with D. N. & E. Walter, bds 

Stickler's Exchange 
Cohn Henry, dwl 134 Sutter 
Cohn HenrV. drayman with A. Helbing, dwl 33 

St. Mark's Place 
COHN HENRY & CO. (Henry Woodkaf and 
Frederick M. Reinhari) importers clothing 
and hats, 413 & 415 Sacramento, residence 
New York 
Cohn Herman, hostler, dwl 403 Folsom 
Cohn Isaac, cigars. SE cor Com and Kearny 
Cohn (Isadore) & Josephson (Michael) cigars, 121 

Cohn James, tailor, 727 Pacific 
Cohn Jonas, (of J. Cohn & Bro. Grass Yalley) 
office 321 Sacramento, dwl N s Geary bet 
Kearny and Dupont 
Colin Lonis, clerk with Levine ft Bro 
Cohn Lonis (Colin Bros) dwl S s Broadway near 

COHN LOUIS, merchant, office T. J. L. Smiley 

&Co. dwl 1201 Sacramento 
Cohn Manheim. (Bosch, C. <fc Co.) res N. York 
Cohu Manuel, clerk with Samuel Cohn, dwl S s 

Broadway nr Mason 
Cohn Meyer A. crockery, 134 Second 
Cohn Meyers, clothing, dwl W s Mason near 

Colm Morris, cigar-maker at 316 Montgomery, 

dwl 707 Howard 
Cohn Moritz B. clothing. 109 Jackson 
Cohn Samuel, clothing, 512 Commercial, dwl S s 

Broadway nr Mason 
Colm Simon. (Bxsch. C. & Co.) dwl 707 Howard 
Cohn Simon, merchant, dwl 38 First 
Cohn Simon S. clerk with M. L. Citron, dwl 129 

Cohn Thomas, tailor, 10 Brenham Place, bds 

What Cheer House 
Cohuen William, clothing. 912 Kearny 
COIT BENJAMIN. B. physician. 635 Clay 
Cokeley Mary Miss, domestic, 1211 PoweU 
Colaton William, teamster, dwl NE cor Tehama 

and Fifth 
Colbay James, calker and grainer. dwl N s 

(J'Farrell near Jones 
Colbey Helen, (widow) boarding, 127 St Marks 

Colbey Hiram, waterman, dwl 1 Quincy Place 
Colbey Orrin P. drayman, dwl 14 Louisa 
Colburn Ann D. (widow) dress-maker, dwl G19 

Colburn Charles, driver Wells, Fargo & Co. Ex- 
press, dwl NW cor California and Mont 
Colburn Rebecca, (widow) nurse, dwl 322 Yallejo 
Colburn Richard, special policeman, dwl 30 8ilver 
Colby Charles A. foreman Christian Advocate, 

dwl NK cor Kearnv and Yallejo 
Colby William, driver, dwl 128 Sutter 
Cole Charles, hiniat, dwl G4G Howard 

Cole George, fruits. 540 Market 
Cole Henry, bar-keeper with E. Jellitigs, dwl 

NK cor Mission and Ninth 
Cole Henry, carpenter, dwl N s Grove nrLaguna 
Cole John, mariner, dwl 668 Howard 
Cole Levi F. boiler-maker Vulcan Iron Works 
Co. dwl 208 Ritch 

Cole Lyman, painter, rooms 412 Jackson 
Cole Josiah L. carpenter, dwl 121 Second 
Colo Mary 0. Miss, seamstress, bds 355 Minna 
COLE R. BEVERLY, physician and professor 
Med. Dep. University Pacific, office 1121 
Stockton, dwl 763 Mission 
Cole R. K. dentist. 715 Clay, resides Oakland 
Cole Silver Mining Company, office 321 Front 
Cole Sobrina Miss, dwl 1416 Powell 
Cole Thos. jr. dwl Virginia Block 
Cole Win. laundry, S s Folsom bet Pierce and 

Coleman A. N. (Foster & C.) Hotel International 
Coleman David R. (Gardiner & C.) dwl 1127 

Coleman E. Coleman's Quartz Mills, W s Fre- 
mont bet Market and Mission, dwl Tremont 
Coleman Edward (Harris & C.) res New York 
Coleman Geo. W. bricklayer with Saml. Hevner 
Coleman James, harness-maker with Michael G. 

Coleman Jas. H. book-keeper with N. L. Brough- 

ton, dwl 1215 Kearny 
Coleman John H. clerk Alta California, dwl 

Charles nr First 
Coleman John P. hatter, dwl Trinity S Bush 
Coleman Luke (colored) whitewashes 842 Kear- 
ny, dwl Sacramento nr Powell 
Coleman M. teamster Chas. Bon's brick-yard 
Coleman Michael, brick-moulder, dwl E s Mary 

Lane near Sutter 
Coleman T. gardener, dwl 603 Broadway 
Coleman Thomas, dwl 710 Bush 
COLEMAN WILLIAM T. ft CO. (Edward Mott 
Robinson and Henry Carlton, jr.) importing, 
shipping and commission merchants, NW 
cor California and Front, res New York 
Coles N. Willis, book-keeper with city and county 

sheriff, City Hall, dwl 510 Dupont 
Colfer Patrick, hostler with T. A. Fish & Co. 
Colfin Patrick, livery-stable, dwl 8 St. Marks 

Place, rear 
COLCAN H. 0. agent Williams' Mills, Pier 19 

wart, dwl 408 Beale 
Colgan Win. J. real-estate agent, dwl 709 Union 
Colgate Ira C. agent for John D. Chase, Pier 19 

' Stewart, dwl 408 Beale 
Colisou John A. bricklayer, dwl Trinity S Bush 
Collet John, baker at 614 Clay 
Collie Win. H. gardener, dwl 403 Bush 
Collier Frederick (George N. Ferguson & Co.) 

dwl 832 Dupont 
Collier Isaac carriage-maker, bds First St House 
Collier Richard, 'longshoreman; bds Clmcoe H 
Collin Ann Miss, domestic, 1513 Powell 
Collin Henry A. tailor with Win. Sherman, dwl 

3 a Pacitic W of Leavenworth 
Collin Margaret Miss, domestic, 1513 Powell 
Collins Allen, teamster, Pier 9 Stewart 
Collins Anna, stewardess stm Sophie McLane 
Collins Andrew, laborer with A. II. Houston 
Collins 1'.. waterman, Pier 9 Stewart 
Collins Benjamin, carpenter, 627 California 
Collins Benjamin jr. printer with F. Eastman, dwl 

627 California 
Collins Bernard, hostler with Wells. Fargo & Co. 
dwl NW cor California and Montgomery 



Collins B. R. teamster, Pier 9 Stewart 
Collins Catharine, domestic, dwl 624 Green 
Collins C. E. watch-maker and jeweler, 602 

Montgomery, dwl S s Clay bet Kearny and 

Collins C. E. Mrs. milliner, 131 Clay 
Collins David, laborer, dwl X s Wash nr Jones 
Collins David, shipmaster, dwl with Silas H. 

Collins Dennis, drayman, dwl N s Pine bet 

Mason and Ta}dor 
Collins Dennis, laborer, dwl 202 Pacific 
Collins Edward, baker, dwl E s Cadell's Alley 
Collins Elizabeth (widow) dwl S s Lick Alley 
Collins Henry, clerk with Geo. W. Chapin 
Collins Henry M. steward John T. "Wright, dwl 

1427 Kearny 
Collins J. merchant. Pier 19 Stewart 
COLLINS {James C.) & TIFFANY (Robert J.) 

Eagle hatters. 62*! Wash, dwl 805 Bush 
Collins James, iron- worker at US Davis, bds 338 

Collins James, painter, bds Oriental House 
Collins James, plasterer with Wm. Nagle 
Collins James, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Collins John, bds Summer House 
Collins John (colored) barber, dwl S s Dolores 

nr Sixteenth 
Collins John, calker, bds 109 Pacific 
Collins John, cook at 531 Com, dwl 825 Sac 
Collins John, drayman NE cor Front and Clay, 

dwl G5 Stevenson 
Collins John, laborer, dwl with Jas. McDevitt 
Collins John, laborer, dwl (',.") Stevenson 
Collins Joseph, dwl 11G Post 
Collins Joseph C. superintendent St. John's 

House, 639 Clay 
Collins Kate Mrs. dress-making, dwl 536 Howard 
Collins L. P. storekeeper with Cox, Francis & 

Co. dwl E a Prospect Place nr Pine 
Collins Margaret (widow) dwl 40 I Green 
Collins Mary, domestic with O. F. Griffin 
Collins Michael, laborer, dwl 18 Yalparaiso 
Collins Michael, laborer, 221 Jackson 
Collins Michael, laborer, dwl 705 Front 
Collins Patrick, carpenter, dwl N s Clementina 

bet Third and Fourth 
Colhna Patrick M. carpenter, dwl S s Post near 

Collins Pauline (Tarbox & C. Misses) dwl 629 

Collins Pauline (widow) dress-maker, boards 16 

Collins Piter, dwells N s Pacific bet Hyde and 

Collins Peter F. carpenter, dwl 505 Market 
Collins Richard, carpenter, dwl 621 California 
Collins Richard W. wharfinger Broadway Wharf, 

bds L6 Quincy 
Collins Balvin P. (Porter & C.) dwl SE cor Sacra- 
mento and Kearny 
Collins Sidney (colored) pantryman strar Bragdon 
Collins Silas 11. teamster, pier !» Stewart, dwl Ss 

Tehama near Fifth 
Collins Solomon, mariner, dwl 810 Yallejo 
Collins s. W. agent Washoe Companies, NE cor 

Cli Iwl 12 i Montgomery 

Collins Thomas, dish-washer Sacramento Hotel 

Collins Thomas R. laborer, dwl W s Powell nr 

Collins Timothy, dwl 605 Pacific 
Collins W. (widow) dwl 65 Stevenson 
Collischonn C. clerk with Abel Guy 
Collison Andrew, moulder Yulcan Iron Works 

Co. dwl 31 Sansorn 
Collison Andrew Jr. moulder, bds 31 Louisa 
Colly Thompson, boatman, bds 46 Stewart 
Collyer James, laborer, dwl with Jonas Call 
Colman Abraham (Colman Bros.) dwl Custom 

House Block 
Colman Charles ( Colman Brothers) dwl Custom 

House Block 
Colman Christian F. liquors, S s Frederick near 

Rincon Place 
Colman Frederic, shoemaker, dwl 165 Jessie 
Colman F. W. bds What Cheer House 
Colman Michael, teamster with Charles Bon, dwl 

Dorland Lane 
Colman P. laborer, dwl 320 Broadway 
Colman (Solomon) Brothers (Morris, Abraham 

and Charles) clothing. SW cor Montgomery 

and Washington, dwl Custom House Block 
Colwell C. carpenter, dwl 129 Sansom 
Colorado River Line Packets, R. E. Raimond 

agent, 427 Front 
Colrey Bridget, servant with Joseph Page 
Colson Edward, seaman, bds Fisher House 
Colter John, special-policeman, dwl NW corner 

Dupont and Francisco 
Colton Charles, baggage-master, What Cheer II. 
COLTON (David D.) & HARRISON (Ralph C.) 

attorneys-at-law, 6 Naglee's Building, dwl 

220 Third 
Colton Issac W. dwl 220 Third 
Colvin Jas. gas-fitter with Britton, Rey & O'Brien 
Colvin L. Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 663 Mission 
Combar John, laborer, dwl 14 Bay State Row 
Combe Abraham, butcher, 223 Sutter 
Combes George, laborer, dwl N side Union bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Combes J. C. with Priseoll & Kohler 
Combs C. bds What Cheer House 
Combs George A. clerk with William Alvord & 

Co. dwl Bush near Taylor 
Combs 11. laborer, dwl 1508 Powell 
Combs John, saloon, dwl 711 Pacific 
Combs John M. moulder Vulcan Iron Works Co 
Cometti D. with Grosse & Bulletti, dwells 525 

Comings John H. laborer, bds 122 Davis 
Comins James, ship-carpenter, dwl SW corner 

Folsom and Beale 
Comins P. 1'.. gun-smith, 220 Jackson, dwl S s 

dway bet Taylor and Jones 
erford proptrs, NE cor First and Natoma 


W. P. Johnston agent, 412 Montgomery 

ENTINE k CO. proprietors, 517 Clay and 

G I i Commercial 
Commerford Michael, farmer, San Jose Road one 

mile from Mission 
Commesee Herman L. book-keeper with S. Meyer 

& Bro. dwl SW cor Twelfth and Mission 



Low & Co. agents, 426 California 
Comp Max, tailor, "63 Clay 
Compes Henry, cabinet-maker, 316 Jackson 
Compton George M. cigar ruannf, 56 Third, dwl 

7 Everett" 
Compton Lewis, miller, rooms 809 Clay 
Compton M. attorney-at-law, NE cor California 

and Montgomery, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Comstock A. M. attorney-at-law,dwl 1721 Dupont 
Comstock Joseph, dwl 1011 Kearny 
Comstock Mary (widow) dwl N side Pine bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Comyns John, ship-carpenter, dwl with Law- 
rence Comyns 
Comyns Lawrence, ship-carpenter, dwl S side 

Boston Place near First 
Comyns Michael, ship-carpenter, dwl with Law- 
rence Comyns 
Conan Michael, laborer, dwl S s Lick Alley 
Conant Walter A. ladies' shoes, 1105 Stockton 
Concklin Enoch, captain Cal. S. N. Co's steamer 

Cornelia, dwl 436 Jackson 
Concklin Simeon, printer, rooms 22 Harlan PI 
Condon James, mason, dwl W s Sansom nr Pac 
Condon Thomas P. stmr Golden Age, dwells 7 

Prospect Place 
Condns de Lange C. dwl 135 Third 
Condy George, seaman, Sacramento Hotel 
Cone William H. carrier Evening Bulletin, dwl 

N s Pine nr Dupont 
Conell John, laborer, dwl 14 Jessie 
Conell Michael, with Perine & Co. 
Conelley Thomas, ironer South Park Laundry 
Conely Barney, laborer, bds Winthrop House 
Couey Alexander, furniture, 723 Pacific 
Coney George, 'longshoreman, dwl 30 Jessie 
Coney Koffman, chemist, dwl 30 Kearny 
Coney Louisa Mrs. dress-maker, 30 Kearny 
Confry Anna, domestic with Wm. Chipman 
Congclon Henry B. captain schooner General 

Morgan, office with Wm. F. Bowne 
CONGDON (H. J.) & JONES (David) butchers, 
NW cor Stockton and Filbert, dwl S s Fran- 
cisco bet Stockton and Dupont 
Conigan James, hostler with T. A. Fish & Co. 
Conklin John, blacksmith, bds 51S Mission 
CONKLING GEORGE W. auctioneer, 714 Mont 

dwl 246 Stevenson bet Third and Fourth 
Conkling Henry, clerk with George W. Conkling, 

dwl 714 Montgomery 
Conlan John P. laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl 1107 

Conlan Michael, laborer, dwl W s Gilbert near 

Conlen Terrence, laborer Sierra Nevada Mills, 

dwl Sherwood Placo 
Conley Edward, hatter with W. & J. Code 
Conley James, book-keeper, dwl 154 First 
Conley James, hostler with T. A. Fish & Co. 
Conley James, sail-maker with T. McColliam, 

dwl 14 Anthony 
Conley John, barkeeper with Robert Beatty 
Conley John, laborer, bds with J. Galivan 
Conley Kate, domestic with William W. Battles 
Conley Michael L. laborer Dow's distillery, dwl 
W s Nevada bet Folsom and Harrison 

Conley Patrick, laborer with Geo. D. Nagle 
Conlin James, helper Union Foundry, dwl 423 

Conlin James, carpenter, dwl 126 Bush 
Conlin John, captain, dwl 126 Bush 
CONLIN JOHN T. Conlin's Exchange Saloon, 

NE cor Clay and Kearny, dwl 651 Clay 
Conlon C. laundryman with M. Michelson 
Conlon Christopher, brick-layer, bds Staten Island 

Conlon Vallet S. night attendant French Hospital 
Conly M. T. Mrs. seamstress with J. Peirce, dwl 

cor Powell and Geary 
HARTFORD, Edward H. Parker, agent, 
201 California 
Connell Bernard, laborer, bds Winthrop House 
Connell C. (widow) nurse, rooms 417 Bush 
Connell Charles D. dwl W s Stockton nr Pacific 
Connell D. hand-cart, cor Davis and Pacific 
Connell David, dwl 223 Drumm, rear 
Connell J. bds Niantic Hotel 
Connell J. D. carpenter and builder, dwl 431 

Connell John, porter, dwl W s Union nr Sansom 
Connell Richard, driver with M. C. Bateman 
Connell Thomas, ship-carpenter, dwl 16 Silver 
Conuell Wm. C. dwl SE cor Bush and Mason 
Connelly Anna Miss, dress-maker, bds 207 Te- 
Connelly Catherine (widow) dwl SE cor Taylor 

and Union 
Connelly Christopher ( O'JRourke & C.) dwl SE cor 

Jackson and Davis 
Connelly James E. dwl Crescent Engine House 
Connelly John, bds Mission House 
Connelly John, laborer, Presidio 
Connelly Martin, hand-cartman, dwl 73 Steven- 
Connelly Rosa Miss, milliner, bds 207 Tehama 
Connelly Terrence, laborer, bds 541 Mission 
Conner Charles, deck-hand stmr Bragdon 
Conner Michael, deck-hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Conner Michael, hostler, 606 Sansom 
Conner Peter, porter New Orleans warehouse dwl 

Green nr Batterj r 
Conner S. fireman Original House 
Conner William, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Conners John, boiler maker, bds 518 Mission 
Conners Michael, laborer, bds 126 Pacific 
Conners Patrick, hostler with A. Fuller 
Conners Wm. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Connerton Patrick, dwl Broderick Engine House 
Conness Robert T. special policeman, dwl N s 

Minna bet Third & Fourth 
Conness Mary Miss, domestic, dwl 818 Pacific 
Conniss Nicholas, carpenter, dwl S s Bryant bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Connohan Cornelius, milk-ranch, Ocean House 

Connolly James E. calker, dwl Crescent Engine 

House No. 10 
Connolly John, laborer, dwl 237 Jackson 
Connolly John J. carriage-maker, dwl Broadway 

nr Montgomery 
Connolly Michael, market, 52 Stevenson 
Connolly Nicholas J. butcher, dwl N s Tehama 
bet Fifth and Sixth 



Connolly Owen, butcher, dwl N s Howard bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Connolly Thomas, butter, eggs, game. etc. 16 
New Market, dwl X s Howard bet Fifth 
and Sixth 
Connolly Thomas, carpenter, dwl N s Broadway 

bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Connor Bridget, chamber-maid American Ex- 
Connor Francis, captain stmr Columbia P. M. S. 

S. Co. 
Connor David {Murphy & C.) 238 Montgomery 
Connor George, carpenter, dwl 19 Sherwood PI 
Connor J. miner, bds What Cheer House 
Connor John, mate stmr Antelope, office NE cor 

Front and Jackson 
Connor Kate Miss, domestic, dwl with Philip A. 

Connor Lawrence, brick -layer, dwl E s Chesley 

nr Boyd 
Connor Patrick, laborer, dwl X s Market near 

Connor Thomas, lather, bds Manhattan House 
Connor Wm. T. dwl Broderick Engine House 
Connors Edmond, laborer, bds Union House 
Connors Hubert, teamster, dwl E s Taylor near 

Connors John, cook with T. H Stephens, dwl 

Connors Patrick, laborer, dwl "W s Mason nr 

Connors Robert T. special policeman, dwl 54 

Connors William, laborer, dwl 61 Stevenson 
Connory Martin, laborer, S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Connover E. D. bag-maker with Shourds & Bro. 

dwl 213 Jackson 
Conolley Mary Miss, cook, dwl with William C. 

Conolly Bridget, laundress, dwl with James 

Conolly James, cook, dwl with James Stanton 
Conolly James, laborer, dwl 25 Beale 
Conrad David (John <fc David C.) dwl 63 Natoma 
Conrad James, plasterer, dwl Sansom nr Market 
Conrad John & David, fruits, 425 Washington, 

res Philadelphia. 1'a 
Conrad Sophia Miss, bds 739 Howard 
Conrad William A. cabinet-maker with M. E. 

Hughes, dwl 7'JO Folsom 
Conradez Ferdinand, clerk, 236 Sutter 
COXRO F. D. & CO. proprietors Golden Age 
flour mills, 117 Battery, office 402 Front, 
dwl Sutro House 
CONROY BERNARD, physician, 504 Pacific 
Couroy Francis, blacksmith, X s Pacific bet Tay- 
lor and Jones 
Conroy Hugh, laborer, dwl S s Berry nr Dupont 
CONROY {James C.) & O'CONXOR {John F, 
Michael J. and Thomas IF. O'Connor) im- 
porters metals and hardware 107 to 113 
Front and 208 Pine, res Xow York 
Conroy Margaret Mrs. dwl 74 .Stevenson 
Conroy Michael C. clerk with J. W. Sullivan, 

dwl W s Scotland nr Greenwich 
Conroy Thomas, accountant, dwl ."ill Wash 
Considlne Joseph, seaman, bds Glencoe House 
Consolidated Silvor and Mining Co. 621 Clay 

Constance Marie Mrs. millinery, 928 Dupont 
Constance Sonnois, cook, dwl 928 Dupont 
Constans Philip Chr. clerk with Edward Angelis 
Constant Hubert, (Fayard & C.) 603 Mont 
Constine A. (Selling, Marx t& Co.) dwl 315 

Constine Henriette, French millinery, 638 Yallejo 
Constine Joseph, clerk with James G. Hayden, 

dwl 544 Washington 
Constine Stelsley, cabinet-maker, dwl 638 Yallejo 
Conti Carlo, plaster-moulder with Pisani Bros 

A. Lowe & Co. agents, 426 California 

proprietors, 719 Davis 
Contra Costa Ferry, foot Broadway 
Conver Francis, gardener, dwl SE cor Fifth and 

Converse D. broker, office W. F. Walton & Co. 

dwl 500 Broadway 
Conway Catharine, domestic, 818 Broadway 
Conway Cornelius, laborer, dwl X s Ashburton 

Place nr Dupont 
Conway Edward, chief clerk U. S. Surveyor 

General's office, dwl 618 Third 
Conway Ellen Miss, domestic, 817 Yallejo 
Conway E. X. laborer, warehouse department, 

Custom House 
Conway Francis, laborer, bds with G. W. Blas- 

Conway James, liquor saloon, 42 First 
Conway James, tailor, dwl 544 Washington 
Conway James EL policeman, City Hall, dwl W 

s Leavenworth S Pacific 
Conway John, laborer, dwl E s Yincent bet 

Green and Union 
Conway John, butcher, dwl Potrero S Brannan 

Street Bridge 
Conway John, coachman with A. B. Forbes 
Conway John R. physician, dwl 444 Third 
Conway John R. jr. policeman, City Hall, dwl 

444 Tiiird 
Conway Louisa Miss, domestic, 1409 Powell 
Conway M. laborer with Samuel Iievner 
Conway Michael, laborer, dwl with Thomas Bur- 

Conway Michael E. laborer, dwl NW cor Sixth 

and Howard 
Conway Michael G. harness, 136 Kearny 
Conway Morris, laborer, dwl 417 Sutter, rear 
Conway Philip, dwl with J. D. Ramsey, X s 

California nr Leavenworth 
Conway Thomas, hackman, dwl 712 Broadway 
Conway Thomas, saddler and harness maker, 6 

Conwell John, carpenter, bds 557 Market 
Cooffey Mrs. dwl 1004 Stockton 
Coogan R. workman Lyon & Co.'s brewery 
Cook A an ui, dwl W s Annie nr Jessie 
Cook Adam, moulder with Hinkley & Co. dwl 

St. Mary bet Sutter and Bush 
Cook A. T. miner, lids What Cheer House 
COOK CHARLES, groceries and liquors, Yan 

Xe^s Avenue bel Union and Green 
Cook Charles, policeman City Hall, dwl 50 

Cook Christian, upholsterer with McElwee & 




Cook D. D. freight clerk steamboat Oakland, bds 

Chicago House 
Cook Edward, butcher with Henry Miller, dwl 

E s Ninth near Bryant 
Cook (Elbridye G.) & Co. (Albert B-usse) groceries 
and liquors, 121 Second, dwl NE cor Har- 
ris and Bryant 
Cook Eli, mason, dwl 518 Dupont 
COOK ELISHAi attorney-at-law, 519 Montgom- 
ery, dwl W s Mission bet Sixteenth and 
Cook Erwin A. cigar-maker with J. W. Shaeffer, 

dwl 633 Washington 
Cook Fayette, bricklayer, dwl N s Louisa near 

Cook Ferdinand, blacksmith at 257 Third, dwl 

Bush nr Dupont 
Cook Henry, seaman, bds Empire House 
Cook Ira, barkeeper with W. P. Loring, dwl E s 

Stockton bet Clay and Sacramento 
Cook Ira. mason, dwl W s Trinity 
Cook Isaac ( Wetherbee & C.) dwl 445 Second 
Cook James, book-keeper with W. H. Keith & 

Co. dwl 623 Mission 
Cook James, engineer with Grosh & Rutherford, 

dwl S s Berry nr Dupont 
Cook James, mariner, dwl 26 Stewart 
Cook John, hair-dresser, dwl 1116 Dupont 
Cook John H. & Co. (R. Card) game and poultry, 
62, 63 Washington Market, dwl 609 Union 
Cook John J. steward Bay City Restaurant, 30 

Cook J. T. dwl 11 Bay State Row 
Cook Julia Mrs. boarding, 656 Mission 
Cook Louis, poultry, dwl 840 Vallejo 
Cook Marcus M. milk-wagon, dwl S s Bush near 

Cook Mary E. Mrs. washing, dwl Union bet 

Mason and Taylor, rear 
Cook (M. M.) Fields' ( \V.)&Co.(G. Castle) Golden 
Gate Tannery, office SE cor Battery and 
Oregon, dwl Presidio Road nr Laguna 
Cook N. B. carpenter, dwl 4 Quincy 
Cook Nelson (colored) porter with Sather & 

Church, dwl 1224 Kearny 
Cook Pardon A. milk-ranch S s Bush nr Pierce 
Cook Robert C. with W. J. Whiting 
Cook Thomas, dwl 443 Bush 
Cook Thomas, hack-driver with P. A. Finnegan, 

bds What Cheer House 
Cook Ward, accountant, dwl S s Louisa, rear 
Cook Wm. carpenter, dwl Original House 
Cook Wm. engineer with Geo. Pardow, dwl S s 

Berry nr Dupont 
Cook Wm. steward, 24 Sansom 
Cooko Adam, laborer, dwl N s Mary Lane near 

Cooke A. W. accountant with Todd & Richards, 

bds N s Folsom W Third 
Cooke George B. stevedore, dwl 817 Bush 
Cooke George B. stevedore, dwl E 8 Calhoun nr 

Cooke Peter, laborer, dwl 8 St Marks Place, rear 
Cooke Robert, straw-hat manf, dwl 17 Harlan PI 
Cook Sarah (widow) nurse, dwl 224 Stockton 
COOKE WILLIAM B. & CO. importing sta- 
tioners and law-blank publishers, 624 Mont- 
gomery, Montgomery Block, dwl 417 Mont 

Cookes John F. fruit, 15 Metropolitan Market, 

dwl 7 Third 
Cooley L. P. milkman, dwl with Saml. Thompson 
Cooley M. A. Miss, dwl Clinton Temperance 

House, Pacific 
Cooley Peter, laborer, dwl W s Mission Dolores 
COOLEY (S. B.) ft MIXER (W. C.) Clinton 

Temperance House, 311 and 313 Pacific 
Coolev Win. painter, bds Original House 
COOLIDGE JOSEPH A. lumber, Pier 13 Stew- 
art, dwl 28 Laurel Place 
Coombs F. professor, office 423 Washington 
Coombs Pierre LeB. dwl 108 Montgomery Block 
Coon Henry P. physician, office S. F. Chemical 

Works Co. SE cor Battery and Commercial 
Coon Francis, laborer, dwl 115 Vallejo, rear 
Coon Jacob, blacksmith, bds First St House 
Coon Norman S. perfumery and agent for Fish's 

hair restorative, 611 Sacramento 
Coonay John, grocer, S s L T nion nr Calhoun 
Cooney John, bottler of porter and cider, dwl 417 

Coons C. A. bricklayer, dwl 20 Sansom 
Cooper Amelia Miss, dwl with Herman Wohler 
Cooper Archibald, refiner U. S. B. M. 
Cooper Chas. laborer with Am. Russ. Com. Co. 
Cooper Elizabeth Miss, milliner, dwl 23 Ritch 
COOPER E. SAMUEL, prof, surgery M. D. Un. 

Pac. and Clinical Infirmary, 660 Mission 
Cooper Eugene T. clerk with Crosby & Dibblee, 

dwl 548 Folsom 
Cooper Ezekiel (colored) porter at 625 Clay, dwl 

N s Pacific nr Hyde 
Cooper Frank, lumber, dwl 41 Natoma 
Cooper Henry, engineer, dwl 515 Pine 
Cooper J. B. R. real-estate office with George H. 

Howard, residence Monterey, Cal 
Cooper John B. dwl 1801 Stockton 
Cooper John B. superintendent Pacific Mechn. 

Bakery, dwl 238 Stevenson 
Cooper Thos. blacksmith with Nelson & Doble 
Cooper Wm. barkeeper with James Molloy, dwl 

Cootey Patrick H. stevedore, dwl 431 Post 
Coose Bay Coal Co. office NE cor Bat and Green 
Coose Bay packets, Stewart St Piers 
Cope William, clerk, dwl 403 California 
Cope C. job-wagon, 800 Dupont 
Copeland David, bds Niantic Hotel 
Copeland Henry, carpenter, dwl N s Fulton nr 

Copeland II. M. wheelwright with Applegate & 

Copeland I. N. salesman with T. J. Sanford, dwl 

What Cheer House 
Copeland James P. miller Dow's Distillery, dwl 

Mission Creek nr Brannan 
Copeland Molvina Miss, dwl 1621 Powell 
Copland William N. captain brig Biolas, dwl 327 

Copithorne Richard, stove-mounter with Locke 

and Montague, dwl Rouch nr Howard 
Copp (X. P.) & Bowman (P. G.) fruits, 14 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 820 Stockton 
Copp (A T . P.) & Canney (B. B.) fruits, 820 Stock 
Coppenheim Joseph, dwl 411 Sutter 
Coppi Giecoma, wood-dealer, dwl SW cor Fol- 
som and Chestnut 



Coppi Victor, wood-turner, 608 Jackson 
Coppola Francisco, with X. Lastrato & Co. 
Cora James, ironer Chelsea Laundry 
Corad A. carpenter 333 Pine 
Corbell George W. painter, dwl 9 Virginia 
Corbett James, barkeeper, dwl 34 Cleary 
Corbett James, machinist, dwl Potrero, SE Bran- 
nan St Bridge 
Corbett John, laborer, dwla with James McDevitt 
Corbett John, liquors, 421 Cal and cor Pine 
and Montgomery, dwl X s Folsoin nr Third 
Corbett John, liquors, 347 Pine 
Corbett John C. real estate, dwl XE cor Six- 
teenth and Harriet 
Corbett Michael, plasterer, bds 34 Cleary 
Corbett Patrick, International coach, dwl cor 

Sutter and Mason 
Corbett P. J. Columbia Engine Co. Xo. 11 
Corbett Thomas, 'longshoreman, dwl "Western 

Corbett "William Mrs. dwl X s Sixteenth bet 

Guerrero and Valencia 
Corcoran John, laborer, bds 52 Pacific 
Corder Joseph, shoe-maker, 309 Broadway, dwl 

307 Broadway 
Cordes Allrich J. F. groceries and liquors, 1301 

Cordes C. H. liquors, 1007 Battery 
Cordes Claus H. (Daryes, Clans & Co.) 104 Front 
Cordes George "W. clerk with Walters & Dascher, 

719 Folsom 
Cordes John, bar-keeper with Charles Bredhoff, 

dwl 1216 Powell 
Cordes William, brewer, dwl 3 St. Marks 
Cordier J. H. & Co. ( Gaspard Garneau) Miners' 
Restaurant, 531 and 533 Commercial, res 
at Paris 
Cordiner C. L. drapers and tailors, 208 Mont 
Cordion Gilbert (colored) white-washing, 329 

Bush, rear 
Cordis Herman (Schumacher & C.) Pacific Saloon, 

24 Stewart 
Cords Henry, laundry, E s Jensen nr Lombard 
Coret Francois, laundry, E s Sixth bet Bryant 

and Brannan 
Corey A. tinsmith with F. & J. Daley 
Corey Thomas, stoves etc. 204 Pacific 
CORKERY CHARLES, deputy State Sup. Em. 
office 20 U. S. Ct. Building, dwl with Gen. 
James Shields 
Corking R. former, dwl 323 Pine 
Corlett William, i>ilot stm Chrysopolis, dwl 221 

Corliss Joseph F. stone-cutter, dwl E s Baldwin 

Court nr Folsom 
Cormick James, cook with Samuel Ambrose 
Cornahrens Herman, groceries, 300 Third 
Cornelia J. carpenter, dwl 11 Bay State Row 
Cornelius John, rigger, dwl W s Main bet Fol- 
som and Rincon 
Cornelius Louis, Elysium Restaurant, 673 Market 
Cornelius "William, dwl 38 Sutter 
Cornell Herbert S. salesman with I. Blum, dwl 

Bush nr Montgomery 
Cornell Thomas, teamster with II. Casebolt & Co. 
Corneps H. flour-paekor with John Ziele 
Cornet Joseph, cigars, 710 Market, dwl 606 Pine 
Corniff Michael, laborer with A. H. Houston 

Cornitf W. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Cornish H. C. (colored) furniture, 622 Battery 
Cornwall Arthur, pilot stm J. Bragdon 
CORNWALL (Pierre B.) & PALMER ( Clinton) 
notaries public and real estate agents, 608 
(old Xo. 94) Merchant, dwl W s Taylor bet 
Broadway and Mason 
office 2 Xaglee's building, bds 1423 Kearny 
Corny nn James (J/. & J. C.) 814 and 816 San 
Oornynn Mortimer A James, proprietors Central 

House, 814 and 816 Sansom 
Corn3'Dn Peter, miner, bds Central House, 814 

Corrigan Eliza (widow) dwl E s Brannan Place 

nr Green 
Corse Willis, liquor saloon, 518 Battery 
Corson Henry T. tinsmith with Locke & Mon- 
tague, dwl W s Kearny nr Pacific 
CORSOX JOHX G. blacksmith with T. 0. Shaw 
and 3d assistant engineer S. F. Fire Depart- 
ment, dwl 526 Jackson 
Cortes B. V. miner, dwl E s Chatham Place 
Corthay Louis (Shattetck & O.) dwl 525 Merch 
Cortis A. J. book-binder, 516 Clay 
Corwiu John, Stewart Railroad House 
Corwin William Miller, bds Isthmus House 
Cosgriss Martin F. gardener with J. P. Buckley 
Cosgrove Hugh, plasterer, dwl W s Jensen bet 

Greenwich and Lombard 
Cosgrove John, deck-hand stmr Crysopolis 
Cosgrove John, 'longshoreman, dwl Alta bet San- 
som and Montgomery, rear 
Cosgrove John W. deck-hand stm Sophie McLane 
Cosgrove Patrick, fruit, 356 Third 
Cosgrove Patrick, laborer, dwl 25 Third 
Cosgrove P. C. dwl E s Third bet Stevenson and 

Cosgrove Peter, builder, dwl W s Montgomery 

bet Filbert and Greenwich 
Cosgrove Thomas, milkman, dwl with John 

Cosgrove William, mason, dwl S s Berry near 

Cosgrove William, groceries, XW cor Turk and 

Coso Silver Mining Company, office 14 Sutro 

Coss John, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Costalin M. dwl August Alley bet Vallejo and 

Costello Patrick, coachman with D. Xorcross 
Coster Henry, seaman, bdfi 21 Sacramento 
GoBterauste Etienne (Guerin k C.) dwl Sac bet 

Kearny and Montgomery 
Costigan (John) & Bro. (Thomas Costigan) car- 
riage manufactory, 404 Jackson, dwl 306 
Costigan Thomas ( Costigan & Bro.) bds Lovejoy's 

Costigan William, fruits, 17 Second 
Costo John, jobber, dwl 413 Commercial 
Costor Antonio, dwl S s Oregon bet Davis and 

Costor Henry, dwl 500 Broadway 
Costor Nicholas, dwl 500 Broadway 
Costrovo John, laborer, with A. II. Houston 
Cota J. L. apprentice, Pacific Foundry 



Coting Eugene, painter, dwl 57 Minna 
Cottan Benjamin (colored) whitewashes 306 Bush 
Cottal Thomas, laborer, dwl 417 Sutter, rear 
Cotter E. B. Dep. Clerk, U. S. District Court, 

office 14 U. S. Ct Bdg, dwl 417 Bush 
Cotter Frank, house painter, dwl W s LeRoy PI 

bet Sacramento and California 
Cotter J. Rev. assistant Rector St. Mary's Ca- 
Cotter John, laborer, dwl 111' Sacramento 
Cotter John C. bonnet-dyer, dwl S23 Jackson 
Cotter Joseph, waiter, Tremont House 
Cotter Louis, merchant, dwl 10 Front 
Cotter Patrick, seaman, bds Golden Gate Hotel 
Cottingham Robert J. silversmith with Vander- 

slice & Co. dwl 129 Sausom 
Cottle Franklin D. carpenter and builder, 209 

Pine, dwl X s Howard nr Fifth 
Cottle M. bds What Cheer House 
Cottrell Edward M. clothing, dwl 734 Green 
Couch Arietta Miss, seamstress, dwl with Moses 

T. Bean 
Couch John, Mission express-wagon, dwl E s 

Sixteenth bet Dolores and Guerrero 
Couch Thomas, machinist, bds Oriental House 
Coughlan Thomas, clerk, dwl NE cor Oregon and 

Coughlin John, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Coughlin Michael, laborer gas house, bds Win- 

throp House 
Coulon E. Lafayette H. and L. Co. Xo. 2 
Coulon John B. sheap-shearer, dwl 705 Front 
Coulter David, laborer, dwl E s Hyde bet Green- 
wich and Lombard 
Coulter (J. B.) & Co. (R. P. Moore) imps andmanfs 

furniture, 722 Mont, dwl 5G4 Howard 
Coulter John C. special policeman, dwl XW cor 

Dupont and Francisco 
Coulter Joseph, drayman, dwl W s Brenham PI 

nr Washington 
County Hospital SW cor Francisco and Stockton 
County William, laborer, dwl 2!) Stevenson 
Coupland W. F. hatter with Chas. A. Fisher & 

Co. dwl Trinity nr Sutter 
Courcelle Achille, furniture, 820 Washington, dwl 

1229 Dupont 
Courcillon de Eugene, oculist and aurist, 737 

Clay, dwl E s Jones nr Vallejo 
Courick John, hostler, dwl 1016 Stockton 
Coursell A. furniture, dwl 1219 Dupont 
Coursey John G. (colored) waiter stmr Chrys- 

Courtaine narry, comedian Xational Theater, 

dwl E s Kearny nr Pacific 
Courtenay J. B. sail-maker with Andrew Craw- 
ford, dwl 12 Antony Place 
Courtis James, stevedore, dwl W s Battery bet 

Vallejo and Green 
Courtis Thomas, real estate, dwl 609 Bush 
Courts John W. clerk, dwl S s Ashburton Place 

nr Dupont 
Cousens Caleb X. mason, dwl 108 Prospect PI 
Cousins William, mason, dwl S s Broadway nr 

Cousselle Joseph, clerk with Shattuck, Spencer & 

Reichert, dwl E s Dupont near Bush 
Coutet {Alexander) k 1'lego (Louis) hatters, 721 


Couttolenee J. A. contractor, dwl 14 Pinckucw 
Cove Robert, workman with E. II. Parker, dwl 

with Joseph Goldsmith 
Coveau John, gardener, Haye's Valley, dwl 10 s 

Laguna nr Turk 
Covenev D. helper, Pacific Fonndrv 
Covey H. R. (Gough & C.) dwl 508 Dupont 
Cowan F. H. bds What Cheer House 
Cowan II. Steamboat Dining Saloon, 8 Broadway 
Cowan Solomon, dwl 837 Broadwav 
Cowan Win. rigjfer, rooms cor Sacramento and 

Cowan Wm. J. (Flint & C.) dwl S s St. Marks 

Place nr Stockton 
Cowen Bridget, domestic, dwl 710 Broadway 
Cowen Hugh, restaurant, dwl 720 Vallejo 
Cowen Charles H. carpenter, dwl El Dorado 

Cowen W. M. cartman, 414 Kearny 
Cowes Antoine, cook with G. Venard 
Cowes J. C. ( colored) steward, dwl 355 First 
COWIXG TURXER, proprietor Rincon House, 

XW cor Folsom and First 
COWLES SAMUEL, Police Judge, office XW 

cor Montgomery and Merchant, dwl S s Mc- 
Laren nr Mission 
Cowper Wm. H. book-keeper, dwl Broadway 

bet Taylor and Jones. 
Cox Ada Miss, dress-maker, dwl 1611 Dupont 
Cox Ann Mrs. dress-maker, 315 Vallejo 
Cox Anson, grain-dealer, 300 Bush 
Cox Benj. contractor, dwl 234 Stevenson, rear 
Cox Daniel, with S. Grellier & Co. dwl XE cor 

Front and Oregon 
Cox Daniel Jr. soda-bottler, Stevenson nr Third, 

dwl XE cor Oregon and Front 
Cox Daniel, cork-cutter, 202 Davis 
Cox David, porter Manhattan House 
Cox E. D. tailor, dwl 322 Dupont 
Cox Edward, engineer, bds 10 St. Marks Place 
Cox Fanny Miss, domestic 1309 Powell 
Cox James, express-wagon, dwl 642 Howard 
Cox James, bottler with S. Grellier & Co. dwl 

cor Sacramento and Davis 
Cox John, carpenter, bds Original House 
Cox John, laborer, dwl 315 Vallejo 
Cox (J. W.) Francis (I. W.) & Co. storage and 

commission, XE cor Battery and Broadway 
COX, (J. Warren) WILLCUTT (Joseph L.) & 

CO. importers leather and shoe-findings, 422 

Battery, tannery cor Brannan and Sixth, 

dwl X s Thirteenth, near Howard 
Cox Leander, engineer, bds. 10 St. Marks Place 
Cox Matthew B. superintendent P. M. S. S. Co. 

Folsom St. Wharf, dwl 313 Third 
Cox P. laborer warehouse department Custom 

Cox Patrick, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Coxen Jacob, porter with R. D. W. Davis, dwl 

N s Market bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Coy F. & Co. (L. J. Ewell) commission merchants, 

404 Davis, res Alameda 
Coyan Frederick, sail-maker with Harding & 

Linekin, dwl Revere House 
Coye Hiram L. (Rockwell. C. & Co.) dwl S07 

Coyle Charles, with James Linen, dwl St. Marks 




Coyle Francis, with J. Shade Dungan, dwl 1105 

Coyle Henry, hoot-maker, 252 Third 
Coyle Hugh, miner, dwl 421 Mission 
Coyle James, teamster with De La Rue & Schne- 

pel, dwl S s Post near Jones 
Coyle John, laborer, dwl E s Brooks bet Market 

and Geary 
Coyle John, tailor, bds Brooklyn House 
Coyle Robert, teamster, dwl 90^Battery 
Co'zzins Jas. ship-carpenter, dwl 28 Clementina 
Crabb Alexander, compositor Evening Bulletin, 

dwl 122 Silver 
Crabbe A. S. milkman, dwl with Wm. C. Wattz 
Crafey Patrick, bds Boston House 
Crafts Ellen Beach Mrs. dwl 807 Pacific 
Cragwell Joseph B. waiter What Cheer House 

Craig Alexander, blacksmith with Henry Steele, 

dwl X s Bryant near Third 
Craig Alexander, seaman, bds 208 Commercial 
Craig Frederick, milk-ranch, Old San Jose Road 
Craig J. waterman, Market op Sansom 
Craig John, ship-joiner, dwl 512 Bryant 
Craig (Peter) k Van Ness (Cornelius) bellows- 
makers, 417 Pine 
Craig Peter ( Wiley & C.) dwl 514 Bryant 
Craig William, liquors, 905 Dupont, dwl S 8 

John nr Powell 
Craigg Alexander, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Craigg Capt. James, office with George M. Josse- 

lvn & Co 
Craik John, clerk with E. D. Heatley, dwl NE 

cor Bush and Dupont 
Craine George W. Lafayette Hook and Ladder 

CRA1XE WILLIAM, architect, 632 Washing- 
ton, up stairs 
Cram Charles S. salt mills, dwl 815 Bush 
Cram (E. and Geo. W.) & Co. (A. Ganwge) salt 
works, Chace's mills, cor Market and Beale, 
dwl 815 Bush 
Cram Geo. W. (Oram & Co.) dwl 815 Bush 
Cram Smith, engineer, dwl 815 Bush 
Cram ( William /?.) & Moore (Geo. W.) saddle and 

harness makers, 5 First 
Cramer Henry, music- teacher, 132 Kearny 
Cramer H. P. book-binder with A. Buswell, dwl 

1010 Powell 
Cramer John D. dwl 527 Bush 
Cramer V. & Co. importers, 309 Sacramento 
Cramp Charles William, bds 114 Sacramento 
Cramp Martha Mrs. dwl 114 Sacramento 
Cramsie Octavius, clerk, dwl GO Xatoma 
Crandall Dwight, clerk, dwl NW cor Montgom- 
ery and Jackson 
Crandall If. B. teacher Deaf, Dumb and Blind 

Crandall R. W. carpenter, dwl 105 Jessie 
CRANE CHARLES A. Advertising,NW 
cor Sansom and Washington, dwl 57 Gov- 
ernment House 
Crano Charles II. (Pearson <f- C.) dwl 24 Silver 
Crano Irwin J. (J. B. Weir & Co.) dwl 548 

CRANE (Henry A.) k BRIGHAM ( Wil 

wholesale druggists, SE cor Front and Clay, 
dwl N s Geary E Dupont 

Crane John, dwl 923 Washington 
Crane Nathaniel H. carpenter, dwl 113£ San- 
Crane Robert, propertv-man, bds with H. A. 

Crane Samuel, conductor S. F. & Mission R. R. 
Crane Samuel P. dwl S s Jessie bet Fifth and 

Crane William, seaman, dwl 20 Stewart 
Craner Adolph P. broker, 319 Sacramento, dwl 

118 Xatoma 
Craner Simon, dry-goods, 629 Sacramento 
Crangle William C. boatman, Market St Wharf, 

rooms XW cor Market and East 
Cranna Wm. R. clerk with F. B. Taylor, dwl 

XW cor Pine and Montgomery 
Crannar Michael, hackman, dwl 8 Milton Place 
Cranshaw Richard, actor, dwl SE cor Commer- 
cial and Sansom 
Cranston A. B. book-keeper, Original House 
Crapo, (H.) Snow (L. R.) k Bro. (L. W. Snow) 

manf blacking, cor Market and Drumm 
Crary Oliver B. (Hartshorne & C.) dwl E s Powell 

nr Jackson 
Crawford Andrew, sail-maker, 611 Front, dwl 

508 Greenwich 
Crawford George, calker, bds 606 Third 
Crawford J. W. builder, dwl 51 Minna 
Crawford Samuel, carpenter, dwl 7 Central Place 
Crawford Stephen H. (Bergen & C.) dwl NE cor 

Powell and Francisco 
Crawley Daniel, laborer, bds 227 Sutter 
Crawley George W. butcher, 546 Third, dwl X s 

Brannan bet Third and Fourth 
Crawley John, job-wagon, cor Mont and Sac 
Crawley John, laborer, bds 227 Sutter 
Crawmer William, carpenter, dwl 106 Kearny 
Cravon Armand, tailor, rooms 26 St. Marks PI 
Crayton Derby, deck-hand steamer Cornelia, bds 

Staten Island House 
Crayton George J. sexton Trinity Church, rooms 

with Samuel Young 
Crayton Robert, with Kellogg Hewston & Co. 

" dwl 621 Bush 
Creaky Janus. liquors, dwl 5 Dupont 

■ Aaron, hair-dressing saloon. 319 Sansom, 

dwl 568 Howard 
Creamer James, drayman with E. Martin & Co. 

dwl XW cor Powell and Yallejo 
Creamer Peter, cooper, dwl 80 Jessie 
Creary Joshua Jr. at Pacific Bakery 
Creavy Samuel, mariner, dwl with Jas. MrMann 
Creedon William, boot-maker, 201 Commercial 
Cregior Simon, with Edward Fell 
Creigli J. D. attorney-at-law, 7 Montgomery 

Block, dwl 19 Hawthorne 
Creigh John D. register-clerk S. F. Gas Co. dwl 

L9 Hawthorne 
Creigh S. W, freight-clerk stmr Antelope 
Creighton Derby, deck-hand stmr Cornelia 
Craighton Ferdinand, clerk, dwl 721 Broadway 
m James P. St. Clair House 605 Battery 
Cremer J. P. 11. ( Wildung & Co.) dwl So 
Cremony John 0. editor, dwl 227 Minna 
Cremony Lewis, porter with Jones & Harris 
Crenan Michael, hackman, dwl S Milton Place 
Creon A. J. tailor, with E. Boucher, dwells St. 

Marks Place near Kearny 



Crescent City Line packets. Stewart St Wharf 

Hensley, proprietor, office SW cor Wash- 
ington and Battery 
Cressell Sarah Mrs. seamstress, dwl 761 Folsom 
Greasy Theodore S. drayman with Gushee & 

Elder, dwl Clinton Temperance House 
Creuziger Hugo, upholsterer with J. Peirce, dwl 

20 Hunt 
Crevolin (Frank) &, Co. (Joseph Nicholas) manuf. 

syrups and cordials, 514 Jackson 
Crew J. draymau, NW cor Sac and Battery 
Crichton William, bag-maker at 105 Clay, bds 1 

Chatham Place 
Crim S. (Allen & Co.) 669 Market 
Crhnins William, laborer with George D. Nagle 
Crintou Clara (widow) saloon, 728 Pacific 
Cristopherson Thos. seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
ditcher Henry, stock-broker, office 325 Front, 

dwl NW cor Pine and Taylor 
Crittenden Alexander P. ( Crockett & C.) dwl 1313 

Crittenden Churchill, clerk with Greene, Heath & 

Allen, dwl 1313 Taylor 
Crittenden C. S. Metropolitan Stables 219 Bush, 

dwl 38 Sutter 
Critzer George W. dwl 63 Minna 
Croce Peter, engine-turner at 622 Clay 
Crochet Alexander, gardener, res Six Mile House 
Crochet Felix, gardener, res Six Mile House 
Orockard Hugh, blacksmith with J. Burns, dwl 

Harrison bet Fifth and Sixth 
Crocker Charles W. local reporter S. F. Times 

dwl Hotel International 
Crocker L. Miss, assist, teacher Market and Fifth 

St School 
Crocker M. bds What Cheer House 

(Alexander P.) attorne3'S-at-law, NE corner 

California and Montgomery, dwl 926 Clay 
Crofton A. dwl 217 Third" 
Crofton James, plasterer, dwl W s Sansom bet 

Union and Filbert 
Crofton Samuel, moulder, bds 109 Pacific 
Crogan Thomas, teamster with R. Morton, dwl 

NE cor Taylor and O'Farrell 
Croke James, Very Rev. Y. G. Rector St. 

Mary's Cathedral 
Cromartie M. W. clerk Savings and Loan Society, 

bds with Dr. Kellogg, Bush bet Dupont and 

Crombie John II. tinsmith, 120 Front, rooms N s 

Broadway bet Powell and Mason 
Cromer Henry, laborer U. S. B. M. dwl 769 Folsom 
Cromer Nathan, butcher, dwl Crescent Engine 

House No. 10 
Crompton John, fireman stmr C. M.« Webber 
Cromwell A. harness-maker, dwl 15 Hunt 
Cromwell George, deck hand stmr Bragdon 
Cronan Edward, fireman stmr Senator, dwl 412 

Cnm;m James, carpenter, dwl 126 Bush 
Cronan John, laborer, dwl N s Minna bet Beale 

and Fremont 
Cronan Michael, teamster, dwl 903 Battery 
Crone Catherine Miss, domestic Virginia Block 
Croni A. superintendent French Hospital, S s 

Bryant bet Fifth and Sixth 

Cronin Daniel, barkeeper with Monty Sullivan, 

414 Pacific 
Cronin Daniel, runner Montgomery House 
Cronin James, plasterer, bds 115 Stevenson 
Cronin John, laborer, dwl 19 Sherwood Place 
Cronin John, laborer, dwl 110 Pacific 
Cronin John, porter Cuningham'e warehouse, N s 

Filbert near Montgomery 
Cronin Michael, laborer, bds 817 Post 
Cronin Michael, laborer, dwl 14 Jessie 
Cronin Michael, stone-cutter at SW cor Front 

and Green 
Cronin William, laborer, dwl 46 Stevenson 
Cronin Wm. H. printer with B. F. Sterett, dwl 

Hardie Place 
Cronise T. F. bds Hotel International 
Cronise Wm. H. Y. rice dealer, 217 California, 

dwl 526 Green 
Cronley Michael, blacksmith, dwl W s Baldwin 

Court nr Folsom 
Cronn J. bds St. Lawrence House 
Crooks James, laborer, dwl 46 Bryant Place 
Crooks Matthew, dwl W s Crooks nr Townsend 
Croon F. store keeper with C. Koopmanschap & 

Co. dwl Yallejo bet Sansom and Mont 
Crosby Catherine, domestic 809 Stockton 
Crosby (Charles W.) & Dibblee (Albert) com 

mchts, 421 Battery, resides New Y"ork 
Crosby Daniel, butcher, bds 45 Stevenson 
CROSBY (Frederick) & MATHEWSON (James) 

impts and jobbers watches, jewelry, dia- 
monds, etc. 636 Clay, dwl 1410 Stockton 
Crosby George, produce dealer, 33 Clay, bds 51 

Crosby John, tailor, rooms 829 Dupont 
Crosby Porter, composition roofer, office 328 

Crosby Theodore, roofer, dwl 122 Kearny 
Crosby William, gardener, S s Mission Dolores 
Crose John, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Crosgruve Phillip, drayman, dwl 50 Silver 
Croskey Robert, groceries, 436 Third 
Crosley John W. clerk with Treadwell & Co. dwl 

708 Taylor 
CROSS (Alexander) & CO. (John Wedderspoon) 

commission merchants, 613 Battery 
Cross George, lauudryman, dwl 628 Green, rear 
Cross Leonard, tinsmith with dishing & Stevens 
Cross Osborne Maj. U. S. A. dwl 267 Tehama 
Cross Richard, drayman with A. M. Oilman & 

Co. dwl 327 Broadway 
Cross Thomas, lithographer with L. Nagel, dwl 

:;2T Broadway 
Crosta Mary J. Miss, domestic, 630 Yallejo 
Croster Peter, laborer with Oakley & Jackson, 

dwl cor Front & Jackson 
Crosswell William, laborer with G. W. BlasdeU 
Crotty Daniel, laborer, dwl 11 St. Marys Place 
Crotty Daniel, nurse St. Marys Hospital, 1314 

Crouch Daniel, moulder, dwl 44 First 
Crouch James, cigar-maker. 2 1 .") Sacramento, dwl 

W s Union Place nr Filbert 
Crough Julia, house-keeper with J. McXamara 
Crouse John R. salesman with Fonda & Gray, 

dwl SE cor Minna and Second 
do vat P. A. inspector Custom House, dwl 314 




Crow Launcelot, plasterer, bds "What Cheer 

Crow F. A. bds Original House 
Crow Thomas, drayman, dwl 30 Natoma 
Crowe John, hackman, dwl 57 Minna 
Crowel David, waiter with Page & Decker 
CROWELL EUGENE, physician and Supervisor 

9th district, office g!t Merchant, dwl NW 

cor Harrison and Beale 
Crowell G-eo. B. printer with Painter & Co. 
Crowell Geo. E. engineer, dwl 109 Post 
Crowell Zenos {Oldham & C.) dwl 128 Second 
Crowley B. bds St. Lawrence House 
Crowley Cornelius, laborer, dwl with Jeremiah 

D. Hollinshead 
Crowley Cornelius, fruit, 334 Third 
Crowley Daniel, blacksmith at 257 Third 
Crowley David, laborer with A. Hiller, dwl cor 

Broadway and Sansom 
Crowley D. C. bds Original House 
Crowley Dennis, deck hand steamer Chrysopolis 
Crowley Florence, ship-wright, dwl 23 Clemen- 
Crowley Florence, carpenter, dwl 133 Minna 
Crowley James, wool, with Donald McLennan, 

dwl with Timothy Crowley 
Crowlej" John, calker, dwl Manhattan Engine 

Co.'s House 
Crowley John, expressman, dwl 55 Clementina 
Crowley John, clerk, dwl with Michael Lynch 
Crowley John, driver with Haste & Kirk, dwl 

Sutter near Kearny 
Crowley John. J. Young America Engine Co. 
Crowley Michael, steward steamer Antelope, dwl 

419 Yallejo 
Crowley M. J. waiter steamer Antelope 
Crowlev Patrick, constable first district, office 

536 Pacific, dwl 314 Green 
Crowley Peter, rooms NE cor Front and Sac 
Crowley Richard, blacksmith with Mangeot & 

Richard, dwl 120 Dupont 
Crowley Richard, deck hand steamer Antelope 
Crowley Richard, laborer, dwl NE cor Kearny 

and Union 
Crowley Timothy, drayman, dwl 325 Bryant 
Crowley "Win. laborer, dwl Yallejo nr Mont 
Crown Harris, cigar manufacturer, 514 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 815 Vallejo 
Crown Point Gold and Silver Mining Co. office 

321 Front 
Crownholm George, seaman bds 48 Sacramento 
Crowther George T. merchant, 708 Sansom, dwl 

1309 Sansom 
Crozat Peter, dwl St. Francis Hotel, 801 Clay 
Croze Auguste, laundry, dwl W s Mason near 

Crudden "Win. butcher, dwl with John Lynch 
Cruise James, carpenter, dwl Crescent Engine 

House No. 10 
Cruise John, stevedore, bds 4G Stewart 
Crummcy John, butcher, dwl X s Folsom bet 

Ninth and Tenth 
Crump Joseph, carpenter, dwl 1G SpofTord 
Crump Win. with Hobbs re 4 Co. cornor 

Market and Beale 
Crumpton Win. R. Vigilant Engine Co. No. 9 
Cruse Herman, carpenter, dwl jW s Spear near 


Crutchley Henry S. salesman with Wm. Sher- 
man & Co. dwl SE cor Dupont and Dupont 

Crutchley Robert, stevedore, dwl rear 1118 

Cruthers Burdett, stock-dealer, dwl S s Jessie 

bet Third and Fourth 
Cruz Charles, clerk, dwl 737 Green 
Cruz Francisco, fisherman, rooms 56 Sacramento 
Cruz Pedro, with Cutting & Co. 
Cruziger Hugo, upholsterer with J. Pierce 
Cruzills Adolph, (Carran & C.) dwl W s Taylor 

bet Geary and Post 
Cryder J. P. rooms 813 Sacramento 
Cubery Wm. M. compositorwithTowne& Bacon, 

dwl N s Fulsom nr Third 
Cudworlh James W. milkman, dwl S s Presidio 

road, near Lagoon 
Cuff Dennis, shoemaker, 4 California 
Culbert James, cook, with Lazar & Blumenthal 
Cullan John, laborer, bds Sarsfield House 
Cullan Thomas, Shamrock ball-court, 543 Market 
Cullen Hugh, laborer, dwl with Cornelius Con- 

Cullen Jeffrey, with B. Davidson 
Cullen John, laborer, dwl with Thomas Burming- 

Cullen John T. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Cullen Philip, laborer, dwl corner Mission and 

Cullen Thomas, gunsmith with C. Curry, dwl 

324 Bush 
Cullenden Christian, liquors, NE cor First and 

Culligan John, gardener, dwl NW cor Turk and 

Yan Xess avenue 
Cullon A. laborer, dwl with John Center 
Cullum Frank, foreman S. F. Gas Co. dwl 15 

Sherwood Place 
Culmann Louis, clerk with Goldsmith & Co. dwl 

77:; Mission 
Culver Edgar, commission merchant, office 312 

Front, dwl 1011 Washington 
Culver James 11. pattern-maker, dwl S s Jessie 

bet Third and Fourth 
CULVER WM. II. Justice of the Peace, 2d 

township, office 623 Merchant, dwl 926 

Culverwcll J. E. sash and blind maker, Market 

Street mills, dwl Minna nr Second 
Culverwcll Stephen (CI < C) dwl W n 

Sixth bet Folsom and Howard 
Cum Chong (Chinese) washing, l Stevenson 
Gumming Elizabeth, iroi b Laundry 

Cummin: machinist A'ulcan Iron Works 

dwl 360 Third 
dimming J. M. clerk, dwl 2G Montgomery 
Gumminga Andrew, laborer, dwl Potrero near 

•nth street 
Cumminirs Anne, dwl -109 Bush 
Cumminf mariner, schooner Ellen and 

Catherine, Clay Street wharf 
Cummings George, boatman, dwl 570 Howard, 

Cummings Henry K. commission fruits and pro- 
duce 521 Merchant, dwl 810 Broadway 
Cummings James, carpenter, dwl S s Lincoln nr 




Oummings John, miner, dwl 434 Vallejo 
Cumminga Patrick, blacksmith, 405 Folsom 
Cummings Patrick, laborer Union Foundry, dwl 

W s Ecker bet Folsom and Clementina 
Cummings Phoebe Miss, seamstress, dwl 806 

Cumminga Robert, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Cumminga Timothy, laborer, dwl S s Folsom nr 

Cumminga W. B. & Co. importers and commis- 
sion merchants. 124 California 
Cummings William, Queen City Hotel, 627 Davis 
Cummings W. T. carpenter, dwl 603 Broadway 
Cummins John, with Dore & Havens 
Cummiaky Henry, baker Metropolitan Bakery, 
dwl W s Leavenworth bet Pacific and Bdwy 
Cunebrum Conrad, cook at 305 Montgomery 
Cunega Isabel Miss, dress-maker, 602 Broadway 
Cuniham John, laborer with Thomas Hayes 
Cuniham Patrick, driver S. F. and M. Railroad 
Cunio Dominique (widow) dwl 517 Union 
Cuntis W. carpenter, dwl 605 Pacific 
Cunningham A. ship-carpenter with J. G-. North 
Cunningham Andrew, barkeeper, 534 California 
Cunningham Barbara (widow) Oregon House, 

W s Stewart bet Folsom and Howard 
Cunningham Charles, painter, dwl 114 Bush 
Cunningham Hugh, Stewart Metropolitan Hotel. 

dwl E s Carlo nr O'Farrell 
Cunningham J. bds "What Cheer House 
Cunningham James, laborer Pacific Foundry, 

dwl 55 Jessie 
Cunningham James, laundry 36 Clay, up-stairs 
Cunningham James, miller, dwl 117 Stevenson 
Cunningham James, poultry and game 509 Mer- 
chant, dwl X s Mission bet Fifth and Sixth 
Cunningham James, watchman Pacific Foundry 
Cunningham Jane (widow) nurse, dwl N s Chest- 
nut nr Stockton 
Cunningham John, carpenter, bds 230 Sutter 
Cunningham John, engineer, dwl 211 Vallejo 
Cunningham John, hide-cutter with E. Grisar 
Cunningham John, stone-mason, dwl 315 Bdwy 
Cunningham Johu, tanner, dwl 10 Cleary 
Cunningham L. bds What Cheer House 
Cunningham M. A. Mrs. domestic 611 Market 
Cunningham Michael, hackinan, dwl Crescent 

Engine House No. 10 
Cunningham Michael, mate stm Helen Hensley 
Cunningham Owen, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Cunningham Patrick, laborer with A. H. Hous- 
Cunningham Peter, silver-smith with Yandcr- 

& Co. 
Cunningham P. R. sash and blind maker with 
Brokaw & Metcalf, dwl First Street House 
Cunningham Richard, Six Mile House, Sau Bruno 

Cunningham S. bds What Cheer House 
Cunningham S. (widow) dwl 317 Minna 
Cunningham Samuel, engineer, dwl W s Hub- 
bard nr Howard 
Cunningham Simon D. collector, dwl W s Priest 

nr Washington 
Cuuningham T. B. broker NW cor Montgomery 

and Merchant, dwl 843 Clay 
Cunningham Thomas, express-wagon, dwl E s 
Main nr Folsom 

CUXXIXGWORTH JOHN B. druggist 228 Pa- 
cific, dwl 704 Battery 
Curen Michael, baker with M. C. Bateman 
Curie J. P. clerk with J. Mora Moss, 519 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 343 Fremont 
Curley James, express- wagon, dwl 11 Leid 
Curley John, drayman, dwl NW cor Union and 

Eliza Place 
Curley John M. dwl Crescent Engine House 
Curley Patrick, laborer, dwl with William Green 
Curley Patrick, laborer, dwl 61 Stevenson 
Curley P. 0. United States Hotel, 706 Battery 
Curley William, seaman, bds Sailors Home 
Curn Patrick, laborer, dwl 21 Hinckley 
Curran Bernard, clothing, 214 Montgomery, dwl 

Curran Dennis, engineer with Stable Bros, dwl 

624 Washington 
Curran John, driver, dwl with John Fahey 
Curran Patrick H. laborer, dwl N s Grove bet 

Octavia and Gough 
Curren Henry, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 

attorneys-at-law, NE cor Com and Mont, 

dwl Mercantile Library Building 
Currie Chas. boatman, dwl 705 Front 
Currie John C. auction and commission merchant, 

dwl 320 Folsom 
Currier Benjamin, carpenter, dwl E s Brook bet 

Market and Geary 
Currier Geo. W. carpenter, dwl 40 Ritch 
Curry Charles, gunsmith, 317 Battery 
Curry Chas. (colored) boot-black, dwl Myers nr 

Curry Edward, boatman, dwl N s Francisco nr 

Curry Elias L. carpenter, W s Bedford Place nr 

Curry John, book-keeper with Thomas Gannon, 

dwl E s Webb nr Sacramento 
Curry Rosina Miss, domestic, 1112 Powell 
Curry William, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Curry Win. Capt. draughtsman, rrns 604 Dupont 
Curtaz B. piano-tuner with F. A. Woodworth & 

Co. dwl 715 Stockton 
Curtiea M. L. Mrs. teacher music, etc. dwl SE cor 

Washington and Dupont 
Curtin James, painter, dwl N s Pacific bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Curtin Thos. G. waiter with Alden & Boyd, dwl 

317 Sansom 
Curtis C. sawyer with Saml. A. Metcalf, dwl 240 

Curtis Chas. W. employment office, 528 Mont 
Curtis Edward <;. with Brokaw & Metcalf, dwl 

with John W. Metcalf 
Curtis E. S. merchant, dwl 137 Montgomery 
Curtis Francis B. clerk with J. Rice & Co. dwl N 

s Bush bet Dupont and Kearny 
Curtis Franklin {John S. Dole & Co.) residence 

Quincy, Mass. 
Curtis ( ;. !!. laliorer, rms 302 Jackson 
Curtis Geo. W. sash and blind maker, dwl 549 

Curtis Jacob, collector, rooms S43 Clay 
Curtis James, carpenter, dwl 104 Jessie 
Curtis James F. deputy U. S. marshal, dwl 840 




Curtis Patrick, laborer, dwl 31 Ecker . 

Curtis Thos. porter with Yerplanck & McMullin 

Curtis ( William) & Eggers (Christopher) wood 

and grain, 620 Broadway 
Cushing Benjamin, mariner, dwl Rincon nr Main 
Gushing Chas. A. (Stevens & C.) dwl cor Union 

and Larkin 
Cushing Clias. II. book-keeper with Thomas G-. 

Cary, dwl 826 Sacramento 
Cushing Daniel, laborer, dwl Post nr Larkin 
Cushing John, wood-cartman, dwl 336 Bush 
Cushing John J. physician 727 Clay, dwl N s 

California nr Pratt Place 
Cushing Margaret, cook Fisher House 
Cushing Robert, bricklayer, dwl 126 Bush 
Cushing Voluey, pilot sttn Helen Hensley, dwl 

604 Stockton 
Cushman Charles D. deputy-collector Custom 

House, office second door, dwl E s Auburn 

near Jackson 
Cushman David, captain Kingfisher, office with 

Edgerly i Wiekmau 
Cusick James, hostler with Oldham & Crowell 
Cusick Thomas, servant, dwl with \V. H. Dow 
Custer Amos, carpenter, bds Pacific Temperance 

CUSTOM HOUSE BLOCK, SE cor Sacramento 

and Sansom 
Cuthbert Elizabeth, dwl 1716 Stockton 
Cutler Albert, builder, dwl 920 Market 
Cutler B. C. clerk with Cutler McAllister 
Cutler James (E. King & Co.) dwl 920 Market 
Cutler L. M. Miss, assistant teacher primary de- 
partment Union St School 
Cutler William T. butcher with J. A. White, dwl 

SE cor Market and Third 
Cutter Chas. E. clerk, 163 Second 
Cutter (Horace) & Co. ( Wm. A. Boyd) Howard 

Market, 163 Second 
Cutter Horace F. office 623 Montgomery, dwl 

with Win. T. Reynolds 
CUTTER JAMES H. commission merchant, 20-1 

Front, dwl SW cor Sutter and Hyde 
Cutter R. S. butcher, XE cor Second and Howard 
Cutter Thomas A. (MMer & C.) dwl 718 Stock 
Cutting E. A. clerk with P. Bartlett, dwl 47 

Cutting Edwin, painter, dwl 607 Mission 
Cutting {Francis) & Co. manufacturers pickles, 

sauces, cider and vinegar. 115 and 117 

Com, dwl NW cor Bryant and Rincon Place 
Cutting Lewis, with Cutting A Co. dwl XW cor 

Bryant and Rincon Place 
Cypiol Ferdinand, salesman with A. Austin & 

Co. dwl cor Jackson and Kearny 
Cyr Saint, clerk, dwl 17 Sonoma Place nr Green 
Czajkowski Leon, cigars, 705 Clay 
CZAPKAY hoi' IS .1. Medical and Surgical In- 
stitute 519 Sacramento, dwl 661 Mission 


Dabo Joseph, clerk with Fred G. E. Tittel, 227 

Dabovich X. fruit-dealer, 420 Davis 
Dacker Christian, gardener, XW cor Harrison 

and Seventh 

Dacey Cornelius, fireman, S. F. Water Works 
DAERGER CHARLES, ivory-turner, dwl 730 

Daggett John R. with Voizin, Ris & Webster, 

dwl 17 St. Marks Place 
Daggett Lewis, clerk recorder's office, dwl S s 

Sacramento nr Jones 
DAGGETT R. M. editor Evening Mirror, dwl 

659 Clay 
Daggett Sdas. farmer, dwl 114 Bush 
Dahana J. laborer Chas. Bon's brick-yard 
Dahenckiu F. barkeeper, XE cor Washington 

and Davis 
Dahlinger John, furniture, 312 Pacific 
Dahlman Louis, butcher, dwl 13 Minna 
Dahlmann Chas. clothing, 509 Commercial, dwl 

320 Sutter 
Dahlmann Jonas, clerk with Joseph Roth, dwl 

X s Commercial, bet Montgomery and San 
Dahlmann Xathan. with C. Dahlmann, dwl Stock- 
ton nr Washington 
Dahm C. cook Philadelphia House, dwl 324 Bush 
Dahmka (Fredk.) k, Cliue (Henry) groceries, 123 

Daily Wm. porter with John Middleton & Son 
Daingerfield Chas. H. (colored) waiter with E. P. 

Dait ( Catlin) k Buner (John) ranch road Ocean H 
Dake D. C. dwl 228 Green 
Dake (Edmund C.) & Wood (Henry F.) clothing, 

543 Wash, dwl X s Green nr Mont 
Dake John, at Pacific Salt Works, 216 Sacra- 
mento, bds What Cheer House 
Daleth Xicholas, saloon, 809 Kearny 
Daley Edward, butcher, dwl with Michael Lynch 
Daley John, deck-hand steamer Bragdon 
Daley John, stevedore, dwl S s Folsom nr Beale 
Daley John H. (Stewart & D.) dwl 615 Wash 
Daley Mary (widow) washing, dwl S s Berry 

near Dupont 
Dale}- Mary Miss, ironer Xew England Laundry 
Daley Michael, groceries, SW cor Greenwich 

and Sansom 
Daley Patrick, liquor-saloon, dwl E s Lafayette 

Place near tJreen 
Daley William, laborer, dwl 19 St. Marks Place 
Dalfe Manns, cook at Lovejoy's Hotel, dwl 705 

Dalgleiah David, dre>scr Mission Wollen Mill 
Dalgleish Walter II. clerk with D. Gibb & Co 
Dalies John, dwl Crescent Engine House Xo. 10 
Dall C. C. Capt. Pacific M. S. S. Co. office XW 

cor Sacramento ami Leidesdorff 
Dall William, clerk Light House Dept. C. H. dwl 

■1 14 Sansom 
Dallam Richard B. {Armes A D.) dwl XW cor 

Tehama and Second 
Dallas James, laborer wood-yard, bds Pacific nr 

Dalliba II. S. book-keeper Herald, dwl 1519 

Dally Crawford, servant with T. X. Cazueau 
Dally William M. storekeeper Crosby ,fc Dib- 

blee, X s Commerce bel Battery and Front, 

dwl S s Union bet California and Sansom 
Dalrymple George, painter dwl 133 Sansom 
DaltOD Alfred, master schooner Maria, dwl E s 

Mason nr California 



Dalton Daniel, laborer, dwl S s Brannan bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Dalton Edward, driver Contra Costa Laundry, 

dwl 510 Dupont 
Dalton Eugene, stone-mason, dwl Fort Point 
Dalton Henry, carpenter, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Dalton John H. telegraph operator, dwl cor 

Post and Taylor 
Dalton Patrick, laborer, dwl with Eugene Dalton 
Dalton S. W. Capt. schooner Maria, dwl cor Post 

and Taylor 
Dalton William, boots and shoes, 525 Davis 
Daly Charles, porter with Pool & Howard 
Daly Daniel tinsmith with F. & J. Daly, dwl 

X s O'Farrell nr Mason, rear 
Daly Edward, laborer, bds with Daniel Dunn 
Daly Edward, Young America Engine Co 
Daly Felix & James, stoves and tinware, 30 

Daly James, (F. & J. Daly) 30 Montgomery 
Daly James, with Dore & Havens, dwl 19 

Daly James, laborer, dwl E s Ohio nr Bdwy 
Daly John, dwl Glencoe House, Oregon, bet 

Front and Davis 
Daly John, ship-carpenter, bds 518 Mission 
Daly John J. carpenter, dwl 304 Dupont 
Daly Michael, with Pool & Howard 
Daly Michael E. barkeeper Franklin House 
Daly Patrick, drayman, dwl NW cor Taylor and 

Daly Patrick, laborer, bds with G. W. Blasdell 
Daly Patrick Y. dwl 1004 Powell 
Daly Peter, bds N s Pacific bet Front and Davis 
Daly Peter, laborer, dwl W s Ohio nr Bdwy 
Daly Peter, printer with D. M. Gazlay, dwl 18 

Daly P. II. Emblem Saloon, 16 Jackson, dwl 

Lafayette Place nr Union 
Daly Rosa (widow) washing, dwl E s St. Marys 
Daly Thomas, laborer, dwl 317 Post 
Daly Thomas, laborer, bds 553 Market 
Dam Alphonso, dwl W s Larkin bet Sacramento 

and California 
Dam Geo. W. ( Clough & D.) dwl SW cor Lar- 
kin and Sacramento 
Damas John, fruits and confectionery, 710 Wash 
Dame Bradley R. variety stand, XE cor Clay 

and Montgomery, dwl 728 Sacramento 
DAME T. attorney and business director San 

Jose Railroad Co. office 425 Montgomery, 

dwl Hotel International 
Dames James, ship-carpenter, dwl 30 Second 
Dames William, dwl 20 Second 
Dames William, rooms 409 Bush 
Damm Charles, cook, dwl 336 Bush 
Damn George, sexton German Jewish Cemetery, 

cor Dorland Lane and Dolores 
Damon Dexter, dwl S s Ellis nr Powell 
Damon Geo. D. ship-carpenter, dwl 58 Clementina 
Damon James E. (Carrie & D.) dwl S s Ellis nr 

Damont Leonard, moulder Vulcan Iron Works 

Damrell Daniel, assistant foreman Alta Califor- 
nia, dwl 718 Tehama 
Dana George, clerk with Dana Bros. & Co. NE 

cor Clay and Battery 

Dana George, glue-maker, dwl E s Larkin bet 

Green and Union 
Dana Henry F. (Dana Brothers & Co.) residence 

Brookline. Mass 
DANA BROTHERS ( William A. and Henry F) 

& CO. commission merchants, NE cor Clay 

and Battery, dwl 218 Bush nr Sansom 
Danaher P. H. (Durning & D.) dwl N s Jessie nr 

Dandas J. K. bds Hotel International 
Dander Henry, steward, dwl 731 Union 
Daneri Antonio, clerk with Bisagno Bros, dwl 

420 Battery 
Daneri August (F. Daneri & Co.) dwells 421 

DAXERIvF. & CO. (Henry Casanova and August 

Daneri) wines and liquors, 421 and 423 

Danglada Domingo, book-keeper with Lanzen- 

berg & Co. dwl Guerrero nr Fifteenth 
Danglada Domingo Jr. cigars and tobacco, 504 

Danglada E. I. dwl with D. Danglada 
Danglada I. dwl with D. Danglada 
Dangler Andrew, saloon, E s Washington Alley 
Danham George, laborer with P. H. Cootey 
Danhauzer Morris, tailor, 1341 Dupont 
Daniel C. dwl 603 Broadway 
Daniel Francis, saloon and restaurant, NW cor 

Sixteenth and Guerrero 
Daniel J. R. real-estate agent, 3 Court Block, 

boards Metropolitan Hotel 
Daniel Samuel, gardener, dwl S s Folsom bet 

Seventh and Price 
Daniel Thomas, ship-joiner, dwl NE cor Filbert 

and Taylor 
Daniell W. H. rooms 6 Montgomery nr Market 
Daniels Francis, Young America Engine Co. 
Daniels John, marble-cutter with Ottaviano Gori 
Daniels John, laborer, bds Mechanics' Hotel 
Daniels John M. Pony Saloon, 508 Kearny, dwl 

823 Howard 
Daniels Joseph, cashier Union Foundry, boards 

Metropolitan Hotel 
Daniels Theodore, saddler, rooms 515 Kearny 
Daniels Walter, clerk with Charles Meinecke, 

dwl XE cor Sansom and Sacramento 
Daniels William, merchant, dwl 6 Montgomery 
Danielswicz S. cigar-maker, dwl 51 Jessie 
Dankemeyer Frederick, clerk with Thurnauer & 

Zinn, dwl 23 Harriet 
Dankemeyer Henry, clerk with Thurnauer & 

Zinn! dwl 23 Harriet 
Danley Thomas, harness-maker, rooms 633 Cal 
Danliug James, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Dann F. P. student with Shatters, Heydenfeldt 

& Goold 
Dann Win. C. carriage-maker, dwl 124 Minna 
Dann'ahy Mary, domestic with George Hyde 
Dannenberg Amelia Mrs. embroideries, 650 Sac 
Dannenbcrg Joseph, designer, 650 Sacramento 
Danner Frederick, carpenter, Mission bet Fourth 

and Fifth, dwl S s Brannan near Fifth 
Dannos G. B. butcher, dwl N s Tehama bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Danove Dominick, porter with Nicholas Larco, 

dwl XW cor Green and Dupont 
Dany William, boards Union Hotel 



Danzein Antoinette Mrs. cook Union Hotel 
Darbisher John, bds St. Lawrence House 
Dareh P. T. (Smith & B.) W B Sixteenth bet 

Dolores and Guerrero 
Darcy James,^plasterer, dwl 250 Tehama 
Darden J. D. statistical clerk, dwl 531 Sacramento 
Dardies Francois, porter Union Hotel 
Dargan William, porter with Daniel Gibb & Co. 
Darling "William A. merchant, dwl E a Stockton 

near St. Marks Place 
Darnell Henry Y. with Whitcomb. Pringle & 

Felton. dwl -41 Pitch 
Darney Michael, laborer, lids 518 Mission 
Darrach Hector, shipwright, bds 606 Third 
Darron Charles, carpenter, rooms 4.05 Kearny 
Darrow Charles T. agent Bailey's patent washing 

Machine, 209 Pine, dwl Kearny nr Pine 
Darrow C. P. bds Original House 
Dartnall Gustave, laborer, dwells S s Lewis near 

DARYES (Richard) CORDES (Claus H.) & CO. 

Union Saloon, 104 Front 
Dasa John, porter, dwl E s Union Alley nr Union 
Dascher Henry, (Waters & I).) 717 Folsom 
Dase John, porter with Sonntag & Co. dwl Au- 
gust Alley bet Green and Union 
Dashaway Hall. SE cor Market, and First 
Dastugue Gabriel, butcher, 4 Clay Street Mar- 
ket, dwl S s Broadway bet Stockton and 
Dasy James, laborer, dwl E s Baldwin's Court, 

near Folsom 
Dautssh Jacob, cook at 416 Kearny 
Dausut August, gardener, res near Ocean House 
Dautigney E. Lafayette Hook & Ladder Co. 
Davan E. P. physician, 814 Washington 
Davega B. F. salesman, C2C Sacramento, dwl 

Dupont bet Union and Filbert 
Davenport Daniel, carpenter, dwl N s Pacific nr 

Davenport John, stevedore, dwl 150 Natoma 
Davenport (Thomas) & Weston (F. E.) commis- 
sion and storage, Sansom near Lombard 
Davenport Wm. H. book-keeper with Dana 

Bros, ft Co. dwl 719 California 
Daveraux James, hostler with Jaa M. McDonald 
Davey Maria, (widow) dwl 1013 I 
David August, stoves and tinware, 1204 Stock 
DAVIDSON St CO. commission merchants, SE 

cor Montgomery and California, up si i 
Davidson Alonzo, teamster, bds with S. Moulton 

oankers, (and Consul for Sardinia) NW cor 
Montgomery and Commercial, dwl 400 Sut- 
ter near Powell 
Davidson C. teacher, 318 Bush 
Davidson David, Beaman, bds Miners" Exchange 

Bilver, copper and other ores, SE cor Mont- 
gomery and California, dwl Union Club 
Davidson George, clerk with James Patrii 
Davidson II. B. bds Hotel International 
Davidson Hugh, salesman, dwl 609 Sacramento 
Davidson Jacob, (Saasd />.) dwl 35 Tehama 
Davidson John W. & Co. (Raphael Wt ill,) fancy 

dry goods, 609 Sacramento 
Davidson L. bds Original Bouse 
Davidson M. stoves and tin-ware, 427 Kearny 

Davidson M. T. engineer P. M. S. S. Co. bds at 

Railroad House 
Davidson Nathan, teamster, Stewart St. Wharf 
Davidson Ole (Ackley & D.) dwl 314 Pine 
Davidson T. Mrs. dwl 134 Sutter 
Davidson Thomas, laborer, dwl 212 Green 
Davidson W. (widow) dwl 611 Howard 
Davidson Walter P. clerk with James Patrick & 

Co. dwl X s Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
DA VIES JOHN S. importer wines and liquors, 

307 Sacramento, Supervisor eighth district, 

(and Beers & D.) dwl S s Post nr Mont 
DAYIES J. P. ft CO. (X. Goodman) wholesale 

groceries, 319 California, dwl 1320 Kearny 
Davies Shadrach, cabinet-maker, 908 Clay, dwl 

X s Washington nr Leavenworth 
Davies S. L. hackman, Plaza 
Davis A. glazier with Brokaw & Metcalf 
Davis A. C. laundryman. dwl 509 Dupont 
Davis Alvin H. boarding, 711 California 
Davis Caleb P. carpenter, room 7, 307 Davis 
Davis Charles, carpenter, dwl 117 Stevenson 
Davis Charles, deck hand str Helen Hensley 
Davis Charles A. (colored) drayman, dwl XW 

cor Davis and Yallejo 
Davis Charles E. butcher, (Rodgers & D.) dwl N 

s Twelfth near Folsom 
Davis Charles W. carpenter Market St. Railroad, 

dwl cor Sixteenth and 1st Avenue 
Davis D. Mrs. dwl SE cor Leidesdorf and Sac 
Davis Daniel, clerk, dwl 3 Hardie Place 
Davis David 11. moulder with Hinkley & Co. dwl 

77 Clementina 
Davis E. A. dwl 1018 Powell 
Davis Edmund S. (A. M. Oilman & Co.) dwl 757 

Davis Erwin, (Banks & D.) dwl 731 Washington 
Davis Evon, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Davis E. W. teamster with H. Davis & Co. dwl 

N s O'Farrell bet Hyde and Larkin 
Davis F. A. wood-dealer, office 41 California, dwl 

Potrero nr Mission creek 
Davis George, ship-carpenter, dwl 318 Beale 
DAVIS \George B.)k BOWERS (Jb/m B.) Quin- 

cy Hall clothing, 545, 547 and 549 Wash, 

dwl XW cor Sacramento and Yerba Buena 
Davis George 1 1, merchant; office T. J. L. Smiley 

& Co. dwl Sutro House 
Davis I teorge H. ticket clerk P. M. S. S. Co. dwl 

•J 7 South Park 

W. carpenter, dwl 52 Clementina 
Davis (1. W. merchant, rooms 52 Sutro House 
Davis Hans, seaman, bds XW cor East and 

Davis Henry, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Davis Henry, clerk. 420 Commercial 
Davis Henry, com mclit, dwl 523 Mission 
Davis Henry L. under-sheriff, City Hall, dwl 

DAVIS HORACE ft CO. (Jbaac N. Mack) flour 

and grain. 225 Clay, and Golden Gate Mills. 

430 Pine, dwl 27 South Park 
DAVIS | Isaac /■:. i & JORDAN (A. R.) lime and 
n E cor Front and Washington, dwl 
• Mission 
[sadore, merchant tailor, 55 Second 
J. carpenter with Brokaw A Metcalf 
Davis J. clerk, bds What Cheer House 



Davis J. laborer Chas. Bons brick yard 
Davis J. miner, bds Original House 
Davis J. milk-ranch nr Rope "Walk, Potrero 
Davis James, dishwasher, Benton House 
Davis (James) k Ramsey (James D.) plasterers, 

427 California 
Davis James, butcher, SW cor Powell and Filbert 
DAVIS {James A.) & MORITZ {John C.) Wash- 
ington Square Market, SW cor Filbert and 
Davis J. B. F. boots and shoes, 54 Second 
Davis John, blacksmith with H. Casebolt & Co 
Davis John, carpenter, dwl 24 Sansom 
Davis John, carpenter, bds 93 Stevenson 
Davis John, teamster, dwl 410 Broadway 
Davis John (colored) waiter stmr Bragdon 
Davis Joshua, produce, rooms 204 Third 
Davis Julius, drayman, bds 418 Bush 
Davis Ludrich, cabinet-maker, dwl X s Wash nr 

Davis Max, clothing, 619 Pacific 
Davis Morris, tailor, 34 Third 
Davis Moses, market, 624 Mission 
Davis R. drayman, 324 Clay 
Davis Rebecca Mrs. (colored) lodgings, 823 Sac 
DAVIS R. D. W. tc CO. {Jidms Bobwison) auction- 
eers and com mchts, SW cor San and Cal, 
dwl S s Vernon Place nr Second 
Davis Richard, hog-ranch, NW cor Eddy and 

Davis Richard E. painter, dwl 213 Third 
Davis Robert, clerk with Glassell & Thompson, 

dwl 26 Clementina 
Davis Russell (colored) job-cart, dwl NW cor 

Valencia and Hyde 
Davis S. drayman. 24 California 
Davis Samuel Jr. printer, bds 46 Stewart 
Davis Samuel (colored) dwl Mason nr Vallejo 
Davis Samuel Jr. butcher cor Brannan and Tenth 
Davis Sarah J. adjuster, U. S. Branch Mia* 
Davis Sarah A. (widow) dwl 1302 Kearny 
Davis S. H. (E. R. Waterman & Go.) dwl E s 

Leavenworth nr Green 
Davis Simon, merchant, dwl Stockton nr Wash 
Davis Solomon, dwl 226 Sansom 
Davis Wm. H. clerk with Dore & Havens, bds 

with Benjamin Dore 
Dayis Wm. harness-maker with Chas. H. Mead, 

bds with Chas. H. Mead 
Davis William, wood-turner, 409 Mission, dwl 

NE cor Pine and Hyde 
Davis Wm. W. wool-sorter S. F. Woolen Factory, 

Black Point 
Davock Michael E. salesman with T. Henderson, 

dwl 423 Sutter 
Dawes John G. book-keeper with Roberts, Mor- 
rison & Co. dwl SE cor Wash and Larkin 
Dawley Thos. M. clerk with Main ,fc Winchester, 
dwl S s California bet Kearny and Dupont 
Daws James, laborer, dwl with Geo. D. Bliss 
Dawson Geo. F. reporter, dwl 1217 Powell 
Dawson Henry, dwl 542 Washington 
Dawson John, tailor with French, Wilson & Co. 

dwl 252 Stevenson 
Dawson Robert, painter, dwl 7 Leidesdorff 
Dawson Sarah Mrs. adjuster TJ. S. Branch Mint 
Dawson William, laborer, dwl SW cor Sansom 
and Union 

Day Daniel, stone-cutter, 126 Bush 

Day David &. (Wlton k D.) dwl 106 Second 

DAY F. H. MRS. editress Hesperian Magazine, 

12 Montgomery 
Day Franklin H. with Kellogg, Hewston & Co. 

dwl 12 Montgomery 
Day X. S. bds What Cheer House 
Day Patrick, laborer, dwl Sansom nr Filbert 
Day Robt. (colored) wood-sawyer, S s Vallejo nr 

Bay (Robert R.) &, Co. (Henry Keller) paper-hang- 
ers, 823 Montgomery 
DAY THOMAS, importer gas fixtures, iron pipe, 

table cutlery, etc. 732 Montgomery, dwl 628 

Day Thomas, wool-sorter, with Donald McLen- 
nan, dwl Wintlyop House 
Day Thomas S. clerk with Thomas Day, dwl 628 

Day William, driver for D. W. White, dwl 449 

Day William, clerk with Nicholas Wiebalk 
Dayley Jas. C. book-keeper with Dore & Havens, 

dwl 19 Tehama 
Dayton John B. book-binder with A. Buswell, 

dwl 1010 Powell 
Dayton Samuel, miner, dwl 331 Pine 
Dayton Wm. printer, dwl 1010 Powell 

cor Mission and. Fifteenth 
Deal Robert, cabinet-maker with A. Conrad, dwl 

Deals Henry, dwl with Benjamin Cushing 
Dean Benjamin D. physician, 62 1 Clay 
Dean Clara Miss, actress, dwl 706 Washington 
Dean James O. book-keeper with McElwee & 

Ackerman; dwl N s Virginia Place 
Dean James T. dwl 447 Second 
Dean Jane M. Mrs. boarding, 206 Bush 
Dean Samuel B. bds Sansom St House 
Dean Walter E. secretary Chollar S. M. Co. 802 

Dean Warren, carriage-maker, rms 711 California 
Dean W. G. carriage-maker with A. Folsom, dwl 

711 California 
Deane Coll, salesman with Jones, Dixon & Co. 

dwl American Exchange 
Deane James R. paints, oils, etc. 530 Clay, dwl 

NE cor Folsom and Eleventh 
Deane W. EL printer, Eureka Typographical 

Rooms 509 Montgomery 
DeAngelis John, actor Gilbert's Melodeon, dwl 

402 Bush 
Dearing Mathew. milk-ranch, Old San Jose" Road 

near Beatty's 
Dcarlove George, special policeman, dwl 559 

Deas John S. tinsmith, bds Niantic Hotel 
Deas Manuel, deck-hand steamer Chrysopolis 
Deas Zephauiah (Mortimer <fci).)dwlN s Green- 
wich nr Powell 
Dease John, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Deaterle Julius, butcher, dwl E s Clara nr Sutter 
Deaves Edward, scenic-artist and wood-engraver, 

dwl 916 Pacific 
DeBlois George L. captain bark Califf, dwl 224 

DeBlois Thos. M. merchant, 412 Front 



Debman Cornelius, real-estate, dwl 28 Sansom 
DeBoom Cornelius, real-estate agent, room 20 

Court Block 
Debous James, dwl 603 Broadway 
Debrick E. bag-manufacturer, dwl Til Bush 
DEBRIE WILLIAM, proprietor Railroad Iron 

Works 326 Pine, dwl 12 Minna 
Debrize F. milk-ranch. Eagle nr Dolores 
DEBUS FRANCIS, proptr Mission Exchange, 

SW cor Dolores and Seventeenth 
Decamps Joaquin, drayman, dwl N s Lewis 

Place nr Jones 
De Castro J. Mrs. dwl 1717 Stockton 
Deckelt Henry, pantnman with Page & Decker 
Decker B. F. carpenter, dwl 28 Sansom 
Decker Henry, groceries, dwl 111 Stevenson 

ry) & Campe (Henry) groceries and 
liquors NW cor Secondhand Tehama 
Decker J. messenger ware house department, 

Custom House 
Decker Jacob, wheelwright N s Jessie nr Fourth 
Decker Jacob, jr. laborer, dwl N s Jessie near 

Decker (John H.) & Fredericks (John) grocers 

101 Sansome, dwl 202 Bush 
Decker Martin (Page & I>.) dwl 634 Commercial 
Deckert Gabriel, servant with Mrs. C. Russ 
Decommen W. bds Original House 
Decord Joseph, groceries and liquors 1237 Du- 

De Costen J. B. cook Bell's saloon, Clay nr Front. 

dwl 117 Commercial 
Dee Ellen, cook, dwl with John ONcil 
Deen Horace F. barkeeper, 612 Commercial 
Deen James S. cooper, dwl 756 Washington 

Mary, domestic, dwl with Jesse D. Carr 
Deering James H. merchant, dwl. 1023 W 
Deeth (Jacob) & Starr i 

and cracker bakery 203 Sacramento, dwl 

562 Howard 

Defeganiere S. T. barber, dwl Stevenson nr First 

ach Thomas (Agneiv & D.) rooms 1020 


Define Henry, milkman, dwl with Bryan Don- 

DE FOREST (Joseph) & TILDEN (H. N.) com. 
rchants, ami flour and grain dealers, 404 
Front, dwl 178 Minna 
DE FRBMERT JAMES, com. merchant and 
consul for Mceklenburg-Sck".< rin, H>9 Mer- 
De Fremery William C. B. with Jam 

Fremery, dwl XE cor Washington and Du- 

dee Eugene, fisherman, dwl 303 Fourth 
Defriez < reorge W. dwl Salina Co 

W. carpenter, Ks Lei' 
nr Pine, dwl E s Beale m 
Do Genaro I '! -maker, dwl E s Union 

alley nr r 

ir William (Thielebein & D.) dwl 1422 

aff D. bda Whi I CI eer House 
uf Mary (widow) saloon, 624 Jackson 

* David A !rd, rms 

Broderick Engine House 

a Rosanah Miss, dwl with Henry Ford 
Eaan M. clothing, dwl 646 Broadway 

De Haan Sarah Miss, dwl 821 Broadway 

De Harro P. farmer, dwl with Isaac Y. Deniston 

De Haro Prudencio, dwl with Paid Tisset de 

Dehea Margaret Miss, domestic 437 Green 
Deiderburgh Fred, laborer, dwl 26 Ritch 
Deiderichsen Charles, proprietor Russ Garden, 

SW cor Sixth and Harrison 
Deidesheimer J. clerk Pacific Mail S. S. Co. 

dwl cor Pine and Center Place 
Deigirt John, butcher, dwl 207 Pacific 
Deisenroth Leo, barber with Henderson & Brown, 

dwl Washington nr Stockton 
Dejonghe Peter, tailor, 427 California 
Delaber Manuel, deputy-wharfinger Yallejo St 

Delabigue J. B. com. merchant, flour, grain, etc. 

323 Clay 
Delafont L. & Co. (Lucas Fonticella and Henry 

Raccouillat) importers wines and liquors, 

609 Sansom, dwl S s Green nr Mason 
De Laguna A. Dello, professor of languages City 

ge, dwl E s Mason nr Bush 
DHLAHAXTY (John) SKKLLY (Peter) & CO. 

(Michael Fhgan) Empire Soda Works, 29 

Third, dwl 47 Minna 
Delahay Edward, bricklayer with Samuel Hevner 
Delahay James K. bricklayer, rooms 411 Dupont 
Delamar Louis, dwl 506 Broadway 
DE LA MOXTAXYA II. merchant, and super- 
visor Third District, office 216 Jackson, dwl 

1107 Kearny 

De La Monlanya) importers stoves, metals 

and tin-ware. 210 Jackson, dwl 726 Mont 
De La Montanva M. (J. Be La Montanya & Bro.) 

dwl 216 Jackson 
De Lan M. H. (widow) fortune-teller, dwl 6 St. 

Marys Place 
Delande S. variety-store, 60 Clay 
Delaney Mary A. (widow) domestic with Joseph 

Delaney Mathew, livery-stable, 733 Market 

; Patrick, well-borer, dwl 762 Howard 
W. commission flour and grain, 208 
imento, dwl 317 First 
Delaney William, ship-carpenter, dwl 106 Silver 
Delano James, butcher with George W. Green, 

dwl St. Charles Hotel 
DELAXV CHARLES MO C. attorney-at-law, 

all* Montgomery, dwl 417 Montgomery 
DE t.A RUE (Edgar) ,V si ' 1 IX HI 'EL (Cesar C.) 

lumber, pier 2 Stewart 
Dclarei ive (Flancheub & Co.) dwl 636 

1' .'-i'ic 
DEL A V \ N -T A M KS. physician, XW cor Sansom 

and Washington, dwl 57 Government House 
John, merchants' line pilot, office Yallejo 
toor E of I>avis 
Delatour Alexander J. painter, dwl W s Morey 

Alley bet Vallejo and Broadway 
Delaunay Nicholas, dwl 500 Broadway 
Delay Charles, laborer, dwl 146 Post, rear 
Delay John, stevedore, pier 11 Stewart, dwl 566 

Delbanco X. J. upholsterer at 300 Montgomery, 

dwl 65 Minna 
De Leon Francisco, merchant, 717 Sansom 



Deleveau John, capt. dwl X s Union nr Jones 
Delex Louis, brakeman Market St Railroad, dwl 

X s Valencia bet Sparks and Center 
Delger Frederick, importer boots and shoes, dwl 

434 Second 
Dellaroue James, miner, dwl 921 Pacific 
DELLA TORRE PETER, attoruey-at-law, 29 

U. & Court Building, dwl 253 Minna 
DELLEPIANE JOSEPH, groceries, 1000 Dupont 
Dellno R. T. calker, dwl with Joseph Sutton 
Deloche G. B. with Lemoine Froment & Co. dwl 

1003 Kearny 
De Long Francis, with Rockwell, Coye & Co. 

dwl 807 Greenwich 
De Long Francis Jr. with Rockwell, Coye & Co. 

dwl 807 Greenwich 
De Lorme George, painter, dwl 603 Broadway 
Delouey Leon, waiter with Etienne Tannierre 
Delph Richard, cook with John Doyle 
Demarest Jacob D. physician, 156 Minna 
Demerest James H. mason with I. H. Knowles, 

815 Union 
Demaritt G. C. clerk with R. S. "Williamson 
Demarson Marie Mrs. cigars, 15 Kearny 
Deraart John, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Demby John (colored) boot-black, 426 Washing- 
ton, dwl N s Sac bet Stockton and Powell 
Demerra Manuel, fisherman, dwl St. Charles H. 
De Mery Manuel, fisherman, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Demess Nelson, boatman, bds 46 Stewart 
Demick E. bds What Cheer House 
Deming Horace A. book-keeper with Miller & 

Cutter, dwl Bush 
Demling John, milkman, dwl with Taplin & Hunt 
Demma Charles, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Demming Jeremiah, laborer, Presidio barracks 
Demmons James W. lumberman, dwells rear 

Marine Hospital 
De Montpreville Cyril, lithographer, 729 Com 
Dempsey Daniel, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Dempsey David, laborer, dwl W s Sansom near 

Dempsey James, laborer, dwl 158 Jessie 
Dempsey Patrick, waiter What Cheer House 

Dempster C. J. (Ross, D. & Co.) dwl W side 

Twelfth near Mission 
Dempster O. W. Miss, dwells with Clancey J. 

Denahay William, brass-moulder, dwl 70 Jessie 
Denegri Agostino, with X. Lastrato & Co 
Deney (A.) & Vorbe (X.) importers wines and 

liquors, 623 Sansom, dwl NW cor Sansom 

and Jackson 
Deney Ernest, porter with Deney & Yorbe, dwl 

NW cor Sansom and Jackson 
Denike W. J. upholsterer, 831 Washington 
Denints George (colored) express wagon, dwl Post 

bet Larkin and Hyde 
Denio Walter S. melter and refiner, U. S. B. M. 

dwl Chicago House 
Denison Benjamin T. barkeeper with F. Garcia, 

dwl 520 Mission 
Denison B. Franklin, carpenter, dwl 1007 Clay 
Denison J. R. inspector Custom House 
Denison Maria J. (widow) dwl 1211 Powell 
Denison Thomas S. dwl 1211 Powell 
Deniston Richard, dwl Crescent Engine H. Xo. 1 

DEXMAX JAMES, superintendent Public 

Schools, office Tucker's Academy, 325 

Montgomery, dwl ] 2 Montgomery 
Denmark Jacob, groceries, XW cor Taylor and 

Dennaby Wm. J. express-wagon, dwl 72 Jessie 
Dennel^v Dennis, boot-maker, W s San nr Bush 
Denner Peter, cook, dwl with Joseph Schriedler 
Dennet Peter, blacksmith, 630 Broadway 
Deuuey John, ship-carpenter, dwl 30S Beale 
Dennis George (colored) express-wagon, SW cor 

Washington and Sansom, dwl Post bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Dennis James S. steamer Helen Hensley, dwl 

20 Sansom 
Dennis John R. stone-cutter with Thomas Wil- 
liams, dwl SE cor Pine and Battery 
Dennis Joseph, laborer, bds Wiuthrop House 
Dennis Peter, seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 
Dennis Thomas W. clerk 817 Broadway 
Dennis William E. dwl 609 Folsom 
Denniston Isaac V. farmer, dwl E s Dolores near 

Denniston Richard, tinsmith with G. & W. 

Denniston James G. farmer, dwl E s Dolores 

nr Center 
Denniston R. Crescent Engine Co. Xo. 10 
Dennoe Alfred X. clerk, N Orleans Warehouse, 

dwl 139 Jessie 
Dennoe Elizabeth (widow) dwl 139 Jessie 
Dennon Alexander, shoemaker, dwl 816 Clay 
Denny Amelia J. (widow) dwl 71 Clementina 
Denny Edward, clerk with George B. Hitchcock 
Denny Emeline Mrs. dwl 927 Washington 
Denny G. J. artist, 204 Montgomery, dwl 8 

Denny Joseph, ship-carpenter, dwl 308 Beale 
Denny Joseph J. contractor, dwl 24 Hawthorne 
Denny J. W. sign and ornamental painter, 542 

Merchant, dwl 675 Mission 
Denny Thomas B. tailor with Jacob Stralch 
Denny W. S. Mrs. dwl 62 Government House 
Densinger Daniel, baker, dwl 18 Ecker 
Denslow Melville, assistant. Bensley Water-Cure, 

1123 Stockton 
Dent Patrick, cooper Sugar Refinery, dwl SE cor 

Boyd and Chesley 
Denure John P. with Thos. Ogg Shaw 
Depass Mary A. adjuster U. S. B. M. dwl 728 Mar 
Depass J. M. real-estate agent, 410 Mont 
Depee Thomas (colored) whitewasher, SE cor 

California and Montgomery 
Depierris A. physician, dwl 619 Yallejo 
De Prefontaine J. J. R. commercial editor Alta 

California, editorial rooms -123 Washington, 

dWl 408 Dupont 

editor Alta California, commercial editorial 

rooms 423 Washington, dwl 408 Dupont 
Depue P. H. peddler, dwl Mission nr Stewart 
DERBEC E. editor and proprietor L'Eclio du 

Pacifique, office 536 Sacramento 
Derby Charles, steward, dwl S s Francisco bet 

Kearny and Montgomery 
Derby (Edward 31.) & Adams (Lawson S.) com- 
mission merchants 405 Front, resides Ale- 

mada county 



DERBY WILLIAM H. brass-founder, 12 Bat- 
tery, dwl 29 Jessie 
Derby S. J. pattern-maker with W. H. & D. M. 
Moore, dwl SE cor Sacramento and Brook- 
lyn Place 
Derbyshire B. K. wheelwright with Gallagher & 

Farren, dwl St. Lawrence House 
Dereins (Hippolite) & Dulhom (Paul) butchers, 

2 Clay Street Market, dwl 525 Merchant 
Derham James, proprietor patent bread bakery, 

1400 Stockton 
Derham Edward, baker. 1008 Dupont 
Derick Henry, dwl 510 Sacramento 
Derkheim Franz, commission merchant, 421 

Battery, dwl 24 Hawthorne 
Dermody James, with Hobbs, Gillmore & Co. dwl 

Howard bet Fifth and Sixth 
Dermody Michael, drayman, dwl W s Prospect 

Place nr California 
De Ro Charles (Poulterer, Be E. & Eldridge) dwl 

23 South Park 
Derognat Louis, porter with Millou & Co. dwl 

N s Montgomery bet Jackson and Pacific 
Derome Edward, book-keeper, dwl with Louis 

Derome Lorns (Appell, D. & Co.) dwl First bet 

Harrison and Bryant 
Derrick John D. ship-carpenter, dwl 521 Howard 
Derrick Peter, dwl 140 Natoma 
Derrickson John, carpenter, bds 551 Folsom 
Derrv J. N. stevedore, dwl 2G Stewart 
DE RUTTE EDWARD, importer wines and li- 
quors, 431 Battery, dwl E s Stockton near 
Desafant Eugene, laundry, dwl N s Sixteenth 

bet Dolores and Guerrero 
De Scallo Luca, laborer, dwl NE cor Polk and 

Descalzi Antonio (Bonzi & D.) 515 Merchant 
Deschasaux Francis, steward. 717 Stockton 
De Senaillhac Alberic, clerk with Grellet & Co. 

dwl 804 Jackson 
Desert Mining Company, office 509 Montgomery 
Desfarges F. trader, dwl cor California and St. 

Marys Place 
Deshmolus Frank, clerk, dwl 224 Montgomery 
Deslandes Frank, salesman with Samuels Bros. 

dwl Montgomery nr Pine 
Desmaupbourgs Leopold, dry goods clerk, dwl 

511 Dupont 
Desmond Ann (widow) domestic, 809 Pacific 
Desmond D. E. captain bark Hartford, office Win. 

P. Bowno 
Desmond Michael, carpenter, dwl 838 Yallejo 
Desmond Patrick, hostler with C. D. Irish, dwl 

Everett nr Third 
Desmond Patrick, laborer with Samuel HeTuer, 

bds 414 Pacific 
Desmu Rosalie Mrs. 70 Washington Market and 
16 Metropolitan Market, dwl S s California 
bet Stockton and Dupi 
Despres Chas. groceries. 72G Dupont 
Desroziers E. & Co. agent groceries and liquors, 

521 Commercial 
Dessa John, clerk, 420 Washington, dwl N s 

Onion nr Stockton 
Dessort Eugene (Fuvre, Pionneau & Co.) dwl 
434 Jackson 

De Stouts Alexis, salesman with E. De Rutte' 

and vice-consul for Switzerland, 431 Battery 

dwl 1231 Stockton 
De Succa Benoit. laborer, dwl 824 Filbert 
De Tavel Achille. veterinary surgeon, 427 Pine 
Detels Martin, groceries and liquors, SW cor 

Main and Harrison 
De Terloo Baron, gardener, Dolores nr Market 
Detjen H. seaman, bds Empire House 
Detrick E. (Letois & D.) W s Taylor bet Bush 

and Sutter 
Dettelbach Maurice, bottle-dealer, dwl 786 

Detterding Henry, clerk. 30 Dupont 
Dettmar Henry, tailor, 102 Sutter 
Dettner George, cook with Sehad & Schwerin 
Dettret Chas. hair-dresser, 509 Kearny 
Deuiel Henry, carpenter, dwl S s Sac nr Sansom 
De Uprey Samuel, real-estate agent and money- 
broker, dwl N s Berry nr Dupont 
De Vaul John, batcher with Michael O'Brian, 

dwl S s Washington above Taylor 
Develin Elizabeth (widow) dwl 18 Post 
Devenan Leon, paper-carrier, dwl 1314 Dupont 
Deveney Edward, with M. O'Connor, dwl Mission 

Dever John, laborer, Old San Jose Road near 

De Yere Ada Miss, actress Gilbert's Melodeon, 

bds 243 Second 
Devcreaux James, laborer with James McDonald 
Devereaux William, barkeeper with Henry Ral- 

liff. dwl 103 Pacific 
Deverich Stephen, cook, 715 Pacific 
Deveron Ann Miss, serv't with Isaac Lankershin 
Deveron Mark, gardener, dwl S s Presidio road, 

near Lagoon 
Deviercy Alfred, dwl XE cor Kearny and Jack 
Deviercv Eugene A. (Dubois & Co. and Frontier 

& D.) dwl 443 Pine 
Devine Ann Miss, domestic 523 Green 
Devine Belle Miss, actress, dwl 130 Mont 
Deivne C. Leslie, physician, 606 Kearny 
Devine Dennis, drayman, dwl 223 Fourth 
Devine H. bds What Cheer House 
Devine Henry, cook Railroad House 
DEVINE HENRY M. employment and real 

L30 Kearny 
Devine James, waiter Metropolitan Hotel 
Devine Michael, laborer, dwl with Joseph Wood 
Devine Win. boatman. Custom House steps, dwl 

1007 Battery 
Devine Wm. special policeman, dwl 71 7 Lombard 
Devinney John, retortman S. P. Gas Co. 
Devinney Joseph, stevedore, dwl 1528 Stockton 
ne Pietro Francisco, gardener, Hayes' 

Valley near Pavillion 
I Edward, dwl 610 Sacramento 
Devlin Edward, teamster, dwl 005 Battery rear 
Devlin II. moulder Sutter Iron Works 
Devlin Mathew, butcher with Wm. Smith, San 

Bruno road 
Devlin P. foundryman, rooms NE cor California 

and Davis 
Devlin Thomas, carpenter, dwl 15 Sutter 
□ Thomas, laborer, dwl 210 Harrison 
Alexander, cleaner U. S. B. M. dwl 620 




Devoe Benjamin 0. builder, dwl 562 Howard 

Devoe (James) & Co. (Samutl Dinsmore and 

James Devoe Jr.) San Francisco Machine 

Works, SW cor Market and Fremont, dwl 

Sansom Street House 

Devoe James Jr. (Devoe & Co.) dwl Sansome St. 

Do Yries John, merchant, dwl 932 "Washington 
Do Vries (Thomas) Chase (James B.) & Co. bal- 
lastman, NE cor Broadway and Battery, 
dwl W s Calhoun near Green 
DEWAR JOHN & GEHRICKE (0. F.) ship- 
ping and commission and agents Pioneer 
Line Victoria packets, office 111 East, bds 
Dewell Henry, carpenter, dwl 827 Sacramento 
Dewer Beverly, dwl Virginia Block 
Dewey Eugene E. dwl Oriental Hotel 
Dewey J. engraver, res Summer House 
Dewey Samuel L. (of S. L. Dewey, Marysville) 
office with R. E. Brewster & Co. NW cor 
Front and Clay, dwl cor Market and Mont 
DEWEY S. P. & SON ( Wm. P. Dewey) real 
estate agents, 430 Montgomery, dwl Orien- 
tal Hotel 
Dewey William P. (Dewey S. P. & Son.) dwl 408 

DEWITT (Alfred) KITTLE (V. G.) & CO. (/. 
G. Kittle) shipping and commission, 809 
Sausom, res New York 
De Witt Daniel C. student with Currey & Mas- 
tick, dwl SW cor Sansom and California 
De Wolf Samuel, mate steamer Pacific 
Dewry F. tailor with Davis & Bowers 
Dewsnap Cyrus F. (Butler & D.) dwl NE corner 

Halleck and Leidesdorff 
Dexter A. G. jeweler, dwl 1 2 Bay State Row 
Dexter C. H. driver Wells, Fargo & Co. Express, 

dwl 521 Piue 
Dexter Frank, book- keeper with Locke & Mon- 
tague, dwl 626 Harrison 
Dexter George H. clerk with George W. Chapin 
Dexter Henry, tailor, dwl 13 Geary 
Dexter Henry S. Trustee S. F. C. Water Works, 

dwl 557 Harrison 
DEXTER PETER B. secretary and librarian 
Mechanic's Institute, 314 Montgomery, dwl 
Sophia Terrace 
Dey Samuel L. plasterer, bds St. Charles Hotel 
De Young Charles, printer, dwl 422 Bush 
De Young Gustavis, printer, dwl 422 Bush 
De Young Morris, jeweler, dwl 1009 Jackson 
De Zaldo Ramon, dwl 572 Folsom 
Diamond John, miner, dwl N s Louisa nr Fourth 
Diamond Thomas, miner, dwl N s Louisa near 

Dias Caroline Mrs. teacher piano, Spanish, etc. 

1114 Powell 
Dias Tomas, cattle-dealer, dwl NW cor Dolores 

and Corbet 
Dibblee Albert (Crosby & D.) dwl 421 Battery 
Dick David (James Vaniine & Co.) rooms NE cor 

Washington and Dupont 
Dick Robert, blacksmith, dwl E s Brooks bet 

Market and Geary 
Dick SteDhen W. broker, dwl 731 Yallejo 
Dick Theodore, baker, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Dickenson J. B. dwl Oriental Hotel 

Dickerman L. dwl 54 and 55 Government House 

Dickerman Peter, dwl 1016 Kearny 

Dickerson Francis (colored) seaman, d wl 18 

DICKEY GEORGE S. pharmaceutical chemist, 

512 Kearny 
Dickinson Henry, bds Niantic Hotel 
Dickinson James Jr. butcher, dwl with G. B. 

Dickinson O. Jr. (P. E. Brewster & Co.) dwl 1807 

Pacific nr Stockton 
Dickinson S. painter W s Trinity nr Bush 
DICKSON, DE WOLF & CO. (George Camp- 
bell and Charles F. Lott) com mchts and 

agents Unity Fire Insurance Co. London, 

416 Battery 
Dickson Richard, engineer San Francisco Baths, 

dwl W s Dupont nr Chestnut 
Dieble P. H. bds Original House 
Diehl Charles, barber, dwl E s Pratt Court 
Diehl Christopher (Anthes & D.) dwl Pratt Court 

nr California 
Diehl Phillip, porter with Crane & Brigham 
Diel Valentine dwl N s Mission bet Fifth and 

Dietrich John, grocer, dwl 848 Yallejo 
Dietrich (Mark) & Bo wen (James B.) meats, 54 

Washington Market and 15 and 17 First, 

dwl 305 Fremont 
Dietterlen Julius, market, 215 Kearny 
DIETZ A. C. & CO, oil and camphene, office 505 

Front, branch 56 Second, factory 49 Natoma, 

dwl 21 Prospect Place 
Dietz George, dwl 560 Howard 
Dietz Samuel, at Stanford Bros, dwl 5G0 Howard 
Difenbash Louis, seaman, dwl with Louis Johan- 

Diffecalwell Babtiste, cook with J. J. Haley, dwl 

Sansom nr Pacific 
Difley Peter, bricklayer, dwl 122 Geary 
Diger William, seaman, dwl 14 Stewart 
Diggins A. C. dwl with Westley Diggins 
Diggins J. C. dwl with Westley Diggins 
Diggins Westley, wood and coal yard, 417 Mis 
Diggs Richard H. sail-maker at 211 Sacramento, 

bds Keystone House 
Dilado T. bds What Cheer House 
Dilhorn N. B. gas-fitter with Weigert & Frese, 

507 Kearny 
Dillingham A. J. tinner with Tay, Brooks & 

Backus, dwl What Cheer House 
Dillon C. laborer with A. II. Houston 
Dillon Catherine Miss, domestic 809 Jackson 
Dillon George J. accountant with Daniel C. 

Mitchell & Co. dwl 612 California bet Kear- 
ny and Dupont 
Dillon J. bds Metropolitan Hotel 
Dillon J. seaman, rooms 114 Sacramento 
Dillon James, boot-maker with P. F. Dunn, dwl 

S s Vallejo nr Montgomery 
Dillon James B. dwl 319 Bryant 
Dillon Johu, dwl 126 Bush 
Dillon John H. secretary H. B. M. Consul, dwl 

612 California 
Dillon John T. clerk with Thomas Dillon 
Dillon Luke, express-wagon, dwl 219 Third 
Dillon Margaret Miss, domestic with Benjamin 

C. Howard 



Dillon Mary Ann Mrs. millinery goods, 219 

Dillon Michael, billiard-saloon, bds 310 Sutter 
Dillon Michael, laborer, dwl 337 Broadway 
Dillon Robert, clerk with Thomas Dillon 
Dillon Thos. hardware, 38 Kearny, dwl 41 Post 
Dihnan George F. laborer, dwl 1616 Stockton 
Diltz A. D. bds What Cheor House 
Dimant B. bds Original House 
Dimmin Joseph, carpenter, dwl 24 Third, rear 
Dimon J. S. (I. B. Purdy & Co.) dwl NW cor 

Sansom and Commercial 
Dimoud B. (S. Kalisher & Co.) 414 Sacramento 
Dimond Kate, cook, dwl with C. Y. Stuart 
Dimond Michael, laborer, dwl 32 Stewart 
Dincker Albert, clerk, 339 Sutter 
Dingee Charles M. ship-carpenter, dwl 418 Bush 
DINGEOX LEON & CO. proprietor Barnum 

House, 623 Commercial 
Dingle George R. engineer stm Sophie McLane, 

bds Chicago Hotel 
Dingley C. L. captain bark Adelaide Cooper, of- 
fice with Pickett & Co. 
Dingley William H. blacksmith, 116 Kearny, 

dwl 338 Minna 
Dinkelspiel Lazarus (Si7non & D.) dwl 743 How- 
Dinnan Jerry, stableman with George N. Fergu- 
son, dwl California nr Kearny 
Dinod Antoine, French laundry, 832 Clay 
Dinsmore Samuel (Deroe & Co.) dwl 81 Natoma 
Dippel W. G. tailor with Miller & Cutler, dwl 

NE cor Dunbar Alley and Merchant 
Dirize Thomas, stevedore, dwl W s Calhoun nr 

Dirks John, boatman, dwl NE cor Union and 

Dirking Auguste, watchmaker and jeweler, 102 
Pacific, dwl SW cor Sansom and California 
Dirms Victor, laborer, Charles Bon's brick-yard 
Disach Caroline, Mrs. dwl 1216 Dupont 
Disbrow William, carpenter with John Wigmore, 

dwl W s Third op Jessie 
Disey Daniel, plumber, dwl Portrero nr Dow's 

Disney Paul, carpenter, dwl 12 St. Marks place 
Diss F. A. J. produce commission merchant, 421 

Dissot Antonie, hair-dresser with Fayard & Con- 
Dittos Michael, barber with Henderson & Brown, 

dwl NW cor Mission and Jane 
Ditty S. F. furniture-wagon, dwl X s Folsom bet 

Moss place and Rusa 
Divett Francis, boatman, Yallejo Street steps 
Dix Ezra, blacksmith. S. F. C. Water Works 
Dix William, laborer with A. II. Houston 
Dixey Francis, {Pollock & D.) dwl 12 Perry 
Dixon A. II. broker, rooms 218 Third 
Dixon Clements, liquors 411 Sacramento, dwl 

133 Natoma 
Dixon J. G. upholsterer, dwl SE cor Mont and 

Dixon John ( Jones D. k Co.) residence New York 
Dixon Richard, workman with John Greib, dwl 

Dupont nr Chestnut 
Di.xson A. C. superintendent Flint, Peabody & 
Co.'s Rice Mill, Sansom nr Greenwich 

Doaflur Joseph, shoemaker, dwl N s Folsom nr 

Doane Albert, with D. R. Patterson, dwl Filbert 
nr Dupont 

DOANE CHARLES, sheriff city and county, 
office City Hall, dwl 42 Hawthorne cor Har- 

Doane John 0. accountant with Kerby, Byrne & 
Co. dwl E s Chatham place 

Doane S. F. compositor Alta California, dwl NE 
cor Dupont and Jackson 

Doane W. clerk with Louis Ackerman 

Dobbie James B. tinner with Tay, Brooks & 
Backus, dwl 324 Davis 

Dobezensky Morris, gas-meter-manufacturer, 8 
First, dwl 43 Jessie 

Dobezensky Theodore, gas-meter-maker, dwl 43 

Doble Abuer (Nelson & D.) dwl N s Presidio 
road nr Presidio House 

Dobley Bernard, stone-cutter with Michael Cren- 
in, dwl Third 

Dobson Griffin, waterman, dwl 906J Pacific, rear 

Dobson Wattner (colored) jobber, 306 Bush 

Docheny John, drayman, dwl 60 First, rear 

Dockweiler Christian, fringe-maker with D. Xor- 
cross, dwl 202 Dupont 

Dodd James, wool with Donald McLennan, dwl 
431 Fremont 

Dodd James R. 'longshoreman, dwl 431 Fremont 

Dodd R C. Pacific Engine Co. No. 8 

Dodd William, servant with William Blackwood 

Dodds Robert, laborer, bds with Daniel Dunn 

Dodge Albert C. carpenter, dwl SW cor Folsom 
. and Beale 

Dodge Arthur, proprietor Adams House, SW cor 
Folsom and Beale 

Dodge C. C. Miss, assistant teacher Denman 
School, dwl with H. L. Dodge 

Dodge Charles L. carpenter with March, Bros. & 
Co. bds 33 Geary 

Dodge Daniel (Berghofer & D.) dwl 611 Howard 

Dodge E. E. butcher, dwl 320 Dupont 

Dodgo E. K. Sonoma and Santa Rosa packet of- 
fice, 528 Davis 

Dodgo F. B. carpenter, rooms 421 Kearny 

Francis, house-mover, dwl 655 Mission 

DODGE [Henry /,.) & SHAW (John) wholesale 
provisions 414 Front (and supervisor Sixth 
District) dwl S W cor California and Prospect 

Dodge John W. mariner, dwl 1716 Stockton 

Dodge John, captain schooner S. T. Blunt, pier 
19 Stewart 

Dodge J. W. dentist, 622 Washington 
P. II. bds Original House 
William J. hog-ranch, W s Larkin bet 
Tyler ;mil McAllister 

Dodge William W. accountant with Moses Ellis 
& Co. dwl 785 Folsom 

DOE B. &. J. S. (Bartlett and John S.) doors 
and windows, N B Market junction Cali- 
fornia and Sacramento, resides Boston 

Doe Charles P. clerk with B. & J. S. Doe, bds 
with Luther Knight 

Doe John S. (B. & J. S. Doe) dwl 234 Mont- 
gomery S Pine 

Doe Warren K. dwl 529 Pino 



Doerger Charles, ivory-turner, 730 Washington 

Doering S. cigar-maker, 515 Jackson 

Doermer V. X. & Co. (Marks Rebecca) boots and 

shoes, 18 Second, dwl 736 Market 
Doggett S. W. clerk County Recorder's office, 

dwl 8W cor Joues and Sacramento 
Dogherty John, pan-man S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Doherty Ann, domestic with Robert Burnett 
Doherty Anna Miss, domestic, 938 Pacific 
Doherty Henry, laborer, bds 318 Pacific 
Doherty Henry T. dwl Bay State Row 
Doherty James, laborer, bds 766 Battery 
Doherty James, barkeeper with James Doyle, 

dwl 622 Battery 
Doherty John, laborer Sugar Refiuery, dwl N s 

Harrison near Price 
Doherty John, rigger, dwl 216 Harrison 
Doherty Josephine Miss, domestic Virginia Block 
Doherty Margaret (widow) lodgings, 826 Sac 
Doherty W. 0. drayman, cor Sansom and Sac 
Dohs John, musician, dwl 533 Green, rear 
Doiches Henrich, clerk with Scanlin & Bruns 
Dolan J. drayman, 35 Front 
Dolan James, porter Tehama House 
Dolan M. job-wagon, cor Sansom and California 
Dolan Margaret (widow) dwl 321 Stockton 
Dolan Michael, express- wagon, dwl 11 Leidesdorff 
Dolan Michael, laborer, dwl 217 Pine 
Dolan Michael, laborer, dwl SE cor Montgomery 

and Broadway 
Dolan Michael, ship-carpenter, dwl 137 Third 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, dwl 217 Pine 
Dolan Patrick, ship-carpenter, 135 Third 
Dolan P. R. barkeeper, dwl Crescent Engine H. 
Dolan Richard, hackman, Plaza 
Dolan Rose (widow) washing, dwl 324 Pacific 
DOLAN WILLIAM B. wood and coal yard, 

145 Third 
Doland Thomas, mason, dwl 11 Sutter 
Dole Daniel N. clerk, res with John N. Titcomb 
Dole C. L. clerk with John S. Dole & Co. dwl 

What Cheer House 
DOLE JOHN S. & CO. (Franklin Curtis) orfice 

220 California, dwl 115 Prospect Place 
DOLET AUGUST, butcher, 18 New Market, 

dwl N s Pacific bet Dupont and Stockton 
Dolet G. B. blacksmith, dwl N side Yallejo near 

Doley Richard, baker, dwl 120 Stockton, 'rear 
Dolheguy B. importer liquors and provisions, 507 

Front, dwl 421 Sutter bet Powell and Mason 
Doling P. F. capt stmr C. M. Webber 
Dolling Henry, grocer, dwl 722 Front 
Dolliver John S. pilot, office SW cor Washington 

and East, dwl 226 Minna 
Dolliver Thomas, ladies' shoe manuf, 264 Third 
Dolores Madame, dwl 5 Prospect Place 
Dolson De Witt C. market, S s Market bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Dolton Michael, painter, dwl S side Howard bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Dolton Richard, waiter Hotel International 
Dom Kosmoz, upholsterer with Selling, Marx & 

Co. dwl S s Sutter bet Kearny and Dupont 
Domett Wm. E. pilot, office SW cor Wash and 

East, dwl W s Howard bet Second and Third 
Domett Charles H. Union Livery Stable, 13 

Stevenson, dwl Domett Alley near Bush 

Domineconi Salmo, barkeeper, NE cor Clay and 

Don J. Blake, milkman, 19 Jessie 
Donahoe Andrew, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Donahoe Ann Miss, dwl 842 Yallejo 
Donahoe George, laborer with A. II. Houston 
Donahoe John, rice-merchant, bds 11 Fourth 
Donahoe John, ship-carpenter, dwl E s Crooks 

near Townsend 
Donahoe Patrick, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Donahoe Patrick J. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Donahoo John, laborer with George D. Nagle 
Donahue Ann M. domestic, El Dorado Building 
Donahue Dennis, laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl W s 

Ecker near Folsom 
Donahue Eliza Miss, dress-maker, dwells 812 

DONAHUE JAMES, President San Francisco 

Gas Company, SE cor First and Natoma, 

dwl 346 First 
Donahue James, drayman, dwl 14 Jessie 
Donahue Jane M. boarding, 85 Stevenson 
Donahue John, moulder Pacific Foundry 
Donahue John, painter, dwl S s Berry nr Dupont 
Donahue Joseph, seaman, bds Miners' Ex House 
Donahue Margaret Miss, dwl with William H. 

DONAHUE PETER, proprietor Union Foundry, 

NE cor First and Mission, dwl 66 Minna 
DONAHUE PHILLIP, "Phil's Exchange," 417 

Front, dwl 122 Montgomery Block 
Donahue T. laborer with Brokaw & Metcalf 
Donahue Thomas, assistant superintendent S. F. 

Gas Co. 
Donahue Thomas, carpenter, dwl Morton Place 

near Montgomery 
Donahue Timothy, laborer, dwl 183 Jessie 
Donahue William, laborer, bds 85 Stevenson 
Donaldson David, clerk with D. McLennan, dwl 

with John Center 
Donaldson John, hotel San Bruno Road 
Donaldson Samuel, painter, 115 Bush 
Donaldson Wm. boot-maker, 75 Stevenson 
Donaldson T. P. liquor-saloon, 744 Pacific and 

1200 Stockton 
Donehey Paul, moulder, Pacific Iron Works, dwl 

Winthrop House 
Donehue D. M. printer, Eureka Typographical 

Rooms, 509 Montgomery 
Donlan Joseph, liquors, dwl 42 Ecker 
Donley Edward, street contractor, dwl S s St. 

Charles nr Kearny 
Donley William, stm Golden Gate, dwl Foundry 

Donlon J. M. liquors, NW cor California and 

Sansom, dwl 42 Ecker 
Dounellan Benjamin C. carpenter, dwl 430 Bush 
Donnellan William, carpenter, dwl 1314 Kearny 
Donnelly Andrew, butcher, dwl S s Tyler near 

Donnelly Bernard, laborer Sugar Refinery, dwl 

with Richard Butler 
Donnelly Bryan, milk-ranch, Potrero near Rope 

Donnelly Cornelius, tailor, 816 Kearny 
Donnelly Daniel J. street contractor, dwl SE cor 

Powell and Greenwich 
Donnelly Daniel, barkeeper at 412 Davis 



Donnelly John, book-keeper with Donnelly & 

Hughes, dwl S s Jessie bet Third and 

Donnelly John, "Washington House, 412 Davis 
Donnelly John, cook, dwl with John Henry 
Donnelly John, liquor-saloon, 917 Kearny 
Donnelly John, jr. dwl S s Market bet Fifth and 

Donnelly John F. baker, dwl 226 Pacific 
Donnelly Luke, cooper with Mathew Mclntyre, 

dwl S s Lewis Place nr Tavlor 

G.) importers dry goods, 312 Sacramento, 

dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Donnelly Margaret Miss, domestic 1016 Powell 
Donnelly Michael, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery, 

dwl XE cor Silver and Fourth 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Donnivan Dennis, gardener, dwl 124 Xatoma 
Donnivan James, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Donnivan John, laborer with A. H. Houston 
DOXXOLLY (THOMAS) ft CO. (Thomas C. 

Donnolly and J. Landsberger) manufacturers 

yeast powders, 121 Front, dwl X s Mason 

nr Green 
Donnolly Thomas C. (Donnolly & Co.) dwl with 

Thomas Donnolly 
Donnovan Andrew, laborer, dwl N s O'Farrell 

near Powell 
Donnovan Jeremiah, waiter at 531 Commercial 
Donnovan John E. F. calker S. F. Gas Co. dwl 

Winthrop House 
Donnovan Joseph, laborer with Michael Hayes, 

Hayes' Valley 
Donnovan Richard, laborer, dwl 1431 Dupont 
DONOHOE (Joseph A.) RALSTON (W. C.) & 

CO. (Eugene Kelly and R. S. Fretz) bankers, 

BW cor Battery and Washington, dwl N s 

Folsom bet Second nd Third 
Donohoe Mary (widow) laundress, dwl 43 Ritch 
Donohoe Michael, hostler, dwl 1016 Stockton 
Donohoe Patrick, carriage-painter, dwl 404 

Donohoe Thomas, laborer, dwl 112 St. Marks PI 
Donohue James, baker, dwl 14 Natoma 
Donohue James, drayman, dwl 12 Jessie 
Donohue John, Beaman, bds 518 Mission 
Donohue John, waiter American Exchange 
Donohue Patrick, contractor, dwl "W s Mason nr 

Donophan Jeremiah, laborer, dwl 202 Dupont 
Donovan Ann Mrs. dwl 44 Jessie 
Donovan Cornelius, waiter American Exchange 
Donovan Cornelius, laborer, dwl 116 Chambers 
Donovan James, house and sign painter, 306 

Davis, dwl Turk nr Market 
Donovan James, laborer, Jessie bet Fifth and 

Donovan James, laborer, dwl 107 Chambers 
Donovan J. B. groceries, cor Mission and Price 
Donovan Maria (widow) dwl E s Cadell's Alley 
Donovan Michael, laborer, dwl 417 Sutter 
Donovan Xaney, (widow) boarding, S s Louisa 

near Fourth, rear 
Donovan Richard, painter with Thomas Robinson 
Donovan Timothy, shoes, 12 Kearny 
Donzel A. J. clerk steamer C. M. Webber, res 

Donzelman C. clerk, dwl 401 Kearny 
Donzelraan J. H. groceries, dwl 127 Prospect 

Donzelman John F groceries and liquors, 500 

Kc amy 
Doolan Thomas, brick-layer, dwl 11 Sutter 
Doole David, bds XE cor Oregon and Front 
Dooley Catharine, (widow) dwl E s Cadell's Alley 
Dooley Edward, plasterer, bds 314 Pacific 
Dooley Michael, laborer, dwl 111 Jessie 
Dooley Patrick, laborer, bds Boston House 
Doolittle Wm. G. teacher of penmanship and 

book-keeping, 328 Montgomery 
Doonan Peter, laborer, dwl S s Gilbert nr Bran- 
Dopke "W. carpenter, dwl 228 Montgomery 
Dopmann Henry & Co. (Edw. Roepke) importers 
wood and willow ware, 316 California, res 
Xew York 
Doppmann Phillip, hair-dresser, 7 Second 
Dora Patrick, clerk, 522 Broadway 
Doramus Emily Caroline (widow) dwl SW cor 

Dupont and Bay 
Doran Joseph, (Ilobson & D.) dwl XE cor Pacific 

and Leavenworth 
Doran William, watchman Custom House 
Dorcey J. B. purser, dwl 21 J Montgomerv 
DORE' (Benjamin) ft HAVENS (Henry f.) lum- 
ber, SE cor California and Davis. W s Mar- 
ket betDavis and Drum, and pier 20 Stewart, 
dwl 19 Tehama 
Dore E. "W. drayman with Jennings & Brewster, 

dwl S s Folsom bet Fourth and Fifth 
Dore Maurice & Co. wholesale wines and liquors, 
417 Batter}-, dwl S s Mission bet Sixth and 
Doregan William, boarding, 519 Mission 
Doreille Dimino, physician, office 503 Pacific 
Doren John, milkman, dwl X s Presidio 
Doriant Lewis, cook, 417 Front, dwl Wm. Tell 

Hotel, Pacific 
Doriu James, blacksmith, 322 Bush 
Dorland Bros. (James F. and Henry S.) Mission 
Express, S s Sixteenth, near Dolores, dwl 
with Thomas Dorland 
Dorland Henry S. ( Dorland Bros.) dwl with 

Thomas Dorland 
Dorland Thomas, dwl W s Dolores, nr Seven- 
Dorlem John, laborer, dwl N s Town send near 

Dorman C. M. carpenter with Brokaw & Metcalf 
Dorman F. G. miner, dwl 323 Pine 
Dorman J. <l. carpenter, bds Original House 
Dorman (John)t ftfcKew (John) wood and coal, 

431 Union, dwl 43 Stevenson 
Dormitzer Ludwig P. salesman with Adelsdorfer 

Brothers, dwl 736 Vallejo 
Doni M. fancy goods, 300 Kearny 
Dorn Peter, boot-maker, 827 Clay 
Dorr Ceasar. cook Metropolitan Hotel 
Dorr Edward W. drayman with J. & M. GooJ- 

nian, dwl 7 73 Folsom 
Dorr J. D. bds American Exehaugo 
DORR JOSEPH A. proprietor Railroad House 
318 and 320 Commercial and 319 and 321 
Dorr William, laborer Custom House 



Dorsett Edward (colored) assistant steward stm 

Dorsett G. laborer. P. M. S. S. Co.'s Works, Fol- 

sorn St. Wharf 
Dorsey Ann Mrs. liquor-saloon, SE cor Folsom 

and Bcale 
Dorsey B. J. purser P. M. S. S. Orizaba, office 

XW cor Sacramento and Leidesdorff 
Dorsey Edward, mariner, dwl SE cor Folsom 

and Beale 
Dorsey John, Metropolitan bakery, 226 Pacific 
Dortmond Henry, blacksmith with Chs. Krause 
Dorts James, carpenter, dwl 30 Battery 
Doscher Albert H. grocer, 216 Fourth 
Doscher (Herman) & Co. ( Wm. Mdhland) groce- 
ries, 138 Second and 138 Third 
Doscher (John D.) & netting (Fred) groceries, 

•734 Market 
Doshe Henry, hog- ranch Potrero nr San Bruno 

Dott (Andrew) & Mitchell (James) liquors 609 

Battery, dwl E s Montgomery ur Vallejo 
Dotta DauieL with G. Venard 
Doty Willett R. book-keeper with Jacob Under- 
bill, dwl 677 Harrison 
Doublin Thomas, liquor-saloon SW cor Powell 

and Francisco 
Doud Aaron, furniture and bedding, 636 Market 
Doud Charles, bag-maker at 105 Clay, bds 130 

Doud Philo, furniture, 130 Third 
Doud R. carrier Evening Bulletin 
Dougan Samuel, plasterer, dwl E side Moss near 

Dougart John J. butcher Golden Gate Market, 

512 Davis, dwl SW cor Front and Pacific 
Dougherty A. dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Dougherty Daniel, tinsmith with Johnston & 

Reay, dwl 144 Minna 
Dougherty George, engineer Montgomery Baths, 

dwl Tay nr Clay 
Dougherty George, hostler with Wright & Roder 
Dougherty James, barkeeper. 535 Sacramento* 

dwl E s Battery bet Paei6e and Jackson 
Dougherty John,moulder with Greenberg & Smith 

dwl Tay nr Clay 
Dougherty Joseph, deck-hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Dougherty Joseph P. painter, dwl 144 Minna 
Dougherty Michael, harness-maker, dwl Sansom 

bet Sacramento and California 
Dougherty Patrick, mason, dwl 144 Minna 
Dougherty Thomas, fruits, 208 First 
Douglas E. H. printer, dwl E s Montgomery bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Douglas Ann (widow) dwl with George D. Bliss 
Douglas Hannah B. Mrs. lodgings, 325 Dupont 
Douglas John, mariner, bds Union Hotel 
Douglas Robert, laborer S. F. Woolen Factory, 

Black Point 
Douglas Thomas H. clerk with I. Friedlander, 

dwl 710 Bush 
Douglas William, carpenter, dwl S s Jessie bet 

Third and Fourth 
Douglass Agnes (widow) dwl 232 Green 
Douglass Andrew, laborer with John Henry 
Douglass E. A. Mrs. E a Montgomery bet Bdwy 

and Vallejo 
Douglass George, laborer, Custom House 

Douglass John (colored) porter with Barry k 

Patten, dwl E side Dupont bet Geary and 

Douglass Thomas, printer, dwl 232 Green 
Doug ass Thomas U clerk, dwl 710 Bush 
Douglass Wm. blacksmith Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

Foundry House 
Douglass Wm. A. physician, 622 Washington, 

dwl 621 Washington 
Douglass Wm. J. F. sail-maker, dwl E s Hay- 
wood nr Folsom 
Douglass William P. porter, dwl 9 Front, rear 
Douglass Wm. V. captain police City Hall, dwl 

20 Geary 
Douglass W. P. porter with Treadwell & Co. dwl 

9 Front 
Doun William, dwl 1009 Pacific 
Dounes Edward, retortman S. F. Gas Co. 
Dousain Madeline, dwl Hardie Place 
Dovalan James, dwl 536 Jackson 
Dove Alexander (colored) waterman, dwl E s 

Taylor nr Clay 
Dove William, liquors W s Front nr Vallejo, res 

Dove Wm. H. carriage-painter, 505 Pine, dwl 

320 Third 
Dover Joseph W. B. carpenter, dwl 26 Geary 
Dow Abraham, shoe-maker, bds S s Market nr 

Dow James G. merchant, NW cor Clay and 

Dow J. S. carpenter, dwl 323 Pine 
Dow P. P. captain brig Crimea pier 9 Stewart, 

dwl with Thomas Tennent 
DOW WM. H. merchant, 107 California, dwl 

607 Folsom 
Dowd Francis, laborer, dwl 343 First 
Dowd John, porter with DeWitt, Kittle & Co. 

dwl 809 Sansom 
Dower Phillip, carriage-trimmer with Kimball 

& Co, 
Dowey John, laborer with J. F. Hill, XW cor 

Pine and Turk 
Dowlin Bridget (widow) dwl E s Salmon near 

Dowling A. T. brick-layer, bds St. Lawrence 

Dowling B. bds Benton House 
Dowling Edward, saloon, 1021 Dupont 
Dowling F. miller, bds Original House 
Dowling James, stage manager, dwl E s Stockton 

nr Filbert 
Dowling James J. waterman, dwl 25 St. Marks 

Place * 
Dowling M. F. miller with H. Davis & Co. bds 

California Hotel 
Dowling Michael, hackman, Plaza 
Dowling Richard, hackman, dwl 712 Broadway 
Dowling Richard, harness-maker with Main & 

Winchester, dwl 108 Fourth 
Downer Caroline, domestic with George Fisher 
Downer Thomas P. deputy wharfinger Pacific 

Street wharf, dwl SE cor Pacific and Davis 
Downes Edward, laborer, dwl 506 Market 
Downes Kate E. Miss, assistant teacher Mason 

and Washington Street School 
Downey James H. (Fogarty & D.) dwl 139 Minna 
Downey James J. dwl 560 Howard 



Downey John, bricklayer, bds 414 Pacific 
Downey John, plasterer, dwl 14 Sansom 
Downey Patrick, carpenter, dwl Sutter bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Downey Richard, plasterer, dwl 14 Sansom 
Downey Thomas, seaman, bds Miners' Exchange 

Downie J. J. clerk with Stanford Brothers, 332 

Montgomery, dwl 560 Howard 
Downing Henry C. book-keeper with Jones & 

Bendixen, dwl 318 Folsom 
Downing (Jacob) & Millet (Z. S.) butchers, 1150 

Downing Maurice, oysterman, dwl with John C. 

Downing M. H. farmer, Young America Engine 

Co. Mission Dolores 
Downing Thomas, driver Railroad wagon 
Downs Alva, teamster, dwl 431 Sutter, rear 
Downs Charles, dwl 136 Natoma 
Dows Henry J. clerk with E. T. Pease, dwl with 

James Dows 
DOWS JAMES, office 214 Sacramento, dwl S s 

South Park nr Third 
Dowsett George, laborer with Mathew B. Cox 
Doyart Pierre R. cook 417 Front, dwl S s Bdwy 

bet Stockton and Dupont 
Doye Richard, engineer, dwl 637 Washington 
Dove Thomas, liquors, dwl 20 Natoma 
Doye William, laborer, dwl 115 Stevenson 
Doyerty James, boiler-maker with Coffey & Ris- 

Doyle Andrew, butcher, dwl with John Barker 
Doyle B. John, butcher with Boland & Gray, dwl 

Summer nr Montgomery 
Doyle Ellen, domestic with Charles S. Wood 
Doyle Eugene G. boarding, 308 Beale 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, dwl 26 Hunt 
Doyle {James) & Co. (James Devlin) carpenters, 

812 Pacific, dwl SE cor Chestnut and Hyde 
Doyle James, dwl Church alley, rear Mission 

Doyle James, driver with Skelly & Co. 
Doyle James R. Pacific Coal Yard, 413 Pacific, 

dwl 1316 Kearny 
Doyle (John) & Black (William) livery-stable, 

622 Sansom 
Doyle John, bds Original House 
Doyle John, dwl 432 Bryant 
Doyle John, carriage-painter. 509 Broadway 
Doyle John, contractor, bds Golden Gate Hotel 
Doyle John, gardener with A. C. Wakeman 
DOYLE JOHN, proprietor Lovejoy's Hotel, SW 

cor Battery and Yallejo 
Doyle Joseph W. carpenter, dwl 6 Hunt 
Doyle Mary (widow) S s Mission bet Fifth and 

Doyle Michael J. liquors, 55 Third and NE cor 

Hayes and Van Ness avenue 
Doyle Morris (Glinden & D.) dwl SW cor Powell 

and O'Farroll 
Doyle Patrick, pressman Alta California, bds 

Original House 
Doyle Peter, tapper S. F. C. Water Works 
Doyle Richard, carpenter, dwl W s Mary bet 

Mission and MiDna 
Doyle Richard, hatter, dwl 207 Pacific 
Doyle Robert E. mail-agent, dwl 432 Bryant 

Doyle Thomas, driver for George Hughes, dwl 

325 Sixth 
DOYLE THOMAS, liquors 535 Sacramento, dwl 

22 Natoma 
Doyle Thomas, porter with Dr. R. T. Maxwell 
Doyle William, laborer, dwl N s Yallejo bet 

Montgomery and Sansome 
Doyle William H. clerk, dwl 61 Stevenson 
Doyle William R. porter, dwl 115 Stevenson 
Doyle William S. boiler-maker, dwl 115 Steven- 
Draham Daniel, ship-carpenter, bds First Street 

Drain Daniel, ship-carpenter, dwl SW cor First 

and Mission 
DRAKE E. B. attorney-at-law, No. 1 Naglee's 

Building, dwl 323 Dupont 
Drake Robert, cook with H. Cowen, 8 Broadway 
Drayeurt Constant, safe-maker with T. A. Au- 

berlen, dwl Broadway nr Dupont 
Drechsler Fredrick, tailor, dwl 529 Pacific 
Drell Frederica (widow) dwl 409 Stockton 
Dren Henry P. porter with C. J. Hawley, dwl 

860 Mission 
Drennen John, carpenter, dwl 8 Hawthorn 
Drennon James, engineer stm Oakland, resides 

San Antonio 
DRESCHFELD HENRY, real estate agent and 

broker, office 24 and 25 Naglee's Building, 

dwl 115 Geary 
Dresher Yalentine, printer Herald, dwl 214 Du- 
Dresser Benjamin R. captain brig. Francisco, 

dwl W s Taylor nr Post 
Drew EL M. stair-builder with Freeman, Haller & 

Haskell, dwl 286 Minna 
Drew John, liquors, SW cor California and San- 
som, dwl 24 Minna 
Drew Mary Ann (widow) dwl 24 Minna 
Drew Thomas, fireman steamer Helen Hensley 
Drewhen Michael, Bay State House, 14 Sansom 
Drews Louis, cigar-maker, 500 Yallejo 
Drev Joseph, with David Hausmann, dwl 537 

Dreyer Charles, clerk with Arnold Lindau 
Dreyer (John) & Ringen ( Christopher) Boatman 

Pride Saloon, SW cor Clay and East 
Dreyer R. butcher, dwl 323 Pine 
Dreyfous Jules, dry-goods, dwl 812 Yallejo 
Dreyfus Caroline, dwl 500 Broadway 
Dreyfuse B. S. clothing, 129 Montgomery, bds 

American Exchange 
Dreypoelclier Frederick, cabinet-maker with M. 

E. Hughes, dwl Montgomery bet Pacific and 

Driggs Joseph D. night watchman at Hobbs, 

(iilmore & Co.'s mill, rooms 112 Wash 
Drinkhouse J. A. & Co. (John Kurtz) importers 

Oigars and tobacco, 228 Front, dwl 409 

Drink water Thomas, furniture. 437 Bush 
Driscoll Charles, boatman, Yallejo Street Steps, 

dwl 335 Yallejo 
Driscoll Cornelius, laborer, dwl 28 Dupont 
Driscoll Cornelius E. with Bamber & Co. res 


Dan's Oyster Saloon, 526 Montgomery 



Driscoll Dennis, laborer with Francis Reed, dwl 

3 Hinckley 
Driscoll Ellen Miss, dwl with George Reynolds 
Driscoll Frank, deck-hand steamer Nevada, dwl 

W s Montgomery bet Greenwich and Fil- 
Driscoll J. carpenter, dwl 14 Sansom 
Driscoll Jane (widow) liquors, 510 Mission 
Driscoll Jeremiah, gardener, dwl 48 Jessie 
Driscoll Jeremiah, seaman, bds 414 Pacific 
Driscoll Johanna (widow) dwl E s Jane Place 

n r Pine 
Driscoll John, clerk dwl 904 Sacramento 
Driscoll Mary Ann, servant with Thomas P. 

Driscoll F. bds What Cheer House 
Drisdale Robert, seaman dwl with J. C. Price 
Drish John M. salesman with Lockwood, Ewell 

& Co. dwl 309 Minna 
Droet Joseph, boot-maker, 1622 Stockton 
Drogau Samuel, plasterer, dwl Moss Place near 

DROGER (H.) & WAHBMANN, (H.) groceries, 

SE cor Pine and Battery 
Dromar N. dwl 603 Broadway 
Droscher Claus, groceries, N¥ cor First and 

Drouaillet G. lithographer, NE cor Kearny and 

Washington, 3d story 
Drouet Constant, cook at 614 Clay 
Drouet Victor, tinsmith, 62S Stockton, dwl 1622 

Drouilhat John, billiard-table maker, 500 Bdwy 
Drucker Alexander, groceries, 846 Clay 
Drucker Augustus, proptr Eureka Baths, 328 Pa- 
cific, dwl NW cor Montgomery and Charles 

Druffel Francis H. Empire Bakery, 801 Bush 
Drugan James, with C. McDonald, bds Bush St 

Drugen Samuel, plasterer, dwl E s Moss Place 

nr Folsom 
Druhe John Harmon, groceries and liquors, SE 

cor Market and Stewart 
Druhe John G. grocers, comer Battery and Bush 
Drulard M. bds What Cheer House 
Drum B. C. Capt. U. S. A. dwl Metropolitan 

Drum Edward, coachman with Samuel C. Bigelow 
Drum John, porter U. S. Marshall, dwl U. S. 

Court Building 
Drum Julius, waiter with Geo. Steinmann 
Drutnmond J. II. boiler-maker with Coffey & Ris- 

don, dwl 14 Bush 
Druos Baptist, butcher, 715 Tehama 
Drury Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 911 Sacramento 
Drary Peter, laborer, dwl with Thomas Bur- 

Drury William, clothing, dwl 12 Everett 
Dryer B. & Co. (II. Ebbighausen) groceries and 

liquors, SE cor Fremont and Howard 
Dryer J. Pacific Engine Co. No. S 
Dryer Theodore, tailor with J. Spellman, dwl 410 

Duane Charles P. dwl 613 Kearny 
Duane John, dwl 613 Kearny 
Duane Martin S. cigar manf. 607 Washington, 

dwl Pacific nr Dupont 

Duane Wm. R. compositor Police Gazette, dwl 

528 Commercial 
Dubaud J. G. brick-moulder Charles Bon's brick- 
Dubedder Eugene, importer, dwl 128 St. Marks 

Dubigney D. saloon, 621 Kearny 
Dubois A. E. Mrs. special assistant teacher Den- 
man School 
Dubois (Alexander) & Co. (P. Frontier & E. De- 

viercy) watch-makers and jewelers, 433 Mont 
Dubois Anna E. Mrs. dwl 818 Pacific 
Dubois Henry, carpenter, bds N s Market near 

Dubois James L. clerk with Mark Brumagim, 

dwl 526 Harrison 
Duboyce Mary Ann (widow) dwl N s Jsssie nr 

Dubrana J. Barile, tripe, 4 Clay St Market, dwl 

Potrero Nuevo 
Dubs Ann Mrs. dwl 1234 Stockton 
Duca James M. waiter Bank Exchange 
Ducatel Agatha, fruit, 6 Clay St Market, dwl 723 

Ducey Edward, gardener with Thos. Hayes 
Duchow W. A. priuter, Eureka Typographical 

Rooms, 509 Mont, dwl Howard nr Third 
Duck (W. B.) & Jacoby (James A.) Tehama 

Market, 219 Second, dwl 134 Natoma 
Ducker Fredk. clerk, SE cor Front and Com 
Duckert Mathias (Lantern & !>.) dwl 135 Second 
Ducoin Eugene, laborer, dwl 812 Montgomery 
Ducommund P. carriage-budder with Kimball & 

Co. bds Original House 
Ducoron Francois (Barbe & D.) 124 Kearny 
Duddy Martin, waiter Metropolitan Hotel 
Dudggeou Enos, machinist, N s Mission near 

Dudley Thomas, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Duer Beverly C. deputy county clerk, bds Vir- 
ginia Block 
Duerdeir James R. boat-builder, dwl 415 Market 
Duerden James R. boat-builder, bds 122 Davis 
Dufar Edward, carpenter, 327 Bush, rear 
Duff Andrew, barkeeper with Willis Corse 
Dull Charles, clerk with Jas. R. Duff 
Duff Francis, butcher, dwl SW cor Front and 

Duff James M. house-broker, dwl 18 Tehama 
DUFF J. R. lumber, Pier 5 Stewart, dwl 515 

Howard cor De Boom 
Duff Robert P. clerk, dwl 419 Battery 
Dull' Samuel C. laborer, dwl W s Powell bet Clay 

and Sacramento 
Duff Thomas, engineer, dwl E s Main nr Folsom 
Duff Thomas, porter 110 Montgomery Block 
Duft' Thos. G. steward P. M. stm Orizaba 
Duffay Henry, steward, 912 Powell 
Outfield George, boatman, dwl 333 Vallejo 
Duil'y Alexander, tailor with I. B. Purdy & Co. 

res Oakland 
Dufty Cornelius, Crescent Engine Co. No. 10 
Duffy Edward F. carpenter, dwl E s Dupont bet 

Lombard and Chestnut 
Duffy Frank, waiter Hotel International 
Duffy Henry, hackman, dwl Taylor bet Filbert 

and Greenwich 
DUFFY HUGH, upholsterer, dwl 706 Bdwy 



Duffy Hyacinth, seaman, dwl 1608 Stockton 
Duffy Henry, steward Original House 
Duffy James, barkeeper with Stapleton & Hughes 
Duffy John, brick-maker, dwl Dorland's Lane nr 

Duffy John, laborer, dwl 14 Jessie 
Duffy John, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Duffy Mary (widow) domestic. 826 Jackson 
Duffy Michael, deck-hand stm Chrysopolis 
Duffy Patrick, laborer, dwl 910 Howard 
Duffy Patrick, seaman, dwl 125 Broadway 
Duffy Patrick A. boatman Yallejo St Steps 
Duffy Philip, laborer, dwl "W s Frank Place bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Duffy Phillip, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Duffy William, barkeeper, XW cor Folsom and 

Dugan Jeremiah, laborer, bds Manhattan House 
Dugan John, painter, bds 558 Market 
Dugan Marie, cigars, 22 Waverly Place 
Dugan Mark M. boot-maker at 605 Montgomery, 

dwl 610 Mission 
Dugan Patrick, boots and shoes, 135 Kearny, 

dwl W s Mason bet Pine and California 
Dugan Patrick, porter New Orleans Warehouse, 

XW cor Davis and Oal, dwl Davis nr Cal 
Dugan Simon, dwl 108 Davis 
Dugan William, machinist Union Foundry, bds 

Staten Island House 
Dugart John J. butcher, dwl 207 Pacific 
Duggan M. ship-carpenter, dwl 14 Stewart 
Duhne Herman (Kuhlmoos & Co.) dwl 76 First 
Duikmann Hermann, with Erzgraber & Goetjen 

and commission merchants, 218 Caliiornia, 

dwl SE cor Harrison and Seventh 
Duisenberg Charles A. C. consul for Bremen, 

office 218 California, dwl SE cor Harrison 

and Seventh 
Dujue Alexander, gardener, Willows nr Mission 

Duke Robert, carpenter, NE cor Pine and Front, 

bds with J. D. Coulter 
Dulact Peter, cook, dwl with Bazill & Pac 
Dulhom Paul (Dereiiis & Co.) dwl 525 Merchant 
Dulip (John P.)k Waddington (Alfred) groceries 

and liquors, 1135 Dupont, and hay and 

grain, 534 Broadway, dwl 530 Broadway 
Dullard John, drayman with J. Callaghan, dwl 

Broadway near Kearny 
Dumagnon Eliza (widow) dress-maker, 1218 

Dumartheray Francis, office 623 Montgomery, 

rooms 88 Montgomery Block 
Dumbrell William, teamster, bds 810 Powell 
Dumont William J. with L. & M. Sachs & Co. 
Dumosset Nicolas, laborer Lafayette Brewery, 

735 Green 
Dumot Victor, wine merchant, dwl 619 Yallejo 
Dumphy Edward, miner, dwl Winthrop House 
Dunbar Anna (widow) dwl 13 Harlan Place 
Dunbai lerk with Asa L. Loring, dwl 

836 Washington 
Dunbar J. K. apothecary U. S. Marine Hospital 
Duncan George E. (colored) barber, resides with 

Edward Hickman 
Duncan Hilarion, wharfinger India Dock corner 
Filbert and Battery 

Duncan James, bds Xiantic Hotel 

Duncan James, carpenter, bds 8 Anthony Place 

Duncan James, carpenter, bds N s Mission bet 

First and Second 
Duncan James, ship and steamboat joiner, SW 

cor Drumm and Clark, dwl 518 Bryant 
Duncan James C. clerk San Francisco Directory 

office, dwl X s Yallejo bet Powell and Mason 
Duncan James W. carpenter, dwl S s Union bet 

Larkin and Hyde 
Duncan John R. (colored) porter with B. C. Horn 

& Co. dwl X s Pacific bet Kearny and Dupont 
DUNCAN (Joseph C.) &, CO. real-estate and 

general merchandise auctioneers, XE cor 

Montgomery and Sac, dwl 524 Greenwich 
Duncan P. bds Original House 
Duncan Peter, clerk with Murphy, Grant & Co. 

dwl 343 Kearny 
Duncan Thos. carpenter, dwl S s Eddy nr Market 
DUNCAN WILLIAM L. real-estate and stock 

agent, 534 Washington, dwl S09 Stockton 

bet Clay and Sacramento 
Dundas T. R. with Edward Bryan, dwl W side 

Stockton near Lombard 
DUXGAX J. SHADE, butter, cheese, etc. 64 

Washington Market, dwl S s Green nr Leav 
Dunham Ansel A. newspaper-carrier, bds 42 Com 
Dunham B. Frank, clerk with Conroy & O'Connor, 

rooms Government House 
Dunham George, laborer, dwl W s Spear near 

Marine Hospital 
Dunham James W. dwl 116 Xatoma 
Dunham W. captain schr San Bruno, Market St 

Wharf, dwl 116 Xatoma 
Dunigan Patrick, blacksmith, dwl 5 Milton Place 
Dunigan Rose Miss, domestic 1116 Powell 
Duning John, calker, dwl SW cor Folsom and 

Dunlap Hannah Mrs. dress-maker, 918 Pacific 
Duulap James, upholsterer, bds Oriental Hotel 
Dunlap William, ship-carpenter, dwl S s Folsom 

near Main 
Dunlap W. T. dwl XW cor Mont and Jackson 
Dunlay John, laborer with John Ross 
Dunlevy James, physician, dwl SW cor Pacific 

and Kearny 
Dunn B. H. upholsterer with O. Fuller, dwl W s 

Dupont nr Sacramento 
Dunn Charles, printer, dwl 201 Jackson 
Dunn Cornelius, with Elias Rollerhus 
Dunn Cornelius, carpenter, dwl 312 Tehama 
Dunn Daniel, street contractor, dwl W s Leaven- 
worth bet Sacramento and California 
Dunn Dennis, helper with W. S. Phelps & Co. 

dwl X a Clay bet Dupont and Stockton 
Dunn Edward, laborer, dwl 1G3 Silver 
Dunn E. P. bds What Cheer House 
Dunn Francis, laborer, dwl 15 Lafayette Place 

near i 1 
Dunn H. D. com. merchant, rooms 607 Pine 
Dunn H. K. with Cleary & Bennan, dwell 270 

Dunn Horace D. corn-broker, 511 Front 
Dunn J. teamster, 25 California 
Dunn James, blacksmith, dwl 265 Tehama 
Dunn James, teamster, dwl W side Eighth bet 

Howard and Folsom 
Dunn John, hostler, dwl 710 Broadway 



Dunn John, laborer, dwl 329 Pine 

Dunn John, lamps and oils, 846 "Washington, 

dwl Fremont Court 
Dunn John, melter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 124 

Dunn John, sail-maker, dwl 323 Pine 
Dunn John, ship-carpenter, dwl 327 Bryant 
Dunn John, shoemaker, dwl Mission Cottage. N 

s Mission near Ridley 
Dunn Joseph, cartman, dwl W s Florence near 

Dunn Laurence, carpenter, bds315 Broadway 
Dunn Lawrence, laboratory U. S. Branch Mint 
Dunn Mark, dry goods, dwl S s Jessie bet Third 

and Fourth 
Dunn Mary, (widow) dwl 507 Greenwich 
Dunn Michael, deck-hand steamer Antelope 
Dunn Patrick, blacksmith with Nelson & Doble, 

bds 201 Sansom 
Dunn Peter, dwl E s Mason near Greenwich 
DUXX P. F. manufacturer of boots and shoes, 

316 Battery dwl 12 Minna 
Dunn Timothy, laborer, dwl Rassette Place near 

Dunn Wm. laborer, dwl N s Brooke nr Market 
Dunn William W. press manufacturer, 309 Mar- 
ket, dwl 18 Harlan Place 
Dunna Thomas, dwl 6 Xatorna 
Dunnano Frank, dwl San Jose road near Mission 

Dunnavon Eugene, laborer, dwl "W s Oak Park, 

bet Harrison and Bryant 
Dunnavon John, laundryman with M. Michelsen 
Dunne C. B. printer, Eureka Typographical 

rooms, 509 Montgomery 
Dunne John, Young America Engine Co. Xo. 13 
Dunne William, carpenter, dwl S s Folsom near 

Dunne Wm. grocer, SW cor Pacific and Leaven- 
Dunne C. dwl 603 Broadway 
Dunnerman Louis, bds Steamboat Point House 
Dunnigan Francis, laborer, bds 201 Sansom 
Dunnigau Michael, marble-polisher with Pieraon 

& Mulvany, bds European House, Battery 
Dunnigan Patrick (Brannan & D.) dwl 5 Milton 

Dunnigan Thomas, seaman, dwl 44 Clementina 
Dunning Henry, groceries, 300 Pacific 
Dunning John, calker, dwl 209 Harrison 
Dunning Ralph, clerk U. S. engineer's office, 37 

Montgomery Block, dwl 86 Mont Block 
Dunning Thomas, (Kennay & 7).) dwl 3 Second 
Dunuivan Bernard, laborer, bds with Daniel 

Dunnont Adolph, servant, dwl with Mrs. Leono- 
ra Brunei! 
Dunnoro John, waiter, dwl W s Trinity bet Pine 

and Bush 
Dunphy Wm. butcher, dwl 42 Geary 
Dunsing William, waiter Original House 
Dunyon William, cook What Cheer House restau- 
Dunz Charles J. (Sturzengger & D.) dwl XE cor 

Sacramento and Montgomery 
Dupeange Henry, junk shop, 40 Commercial 
Dupery M. Miss, dwl 505 Pacific 
Dupont J. H. boots and shoes, 822 "Washington 

Dupouey Henri, ( Dupouey & Brothers) dwl 336 

Dupouey (ByppoUte) & Brothers {Henri and Jules) 
proprietors Union College, 336 Second, dwl 
719 California 
Dupouey Jules, (Dupouey & Bros.) dwl 336 

Duprat Joseph J. commercial editor Alta Califor- 
nia, commercial editorial rooms 423 Wash- 
ton, dwl 408 Vallejo 
Dupre Eugene, notary public, office XW cor 
Merchant and Montgomery, dwl X s Mis- 
sion bet Potter and Brady 
Dupree Charles, cook, Willows near Mission 

Duprez E. dwl 542 Washington 
Dupuy Francis, blacksmith. 220 Jackson 
Dupuy (James) & Cabannes (Joseph and John) 
butchers, 3 Clay Street Market, dwl Potre- 
ro Xuevo 
Dupuy John, blacksmith, 619 Broadway 
DUPUY, (James) FOULKES (Thomas) k CO. 
( Wm. B. Agard) commission merchants, 
SW cor Pacific and Battery, dwl E s Mont- 
gomery, bet Vallejo and Broadway 
Dupuy T. broker licpiors, 443 Jackson dwl Man- 
sion House, Dupont 
Dupuy Thomas (Dupuy F. & Co.) res England 
Dupuytren J. B. Pigne, physician, 1007 Stockton 
Duraud Charles, with J. J. Haley, dwl 508 Mis- 
Duraud Lansing, gymnast, dwl 252 Minna 
Durand Lawrence, domestic, dwl with Wm. J. 

Durand Louis, cook Hotel de France 
Durant, John, cabinet-maker with E. L. Racouil- 

let, dwl 22 Clementina 
Durant Joseph, fireman stm Chrysopolis 
Durbrow Alfred K. storekeeper with D. Gibb & 

Co. XW cor Vallejo and Front 
Durbrow Joseph dwl 8 Essex 
Durbrow Joseph jr. with Parrott & Co. dwl 8 

Duren George, laborer, 207 Jackson 
Duren Geo. G. wheelwright, with Fisher & Jam- 
ison, dwl Bush between Montgomery and 
Durfler Christiana (widow) dwl E s Mason near 

Durhn Bernard, laborer, dwl "W s Vincent near 

Durham Edward, baker, dwl 124 Xatoma 
Durham F. clerk, dwl 58 Sutro House 
Durham James, watch-maker, dwl 403 California 
Durham Wm. blacksmith with Gallagher & Keu- 

ney, dwl 603 Broadway 
DURHAM W. W. with Bunker, Greaves & Co. 
Durie Pauline, (widow) lodgings, E s Chatham 

Durkan John M. book-keeper, Tehama House 
Durkan P. laborer, dwl 565 Howard 
Durkee John L. policeman, office Superintendent 
Streets, dwl W s Pennsylvania Avenue, nr 
Durkin (Anthony) & Co. (Clias. M. Armstrong 
and Louis Luhden) proprietors Mission St. 
Brewery, 608 Mission 
Durkin Edward (fully & D.) dwl 565 Howard 



Durkiu James, brewer, dwl 608 Mission 
Durlaeh J. watch-maker, dwl Mont nr Pine 
Durnett.W. A. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Duruiug A. D. painter, dwl 6 Sansom 
Durniug Ann Mrs. dress-maker, 10 Second 
Duruing (Charles E.) <fc Dauaher (P. H.) impts 

dry goods, 8 Montgomery, residence New 

Dusenberg Jacob, merchant, dwl St. Nicholas 

Dusber A. haud-cartman cor Battery and Clay 
Dussol G. book-keeper with Abel Guy, dwl 411 

Dutard Benard, commission produce, 217 Clay, 

dwl S s Valparaiso bet Mason and Taylor 
Dutard Emily Miss, milliner, dwl 15 Valparaiso 
Dutard Eugene, clerk witb Benard Dutard, bds 

with Benard Dutard 
Dutard Hypolite, clerk with Boswell & Geddes, 

dwl with Benard Dutard 
Dutertre Louis, Apollo baths, 687 Market 
Dutton Cyrus H. (colored) shaving-saloon, 663 

Wash, dwl W s Leavenworth nr Pacific 
Dutton George E. pattern-maker with Hiuckley & 

Dutton Henry (J. R. Greenough & Co.) dwl 801 

Dutton Henry Jr. with J. R. Greenough & Co. 

dwl 801 Union 
Dutton Jane Miss, dwl Commercial Row, NW 

cor Clay aud Drumm, up-stairs 
Dutton J. B. dwl 28 Government House 
Dutton Wm. G. bds St. Charles Hotel 
Duval Caroline Mile. Elisee Garden Hotel, 

McLaren Lane nr Folsom 
Duveneck (Charles) &. Co. (Richard Strodhoff) 

Shakspeare saloon, NW cor Washington 

and Montgomery 
Duverrau Leon, carrier L'Union Franco Ameri- 

Duviel Charles, cook, dwl 813 Montgomery 
Duviel Egau, waiter, dwl 813 Montgomery 
Duviel Jamiex, cook, dwl 813 Montgomery 
D wight George, with C. Storm & Co. dwl 1 Ross 
Dwight W. W. Surgeon P. M. S. Orizaba, office 

P. M. a S. Co. 
DWINELLE JOHN W. (Hepburn & D.) dwl 

N E cor Dupout and Washington 
DWINELLE SAMUEL 11. attorney-at-law, 540 

Clay, dwl SW cor Eddy and Leavenworth 
Dwiukler Godfrey, porter with Alsop & Co. 
Dwire Michael, teamster, dwl NW cor Mason 

and Chestnut 
Dwyer Anthony, laborer at Knickerbocker House 
Dwyer Anthony, carpenter, bds Oriental House 
Dwyer Catherine, bds with Edward Barron 
Dwyer Catherine, lodgings, W s Drumm near 

Dwyer Chris, masbman Dow's Distillery, dwl 

with R. A. Tibbits 
Dwyer Cornelius, laborer, dwl with John Mc- 

DWYER DAVID, coal yard, 539 and 541 Cal, 

dwl 114 Ellis 
Dwyer Jeremiah, dry goods, 101 Mission 
Dwyer Joseph, medical student, dwl W s Drumm 

nr Jac 
Dwyer Kate Mrs. dwl 132 Sutter 

Dwyer Michael, tin- worker, dwl 18 Hunt 

Dwyer Wm. saloon, 112 Pacific 

Dwyer William H. carpenter, dwl 36 Natoma 

Dycer Win. seaman, bds Gleucoe House 

Dyckman John, bds 506 Dupont 

Dye Wm. M. messenger Custom House 

Dyean Peter, ship-carpenter, dwl Drumm bet 

Beale and Fremont 
Dyer Ann (widow) dwl E s Brooks nr Market 
Dyer C. conductor S. F. and Mission Railroad 
DYER F. E. proprietor Cal. Mercantile Agency, 

NW cor Front and Com, dwl 602 Cal 
Dyer G. F, clerk with H. M. Newhall & Co. 
Dyer Henry, salesman with A. Roman,dwl Har- 
rison nr Third 
Dyer James S. gardener, dwl S e Presidio Road 
Dyer John, paper-hanger, dwl S s Summer near 

Dyer J. P. (colored) New England soap factory, 

NW cor Mason and Pacific 
Dyer Richard, drayman at 315 Davis 
Dy r er Kodolphus C. conductor 8. F. ..t M. railroad, 

dwl E s Brooks ur Market 
Dyer Spencer S. conducter S. F. and M. railroad, 

dwl E s Brooks nr Market 
Dyer William C. cooper, 1017 Battery, dwl 333 

DYER WILLIAM D. photographic gallery 612 

Clay, dwl Green nr Kearny 
Dyson Robert, clerk with Elisha Cook 
Dynn Zachariah, broom. maker at 1 1 "Sacramento 

bds 122 Davis 


Eade Wm. seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 
Fades Wm. Brooklyn bakery, 51 Everett, dwl 

12S Third 
Eadleman Zundel, jeweler, dwl 103 Sansom 
Eads J. (San Francisco Times Association) NE 

cor Montgomery and Clay 
Eaduc Phil, bds Hotel International 
Eagan J. J. clerk with William II. Yates & Co. 

bds Pacific Temperance Bo 
Eagan, John, boot-maker, 516 California 
Eagan John, liquors, dwl 30 Everett 
Eagan John, shoe-maker, bds 540 California 
Eagan Michael, laborer, bds 318 Pacific 
Eagan Patrick, brick-layer, bds J15 Pine 
Eagan Patrick, laborer, dwl 415 Powell 
Eagan Patrick, laborer, dwl 421 Bryant 
Eagen Edward, superintendent Machine shop 

California Steam Navigation Co., dwl 230 

Eagen James, shoe-maker, 36 Third 
Eagen Thomas, laborer, bds 227 Sutter 
Eakins J. watch-maker, 216 Kearny, dwl N s 

Broadway nr Kearny 
Ealer Henry, cabinet-maker with M. E. Hughes, 

dwl cor Front and Pacific 
Earn James, porter, dwl with J. Callahan 
Eames James, merchant, dwl Chestnut bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Earl E. S. silver-miner, rooms Tehama House 
Earl James, 'longshoreman, dwl N s Union nr 

Earl James, butcher with Bracket & Keyes 



Earl John 0. president Gould & Curry S. M. Co. 

office 802 Montgomery, dwl SW cor Mason 

and Washington 
Earl Tarleton B. ship-carver with William B. 

Gereau, dwl E s Bryant nr Rincon place 
Earle Enoch, dwl NE cor Sacramento and Yerba 

Earle George, lumber-surveyor, dwl 319 Harrison 
Earle J. H. steward P. M. & St. Louis 
Earle John, mariner, dwl 1319 Mason 
Earley Greenberg S. express-agent, dwl 70 Clem- 
Earley S. G. proprietor City Letter Express, of- 
fice 630 Montgomery, dwl St. Mark place 
Earman John, baker, dwl N s Berry nr Dupont 
Earnest Rosa Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 10 Waverly 

Eastham Henry F. dwl 16 Perry 
Eastbam William F. druggist, dwl 16 Perry 
EASTLAND JOSEPH G. secretary S. F. Gas 

Co. dwl SE cor First and Natoma 
Eastman C. A. clerk with Charles C. Bowman, 

dwl 28 Hawthorne 
Eastman Charles H. coal-dealer, dwells 1106 

EASTMAN FRANK, Franklin Printing Office, 

415 Washington, dwl 1117 Taylor 
Eastman (Harrison) & Loomis (Pascal) wood 

engravers, 543 Clay, dwl S s Clay bet 

Yerba Buena and Taylor 
Eastman James, carpenter, dwl Geary nr Kearny 
Eastman, Joseph K. dwl S s Ocean House 
Eastman Thomas S. (O. F. Willey & Co.) dwl 

1010 Taylor 
Eastman William H. dwl 1 Quincy Place 
EASTON ANSEL I. steam laundry, Presidio 

Road nr Lagoon 
East' in (.1. S.)& Ferguson (D. ) real-estate agents, 

210 Bush 
Easton E. J. clerk with W. Buddington, dwl S s 

Jessie bet Second and Third 
Easton James (Easton Bros.) dwl S s Mission 

nr Eighth 
Easton Brothers (John and James) cabinet makers 

231 Bush, dwl S s Mission nr Eighth 
Easton Oliver W. patent roofing, dwl 30 Clem- 
Eaton Abby (widow) dwl with Eben Johnson 
Eaton Cornelius J. silver miner, dwl 330 Fre- 
Eaton Frederick, clerk with Redington & Co. 

dwl NE cor Essex and Laurel Place 
Eaton George, stevedore, dwl Calhoun nr Green 
Eaton Henry B. assayer with H. Harris & Co. 

dwl 1213 Powell 
Eaton Henry E. rooms 627 California 
Eaton Isaac F. dwl W s Jones nr Pine 
Eaton I. Ward (J. L. Iiiddk & Go.) office 532 

Montgomery, dwl 27 Essex 
Eaton Lemuel P. office 14 Sutro House, dwl 

1030 Market 
Eaton Sarah Miss, select school, NW cor Pine 

and Taylor 
Eaton William L. refiner, dwl S s Riley bet 

Jones and Taylor 
Eayrs H. P. painter, 506 Front, dwl N s Sacra- 
mento nr Taylor 
Ebber Elie, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 

Ebbets Arthur M. Merchant's Coal Yard, 206 

Sacramento, dwl NW «or Wash and Jones 
Ebbighausen EL (B. Dryer & Co.) dwl SE cor 

Fremont and Howard 
Eberhardt E. bds What Cheer House 
Eccleson Christopher, blacksmith with Devoe & 

Co. dwl 151 Natoma 
Echard Henry, billiard-table manufacturer, 730 

Eehart William, jeweler with R. B. Gray & Co. 
Echette J. Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. No. 2 
Eek Florent, cooper, 1235 Stockton 
Eckel F. printer, dwl 224 Montgomery 
Eckel Henry, dwl SE cor Front and Oregon 
ECKEL J. N. homeopathic physician, dwl 917 

Eckenroth Joseph, wheelwright, dwl N s Ras- 

sette Place nr Dupont 
Ecker George O. watchmaker with J. W. Tucker 

& Co. rooms Armory Hall 
ECKFELDT (John M.) & GRAVES (Hiram T.) 

Dennis' Wire Works, 412 Clay (and A. S. 

Hallidie & Co.) dwl 1013 Clay 
Eckhardt Wm. porter with James Patrick & Co. 

dwl 622 Battery 
ECKMAN JULIUS Dr. proptr Gleaner, office, 

517 Clay, dwl S s Sutter nr Stockton 
Eckley George R. book-keeper with Sather & 

Church, bds 216 Stockton 
Eckley Joseph E. printer with B. F. Sterett, dwl 

cor Stockton and Clay 
Eckstein David H. cigars, 436 California, dwl E 

s Kearny bet California and Pine 
Eddy A. F. jeweler with R. B. Gray & Co. dwL 

616 Merchant 
Eddy James F. salesman with R. B. Gray & Cd. 

dwl S s Sutter nr Taylor 
Eddy J. E. flour-packer with J. Martenstein & 

Co. dwl 232 Bush 
Eddy R. A. agent, bds Hotel International 
Eddy Thomas, seaman, dwl 905 Battery 
Edeleamp Barnard, wood-yard, cor Folsom and 

Stewart, and laundry 424 Third 
Edeque G. B. blacksmith, dwl 403 Folsom 
Eden George, with Do Vries, Chase & Co. dwl. 

W s Calhoun nr Green 
Eden (John) & Co. (Herman Hines) groceries, 712 

Eden Landing Line Packets, Clay Street Wharf 
Edes Joseph, printer, Eureka Typographical 

Rooms, 509 Montgomery 
Edgar George, butcher, dwl 332 Third, rear 
Edgar M. J. compositor Mirror, dwl N s Howard 

bet Second and Third 
Edger G. mirier, bds What Cheer House 
Edgerly Henry (Gould & E.) 18 Clay 
Edgerly Martha (widow) dwl with Capt. Turas 
Edgerly (iV. Bona.) & Wickman ( William) ship- 
chandlers, 407 East, dwl 18 Geary 
Edgerton George W. carpenter with F. B. Cottle, 

dwl Pine nr Sansom 
Edington G. W. (Stevens & E.) dwl 128 Sutter 
Edleman Wolf, salesman with Charles Hess, dwl 

NE cor Union and Kearny 
Edmonds Chas. J. musician, dwl W s Tay nr Clay 
Edmonds Emma Miss, dwl W s Tay nr Clay 
Edmonds George H. leader of orchestra National 

Theatre, dwl W s Tay nr Clay 



Edmonds Robert, musician, dwl W s Tay nr Clay 
Edmonds Sophia (widow) dwl W s Tay nr Clay 
Edmonds Sophia Miss, dwl W s Tay nr Clay 
Edmonds William (colored) steward steamer C 

M Webber, dwl 743 Yallejo 
Edmondson Alfred, butcher, dwl S s Brannan nr 

Edmondson Emma, dwl cor Clay and Taylor 
Edmonston Brook B. carpenter, dwl S s Sutter 

nr Jones 
Edmund Henry H. (Bowen & E.) dwl 405 Third 
Edmunsou Geo. A. engineer with T. Penfield & 

Co. bds Brooks House 
Edouard (Chaumel) & Manot (Julius) hat and 
cap manuf. 654 Washington, dwl cor Du- 
pont and Clay 
Edouart Alexander, photographic gallery 634 

Edwards A. E. Mrs. dwl S s Hardie PI nr Kear 
EDWARDS A. L. & CO. wholesale and retail 
grocers 306 and 308 Clay, dwl XE cor Du- 
pont and Washington 
Edwards A. S. agent Haraszthy's wines 531 
Washington, dwl 618 Green bet Stockton 
and Powell 
Edwards Charles, liquors, dwl 1217 Powell 
Edwards (Edward) & Lynch (Michael) saloon 635 

Davis, dwl W s Harriet nr Folsom 
EDWARDS FRANK G. paper-hangings and 
upholstery, 646 Clay, dwl cor Turk and 
Edwards Henry, packer with Roberts, Morrison 
ft Co. dwl SK cor Sacramento and Battery 
Edwards (//. F.) ft Bailey, commission merchants, 
W s Front bet Vallejo and Broadway, dwl 
S s Chestnut nr Kearny 
Edwards James, physician, XE cor California and 
Mont, dwl 77 Everett bet Third and Fourth 
Edwards John, 'longshoreman, dwl 306 Vallejo 
Edwards Joseph C. clerk with Crosby & Dibblee, 

dwl 619 Bush 
Edwards Justin, carpenter, dwl 704 Harrison 
Edwards Lawrence B. wharfinger, dwl 619 Bush 
Edwards L. S. cooper at 121 Washington, rms W 

s Druram bet Pacific and Jackson 
Edwards Thomas M. clerk with John B. Cun- 

Edwards W. P. packer with G. McFarland 
Edwin Sophie Miss, actress Maguire's Opera 

House, dwl 315 Union 
Eech Aitong (Chinese) druggist, 745 Sacramento 
Eells Allen M. Mrs. dwl 331 Fremont 
Eells John S. salesman with R. S. Eells ft Co. 

dwl Zoc Place near Folsom 
EELLS RUFUS S. ft CO. impts. carriages and 
materials, XW cor Front and Tine, dwl 331 
Eells Walter S. clerk, dwl 331 Fremont 
Effoy William, chronometer and watch-maker, 

212 Montgomery, dwl 1507 Dupont 
Efford N. C. groceries and piovisions, 309 

dwl E s Dupont bet Lombard and Francisco 
Egan Elizabeth Miss, domestic, 1116 Stockton 
Egan James, boot-maker, 7 Third, dwl 38 Third 
Egan James D. carpenter, bds SW cor Eddy and 

Egan John (M. II. Kdhj <{- Co.) dwl 30 Everett 
Egel L. confectioner, 210 Third 

Eger Albert, with A. Helbing, dwl Minna near 

Eger Morris, waiter. Willows nr Mission Dolores 
Egers Henry, waiter with Page & Decker 
Eggers Christopher ( Curtis & E.) dwl 620 Bdwy 
Eggers Ferdinand, groceries, 1224 Dupont 
Eggers George, varnisher with Selling, Marx & 

Co. dwl S s Sutter bet Dupont and Stockton 
EGGERS (George H) & CO. (Thomas Basse) 

wholesale grocers, 210 California, dwl 1024 

Eggert Ernest, baker Saulmann's Restaurant 
Eggert Herman (Pretzel ft E.) dwl S s Bush bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Eggitts Geo. confectioner, 120 Third 
Eglich John, coffee-stand cor East and Market 
Eherhard George, shoemaker, 808 Sacramento 
Ehlert Joseph, Sacramento Hotel, 409 Pacific 
Ehlinger Louis, brewer with Hoelscher, Wieland 

Ehlmann Geo. E. baker Hamburg Bakery, SE 

cor Fourth and Mission 
Ehman Henry, barber with John Greif, bds 

Globe Hotel 
Ehman Robert, safe-maker with T. A. Auberlen 
Ehramann Valentine, carpenter, dwl 229 Sutter 
Ehrenpfort Frederick, confectioner with M. Bern- 

heim, dwl 135 Third 
Ehrenpfort Minna Miss, dwl 135 Third 
Ehrenpfort Wm. dwl E s Russ bet Folsom and 

Ehret J. M. boot-maker, 239 Sutter 
Ehret Joseph, gardener, dwl X s Valencia bet 

Fourteenth and Fifteenth 
Ehrhart David, boots and shoes, 633 Kearny, dwl 

605 Pacific 
Ehrhorn Adolphus (Hillman Bros. & Co.) dwl 

13 Ellis 
Ehrlick J. carrier German Democrat 
Ehrlich Meyer, boots and shoes, dwl 1607 Powell 
Ehrlick Theodore, news-carrier, 319 Bush, rear 
Ehrman George, upholsterer with C. M. Plum, 

dwl XW cor Xatoma and Jane 
Ehrman John, baker with Chas. Frank 
Eichel Christian, upholsterer with Selling, Marx 

& Co. 
Eichelberger Cyrus F. carpenter, Vigilant En- 

giuc Co. Xo. 9 
Eidenmiller George, physician, SW cor Pacific 

and Dupont 
Eigengitter Edward, pantryman with Cammet ft 

Kause, dwl cor Kearny and Bush 
EikenbergWm. seaman, dwl 129 Sacramento 
Einstein Abraham (Einstein Bros.) residence 

Baltimore, lid. 
Einstein Mvcr (Einstein Broa.) MB Baltimore 
EINSTEIN BROTHERS (Zodoek, Abraham and 

ifyer,) importers and jobbers boots and 
7. 209, (old Xo. 61) Battery, dwl 

22 Geary 
Ellen Augustus F. architect, 16 Atheneum bdg, 

dwl X s O'Farrell nr Powell 
BSEN FRANCIS T. Pioneer Flour mills, 515 
ket, dwl Sacramento nr Kearny 
George, miller Pioneer Flour mills, 515 

Eisenberg Isidore, merchant tailor, 61" Wash 
ardt John, baker, dwl 605 Pacific 



Eisler H. S. saddlery, 500 Market, dwl 502 

Eitei Charles H. sawyer with Hobba Gillmore, & 

Co. dwl N s Tehama nr Sixth 
Eitel Henry, with Hobbs, Gillmore & Co. dwl 

Tehama nr Sixth 
Ekerman "Win. seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Ekstrom Charles, musician, rooms 1117 Dupont 
EL AM {Robert II) k HOWES {Edward K.) im- 
porters and jobbers wood and willow ware, 

310 and 312 Clay, dwl 720 Howard 
Elas Joseph, laborer, dwl S Stevenson nr Second 
Elder Alexander, book-keeper with Gushee & 

Elder, dwl cor Sacramento and Mason 
Elder Wm. {Gushee & E.) dwl cor Sacramento 

and Mason 
El Dorado Building, SE cor Washington and 

Eldredge Albert S. Empire warehouse, Wjs Beale 

nr Market, dwl with Edward F. Gallagher 
Eldredge Kimball C. with ,T. W. Brittan" 120 

Eldridge Edward, stevedore, dwl N s Greenwich 

bet Montgomery and Sansom 
Eldridge James, dwl 48 Minna 
Eldridge J. O. {Poulterer, De Bo & E.) dwl 43 

Eldridge W. bds Original House 
Eldridge Wilson, baker, dwl "W s Brenham Place 

nr Clay 
Eldridge Warren H. Wells, Fargo collection 

department, dwl American Exchange 
EL ECO DEL PACIFICO, E. Derbec proprietor, 

office 536 Sacramento 
Elias Raphael, dwl 137 Montgomery 
Eliaser Aram, cigars and fruits, 929 Kearny 
Elies S. merchant, dwl 323 Pine 
Eliott J. bds What Cheer House 
Elkiu Wm. miner, dwl 716 Stockton 
Ellerhorst Christof, clerk with Ellerhorst & Co. 

dwl 30 Jackson 
ELLERHORST (//. D.) k CO. {Aug. C. T 

produce com mchts, 50 Jackson, dwl 502 

Ellerhorst H. F. dwl 50 Jackson 
Ellert John, boarding. 132 Xatoma 
Ellerv Epes, antiquarian book store, 608 Wash, 

dwl 736 Folsom 
Ellet John D. groceries W s Dolores nr Sixteenth 
Ellet John L furniture E s Third nr Tehama 
Ellicott John, seaman, dwl 26 Stewart 
Ellicott John Jr. draughtsman L. H. department, 

Custom House, -dwl 214 Sansom 
Elliot Charles, hydrant tender, dwl 220 Second 
Elliot Charles, lumber, dwl 41 Natoma 
Elliot Edward, clerk with R. N. Cochrane, dwl 6 

Elliot George H. Lieut Corps Engineers Fort 
Point, office 37 Montgomery block, dwl 517 
ELLIOT S. F. physicSf* and surgeon, -office 7 

Court block, bds Oriental Hotel 
Elliott Chas. dwl 515 Bush 
Elliott Charles, carpenter, dwl 30 Everett 
Elliott Chas. foreman S. F. C. water works 
Elliott Charles D. dwl 1309 Stockton 
Elliott C. W. clerk with I. H. Knowles, rooms 
41 Natoma 

Elliott F. A. assistant teacher evening school, 

dwl 7 Anthony Place 
Elliott Gardiner, carpenter, dwl 6 Quincy 
Elliott John, milk-ranch, San Bruno Road near 

Six Mile House 
Elliott M. bds What Cheer House 
Elliott Richard, imp hardware, SE cor Battery 
and Com,dwl S s Mission bet First and Second 
Elliott S. F. dwl 319 Bush 
Elliott Thomas, laborer, dwl NE cor Lombard 

and Polk 
Elliott Thomas W. physician, 563 Mission 
Elliott Washington, music-teacher, NE cor Broad- 
way and Polk 
Ellis Andrew D. clothing, dwl 68 Everett 
Ellis A. Irving, clerk with William G. Ross 
Ellis A. J. miller Dow's distillery, dwl with R. 

A. Tibbets 
Ellis Alfred J. real-estate, dwl 525 Green 
Ellis C. B. surveyor and draughtsman, NW cor 
Washington and Wash. Alley, dwl 303 Pine 
Ellis Charles E. bds Keystone House 
Ellis David H. sales-agent and accountant, 
Mission Woolen Mills, office 511 Sacramento, 
dwl Union Hotel 
Ellis Edward H. book-keeper, Hotel International 
Ellis Frederick, fireman stmr Sophie McLane 
Ellis George, Second St. Bakery, 26 Second 
Ellis Henry H. policeman City' Hall, dwells 737 

Union E of Mason 
Ellis John, carpenter, dwl centre Greenwich bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Ellis John (colored) boot-black, 615 Merchant 
ELLIS JOHN S. sheriff (elect) city and co. San 

Francisco, office Citj r Hall, dwl 539 Sac 
ELLIS MOSES & CO. importers and jobbers, 
merchandise 218 (old number 54) Front, dwl 
642 Folsom 
Ellis Richard, seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 
Ellis Russell, proptr Bay State Row, E s Sansom 

bet Bush and Pine, residence Oakland 
Ellis Valentine, beersman Dow's Distillery, dwl 

Potrero SE Brannan St Bridge 
Ellis W. miner, bds What Cheer House 
Ellis William groceries, SE cor Hinckley and 

Ellison John, butcher with Rodgers &. Davis, 

dwl cor Sacramento and East 
Ellison William, boatman, dwl W s Front bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Elliss Ardin, laborer, dwl NW cor Lombard and 

Elliss J. J. merchant, bds 728 Market 
Elliss Nathaniel, clerk Contra Costa Laundry, 

dwl 609 Pine 
Ellmaker Frederick S. Phoenix wood and coal 

yard, 9 Second 
Ellms George E. dwl NW cor Davis and Clay 
Ellock George, dwl with Henry Blankin 
Ellsworth Frank, dwl 70 Clementina 
ELLSWORTH TIMOTHY, lumber, corner East 

and Market, dwl South Park 
Ellwell Lot, house-roofer, dwl 22 Clary 
Elmne Henry, fruits, 442 Bush 
Elmore A. C. (widow) dwl 1013 Washington 
Elmore Frederick, clerk with J. Peirce 
Elmore M. G. Eureka Match Factory, E s Beale 
nr Market, dwl 15 Harlan Place 



Elraquist John, machinist Union Foundry, dwl 

249 Tehama 
Elrath M. Jr. drayman, 69 Battery 
Elroy Charles, baker, dwl 312 Dupont 
Elroy J. M. machinist Pacific Foundry 
Elsler Louis, rooms 343 Kearny 
Elsner Edward, waiter,. 631 Davis 
Elson Charles, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Elwell D. A. (of Lennox & Elwell. Marysville) 

office 412 Front, bds Oriental Hotel 
Elwell Frank, draper and tailor, 118 Montgomery, 

dwl 761 Mission 
Elwin Samuel J. clerk with Collins & Tiffany, 

dwl Stockton near Sacramento 
ELY ALEXANDER, attorney-at-law, office 15 

and 16 Wells' Building, bds Oriental Hotel 
Ely Geo. teamster, dwl X b Valparaiso nr Mason 
Ely John, express-wagon, dwl E a Mason nr Union 
Emanuel Isaac, dwl S21 Broadway 
Emanuel James, fisherman, rooms S s Merchant 

near East 
Emanuel L. & Co. (James F. Haley) manufactory 

furniture, cor Beale and Second, dwl comer 

Third and Minna 
Emanuel Lewis, importer watches and clothing, 

521 Sacramento, dwl 312 Suttei 
Embree James, real-estate agent, rooms 1024 

Embury James (colored) boot-black with George 

W. Gordon 
Embury James W. merchant, 406 Montgomery, 

dwl SE cor Jackson and Stockton 
Emeric Joseph, 60G Montgomery 

Emerich , dwl 407 Stockton 

Emerson Charles, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Emerson E. Miss, teacher Primary 

Department Rincon School 
EMERSON GEORGE T. bookbinder, 528 

Merchant, dwl 137 Montgomery 
Emerson John, clerk with TV Buddington, dwl 

S s Jessie bet Second and Third 
Emerson Thomas W. miller with George Pardow 
Emerson William II. with Turner & Co. 529 

Emu ton John W. second officer brig Crimea, 

pier 9 Stewart 
Emery Israel M. drayman with A. P. Ilotaliug 

.V Co. dwl 261 Tehama 
Emery .Joseph S. book-keeper for Sailors' Home 
Emery M. Mrs. dwl 603 Broadway 
Emery Robert, clerk with Samuel Adams, 760 

Emery Thatcher, miller Golden Gate Mills. Ids 

with Horace Davis 
Emery William, teamster with L. B. Garrison 
Emieh Charles X. tinsmith with E. Hagthorp, 

dwl 405 Dupont bet Bush and 1 
Enright Daniel, wood and coal, dwl E s Sonoma 

Place near Vallejo 
Emil Hermann, tailor with Walter & Brooks, 

dwl X s Front near Washington 
EMMET C. TEMPLE, attorney-at-law, XW 

cor Montgomery and Commercial, dwl SE 

cor Washington and Powell 
Emmett Frank, laborer, rooms St. Marks Place 
En, ..nd Peter, carriage-painter with 11. < 

Emory Thacher, teamster with E. W. Davis 

Emory Thomas, calker, bds Isthmus House 

EMPIRE BREWERY, Lyon & Co. proprietors, 
159 Jessie 

Empsale Wm. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 

Emslie Charleg, machinist, bds Pacific Temper- 
ance House 

Enean P. coffee-peddler, dwl Hardie Place 

Engal Phillip, dwl 50 Second 

Engelberg (Emil A.) & Siebreeht ( William) Ger- 
man bakery and coffee saloon, 416 Kearnv 

BROTHERS, (Adolph and Gustav) manu- 
facturers of cigars and dealers tobacco, 312 
Commercial, dwl 535 Mission 

Engelhardt Carl, cooper Bavarian Brewery, 622 

Engelhardt F. drayman, XE cor Front and Clay, 
bds 727 Davis 

Engelhart Frederick B. dwl 200 Stewart 

Engelhardt Gasper, shoemaker, dwl 313 Folsom 

Engelke Louis A. steward with F. Trapet, dwl 
507 Vallejo 

Engelmau William, carpenter, dwl W s Potter 
bet Mission and Market 

Engels Charles H. dwl 602 Second 

- Henry, boatman, dwl 5 Market 
Henry A. stoves and tin ware, 602 Mis- 

Engert A. F. C. with Wegener & Shoenbar, dwl 
519 Montgomery 

England Michael, shoemaker. 14 Sacramento 

England Thomas, architect, 528 Clay, dwl SE 
cor Chestnut and Hyde 

Englander A. produce commission, 221 Clay, 
dwl 34 Xatoma 

Englander Leopold, policeman, City Hall, dwl 
41 Jane 

r M. drayman with A. S. Rosenbaum 
Co. dwl 141* Xatoma 

Englander Wm. agent M. S. Duane, dwl Pacific 
near Dupont 

English Jas. carpenter, bds Golden Gate Hotel 

English James W. hquors, (Victoria, V. I.) dwl 
614 Howard 

English (Jerome A.) A Lathrop (John J.) black- 
smiths, 2u3 Sausom, dwl XI-: cor Post and 

English J. M. (21. & J. M. E.) dwl 80 Everett nr 

English Lawence, baker with Wm. Horr 

English M. & J. M. grainers, 542 Merchant, dwl 

bo i:. 

English S. B. dwl El Dorado Building 

\\ illiam 1». clerk with Treadwell & Co. 
dwl 204 Montgomery 
Email Burchard, dwl SW cor Cal and Drumm 

on, SW cor Cal and Drumm 
Em. is George W. salesman with Frank Baker, 

dwl SE cor Sacramento and Stockton 
Ennis James, laborer, dwl with Edward Ewald 
Amis Joseph, li.-herruan, dwl centre Filbert nr 
.'beit, gold-leaf-maker, bds What Cheer 
Bonis William J. baker, 715 Pacific 
Enoin X. bds What Cheer House 
BnOfl A. T. builder, dwl XW cor Sansora and 



Enos George, waterman, dwl 16 Hawthorne 
Enos Joseph, waterman, dwl 16 Hawthorne 
Enright John, retortruan S. F. Gas Co. 
Ensbnry George, hotel-keeper, dwl 705 Front 
Ensbury Anna Miss, domestic, 504 Greenwich 
Enshaw J. S. merchant, rooms 1024 Stuckton 
ENSIGN GEORGE H. offioe NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Merchant, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Knst Ant.'ine, carpenter, dwl 1626 Stockton 
Enwrigbt Daniel, with A. S. Pease '& Co. dwl 

Hinckley nr Yallejo 
Enwright John, laborer, dwl 232 Minna 
Epbraim Alexander B. dwl 121 St. Marks Place 
Epner Gustavus, (Himbach & K.) dwl 639 Olay 
Eppinger (Isaac) & Co, (Jacob and Mannd 
Jiosenfeld) importers cigars and tobacco, 323 
Front, res New York 
Epting Fred, upholsterer rooms, 343 Kearny 
Erans George, seaman, dwl 26 Stewart 
Erb Manuel, tailor, 1303 Stockton 
Erbe Fred.' (Grozinger & Co.) dwl cor Sansom 

and Greenwich 
Erhart Joseph, waiter, dwl 25 St. Marks Place 
Erickson Andrew, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Erickson C. C. laborer Rope Walk, Potrero 
Erickson Edward, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Erickson N. P. seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Ernen II. W. (Siegmundt & E.) dwl California nr 

Ernest Peter, shoemaker, 944 Kearny 
Ernst Hermann, hides, wool and tallow factory, 
Potrero, office 206 Front, dwl 362 Brannan 
Erskine John, laundry, dwl N s Mission near 

ERYIN WILLIAM C. groceries and liquors, 

200 and 202 First, dwl 30 Minna 
ERWIN JOHN, proprietor Sansom St. House, 

306 Sansom 
Erzgraber (William) ft Goetjen (Nichok 

porters eider, vinegar and pickles, NW cor 
Davis and Sacramento, dwl 21 Anthony PI 
Esberg M. cigars, 305 Kearny 
Escaich Francois, butcher. 523 Pine 
Escherich Henry, carpenter, dwl X s Berry 
Escobaza Theresa Mrs. restaurant, 1303 Dupont 
Escott Francois, bottler with J. E. Caster 

dwl N s Bush above Sansom 
Esmeralda Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining 

Co. offlce. 621 Clav 
Esmeralda Silver Mining Co. office, 411 Clay 
Esner A. Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. No. 2 
Espanier T. bds Original House 
Esper Jules (Lebanc & E.) dwl 1109 Dupont 
Estabrook J. A. clerk with J. H. Still, dwl 525 

Estabrook John, butcher, 20 Metropolitan Mar- 
ket, dwl 555 Mission 
Estabrook W. W. storekeeper U. S. appraiser's 

office, dwl 555 Mission 
Eston Richard, 'longshoreman, dwl 322 Yallejo, 
Estrade Thomas, clerK. dwl 1237 Dupont 
Estrange Thomas, laborer, bds 103 Pacific 
Estrem (Joseph) ft Worms (Solomon) clothing 

and furnishing goods, 657 Clay 
Etienne Yidal, dwl E s East Thirteenth near 

Ettick Peter, blacksmith at Phoenix Iron Works, 
dwl 708 Battery 

Ettinger Moritz, fringe-maker with D. Norcross, 

dwl 25 Dupont 
Ettling Macus. clerk with Ashim & Bro. dwl 

Minna nr Second 
Euler Julius (Kruse & E.) dwl Sutro House 
Eureka Benevolent Society, office SE cor Cali- 

and Sansom 
Eureka Flour Mills. Kennedy & Hopkins proptrs, 

cor Powell and Francisco 
EUREKA FOUNDRY, William McKibbin pro- 
prietor. N s Pine bet Sansom and Mont 

509 Montgomery 
Eustace John, seaman, bds Glencoe House 
Eustis Ellen Mrs. (widow) dwl 228 Minna 
EVANGELIST, weekly, P. B. Cheney editor 

and proprietor, office 503 Clay 
Evana Emma G. bds 405 Dupont 
Evans Francis, blacksmith, dwl Crescent Engine 

House No. 10 
Evans Frank, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Evans George R. house-raiser with Dearborn 

Perkins, dwl 427 California 
Evans G. T. pianist Bella Union Melodeon, dwl 

706 Washington 
Evans James, farmer, dwl W Mission Dolores 
Evans James M. carrier Alta California, dwl SW 

cor Montgomery and Bush 
Evans John, apprentice Union Foundry, dwl 31 2 

Evans John, laborer Union Foundry, dwl First 

bet Howard and Tehama 
Evans Margaret Mrs. liquors, SW cor Yan Ness 

Avenue and Green 
Evans P. J. carpenter, dwl W s Crooks near 

Evans Thomas, dwl 129 Sansom 
Evans William, blacksmith Miners' Foundry, 

dwl 25 Perry 
Evans Wm. J. (colored) seaman, bds 42 Bdwy 
Evatt Daniel, bell-hanger, 304 Bush, dwl 92 

Evatt Ellen Mrs. (widow) dwl 92 Stevenson 
Evatt John M. policeman, dwl 92 Stevenson 
Eveatt William, hatter, dwl 68 Tehama 
Evelan Mary Miss, domestic, dwl 1609 Powell 
Evelith Dwight, porter with Fargo & Co. dwl t^06 

EVENING BULLETIN. Daily, Weekly and 
Steamer, San Francisco Bulletin Co. pub- 
lishers and proprietors, office 620 Mont- 
gomery, editorial rooms 517 Olay 
EYENING JOURNAL, A. C. Benham & Co. 

proprietors, office 532 Merchant 
Evens Charles, porter 215 Sacramento, dwl S s 

Bush W of Taylor 
Everard Christopher, Steamship Exchange, 260 

EVER PING J. & CO. (Jacob Link) flour, grain 

and starch factorv. 205 Clav 
EVERETT (-1. P.) * POPE {John F.) auction- 
eers and commission merchants. 10" Cal, 
dwl 1016 Washington bet Powell and Mason 
Everett Martin V. tinsmith with G. ft W. Snook 
Everett William, butcher with Molt & Lawlor, 

dwl 432. Third 
Everetts Abbv M. (widow) dwl 630 Yallejo 
Everhart M. bds What Cheer House 



Everist U. G. salesman with Isaac N. Gregg, 13 

Evers Charles D. porter with H. Abrams, dwl 

5 s Post bet Taylor and Jones 

Evers Frederick, book-keeper with Hoelcher, 

"Weiland & Co. dwl Howard nr Fourth 
Evers H. C. groceries, SE cor Montgomery and 

Everts Lucien, printer, Eureka Typographical 

Union Rooms, 509 Montgomery 
Evrard James, policeman City Hall, dwl S s 

O'Farrell bet Hyde & Larkin 
Ewall Edward, {Ctiprico & E.) dwl X s McLaren 

Lane bet Mission and Howard 
Ewald Frederick, varnisher with Selling, Marx 

6 Co. dwl 125 Waverly Place 

Ewell L. J. (Osterhoudt & E.) dwl S s Market 

op Kearny 
Ewell P. D. F. (Lockivood E. & Co.) dwl 822 

Ewcu Michael, barkeeper, bds 316 Pacific 
Ewing Andrew, clerk with Sweeny & Stone- 

um, dwl 423 Pacific 
Ewing Calvin, harness-maker with John Murphv 

Bacon proprietors. 536 Clav op Leidesdorff 
EXPRESS BUILDIXG, XE cor Montgomery 

and California 
Eykeff Lena Miss, domestic, 1Q36 Clay 
Ezekiel Rebecca (widow) dwl with Israel Solo- 
Ezekiel Trickle, porter Pacific Mail S. S. Co. dwl 

cor Sacfamento and Leidesdorff 

Faa Arthur, butcher, dwl with John Lynch 
Faas William, cabinet-maker, with John "Wig 

more, dwl 209 Pacific 
FALENS F. A. attorney-at-law, 47 Montgomery 

Block, dwl 824 Washington 
Faber George, musician, dwl 715 Stockton 
Fabur M. P. dwl 904 Powell 
Fa'nre C. commission merchant, rooms 731 Wash- 
Fabre Jules, broiler, 508 Washington 
Fader Christian, merchant, dwl E s Williams 

bet Geary and Prist 
Faegheear G. bds Union Hotel 
Fagan James, hostler with R. E. Kerrison, dwl 

Bush Street Hoi 
Fagan John, melter, U. P. Branch Mint 

John, laborer, dwl with James McDeviti 
Fagan John, milkman, dwl X 8 Tyler nr Jones 
Mary, domestic with Jacob S. Duugau 
. Mary S. (widow) saloon 5S5 Market 
Fagan Michael. {Delahanty. SkeUy & Co.) dwl 
sic bet Third and Fourth 
:i Michael, laborer, dwl 17 Stevenson 
John, dwl NE cor Pacific ami Taylor 
Fahrbach Christian F. groceries SE cor Mont- 
gomery and Pacific, dwl St. Charles Place 
nr Montgomery 
Fahrbach George, musician dwl 005 Pacific 

oceries, 40 Ritch 
Fairchild Ezra G. laborer, dwl with Joseph EL 

Fairchild Elvira (widow) dwl XE cor Wash- 
ington and Davis 
Fairchild. George W. sawyer with Hobbs, Gil- 
more & Co. dwl 216 Fourth 
Fairchild Hiram, printer Herald, dwl 927 Wash 
Fairchild John W. artist, dwl 1011 Jackson, 
Fairfield B. L. refiner U. S. Branch Mint, bds 

Franklin House 
Fairfield Gaorge 0. ( G. M. Josselyn & Co.) dwl 

633 Commercial 
Fairfield H. B. clerk, 640 Sacramento, dwl 719 

Fair Haven Oil Co. F. P. McMahon proprietor, 

office 320 Front 
Fairman W. B. Captain of Watch, Custom House, 

dwl 938 Dupont 
Faisandieu Eniile, collector, dwl XW cor Sac- 
ramento and "Waverlv Place 
Falburg F. laborer. P. M.'S. S. Co.'s Works, Fol- 

som Street Wharf 
Falch Lewson, clerk, bds Xew England House 
Falco Alexander, watch-case maker, at 622 Clay, 

dwl 724 Howard 
Falco John, blacksmith, dwl 724 Howard, 
Falco Mrs. (widow) dwl 724 Howard 
Fales Edward, dwl 616 Mission 
Falk K. boarding, 8 Central Place 
Falk Lewin, clerk, 428 Commercial, dwl Xew 

England House, Sansom 
Falk Samuel, merchandise, dwl 1 Hardie Place 
Falkenburg, X. H. Capt. steamer Oakland, res 

San Antonio 
Falkeustein {Henry) & Co. (J/ Meyerfidd) imptrs 
and jobbers cigars and tobacco, XW corner 
Front and Com. dwl 137 Mont nr Bush 
FALKXF.R {Evelyn R.) BELL (James) k CO. 
(2/. B. flarrtson) commission merchants and 
insurance agents. 430 California, and ware- 
house cor Union and Battery, dwl 33 South 
Park near Third 
Fallam Edward, moulder Tulcan Iron Works Co 
Fallci James, wheelwright, 110 Kearny 
Fallon Christopher, Fountain Bakerv, 302 Pacific 

MINING CO. office 534 Washington 
Falor Hiram, drayman with Cary & "Winegar 
Falstaff Jacob, cigar-maker, bds 25 Dupont 
Falvey Miss, nurse, dwl X s Stockton Place nr 

Fancher Gilbert, dwl 1110 Clay 
Fanjoy William II. painter, dwl E s Jones Alley 
Fanleur Adam, driver with Charles Frank 
Fanning Frederick, milk-ranch, bet old and new 

San Jose B 
Fanuald Horace II. with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. 

dwl 66 Jessie 
Farallone Egg Co. office Ns Jackson near Last 
Farco John, wagon-maker, 630 Broadw. 
Fare David, gardener, dwl with Jos. Anderson 
FAUCi) {Calvin F) & CO. (J. C. Wibnerding 
and C. W. Kdlogg) importers and dealers 
liquors, 214 and 216 Front 
Darius, dwl 422 Sacramento 
FARGO FLANK {San Francisco Times Asso- 
ciation) editor Daily Times, office XE cor 
Mont and Clay, dwl Hotel International 
Fargo John, fireman stmr Chrysopolis, dwell 
1024 Stockton 



Farguo Elizabeth Mrs. millinery, 940 Dupont 
Farish A. T. & Co. (L. B. Farish) com mechts, 

128 Clay, dwl 742 Folsom 
Farish L. B. (A. T. Farish & Co.) res Pacheco 
Farlay Patrick, porter, dwl Filbert near Sansom 
Farless Thomas A. clerk with Win. T. Coleman 

& Co. dwl 51 Minna 
Farley Daniel, captain schr S. D. Bailey, office 

with N. C. Efford 
Farley Frank, "Franks" liqnor-saloon, San Jose 

Farley James, boots and shoes, 817 Pacific 
Farley (James) & Lonergan ( William) First St 

Market, 124 First 
Farley James, lumber, dwl centre Filbert bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Farley John, liquor-saloon, 612 Pacific 
Farley M. waiter Original House 
Farlev Martin B. laborer with A. S. Pease & Co. 

dwl 611 Market 
FARLEY M. II. attorney-atlaw, 305 Mont- 
gomery, dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Farley Owen, laborer, bds Union House 
Farley Patrick, laborer, dwl with Philip McGuire 
Farley Philip, hackman, dwl 710 Broadway 
Farley Thomas, butcher, dwl Chestnut nr Larkin 
Farley Thomas, laborer, bds 706 Batten- 
Farmer Edward, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Farmer John, driver American Russian Co. dwl 

144 Natoma 
Farmer Richard, engineer,dwl with Mary Mitchell 
Farmer Robert B. pressman Alta California, dwl 

W s Stockton nr Greenwich 
Farmer T. burnisher with Yanderslice & Co. 
Farmer William, laborer with Samuel A. Metcalf 
Farnam Jonah B. engineer Dow's Distillery, dwl 

with R. A. Tibbetts 
Farner Henry, dwl 500 Broadway 
Farnham Sylvanus, ship-carpenter, dwl SW cor 

Folsom and Stewart 
Farnaworth David, waterman, bds 1 Central PI 
Farnsworth E. S. first officer P. M. S. Orizaba, 

dwl 616 Mission 
Farnsworth Isaac L. carpenter with Hobbs, Gil- 
more & Co. dwl cor Pino and Stockton 
Farnsworth John D. laborer with Johnston & Co. 

dwl 427 Fremont 
Farnnm W. H. office 120 Clay, bds with J. E. 

Farquharson James, clerk with Chas. A. Fisher 

& Co. dwl 527 Pine 
Farr (Alonzo) & Pearson ( W. S.) proprietors 

Terminus House foot Third 
Farraghes John, laborer, dwl W s First near 

Farrall John, porter, dwl 26 Ecker 
Farrall John, laborer, dwell SE corner Bush 

and Dupont 
Farrall Francis, dwl 511 "Washington 
Farrall Michael, dwl SW cor Geary and Jones 
Farran Ann, domestic, 1707 Dupont 
Farran Charles J. with E. H. Parker, dwl 553 

Farran John, laborer, dwl 903 Battery 
Farran Saml. M. (Shaber & F.) dwl 553 Howard 
Farrar Albert, sawyor with Hobbs, Gilmore & 

Co. dwl Columbia Hotel, Pine 
Farrar Edward, physician, dwl 4 Brenham PI 

Farrec Patrick, milkman.dwl with Hugh McGram 
Farrell Edward, carpenter, dwl E s Quincy nr 

Farrell Edward, laborer, dwl Alta bet Sansom 

and Montgomery 
Farrell Edward T. bag-maker, 218 Clay, dwl 

Alta bet Sansom and Montgomery 
Farrell Frank M. printer Commercial Printing 

Farrell James, drayman, dwl S s Clay nr Jones 
Farrell James, laborer, dwl W side Salmon bet 

Pacific and Broadway 
Farrell James, laborer, dwl Pacific bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Farrell James, workman Lyon Brewery, dwell 

159 Jessie 
Farrell James A. boatman, dwl 3 Yallejo 
Farrell J. J. proptr Mechanics' Hotel, 539 Market 
Farrell John, laborer, dwl 320 Dupont 
Farrell John, mason, dwl N s Jessie bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Farrell John, miner, dwl E s Scotland bet Green- 
wich and Filbert 
Farrell Joseph, butcher, dwl Alta bet Sansom 

and Montgomery 
Farrell J. R. with David Adler 
Farrell Mary, cook with Robt. Allen 
Farrell Mary Miss, domestic, 810 Yallejo 
Farrell Max. dwl 14 Natoma 
Farrell Michael, porter with T. Penfield & Co. bds 

Brooks House 
Farrell Michael, porter U. S. Bonded Warehouse, 

22 Battery, dwl 14 Natoma 
Farrell Michael, painter, dwl 12 Ecker 
Farrell Peter, liquor-saloon NE cor Yalencia and 

Farrell Samuel, carpenter, bds Lovejoy's Hotel 
Farrell Simon, laborer, dwl 66 Stevenson, rear 
Farrell Wm. B. (colored) tailor, dwl 778 Harrison 
Farrell Wm. J. harness-maker with Main & Win- 
chester, dwl 204 Bush 
Farren Elizabeth Mrs. book-folder with G. T. 

Emerson, 915 Bush 
Farren J. W. (Gallagher & F.) dwl W s Second 

nr Howard 
Farren Owen, wool-sorter with Donald McLen- 
nan, dwl 16 First 
Farren Margaret, domestic, dwl 220 Second 
Farren Robert, organ-builder, dwl 915 Bush 
Farrend George, rooms 815 Dupont 
Farrer Albert, sawyer, dwl 411 Pine 
Farrington Bernard, gardener with H. M. New- 
hall, dwl E s Beale nr Harrison 
Farrington Charles L. cashier with n. Harris & 

Co. dwl 6 Montgomery 
Farrington Klvin D. printer Franklin office, dwl 

with Geo. W. Dam 
Farrington John, carpenter, dwl E s Montgomery 

nr I'nion 
Fairish A. T. produce 42 Clay, dwl 742 Folsom 
Farwell George, express-wagon, dwl 9 Louisa 
FABWELL J. D. & CO. (Wm. If. Farwell) ship- 
chandlers 307 Clay, res Alameda 
Farwell Joseph A. clerk with J. D. Farwell & 

Co. dwl NW cor First and Folsom 
FARWELL WILLARD B. naval officer 0. H. 
office second floor, dwl XE cor Sacramento 
and Powell 



Farwell Wm. H. (J. D. FarweU & Co.) dwl XW 

cor Folsom and First 
Fasie Sophia, French teacher with Mr. and Mrs. 

Plauel, dwl 1018 Stockton 
Fass Henrie, laborer, dwl SW cor Turk and Tan 

Ness Avenue 
FASSETT N. C. merchant, office 412 Front 2d 

floor, rooms 745 Clay 
Fatter Isaac, groceries 652 Third 
Fatz Jacob, waiter What Cheer House restaurant 
Faucth Thomas, seaman, dwl 320 Tallejo 
Faukes Richard, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Faulder William, seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 
Faulhaber Francis, produce merchant, dwl E s 

Belden nr Bush 
Faulkner G-. draughtsman U. S. coast survey, 

office Custom House 
Faulkner George H. book-keeper with Geo. J. 

Brooks & Co. 
Faulkner George L. ( Wm. Faulkner & Son) dwl 

8 Ellis 
Faulkner James, laborer with Haste & Kirk, dwl 

227 Sutter 
Faulkner James, pilot steamer Helen Hensley, 

dwl 332 Green 
Faulkner Joseph M. bds with Rev. F. Mooshake 
Faulkner Patrick, saloon-keeper, dwl 43 Ritch 
Faulkner P. F. (Hopper & F.) dwl E s Ritch nr 


Faulkner) agents N. E. Fire Ins. Co. and 

Conner & Son N. Y. 526 Sansom, res Oakland 
Faures (F. C.) & Reynolds ( William) Custom 

House brokers, 413 Washington 
Favre A. Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1 
Favre (Romain) Pionneau (Pierre) & Co. (Eugene 

Dessoil) importers wines and liquors, 434 

Fay Bernard, carriage-painter, bds Pacific Tem- 
perance House 
Fay Caleb T. commission merchant 215 Front, 

dwl 218 Bush 
Fay James, operative Rope Walk, Potrero 
FAY JOHN, manufacturer soap Lombard nr 

Mason, dwl 810 Greenwich 
Fay Michael, waiter with John Stock 
Fay Nathan, giger S. F. W. Factor}', Black Point 
Fay Patrick' laborer, dwl W s Vallejo Place 
Fay Sarah, domestic 1315 Mason 
Fay Thomas, beersman Dow's Distillery 
Fay Thomas P. distiller, dwl 85 Stevenson 
Fay William M. cigars 416 Washington, dwl 226 

Fayanl John, hair-dresser with Fayard & Con- 
Fayard (John B.) & Constant (Hubert) barbers 

and hair-dressers, 603 Montgomery 
Faxon Edwin, musician, dwl 8 Ilardie Place 
Faxon Wm. 11. musician, dwl 8 Ilardie Place 
Feagan Michael, carriage-painter with II. M. 

Shute, dwl cor Broadway and .Salmon 
Fealy Dennis W. butcher Golden Gate Market, 

dwl 512 Davis 
Featberly Henry, butcher, dwl 1011 Pacific 
Featberly Jacob, clerk with Win. Kennedy, dwl 

SW cor Pacific and Mason 
Fechheimer Leopold W. clerk with Thurnaeur & 

Zinn, dwl SE cor Commercial and Sansom 

Fechheimer M. S. clerk with M. Dorn 
Federal Buildings, NE cor Battery and Wash 
Fee David S. engineer, dwl 1118 Kearny, rear 
Feehan John, groceries and liquors, 142 and 144 

Feehan William, packer with R. A. Swain, dwl 

142 First 
Feenay Michael, deck-hand stmr Cornelia 
Feeney John, stage driver, dwl Lovejoy's Hotel 
Feeney Patrick, butcher, dwl with Charles Kerr 
Feeney Patrick, laborer, dwl 29 St. Marks Place, 

Fehrley Samuel, laborer, dwl with Wm. Green, jr 
Feicas Joanna Miss, domestic 412 Union 
Feige H. rooms 409 Bush 

Fein John, carrier ETening Post, bds New Eng- 
land House 
Felberg Christian H. cabinet-maker, 25 Jessie 
Feldbush (John H. D.) & Peters (Frank M. S.) 
fancy g<©Js, 206 Mont, dwl 605 Broadway 
Feldheim Samuel G. boot-maker at 516 Cal 
Feldman L. groceries, NE cor Calhoun and Green 
Feline Margaret Mrs. millinery, 711 Folsom 
Felix J. drayman, cor Sansom and Clay 
Felker Leonard M. mariner, dwl SE cor Green- 
wich and Mason 
Fell Caroline Mrs. lodgings, 719 Clay 
Fell E. L. hydraulic house raiser, office S s Hal- 

leck nr Leidesdorff, dwl 36 Tehama 
Fella Charles, printer, Alta office, bds 115 Geary 
Fella Placidos, book-seller, 224 Kearny, dwl 115 

Gearv, rear 
Feller Charles, laborer Cal. S. N. Co. dwl W s 

Montgomery "hear Union 
Felliss Marliim, dwl Mission House nr Sixteenth 
Fellora Louisa (widow) dwl 5 St. Marks Place 
Fellows Rosina (widow) dwl 1018 Washington 
Fellows George, milkman, dwl 405 Third 
Felman E. book-keeper with Henry Schroeder & 

Co. dwl 369 Stockton 
Felt I. W. clerk with Haynes & Lawton, dwl 906 

Felt J. J. merchant, rooms Tehama House 
Felt J. S. bds Niantic Hotel 
Felton John B. ( Whilcomb, Pringle & F.) dwl 

717 Stockton 
Fembach J. boot-maker 125 Bush 
Eemer James ( Wheatomk F.) bds Benton House 
Fenderick Charles, artist, rooms 445 Bush 
Fenkhausen A. & Co. dealers wines and liquors, 
:\'ll Montgomery, dwl Mason bet Broadway 
and Vallejo 
Fenn David A. printer Lo Phare office, dwl 323 

Fenn F. C. M. engraver and dry gaods, 153 

Fenn Lyman, carpenter, dwl W s Leavenworth 

between Union and Filbert 
Fennel James, plumber, dwl 154 First 
Fennell Henry, shoemaker, dwl SW cor Broad- 
way and Montgomery 
Fennell Michael, contractor, dwl W s First Ave- 
nue near Sixteenth 
Fennell ( Wm. Ii.) & Russell (James P.) variety 

store, 4 Kearny, dwl 9 Quincy 
Fanning James, cook, dwl 307 Davis 
Fenstermacher Martin, carpenter, dwl 19 Du- 
pont, rear 



Fenton Edward, machinist Union Foundry, dwl 

St. Charles Hotel, 29 First 
Fenton John <J. drayman, dwl Hyde bet Wash- 
ington and Jackson 
Fenton Samuel, moulder Union Foundry, dwl 

ETW cor Baldwin Court andFolsom 
Feppenter Nicholas, boot-maker, 308 Front 
Feret Ferdinand, professor music, 612 Pino 
Ferguson A. job-wagon, NW cor Sansom and 

FERGUSON CLEMENT, dwl 611 Stockton 
Ferguson D. (Easton & F.) dwl 1411 Powell 
Ferguson David, teamster with J. Y. Hallock & 

Co. dwl W s Mason near Broadway 
Ferguson David, chief clerk Quartermaster's de- 
partment, Department of the Pacific, dwl 
210 Bush 
FERGUSON GEORGE N. & CO. (Frederick 
Collier) Tattersall Stables, SE cor Kearny 
and Sacramento, dwl 622 Sacramento 
Ferguson Henry, mason, dwl corner Market and 

Ferguson James, carpenter, dwl 9 Third 
Ferguson Yates, merchant, bds Hotel Interna- 
Fernald David L. blacksmith, 306 Pine, dwl 

Leavenworth bet Sacramento and Clay 
Fernald Horace F. with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. 

dwl 64 Jessie 
Fernald J. S. clerk Wells, Fargo & Co. Express, 
dwl SW cor Sacramento and Leavenworth 
Fernandez B. (widow) boarding, 517 Pine 
Fernbach Frederick, dwl N s Market nr Sansom 
Ferner James, ( Wheaton & F.) dwl Benton House 
Fernier Mary, Olive Branch saloon, Valencia bet 

Corbet and Center 
Ferrer Manuel Y. prof, music, dwl 1108 Powell 
Ferrell Michael, deck-hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Ferrenbach Benry, watch-maker, 1024 Dupont, 

dwl N s Yal'lejo bet Mason and Taylor 
Ferrey A. tailor, dwl 112 Montgomery 
Ferril Peter, deck-hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Ferring Harry, fireman stmr Sonora 
Ferris David, boots and shoes, 126 Commercial, 

dwl 251 Folsom 
Ferris (David) & White (Mathew M.) boots and 
shoes, 534 Commercial, dwl Beale nr Folsom 
Ferris David C. book-keeper with Win. Meyer 

& Co. dwl S s Sacramento near Stockton 
Ferris John, hostler with W. & P. Code 
Ferris John A. political economist, bds 243 Second 
Ferris Richard, clerk with D. E. Appleton 
Ferris T. C. bo.)t-leg maker, dwl Brooks' House 
Ferris Timothy, boot-fitter with P. F. Dunn, dwl 

SE cor Sansom and Washington 
Ferrura Antonio J. dwl 528 Bush, rear 
Fertig Louis, assistant nurse City and County 

Feshel P. porter, dwl 231 Montgomery 
Fessenden Mary C. bds 615 Harrison 
FETHERMAN A. II. physician, 1207 Dupont 
Fetzer Leonhard, baker with Deeth & Starr, dwl 

219 California 
Feuerstein Rudolph (Loning & F.) dwl 27 

Hawthorne bet Folsom and Harrison 
FEUSIER (Henry) & SON (Edward D. Feusier) 
commission merchants, 128 Clay, dwl NW 
cor Kearny and Broadway 

Feusier John, dwl 500 Broadway, room No. 7 
Feusier Edward D. (Feusier & Son) dwl with 

Henry Feusier 
Fick Joseph, with William Harris, dwl corner 

Broadway and Kearny 
Ficken John, groceries, SW cor Clara and Berry 
Fieg Alexander, clothing, 923 Kearny 
Field B. 0. rooms Tehama House 
Field Charles, foreman with Aaron Brooks, dwl 

SW cor Mission and Fremont 
Field Edward X. clothing, 419 Washington, dwl 

60 Government House 
Field Francis, waiter, bds 206 Pacific 
FIELD (IT. E.) & QUIMBY (L. F. W.) proptrs 

Market St Restaurant, 619 Market 
Field Laura E. Miss, special assistant teacher 

Mason and Washington St School, dwl with 
James F. Eddy 
Field Mary M. Mrs. nurse, dwl 806 Stockton 
Field Silas C. special policeman, dwl SW corner 

Bryant and Seventh 
Field Timothy, umbrella repairer, 835 Clay 
Field William, tanner, dwl 422 Brannan 
Field Wm. A. (Hinckley & Co.) dwl 135 Natoma 
Fields Charles, Volunteer Engine Co. No. 7 
Fields William A. (Cook, F. & Co.) dwl N side 

Presidio Road near Lagoon 
Fiennemann Benjamin, groceries, NW cor Larkin 

and Green 
Fiex John, melter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 825 

Figel (Samuel) & Brother (Joseph Figel) imptrs 

clothing, 517 Sacramento, res New York 
Figel Joseph (Figel & Bro.) dwl 7 Anthony 
Fihfirst Adaf, fisherman, rooms 219 Drumm 
File John, cooper with Alex. Murdock 
Filliebrown James, carpenter, dwl with Wm. R 

Fillio Nelson, attorney-at-law, 625 Merchant, 

dwl Mission cor Fifteenth 

Finamer , carpenter, dwl 126 Bush 

Finance Alex. Dupont Restaurant, 839 Dupont 

Finberg Abram, jewelry, 218 Pacific 

Finch Sullen D. clerk with M. G. Elmore, dwl 

15 Harlan Place 
Finch Duncan B. clerk, dwl 205 Harrison 
Finch George W. livery-stable, dwl 509 "Dupont 
Finch Horatio, clerk Quartermaster's office, dwl 

15 Harlan Place 
Finch John H. feed and coal, 751 Mission 
Finch Joseph (Browning & F.) dwl 834 Kearny 
Finch W. H. clerk with Holcombe Brothers, 700 

Washington, dwl 15 Harlan Place 
Finch William G. (George & F.) dwl 527 Pine 
Finck Charles, (P/au&F.) dwl Ws Kearny near 

St Marks Place 
Fincke Henry, clerk City Brewery, 15 Kearny 
Findeisen August, cabinet-maker, 38 Second, rear 
Finder Julius, clerk with S. Craner, dwl corner 

Bush and Kearny 
Findla James, dwl South Park 
Finegan James C. tinsmith, 120 Front, dwl 7 

Finigau Holmes, physician, 754 Clay, dwl 327 

Third • 
Finigan James, hack-driver, bds 282 Minna 
Finigan Peter, livery-stable, 681 Market, dwl 

282 Minna 



Finignn Peter A. baggage-wagon What Cheer 

House, dwl 12 Prospect Place 
Pink Christian, cook, 540 California 
Fink (Henry) & Konig (Nicholas) grocers, 305 

Fink (James L.) & Sutton ( Charles Jr.) clothing 

and gents' furnishing goods, 538 Clay 
Fink Julius (Brovming & Co.) dwl Kearny near 

Fink William, asphaltum-roofer, dwl SE corner 

Kearny and Pacific 
Finkenstedt Henry, porter with Yerplank & 

Finkier Carl C. attorney-at-law, 63*7 Wash- 
ington, res Oakland 
Finkner Henry, paper-hanger, dwl 8 Brenham PI 
Finley Hamilton, plasterer, dwl N s Valparaiso 

near Taylor 
Finley John, teamster, dwl E s Powell bet Sut- 
ter and Post, rear 
Finley Richard, butcher, dwells with Alfred 

Finley Thomas E. clerk with F. E. Yonder 

Meden, dwl NW cor Post and Taylor 
Finn Andrew, silver-plater with Manvedel & 

Finn Bartholomew, shoemaker, 111 Leidesdorff 
Finn D. Augustus, printer, dwl 322 Vallejo 
Finn Edward, teamster, dwl 148 Minna 
Finn Elizabeth Miss, saloon, 626 Jackson 
Finn George, laborer, dwl with Charles H. Shear 
Finn Hannah, domestic with J. M. Strobridge 
Finn James, drayman, dwl S » Natoma bet 

Fifth and Mary 
Finn Jeremiah, drayman, dwl 417 Bryant 
Finn John, carpenter, dwl 419 Sutter, rear 
Finn Julia Mrs. (widow) dwl 778 Folsom 
Finn Patrick, retortman S. F. Gas Co. dwl 573 

Howard, rear 
Finn Thomas, express-wagon, dwl with A. B. 

Finn W. J. harness-maker with W. H. Baxter, 
Finnarson Patrick, laborer, dwl with Daniel 

Fimiegan Eliza Mrs. dwl SE cor Pine and Jones 
Finnegan John, pantryman steamboat Antelope 
Finnegan Peter, laborer, bds 553 Market 
Finnerty Catharine, domestic, 1010 Jackson 
Finnerty James, upholstorer with A. Doud, dwl 

N s Market nr Front 
Finnerty Peter, bricklayer, dwl 13 Hunt 
Finnerty Thomas, U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 723 

Vallejo, rear 
Fitiney John, laborer, dwl with Daniel Donnelly 
Finney .Josiah T. carpenter, dwl S s Fraucisco 

nr Kearny 
Finney Patrick, laborer, dwl 13 St. Marks Place 
Finnigan Catharine, domestic, dwl ~.'il Vallejo 
Finnigan J. II. bda Bote! International 
Finnigan Julia, domestic, dwl with Andrew J. 

( iaiuhill 
Finnigan Thomas, dwl 126 Bush 
Finton 0. B. laborer, dwl N s Boyd nr Chesley 
Fiqnenot Louis, cook, dwl 1214 Dupont 
NY, Brooklyn, C. Adolphe Low & Co. agents, 
426 California 
First Walter, merchant, dwl 1307 Stockton 

First North Extension Esmeralda Mining Com- 
pany, office 62 1 Clay 

Firth Josiah. wool-puller with F. A. Davis, dwl 
1000 Market 

Fischbeck Herman, (Fischbeck & Brother) dwl 
1000 Pacific 

Fischbeck (John R.) ft Brother (Herman Fisch- 
beck) groceries and liquors. 1000 Pacific 

Fischel Charles, clerk with M. Kohn & Co. dwl 
N s Folsom bet Second and Third 

Fischel William (Marcus Kohn & Co.) dwl N s 
Folsom bet Second and Third 

Fischer Carl, musician, dwl Ellis bet Mason 
and Powell 

FISCHER CHARLES, commission merchant, 
and Consul of Austria, office 515 Jackson, 
dwl 616 Pine 

Fischer Max, wheelwright with Chas. Steinweg, 
dwl 610 Washington 

Fish Benjamin F. livery stable, XE cor Pine and 
Sansom, dwl 137 'Townsend 

Fish Caroline Mrs. dress-maker, dwl with Dr. E. 

Fish Edward N. Geary Street Market, 35 Geary 

Fish E. P. compositor with Towne & Bacon, dwl 
Bush nr Dupont 

Fish Franklin & Co. employment office, 532 
Montgomery, bds What Cheer House 

Fish Gains II. clerk with A. B. Southworth 

FISH T. A. & CO. (J. II Swain) Black Hawk 
Stable, 317 Pine, dwl 137 Townsend 

Fish William H. printer with Agnew & Deffe- 
bach, bds Nianlic Hotel 

Fishbach George, tinsmith, 153 Second 

Fishbourne R. W. draftsman Surveyor General's 
offico, dwl E s Ohio nr Broadway 

Fisher Anton, bds Original House 

Fisher Augustus A. (Chas. A. Fisher & Co.) res 
New York 

Fisher B. A. wheelwright, 113 J Sansom 

Fisher Benjamin, drayman with Yerplank & 
McMullin, dwl 634 Commercial 

Fisher Beriah B. house-carpenter, dwl W s Wil- 
liams bet O'Farrell ami Geary 

Fisher Bernard, school teacher, 200 Dupont 

Fisher B. H. furniture wagon with J. D. Coulter 
&Co. dwl with B. F. Cclwiu 

Fisher (B. II.) ft Jameson (Henry II.) wheel- 
wrights and blacksmiths 125 Sansom 

Fisher C. F. 'longshoreman, dwl W s Sansom bet 
Aha and Union 

Fisher Charles, cook with Schmid & Holscher, 
dwl 331 Pine 

Fisher Charles, laborer with P. H. Cootoy 

FISHER CHAS. A. ft CO. (Augustus A. Fisher) 
hatters NK oor Montgomery and Commer- 
cial, dwl 1309 Taylor 

Fisher Chas. II. (colorod) boot-black, 543 Mer- 
ehant. dwl N s Green bet Kear and Dupont 

Fisher F. W dept. assessor's office City Hall, 
dwl 619 Mission 

FISHER GEORGE, attorney-at-law 33 Mont- 
gomery Block, dwl 759 Mission 

FISHER GEORGE, attoruoy-at-law 420 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 216 Stockton 

Fisher Georgo W. accountant with Crane ft Brig- 
ham, bds Simmons bet Harrison and Bryant 

Fisher Honry, plasterer, dwl 414 Post 



Fisher Henry J. gold-refiner with G. "W". Bell, 

dwl 7 Auburn 
Fisher H. G. bds What Cheer House 
Fisher 11. W. drayman with Verplank & Mc- 

Fisher J. L. first officer bark Live Yankee, Pier 

4 Stewart • 
Fisher John, mariner, dwl with Peter Jacobs 
Fisher John M. smelter with G. W. Bell, dwl 

with H. J. Fisher 
Fisher Joseph, brewer City Brewery, dwl 3 St. 

Marks Place 
Fisher Joseph, seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 
Fisher Louis, waiter with Henry Bocken, dwl 

Stockton nr Sacramento 
Fisher Luther P. advertising and newspaper 

agent 629 Washington (up stairs) dwl 121 

Fisher L. W. (John Sime & Co.) dwl 40 South 

Fisher Malcom ( Welter & F.) dwl 561 Mission 
Fisher M. B. wool-dealer, Scott*s Warehouse cor 

Greenwich and Sansoru, res Columbia, Cal 
Fisher Morris, job-wagon, dwl W s Jones nr Post 
Fisher Nicholas, hair-dresser 416 Commercial, 

dwl 1000 Kearny 
Fisher Philander, Fisher House S s Clark near 

Fisher P. M. bds What Cheer House 
Fisher S. Y. clerk Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, 

dwl XW cor Montgomery and California 
Fisk James, laborer, dwl with Jason Wight 
Fisk James H. bds Niantic Hotel 
Fisk Roval, commission merchant, dwl with E. 

W. 'Wiley 
Fisk William F. steward bark Live Yankee, 

Pier 4 Stewart 

Fiske . dwl El Dorado Building 

Fiske E. S. (H. G. & E. S. F.) dwl W s Mason 

near California 
Fiske H. G. & E. S. tin-roofers 820 Kearny, dwl 

E s Kearny nr Charles 
Fiske John, porter American Theatre, dwl Amer- 
ican Theatre 
Fiske Richar.d (colored) carpenter, bds with Wm. 

H. Williams 
Fitch George, jr. soda manufacturer, dwl 531 

FITCH GEORGE K. (San Francisco Bulletin 

Co.) dwl 317 Sutter 
Fitch Georgo W. miner, dwl NW cor Pine and 

Fitch J. It. cashier with Banks & Davis, dwl 807 

Fitch L. C. agent McCarthy's Safety Yalve 214 

Sansom, dwl 11 Sutro House 
Fitch Thomas, dead letter clerk Post Office, dwl 

226 Sansom 
Fitch Thomas, jr. cashier U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

with J. P. H. Wentworth 
Fitter Abe H. groceries SE cor Front and Com- 
mercial, dwl cor Third and Townsend 
Fitter Eire H. groceries SW cor Clay and Davis, 

dwl cor Townsend and Third 
Fitter Henry, clerk SW cor Clay and Davis 
Fitz Henry, baker 715 Pacific 
Fitz Joseph, baker, dwl 1414 Dupont 
Fitz Simon, brick-maker, bds with J. Clay 

Fitzenberger Henry, barkeeper Bank Exchange, 

bds 515 Pine 
Fitzgerald Ann Miss, domestic with J. W. Sul- 
Fitzgerald Austin, tailor with Walter k Brooks, 

dwl N s Charles bet Broadway and Kearny 
Fitzgerald Christopher, bricklayer, dwl 183 

Fitzgerald Edward, laborer TJ. S. B. Warehouse 
Fitzgerald George, lodgings, 815 Kearny 
Fitzgerald Honora (widow) dwl N s Oregon bet 

Front and Davis 
Fitzgerald Henry, keeper County Jail, dwl N s 

Pacific nr Taylor 
Fitzgerald J. laborer with G. W. Blasdell 
Fitzgerald James, drayman, dwl W s Williams 

nr Post 
Fitzgerald James, boatman, dwl San nr Green 
Fitzgerald James, carriage-painter with Kimball 

& Co. 
Fitzgerald J. C. milkman, dwl cor Wade and 

Fitzgerald John, laborer, dwl S s St. Charles nr 

Fitzgerald Leon L. with Henderson & Brown, 

dwl 215 Sansom 
Fitzgerald Margaret (widow) dwl 11 Everett 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, dwl 156 First 
Fitzgerald Michael, clerk with B. F. Fish, dwl 

200 Sansom 
Fitzgerald Michael, liquors, dwl 531 Market 
Fitzgerald Michael, painter, dwl 1816 Stockton 
Fitzgerald Michael, machinist with Hinckley & 

Co. dwl 4 Pennsylvania Avenue 
Fitzgerald Morris, tin-roofer, dwl 233 Jackson 
Fitzgerald Oscar P. Rev. editor Pacific Metho- 
dist, dwl Bush nr Stockton 
Fitzgerald Patrick, dwl 108 Davis, up stairs 
Fitzgerald Patrick, drayman, dwl 126 Bush 
Fitzgerald Patrick, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Fitzgerald Stephen, with A. J. Ramsdell, dwl 

N s Oregon bet Front and Davis 
Fitzgerald Theodore, cook, Oriental Hotel 
Fitzgerald Thomas, deck-hand steamer Cornelia 
Fitzgibbon David, teacher dancing, dwl with 

Arthur Quinn 
Fitzgibbon J. M. laborer weigher and measurer's 

department Custom House, dwl 545 Howard 
Fitzgibbon (Michael E.) & Wilde (George H.) 

asphaltum workers, 216 Sansom, dwl 113 

Fitzgibbons David, porter with J. H. Coghill & 

Co. dwl Branch Hotel, Sansom 
Fitzgibbons Eliza, ironer City Laundry 
Fitzgibbons Mar}-, Mrs. dwl 603 Broadway 
Fitzgous Seledad, dwl 6 Prospect Place 
Fitzmorris, George, drayman, dwl 609 Powell 
Fitzmorris Ulysses, plasterer, dwl 184 Stevenson 
Fitzpatrick Amy, engineer, dwl 1109 Kearny 
Fitzpatrick Fritz, laborer, rooms 13 St. Marks 

Place, roar 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, bds 115 Stevenson 
Fitzpatrick James, with F. S. Ellmaker, dwl Clay 

nr East 
Fitzpatrick John, cooper, Oregon nr Front, bds 

NE cor Oregon and Front 
Fitzpatrick John, drayman with Wm. Horr, dwl 

719 Battery 



Fitzpatrick John, trunk manufactory, 608 Cali- 
fornia, dwl 263 Minna 
Fitzpatrick John A. soda wagon, dwl 111 Vir- 
Fitzpatrick John E. {Turner & Co.) dwl Virginia 

nr Jackson 
Fitzpatrick Mary (widow) saloon 44 Clay 
Fitzpatrick Mary (widow) dwl W s Powell bet 

Clay and Sacramento 
Fitzpatrick Philip, laborer, bds 115 Stevenson 
Fitzpatrick Timothy, moulder Pacific Foundry, 

dwl 15 Everett 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, stevedore, dwl 12 Scott 
Fitzsimmons Margaret (widow) dwl Sansom bet 

Filbert and Greenwich ' 
Fitzsimmons, W. A. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Fitzsimmons Thomas, laborer, dwl E s Sansom 

bet Greenwich and Filbert 
Fizzard Joseph, blacksmith and horse-shoer, 716 

Battery, dwl XW cor Mission and Third 
Flach C. packer witli Wilson & Stevens 
Flach Joseph, butcher, 721 Greenwich 
Flagg A. & Co. {Lucius Flagg) groceries, 531 

Washington, dwl 414 Post 
Flagg D. S. stone-cutter with Charles B. Grant, 

dwl cor First and Tehama Place 
Flagg Lucius {A. Flagg & Co.) residence Boston, 

Flagg Lucius (of Flagg & Co. Sacramento) dwl 

117 Natoma 
Flagg Murray, clerk with A. Flagg & Co. dwl 

411 Pine 
Flaglor Gilbert, dwl 23 Natoma 
Flaglor William G. painter with H. G. Hanks, 

dwl 23 Natoma 
Flahant James, clothing, 27 Third, dwl W s 

Mason nr Green 
Flahant James J. painter, dwl W s Mason near 

Flaharty John, bds 541 Mission 
Flaharty John, laborer, dwl W s Williams near 

Flaharty Thomas, laborer, dwl N s Postnr Taylor 
Flaherty C. California Engine Co. No. 4 
Flaherty John, laborer with Samuel Hevner 
Flaherty John, U. S. Bonded Warehouse, 22 

Flaising E. N. waiter What Cheer House 
Flakefield Charles, carpenter, dwl E s Kearny 

near Post 
Flaming Wm. ship-carpenter, dwl 53 Clementina 
FLANAGAN EDWARD, agent Newport Coose 

Bay Coal Mines, office SE cor Green and 

Battery, {and Riley and Mullen) dwl 735 

Folsom bet Third and Fourth 
Flanagan {James and Patrick) & Mann {Samuel 

S.) coal office, SE cor Battery and Green, 

residence Coose Bay, W. T. 
Flanagan John, tinsmith, dwl W s Orleans Av. 

bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Flanagan John k Co. ( C. F. MacDermolt) imptrs 

wines and liquors, 421 Front, dwl S s Green 

near Kearny 
Flanagan Patrick {Flanagan <fc Mann) residence 

Coose Bay, W. T. 
Flanagan Thomas, drayman, rooms 261 Tehama 
Flanagan Thomas H. clerk, dwell Broderick 
Engine House 

Flanders Alvin, boards with Thomas Tennent 
Flanders E. calker, boards Isthmus House 
Flanders Dudley, photographer at 612 Clay 
Flancheub {Eugene) & Co. ( Gustave Delareuelle) 

liquor-saloon, 636 Pacific 
Flanigan Daniel, hostler with Skelly & Co. dwl 

83 Stevenson, rear • 

Flanigan Edward, bds Golden Gate Hotel 
Flanigan J. A. bds What Cheer House 
Flanigan Lawrence, waiter What Cheer House 

Flanigan Margaret, weaver S. F. Woolen Factory, 

Black Point 
Flannery H. clerk, rms Tehama House 
Flannerv Roger, laborer, dwl E s Powell near 

Flannigan Ann Miss, domestic 1215 Kearny, rear 
Flannigan Patrick, dwl 603 Broadway 
Flanthy John, brick-mason, dwl 605 Pacific 
Flarlery Miles, laborer, dwl 65 Minna 
Flashman Charles, drayman, dwl 16 Eddy 
Flashman Margaret Miss, dwl 715 Pacific 
Flatcher Barney (colored) porter with J. W. 

Tucker, dwl 925 Greenwich 
Flattery J. K. physician, office 29 Government 

Fledell John, cook stmr Nevada 
Fleisehman David, merchant, dwl St. Nicholas 

Fleisher Wolf, cap-maker, 105 California, dwl 

18 Ecker 
Fleishhacker Aaron, merchant, dwl 732 Mission 
Fleishman L. {Newman & Co.) dwl SW corner 

Sansom and Market 
Fleming Samuel, compositor with Valentine & 

Co. dwl 207 Jackson 
Flemming David, ship-carpenter, dwl 329 Bryant 
Flemmhig J. waterman. Market op Sansom 
Flemming John, soap-dealer, dwl S s Francisco 

bet Mason and Taylor 
Flemming Patrick, laborer, dwl 707 Front 
Flemming Peter, laborer, dwl with Joseph K. 

Eastman Old Beach House 
Flemming P. H. California Engine Co. No. 4 
Flenner S. R. {Porter & F) bds 529 Kearny 
Fleres Antonio, hair-dresser, 547 Clay, dwl 315 

Fletcher A. J. bds Benton House 
Fletcher Asa P. carrior Alta California, dwl 635 

Fletcher Augustus K. carrier Alta California, 

dwl 635 Clay 
Fletcher Charles, clerk with Davenport & Weston 
Fletcher CharleB A. clerk with Figel & Bro. dwl 

137 Montgomery 
Fletcher Edward, seaman, bds Glencoe House 
Fletcher J. painter with Thomas Robinson, dwl 

W s Stockton bet Washington and Jackson 
Fletcher Thomas, painter, dwl W s Tyson Place 
Fleury A. laborer with Turner Brothers 
Fleury Paul, blacksmith, 724 Commercial 
Flexner Henry, clerk, 423 Sacramento, dwl W s 

Fourth near Market 
Flick Wm. F. oilman, dwl 7G1 Mission 
Flinn Bridget Miss, domestic, 1201 Powell 
Flinn Dennis, laborer, dwl with Saml. Davis, Jr. 
Flinn John, laborer, dwl Potrero nr San Bruno 




Flinn John, laborer, S. Valley "Water "Works, 

dwl with Charles A. Lanpher 
Flinn Patrick, cook, chvl 817 Pacific 
Flinn Patrick F. porter with Bosworth & Co. 

dwl W s Eighth bet Folsom and Howard 
Flinn R. P. druggist, 5 Stewart 
Flinn Thomas, laborer, dwl Potrero near San 

Bruno Road 
Flinn Timothy, laborer with Charles Bon 
Flinn William, laborer, dwl with Jas. Richards 
Flint Augustus P. {Lambert & F. and Carl &F) 

chvl N 8 Bash nr Leavenworth 
Flint Edward (HoBaday A F.) dwl Union Club 
Flint Edward P. {Flint, Peabody & Co.) dwl 526 

Harrison bet First and Essex 
Flint E. T. clerk with Flint, Peabody & Co. dwl 

526 Harrison 
Flint George, milk-ranch, dwl near Mission Dol- 
ores Church 
FLINT {James P. and Edward P.) PEABODY 
{Alfred ) & CO. ( George H. Kellogg) commis- 
sion merchants, 716 Front nr Broadway, 
residence Boston, Mass. 
Flint Jane (widow) dwl 1312 Powell 
Flint John, laborer with George Flint 
Flint Milfbrd, mariner, dwl 14 Brooks bet Mar- 
ket and Geary 
Flint Milfbrd If. carpenter, dwl 14 Brooks 
Flint Thomas P. driver with Bailey & Sanborn 

dwl SW cor Sutter and Kearny 

FLINT {Win. C.) & COWAN {Wm. J.) Custom 

1 louse Exchange, NE cor Battery and Wash, 

dwl N s Market bet Laguna and Buchanan 

Flint Wm. R. with Flint, Peabody & Co. dwl 

526 Harrison 
Flintley Joseph, teamster with Reuben Morton, 

dwl NE cor Taylor and O'Farrell 
Flintoff Joseph, blacksmith, S s Halleck bet San 
and LeidesdorfT, dwl S s Twelfth nr Folsom 
Plisha William, cap-maker, dwl 25 Jessie 
Flith II. butcher, dwl 323 Pine 
Flodcham John, watch-maker, dwl 1319 Stock 
Flood Christopher, stevedore, dwl 56 Jessie 
Flood Henry S. salesman with Murphy, Grant & 

Co. bds Niantic Hotel 
Flood James, saloon, dwl 15 John 
Flood James, hat finisher with Adams & Bro. 

dwl 315 Broadway 
FLOOD {James C.) & O'BRIEN ( William S.) 
Auction Lunch, 509 Wash, dwl 15 John 
Flood John, fireman S. F. Gas Co. dwl W s 

Baldwins Court nr Folsom 
FLOOD MICHAEL, Catholic book store, 428 

Kearny, dwl 21 Harlan Place 
Flood P. bds What Cheer House 
Flood Teresa, servant with James Phelan 
Flood Wm. A. stone-cutter, 28 Clary 
Flowers Edward, engineer, dwl 727 Union 
Flowers Henry, stevedore, dwl S s Folsom near 

Floyd John W. seaman, dwl 905 Battery 
Flynn Daniel, hackman, dwl Jessie bet Second 

and Third 
Flynn Eliza Miss, domestic, 1017 Jackson 
Flynn Hugh, laborer U. S. Marine Hospital 
Flynn James, dwl with J. B. F. Davis 
Flynn James, laborer with D. J. Tallant 
Flynn James, shoemaker, dwl 22 Stevenson 

Flynn J. F. moulder, dwl Bay State Row 

Flynn M. 19 Metropolitan Market 

Flynn Martin {A. S. Pease & Co.) dwl 833 

Flynn Mary Miss, millinery, 940 Dupont 
Flynn M. M. tin and sheet-iron worker with John 

Flynn Morris, clerk with J. Regan 
Flynn Patrick, butcher, dwl 133 Third 
Flynn Patrick, carpenter, dwl with John Lery 
Flynn Patrick, cook, dwl 231 Stevenson 
Flynn Patrick, cook with J. H. Stevens, dwl S s 

Jessie nr Third 
Flynn Patrick, porter with John H. Bosworth 
& Co. dwl S s Howard bet Fifth and Sixth 
Flynn Patrick J. dwl 605 Pacific 
Flynn Richard L. liquors, dwl W s Auburn nr 

Flynn Thomas, blacksmith, dwl 5 Milton PI 
Flynn Thomas, boot-maker, dwl W s Brooks bet 

Market and Geary 
Flynn Thomas C. boot-maker at 425 California, 

dwl Geary nr Market 
Flynn Timothy, plasterer, dwl 252 Minna 
Flynn William, driver International Hotel Coach 
Foa Julius, real-estate, dwl 605 Broadway 
Foard Charles (colored) porter with J. S. Josephi 
Foard George R. dwl Oriental Hotel 
FOARD J. McDONNOUGH, editor Daily Mirror, 

dwl 528 Clay 
Foard J. W. entry clerk Custom House, dwl 

Oriental Hotel 
Foard Thomas J. office Evening Mirror, dwl 612 

Fogarty David, wheelright 641 Mission, dwl N s 

Tehama nr Fifth 
Fogarty Edward, groceries, 9 Clary 
Fogarty J. boot-maker with T. C. Ferris, dwl 

580 Stockton 
Fogarty James, carpenter, N s Jessie nr Sixth 
Fogarty Michael, grocer, 9 Clary 
Fogarty Michael, laborer, dwl N s Jessie near 

Fogerty {Patrick) & Donney {James II.) builders 

560 Howard, dwl 110 Minna 
Fogarty Patrick, carpenter, bds Staten Island H. 
Fogarty Patrick, driver with Skelly & Co. 
Fo.arty Wm. blacksmith, dwl Potrero S Brannan 

St. Bridge 
Fogarty Wm. laborer, dwl N s Stockton Place 

nr Dupont 
Fogel Jacob, tailor, 323 Kearny 
Fogelzhi Morris, dwl 32 Clementina 
Fogg E. C. hides and wool, SW cor California 

and Davifl 
Fogg P. S. {Nash & F.) res Stockton 
Foist Conrad, tinsmith with B. C. Austin, dwl 

Sacramento Hotel, Pacific 
Fojelski Morris, drayman with T. J. L. Smiley & 

Co. dwl 20 Clementina 
Folbrath Adam, horse-shoer, dwl SE cor Jessie 

and Annie 
Foley Ann (widow) washing, 59 Everett, rear 
Foley Christopher C. engineer stmr Sonora, dwl 

SE cor Montgomery and Union 
Foley Daniel, laborer Union Foundry 
Foley Daniel B. boiler-maker with Coffey & Ris- 
don, dwl 644 Mission 



Foley Ed. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Foley Edward, deck-hand stmr Antelope 
Foley Edmund, laborer, dwl SE cor Montgomery 

and Broadway 
Foley Francis, hides and wool, with Loning & 

Feuerstein, dwl 771 Mission 
Foley Francis, laborer Sugar Refinery, dwl with 

Owen Casey 
Foley John, helper Vulcan Iron Works Co. 
Foley James, laborer, 14 Jessie 
Foley John, laborer, dwl 75 Natoma 
Foley John, pressman with Biake & Moffitt, dwl 

551 Howard 
Foley John J. salesman with Lockwood & Hen- 

drie, dwl N s Howard near Second 
Foley Margaret, domestic, dwl 729 Broadway 
Foley Mathew, hod-carrier, dwl W s Annie near 

Foley Patrick, drayman with Merrill & Co. dwl 

Branch Hotel, Sansom 
Foley Patrick, washman, dwl Jones nr Francisco 
Foley Stephen, laborer, dwl Mississippi House 
Foley Thomas, waterman, Jessie near Second 
Foley Timothy, shoemaker, 27 Clay, dwl 33 Clay 
Folger Agnes Mrs. domestic with C. L. Wilson 
Folger Edward P. bds 551 Folsom 
Folger Francis B. (Moore &, F) dwl 745 Clay 
Folger James A. (Marden & F.) dwl 722 Filbert 

bet Powell and Mason 
Folger James S. druggist, dwl 1701 Dupont 
Folger Lydia F. Miss, milliuer, 1203 Stockton, 

dwl 1127 Kearny 
Folk Soloman, ( C. Meyer k Co.) dwl SE cor Te- 
hama Place and First 
Folks Joseph, cooper at 206 Davis 
Folks Sarah Miss, domestic, 323 Lombard 
Folsom Albert, carriage-maker and blacksmith, 

531 California, dwl 418 Post 
Folsom Charles F. B. porter with J. Pierce, dwl 

W s Clara near Bush 
Folsom E. P. stock-raiser, dwl Pine nr Franklin 
Folsom George T. book-keeper banking depart- 
ment Wells, Fargo & Co. dwl 807 Pacific 
Fonda (Alfred) & Co. wholesale grocers, NE cor 

Front and California, dwl 915 Stockton 
Fonda (Alfred) & Gray (John) groceries and pro- 
visions, SE cor Clay and Sansom, dwl 915 

Fong Le (Chinese) washing, 27 Third 
Fontagnere Ceasar, clerk with B. Pasquale, 652 

Pontalue Charles, saloon, 932 Kearny 
Fonticella Lucas [L. Delafont & Co.) dwl 626 

Vallejo, i' 
Fooley Daniel, laborer, dwl MO Minna 
Fooley John, clerk, dwl 652 Howard 
Fook-y Margaret Miss, domestic with Mrs. M. 

1*1. Y 
Fopless Margaret (widow) seamstress, dwl 825 

Forbe Samuel F. clerk with A. M. Vigoureux, 

dwl 723 Market 
Forbes Alexander (Daniel Gibb & Co.) dwl S s 

South Park, near Second 
FORBF.s (Andrew P..) ,v HABCOCK ( Wm. F.) 

Agents Pacific Mail Steamship Co. office N 

W cor Sacramento and Leidesdorff, dwl 551 

Harrison, opposite Essex 

Forbes Charles, clerk with Edwards & Bailey, 

dwl South Park 
Forbes D. E. joiner, dwl 202 Dupont, rear 
Forbes David E. Mrs. dress-maker and milliner, 

128 Post 
Forbes Edward, clerk with Daniel Gibb & Co. 

dwl South Park- 
Forbes F. M. bds What Cheer House 
Forbes James, boiler-maker, dwl W s Baldwin's 

Court, near Folsom 
Forbes James W. with Gray & Herwig. 613 Clay 
Forbes Jenny Miss, bds with J. A. McClelland 
Forbes John, Crescent Engine Co. No. 10. 
Forbes L. Fulton Hotel, 32 Jackson 
Forbes M. Mrs. dress-maker and milliner, 128 

Forbes W. C. tragedian, dwl 130 Montgomery 
Forbes Wm. C. Mrs. comedienne, 130 Mont 
Forco Henry, drayman, dwl NE cor Stewart 

and Mission 
Ford Charles, drayman, rooms 917 Dupont 
Ford E. B. laborer, dwl 129 Sansom 
FordH. C. cigars. 204 Bush, dwl 202 Bush 
Ford Henry, stevedore, dwl E s Vincent bet 

Green and Union 
Ford James, Burton Ale Brewery, dwl 725 Lom- 
Ford James, with Samuel A. Metcalf 
Ford James, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Ford James, laborer Pacific Foundrj- 
Ford James M. daguerrean operator at 425 Mont- 
gomery, dwl XW cor Pine and Montgomery 
Ford Jeremiah, bds Railroad House 
Ford John, boots and shoes, 12 Jackson 
Ford Joseph C. books and stationery, dwl S24 

Ford Margaret Miss, domestic, 526 Green 
Ford Michael, laborer, bds 19 Everett 
Ford Michael, laborer^ dwl 6 Natoma 
Ford Michael, teamster, dwl 427 Broadway 
Ford Patrick, soap manufacturer, dwl W a Ma- 
son nr Pacific 
Ford Seth. proprietor Half Moon Bay Express, 

610 Sansom 
Ford Sidney II. accountant with P. Witbeck 
Ford Susan S. Mrs. dress-maker, 1411 Dupont 
Ford Thomas F. blacksmith with Joseph Flintoff 
Ford William (2?< y nobis, Hoivdl & F.) dwl 615 

Ford William, laborer, dwl 71 Xatoma 
Ford William, steward, dwl 1411 Dupont 
Fordall James, miner, rooms 312 Dupont 
Fordo .1. (Casein A- F. ) dwl 65 Tehama 
FOKD11AM (Robert B.) ft JENNINGS (David 

A.) grocers, 600 Front, dwl 1210 Mason nr 

Fordman Fred. (Foster & F) 271 Tehama 
Fords Half Moon May Express office, 610 San 
Fore Eliza (widow) dwl 73 Natoma 
FOREST ANTOINE, acting Consul of France, 

430 Jackson, dwl Union Club 

B. 8. Mrs. assistant teacher Powell 

Street School 

■r (Henry B.) & Marks (Fdmund) whole- 
grocers, 311 Commercial, dwl S s Sutter 

bet Powell and Mason 
Formhals Ferdinand, tinsmith with John Gordon 

& Co. dwl 605 Pacific 



Formhals John, tinner, dwl 605 Pacific 

Forner Jacob B. policeman City Hall, dwl NW 

corner Broadway aud Kearny 
Forrest (Curtis T.) & Bovee (Lyman, T.) pork 

packers. 219 Commercial, dwl S s Market 

bet Third and Fourth 
Forrester George, foreman with John Center 
Forrester Joseph F. bag-maker at 312 Davis dwl 

with P. Forrester 
Forrester Peter, job-wagon, dwl W s Jones nr 

Forry William, with J. B. Manchester, dwl W s 

Dupont bet Sacramento and Clay 
FORSAITII EDWARD W. butter, cheese, etc. 

50 and 51 Washington Market, dwl W s 

Anthony nr Mission 
Forster George P. foreman, dwl with John Center 
Forster Peter B. (J. J. Ayers &, Co.) dwl 108 

Forsyth Jane (widow) dwl X s Folsom nr First 
Forsyth Win. K. copyist, 321 Front, room Xo. 7, 

dwl 50-1 Dupont 
Forthman John, bar-keeper, NW cor California 

and Market 
Fortmann Frank, cigar-maker, bds Franklin 

Fortune Henry W. clerk with Hudson & For- 
tune, dwl 42 Clara 
Fortune James A. (Hudson & F.) dwl SE cor 

Polk and Post 
Fossas Peter, printer, L'Echo du Pacifique, dwl 

X s ValLejo bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Foster Alden B. book-keeper with Gilman M. 

Burnham & Co. dwl 429 Fremont 
Foster Benjamin F. compositor Alta California, 

dwl 613 Powell bet Pine and Bush 
Foster Charles, ( W. C. TaWotl & Co.) residence 

Machias, Maine 
Foster Charles E. rooms Tehama House 
Foster Edward, machinist Union Foundry, dwl 

W s Montgomery nr Green 
Foster Edwin J. clerk Hotel International 
Foster Gaspar, workman with John S. Dole & 

Co. dwl Dupont nr Broadway 
Foster Geo. H. clerk with R. H. Vance, dwl 723 

Foster Henry A. ship-joiner, dwl 116 Natoma 
Foster James G. capt. ship Sierra Nevada, Rin- 

con Dock 
FOSTER (J. G.) & COLEMAN (.4. N.) propri- 
etors Hotel International, X s Jackson bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Foster John, plumber S. F. C. Water Works 
Foster Joseph, steamboatman, bds 11 Jackson 
Foster Leonard K. laborer, Pioneer Race Course 
Foster Robert, stone-cutter, dwl SW cor Front 

and Jackson 
Foster Samuel, machinist Pacific Foundry, bds 

771 Folsom 
Foster S. E. capt. sloop Nimrod, Pier 8 Stewart, 

dwl Suisun 
Foster Samuel F. mariner sloop Hector, Mission 

St. Wharf 
Foster Thomas A. butcher with S. B. Sherwood 
Foster Wm. rooms Tehama House 
Foster Wm. deck-hand stmr Sophie McLane 
Foster Wm. J. fireman stmr Helen Hensley 
Foster Wm. W. book-keeper, dwl 22 Perry 

Fotter Jackson, clerk, bds Original House 

Fotz Samuel J. bds Isthmus House 

Foubert Eugene, jeweler, dwl 307 Tehama 

Fougue J. Lafayette H. and L. Co. No. 2 

Foulk Levi, clothing, 231 Jackson 

Foulks Horatio, wood-sawyer with Michael Har- 

FOUXTAIX (George C.) & RANDALL (P. M.) 

hay and grain, Market opposite Stewart, 

dwl 3 Douglas Place 
Fountain Norman, surgeon dentist SE cor Cal 

and Montgomery 
Fouratt Enos, pilot stmr Antelope, dwl E s Mason 

nr Green 
Fournier A. T. Lafayette H. and L. Co. Xo. 2 
Fowiuckle William, clerk, dwl 46 Stevenson 
Fowler Albert G. street contractor, dwl 513 

Fowler Franklin, carriage-painter with P. Wit- 
beck, rooms 410 Stockton 
Fowler Geo. H. pyrotechnist with 0. F. Giffin <fc 

Fowler James, waiter stmr Cornelia 
Fowler James L. dwl 410 Stockton 
Fowler John (McLean & F.) dwl S s Guy Place 

bet First and Essex 
Fowler Mary Ann (widow) lodgings 812 Sac 
Fowler Monmouth H. with W. H. Keith & Co. 

bds Hotel International 
Fowlkes Richard, brick-mason, dwl 511 Yallejo 
FOWZER JAMES, cigars and tobacco, 516 Bat, 

dwl X s O'Farrell bet Mason and Powell 
Fox Abraham, dealer shells and gravel, dwl SE 

cor Townsend and Third 
Fox David P. shoemaker, dwl 704 Front 
Fox Gustave P. cigar-maker at 613 Wash, dwl 

281 Washington 
Fox H. Allen, gunsmith, dwl S s Union nr Taylor 
Fox H. B. hair-dressing saloon, 515 East 
Fox Heiman, tailor, 429 Sansom, dwl 68 Jessie 
Fox Heurv, machinist, dwl 68 Jessie 
FOX (Henry A.) & MELVILLE (John) impts 

and wholesale liquors, 527 Clay, dwl 434 

Fox Horatio, carpenter, 421 Mission, dwl S s 

Merchant nr East 
Fox Jessie, plasterer, bds Franklin Hotel 
Fox John, laborer, dwl 14 Sansom 
Fox Louis, steward Red Jacket Restaurant, East 

nr Market 
Fox Mark, cigar-maker, dwl 5 Third 
Fox Maurice, tailor 130 First 
Fox P. F. engineer, dwl S s Brannan nr Fifth 
Fox Pliillip, laborer, dwl W s Brooks bet Market 

and Geary 
Fox Richard, painter, dwl 923 Dupont, rear 
Fox Stephen, dwl 181 Jessie 
Fox Thomas, bell-ringer City Hall, dwl S s Wash 

nr Front 
Fox Wm. laborer, dwl 256 Tehama 
Fox William C. hide-curer with E. Grisar, dwl 

X s Tehama bet Third and Fourth 
Foye Charles E. mariner, dwl 12 Ellis 
Foye Wm. clerk with Thomas Morse, dwl San- 
som nr Greenwich 
Fradelle Albert E. ( Wilson & F.) dwl 813 Vallejo 
Fragaso Felix, carriage-painter with A. Folsom, 

dwl Broadway nr Dupont 



Frala Alvord, cook with Jacob Ott 
Frampton Hannah (widow) dwl 37 Tehama 
Francis Abner H. merchant, dwl 913 Bush 
Francis Antoine, cabinet-maker, dwl 320 Vallejo 
Francis D. B. accountant with Green, Heath & 

Francis (Henry A.) & Loder (Richard D.) oyster 

saloon, 612 Market, dwl 335 Pine 
Francis I. W. (Cox, F. & Co.) dwl Hotel Inter- 
Francis Jas. B. cigars and tobacco, 19 Pacific 
Francis J. J. steward, dwl with J. McSueyan 
Francis John, with A. S. Pease & Co. dwl cor 

Howard & Beale 
Francis John H. laborer, dwl Beale bet Folsom 

and Howard 
Francis Joseph, Young America Engine Co. 
Francis Manuel, cabinet-maker, dwl 320 Vallejo 
Francis Manuel, seaman, dwl N side Vallejo bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Francis Pardies, dwl Union Hotel 

! R. C. barber and musician, 238 Bush, 
dwl 830 Broadway 
Francis S. furniture, 1224 Stockton 
Francis W. H. collector S. F. C. Waterworks 
Francisco Jose, waiter stmr Chrysopolis 
Francisco Josiah, laborer, rooms 923 Dupont 
FRANCE FREDERICK & CO. com mchta and 
-ul of Wurteniberg, BW cor California 
and Front 
Franck Frederick, cooper Sugar Refinery, dwl 

witli Joseph Scheiedler 
Franekinau Tenneux, with J. E. Castera & Co. 

dwl 613 Broadway 
Franco Charles, mattress-maker, dwl Brandon 

Place near Washington 
Franconi Lewis, merchandise broker, 55 Com- 
mercial, dwl 716 Filbert 
Frank Abram, drayman, dwl N s Post nr Mason 
Frank Adeline Miss, dwl 15 LI Powell 
Frank Antonio J. cook with Thomas Burmingham 
Frank Augusts, butcher, 256 Third 
Frank August W fancy-painter, 341 Bush 
Frank Barney, express-wagon, dwl 14 Sonoma 

Place near Green 
Frank Charles, baker, 326 Kearny 
Frank EL clothing, 213 Pacific 
Frank Frederick, cooper with William Gunn, 608 

Frank 1L, U. S. Appraiser's office, dwell 125 

Frank Harriet Mrs. lodgings, 809 Sacramento 
Frank' Henry, butcher, dwl N side Sixteenth 

I 'olores and Guerrero 
Frank Henry, clerk with Michael Reese, dwell 

7 2 2 Washington 
Frank, Henry k Co, {Henry Weusterfeld) furni- 

228 Commercial 
Frank Jacob, baker with Henry Winkle 
Frank Joaquin, steamboat-man, dwl Vallejo near 

Frank John, seaman, dwl 26 Stewart 
Frank John, flour-packer with Gfosh & Ruther- 
ford, dwl W b Baldwin Court nr Folsom 
Frank .film, butcher, L48 Second 
FRANK JOSEPH i CO. (Rudolf Jordan) im- 
porters tobacco and cigars, 315 Clay, dwl 
37 Minna 

Frank Joseph, salesman with Neustadter Bros. 

dwl E s Powell near Green 
Frank M. ( O. Stevens & Co.) dwl 430 Green 
Frank Moses I. clerk with H. Colin & Co. dwl 

413 Sacramento 
Frank Otto H. merchant, 308 Clay 
Frank Simon, laborer Warehouse Department 

Custom House 
Frank Solomon, dravman, dwl N side Post near 

Frankenberg Joseph, harness and saddles, 1110 

Frankenheimer J. (Menges & F.) dwl 500 Market 
Frankenthal Max, book-keeper with Adelsdorfer 

Brothers, dwl 736 Vallejo 
Franklin A. cigars, 531 Sac, dwl 222 Stevenson 
Franklin Abraham, bds 124 St. Marks Place 
Franklin Edward, real-estate, NW corner Sacra- 
mento and Battery 
Franklin G. clothing, 511 Davis 
Franklin Henry, rooms Commercial Row, NW 

cor Clay and Drurnm 
Franklin Jacob, hand-cart, cor Montgomery and 

Washington, dwl Jackson near Sansom 
Franklin James, seaman, bds Glencoe House 
Franklin John, dwl 124 St. Marks Place 
Franklin John H. book-keeper Mercantile Gazette 

office, dwl S s Bush bet Mason and Taylor 
Franklin Joseph (M. Franklin & Bro.) residence 

New York 
Franklin J. R. clerk, dwl 745 Clay 
Franklin M. k Brother (Joseph Franklin) com- 
mission merchants, 514 Sacramento 
Franklin Maximillian, porter with Steinhart Bros. 

dwl E s First bet Market and Mission 
Franklin Roderick P. foreman with P. Witbeck, 

dwl 83 Clementina 
Franklin Stephen, reporter Mercantile Gazette, 

dwl 41 Greenwich 
Franks F. actor Maguire's Opera House 
Franks James, waterman, dwl W s William bet 

O'Farrell and Geary 
Franquelain Adolph, with Bresse & Besson 
Fransen John, ship-carpenter, dwl Francisco bet 

Taylor and Jones. 
Frapolli Baptista (Scalmanini & F.) dwl 53 Clay 
Frase Hermann, witli J. Gundlach, dwell 775 


Alexander, seaman, bds Glencoe House 
Eraser Andrew, machinist Pacific Foundry 
Fraser Hugh, blacksmith with Gallagher & 

Farren, dwl 112 Bush 
Eraser Thomas, porter with J. Underbill, dwell 

L36 .Minna 
Frasier Eliza Mrs. dwl 1618 Stockton 
Frauenholz Philip, foreman Bavaria Brewery, 

H22 Vallejo 
Fraythe Hans, laborer, dwl with H. Schammel 
Frazer Catharine, domestic with C. Raymond, 

SE cor Larkin and Sutter 
Frazer Henry A. carriage-manf, dwl 211 Jackson 
Frazer Jas. moulder, dwl N s Bernard nr Jones 
Frazer Jas. \Y. K. assist engineer stmr Bragdon 
Frazer J. J. porter, U. S. Branch Mint 
Frazer Phoebe (widow) dwl 426 Dupont 
Frazer Robert, seaman, bds 335 Broad way 
Frasier Christian A. stevedore, dwl W s Main 

bet Harrison and Folsom 



Frazier James, plasterer, dwl 26 Battery 
Frazier W. B. carpenter, bds Benton House 
Frebour George, lapidary with E. Rondel 
Frederick 0. Mrs. dwl 603 Broadway 
Frederick Valentine, merchant, dwl 1001 Dupont 
Frederick Wm. bar-keeper, NE cor Clay and 

Fredericks Charles W. clerk with Henry Hagen, 

dwl 135 Third 
Fredericks John {Decker & F.) dwl 101 Sansom 
Fredericks S. O. silversmith with Yandersliee 

Frederickson F. cabinet-maker with Freeman, 
Haller & Haskell, dwl cor California and 
Free Thomas, deck-hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Free William, machinist, dwl 415 Union 
Freeborn Ellen Miss, bds 740 Howard 
Freeborn James, (Castle & F.) dwl Oriental Hotel 

>rn Wm. dwl Oriental Hotel 
FREELON {Thomas W.) & BYRNE {Henry H) 
attorneys-at-law, 635 Clay, bds St. Johns 
1 louse 
Freeman & Co.'s New York and California Ex- 
press, NE cor Montgomery and California 
Freeman Ann S. domestic, dwl with ElishaCook 
FELL (Phineas) stair-builders, Chase's Mills, cor 

Market and Beale, dwl 14 Quincy 
Freeman Charles, baker, dwl W s Quincy nr Cal 
Freeman Chas. E. {Charles E. Hinckley & Co.) 

dwl SE cor Clay and Kearny 
Freemau Charles L. (colored) cook stmr C. M. 

Freeman Charles W. foreman C. F. Robbins, 

dwl 92 Everett 
Freeman Elisha, captain schooner Ella Florence, 

dwl 327 Beale 
Freeman George, watchman stmr Kate Hayes, 

dwl Riucon Point 
Freeman Henry, paints and oils, 106 Third 
Freeman J. blacksmith, dwl 411 Pine 
Freeman Jacob F. stoves and tin ware, 306 

Kearny, dwl S s Hayes near Laguna 
Freeman J. B. carpenter, dwl 129 Sansom 
Freeman John, dwl N s Folsom bet Sixth and 

Freeman John, laborer, dwl pier 5 Stewart 
Freeman John G. blacksmith with Nelson & Doble 
Freeman John J. watchman, dwl 28 Post 
Freeman Maria Miss, dwl cor Harriet and Folsom 
Freeman Mary Mrs. saloon, Ns Folsom bet Sixth 

aud Russ 
Freeman Peter, dwl N s Folsom bet Sixth and 

Freeman Sam'l, (colored) waiter stmr Chryopolis 
Freeman Thomas, stevedore, dwl W s Baldwin 

Court, near Folsom 
Freeman William, (colored) cook, dwl E s Adelle 

Freeman Wm. (colored) cook with W. n. Blossom 
Freeman Wm. dish-washer with Sara Ambrose 
Freethey William, laborer with Wm. Robbins, 

dwl Sixth near Brannan 
Freie Henry, groceries, 747 Sacramento, dwl 

E s Prospect Place 
Freiermuth Geo. A. stoves and tin ware, 24 Jack- 
son, dwl 24 Milton Place 


Freiermuth Geo. A. jr. carrier Morning Call, dwl 

4 Milton Place 
Freidman Jacob, express-w'agon, dwl Loaven- 

worth bet California and Sacramento 
Freemy Michel, porter with Donohoe, Ralston 

& Co. dwl St. Charles near Kearny 

649 Sacramento 
French Caroline, (widow) dwl 1214 Dupont 
French (Charles C.) Wilson (E. Henry) & Co ; 
manufacturers and importers clothing, SW 
cor Sacramento and Leidesdorff, dwl N s 
Pine above Taylor 
Frencli D. M. roofer, dwl 30 Natoma 
French Eben, drayman SW cor California and 

Front, bds 122 Davis 
French Edward, cook with Lazar & Blumenthal, 

rooms Pacilic House 
French Hospital. S s Bryant bet Fifth and Sixth 
French Ira G. operator Yance's gallery 
French Isabella (widow) nurse, dwl 225 Post 
French Joshua. (Ptrine & Co.) dwl 30 Natoma 
French M. B. clerk with Sam. Ambrose 
French Robert F. drayman with Wm. T. Cole- 
man & Co. dwl 49 Ritch 
French Savings and Loan Mutual Society, 649 

Sacramento, Gustave Mahe director 
French Wheeler N. drayman with Wm. T. Cole- 
man & Co. dwl 28 Perry 
French William, contractor, dwl SE cor Brannan 

and Seventh 
Frese Emil, druggist, dwl 256 Stevenson 
Fretigny Victor, (Claude tfc F.) dwl NW cor Pow- 
ell and Eddy 
Fretz Anna, (widow) lodgings, 843 Clay 
Fretz R. S. (Donohoe, Ralston & Co.) dwl 3 Har- 
lan Place near Dupont 
Freund (Philip) k, Joel (Albert II.) blank books 

and stationery, 511 Clay, dwl 215 Sansom 
Frey Henry, groceries, dwl 103 Prospect Place 
Fr;y J. job-wagon, cor Montgomery and Wash 
Frey Wm. A. clerk, 422 Commercial 
Frick Alfred, superintendent collecting depart- 
ment S. F. & Mission Railroad 
Frick Augustus, stair builder, dwl 770 Folsom 
Frick Dominique, dwl 804 Union 
Frick Lafayette, conductor S. F. & Mission R. R. 

dwl 604 Union 
Fried David, hair-dresser, dwl 518 California 
Friedberg Abraham, cigar-maker, bds 308 Dupont 
Friedberg Charles, book-keeper with M. Bern- 

heim. dwl 408 Clay 
Friedberg Michael, carpenter, dwl 15.04 Dupont 
Friedberg Morris, cigar-maker, dwl 308 Dupont 
FRIEDEL HENRY, book-binder, 522 Mcht 
Friedhofer August, cooper with Hoelscher, Wie- 

lard & Co. 
Friedhofer Paul, blacksmith with Nelson & Doble 

dwl 313 Bush, rear 
Friedhofer P. W. blacksmith, dwl 323 Pine 
Friedlander I. commission merchant, 112 and. 114 

fornia, dwl 30 South Park 
Friedlander M. clerk with Lotus Ackerman 
Friedlander W. watch-maker, 125 Jackson, bds 

Keystone House 
Friedman Henry, book-keeper with Rosenstock 
& Price, dwl W s Stockton bet Wash and 




Fry J. D. dwl Hotel International 

FRY JOHN H. (Grey & F) dwl S 3 Eddy nr 

Frye J. B. liquors, dwl 539 Sacramento 
Fugazi John, barber, 225 Drumm 
Fuhr Charles, upholsterer, 15 Leidesdorff 
Fuhr Paul, boots»and shoes, 542 California 
Fuid Egnatz S. clerk, 1213 Stockton 
Fulda Howard, butcher, dwl 313 Bush, rear 
Fulford Robert, printer Scientific press, dwl 20 

Government House 
Fuller Mrs. milliner, dwl 323 Pine 
Fuller Arnold, Metropolitan Stables 219 Bush, 

dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Fuller Charles, deck-hand stmr Cornelia 
Fuller Charles C. Pine Tree Saloon, 301 Kearny 
Fuller Esbitt J. butcher, NW cor Mason and 

Fuller Frederick teamster with Sewall Ben- 
son, bds 40 Minna 
Fuller George, dwl 603 Broadway 
Fuller Geo. W. wood-turner with 0. L. Morrill, 

dwl 523 Davis 
Fuller James, dwl 1110 Clay 
Fuller J. P. carpenter, dwl 716 Tehama 
Fuller Orlando, furniture, 432 California 
Fuller Peter, carpenter, bds Lovejoy's Hotel 
Fuller Silas, agent Coose Bay coal, W s Front 

bet Vallejo and Broadway, dwl 417 Union 
Fuller Thomas, harness-maker, 1110 Dupont 
Fullerton John, seaman, dwl N side Oregon bet 

Front and Davis 
Fullerton Samuel, dwl E side Montgomery bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Fullmer George, builder, rooms 224 Stockton 
Fullum Thomas, laborer, dwl 47 Clary 
Fulmer George, architect, dwl 766 Harrison 
Fulmer James G. wire-worker with Eckfeldt & 

Craves, dwl 621 Kearny 
Fulton Adoniea, with R. Gibbons, dwl Potrero 

Fulton A. H. first officer P. M. S. St. Louis, office 

P. M. S. S. Co. NW cor Sac and Leidesdorff 
Fulton B. John, foreman spinning dept Rope-walk 

proprietors, 47 First 
Fulton John J. foreman Cox, Willcut & Co's 

tannery, cor Brannan and Simmons, dwl 

134 Townsend 
Fulton Robert J. baker Hotel International, dwl 

20 Trinity 
Fulton William, machinist, bds Original House 
Fulton "William, porter with Treadwell ft Co. 

dwl 7 Front 
Fultz Augustus, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Funs Yeo & Co. (Chinese) merchants, 723 Sac 
Funk Eerman, barkeeper, Hayes' Garden 
Funkenslein J. & Co. (Fitel Phillips) jobbers 

wines and liquors, 323 Cal. dwl 21 Dupont 
Fuqua F. F. painter, dwl W s Tay near Clay 
Futla John, hackman, dwl E s Jones bet Post 

and Geary 
Furbush Ellis M. clerk with Allen & Spier, dwl 

727 Broadway 
Furbush Moses, wharfinger Greenwich Dock, 

727 Broadway 
Furden Mary i widow) 615 Mission 
Furley C. C. physician, dwl 719 Clay 

Friedman Isaac, fruit dealer, dwl 337 Union 
Friedman J. job-wagon, cor Sansom and Clay 
Friedman Joseph, dwl 826 Broadway 
Friedman Nathan, bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Friedmann E. (Rosenbaum & F.) dwl E s Stock- 
ton bet Pine and Bush 
Friel Thomas, deck-hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Friel William, tinsmith, dwl 1113 Kearny 
Friend George, laborer, dwl 24 Ritch 
Friend George, miller with Flint, Peabody & Co. 

dwl 211 Vallejo 
Friend James, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Friend John, captain brig Martha Worthington, 

office with Edgerly & Wickman 
Frigoso Felix, painter 509 Broadway 
FRINK GEORGE W. proprietor Tehama House, 

NW cor California and Sansom 
Frink John, varnisher and polisher, 314 Jackson 
Frisbee Frederick, cooper Dow's distillery 
Frisbee Gilbert (colored) fireman stmr Nevada, 

dwl S s Vallejo nr Dupont 
Frisbie John B. office with B. S/ Brooks 
Frisch Henry (Lust & F.) dwl 408 Sacramento 
Frisch John G. (Thomas Taylor) importers wines 

and liquors, 413 Clay, dwl 716 Union 
FRISCH (John W.) & CO. (Peter C. StUlvng) 

groceries, 875 Mission 
Frisius M. commission merchant, 317 Market, 

dwl 784 Folsom 
Fritch George, book-keeper with Jas. R. Doyle, 

dwl 1318 Kearny 
Fritz D. H. blacksmith with Charles Steinweg, 

dwl 257 Minna . 
Frix John, melter U. S. Branch Mint 
Frodsham Edward, drayman, dwl E s Mason nr 

Frodsham John, jeweler, 836 Dupont 
Frohin (Charles (7.)& Sullivan (John) restaurant 

214 Stewart 
Frohling Johu (Kohler & F.) residence Los An- 
geles, Cal. 
Froiling Gotleib, laborer, dwl with Joseph Wood 
Froment Jean B. (Lemoine F. & Co.) residence 

San Jose 
Froment Louis, apprentice with Harding ft Lin- 

ekin, dwl Sailors' Home 
FRONTIER (Peter) & DEVIERCY (Eugene) 
jewelry manfs, 443 Pine (and Dubois & Co.) 
Froomberg Isaac, clothing, 415 Commercial 
Froomberg S. clothing, 424 Commercial, dwl 536 

Frost F. F. (Loomis & F) dwl 634 Commercial 
Frost Henry E. cigars and tobacco, 510 Kearny, 

dwl St. Marys Place 
Frost (Horatio) & Richards (Calvin) painters, 13 
Post, dwl S s Bdway bet Taylor and Jones 
Frost James, master brig Willimantic, office with 

Geo. M. Josselyn & Co. 
Frost John, waiter, dwl 231 Montgomery 
Frothingham John, pattern-maker Union Found- 
ry, dwl 650 Mission 
Frothingham Julia (widow) dwl 919 Broadway 
Frowhling William, gardener, dwl S s Presidio 

FRUCHTNICHT JOHN, liquors, NW cor Stew- 
art and Mission, dwl 308 Mission 
Fruman Henry, painter, dwl SE cor Summer and 



Furley Phillip, gold-leaf manf, dwl 8 Yarenne 
Furley Thomas J. carpenter, dwl S s Jessie near 

Furley William & Co. manuf of gold and silver 

leaf, 641 Commercial, dwl 8 Varenne 
Furling George, 'longshoreman, dwl S s Union 

near Battery 
Furlong Joseph, butcher, bds with "Wm. O'Donnell 
Furman Mathew II. attorney-at-law, 526 Merch- 
ant, dwl 917 Stockton, rear 
Furnan John, ship-carpenter I. G. North's ship 

Furnham W. II. dwl 110 Prospect Place 
Furstenthal G. R. traveling-agent Isaac S. Josephi 
Furter Samuel, clerk with F. Tillman, dwl 55S 

Mission bet First and Second 
Furth S. (of A. Block & Co. Nevada) office SE 

cor Battery and Sacramento, dwl SE corner 

California and Sansom 
Furzi William, barkeeper with Wm. R. 0. Reilly 
Fuschmuth C. baker at 416 Kearny 
Fuselier Wm. Golden Gate Hotel, 135 Jackson 
Fusilier John (Schroder & F) dwell 31 St. 

Marks Place 
Fusilier William, boarding, 201 Jackson, and 

groceries, SW cor Post and Taylor 


Gabbs Albert S. upholsterer with R. J. Ordway, 

dwl W s Main near Folsom 
Gabbs William, trimmer with Wm. Steinbuhler 
Gabbs William H. saw-filer, 35 Bush, dwl W s 

Main near Folsom 
Gabbs William H. Jr. upholsterer at 107 Second, 

dwl W s Main near Folsom 
Gabriel Delia Miss, nurse, dwl 810 Stockton 
Gadopp Ringolf, 'longshoreman, dwl cor Bush 

and Battery 
Gaeger Charles, meter-maker at 212 Bush, rooms 

13 St. Marks Place 
Gaetjen Wm. S. barkeeper with J. Hanifin 
Gafney George, teamster, dwl 603 Broadway 
Gafuey James, lamp-lighter, S. F. Gas Co. 
Gafney John, miner, dwl 139 Minna 
Gage Crescencia Miss, domestic, 810 Yallejo 
Gage George, miner, dwl 918 Jackson 
Gagen Philip, laborer, E s Montgomery near 

Gager J. II. book-keeper with T. J. L. Smiley & 

Co. dwl Adams House, 728 Market 
Gagne Charles Mrs. paper-box maker, dwl SE 

cor Pine and Dupont 
Gahagan B. drayman, NW cor Battery and Sac 
Gahan Thomas, laborer S. F. Sugar refinery 
Gahker George, barber, dwl 7 Second 
Gaidou Mark, hatter, dwl N s Pacific bet Hyde 

and Larkin 
Gailhard Charles (Gailhard Bros.) dwl California 

GAILHARD BROTHERS (Gabriel, Charles and 

Justin) California Hotel, SE cor Dupont and 

Gailhard Justin (Gailhard Brothers) dwell Cali- 
fornia Hotel 
Gakubowski (Louis) & Warszaur (H.) merchant- 
tailors, 532 Kearny 

Galacar Charles, stationery, 2 Clay, dwl corner 

Bush and Taylor 
Gale A. bds What Cheer House 
Gale Horatio A. watchman Market St Railroad, 

dwl with J. A. Leighton 
Gale Jeremiah W, commission merchant, 409 

and 411 Davis, dwl 609 Howard 
Gale John, carpenter, rooms W s Morse 
Galhagen John machinist, dwl 14 Sansom 
Galichan Mathew, blacksmith, San Jose Road 

near Potrero 
Galido Raphael, waiter with P. Sather 

: Jeremiah, teamster, dwl 715 Pacific 
Galigau N. teamster, dwl with Elias Curry 
Galina John, carpenter, dwl E side Second near 

Galivan Jeremiah, liquors, dwl Hayes bet Polk 

and Yan Ness Avenue 
Gallagher Ann Mrs. dwl 23 Scott 
Gallagher (Bernard) &, Farren (J. W.) wagon- 
makers, 112 Bush, dwl 10 Perry 
Gallagher Charts, plumber S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Gallagher Charles, plumber, dwl N s Folsom bet 

Moss and Russ 
Gallagher Charles, porter with Hosmer & Co. 

dwl 1017 Mason 
Gallagher Charles F. blacksmith with Lawton & 

Klapperich, dwl Bush Street House 
Gallagher Dennis, bricklayer, dwl Foundry House 
Gallagher Edward, miner, dwl 528 Bush 
GaDagher Edward A. T. inspector and packer 

provisions, 17 Beale, dwl SW cor Fremont 

and Folsom 
Gallagher Edward M. painter, dwl 7 Lafayette PI 
Gallagher F. D. stevedore, dwl Montgomery bet 

Lombard and Greenwich 
Gallagher Francis F. hair-dresser, 50 First, dwl 

21 Stevenson 
Gallagher Hugh & Co. (T. F. Keagle) coopers, 

121 Washington, dwl 206 First 
GALLAGHER HUGH P. REV. dwell E side 

Dupout adjoining St. Mary's Cathedral 
Gallagher Hugh T. bds Knickerbocker House 
Gallagher James, blacksmith with Gallagher & 

Farren, dwl 10 Perry 
Gallagher James, laborer, St. Marys Hospital, 

1314 Stockton 
Gallagher James, laborer Empire Warehouse, 

W s Beale near Market 
Gallagher James, real estate, dwl 500 Pine 
Gallagher James, laborer, 121 Mission 
Gallagher James, laborer, bds Foundry House 
Gallagher James H. carriage-painter with H. M. 

Shute, dwl cor Broadway and Mason 
Gallagher (Jas. J.) & Kenny (Peter) blacksmiths, 

712 Sansom, dwl 721 Union 
Gallagher John, bds Niantic Hotol 
Gallagher John, laborer, bds with John Henry 
ler John, laborer, dwl W s Kearny near 

Gallagher Joseph, clerk with James Pholan, dwl 

cor Stockton and Sacramento 
Gallagher (J. P.) & Weed (Joseph E.) brass foun- 
dry and lock factory, S s Oregon bet Front 

and Davis, dwl N s Louisa bet Third aud 

Gallagher Mary (widow) laundress, dwl 424 Du- 



Gallagher Michael, door-keeper U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 416 Filbert 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, bds 317 Post 
Gallagher Peter, boiler-maker Union Foundry, 

dwl 66 Xatonia 
Gallagher Peter, {Mangan & G.) dwl X s Virgin- 
ia Place 
Gallagher Thomas J. clerk with C. Temple Em- 

rnett. dwl 913 Washington 
Galland Abraham, broker, dwl 6 John 
Garlardo F. F. teacher of languages, 68 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Gallagan Patrick, laborer, dwl 824 Pacific 
Galleana Angelia (widow) dwl X s Commercial 

near East 
Gallego Frank, 'longshoreman, dwl Lombard bet 

Montgomery and Sansom rear 
Galloup Jerome B. Pacific pottery depot, 114 

Clay, dwl XE cor O'Farrell and William 
Galloupine Francis, laundryman, 1427 Dupont 
Galloway J. fireman stmr Bragdon 
Galloway (Josqrfi) &Booban (Elijah) pile-drivers 

pier 22 Stewart, dwl 1417 Powell 
GALLOWAY JOSEPH W. student with Hol- 

laday ft Cary, dwl 1417 Powell 
Galloway Xicholas, ship-wright, bds with Peter 

Gaily Edward, laborer, dwl 49 Jessie 
Galmache Francis, dwl 500 Broadway 
Galrae Xicholas. dwl 500 Broadway 
Galinger X. boots and shoes, 32 Montgomery 
Galotte Monieur, billiards and liquors, 1031 Du- 
GALPEX EDWARD, (Sleek & Co.) SE cor San- 
som and Commercial 
Galpin P. G. bds 315 Minna 
Galvey Peter, boatman, dwl 417 Greenwich 
Galvi Patrick, laborer, bds 518 Mission 
Gamage A. (Crane & Co.) salt works. I 

Mills cor Beale and Market, dwl 226 First 
Gamba Frances Mrs. furnished rooms, 51 S tac 
(JAMBA LOUIS. dwlXE cor Leidesdorff and 

Gambert Felix, (Lemoine, Froment ft Co.) res 

San Jose 
Gambill Andrew J. dwl S s Mission bet Ellen and 

Gamble Alexander, office 621 Clay 
GAMBLE JAMES, general superintendent Cal- 
ifornia State and Overland Telegraph Cos. 
office 630 Montgomery, res Oakland 
Gamble Mary Ann (widow) dwl. 13 Harlan Place 
Gamble EL T. blacksmith. 11 St. Marys Place 
Gamble Wm. A. printer, bds 13 Harlan Place 
Game M. F. clerk office Superintenden 

Instruction, dwl 809 Stockton 
Gamm; it. (John II. Bosv:orth <fc Co.) 

dwl 722 Washington 
Gammana Silas P. clerk with J. n. Bosworth & Co 
Gamon James, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Gamon Martin B. carpenter with F. B. Cottle. 

dwl 602 Market 
Gamron Thomas, book-keeper with John O'Xeil 
GangloffF. J. stoves, 341 Kearny, dwl St. Ma- 
rys Place bet Pine and California 
Gangloff Joseph, tin-smith, dwl 19 St. ': 
Gaun Peter J. clerk with A. A. Son, dwl S s'Fost 
near Kearny 

Gannon James, refiner's dept U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl X s Bernard near Jones 
Gannon Peter, waiter with Andrew Blumfisher 
Gannon Thomas, liquor saloon. 416 Washington, 

dwl 303 Pine 
Gans Isidore, with D. Wolf, 3 Xew World Market 
Gana Samuel, butcher, dwl W s Kearny nr Cal 
Gansz John, bus with Daniel Sutter 
Gaut Ira A. laborer, dwl Union Place nr Green 
Gaut Wm. B. boatman, dwl 3 Yallejo 
Ganter Aug. laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Gautner Richard, wheel-wright, 424 Pacific, dwl 

E s Ohio near Broadway 
Garbade Charles, groceries and liquors, 722 Pac 
Garbildie B. Brannan House, SE cor Harris and 

Garcelon Harvey, carpenter, dwl 137 Fourth 
Garcia Francisco, wines and liquors, 718 Mont- 
gomery, dwl E s Central Place near Pine 
Garcia Joseph S. master brig Pride of the Sea, 

dwl 5 Market 
Garcin Leopold P. Yulcan Forges, 32 Sutter 
Garcin Paul, machinist, dwl 9 Post 
Garcius Augustus, cook with Hezekiah Smith, 

dwl X s Jackson bet Kearn}* and Dupont 
Gardiner Baldwin, clerk with Crane A Brigham, 

bds S s Pine bet Dupont and Powell 
Gardiner James J. surveyor, dwl 659 Clay 
Gardiner John H. salesman with Wm. Alvord & 

Co. dwl XE cor Montgomery and Sutter 
Gardiner Mary E. Miss, assistant teacher Rincon 

Gardiner Nicholas, basket-maker, dwl 4 Morse 
Gardiner (Samuel) & Stowell (Charles) Sazerac 

;i. 765 Clay 
Gardner Anna (widow) dwl 314 Beale 
Gardner George M. painter with Wilson & Moul- 

ton, dwl 35 Jackson 
Gardner Henry H. drayman with J. D. Farwell 

ft Co. bds Fisher House 
Gardner (Jura! M.) ft Coleman (David R.) ship- 
smiths, 706 Front, dwl 1305 Stockton 
Gardner J. H. register clerk Custom House, dwl 

830 Washington 
GARDNER (John) & CO. (Pat'k nurd and J. K. 
proprietors Pioneer Line of Omni- 
Ifice E s Kearny nr Clay, stables 

W s Third bet Tehama and Folsom 
Gardner John, milk-ranch Old San Jose Road 
:,n II. clerk, dwl 38 Sutter 

• orkman rope-walk, Potrero 
GABDXEB l.l/. IK) ft CO. (J. II. Jaunty) manu- 
facturers vinegar, pickles and sauces, 408 

and 410 Davis, residence Boston, Mass. 
Gardner Nicholas, laborer, dwl 4 Pine, nr Bush 
Gardner R. B. drayman with H. C. Hudson & 

Co. dwl 14 Front 
Gardner Robert, silver-miner, office 534 Wash- 
Is What Cheer House 
ert G. dwl 314 Beale 
Sanford C. with Gardner 4 Co. dwl E s 

Mason bet Sacramento and California 
r William, omnibus-driver, dwells 330 

Third, rear 
Gareta Manuel, dwl 739 Broad way 

ine Mrs. sausages, pork, etc., 

17 New Market, dwl E s Montgomery bet 

Pine and Bush 



Garibaldi Domonico, gardener, old San Jose Road 

near Industrial School 
Garibaldi Joseph, drayman with Bisagno Bros. 

dwl S s Pacific near Powell 
Garland E. A. miner, dwl 716 Stockton 
Garland G. H. bds Original House 
Garland IT. P. waterman, Market op Sansom 
Garmond Morris, laborer with G. W. Blasdell 
Garnant John H. dwl cor Powell and Filbert 
Garneau Gaspard (J. H. Cordierdb Co.) dwl 422 

Garner James C. horse-dealer, dwell XE corner 

Filbert and Polk 
Garuess Daniel, baker Hotel International 
Garnett A. S. assistant melter and refiner TJ. S. 

Branch Mint, dwl 35 Essex 
Garnett Joseph, laborer rope-walk, dwell with 

John Hoppin 
Garnett L. A. melter and refiner U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 33 Essex 
Garnett Marv L. (widow) housekeeper with A. 

Xoel. 31 4 Dupont 
Garnett William, cooper S. F. Sugar Refinery, 

dwl with Owen Casey 
Gamier T. Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. Xo. 2 
Garniss J. R. surveyor, X. E. Fire Ins. Co. 526 

Sansom, dwl Stockton bet Jackson and Pac 
Garniss Thos. groom with Jas. W. McDonuald 
Garrand John, dentist, 719 Clay 
Garratt James, carpenter, dwl S 8 Yallejo near 

Garratt Wm. T. & Joseph, brass and bell-founders, 

507 Market, dwl Sixth near Harrison 
Garratt Joseph ( Wm. T. ScJ G.) dwl X s Sutter 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Garraty Bridget, irouer Chelsea Laundry 
Garretson J. W. carpenter and mason, dwl W s 

Dolores near Seventeenth 
Garrett Davis, silver-plater with Yanderslice & 

Co. dwl 1100 Powell 
Garrigan Felix P. machinist with L. P. Garcin 

& Co. dwl W s First near Jessie 
Garrigan L. laborer, dwl S s Filbert nr S 
Garrioch Alexander, merchant, SE cor Wash- 
ington aud Battery, dwl S side Great; 

Mason and Powell 
Garrison C. K. office 37 Sutter, res Xew York 
Garrison Benjamin, shipwright, dwl with James 

S. Houseman 
Garrison L. B. drayman, office 215 Front, dwell 

15 Sutter 
Garrison Moses, seaman, rooms 108 Washington 
Garrison Stephen, gardener, San Bruno Road 
GARRISON WILLIAM R, office 37 Sutter, dwl 

Hotel International 
Garron Dennis, butcher, dwl 423 Third 
Garron Louis, tailor, dwl 25 J 
Garron Nicholas, cook, dwl 421 Powell 
Garron William, cap-maker with W. Fleisher, 

dwl 25 Jessie 
Garsh Nicholas, farmer, bds Ocean House 
Gartelman Daniel, saloon, SW cor Jackson and 

Gartelman John (Schmidt & G.) dwl SW corner 

Sansom and Union 
Gartey P. waterman, Market op Sansom 
Garthorne Charles, clerk with.Hobart & Bros. 

dwl 317 Harrison 

Garthwaite Henry, book-keeper Empire Ware- 
house, dwl W a Leavenworth nr Sacramento 

Gartlen Philip, laborer, SE cor Pine and Dupont 
Garvadia Joseph, gardener, dwl W s Bannam 

Place near Green 
Garvard Peter, dwl S s Sacramento nr Jones 
Garver Michael, engineer stmr Nevada 
Garvev Catherine (widow) dwl 442 Third 
GARYEY JAMES P. searcher of records, 622 

Merchant, dwl 442 Third 
Garvey Wm. laborer, dwl 1 1 St. Marys Place 
Garvev William, private secretary Gen. J. A. 

McDougal, dwl 442 Third 
Garvin James, porter with Parrott & Co. dwl 39 

Garvin P. Eldridge, express- wagon, 412 Clay 
Garvin Thomas, laborer, dwl 19 Lafajette Place 
Garvis (John) & Seyden (Henry) groceries, 945 

Garwood ( George 31.) k Kensley (John P.) butch- 
ers, 83 and 84 Washington Market, dwl S s 

Geary bet Stockton and Powell 
Garwood Joseph S. with H. Wetherbee, dwl 61 

Sutro House 
Gascoigne Gregory, laborer, dwl 1220 Powell, 

Gaselman John, groceries, SW cor Union and 

Gaskin Charles M. special policeman, dwl SE cor 

Battery and Washington, room 13 
Gasper Peter, shoemaker, dwl 659 Mission 
Gasq Joseph, clerk with Louis Paris, dwl 709 

Gassert William, Gassert's Exchange, S s Mis- 
sion near Eighth 
Gassner Antoine, butcher, dwl 45 Clary 
Gassner W. shoemaker, dwl McLarens Lane 
Gasspenburg Henry, pantryman Stickler's Ex- 
Gately James, book-keeper, dwl 20 Everett 
Gately John, proprietor Roxbury House, 318 Pac 
Gately Michael, teamster, bds 20 Everett 
Gately Patrick, drayman, dwl 318 Pacific 
Gately Thomas J. builder, dwl 20 Everett 
Gates Daniel, shoemaker, 611 Davis, dwl Green 

near Dupont 
Gates G. R. bds What Cheer House 
Gates Horace, salt-worker with S. II. Tyler, dwl 

505 Howard 
GATES HORATIO S. physician, 526 Merchant 
Gates James R. with R. Hall ,t Co. dwl W s 

Montgomery bet Bush and Sutter 
Gates Peter, laborer, dwl 114 St. M;<rks Place 
Gates Wm. D. produce dealer, 317 Dav 

Franklin House 
Gatley John, carpenter, bds Xew England House 
Gatiaan Henry, painter, bds 25 St. Marks Placo 
Gatzert Bailey, groceries, 160 Third 
Gaubert Charles H inspector Custom House 
Gaucher Antoine, shirt-maker, 1503 Dupont 
Edward, laborer with A. II. Houston 
Gauley James A. real estate broker, office 617 

Merchant, dwl 611 Stockton 
Gault William, brick-maker with Wm. Buckley 
Gautier Frederick, French Consul, office 4:;0 

Gautier L. P. physician, 211 Dupont 
Gautier Richard, dwl 603 Broadway 



Gauty Louis, cook, dwl S s Reiley bet Taylor and 

Gauvreaux (B. L. 0.) & Kuhn (G.F.) proprietors 

Hayes' Yalley House, SW cor Hayes and 

Gaven Edward, shoemaker, 135 Kearny 
GAYEN D. broker and supervisor 5th district, 

office NE cor Montgomery and Commercial 
Gavenay James, laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl 38 

Gaver Rachael Miss, dwl 934 Kearny 
Gavi John, porter with W. P. Kenyon, bds Com- 
mercial Hotel 
Gavienna A. cook "Willows, dwls W a Sixteenth 

bet Dolores and Guerrero 
Gavigan Wm. wood yard, East bet Commercial 

and Clay, dwl 22 O'Farrell 
Gavin Mary Miss, domestic, 919 Jackson 
Gavion William, cap-maker, dwl 15 Jessie 
Gawley William H. agent G. A. Meiggs, pier 1 

Stewart, dwl 417 Harrison 
Gay A. C. carpenter, dwl NW cor Mission and 

Gay Charles, clerk with John C. Bell, rooms NW 

cor Montgomery and Jackson 
Gay John, machinist, dwl 1621 Dupont 
GayleA. B. liquor broker, 423 Battery 
Gayle Bowers, liquors, dwl 105 Geary 
Gaynor Mathew, teamster with A. G. Ramsdell, 

dwl N s St. Charles near Kearny 
Gazan Annie, musician, dwl 812 Washington 
GAZLAY DAVID M. book and job printer, 513 

Clay, dwl 1024 Stockton 
Gazzon John, gardener, dwl NW cor Eleventh 

and Market 
Gearin Patrick, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Geary Daniel, laborer, dwl Hodges Place near 

Gebbels Nicholas, furnished rooms, 515 Sac 
Gebhardt Fred'k, carriage-maker, dwl 115 Bush, 

Gebler ( Theodore) & Kock ( Godfrey) stoves and 

tin ware, 825 Clay 
Geddes Charles, builder, 130 Stevenson, dwl Mis- 
sion near Fifth 
Geddes John S. (Boswell & G.) dwl 533 Howard 
Geddins Peter, laborer, bds Staten Island House 
Geddis Charles, carpenter, dwl S s Mission bet 

Price and Harris 
Gcdge Ellen Miss, dwl 608 Third 
Gedge George, master mariner, Greenwich dock, 

dwl 918 Jackson 
Gee Lewis, (A. C. Benham & Co) dwl 806 Stock 
Gee Sing (Chinese) washing, 106 Bush 
Geer W. steward at 509 California 
Gegax Samuel, bag-maker at 220 Davis, rooms 

126 Clay 
Geggufl Charles, butcher, 140 Third.dwl 5 Everett 
Geggus George, Fourth St Market, 204 Fourth 

in Michael, gardener, 1315 Mason 
Gehaw Frederick, mariner, dwl 309 Folsom 
Gehrels "Wm. A. clerk with Conrad Bruns, dwl 

SE cor Mission and Sixth 
Gehricke O. F. {Dewar & G.) dwl S s Rouch 

i» i Harris and Price 
Geib H. pianoforte-tuner, dwl E s Dupont bet 

California and 8a 
Geibart Frederick, blacksmith, dwl 5 Harlan PI 

Geighan Ann, domestic, dwl with Rev. Samuel 
H. Willey 

Geighan John, cook with John G. Hayden, dwl 
544 Washington 

Geighan Philip, laborer, dwl Mont nr Greenwich 

Geils Barman H. groceries, 137 Kearny 

Geils Henry, Yohmteer Engine Co. No. 7 

Geiman William, tailor, dwl 901 Pacific 

Geisel Frank, barber, 320 Pacific 

Geist William, jeweler, 26 First 

Gelcich Y. physician, 917 Dupont 

Gelien R. G. tobacco and cigars, 224 Clay, dwl 
284 Washington 

Gallatley James, book-stand, dwl 313 Bush 

Gelston Julia M. Miss, private school, 70 Cle- 

Gelston M. E. clerk with McLean & Fowler, dwl 
70 Clementina 

Gelston Roland Capt. real-estate, dwell 70 Cle- 

Genard Francois, coffee, oyster and ice-cream 
saloon, 622 Washington 

Gendar Ann Maria Mrs. dress-maker, 112 Kearny 

Gender Edward F. porter with J. B. Hill & Co. 
dwl 1112 Kearny 

Genella Charles, salesman, 419 Montgomery, 
dwl 726 Montgomery 

GENELLA JOSEPH, imptr crockery and glass- 
ware, 419 Mont, bds Hotel International 

kins proptrs, Gold near Sansom 

Geneve (Louis) & Berger (Gabriel) carpenters, 
1D2 Commercial, dwl California Hotel 

Gensberger Max, book-keeper with Kline & Co. 
dwl S s Sutter bet Powell and Stockton 

GENSOUL ADRIEN, imptr foreign books, sta- 
tionery, etc. 511 Montgomery, dwl 419 Post 

Geogehan Thomas, baker, dwl 9 Everett 

Geoghegan Barth, drayman with M. Mayblum 

Geoghen Thomas, student St. Thomas School, 
Mission Dolores 

George Bennett, cook with J. J. Haley, dwell 
Pacific near Stockton 

David (Belay & G.) dwl N s Jessie near 

George Emanuel, fisherman, rooms S s Merchant 
near East 

George Francis, steward Sailors' Home 

George Frans, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 

Henry (A. C. Benham & Co.) dwl 532 

GEORGE \llenry A.) & FINCH (William G.) 

livery-stable, 408 Bush 
George J. with Fred. Grilling, dwl 751 Howard 
George J. C. book-keeper with O. F. Gifiin & 

Bro. dwl 728 Market 
George Julius, attorney-at-law, NW cor Com- 
rcia] and Montgomery, dwl 428 Third 

- /. ) dwl 228 Montgomery 
broker, NW cor Front and Com 

ograver, dwl 131 Commercial 
Geragnty Bernard, watchman Custom House, 

dwl NW cor Turk and Mi 
Gerard Mile, laundry, 205 Montgomery 
Gerard George, cutler, dwl <>] Stevenson 
Geraud Eugene, clerk, 1028 Dupont, dwl with 

Justinien Caire 
Gerber F. book-keeper with Putzmann & Locher 



Gerber J. B. boot-maker, 546 "Washington 

Gerber P. dwl 409 Bush 

GERBERDING C. 0. office 619 Clay, dwl 1218 

Gerchowsky Charles, saloon, NE cor Jackson and 

Kearny, dwl 318 Vallejo 
Gerden George (colored) barber, 925 Kearny 
Gerdes Alexander, clerk with Martin Mangels 
Gerdes John N. clerk with Michaelis & Barning, 

1401 Stockton 
Gereau William B. ship-carver, W s Drumm nr 

Jackson, dwl 327 Bryant 
Gerema Charles, boarding, 420 Brannan 
Gerhard Berthold, confectioner, 7.37 Mission, rear 
Gerhardz P. Metropolitan Market, 411 Bush 
Gerhart Joseph, flour-packer with Grosh & 

Gerin Patrick, laborer with A. H. Houston 
GERKE HEXRV, farmer, office 712 Kearny, 

dwl W s Mason near Eddy 
Gerken Charles, barkeeper, 153 Third 
GERKEX PETER, groceries and liquors, 409 

Gerlsah Conrad, shoemaker, 325 Kearny 
German Club Rooms, 522 Montgomery 
German General Benevolent Society, office 420 

German Henry, drayman, dwl X s O'Farrell nr 

German Hospital, S s Brannan near Third 
German Mutual Fire Insurance Company, San 

Francisco, office Turn Yerein Hall 
German Society of Natural Sciences, L. C. 

Schmidt, office 223 Front 
Germania Homestead, office SW cor California 

and Kearny 
Gerren Constant, cook, 50S Washington 
Gerrett John, laundry, 11 Virginia 
Gerriman Alibnse, cook Willows, near Mission 

Gerrin Henry, basket-maker, dwl W s Clara nr 

Gerrish Samuel H. machinist with Stein & 

Austin, dwl 24 Sansom 
Gerry F. F. clerk with Wetherbeo & Cook 
GERRY S. R. visiting physician City and 

County Hospital, office 819 Washington 
Gerstung Henry, wholesale and jobber groceries, 

315 and 317 California, dwl 611 Union 
Gerstung Hermann, with Henry Gerstung 
Gertleh Henry, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Gesmain Francis, dwl 500 Broadway 
Geasell J. bds What Cheer House 
Getohell John C. stoves and tinware, 54 Clay, 

bds 122 Davis 
Gettings Wm. laborer with G. "W. Blasdell 

r John, varnisher with J. D. Coulter & Co. 
GHIRARDELLI D. importer and manufacturer 

chocolate and coffee, 417 Jackson, res Oak- 
Giaccomazzi Antonio, porter with A. E. Saba- 

tie & Co. 
Giacomini G. laborer milk-ranch SE Brannan St. 

Gianello Francisco, with N. Lastrato & Co. 
Giannini Peter A. watch-case maker, 622 Clay 
Gibb C. E. agent W. L. Perkins, dwl NW cor 

Mission and Eleventh 

GIBB DANIEL & CO. ( William Gibb and Alex- 
ander Forbes) commission merchants, SW 
cor Front and Vallejo, res Glasgow, Scotland 
Gibb James, barkeeper, 42 First 
Gibb Josiah, dwl 11 Bay State Row 
Gibb William, (Daniel Gibb & Co.) dwl Union 

Club, NW cor Montgomery and California 
Gibbons H. Professor M. D., University of the 

Pacific 660 Mission, res Alameda 
Gibbons Jane (widow) laundress, dwl 308 Third 
Gibbons John, special policeman, dwl 507 Green- 
wich, rear 
GIBBONS RODMOND, agent Dupont's powder, 

214 California, res Oakland 
Gibbons Sarah, (widow) nurse, dwl 202 Dupont 
Gibbons Theodore, clerk, bds Tremont House 
Gibbons Thomas, proprietor Golden Age Hotel, 

127 Pacific 
Gibbs Charles E. commission merchant, 320 Front, 

dwl 1309 Stockton 
Gibbs C. V. S. dwl SW cor Powell and Ellis 
Gibbs Geo. W. ( George G. Johnson & Co.) dwl E 

s Sixth bet Brannan and Bryant 
Gibbs John S. broker, pier 13 Stewart, bds 610 

Gibbs Joseph (colored) house-cleaner, 817 Jack- 
Gibbs Melinda (widow) dwl with Sydney Ash- 
ley, Fort Point 
Gibbs Patrick H. machinist, dwl 908 Market 
Gibbs Sarah A. (colored — widow) dwl 425 Union 
Gibhardt M. blacksmith, 115 Bush 
Giblen Michael, mason, dwl 1006 Pacific 
Giblin Thomas, plasterer, dwl 23 Scott 
Giblin Timothy, Eastern Railroad Exchange, 12 

Gibney James, express wagon, dwl 315 Fremont 
Gibson Horatio G. 1st lieut U. S. A. Presidio 
Gibson Jacob, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Gibson James, teamster with Reuben Morton, 

dwl NE cor Taylor and O'Farrell 
Gibson John, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Gibson Lewis, groceries, 24 Battery 
Gibson Margaret (widow) dwl 312 Union 
Gibson Moses (colored) boot-black, 769 Clay, dwl 

923 Greenwich 
Gibson R. with Ilobbs, Gilmoro & Co. 
Gibson W. A. bds What Cheer House 
Gienega Macedonia Miss, dress-maker, 602 Broad- 
Gies Adam, hair-dresser, 315 Kearny 
Gies Augusto, hair-dresser, dwl 403 Bush 
Gies John, hair-dresser, 756 Clay, dwl Montgom- 
ery bet Pacific and Broadway 
Gies Kilian, hair-dresser, 756 Clay, dwl W s 
Montgomery bet Broadway and Pacific 
I. bds Original House 
Gififert John, seaman, bds Empire House 
Giffin Coleman, tin-smith, dwl 1413 Stockton 
( Hffln II. E. ( 0. F Giffin & Brother) res N. York 
Giffin John, hardware, 1415 Stockton, dwl 1413 

GIFFIN O. F. & BROTHER (//. E. Giffin) im- 
porters fruits and manufacturers fire-works, 
407 Front, laboratory S s Market nr Sixth, 
dwl 19 Post 
Giffing Isaac M. mason, dwl 128 Sutter 
Gillbrd C. B. artist, N s Francisco near Dupont 



Gifford Charles, dwl 1123 Taylor 

Gifford Paul Jones, merchant, dwl 16 Perry 

Gifford Wm. varnisher with Selling, Marx & Co. 

dwl S s Sutter bet Dupont and Stockton 
Gifner Edward, laborer, dwl 19 Sherwood Place 
Gignoux Henry C. broker, dwl 346 Third 
Gihon Thomas, engraver, 511 Montgomery, dwl 

420 Bryant 
Gilbert C. boiler-maker with Coffey & Risdon 
Gilbert E. C. compositor Alta California, dwl 810 

Gilbert Edward, saloon, 227 Pacific 
Gilbert Elizabeth (widow) dwl 19 Sherwood PI 
Gilbert Ferdinand, proprietor Gilbert's Melodeon 

NE cor Clay and Kearny 
Gilbert George TV. printer, dwl 16 Sansom 
Gilbert G. S. (Pacific Oil Co.) 132 Clay 
Gilbert M. Miss, dress-maker, dwl 323 Pine 
Gilbert M. bds Original House 
Gilbert Stephen, cook Xiantic Hotel 
Gilbert Victor, hair-dresser, 647 Pacific, dwl SE 

cor Third and Sherwood €?lace 
GILBERT'S MELODEON, NE cor Kearny and 


broker and consul Nueva Grenada, office SE 

cor Batter}' and Wash, dwl 411 Lombard 
Gildemeester J. P. H. consul Netherlands, office 

SE cor Battery and Washington 
Gilderslieve Wright, bar-keeper with Gilbert J. 

Giles Frederick H. carpenter, 435 Jackson 
Giles J. G. carpenter, 435 Jackson 
Giles William, waiter American Exchange 
Gilfeather Jas. laborer, dwl N s Pacific nr Taylor 
Gilfoil John, laborer, bds 315 Broadway 
Gilford Henry, Times office, dwl John Rayner'a 
Gilford Mathew (colored) calker, dwell Union 

House, First 
Gill Andrew, Phoenix Saloon, 25 Folsom 
Gill Ann Miss, domestic, dwl 1311 Stockton 
Gill Hannah Miss, dwl 123 Third 
Gill Horatio B. book-keeper with Hartshorne & 

Crary, dwl 812 Jackson 
Gill James, retortman S. F. Gas Company, bds 

17 Stevenson 
Gill Margaret J. (widow) dwl 234 Ritch 
dill Mary Miss, dwl 123 Third 
< (HI M. S. dork with Ottaviano Gori 
Gill Owen, barkeeper Phoenix Saloon, 25 Folsom 
Gil] Robert B. machinist, bds St. Charles Hotel 
GUI William, boots and shoes, 38 Firs! 
Gillagan Mathew, laborer, dwl 46 •' 
Gillen Bernard, hackman, dwl Stockton nr Union 
GILLESPIE (C. V.) k GRAY (Gilts If.) 

attorneys-at-law, T3] Washington, dwell 

NW corner Chestnut and Kearny 
Gillespie Farnham, clerk with William Faulkner 

GILLESPIE (George A.) & CO. (Win. K. Smith) 

commission merchants, 217 Commerci 
Gillespie Hannah, domestic, 917 Stockton 
Gillespie James, broom-maker with C. W. & G. 

W. Armes 
Gillespie Thomas, carpenter, rooms W a " 
Gillespie William, with Thomas Anderson, bds 

Central House 

ipie W. J. carpenter, dwl 129 Sansom 

Gillett David, workman Lyon Brewery, 159 Jessie 
Gilliam John, laborer with James Paul 
Gilligan Charles, porter with Hosmer & Co. dwl 

X s Clay near Mason 
Gilligan Mary, domestic with 0. P. Sutton 
Gilligan Peter, stableman, bds Burnett House 
Gilliland G. W. warehouse-entry-clerk, C. H. 
Gillin Bernard, waiter with Peter Job, dwl S s 

Broadway near Powell 
Gillin Patrick, mason, dwl N s Washington bet 

Larkin and Polk 
Gillis Angus, clerk, dwl S s Brannan bet Sixth 

and Seventh 
Gillis J. cabman, Plaza 
Gillis James, topographical department U. S. 

Coast Survey, office Custom House 
Gillis Stephen E. compositor Herald, dwell 97 

Montgomery Block 
Gillis William Robert, dwl with Angus Gillis 
Gillon Mary Miss, domestic, 527 Greenwich 
Gillon Michael, 'longshoreman, dwell cor Green 

and Sansom 
Gills I. bds What Cheer House 
Gilman A. C. job-wagon, 320 Montgomery, dwl 

830 Washington 
GILMAN A. M. & CO. (Frederick Smith and 

Edivd. S. Davis) wholesale liquors, 324 Front 

dwl 830 Washington 
Gilman Benjamin F. workman with March Bro. 

& Co. dwl 19 Front, rear 
Gilman Charles, carrier Bulletin, dwl Second nr 

Gilman F. J. stableman with John F. Wilson 
Gilman Joseph, boat-builder, N s Mission bet 

Main and Stewart, dwl 15 Natoma 
Gilman Moses B. drayman with McRuer k Merrill 
Gilman Trustum 0. builder, dwl SW cor Mont- 
gomery and Vallejo 
Gilmartin John, boiler-maker Union Foundry, 

dwl 42 Hush 
GILMER JEREMIAH F. captain U. S. A. 

office 37 Mont Block, dwl 416 Harrison 
Gilmer Joseph, carpenter, dwl 141 Silver 
Gilmor J. B. (San Francisco Times Association) 

dwl 80 Jessie 
Gilmor J. W. merchandise-broker, office 206 

Front, second floor 
Gilmore Henry, porter Niantic Hotel 
Gilmore George W. (Hobbs, G. & Co.) dwell 41 

Second bet Mission and Stevenson 
Gilmore John, 'longshoreman, dwell Alta bet 

and Montgomery 
Gilmore John W. A. com mcht, 314 Broadway 
QOmore Stephen D. (Ilobbs, Gilmore & Co.) dwl 

518 Folsom 
Gilmour Margaret A. Miss, dwl with Samuel J. 

GILMOUR THOMAS, liquors and billiards, NE 

cor Laguna and Grove 
Gilson Edward, deputy inspector beef and pork, 

dwl SW eor California and Sansom 

Frederick W. compositor Commercial 

Printing Office 
Ghlraeof Julie, French Laundry, 828 Washington 
Gilroy Thomaa. carpenter, dwl 138 Minna 
Gimme John, tinsmith, dwl S a Pine nr Stockton 

Monio. laundry, 27 Commercial 
Gingras Mary (widow) milliner 27 Dupont 



Ginn Edward, captaiu bark Ann Parry, office 

with D. M. Hall 
Ginsberg Asher, glazier, dwl junc Sacramento 

and Market 
Giorgiani A. wholesale fruits, 421 "Washington, 

dwl 59 Government House 
Giovannari Giacomo, with N. Lastrato ft Co. 
Girard Canhape, liquors and billiards, 630 Pacific 
Girard Caroline Mrs. Parisian Laundry, 227 

Girard Fire and Marine Insurance Company 
Philadelphia (for fire only) A. Mecartney 
agent, 107 Clay 
Girard Francois, dwl 227 Montgomery 
Girard EL cook French Hospital, S s Bryant bet 

Fiah and Sixth 
Girard Louis, dwl 205 Montgomery 
Giraud Daniel, accountant with McKenna & 

Perkins, bds 62 Clay 
Giraud Eugene, with Justinien Caire, dwl 426 

Giraud Jaques, laundry, dwl E s Adella Alley 

Girault carpenter, dwl 938 Clay 

Girault Mad. furnished rooms, 1000 Powell 
Giraux Adelaide (widow) lady physician, 811 

Giret Francois, laborer, Lafayette Brewery, 735 

Girveu Charles, chief engineer stmr Panama 
Girvau John, carpenter, S s Hardie PI nr Kearny 
Gitchell Gardner, dwl with Adonier Fulton 
Giuellemin P. E. 'Lafayette H. and L. Co. No. 2 
Gladding Allen I. pound keeper, NW cor Califor- 
nia and Larkin 
Gladwin William H. merchant, 115 California, 

bds Virginia Block 
Glahm John, brewer, Pacific Brewery 
Glair Thomas H. hackman, dwl 540 "Washington 
Glancy Catherine Miss, chambermaid Tehama 

Glancy John, bds Original House 
Glanville James, seaman, dwl 26 Stewart 
Glary Hannah, house-keeper with Wm. H. Blos- 
Glaaby Jesse, mill-wright, dwl 29 Ritch 
Glasgow Mary C. (widow) real estate, dwl 419 

Glasmann Henry, oysters, NE cor Market and 

Glass James, carpenter, dwl 93 Stevenson 
Glass John, (Schocken & G.) dwl 1016 Dupont 
Glass Julius, hats and caps. 1018 Dupont 
Glaaeell {Andrew) & Thompson (R. Aug.) attor- 
neys-at-law, 26 and 27 U. S. Court building, 
dwl 70 Clementina 
Glasure G. A dwl 223 California 
Glaze Leroy N. compositor Golden Era 
Glazebrook John, hand-cartman, dwl 109 Leid 
GLEANER weekly. Rev. Julius Eckman edi- 
tor and proprietor, office 514 Commercial 
Gleason Dau'l. cook at Mechanics' Hotel, Market 
GLEASON HENRY B. importer carriage and 

wagon stock, 114 Battery 
Gleason James, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Gleason Patrick, laborer, dwl SE cor Montgom- 
ery and Broadway 
Gleason P. H. proprietor "Western Hotel 306 

Gleason "W. cabinet-maker, dwl 3 1 8 Vallejo 
Gleason William, carpenter, bds 8 Anthony PI 
Gleason William, 2d cook American Exchange 
Gleason Wm. B. carver with Appell, Derome &Co. 
Glee James, teamster, dwl 26 Hunt 
Gleeson John, stableman with Wm. M. White 
Glein Charles F. hardware. 004 Mission 
Glency Hannah Miss, dwl 507 Greenwich 
Gleunon John, with W. H. Baxter, dwl 217 Third 
Glidden Albert M. ship-carpenter, dwl N s Jessie 

bet Third and Fourth 
Glidden Alfred, captain bark Ella Francis, pier 

22 Stewart 
Glidden A. M. ship-wright and calker, 29 Market 
Glidden George W. constable 6th township, dwl 

S s Market near Buchanan 
Gliddon Charles E. clerk U. S. Surveyor General, 

dwl 321 Ritch 
Glim E. waterman, Market opposite Sansom 
Glinden (James) ft Dovle {Morris) blacksmiths, 

33 Webb, dwl 51 Ritch 
GLISAN R. physician, office 6 Montgomery 
GLOBE HOTEL, J. P. Schaefer proprietor, NW 

cor Dupont and Jackson 
Glonden Bridget, domestic with P. L. Soloman 
Gloney G. E. laborer J. G. North's ship-yard 
Gloven Andrew, fish, 35 Metropolitan Market, 

dwl NE cor Oregon and Davis 
Glover Frederick B. comedian Bella Union Me- 

Glover John, carpenter, dwl 618 Market 
Gluck (John F.) & Hansen (Charles E.) National 

Brewery, NW cor O'Farrell and William 
Gluckma C. (widow) dwl 318 Bush 
Glusing George, groceries and liquors, SW cor 

Taylor and Greenwich (and Richtel & G.) 
Glusing Peter H. groceries and liquors, 900 

GLUYAS GEORGE K. proprietor Sutter Iron 

Works,23 and 25 First, dwl NE cor Harrison 

and Rincon Place 
Gluyas R. W. clerk with H. H. Bancroft & Co. 

dwl NEcor Rincon Place and Harrison 
Glynn Emerson, waterman, rooms 1 Central PI 
Glynn James, inspector Custom House, dwl 515 

Glynn Patrick, teamster, dwl 903 Battery 
Glynn Mary, domestic, dwl 1528 Powell 
Gnaillo Martin, Radezki saloon, 605 Davis 
Gnosspelius Frederick, furniture finisher, 3 

Drumm, dwl Custom House block 
Gobbe Joseph, pattern-maker, dwl 535 Folsom 
Gobener E. groceries, 600 Third 
Gobener Henry, clerk, 525 East 
Gober W. R. Rev. pastor Methodist Episcopal 

Church South, dwl 530 Folsom 
Gochey Thomas A. carpenter, N s Jackson nr 

GODCHAUX BROTHERS ( Adolph and Joseph) 

importers fancy dry goods, 308 California, 

dwl 734 Vallejo 
Godchaux Joseph, (Godchaux Bros.) res Paris 
Godchaux Joseph, clerk, 61 Second 
Godchaux L. dry goods, 61 Second 
GODDARD (Elnathan B.) & CO. (John O. ITans- 

com, Ira P. Rankin and William J. Bryan) 

proprietors Pacific Foundry, 127 — 131 First, 

res Oakland 



Goddard Geo. E. purser P. M. S. Golden Age 
Goddard Henry, laborer chemical laboratory, 

Godean Alexis, upholsterer, dwl 604 Broadway 
Godeffroy (Alfred) Sillem ( Wm.) & Co. lumber, 

office 535 Clay, dwl 25 Prospect Place 
Godens John D. butcher, 204 Fourth 
Godfrey Arthur, with Nooley & McFarland, dwl 

E s Pratt's court near Sacramento 
Godfrey (Elias) & Irving (Herbert) cigars and 

tobacco, 911 Kearny 
Godfrey Geo. laundry, dwl 325 Tehama 
Godfrey J. L. sash and blind-maker with Brokaw 

& Metcalf, dwl First St. House 
Godfrey Margaret Miss, domestic Virginia Block 
Godfrey M. B. bds Original House 
Godfrey Nathaniel A. (colored) hair-dresser, 529 

Commercial, dwl 1016 Pacific 
Godfrey William, packer with Bovee & "Waller, 

dwl N s Green bet Stockton and Dupont 
Godfrey William, clerk, dwl 528 Green 
Godfrey John, Hunters Point milk-ranch, San 

Bruno Road 
Godkin Thomas, blacksmith, 716 Battery, dwl 

723 Battery 
Godley Montgomery, with Parrott& Co. dwl 767 

Godoy Victor, gunsmith, dwl 730 Washington 
Goebel Frederick W. porter with Heynemann, 

Pick & Co. 
Goebel Henry, storekeeper, dwl 336 Bush 
Goetjen Nicholas (Erzgrdber & G.) dwl Leaven- 
worth nr Pine 
Goetz Charles, cook Fashion Restaurant, 621 

Goetz Joseph, Fashion Restaurant, 631 Davis 
Goetz Julius, clerk with C. L. Secher, dwl 530 

Goetz Martin, brewer, dwl 135 Third 
Goetze John, hand cart-man, dwl 311 Bush 
Goff B. F. bds What Cheer House 
Goff J. J. waiter at Adams restaurant, dwl 222 

Goft J. bds What Cheer House 
Gogarty Owen, carpenter, dwl S s Jessie bet 

Third and Fourth 
Goinin Joseph, at Willows, dwl Seventeenth nr 

Goland Daniel, waiter Clayton Restaurant, dwl 

W s Montgomery bet Charlos and Pacific 
Gold A. (of Gold& Phillipson, Shasta) office 321 

Sacramonto, dwl E s Stockton bet Wash 

and Pacific 
Gold A. minor, dwl 21 Kearny 
Gold L. clothing, 717 Davis 

Gold M. clerk, 414 Commercial 
Goldberg Daniel, tailor, 133 Jackson 
Goldberg Solomon, furniture, 734 Pacific 
!a proptrs, 717 Battery, office 402 Front 
Golden Daniel, laborer, dwl 211 Sutter 
Golden B. workman Lyon Browory, 159 Jessie 
GOLDEN BRA, weekly, Brooks & Lawronco 

editors and proprietors, office 543 Clay 
Golden Gate Brewery, G. Breklo proprietor, NE 

cor Union and Jones 

& Co. proprietors, 434 Piue, office 225 Clay 

Golden J. C. attorney-at-law, dwl 4 Central PI 
Golden Louis, saloon, dwl 159 Second 

proprietors, 6 Battery 
Golden Thomas, dwl 9 Dupont 
Golding J. C. bds Original House 
Goldinor K. tailor, 418 Davis 
Goldman Isaac A. importer dry-goods, 306 Bat, 

dwl 16 John 
Goldman Joseph, wood, coal and feed store, SE 

cor Sixteenth and Mission, dwl 105 Powell 
Goldman Solomon, clerk with I. A. Goldman, 

dwl 16 John 
Goldman Solomon, shoemaker, 108 Stewart 
Goldmann G. W. boots and shoes, 431 Kearny 
Goldschmidt Isaac, merchant (Victoria V. I.) dwl 

407 Stockton 
Goldschmidt Nathan, dwl NE cor Sacramento 

and Leidesdorff 
Goldsmith Aaron, dry-goods (Eugene City, Ore- 
gon) dwl 61 Tehama 
GOLDSMITH (Abraham and Gustav) & KULL- 

M AN (Louis) importers millinery, fancy and 

straw goods, 318 Cal, dwl 773 Mission 
Goldsmith Edward, salesman with B. Hamburg- 
er, dwl 773 Mission 
Goldsmith Gustav (Goldsmith & Kulmari) dwl 

773 Mission 
Goldsmith Henry, office 210 Battery, dwl S s 

Minna bet First and Second 
Goldsmith Israel, shoemaker, 807 Clay 
Goldsmith Jacob, dwl 313 Harrison 
GOLDSMITH (J. G.) & WINNIE (Jacob V.) 

Wing and Wing Saloon, SW cor Stewart and 

Market (and Parker, Winnie &. Co.) dwl 

313 Harrison 
Goldsmith Joseph, dwl 163 Minna 
Goldsmith Joseph, mariner, dwl S s O'Farrell 

bet Hy le and Larkin 
Goldsmith Louis, book-keeper with H. W. Stein, 

dwl 773 Mission 
Goldsmith S. (widow) dwl 773 Mission 
Goldsmith Wm. drayman, dwl N s McCormick 

bet Hyde and Larkin 
GOLDSMITH WM. E. engraver, 433 Montgom 

ery dwl W s Seventh near Brannan 
Goldson Henry, seaman, bds 24 Sacrarm - 
GOLDSTEIN (E. L.) RYAN (John) & CO. ( Wm. 

P. Taaffe) importers and jobbers dry-goods, 

NW cor Sacramento and Front, dwl 532 

Goldstein Ely, clerk, 333 East 
Goldstein Emanuel L. commission merchant, dwl 

532 Mission 
Goldstein S. cigars, 309 Sansom, dwl Now York 

Goldstein. Samuel, hardware, 1015 Dupont, dwl 

NW cor < i recti and Dupont 
Goldstein Sullivan, dwl 1015 Dupont 
Goldstein A. S. stoves and tinware, 527 Kearny, 

dwl cor Dupont and Groon 
Goldstone John B. teamster, dwl S s Howard 

bet ltuss and Seventh 
Goldstono Louis, merchant, dwl 540 Mission 
Golly John, barber 1316 Dupont 
Gomley James, dwl SW cor Folsom and Beale 
Gomley James, wool-sorter witli Donald McLen- 
nan, dwl Adams House, Market 



Gomley John, plasterer, dwl E s Cadell's Alley 
Gomley Margaret Miss, domestic 807 Pacific 
Gonlinger F. carpenter, dwl 1026 Kearny, rear 
Gonnouth Cornelius, barkeeper, dwl 919 Sac 
Gonsales (Dominick) & Nelson ( ) builders 

667 Howard, dwl N s Tehama bet Third 

and Fourth 
Gonsales Francisco, porter with Daniel Gibb & 

Gonsalez Joaquin, porter with Ciprico & Ewald, 

dwl Pacific nr Dupont 
Gonsales Manuel, porter Gibbs Bonded "Ware- 
Gonstoin Samuel, tinsmith, dwl 1334 Dupont 
Gooch J. H. Howard Engine Co. No. 3 
Goodall Charles, supt Saucelito "Water and Steam 

Tug Co. office NE cor Wash and Drumm, 

dwl 2 Melvina Place 
Goodchild Edward, liquor saloon, SE cor„Green 

and Stockton, dwl 1705 Stockton 
Goodell Charles C. book-keeper, 518 Battery, dwl 

W s Stockton bet Washington and Clay 
Goodell George A. harness-maker with Carmelich 

k. ITurlbutt, dwl 806 Stockton 
Goodenow Rebecc i D. (widow) dwl 910 Jackson 
Goodfellow Hugh, laborer with Geo. W. Dam 

NEW YORK, McLean & Fowler, agents 

NE cor Clay and Battery 
Goodhue G. laborer Charles Bon's brick yard 
Goodhuo (John) & Louis (Nathan) watchmakers, 

1010 Dupont 
Goodman (F.) & Lindner (Marks) clothing, 235 

Kearny, dwl 20 Harlan Place 
Goodman G. S. book-keeper with Levi Strauss, 

dwl St. Nicholas Hotel 
Goodman H. merchant, dwl 323 Pine 
Goodman Henry, with H. I. Isaacs, dwl SE cor 

Sacramento & Battery 
Goodman Isaac, hand cart-man, dwl E s Ohio 

nr Broadwav 
GOODMAN JAMES P. liquors, S s Hayes nr 

Laguna, dwl SW cor Page and Laguna 
Goodman J. & M. importers and jobbers dry 

goods, 304 California, resides New York 
Goodman John, laborer, dwl W s Sansom near 

Goodman Jonas, book-keeper with Samuel Simon 

dwl 370 Mission 
Goodman Max (J. & M. G.) dwl 122 Natoma 
Goodman N. (J. P. Davies & Co.) dwl 1803 

Goodman S. boatman, dwl 12 Broadway 
Goodman Simon, jobber dry-goods, 320 California, 

dwl 1803 Stockton 
Goodrich John, blacksmith with H. Casebolt & 

Goodrich Richard, laborer, dwl Minna bet Beale 

and Fremont 
Goodrich Robert, wheelwright with Henry Case- 
bolt & Co. 
Goodrich Wm. bds St. Lawrence House 
Goodridge George, newspaper clerk, Post Office 
Goodrum George, real estate, SW cor Sac and 

Goodsell G. D. M. ship-wright, Beale bet Market 

and Mission, dwl E s First bet Bryant and 


Goodstein Henry, dwl 124 Natoma 
Goodup J. laborer, dwl 13 Battery 
Goodwin A. tailor, bds 115 Stevenson 
Goodwin Alonzo, waterman, dwl 415 Post 
Goodwin (Charles) & Chapin (E. J/.) butchers 

4 Metropolitan Market, dwl 70 Clementina 
Goodwin Cyrus H. deck-hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Goodwin George, real-estate office SE cor Sac 
and Front, dwl E s Twelfth bet Mission and 
Goodwin George W. carpenter, dwl 16 Sansom 
Goodwin James, clerk, dwl SW cor Clara and 

Goodwin James P. importer and manufacturer 

furniture, 528 Washington 
Goodwin J. G. carpenter, bds 207 Tehama 
Goodwin Michael, dwl 664 Folsom 
Goold Edmond L. (Sha/ters, Heydenfeldt & G.) 

dwl Montgomery Block 
Goolley Robert, laborer, dwl N s Pacific bet 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Goquin Julius, laundryman, dwl with Thomas 

Gordon Eliza (widow) boarding, 37 Webb 
GORDON GEORGE, manager S. F. Sugar Re- 
finery Co. office 411 Mcht, dwl 25 South 
Gordon George W. (colored) hair-dresser, NW 

cor California and Sansom, dwl 68 Minna 
Gordon J. H. stair-builder with Freeman, Haller 

& Haskell, dwl 2 Quincy 
GORDON JOHN & CO. importers stoves, met- 
als, etc. and manufacturers tin-ware, 417 
Washington, dwl 82 Jessie 
Gordon Joseph, bds St. Johns House 
Gordon Lizzie, actress, bds St. Johns House 
Gordon Samuel, coke-man S. F. Gas Co. dwl 62S 

Gordon Sheldon S. first assistant engineer S. F. 
Fire Department, dwl E s Montgomery bet 
Broadway and Yallejo 
GORDON (Thomas) & CO. gents furnishing 

goods, 133 Montgomery, dwl 428 Bush 
Gordon William (colored) boot-black, 539 Merch 
Gordon William C. mate schr Fanny, Pier 1 

Gore Benjamin B. salesman S. F. Sugar Refine- 
ry Co. 411 Merchant, dwl 409 Brannan 
Gore Samuel, driver American Russian Commer- 
cial Company 
Gorfinkle Sarah Mrs. dry-goods, 1134 Dupont 
Gorham John C. dwl 1314 Powell 
Gorham Michael, hostler Willows, near Mission 
Gorham William R. ex-sheriff, dwl 1314 Powell 
GORI OTTAYIANO, importer and manufactur- 
er marble, 406 and 408 Pine 
Gorman Bernard, coachman, dwl 126 Bush 
Gorman Catharine (widow) washing, 829 Pacific 
Gorman George B. mate steamship Senator 
Gorman Henry, cooper, dwl 406 Yallejo 
Gorman John, carpenter, dwl S s Yallejo near 

Gorman John, laborer, bds 8 Dupont 
Gorman John, 'longshoreman, dwl Sansom bet 

Yallejo and Green 
Gorman L. hostler with A. Fuller 
Gorman Louis, (S. 0, Brigham & Co.) dwl S s 
Summer nr Montgomery 



Gorman M. laborer with G. TV. Blasdell 
Gorman Margaret E. Miss, domestic, 1108 Pow- 
Gorman Patrick, express-wagon, dwl E s Mary 

Gorman William J. teacher, dwl 406 Vallejo 
Gornell John, mariner, dwl 40 St. Marks 
Gorry Christopher, printer, bds Sailor's Home 
Gorse Pierre, bootmaker with L. B. Bertrand, 

dwl W s Dupont bet Bush and Pine 
Gorton John, carpenter, rooms 14 Quincy 
Gosher Frank, restaurant, dwl Central Place 
Goslight John, dwl E s Montgomery bet Broad- 
way and Vallejo 
Goslinsky A. cigar- maker, dwl ST. Y. Hotel 
Goslinsky Elias, cigar-manufacturer, XW cor 
California and Batter}', dwl SE cor Sacra- 
mento and Leidesdorff 
Goss George, dwl 280 Minna 
Goss Peter, bricklayer, dwl 335 Pine 
Goss R. J. dwlX s Union betSansom and Mont 
Gossen Herman, job-wagon, 27 Jackson, bds 

Shakspeare Hotel 
GOSTORFS L. B. commission merchant, 220 

Gott Christian, confectionery, 1233 Stockton 
Gotterey Catharine, dwl 500 Broadway 
Gottgetrew Henry, glazier, dwl 528 Pacific 
Gougenheim Josephine Miss, comedienne, bds 

Hotel International 
Gough Catharine, nurse, 434 Greenwich 
Gough Charles H. contractor, 696 Merchant, 

dwl 1011 Stockton 
Gough H. O. street contractor, 696 Merchant, 

dwl 1011 Stockton 
Gough J. T. steward, dwl 42 Bryant Place 
Gough (Richard J.) & Covey (J/. It.) livery and 

sale stable, 532 California, dwl 1108 Clay 
Gough William, assistant engineer steamship 
Golden Age, dwl SE cor Folsom and Beale 
GOUGH WILLIAM T. ( Wise & G.) dwl E s 

Stockton nr Pacific 
Gouilloiet Charles, cook with Henry Bocken, dwl 

Pacific bet Kearny and Dupont 
Gould Albion, clerk witli Oakley and Jackson, 

dwl X s Post bet Kearny and Dupont 
Gould Alexander, rigger, dwl with Duncan 

NY, J. C. L. Wadsworth secretary, office 
XF, cor Montgomery and Jackson 
GOULD A. S. office Alia California, dwl E s 

Powell nr Lombard 
Gould Edward, clerk Pacific Mail Steamship Co. 

dwl Oriental Hotel 
GOULD (Frank) & BDGLEY (Henry) Indian 

Queen Saloon, 18 Clay, dwl 18 Geary 
Could James, clerk, dwl El Dorado Building 
Gould John W. clerk with Cameron, Whittier & 

Co. dwl witli D. Ilewcs 
Gould Joseph, turner, dwl 672 Mission 
Gould Joseph, wheolwri^ht witli Emanuel & Co. 

dwl cor Third and Mission 
Gould L. clothing, bdfl Manhattan House 
Gould William B. book-keeper with J. K. Prior, 
dwl XW cor Montgomery Place and Mont 
Goulding J. C. salesman with .Tanson, Bond & 
Co. dwl Central Place nr Pine 

Gourdin Desire, marble-cutter with Ottaviano 

Gourges Ferdinand, drayman with J. C. Castera 
& Co. dwl N s California bet Kearny and 
Gourgue Gustave, dwl 542 Washington 
Goutman Henry, dwl 500 Broadway 
Goux i. B. French dyer, 749 Clay 
Gouzy S. Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co.'Xo. 2 
Gove A. J. wharfinger, Clay Street Wharf 
Gove A. W. (widow) bds Rincon House 
Gove J. D. (widow) bds Rincon House 
Gove J. W. first officer bark Nahumkeg, Pier 22 

Government House, T. J. A. Chambers, proprie- 
tor, XW cor Washington and Sansom 
Govet Robert (colored) bootblack, dwl Kearny 

nr Pacific 
Gowen H. wood-dealer, SE cor Harrison and 

Gowenlock Robert, dwl 1022 Washington 
Graad Mary Miss, servant with Nicholas Rey- 
Grabs Henry, architect, 545 Clay dwl S27 Sac- 
ramento, rear 
Grace Patrick, laborer, dwl Bartol Place 
Grace William, hack-driver, dwl 626 Mission 
Gracer Louis, shoemaker, dwl with Henry Henry 
Gracey William J. wagon-maker. 322 Bush 
G racier Francis J. bung manuf, B. T. Chace & 

Co. Mills, 309 Market dwl 9 Front 
Grady Christian, upholsterer, dwl Rassette PI 

near Dupont 
Grady Henry, Crescent Engine Co. No. 1 
Grady Jas. salesman with Lockwood, Ewell& Co. 
Grady Patrick, drayman, dwl 5 Hunt 
Grady Thomas, tailor, dwl 427 California 
Gradwol Samuel, dwl 924 Stockton 
( rraf Ilonnari, waiter, dwl with John B. Pellossier 
Grafe Edmund, clerk with Frederick Jantzen 251 

Grafuer Marks, laundryman City Laundry, cor 

Brannan and Third 
Grafton Charles, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Grage W. bds What Cheer House 
Graham A. J. compositor Herald, dwl 97 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Graham Alexander F. accountant with E. W. 

Linsley & Co. dwl 15 Harlan Place 
Graham Anthony, blacksmith, dwl Fort Point 
Graham B. F. bds St. Lawrence House 
Graham Ferdinand, dwl S s Folsom bet Ninth 

and Tenth 
Graham Geo. II. carpenter, bds Mechanics' Hotel 
Graham Isaiah, cook, dwl 630 Commercial 
Graham James, carman, 126 Bay 
Graham James F. steward stmr Antelopo 
Graham J. B. compositor Herald, bds Tremont 


Graham John, bricklayer, dwl 7 Second 
Graham John S. aest newspaper-clerk Tost Office 
Graham Patrick, blacksmith, Ea Kearny l> 

and Fine, dwl S s Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
Graham Richard, Xew York Hotel, 510 Davis 
Graham Thomas, sash and blind-maker with J. 

McGill A- Co. dwl Brooks House 
Graham Thomas, laborer, dwl E B Ohio nr Bdwy 
Graham William, seaman, bds 208 Commercial 



GRAHAM WJL II. State sealer weights and 
measures, office N\V cor Front and Com- 
mercial, dwl S s Presidio Road nr Distillery 
Grahams I. (colored) cook, dwl E s Union Place 

near Filbert 
Grahams Thomas, carpenter, dwl 6 Sansom 
Graly James, laborer with G. W. Blasdell 
Grauay Michael, drayman, dwl S s Brannan bet 

Price and Harris 
Grand C. Mrs. dress-maker, 1203 Dupont 
GRAND LODGE F and A. M. A. G. Abell Sec- 
retary, office 502 Montgomery 
Grandin John, laborer, dwl 320 Broadway 
Grandin Patrick, laborer, dwl 320 Broadway 
Grant Adam (Murphy, 67. & Co.) dwl W side 

Stockton near Pacific 
Grant Alfred X. teamster with J. R. Greenough 

& Co. bds with Daniel Irving 
Grant Barbara Mrs. dwl 14 Lafayette Place near 

Grant Charles B. stone-yard, 411 Folsom, dwl 

324 Fremont 
Grant George W. ship-smith, 136 Stewart, dwl 

117 Commercial 
Grant Tsaac A. bds Xiantic Hotel 
Grant James, carpenter, 423 Mission, dwl Union 

Grant James, wines and liquors, 547 California, 

dwl 426 Bush 
Grant Jas. A. with Winant & Co. dwl 526 Clay 
Grant John carpenter, dwl 141 Towusend 
Grant Joseph (Page & 67.) dwl NW cor Turk 

and Larkin 
Grant Marshall R. bds 56 First 
Grant Mary M. (widow) dwl 27 Geary 
Grant Wm B. boatman, Vallejo St Steps 
Grant William M. porter with S. A. Wood, dwl 

40 Xatoma 
Grantham J. M. assistant entry-clerk Custom 

House, dwl with Charles McClelland 
Grapel John, 'longshoreman, dwl 2 Cal, rear 
Gasar Henry, driver with Charles Schroth 
Grascow James, farmer, dwl nr Hunter's Point 
Grass Ander, ship-carpenter, Beale nr Mission 
Grass John D. bds Original House 
Grasshoff Frederick, carpenter, dwl 1510 Powell 
Grassi X. Rev. S. J. assistant pastor St. Ignatius 

Grate Christian, upholsterer with McElwee & 

Grath Ann (widow) dwl 50 Stevenson, rear 
Grattan Wm, H. hardware, dwl 818 Kearny 
Gratton Margaret (widow) dwl 15 Minna 
Graves Augustus B. clerk with Eckfeldt & 

Graves, dwl 172 Minna 
Graves Charles, carpenter, bds 728 Market 
Graves (E. S.) Smith ( G. W.) & Hofifmire ( W. II) 
coppersmiths, 520 Davis, dwl 1319 Powell 
Graves Hiram T. (Eckfeldt & 67. and A. S. Hal- 

lidie & Co.) dw r l 1605 Mason 
LKY (J. P.) fruit and commission mer- 
chants, 534 Clay and 529 Merchant, dwell 
904 Jackson above Powell 
Graves Joshua, fireman stmr C. M. Webber 
Graves M. A. (widow) boarding, 520 Mission 
Graves Wm. H. merchant, 407 Front, dwl 728 

Graves W. J. attorney-at-law, XE cor California 

and Montgomery, dwl cor Ritch and Clary 
Gray Addison D. painter, dwl 29 Hawthorne 
Gray Andy, 'longshoreman, bds 11 Jackson 
Gray Bernard, laborer U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

with Thomas Gray 
Gray B. F. clerk U. S. Branch Mint 
Gray Charles C. packer with G. McFarland 
Gray Cyril V. attorney-at-law, Montgomery block, 

dwl S s Eddy near Mason 
Gray Daniel, wood-cutter, bds 11 Jackson 
Gray Giles II. (Gillespie & 67.) dwl N s Sacra- 
mento bet Taylor and Jones 
Gray H. laborer P. M. S. S. Co.'s Works, Folsom 

St. Wharf 
Gray Henrietta (widow) dwl 1204 Powell 
Gray Henry J. collector, dwl 19 St. Marks Place 
Gray Henry M. with X. Gray, 621 Sacramento 
GRAY H. M. physician, office 7 75 Clay 
Gray Howard H. pattern-maker Union Foundry, 

' dwl 415 Market 
Gra}' H. W. waterman, Market opposite Sansom 
Gray J. J. office 320 Battery, dwl Hotel Inter- 
Gray John, driver American Russian Com Co. 
Gray John, teamster with Stanyan & Co. rooms 

Ritch opposite Clara 
Gray John, blacksmith, dwd 32 Clementina 
Gray John (Fonda & 67.) dwl 651 Folsom 
Gray John, butcher, dwl Louisa bet Third and 

Gray Joel, carpenter, dwl 616 Powell 
GRAY (Mathias) & HERWIG (William) piano- 
fortes and music, 613 Clay, dwl 1028 Clay 
Gray Michael, miller, dwl X s North Point bet 

Gough and Octavia 
Gray Michael, fuller, S. F. woollen factory, Black 

" Point 
GRAY NATHANIEL, undertaker, 621 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 939 Powell 
Gray Robert, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
GRAY ROBERT B. & CO. importing and man- 
ufacturing jewelers, 616 Merchant, dwl NE 
cor Taylor and Clay 
Gray Thomas, shipping, dwl N s Filbert bet 

Jones and Taylor 
Gray W. H. jeweler, dwd NE cor Kearny and 

Gray William (Poland & 67.) dwl 150 Second 
Gray Wm. D. dwl NE cor Kearny and Jackson 
Gray Wm. H. clerk with R. D. W. Davis & Co. 

dwl NE cor Kearny and Jackson 
Gray Wm. J. printer with Valentine & Co. dwl 

1202 Powell 
Gray Willis, laborer with George S. Mann, dwl 

Jackson bet Drumm and East 
Gray W. W. pattern-maker, dwl 415 Market 
Grayson Edward, porter at Grover & Baker's 

depot, 329 Montgomery 

MIXING COMPANY, office 007 Sac 
TRUST COMPAXY, Marine, New York, 
W. B. Johnston agent, 412 Montgomery 
Greate Win. (colored) laborer, rooms 114 Sac 
Greaves Benjamin (Punker, 67. & Co) res Maz- 

atlan, Mexico 
Greef Albert, bar-keeper, Hayes' Park 



Greeley James, street paver, dwl 310 Dupont, 

GREELEY ROBERT F. assistant editor Daily 

Mirror, dwl 816 Powell 
Greeley Thomas, Bella Union Melodeon 
Green A. produce commission merchant, 10? 

Clay, dwl 434 Second 
Green Abigal Miss, school teacher, dwl 445 Bush 
Green Adam T. (Taaffe, McCahill & Co.) 305 

Green Arnath (widow) dwl 425 Greenwich 
Green Alfred, farmer, dwl near Ocean House 
Green Alonzo, with A. H. Todd, dwl 435 Second 
Green Augustus R. (Green Bros.) res Victo- 
ria, V. I. 
Green C. B. dwl 124 Sutter 
Green Charles H. laborer, dwl Yarenne nr Union 
Green Daniel, dwl 914 Yallejo 
Green Duane M. printer, dwl 1003 Jackson 
Green Edward, laborer, dwl 8 Silver 
Green Francis, laborer with Lazar & Blumen- 

Green Frederick, (S. Price & Co.) res Victoria 
Green Frederick P. agent Green's packets, dwl 

34 Natoma 
Green G. W. bds "What Cheer House 
Green G. W. butcher, 1 Washington Market, 

dwl 867 Mission 
Green H. carpenter, dwl 18 Sansom 
Green Harris, clothing, 105 Pacific 
Green Henry, brick-layer, dwl 27 Geary 
Green Henry E. dining saloon, 544 and 546 

Clay, dwl XE cor Sansom and Market 
Green Herman, dry goods, 1328 Dupont 
Green Hudson, carpenter, dwl SE cor Montgom- 
ery and Broadway 
Green James H. carpenter, bds 3 Auburn 
Green James L. (colored) waiter with F. A. 

GREEN" BROTHERS (J. de Puisaye and Au- 
gustus R.) commission merchants and agents 
Lloyds 421 Battery, dwl 869 Mission 
Green John, fruit 1302 Stockton 
Green John, laborer, dwl 113 Yallejo rear 
Green John, 'longshoreman, dwl E s Montgomery 

bet Chestnut and Lombard 
Green John, operator Rope Walk, Potrero 
Green John 11. carpenter, dwl 3 Auburn 
Green John L. Young America Engine Co. No. 13 
Green Joseph, seaman, bark Live Yankee, Pier 

4 Stewart 
Green Joseph W. cook Foundry House 
Green Laxvrence"(Anthony & Co.) dwl Gough 

bet Oak and Franklin 
Green Lewis, mattrass-maker with C. Schreiber, 

dwl 543 Mission 
Green Louisa (widow) dwl X s Minna bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Green Lucinda M. (widow) dwl 6 Merchant 
Green Mary J. (widow) boarding, 53 Minna 
Green Marx, apprentice with Selling, Marx & 
Co. dwl E s Dupont bet Pacific and Jackson 
Green Nathan, teamster Steam Laundry, Lagoon 
Green P. bds Original House 
Green Rebecca Mrs. dwl W s Williams nr Geary 
Green Richard, accountant, bds Queen City Hotel 
Green Sarah (widow) domestic with David Jobson 
Green S. X. mate schr J B Ford, Pier 11 Stewart 

Green Thomas, laborer with Lafayette Brewery, 

735 Green 
Green "W. cooper Dow*s Distillery, dwl with 

Chas. A. Lanpher 
Green Wheel ock, laborer Rincon Dock, dwl cor 

Main and Folsom 
Green William, deck-hand stm C. M. Webber 
Green "William, furniture and crockery, 1108 

Green William, rigger, dwl Mission nr Stewart 
Green William, saloon 803 Sacramento 
Green William, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Green Wm. Arthur, real-estate, dwl 918 Market 
Green William G. Young America Engine Co. 

Xo. 13 
Greenbaum Jacgb, clerk with Triest & Living- 
ston, dwl 710 Washington 
Greenberg Charles, boots and shoes 600 Kearny 
Greenberg H. (of Greenberg & Erlenbach, Yreka) 

420 Sacramento, dwl 828 Pacific 
Greenberg Leopold, salesman with R. A. Swain, 

dwl 1517 Stockton 
Greenberg (Moms) & Smith (Caleb E.) Eagle 

Brass Foundry 121 Bat, dwl 661 Harrison 
Greenberg W. clerk, dwl 403 California 
Greenburgh Charles, shoe-store, dwl 811 Yallejo 
Greene Alexander P. surveyor, dwl Duane near 

Greene D. M. printer Eureka Typographical 

Union, rooms 509 Montgomery 
Greene Harriet (widow) dwl X s Vallejo bet Bu- 
chanan and Webster 
Greene John, 'longshoreman, dwl cor Green and 

GREEXE (Sanmel H.) HEATn (Richard W.) & 

ALLEX (Henry H.) commission merchants 

and importers tobacco, consulate Costa Rica 

and Guatemala 609 Front, dwl 933 Sac 
Greene Sarah (colored) cook with Joseph Grant 
Greene Thomas, proprietor Jackson Brewery 

235 First 
Greene William Jr. real-estate, dwl Ashland 

Place bet Eleventh and Potter 
Greene Wm. H. dwl Ashland Place bet Eleventh 

and Potter 
Greenebaum Berthold, salesman with S. H. 

Bohm & Co. dwl SW cor Cal and San 
Greenebaum Herman (Greenebaum Brothers, 

Sacramento,) dwl 41 Tehama 
Greenebaum Morris S. book-keeper with Berwin 

& Brother, dwl 1 IS Xatoma 
Greenebaum S. L. book-keeper at Steinhart Bros. 

dwl 137 Montgomery 
Greeucwald S. (of Louis Sloss & Co. Sacramento) 

office SW cor California and Front, dwl 39 

Greenfield John, waiter at 531 Commercial 
Greenham Frederick, porter Cal. S. X. Co. dwl 

308 Gree a 
Grecnhaiiseu Henry, steward, Kevstone House 

k KLKIX (S.) coaL 209 Sansom, dwl 325 

Minna nr Fifth 
Grccninger Daniel, stoves and tin-ware, 116Third 
Greenleaf William, wood yard cor Folsom and 

Stewart, dwl cor Beale and Folsom 
Greenan X. W. folder City Laundry, cor Bran- 
nan and Third 



Greenough (J. R.) & Co. (Henry Duttori) hay, 
grain aud feed N s Market bet Cal and Stew- 
art, dwl 619 Bush 

Greentree John D. dwl 412 Green 

Greenwell W. E. triangulating dept, TJ. S. Coast 
Survey office, Custom House 

Greenwood James, agent Williams & Orvis sew- 
ing machines 226 Jackson, dwl W s Mont 
bet Union aud Filbert 

Greenwood John, carpenter, dwl N s Ellis near 

Greenwood J. S. bds What Cheer House 

Greenwood M. line repairer State Tel Co. dwl 
with J. Wood, Cal nr Powell 

Greffoz Julian, watch-maker at 5 It Mont, dwl 
514 Bush 

Gregg Isaac N. coppersmith and sheet-iron 
worker, 13 Pacific, dwl W s Montgomery 
bet Vallejo and Green 

Gregg Newton, coppersmith and sheet iron wor- 
ker with Isaac N. Gregg, dwl W s Mont bet 
Vallejo and Green 

Greggains Thomas, fruits, 157 Third 

Grego George, with Bonzi & Descalzi, dwl 515 

Gregoire Louis, salesman with Adrieu Gensoul, 
dwl cor Kearny and Union 

Gregory Ann, domestic with Edward Barron 

Gregory Elizabeth Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 111 

Gregory Lewis, billiards and liquors, 634 Pac 

Gregory Paul, laborer, dwl 123 Minna 

Gregory Peter, waiter, dwl 1216 Dupont 

Gregory T. P. carrier Bulletin 

GREIF JOHN, San Francisco Baths, 636 Wash, 
dwl 405 Union 

GRELLET (Charles) & CO. (Isadore Chamba- 
riere and John if. Byrne) importers liquors, 
428 Jackson, dwl N s Clay nr Taylor 

Grelley Virginie, milliner, 734 Montgomery 

Grellier S. & Co. (James McKuen) Italian Soda 
Works, 192 Stevenson 

Grennan Lawrence, lumber dealer, dwl 320 

Grenthal Morris, tailor, 327 Kearny 

Gress John, dwl 603 Broadway 

Gress Nathan, carriage-maker with P. Witbeck 

Gretchey William, butcher, dwl Bryant near 

Grey Catharine, domestic, 1705 Dupont 

(JREY (Cyril V.) & FRY (John H.) attorneys- 
at-law, 10 Montgomery Block, dwlS s Eddy 
nr Mason 

Grey Daniel, teamster, bds with J. & K. Morton 

Grey P. (colored) cook with J. McSwegan 

Grey Thomas, collector S. F. Gas Works, dwl 
1307 Stockton 

Griblen Wm. boatman Vallejo St. Steps, dwl324 

Grier Jessie, porter Post Office 

Griere Pierre, porter with Tallant & Wilde, dwl 
321 Battery 

Griffeu, Lynch & Co. (John Robinson) preserved 
fish, 321 Davis, dwl 426 Union 

Griffin Alexander, painter, dwl 4 Natoma 

Griffin Edmond, clerk, 109 Second, dwl E s Kear- 
ny nr Bush 
Griffin Charles H. scavenger, dwl 421 Kearny 

Griffin Hannah (widow) dwl 918 Clay 
Griffin Hugh, moulder, bds Mechanics Hotel 
Griffin James, cook with Cammet & Kauce 
Griffin John, with Tobin Bros, dwl 76 Sutro H 
Griffin John, bds Niantic Hotel 
Griffin James, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Griffin John, boat-builder, with Martin Vice, dwl 

40 First 
Griffin John, carpenter, dwl 40 First 
Griffin John, groceries and liquors. 41 Third 
Griffin John W. (A. P. Uoialing & Co.) dwl W a 

Stockton nr Clay 
Griffin Maggie Miss, boarding NE cor Broadway 

and Montgomery 
Griffin Mary, cook, dwl with Joseph L. Willcutt 
Griffin Mary Ann (widow) dwl 561 Mission 
Griffin Michael B. salesman with H. W. Stein 

dwl 419 Green ' 

Griffin Morris, laborer, dwl 10 Minna 
Griffin P. laborer, dwl 903 Battery 
Griffin Patrick, deck-hand stmr Chrysopolis, dwl 

14 Ecker 
Griffin Patrick, tailor, dwl 427 California 
Griffin Wm. pilot, office W s Front bet Broadway 

and Vallejo, dwl 620 Greenwich 
GRIFFIXG FREDERICK, Griffin's bonded 

warehouse, cor Battery and Filbert, dwl 

Oriental Hotel 
Griffith Charles, laborer with Gardiner & Co. bds 

with M. D. Gardiner 
Griffith James B. laborer, dwl cor Davis and 

Griffith John W. looking-glass maker with Jones, 

Wooll & Sutherland, dwl N s Sutter bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Griffith Millen. captain stmr Martin White, dwl 

569 Harrison 
Griffiths Charles, laborer with Sanford C. Gardner 
Griffiths James, boiler-maker, dwl 58 Stevenson 
Griffiths John, mariner, dwl W s Baldwins 

Court nr Folsom 
Griffiths M. bds What Cheer House 
Grifflin Albert, laborer Charles Bon's brick yard 
Grigg J. bds What Cheer House 
Grillettie Robert, plumber, with Britton, Rey & 

Grilliet Edmond, collector French Benevolent 

Society, dwl cor Dupont and Vallejo 
Grim Louis, cutler, dwl 817 Kearny 
Grimes G. C. cigars, NE cor Montgomery and 

Merchant, dwl E s Fremont bet Howard 

and Folsom 
GRIMES GEO. T. comission merchant, NW cor 

Front and Commercial, dwl 123 Bush 
Grimes Michael, laborer, with A. G. Ramsdell 
Grimwood Adolphus D. attorney-at-law, office 

604 Clay, dwl 612 Bush 
Grinbaum M. S. book-keeper with Berwin & 

Bros. 319 Sansom, dwl 118 Natoma 
Grincke Henry, groceries, 513 Davis 
Gringie Alexander, painter, 813 Clay 
Grimm Charles, Butcher's Home, Protrero S 

Brannan Street Bridge 
GRISAR EMIL, hides and wool, Rincon Dock, 

E s Spear nr Folsom, dwl 373 Powell 
Grisby Mary (widow) dwl 418 Powell 
Grisch Christien, baker, dwl S s Mission bet 

Tracy and Sparkes 



Grisel Adolph, melter with H. Hentsch, dwl 405 

Grisel C. Mrs. furnished rooms, 734 Montgomery 

and SW cor California and Sansom 
Griswold Anna Miss, teacher music, dwl 518 

Griswold George, clerk, 104 Second, dwl cor 

Front and Pine 
Griswold {Henry C.) & Co. {Alfred P. Parker) 
vegetables and fruits, 52 Washington Mar- 
ket, dwl El Dorado Building 
Griswold H. Z. carpenter, dwl 323 Pine 
Griswold John C. deputy Superintendent Streets, 

dwl 1209 Taylor 
Griswold Josiah, carriage-painter with B. S. 

Griiton Thomas, seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 
Groat Richard Y. attoiney-at-law, 526 Merchant, 

dwl SOT Clay 
Grob Trautman, artist, dwl 308 Dupont 
Groezinger Charles {Groezinger & Co.) dwl NW 

cor Sansom and Greenwich 
GROEZINGER (Gotllob and Charles) & CO. 
{Frederick Erie) starch and gum manufac- 
tory, NW cor Greenwich and Sansom 
Groezinger Gottlob, California wines, office SW 
cor Front and California, dwl 230 Stevenson 
nr Fourth 
Groffin M. bds What Cheer House 
Grogan Alexander B. merchant 703 Sansom 
Gronell David, seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 
Groob John, porter, dwl with Capt. J. F. Gilmer 
Groom Henry, dwl 842 Clay 
Groomes Isaac (colored) barber with N. A. God- 
frey, dwl Scott nr Broadway 
Gros Alfred, druggist, 752 Washington 
Gros Edward A. apothecary, 619 Yallejo 
Grosche A. giger, S. F. Woolen Factory, Black 

Grosfman Charles P. tinsmith at 125 Clay 
GROS II {Samuel) & RUTHERFORD {Thomas 
L.) Commercial Flour Mills, 143 and 145 
i, dwl Ilouch bet Folsom and Howard 
Gross Abraham (colored) whitewashes 539 Clay, 

dwl Kearny nr Green 
Gross Elisha S. importer and commission mer- 
chant, NW cor Clay and Front, dwl 1301 
Gross Frank W. silver mining, NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Merchant, dwl 1301 Taylor 
Gross Joseph, cigar-maker, dwl Benton House 
Grosschuptf William, book-keeper with Kruse 
ft Euler, dwl N s Howard bet Third and 
Grosse Martin, carpenter, dwl 1001 Dupont 
Gross. {Martin) & Bulleti (C) fruit and vegeta- 
bles, 21 and '1-1 Washington Market, dwl 
5^5 Merchant 
Grossman George, porter with Levi Strauss, dwl 

666 Howard 
Grossman N. bds Original House 
Grosso Constantino, blacksmith, 131 Sutter 
Grosvenor J. actor Maguire's Opera House, dwl 

I! s Montgomery bet Broadway and Yallejo 
Grotey Frederick, drayman, dwl "J IS Hitch 
Grotjan George, with Kellogg, Hewston ft Co. 

dwl SK cor Lombard and Oupont 
Grove F. J. watch-maker 26 First 

Grove John, baker, 715 Pacific 
Grove George M. carpenter, dwl 525 Pine 
Grover W. A. physician, 200 Montgomery 

Boston, Mass. R. G. Brown, agent, 329 

Groves Frederick, weaver S. F. Woolen Factory, 

Black Point 
Grow M. bds What Cheer House 
Grubb Samuel, gas-fitter with J. K. Prior, dwl 

with Joel Bonney 
Gruber Andrew, workman with J. A. Meuli & 

Co. bds Helvetia Hotel 
Gruber Ferdinand, naturalist, 540 Clay 
Gruber Jacob C. express^-wagon, 423 Davis, dwl 

N s Filbert bet Powell and Mason 
Grudice Fednico, garden, Hayes' Valley, dwl 

Pacific nr Dupont 
Gruendel August. {Schiffel & G.) 631 Merchant 
Gruenhagen I. F. miner, dwl 1619 Dupont 
Gruenhagen Martin, salesman with Janson, Bond 

& Co. dwl 1609 Dupont 
Grunen J. bds What Cheer House 
Grunenwald Andrew, tailor, 654 Pacific 
Gruner Francis, jewelry manufacturer, dwl 515 

Grush J. Henry, carpenter, dwl 40 Clementina 
Grymes J. Edgar, clerk, rooms 826 Sacramento 
Guadalupe Mining Co. office SE cor Montgomery 

ami California 
Guage J. W. captain brig George Emory, Pier 10 

Guardeola J. bds Hotel International 

& Co. 314 Washington and Bunker Greaves 

& Co. SW cor Sacramento and Front, agents 

Flint agents, NW cor -Sac and Leidesdorff 
Guchowsky Charles, liquors, dwl 318 Yallejo 
GudfreundJ. dwl 1428 Dupont 
Guenby L. clerk, dwl 1517 Stockton 
Guerbach Carl, waiter with Lauenstein & Saul- 

Guerin {John) & Co. {Etienne Costerauste and 

Ludovic Poltier) importers French dry goods 

415 Montgomery, res Paris 
GUERIN M. boots and shoes NW cor Battery 

and Commercial, dwl 459 Bryant 
Guerin Peter, butcher. 709 Pacific 
Guerin Thomas, laborer, dwl Yallejo nr Mason 
Guerit John, billiard-saloon E s Dupont near 

Guicheney John, groceries, 815 Pacific 
Guider Annie, chambermaid Hotel International 
Guidi J. A. {Berce & G.) dwl SE cor Sansom 

and Merchant 
Guies Antonio, fruit SW cor Jackson and Davis 
Guild Horace, carpenter, dwl 432 Bush 
Guilford .1. B. {San Francisco Times Association) 

dwl Hotel International 
Guilford John, sail-maker, :\ 1 Stewart 
Guillaumo Toussaint, gardener Golden Gato 

Guillemin Kugene, liquors 207 Kearny 
Guillemiu Jaques, liquors 207 Kearny 
Guillot Charles, dish-washer 510 Washington 

Guimaraens Vasco de, dwl pis Market 

Guinnn Bernard, laborer, bds Pac Temperance H 



Guiod Alexander, wagon-maker, San Jose Road 
Guion George W. hardware 7 Post, dwl 610 

Guirado Rafael, machinist Union Foundry, bds 

Battery St House 
Guirin A. Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1 
Guitterez Modesta, saddler, dwl SW cor Front 

and Jackson 
Gullickson Severin (Klepzig k ff.)dwl 733 Wash 
Gulliver Harriet (widow) dwl S s Mason bet 

Fourteenth and Fifteenth 
Gullixson {Henry R.) & Nelson (John G.) uphol- 
sterers and paper-hangers 336 Kearny, dwl 
249 Jessie 
Gully Michael, miner, 151 Townsend 
Gulmaun John cigar-maker with Alex. Mann 
Gulpen Charles, clerk, dwl 427 Sutter 
Gummer Frederick C. salesman with J. J. Le- 

count, dwl 1107 Stockton 
Gummer Sarah (widow) boarding, 1107 and 1109 

Gundlach Jacob, proprietor Bavaria Brewery, 

620 and 622 Vallejo 
Gundlach Max & Co. ( George Wassman) boots 
and shoes 330 Montgomery, dwl Stevenson 
near Fourth 
Gunn Chas. T. drayman 134 Clay, dwl Volunteer 

Gunn Felix, workman foundry, dwl 28 Minna 
Gunn John, bds Summer St House 
Gunn John, cooper, 608 Battery, res Alameda 
Gunn John, dentist, NE cor Sac and Mont 
Gunn John, 'longshoreman, dwl San nr Green 
Gunn John P. mariner, dwl 717 Tehama 
Gunn L. C. Deputy Surveyor, office Custom 

House second floor 
Gunn Martin, foundryman, NW cor Davis and 

Gunn T. bds "What Cheer House 
Gunn William, cooperage 608 Batter/, dwl 321 

Gunn Win. J. clerk, dwl 321 Union 
Gunnendez Eloy, waiter, dwl 810 Stockton 
GUNNISON (Andreio J) & BEATTY (Samuel 
G. jr.) attorneys-at-law NW cor Merchant 
and Montgomery, dwl 114 Silver- 
Gunns Jacob, cap-maker with Wolf Fleisher 
Gunter August, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery, 

dwl E s Ninth bet Folsom and Howard 
Guntier Joseph, groceries and liquors, 1421 

Guntrum Cornelius, cook, rooms 923 Dupont 
Guntrum William, butcher, dwl 1612 Powell 
Gurdin Caroline, cook Fisher House 
Gurido Raphael, machinist, dwl 28 Battery 
Gurneiue Hans, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Gurnett Wm. J. cabinet-maker with Weir & Ir- 
win, dwl Clementina bet Second and Third 
Gurncv M. laborer Pioneer Race Course 
GUS1IEE (Horace) & ELDER (William) com 
produce 319 Washington, dwl W s Mont- 
gomery bet Vallejo and Green 
Gusina Michael, fruit 720 Dupont 
Gusswalden John, fruits 624 Kearny, dwl Sacra- 
mento nr California 
Gust Andrew, steward Jenny Lind Saloon, 419 

Gustavson Charles, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 

Gustus C. musician, dwl 320 Kearny 

Gutcher William, cigar-maker with E. Goslinsky, 
dwl 543 Mission 

Guthrie Claude, carpenter, dwl W s Brooklyn PI 

GUTHRIE GEORGE W. publisher and propri- 
etor Herald, 604 Montgomery, dwl 1117 

Guthrie Jonathan B. carpenter, dwl 6 Brooklyn 

Gutte Isidor, salesman with Simon Bros, dwl S s 
Washington bet Powell and Mason 

Gutlechalk J. F. A. seaman, dwl S s Greenwich 
near Sansom 

Guttmaii Samuel, tailor, 913 Kearny 

Guttridge Richard, hostler with Wm. M. White, 
dwl Minna near Beale 

Guttridge William, stableman, bds Whitehall 

Guttrison S. brass-founder with Greenberg & 

Gutzeit Heinrich, hair-dresser, 611 Kearny 

Guvoille F. attendant French Hospital, S s Bry- 
ant bet Fifth and Sixth 

GUY ABEL, commission merchant and banker, 
411 Washington 

Guy Alfred, physician, dwl N s Jessie nr Fourth 

Guylan Peter, laborer with G. W. Blasdell 

Guyot Cammilla, (widow) lodgings, 834 Sac 

Gwinn William, dwl 77 Natoma 

Gwin Wm. M. attorney-at-law, dwl Hotel Inter- 

Guyer Joseph, laborer, dwl N s Ellis bet Hyde 
and Leavenworth 

Guyton Garribald, gardener, res Lard Point 



Haacke ( Christopher) & Hinck (John H.) groce- 
ries, 810 Sacramento 
Haas Abram, (S. Haas & Co.) res Nevada 
Haas Brothers, ( Charles and Harmon Portland, 

Oregon,) office 211 Battery 
Haas Chas. P. fancy painter, 341 Bush 
Haas David (S. Haas & Co.) res Placerville 
HAAS SAMUEL & CO. (Henry Levy, Abram 
and David Haas,) clothing and furnishing 
goods, 530 Commercial, dwl 216 Minna 
Haas Solomon, accountant with Weil & Co. rooms 

Green bet Stockton and Dupont 
Haas (Solomon) & Davidson (Jacob) importers 
and jobbers stationery and Yankee notions, 
305 Battery, dwl S s Geary, bet Powell and 
HAASE FREDERICK, groceries and liquors, 

NE cor Beale and Folsom 
Habbit Francis, dwl 202 Dupont rear 
Habel John, boot-maker with Henry Watte 
Habenicht Frederick, book-keeper with Rodgers, 
Meyer & Co. dwl N s Bryant Place nr Sixth 
Haber N. bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Haberbin Christian, varnisher, dwl 313 Bush rear 
Habersham Wm. broker, rooms 516 Bush 
Hachar Godliss, Sugar Refinery, dwl SW cor 

Folsom and Sixth 
Hack Jacob, liquor saloon, 616 Pacific 
Hackat Charles, bar-keeper at 322 Montgomery, 
dwl Bush near Montgomery 



Hacke Henry, groceries and liquors, Mission nr 

Hacke John, boiler-maker Union Foundry 
Hacker Charles, liquors, 308 Sansom 
Hackerson C. H. builder, bds 723 Market 
Hackett C. cook, dwl G05 Pacific 
Hackett Charles, carpenter, bds Mission House 
Hackett J. C. dwl San Bruno road near Potrero 
Hackett Patrick, laborer, dwl Ohio nr Yallejo 
Hackett Wm. carpenter, dwl 14 Quincy 
Haden James, merchant, dwl SW cor Folsom 

and Beale 
Hadler Henry, laborer, dwl 26 Stewart 
Hadley D. L. planer with B. F. Chace&Co. dwl 

215 Sansom 
Haeden Ira, butcher, bds New England House 
Haehulen Jacob, laborer ganger's department 

Custom House, dwl W s Rasette Place near 

Haehnlen Lewis A. cabinet-maker with Appell, 

Derome & Co. dwl Union near Mason 
Haeny William, liquors, 677 Market 
Haeringes Jacques, waiter with Henry Bocken, 

dwl Dupont near Pacific 
Haeyslop We hostler, dwl with John Centeron 
Hafferty Delia Miss, nurse, dwl 714 Washingt 
Haffey D. engineer Pacific Foundry 
Haffnar John, cabinet-maker with Aaron Doud 
Haffner Charles, ( Wunnenberg & Co.) dwl 119 

Hagan Benjamin, salesman with Steinhart Bros. 

dwl 120 Xatoma 
nagan Bernard, clerk with John Stratman, dwl 

W s Stockton bet Sacramento and Cal 
Hagan Burnett, dwl 709 Stockton rear 
Hagan Hannah Miss, Mission School, dwl near 

Pioneer race course 
Hagan James, dwl 34 Minna 
Hagan James B. commission merchant, dwl SE 

cor Dupont and Chestnut 
Hagan John, marble-cutter with Hayes & Pritch- 

ard, dwl 36 Minna 
Hagan Sarah Mrs. fancy goods, 1306 Stockton 
Hagcdorn Hermann C. draughtsman, dwl 1308 

Hageler Henry, waiter with Charles H. Brick- 

nagemann Peter, dwl SW cor Battery and Wash 
Henry, cigars, 240 Montgomery, dwl Ma- 
son bet Broadway and Yallejo 
Hagen Peter, with Kohler & Frohling, dwl W s 

Mason bet Broadway and Yallejo 
Hagen Robert, apothecary and chemist, 534 Sac 
Hager George, merchant, XW cor Battery and 

California, dwl Tehama House 
Hager John S. Judge Fourth District Court, 

chambers City Hall, rooms Union Hotel 
Hagerman Annie (widow) dwl with Alexander 

Haggatt Thomas Capt. seaman, dwl E s Ohio 

nr Pacific 
Haggerty James, seaman bds 518 Mission 
Haggerty . Timothy, carpenter, bds Broadway 

HAGGIN JAMES B. attorncy-at-law, 2 Court 

Block, dwl 1917 Jackson 
Haggin J. J. B. law student with G. F. James, 

dwl 1315 Powell 

Haggin Robert, dry-goods, dwl 1024 Stockton 
Haggle Charles, barber, dwl 1006 Washington 
Hagstrom X. D. dwl 119 Bush 
HAGTHROP EDWARD, stoves and tinware, 

510 Sansom, dwl 827 Bush 
Hagthrop Robert, tinsmith with E. Hagthrop, 

dwl 827 Bush 
Hahcke Minna, domestic with Henry Gerstung 
Hahenshell Louis, cook with Henry Bocken, dwl 

614 Montgomery 
Harder Nicholas, cook St. Nicholas Hotel 
Hahn August, blacksmith, 41 1 Third 
Hahn August (colored) gardener with B. Da- 
Hahn Henry, grocer, 1016 Clay, dwl E s Wet- 
more Place nr Clay 
Hahn J. C. bds What Cheer House 
Hahn John (John Lanzenburg & Co.) dwl 266 

Hahn William, Belvidere Market, 901 Stockton 
Halm William, clerk, 1016 Clay 
Hahne Augustus, clerk with A J. Plate, dwl N s 

Eddy nr Mason 

neys-at-law. 622 Clay 

Haight Harrison, carpenter, dwl 4 Qnincv Place 

HAIGHT HENRY, Notary Public, XE cor 

Montgomery and Merchant, dwl 24 South 


Haight Henry H. (F. M. & E. II. Haight) dwl 

938 Pacific 
Haight L. F. clerk with Orrick Johnson 
Haight Marshall, carpenter, dwl 28 Sausom 
Haine Arthur, clerk Vulcan Iron Works Co. dwl 

551 Folsom 
HAINE JOSEPH, physician, office 812 Wash 
Haine Stanislas, clerk with Falkner, Bell & 

Co. dwl 19 Dupont 
Hainqne Marthal, machinist Yulcan Iron Works 

Haker William, salesman, 612 Kearny, dwl 228 

Hale E. A. Mrs. music teacher, dwl 1018 

Hale Hannah A. (widow) lodgings, 812 Sac 
Hale Henry, merchant, dwl E s Taylor nr Cal 
HALE HENRY M. auditor city and county, 

office City nail, dwl 1411 Powell 
Hale John J. dwl Lewis Place 
Hale Robert, cordwainer, dwl 237 Jackson 
Hale Thomas T. Chelsea Laundry, bds with 

Joseph Wood 
Hale W. F. student of medicine with Dr. I. 

Bridgel (widow) dwl 790 Folsom 
Haley Charles M. bds Hotel International 
Haley Dennis, street-paver, dwl W s Leaven- 
worth near Broadway 
Haley James, carriage-builder, bds with Dennis 

Haley James, laborer, S. F. C. Water Works 
Haley James F. (L. Emanuel & Co.) manufac- 
turer furniture, llobbs, Gillmoro A Co.'s 
mills, cor Beale and Market, dwl cor Jessie 
and Second 
Haley Johanna, domestic with John Lahoe 
Haley John, hack-driver, dwl Rasette Place nr 



HALEY JOHN J. ladies' ice cream saloon 327 

Montgomery, dwl Hunter's Point 
Haley Joseph, steward, dwl 331 Broadway 
Haley Mary Miss, domestic, dwl 1306 Powell 
Haley Mary A. with Ann E. Irwin 
Haley Michael, laborer, dwl 18 Louisa 
Haley Michael J. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Haley Robert Port Warden, 4 Cogswell's Bdg, 

dwl 1708 Dupont 
Haley Thomas, contractor, dwl X s Brannan bet 

Seventh and Eighth 
Haley R. F. laborer with G-. W. Blasdell 
Haley Warren, dishwasher with S. Ambrose 
Haley William, laborer, dwl S s Broadway bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Halfmoon Bay Line Packets, Washington Street 

nail Abraham, calker, dwl 115 Silver 
Hall Andrew W. commission merchant, dwl 528 

Hall A. R. bds What Cheer House 
Hall Asa, carpenter, dwl 16 Sansom 
Hall B. bds Hotel International 
Hall Charles, employment office. 502 Kearny 
Hall Charles R. carpenter, dwl 234 Montgomery 
Hall David W. painter, dwl S s Clementina near 

nail E. B. clerk, rooms Howard Engine House 
Hall E. C. file-cutting Chace's Mill, cor Market 
and Beale, dwl Mason bet Geary & O'Farrell 
Hall Edward, dwl Columbia House. 9 Broadway 
HALL EDWARD importer drugs 538 Wash- 
ington, dwl Sll Bush above Mason 
Hall Edward, mechanic with Devoe & Co. dwl 

Columbia House 
Hall Edward B. upholsterer with W. M. Hixon, 

dwl 128 Second 
Hall Edward F. jr. (Charles W. Brooks & Co.) 

dwl W s Stockton bet Jackson and Pacific 
Hall Edward L. pilot, dwl SE cor Sacramento 

and Taylor 
Hall Eldridge, clerk with Leony & Hirstel, dwl 

225 Sacramento 
Hall Elisha, carpenter, dwl X s Riley nr Jones 
Hall Eliza Mrs. laundress, dwl 204 Sutter 
Hall P. C. bds What Cheer House 
Hall Francis L. machinist with Chas. C. Bemis, 

dwl 535 Howard 
Hall Frederick G. bds Railroad House 
Hall Gardiner S. (Sunt & If.) milk-ranch old San 

Jose Road rear Beattv's 
Hall George (Lewis Albert & Co.) pier 1 Stewart 
Hall George, apprentice Pacific Foundry 
Hall George, cook, dwl Bay State Row 
Hall George, teamster, dwl 176 Jessie 
Hall Geo. D. City Laundry, Steamboat Point 
Hall Geo. E. boots and shoes 516 California, dwl 

303 Bush 
Hall Geo. W. waterman, dwl 409 Market 
Hall G. W. folder City Laundry cor Third and 

Hall (Harvey) & Aitken ( Charles A.) Sacramento 

Market 6 Washington 
Hall Henry (Torreij k II.) dwl SW cor Brenham 

Place and Washington 
Hall Henry, dwl with Miss Mary Griffin 
Hall Henry, engineer with John Ziele, dwl Sec- 
ond near Market 

Hall Henry, painter, dwl 7 Leidesdorff 

Hall Henry, steamboat-captain, dwl XE cor 

Montgomery and Broadway 
HALL (Isaac M.) & BRIGHAM (C. 0.) produce, 
fruits, etc. 73 and 74 Washington Market, 
dwl 424 Bryant 
Hall James, saw-filer, dwl W s Baldwin's 

Court nr Folsom 
Hall James, fireman stm Nevada, dwl E s Stone 

near Jackson 
Hall James, painter, dwl 7 Leidesdorff 
Hall James, stevedore, rooms N s Commercial 

near East 
Hall James (colored) dwl 5 Scott 
Hall J. F. stencil-plate manufacturer SW cor 

Front and Sac. dwl W s Larkin nr Union 
HALL JOHN {Edward A. Morse & Co.) residence 

Hall John, dwl X s Post bet Mason and Powell 
Hall John, blacksmith-helper Union Foundry, 

dwl 140 Mission 
Hall John, compositor Daily Mirror, dwl 115 

Hall John, miner, dwl 11 Bay State Row 
Hall John, surveyor, dwl 923 Dupont rear 
Hall Joseph, dwl 514 Mission 
Hall Joseph F. dwl 228 Townsend 
Hall Josiah S. accountant with Poulterer, De Ro 

& Eldridge. bds Rincon House 
Hall J. S. dwl Valencia nr Ridley 
Hall Katarina Mrs. (widow) nurse, dwl 23 

Hall L. P. Capt. bark Palmetto, pier 17 Stewart 
Hall Mary Miss, dwl 827 Sacramento 
Hall Milton jr. carpenter, and inspector C. H. 

dwl 128 Second 
Hall O. C. attorney-at-law, 51 Montgomery Blk 
Hall Osborn, captain sloop Philip Horn, pier 1 

Hall Q. A. carpenter, S s Summer nr Mont 
Hall Richard & Co. ( Charles Langley) wholesale 
drugs, 531 and 533 Clay, dwl W s Taylor 
nr Lombard 
Hall R. M. clerk Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, 

dwl X s Bryant bet Second and Third 
Hall Robert, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 

Samuel M. cutter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 
X s John nr Mason 
Hall T. F. ironer Chelsea Laundry 
Hall Thomas L. com. merchant, dwl 56 Front 
Hall W. D. L. Monumental Engine Co. Xo. 6 
Hall William, farmer, dwl road to Ocean House 
Hall William, gas-fitter with Britton, Rey <fc 

O'Brien, dwl Isthmus House 
Hall William, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Hall William H. (colored) barber, dwl 924 

Hall Wmalow, calker, bds 115 Silver 
Hall Winslow, carpenter, dwl 524 Stockton 
Hallahan J. blacksmith Pacific Foundry 
Hallbeck Oscar, seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 
Halleck Atwood, bds 510 Dupont 
Halleck George, agent Contra Costa Laundry, 

bds 510 Dupont 
HALLECK H. W. attorney-at-law, 42 and 43 

Montgomery Block, dwl 326 Second 
Halleck Oliver, driver Contra Costa Laundry, bds 
510 Dupont 



Hallen Nathaniel, blacksmith, dwl 4 St. Mary's 

Haller John, blacksmith, bds Philadelphia House 

Haller Lucas (Freeman II. and Haskell) dwl 
St. Marks Place 

Hallerau Thomas, blacksmith Vulcan Iron 
Works Co. 

Hallidie (Ahdrevj S.) and Co. (Eckfeldt & Graves) 
wire-rope makers, factory Taylor bet Chest- 
nut and Francisco, depot 412 Clay, dwl 520 

Halligan John, butcher, dwl 904 Stockton 

Hallinen Nathaniel, with Henry Steele, dwl 4 St. 

IIALLOCK J. Y. & CO. (H. C. Parker, Miles 
B. Carpenter and C. CJiristiansen) importers 
hardware, 407 Sansome. its New York 

Hallon P. carpenter, dwl 323 Pine 

Halloran James, printer, Eureka Typographical 
Union rooms 

Halloran Timothy, cartman, dwl Xu cor Clay 
and Mason 

Halloran Wm. pipe-layer, dwl 60 Broadway 

Hallowell Elizabeth, (widow) lodgings, 800 Clay 

Hallowed Geo. R. carpenter, dwl 51 Everett 

Hallstram Wm. shoemaker with Daniel Gates, 
dwl. 611 Davis 

Halmo H. mariner schooner Mary A. Evans 

Halor Vincon Miss, dwl 1026 Clay 

Halphen Alexander, dry goods, 825 Kearny, dwl 
Minna - 

Halsey Charles, attorney-at-law, office 30 Lyce- 
um building, dwl W s Hyde bet Filbert and 

Halsey Edward, clerk, dwl W s Hyde bet Fil- 
bert and Greenwich 

Halsey Wm. clerk with J. & P. Conrad, dwl 425 

Halstead Joel, carpenter, dwl E s Salina Court 

Halthouse Jacob, brick-maker, bds with P. Web- 

Halvazaelt Eniille. dwl SW cor Turk and Taylor 

Ham Frederick, lather, dwl S s Pine nr Mont 

Ham Henry H. clerk with A F. Brown, dwl 
627 California 

Ham I. H. produce commission merchant, 110 

Ham J. H. {John McDonald & Co.) dwl Prospect 

Ham T. Leander, compositor with Valentine & 
Co. dwl Pine near Montgomery 

Hamack Henry, liquor saloon, 648 Pacific 

Human John D. porter with Rodgers, Meyer & 

Hamaun Geo. tin-smith, 341 Kearny 

Hamberger Charles, house carpenter, dwl 39 

Hamberson Edward, domestic, 1001 Stockton 

Hamblin Edward 0. carpenter, dwl 20 Sai 

Hambly M. Clayton, dwl 5 12 Howard 

Hainbly S. T. books and stationer}*, 154 Third, 
dwl 512 Howard 

HAMBLY THOMAS C. attorney-at-law, NE 
cor California and Mont, dwl 512 Howard 

Humbly Wm. G. printer Alta California office, 
dwl 512 Howard 

Hambry Charles, ship-carpenter J. G. North's 

Hamburger Bernard, importer staple and fancy 

dry goods, 306 California, dwl 720 Mission 
Hamburger Zeua. dwl S20 Yallejo 
RANCE COMPANY, Morris Speyer agent, 
520 Washington 
Hamill Patrick Maclise, teacher at 613 Stockton 
Hamill Wm. assistant coiner U. S. Branch Mint, 
dwl Pacific bet Van Ness Av. and Franklin 
Hamilton Alfred, pantryman stmr Cornelia 
Hamilton Caroline E. (widow — colored) dwl 820 

Hamilton ( Charles F.) & Lovering (Eev.len F.) 
photographic gallery, 417 Montgomery, dwl 
503 Second 
Hamilton F. H. captain bark Madonna, pier 15 

Hamilton George, book-keeper with McCracken 

£ Richards, dwl 548 Mission 
Hamilton Grace, nurse, dwl 1707 Stockton 
Hamilton Henry, carpenter, dwl with J. Calahan 
Hamilton James, express-wagon, NE cor Mont- 
gomery and Washington, dwl SW cor Jack- 
son and Jones 
Hamilton James, furrier, bds 732 Folsom 
Hamilton James, miner, dwl 1006 Pacific 
Hamilton John W. clerk with George W. Clark, 

dwl N s Mission bet Firel ami Second 
Hamilton (</-■ rumbull ( Wm.) saddlers, 

Third near Tehama, dwl 732 Folsom 
Hamilton Marie Mrs. dwl 18 Waverly Place 
Hamilton Peter, seaman, bds Miners' Ex House 
Hamdton Robert, lather, S s Minna bet Fifth and 

Hamilton W. F. dwl 211 California 
Hamilton Wm. boatman, dwl Hodges Place 
Hamilton William II. actor Bella Union, dwl 

804 Jackson 
Hamilton Wm. H. (colored) boot-black, 769 Clay 
Hamilton (William J.) Ayres (Iluin- 

{Charles E. J> oynton) carriage-makers, Sum- 
mer near Spring 
Hamdton W. J. sail-maker, dwl 323 Pine 
Hamlin Joshua, drayman, E s Third bet Min- 
na anil Howard 
Hamlin O. bds What Cheer House 
Hamm Joseph T. (Ilassey 6c II.) dwl N s Clay 

Avenue near Clay 
Hamm Margaret Miss, liquor-saloon, 604 Pacific 
Hamman Henry (colored) cook with M. Kibbe, 

dwl Mason near Broadway 
Hamman John H. groceries, 828 Clay 
Hamuiar Frederick, baker, dwl 17 Hinckley 
Hammell (Lewis) &, Co. provisions, 502 Sansom, 

dwl 1105 Powell 
Hammell Louis, uardencr, E s Dolores nr Center 
: r Andrew, drayman, dwl 522 Pacific 
r Edward 11. salesman with Thos II. 
0. dwl Vallejo near Dupont 
Hammer Frederick, baker with T. II. Sb 

Hammersmith Edward, clerk with A. Kohler, 

dwl 604 Dupont 
Hammersmith John E. clerk with A. Kohler, 

630 Washington 
Hammersmith Simon, lodgings, 604 Dupont 
Hammond A. E. <• \1 N s Union bet 

-om and Montgomery 



Hammond A. E. Jr. clerk with A. E. Hammond, 
dwl Xs Union bet Sansom and Montgomery 
Hammond James, bds 2 ISOO 

Hammond John, rooms 129 Broadway 
Hammond John, dwl 1020 Stockton 

ond Lafayette, dwl Folsom near Second 
I Wm. & Robert II.) dwl 235 
Hammond William & Robert, gent's furnishing 

L36 Kearny, dwl 225 Stevenson 
Hammond William, physician. 211 Bush, rooms 

6 and 7 Metropolitan Hotel 
Hamon Emma Miss, laundry. 430 Kearny 
HampshaW Wm. II. wines and liquors. 315 Com 
Hampton (Robert) & Lehmkuhl (Ha 

grocers, 117 Fourth, dwell SE cor Taylor 
and Valparaiso 
Hams Albert, seaman, bda 9 Washington 
Hams Henry, groceries, 766 Folsom 
Han August, blacksmith, dwl with William Han 
Han Wm. butcher, dwell between Laguna and 

Hanaberg Michael, at Eagle Warehouse, XW 

cor Dayis and Pine, dwl 141 Jessie 
Hanagan James, carpenter, dwl E s Montgomery 

mar Pacific 
Hanagan John, laborer, bds 700 Battery 
Hanavan John, butcher, 140 Third 
Hanch Rebecca Miss, dwl 1515 Dupont 
Hancock Dawson T. (colored) ship-carpenter, 

dwl 105 Dupont 
Hancock Henry, bda Union Hotel 
Hancock John," foreman Evening Bulletin, dwell 

526 Greenwich 
Hancock Saml. land-agent, dwl 701; Mission, rear 
Hancock Sarah (colored) dress-maker, 105 Dupont 
Hand Charles V. dwl 530 Washington 
Hand F. batter, dwl 221 Dupont. • 
Hand Josiah. collecting-clerk with Fred. Griffing 
Hand Pierson, cabinet-maker with Weir & Irwin, 

dwell Leavenworth near Clay 
Hand Stephen, porter Cal. S. N. Co. XE corner 

Jackson and Front 
Hand William, accountant, bds Fisher House 
Hand William M. clerk with A. L. Edwards & 

Co. dwl 619 Bush 
Handel Mary Miss, liquor-saloon, 642 Pacific 
Handly Patrick, laborer, dwl X s Filbert near 

Handsom Alexander, painter, bds Mission House 
Handy John Rev. assistant rector St. Marys 

Joseph, accountant, dwl 264 Tehama 
Handy (Lueien V.) k Arnold (Francis W.) 
cooj a Oregon nr Battery, dwl 24 

Handy William L. (Newman & H.) dwl Mission 

- iCOnd and Third 
Haneeke 11. A. Miss, special assistant teacher 

Spring Valley School 
Hanerson O. seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Hauey Abram, pattern-maker, bds 20 Jessie 
Haney Edward, gas-house, dwl 
Haney James, drayman, dwl 103 Pacific 

John, shoemaker, 410 Jackson, dwl 320 
Haney Julia A. Miss, domestic, 1010 Powell 
Haney Patrick, stoves and tinware, 221 Kearny 

Haney William, drayman, dwl X s Lombard bet 

Kearny and Montgon 
HANEY WILLIAM W. Gem 8aloon, XE cor 

Front and Sacramento, dwl 19 Minna 
Hanford Benjamin T. policeman City Hall, dwl 

1017 Powell S Washington 
Hanford Edward, dwl E s Auburn near Pacific 
i J. W. butcher, 452 Third, dwl S side 
::et near Third 
Hang Tung (Chinese) washing, 614 Pacific 

J. J. Great Western Hotel. 905 Battery 

ran John, laborer with A. H. Houston 

dieb, costume-maker, dwl S side 

I f'Farrell bet Taylor and Jones 
Hanken Charles, groceries, 106 Pacific 
Hankina 0. drayman with D. B. Sherman 
HANKS HENRY G. house and sign painter, 

320 Clay, dwl SE corner Montgomery and 

California, room 17 
Hanley George, stevedore, dwl 28 Sacramento 
Hanley Catharine, domestic with John Walton 
Martin, laborer, rooms 803 Sacramento 
Hanley Mary (widow) Hamburg Laundry, 10 

Hanley William, porter with Hellman Bros. & 

Co. dwl 424 California 
Hanlichs Peter, brick-mason, dwl X side Lewis 

bet Jones and Taylor 
Hanlin M. laborer, bds with Daniel Dunn 
Hanlin Peter, What Cheer House Restaurant 
Hanlon Clement, clerk Benton House 
Hanlon Daniel, shipwright, dwl 331 Bryant 
HAXLOX FELIX J. proprietor Benton House, 

624 and 626 Commercial 
Hanlon James C. meat-market, 125 Third, bds 

Benton House 
Hanlon John, porter Hotel International 
Hanlon Michael, lather, dwd 229 Minna, rear 
Hanlon Stephen, bds Benton House 
Hanlon Timothy, laborer with A. II. Houston 
Hanlon Valentine, teamster, dwl 308 Union 
Hanna John, bakery, 1516 Stockton 
Hanna John, deputy county clerk, dwell 527 

Mission bet First and Second 
Hanna John, plaster and cement, dwl 710 Green 
Hanna John, porter with Hooper & Co. dwl E s 

Oak Park bet Harrison and Bryant 
Hanna John Jr. cement, plaster and general 

merchandise, 213 Clay, dwl 716 Green 
Hanna Patrick R. ship-carpenter, dwell 543 

Hanna R. G. merchant, dwl E s Chatham Place 
Hanna William, with Erzgraber & Goetjen 
Hanna William P. with Frank G. Edwards, dwl 

527 Mission 
Hannagan Wm. 'longshoreman, Sansom nr i rreen 
Hannah Harriet (widow) boarding. 551 
Hannan Charles, saloon-keeper, dwl 607 Cal 
Hanuan John, porter with K. E. Brewster <fc Co. 

dwl Park Avenue near Harrison 
Hannan William, Crescent Engine Co. No. 10 

>erg Conrad, shaving-saloon. MOO Stockton 
dwell E side Montgon i 

Pacific aud Broadway 
Hanuigan James W. carpenter, dwl 54 Jessie 
Hannigan Patrick, carpenter, dwl 54 Jessie 
Hannon Samuel H. (Uetjwood & II.) dwell 329 

Second, rear 



Hanorahan John, laborer with G. W. Blasdell 
Hanover Anna Miss, with J. J. Haley, chvl Third 

near Market 
Hanrahan Timothy J. laborer with J. F. Martin 
Hans Jacob, cedar-tub and pail manf, 832 Pacific 
Hans John, cooper at 832 Pacific 
Hans John, servant, dwl with A. J. Tompson 
Hansall George B. bds Sansom St House 
Hanscom John 0. ( Goddard & Co.) dwl 116 Ellis 
Hansconi W. W. clerk Pacific Foundry, dwl 116 

Hansell George, surveyor, dwl 30G Sansom 
Hansell William E. carpenter, 413 Post 
Hansen August, cabinet-maker with Selling, 

Marx & Co. 
Hansen C. E (Gluck& 27.) dwell cor Green and 

Hansen Christopher, clerk, 286 Minna 
Hansen George D. teacher modern languages 

High School, dwl 606 Montgomery 
Hansen James, seaman, bds 253 Fourth 
Hansen Lini, harness-maker. 304 Pine 
Hanson A. laborer, dwl with Thomas Stealey 
Hanson Alexander, dwl 734 Harrison 
Hanson A. G. confectionery, 848 Washington 
Hanson Andrew, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Hanson Andrew, seaman, bds Empire House 
Hanson diaries, barkeeperwith Michael O'Brien, 

dwl 731 Davis 
Hanson Charles, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Hanson Charles, Bhip-carpenter, dwl Silver bet 

Third and Fourth 
Hanson Ik-nry. seaman, dwl 26 Stewart 
Hanson (J. G.) & Sayburan (J.) block, pump and 

spar-makers, 6 California, dwl S s Mission 

bet Third and Fourth 
Hanson John, captain schr Susan Farnham, 

Market St. Wharf 
Hanson Peter, 'longshoreman, dwell 105 Com- 
mercial, up stairs 
Hanson Peter, seaman, dwl S s Francisco near 

Hanson Stephen, stevedore, dwl 11 Stewart 
Hanson Thomas, Beaman, dwl 'jo.") Battery 
Hanson Thomas J. stevedore, dwl 26 Stewart 
Hanss John, waiter, dwl 26 Stewart 
HANSSMANN HENRY (Von Muller & Co. 

Marysville) Consul for Prussia and Olden- 
berg, office SW cor Front and California, 

dwl 403 Stockton 
Hantman Jacob, brass-finisher with Greenberg 

& Smith, dwl Ellis near Market 
Harant P. {Huerne & //.) dwl 323 Pine 
Haraszthy A. wiue-grower (Sonoma) office 531 

Haraszthy Charles, assayer, dwl 618 Green 
Haraszthy Gaza, bda Union Hotel 
Harbach Alert, cook with Lazar & Blumenthal 

Ige William, operative rope-walk, : 

Building 610 Front 
Harburt Peter, teamster, dwl 003 Battery 
Harhy Horace, dwl L5 Virginia Place 
Harcog Christian, blacksmith, 795 Broadway 
Hard Mary Mrs. dwl 1127 Dupont 

Hardeman Joseph, waiter Whal Cheer House 
Harden Benjamin, drayman, 418 Front, dwl W s 
Clara near Sutter 

Harders Timothy T. drayman with Scholle Bros. 

dwl X s Stevenson above Second 
Hardie (Diedrich) & Rutcnberg(.7b7m II.) imptrs 

dry-goods, 417 and 419 Sac, dwl 715 Bush 
Hardigan Patrick, plasterer, dwl 127 St. Marks 

Place, rear 
Hardigan Thomas, laborer, bds 127 St. Marks 

Place, rear 
Hardiman John, with G. Yenard 
Hardiman John, laborer, bds 8 Anthony Place 
Hardin B. drayman, 418 Front 
Harding Edward, clerk with Louis Ackerman, 

dwl 638 Sacramento 
Harding George, clerk with Faurcs & Reynolds, 

dwl Wetmore Place near Cla}' 
Harding James, carpenter, dwl 237 Jackson 
Harding (Joint) & Linekin (Ira W.) sail-makers, 

21.") Front, dwl 14 Quincy bet Cal and Pine 
HARDING SAMUEL C. Constable Second 

Township, office 623 Merchant, dwl 913 

Jackson bet Powell and Mason 
Hardman James, brass-finisher, dwl 8 Hardie PI 
Hardy Benjamin F. physician, dwl 10S Minna 
Hardy Elizabeth (widow) dwl 417 Union 
Hardy H. 1. bds Original House 
Hardy Rufus, tailor, dwl 114 Kearny 
Hardy Samuel, works' with Yantine & Co. dwl 7 

Hare Alexander, plasterer, dwl W s Hyde bet 

Bush and Sutter 
Hare Charles, junk-dealer, 34 Stewart 
Hare Edward, Oregon Market, 117 Jackson 
Hare George II. inciter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

pis Prospect Tlace 
Hare Patrick, laborer. 420 Front 
Hare Thomas, pattern-maker, 326 Pine, dwell 

Francisco near Dupont 
Harford Edmund C. shipwright and calker, foot 

of Fremont 
Hargain Michael, laborer, bds 414 Pacific 
Harghan John, laborer, X s Folsom nr Sixth 
Harihan John, waiter Original House 
Haring8 ('. F. mechanic with Hobbs, Gilmore <fc 

dwl Bush bet Mont and Kearny 
Harjes Frederick, groceries and liquors, XW cor 

Mason and Union, dwl 420 Dupont 
Ilarkans M. Inspector Custom House 
Harkbum L. drayman, 406 Battery 
Harker John W. merchant, 410 Front, dwl XW 

cor Green and Jones 
Harker Mifflin Rev. dwl XW .cor Green and 

Hark ins Bernard, retortman S. F. Gas Co. 
Harkins Michael, refiner I*. S. Branch Mint 
Harkins Michael, waiter What Cheer House Res- 
Harkins Robert, brass founder with John C. 

Avers, dwl Potrero SE Brannan St. Bridge 
Harkins Win. cabinet-maker, dwl 1022 Dupont 
Harkness David S. printer with Yalentii: 

dwl El Dorado Building 
Harkness John J. Young America Engine Co 

\ deck-hand stmr Helen Hensley 
Harlan Charles W. brick-layer, dwl 20 Sansom 
oscph, hds Original Hoi 
1 is, junk, 112 Davis, dwl 414 Market 
Harley Daniel, laborer, dwl with James Mc- 

1 'evitt 



Ilarley Daniel, gardener, dwl Guerrero bet Fif- 
teenth and Sixteenth 
Barley David, plumber, rooms 4 Brooklyn PI. 
Hurley Francis, driver with American Russian 

Commercial Co. 
Harley Jennett (widow) N s Howard bet Seventh 

and Eighth 
Harloch Margaret Mrs. midwife, dwl 31 Hunt 
Harlow Fayette, printer, dwl 421 Third 
Harlow James, carpenter, dwl 421 Third 
Harlow James jr. carpenter, dwl 421 Third 
Harlow J. C. compositor Police Gazette, dwl 421 

Harlow John D. carpenter, bds 728 Harrison 
Harlow Josiah, printer, dwl 421 Third 
Harlow Marcus, mariner, bds 728 Harrison 
Harlow William, sewing-machine operator, dwl 

421 Third 
Harman George W. truck-keeper, St. Francis 

Hook and Ladder Co. 
Harmletou James (colored) waiter strnr Nevada, 

dwl S s Pacific nr Dupout 
Harmon Christ, laborer with F. T. Eisen 
Harmon Henry, salesman with Davis <fc Bowers, 

dwl 228 Green 
Harmon J. A. baker with Pierce &, Co. 
Harmon John, ship-smith with W. S. Phelps & 

Co. dwl S s Post E Dupont 
Harmon Samuel H. (Heywood & H.) dwl W s 

Second nr Harrison, rear 
Harmon William, teamster with Reuben Morton, 

dwl NE cor Taylor and O'Farrell 
Harmond J. bds What Cheer House 
Harms Henry, waiter with Chas. H. Brickwedel 
Harms John, groceries and liquors, SE cor Union 

and Kearny 
Harmstead J. B. machinist U. S. Branch Mint 
Harnan Michael, clerk, 509 Merchant, dwl N s 

Green bet Mason and Taylor 
Harnan P. C. brick-layer, dwl 20 Sansom 
Harnden F. A. exchange clerk, Wells, Fargo & 

Co.'s bank, dwl 1005 Powell 
Harnden Wm. H. forwarding clerk, Wells, Fargo 

£ Co.'s Express, dwl 1005 Powell 
Harned Daniel, laborer, bds 315 Broadway 
Harnett Edward, lithographer with B. F. Butler, 

dwl Commercial nr Kearny 
narnett John, waiter at 531 Commercial, rooms 

Benton House 
Harnett Michael, wood-yard, 337 Bush 
Harnett Wm. seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Harney Wm. deputy county clerk Court of Ses- 
sions and County Court, bds 621 California 
Harm- Patrick, salesman with C. F. Toy, dwl 

311 Montgomery 
Harper John, cooper S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

with Owen Casey 
Harper John, drayman, dwl Moulton Place near 

Harridan Andrew, dwl 1507 Powell 
Harrigan Cornelius, drayman, dwl 13 Scott 
Harrigau John, dwl 800 Vallejo 
Harrigan Michael, hod-carrier, dwl 111 Jessie 
Harrigan Timothy, with Murphy & Conner, dwl 

S s Broadway nr Montgomery 
Harriman John, dwl 1104 Stockton 
Harriman Margaret Mrs. embroidery, 1104 Stock- 

Harrington Benjamin G. drayman with Bray & 

Bro. dwl 32 1 Washington, rear 
Harrington Benjamin W. stone-cutter, dwl N s 

Sacramento nr Taylor 
Harrington Daniel and Timothy, butchers, Potre- 
ro nr Brannan St. Bridge, dwl S s Ninth nr 
Bran nan 
Harrington Daniel, 'longshoreman, bds Empire 

Harrington Frank B. jeweler with Baldwin & 

Reed, dwl N s Sac bet Mason and Taylor 
Harrington Isaac, drayman, dwl W s Brooks bet 

. Market and Geary 
Harrington Jeremiah, stone-cutter, dwl 64 Ste- 
Harrington John Rev. assistant pastor St. Marys 

Harrington John, liquor-saloon, 823 Montgomery 
Harrington John, seaman, dwl 33 Beale 
Harrington Lizzie Miss, milliner, dwl Plaza Hotel 
Harrington Margaret C. Mrs. seamstress with J. 

Peirce, bds Brooks House 
Harrington Owen, laborer Sugar Refinery, dwl 

S s Harrison bet Ritter and Price 
Harrington J. stove-dealer, dwl 123 Bush 
Harrington Robert, miner, dwl S s Valparaiso 

near Taylor 
Harrington Thomas, stevedore, dwl cor Chestnut 

and Montgomery 
Harrington Timothy, butcher, dwl Potrero near 

San Bruno turnpike 
Harrington Wm. machinist, Union Foundry 
Harris Abraham, with Harris & Coleman 
Harris Amos, dwl Stevenson bet Second and 

Harris Avery T. deputy assessor, dwl 14 Stan- 
ley Place 
Harris B. C. dwl 1010 Powell 
Harris Charles, clerk with Peter Meyer 
Harris {Daniel) & Rice {Chas. H.) Railroad Mar- 
ket, 36 Kearny 
Harris Daniel, clerk, dwl 16 Sansom 
Harris Daniel, plasterer, dwl 21 Stevenson 
Harris David, laborer, dwl N s O'Farrell bet 

Mason and Powell 
Harris D. B. bds Hotel International 
Harris E. Mrs. furnished rooms, SE cor Sansom 

and Commercial 
Harris Edwin, dwl 329 Pine 
Harris Edwin, clerk with Wm. T. Coleman &Co. 

dwl 625 Clay 
Harris George, hair-dresser, SW cor Jackson 

and Drumm 
Harris George, (colored) waiter strnr Nevada 
Harris George A. book-keeper with American 

Russian Commercial Co. 11 Broadway 
Harris George W. carpenter, dwl S s Bush near 

Harris George W. drayman with D. Gibb & Co. 

dwl NW cor Larkin and Sacramento 
Harris G. W. broiler with Page & Decker 
Harris Harris, tailor, 310 Pacific 
Harris Harvey & Co. assayers, 509 Sacramento, 

res Marysville 
Harris Henry, trunk-maker with James Long- 
shore, dwl N s Minna bet Second and Third 
Harris Isaac, clothing, 613 Davis 
Harris Israel, hats and caps, 1104 Dupont 



Harris Israel, tailor, 715 Commercial 
Harris James, brick-layer with Sam'l Hevner 
Harris James, (colored) waiter stmr Chrysopolis 
Harris James H. mason, bds 405 Dupont 
Harris James L. accountant with Wheeler Mar- 
tin, dwl 27 Clary 
Harris Jane W. Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 808 

Harris J. Freeman, book-keeper 201 Second, dwl 

27 Clara 
Harris J. Laugdon, salesman with Cox, Wilcutt 

& Co. dwl E s Stockton bet "Wash and Clay 
Harris John, seaman, dwl 44 Stevenson 
Harris John, servant, dwl with Francis Debius 
Harris John N. (Jones & II) dwl 436 Cal 
Harris Joseph, dwl 16S Minna 
Harris Joseph, jr. tailor, 845 Clay 
Harris Joseph T. Vigilant Engine Co. No. 9 
Harris M. job- wagon, cor Bush and Kearny 
Harris Mark, clothing 802 Kearny, dwl S25 Clay 
Harris Mark, tailor, dwl 114 Virginia 
Harris Marx M. cap-maker, dwl 14 Minna 
Harris Michael, tailor with William Cohen, dwl 

Union nr Powell 
Harris Morris, cigars and tobacco 30 First, dwl 

Jessie nr Ecker 
Harris Moses, handcartman, dwl 37 Jessie 
Harris Richard, dwl with Miss Griffins, NE cor 

Montgomery and Broadway 
Harris Robert L. civil engineer, 49 Montgomery 

Harris S. waterman, Market op Sansom 
Harris Samuel (Asher & II) dwl 1027 Kearny 
Harris (Simon) & Coleman (Edward) importers 

fancy goods 319 California, dwl 709 Howard 
Harris Simon, clerk with H. W. Stein, dwl 1G8 

Harris Simon, waterman, dwl N s Stevenson bet 

Second and Third 
Harris S. R. physician, 214 Bush 
Harris Timothy, brass-finisher with W. H. & D. 

M. Moore, dwl SOS Stockton 
HARRIS WILLIAM, lock and gunsmith 20S 

Leidesdorif, dwl Broadway nr Mason 
Harris Uriah, market G29 Mission, dwl S s Mar- 
ket nr Fourth 
Harris William H. finisher S. F. Woolen Fac- 
tory. Black Point 
Harris William S. bds What Cheer House 
Harris Wolf, clothing 152 First 
Harrison Charles H. (Bailey ( fc II) Benieia and 

Mare Island pilot, 212 Washington, dwl S s 

Francisco bet Dupont and Kearny 
Harrisi hi Christopher, seaman, lids 16 Stewart 
Harrison <!. II. physician, dwl 221 Fourth 
Harrison II. D. (Falkuer, Bell & Co.) residence 

on Henry, steward steamer Golden Gate, 

dwl Foundry Ho 

i'Is, 805 Kearny 
Harrison James, merchant, dwl 805 Kearny 
Harrison James V. book-keeper witli H. V. 

Wakelee, dwl X s O'Farrell nr Jones 
Harrison James S. {Leopold Kuh cfc Co.) dwl 

Kearny nr Washington 

Boomerang saloon, 901 Dupont, dwl E s 

Dupont bet Filbert and Greenwich 

Harrison John, cook, Original House 

Harrison John T. medical student with Prof. 

R. Beverly Cole, dwl 1121 Stockton 
Harrison John T. (colored) shaving saloon, 143 

Harrison Peter, carriage-maker with Kimball & 

Co. dwl 255 Minna 
Harrison Randall, ganger, dwl 817 Mission 
Harrison Ralph C. (Cotton & H.) office 6 Nagle's 

Harrison (Thomas) & Breitweiser (Charles) Mi- 
ner's Exchange House, SW cor Washing- 

ington and Drumm 
Harrison William, carriage-painter, 030 Market 

dwl N K cor Front and Sacramento 
Harrison William, steward Ocean House 
Harrison William P. dwl 6 Quincy 
Harrison William T. physician, rooms 48 Third 
Harritt John, laborer, dwl 249 Beale 
Harrod W. J. carpenter, bds Brooks House 
Harrold James, 'longshoreman, bds 11 Jackson 
Harrold James, merchant, dwl 514 Greenwich 
Harrold John, (Lyon & Co.) dwl 145 Jessie 
Harron John, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Harrop John, engineer Chelsea Laundry, dwl 19 

Harrop Samuel, machinist, dwl 19 Clary 
Harrot William, carpenter, dwl 324 Bush 
Harry George, tailor, 53 Kearny 
Hart Bernard, tailor, dwl S s Post nr Taylor 
Hart C. driver with Or. W. Blasdell 
Hart Charles B. clerk with J. B. Hart 
Hart Daniel, laborer, dwl 207 Broadway 
Hart Frances Miss, NE cor Stock and Chestnut 
Hart Isabella (widow) bookseller, 119 Third 
Hart Jessie, brick-layer, dwl 300 Bush 
Hart Jessie B. attorney-at-law, 625 Merchant, 

dwl 307 First 
Hart John (Murphy (fc 77.) dwl 210 Minna 
Hart John, blacksmith, dwl 210 Minna 
nart John, drayman, dwl S s O'Farrell nr Jones 
Hart John, street contractor, dwl S s Francisco 

nr Stockton 
Hart Lewis, broker, dwl 115 Sacramento 
Hart Maria Miss, private school, 735 Howard 
Hart Mary (widow) dwl with Jesse D Can- 
Hart Mary A. Miss, dwl witli Robert Ro 
Hart Michael, blacksmith, bds Four Nations' 

Hart Michael, brick-layer, S. F. Gas Co 
Hart Michael, wood and coal, 1210 Powell 
Hart Nellie Miss bds Niantic Hotel 
Harl Patrick, laborer Union Foundry 
Hart Richard, steward with W. II. Blossom 
Hart Thomas, dwl 13 Tehama I"; 
Hart Thomas, laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl 142 First 
Hart Thomas, painter Maguiro's Opera House, 

dv. -on 

Hart Thomas, waiter Benton House 
Hart William, laborer, dwl W s Verba Buena 

nr California 
Harte Frank Biet, clerk U. S. Surveyor-Gener- 

cral, dwl 315 Second 
Harter Frit/., brewer, bds New England House 
Hartey John, house and sipi painter, 5m; Front 

Hartford, McLean A Fowler agents, NE 

cor Clay and Battery 



Hartford IT. A. Volunteer Engine Co. No. 7 
Hartford John, drayman, dwl W s Sansoin bet 

Union and Filbert 
Hartford John W. carpenter, dwl E s Brooks 

bel Market and Geary 
Hartliel A. upholsterer, dwl 323 Tine 
Hartin Bernard, laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl N s 

Tehama nr Second 
Hartj'en Earnst, newspaper carrier, W s Second 

bet Market and Mission 
Hartkorn Charles, shoemaker, 330 Montgomery 
Hartleib Herman, Eagle Drug Store, 911 Dupont 
Hartman Eugene, liquor-saloon, 638 Pacific 
Hartman Isaac, attorney-atdaw, office 16 Court 

Block, dwl Union Hotel 
Hartman Jacob, moulder, dwl 202 Dupout, rear 
Hartman Michael, baker with J. J. Haley, dwl 

1620 Powell 
Hartman William, liquor-saloon, 202 Stewart 
Hartmann Adolph, clerk with Jacob Hartmann, 

dwl N s Sutter nr Powell 
Hartmann Auguste, musician, dwl 105 Waverly 
Hartmann Charles, groceries, 113 Dupont 
Hartmann {Charles) & Hildebraudt {Frederick) 

groceries, 550 Third 
Hartmann P. waterman, Market op Sansom 
Hartmann Frederick, clerk with Jacob Hart- 
mann, dwl N s Sutter nr Powell 
HARTMANN JACOB, importer hats. NW cor 

Battery and Sacramento, dwl -429 Sutter 
Hartmann Wm. carpenter and joiner, 226 Com 
Hartnatt Morris, vegetables, 63 Jessie 
Hartnett Michael, retoitman S. F. Gas Co. 
Hartnett Michael, wood and coal, dwell 321 

Hartnett Wm. H. nurse U. S. Marine Hospital 
HART8HORNE (Benj. M.) k CRARY (Oliver 

B.) coal dealers, NE cor Front and Bdwy 
Hartshorne Samuel, with Torrence & Parker, 

dwl Montgomery Block 
Harteman John (Nobmann & H.) dwl 700 Bush 
Hartung {Theodore) & Tondy (J. C.) manufactu- 
ring jewelers, 618 Merchant, dwl 719 Green 
Hartung W. Mrs. midwife. 402 Dupont 
Hartwcll Jeremiah (colored) porter, dwl N 8 

Bush bet Dupont and Kearny 
Harty W. R, second officer bark Live Yankee, 

4 Stewart 
Hartz Adam, Monumental Engine Co. No. 6 

I 0. A. painter with Thos. Robinson, dwl 
'• mpont bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Harver Peter, laborer, dwl with John Herman, 

new San Jose road near Willows 
Harvey A. fireman stmr Bragdon 
Harvey A. miner, bds What Cheer House 
Harvey A. A. fruits and produce, SEcorDrumm 

and Clark, dwl 333 Commercial 
Harvey Charles, carpenter with A. A. Snyder, 

dwl Laurel Place near Pine 
Harvey Charles, carpenter, dwl 415 Greenwich 
Harvey D. B. hides and wool, 307 Sacramento, 

dwl SE cor Clay and Taylor 
Harvey E. C. sail-maker with Harding & Line- 
kin, dwl Howard Engine Houso 
Harvey Edward, pork, dwl 553 Mission 
Harvey Edward, stevedore, bds Clay St. House 
Harvey E. E. with Nichols, Harvey & Co. dwl 

555 Mission 

Harvey {E. H) & Hnssey {Frank) managers new 

National Theater, dwl 711 Pacific 
Harvey Frank, teamster with Johnson & Baker, 

dwl NW cor Broadway and Battery 
Harvey H. printer, rooms 7:; I Washington 
Harvey James C. painter, Fremont Court 
Harvey John, gardener for Cyril V. Grey 
Harvey Julien, collector, dwl 722 Broadway 
Harvey Peter, deck hand stmr Antelope 
Harvey Thomas, carpenter, dwl W s Beale bet 

Harrison and Brvant 
HARVEY W. H. State Superintendent of Em- 
igration, office 20 and 21 U. S. Court build- 
ing, dwl 48 Minna 
Harvey Wm. C. plasterer, bds Golden Gate Hotel 
Harvey Wm. H. printer, Eureka Typographical 

Union rooms, 509 Montgomery 
Harwood Charles, broom-maker at 117 Sac 
Hasbaeh {Frederick) & Bro. {Henry Hctsbach) 

teachers, 717 Vallejo 
Hasbaeh Henrv {Hasbaeh & Bro.) dwl 7 17 Vallejo 
HASBACH {Otto) & EPNER (Gustav) Custom 

House brokers, NE cor Battery and Oregon 

dwl SW cor Bush and Mason 
Haseltine Chas. stevedore, dwl 9 Front rear 
Haseltine Hazen & Co. merchants, 618 Battery, 

dwl 625 Bush 
Haseltine Hazen jr. with Hazen Haseltine & Co. 

dwl 625 Bush 
Haseltine James T. with Hazen Haseltine & Co. 

dwl 625 Bush 
Hashagan John, groceries and liquors, SE cor 

Jackson and Sansom and 1301 Stockton, 

dwl 103 Chambers 
Hashagen {Martin) & Vogt {Jacob) saloon, SW 

cor Sacramento and Drumm 
Hashiii Jonathan, wharfinger Mission St. wharf, 

dwl E s Oak Park bet Harrison and Bryant 
Haskell Chas. L. with Harrison Jones, dwl 313 

Haskell George, lighterer, dwl 232 Kearny 
Haskell Geo. S. book-keeper with A. Averell, 

dwl 232 Kearny 
Haskell George S. Canton Tea Store, 24 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 819 Mission 
Haskell L. & Co. hides and wool 15 Davis, dwl 

Black Point 
Haskell M. miner, bds What Cheer House 
Haskell Phineas {Freeman, Haller & H.) dwl 74 

Haskell W. F. engioeer with J. Martenstein 

Haskill C. L. bds Original House 
Haskin Henry R, printer, dwl 22 Harlan Place 
Haskin Jesse, mechanic with Samuel A. Metcalf, 

dwl Pacific Temperance House 
Haskins George, laborer with John Cobleigh 
Haskins George H. laborer, bds with A. Owens, 

Meacham Place 
Haskins J. E. wharfinger Market St. wharf, dwl 

Park Avenue 
Haskins Michael, dwl 1117 Kearny 
Haslam Henry, porter with J. De La Montanya 

& Bro 
Ilaslay Daniel, laborer with Sam'l Hcvner 
Haslip William, laborer, dwl with John Center 
Hass Jacob, cigars, 118 Second 
Hass Owen, laborer, dwd Rassette Place nr Sutt er 



Hassan H. keeper I. 0. of K. dwl cor Pacific and 


Hassan James C. freight clerk California Steam 

Navigation Co. Broadway "Wharf, dwl XE 

cor Jackson and Front 

Hassan Moses, watch-maker, rooms 831 Dupont 

Hasset James H. coachman 344 Brannan, dwl 

XK cor Second and Bryant 
Hasset M. R. inspector C. H. dwl 606 Dupont 
HASSEY (F. A.) & FT A MM (Joseph T.) real 
estate, house agents and adjusters 406 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 28 Sutro House 
Hassey Peter, First officer ship Sierra Xevada 
Haste (John II.) & Kirk (Christian) coal yard 

519 California, dwl 709 Bush 
Haste W. F. waterman, Market op Sansom 
Hasting Everett L. salesman with J. M. Wash- 
burn, bds St. Lawrence House 
Hastings A. laborer, bds 127 Pacific 
Hastings A. G. laborer with A. H. Houston 
Hastings Edward, bds St. Lawrence House 
Hastings J. F. with R. H. Yance 
HASTINGS JOHX, physician and surgeon U.S. 
Marine Hospital,- dwl 429 Bryant nr Third 
Hastings Nathaniel, contractor, dwl 1011 Bush 
Hastings Reuben, teamster with L. B. Garrison 
Hastings S. bds What Cheer House 
HASTINGS S. CLINTON, attorney-at-law, 3 

Court Block, res Benicia 
Hastings W. mariner, dwl 69 Natoma 
Hastings "William J. waterman, rooms 719 Mar- 
ket, rear 
Hasty William, mariner, dwl 608 Bush 
Haswcll Edmund H. boiler-inspector with George 

Coffee, dwl 54 Third 
Haswell John C. printer, dwl E s Chatham PI 
Hatch Asa D. inspector C. H. dwl N s Sutter bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Hatch James, cabinet-maker with Aaron Brooks, 

dwl 8 Anthony Place 
natch Joseph, grocer, dwl 230 Third 
Hatch Laura A. (widow) dwl 629 Market 
Hatch Sanford, pantryman Niantic Hotel 
Hatch (Theodore II.) & Branjon (Richard M.) 
butter, eggs, etc. 43 and 44 Washington 
Market, and 18 Metropolitan Market, dwl 
W s Hyde S Bush 
natch William, plater with William H. T. Clark 
Hatcher Scott, engineer, dwl 321 Stockton 
Hathaway A. L. accountant with Hathaway & 

Co. bds 521 Pine 
Hathaway A. M. painter with H. G. Hanks, dwl 

NW cor Sacramento and Waverly Place 
Hathaway Andrew, teamster with R. Morton, 

dwl XK cor Taylor and O'Farrell 
Hathaway A. W. painter with Henry G. Hanks 
Hathaway B. W. physician, 606 Montgomery 
Hathaway C. H. tinsmith with (i. A- W. Snook, 

dwl 55 Second 
Hathaway Charles, laborer with P. H. Cootey, 

bds with Mrs. Anna Barron 
Hathaway Charles W. dwl 606 Montgomery 
Hathaway Edmund Y. laborer Rincon Ware- 
house, dwl 308 Beale 
Hathaway (E. V.) & Co. produce commission 

merchants 21 Clay, dwl 521 Pine 
Hathaway (). W. tinsmith with G. & W. Snook, 
dwl S s Mission nr Second 

Hatman George, milk-ranch, dwl N s Presidio 

road nr Lagoon 
Haton William L. refiner IT. S. Branch Mint 
Hatwek Fritz, brewer with Hoelscher Wieland 

& Co. 
Haubrich "William, with Leon Dingeon 
Eauck John F. watchmaker and jeweller, 325 

Pacific, dwl Broadway Block 
Haufmann Peter, 'longshoreman, dwl 26 Stewart 
Haugherty James, tailor, 110 Montgomery 
Haughey F. teamster, dwl 903 Battery 
HAUK (Louis) & MARQUARD (D. Francis) 

liquor-saloon 541 Clay, dwl 1113 Powell 
Haul Patrick, wheelwright. 126 Bush 
Hauser Casimir, with Kohler & Frolding, dwl "W 

s Kearny nr Broadway 
Hauser David, boots and shoes 508 Commercial 

and 1002 Dupont, dwl 229 Fourth 
Hauser Jean, servant with Maurice Dore 
Hausley Frederick, market, 513 Pacific 
Hausmann Adolph, commission-merchant, dwl 

1403 Kearny 
Hausmann David, mirrors 537 Clay, dwl 747 

Hausmann Henry, furniture, dwl 118 Virginia 
Haustcr Carolina (widow) dwl with L. Johanning 
Haut Mathew, stair-builder with Freeman, Hal- 

ler & Haskell, dwl cor Pacific and Dupont 
Havan Henry, carpenter, rooms 704 Battery 
Havelock H. compositor Alta California, dwl 

Leavenworth bet Wash and Jackson 
Haven Charles D. clerk P. M. S. Co. dwl 1617 

Haven Henry, baker with Charles Frank 
Haven William S. book-keeper P. M. S. Co. dwl 

1617 Powell 
Havener Samuel, brick-laver, bds 557 Market 
Havens Henry T. (Dore ,6 II.) dwl 17 Tehama 
Hawes Charles M. carpenter, dwl Potrero SE 

Brannan Street Bridge 
Hawes Horace, attorney-at-law, 622 Clay, res 

Redwood City 
Hawes Madison, dwl W s Taylor nr rine 
Hawey P. II. blacksmith with X. W. Spaulding 
Hawkes Nathan, Davis Street Market. 123 Davis 
Hawkins Arthur, moulder Union Foundry, bds 

Foundry House 
Hawkins Arthur K. collector S. F. Gas Co. 
Hawkins David H. (colored) laborer, bds 778 

Hawkins George, laborer, dwl 29 Fourth 
Hawkins Henry, laborer II. S. Branch Mint 
Hawkins .lames, machinist Union Foundry, dwl 

109 Minna 
Hawkins James, stamp-collector, dwl 828 Sac 
Hawkins John P. saddler, dwl S s Berry near 

Hawkins Joseph, captain schr A. C. Adams, dwl 

E s Main near Folsora 
Hawkins J. P. with J. J. Feaster, 21 Pino 
Hawkins L. D. superintendent Flint & Peabody's 

Rice Mill 
Hawkins Michael, machinist Union Foundry, 

dwl 7 7 Minna 
Hawkins Robert, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Hawkins William, foreman Union Foundry, dwl 

77 Minna 
Hawkins William J. baker, dwl 804 Broadway 



Hawkins William, lime-man S. F. Gas Co. 
Hawkins "William, manufacturer circular saw- 
mills, 114 Sac, rooms Sansom St House 
Hawks Emus, machinist Union Foundry, dwell 

First St House 
Hawks J. D. with Castle & Freeborn, dwl 750 

Hawley Charles A. (Shiverick & Hawley, Silver 

City, Nevada Territory) office SE cor Battery 

and California, dwl Second near Folsom 
Hawley Charles J. & Co. family groceries, 103 

and 105 Second, dwl 567 Mission 
Hawley David N. (Hawley & Co.) dwl Park PI 

bet Essex and Second 
Hawley Edward A. salesman with Hawley & 

Co. dwl 712 Howard near Third 
Hawlev E. R. bonnet- bleacher, dwl 324 Ritch 
Hawley George T. (Hawley & Co.) dwell 712 

Howard near Third 
Hawley Jacob C. clerk with C. J. Hawley, dwl 

NW cor Post and Leavenworth 
HAWLEY (Waiter X.) & CO. (David N. and 

George T. Hawley) importers hardware, SE 

cor California and Battery, dwl 712 Howard 
Hawscn S. drayman, cor Battery and California 
Hawser John H. music-teacher, dwl S s Union 

bet Larkiu and Hyde 
Hawthorne Edward D. waterman, bds Winthrop 

Hawthorne Henry W. with MoRuer & Merrill, 

bds with D. C. McRuer 
Hawthorne J. steamboat-man, dwl 505 Howard 
Hawkhurst E. Miss, special assistant teacher 

Hyde St School 
Hawkhurst ( Walter) & Son (Rolert Hawkhurst) 

office 221 Sacramento 
Haxe George, butcher with L. Miller, dwl NE 

cor Jackson and Powell 
Hay Alexander, ship-carpenter, bds First St H. 
Hay Alexander, tinsmith, dwl W s Leavenworth 

near Pacific 
Hay August, laundry, 1419 Dupont 
Hayard Silas, seaman, bds Fisher House 
Haycock Jm\son (JIcHenry & H) dwl 516 Folsom 
Hayden Edward B. baker, dwl 26 Post 
Hayden Granville G. dentist, 423 Montgomery 
HAYDEN HENRY C. agent Wheeler & Wil- 
son's Sewing Machines, SW cor Montgomery 

and Sacramento, bds 518 Powell 
Hayden James, merchant, dwl NW cor Folsom 

and Beale 
HAYDEN JAMES G. Fashion Saloon, NE cor 

Mont and Wash, dwl 544 Washington 
Hayden J. H. with H. C. Hayden, dwell 715 

Hayden John, sheet-ironworker, Union Foundry 
Hayden (John J.) & Zander (J.) hair-dressers, 

550 Washington, dwl 544 Washington 
Hayden L. cook Metropolitan Hotel 
Hayden Washington, bl; eksmith, dwl 335 Post 
Hayen Henry, groceries and liquors, 135 Third, 

and proptr St. Louis Brewery 
Hayes Alexander, miller with F. T. Eisen, dwl 

1416 Powell 
Hayes B. porter with F. S. Wensinger, dwl E s 

Greenwich bet Taylor and Jones 
Hayes Benj. W. clerk with Crosby & Mathewson, 

636 Clay 

Hayes Charles D. book-keeper with Crosby & 

Mathewson, 636 Clay 
Hayes D. & Co. draymen, 232 Front 
Hayes Daniel, butcher with Henry Ilickson 
Hayes Daniel, laborer, dwl S s Geary bet Jones 

and William 
Hayes Daniel E. book-keeper, dwl 23 Natoma 
Hayes E. accountant, rooms 828 Sacramento 
Hayes Edward, fireman stmr Cornelia 
Hayes Edward D. clerk, dwl 23 Natoma 
Hayes Elizabeth, liquors, 123 Montgomery 
Hayes E. Rock, jeweler with R. B. Gray & Co. 
Hayes F. D. painter, dwl 323 Price 
Hayes George W. ( WortMngttm & H.) dwell 34 

Hayes (Henry) &. Mead (Allen) saloon, 637 Kearny 
HAYES (James) & PRITCHARD (James A.) 
marble-yard, 536 and 538 California, dwell 
519 Bush near Stockton 
Hayes James, bds Hotel International 
Hayes James, laborer, dwl 7 Natoma, rear 
Hayes James, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Hayes John, blacksmith 409 Kearny, dwl 417 

Sutter, rear 
Hayes John, laborer, bds 268 Minna 
Hayes John, laborer, dwl Hayes near Yan Ness 

Hayes Lizzie (widow) fancy dry-goods, 826 

Hayes Mary Miss, domestic with S. C. Harding 
Hayes Mary (wilow) dwl with Delia Kelly 
Hayes Michael, 'longshoreman, SE cor Lombard 

and Montgomery 
Hayes Michael, real-estate, dwl cor Grove and 

Van Ness Avenue 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, dwl W s William nr Geary 
Hayes Philip, groceries, dwl NE cor Union and 

Hayes Robert, marble-worker with Hayes & 

Pritchard, dwl 19 Sonoma Place nr Union 
Hayes S. bds What Cheer House 
Hayes Simon, dwl 50 Stevenson, rear 
Hayes Stephen G. bricklayer, dwl W s Prospect 

Place bet Pine and California 
HAYES THOMAS, president San Francisco and 
Mission Railroad, office 406 Montgomery, 
dwl NW cor Yan Ness Avenue and Hayes 
Hayes Thomas, carriage-trimmer, dwl 404 Jack- 
Hayes Thomas J. carriage-maker, dwl 34 Ste- 
Hayes Thomas R. book-keeper with Main & 

Winchester, dwl 521 Pine 
Haves Timothy, laborer, dwl 268 Minna 
Hayes William (Stanly & H.) dwl 314 Post 
Hayley Richard, laborer with George D. Nagle 
Hayne A. P. physician, office 710 Washington, 

dwl SW cor Calhoun and Powell 
Haynes Andrew J. teamster with Reuben Mar- 
tin, dwl NE cor Taylor and O'Farrell 
HAYNES (Benjamin) & LAWTON (Orlando) 
importers crockery and glass-ware N15 cor 
Sansom and Merchant, dwl 417 Mont 
Haynes James E. E. carpenter Hayes' Valley, 

bds Ely House 
Haynes John W. with Thomas J. Haynes & Co. 

dwl cor Sparks and Third Avenue 
Haynes Joel, painter, dwl 300 Bush 



Haynes Kate, (widow) iroucr Chelsea Laundry 
Haynes Nahum, mariner, dwl SE cor Sacramen- 
to and Taylor 
Harries P. former, dwl Potrero nr road to Rope 

* Walk 
HATNES THOMAS J. & CO. shipping and 

commission merchants 105 California, dwl 

632 Howard 
Haynes William, mariner, dwl 135 Natoma 
Hayward Barzillai, fireman, dwl N s Sutter bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Hayward George, clerk with Sather & Church, 

dwl SW cor Clay and Battery 
Haywood George B. carrier Herald, dwl 119 

Haywood L. dwl Market nr Front 
Haywood William (colored) porter Haynes & 

Lawton, dwl N s Sacramento W Mason 
Hazard Andrew, laborer, dwl Hayes' Valley 
Hazard Daniel L. freight-clerk California S. N. 

Co. Broadway Wharf, dwl 504 Dupont nr 

Hazard Edward, dwl with P. Hazard 
Hazard Edward, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Hazard Patrick, 8 Washington, dwl Clementina 

nr Sixth 
Hazard Phillip F. dentist, dwl 21 Ellis 
Hazelquist (Louis) & Brander (John S.) groceries 

and liquors 814 Jackson 
Hazeltine (B. P.) & Jones (J. H.) ship-brokers 

and commission-merchants NW cor Front 

and Commercial, residence Shasta 
Hazeltine William, Japanese bazaar 321 Mont- 
gomery, dwl Broadway 
Samuel, painter and paper-hanger, rooms 

Broderiek Engine House 
Heagan H. H. Miss, special assistant teacher 

Mission Dolores school 
Heald James, shooting-gallery Willows nr Mis- 
sion Dolores 
Healy Bartholomew, teamster with David Dwyer, 

539 California 
Healy Daniel, laborer, dwl with Daniel Donnelly 
Healy George, seaman, bds 208 Sacramento 
Healy James, hostler with Orrick Johnson 
Healy James, carriage-maker, dwl Leavenworth 

nr Broadway 
Healy James, laborer, dwl N s Folsom bet Moss 

Place and Russ 

James, shooting-gallery Willows, dwl 

Mansion House, Dupont 
Healy James W. head-steward with John Stock, 

dwl 331 Broadway 
John, baker with Deeth & Starr 
Healy John, briokmaker, bds with P. Webster 
Healy John, cook United States Restaurant, dwl 

58 Stevenson 
John, tailor, Trinity S Bush 
Healy John T. brickmaker, bda with W. Buckloy 
Healy Mary (widow) dwl 30 Xatouia 
Healy- Michael, barkeeper with James G. Hay- 

dwl 544 Wasliin. 
Healy Miehael, laborer, dwl 85 Stovenson, rear 
Nicholas, seaman, dwl 1 1 Clementina 
William, retortman S. F. Gas Co. dwl 

606 Market 
Heard Frank, dwl 227 Minna 
Hearice Ernst, jeweler with Baldwin & Read 

Hearn Albert, carpenter, bds 606 Third 

Hearn John, carrier Morning Call and Evening 

Heaten George, dwl T4 Minna 
Heath E. carpenter with Hobbs, Gillmore & Co. 

dwl 40 Jessie 
Heath nenry C. mason, dwl W s Trinity 
Heath J. miner, bds What Cheer House 
Heath Jemima (widow) dwl 1617 Dupont 
Heath Peter B. assistant miller Dow's Distillery, 

dwl with R. A. Tibbitts 
Heath Richard W. ( Greene, H. & Allen) resides 

HEATLEY E. D. broker SE cor Washington 

and Battery, dwl Union Club 
Heatley John O. compositor Mirror, dwl 247 

Heauson Charles, ship-carpenter J. G. North's 

ship yard 
Hebert A. Lafavette Hook and Ladder Co. 

321 Sacramento 
SOCIATION, rooms N s Pac above Stock 
Hecht A. clerk with T. J. L. Smiley ft Co. 
Hecht A. agent millinery goods, 410 Montgomery 

dwl 630 Sacramento 
Hecht Abraham H. bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Hecht Adolph, dwl 630 Sacramento 
Hecht A. E. book-keeper with Hecht Bros. & 

Co. dwl St. Nicholas Hotel 
Hecht Georgiana Miss, teacher piano, dwl 1314 

HECHT BROTHERS (Isaac and Jacob H.) & 

CO. (Lewis Hecht) importers and jobbers 

boots, shoes and furnishing goods, 410 Sac, 

dwl St Nicholas Hotel 
Hecht Jacob II. (Hecht Bros. & Co.) dwl St. 

Nicholas Hotel 
Hecht L. Mrs. teacher piano, 1314 Dupont 
Hecht Lewis (Htcht Bros. & Co.) residence Bal- 
timore, Md. 
Heckel John, printer Golden Era, dwl SE cor 

Pine and Montgomery 
Hccker ('has. laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Hecker Henry, boots and shoes, 328 Commercial 
Heckett John, carpenter, bds Summer Hi 
Heckman (Thomas) & O'Rourke (Patrick) meat 

market, 159 Third 
Hector Joseph, hostler, dwl E s Battery near 

Hedden O. S. captain schooner Scocoro, Mission 

St. Wharf 
Hedge William, machinist, bds 40 Minna 
Hedges L. H. commission merchant, 314 Com, 

dwl Washington nr Waverly I'l 
Hedrickton Benry, seaman, dwl 121 Stevenson 
Heerdink (John) & Bauugartaer( 7!) manufactur- 
ers tobacco, 13 Beale, dwl 29 Hunt 
Hoe Son (el ming, 27 Webb 

Hee Song (Chinese) washing and ironing, 703 

Hee Van (Chinese) butcher, 735 Sacramento 
Heffley William, teacher of writing, 71 Sutro n 

nn, saddler, dwl 323 P 
Setter Charles B. linker, dwl 35 St Marks Place 
Les, hair-dresser with Stable Bros, 

dwl N s Washington abv Powell 



Heidhoff llenrv. clerk at 7:;9 Montgomery 

Heidleif Michael, dwl 316 Ritch 

Heiglic Win. 11. assay clerk with Wells, Fargo 

■ hvl SB cor Jackson and Dupont 
Heiket William, dwl 505 Green 
Heiller Lucas, dwl 15 St. Marks Place 
Heini Charles, cook What Cheer House Restau- 
Heiin Oscar, clerk, rooms 228 Sutter 
Heim Otto, clerk with Hardee & Rutenberg 
Heiinan Daniel, toll-collector, San Bruno Turn- 
Heimburg E. cigars, 30 Jackson 
Heimburg E. W. Heimburg's Hotel. 39 and 41 

irg (Henry) & Schroder (John) Empiro 
House, SE cor Jackson and Drumm 
Hein George (Hein & Son) dwl 224 Kearny 
HBIN JOHN G. &, SON (George Hein) impor- 
ters leather and shoe findings, XE cor Bat- 
tery and Washington, and 224 Kearny 
Heinau H. hair dressing and shaving saloon, 

681 Market, dwl 5 Kearny 
Heinberg Abraham, merchant, dwl 17 Anthony 

Hem . bds with Samson Mayer 

Ileiniinanu Michael, physician, 802 Montgomery, 

dwl 521 Pacific 
Heinsohn Carston H. groceries and liquors, 118 

Heinsohn Jacob, billiard-saloon, NE cor Wash 

and Davis 
Heinson Henry, cook German Hospital 
Heinz John J. billiards and liquors, 636 Pacific 
Heinze ^Charles, blacksmith with Pretzel & 

Eggert, dwl Beldeu nr Bush 
Heise Jacob, weaver S. F. Woolen Factory, 

Black Point 
Heissick W. 0. job wagon, 615 Montgomery 
Heissner Franz, carpenter, dwl 258 Tehama 
Heitmann N. drayman with John YanBergen & 

Co. dwl N s St. Marks Place nr Kearny 
Heitraollar Ferdinand (Myer & II.) dwl Eagle H 
Heitzberg P. (Rapp, Atiberi & II.) dwl SE cor 

Turk and Larkin 
Heizman John, watchmaker and jeweler, 408 
Commercial, dwl 127 Post 

an Lawrence, watchmaker with John 
Heizman, dwl 408 Commercial 
HELBIXO AUGUSTUS, importer crockery and 
glass ware, SE cor California and Sansom, 
dwl 1515 Powell 
Held B. clerk with M. Schloss, dwl 1008 Stock 
Held Frederick, engraver with F. T. Eisen 
Held George, hair-dresser with Ciprico & Ewald, 

dwl 17 St. Marks Place 
Held John, tailor at G02 Kearny 
Held Justus, tailor 632 Clay 
Helderman Christian, tailor, dwl 13 St. Marks 

Heldman (F. W.) & Schwegerle (J.) saloon, 735 

Washington, dwl 83 i Pacific 
He Lee (chinese) washing, 708 Broadway 
Helgoth Henry, plasterer, dwl 353 Minna 
Heli X. L. lithographer with Britton & Co. dwl 

NE cor Commercial and Montgomery 
Helke Charles, saddler and harness-maker, 139 

Hellenschmidt (Frederick) & Lawler (• 
butchers Potrero S Brannan St. Bridge 

Heller C. L. clerk with Joseph Frank & Co. dwl 
1628 Stockton 

Heller Jonas (21. Heller tfc Bros.) res New York 

Heller K. sausage-maker, dwl 1021 Kearny 

Jonas Heller) importers fancy and staple dry- 
goods, 425 Sacramento, dwl 18 Geary 

Heller Wm. (L. A. M. Sachs & Co.) res New York 

Hellman Edward (Hdlman Bros. & Co.) resides 

Hellman George (Hellman Bros. & Co.) residence 

Hellman Brothers (Josiah and Samuel of Los 
Angeles, Cal.) office 211 Battery 

Hellman Max, book-keeper with J. Seligman, 
rooms 710 Washington 

Hellmann Henry J. collector French Relief 
Societv, dwl 71 Natoma 


and George) & CO. (Adolphus Ehrhorn) 
commission merchants, 424 California, res 

Hellmer Julius, carpenter, dwl 3 St. Marks Place 

Hellwegen Henry, oysters, 545 Clay, dwl 1502 

Helmar Julius, cabinet-maker with John Wig- 
more, dwl 1 St. Marys Place 

Helmer I. X. bds What Cheer House 

Helmers N. S. teacher piano, 919 Powell 

Helmken John T. (Lakemann & H.) dwl S s Clay 
near Taylor 

Helpriu Carl, tailor, 1307 Dupont 

Hellwig August, musician, Trinity S of Bush 

Hemaly Patrick, laborer, dwl E s Powell nr Filbert 

Hembreck Louis, hair dresser with Anthes & 
Diehl, dwl 34 Kearny 

Hement John, laborer, dwl 170 Minna 

Hemenway L. E. dentist with Pearson & Crane 

Hemenway Win. P. carpenter, dwl S24 Folsom 

Hemenway Sylvester, commission merchant, 
dwd 35 Clementina 

Hemme Louis, waiter at 416 Kearny 

Hemmen George (colored) boot-black, dwell 66 

Hemper C. dwl 603 Broadway 

Hemphill Thomas S. clerk with T. J. L. Smiley 
& Co. dwl SE cor Green and Montgomery 

Hempner Isaac, dwl with A. Alais 

Hemprich Louis, barber What Cheer House, dwl 
32 Kearny 

HEMPSTEAD CHARLES H. attorney-at-law, 
18 Montgomery Block, dwl 609 Greenwich 

Hempstead David B. office 18 Montgomery Block, 
dwl 609 Greenwich 

Henario D. V. B. clerk with E. Martin ft Co. SW 
corner Jackson and Sansom, dwl E s Mont- 
gomery near Broadway 

Henarie S. K. printer, dwl with D. Y. B. Henaire 

Henary Isaac, dwl 21 Kearny 

Henary Thomas, laborer, dwl Alta bet Sansom 
and Montgomery 

Henchelworth Thomas, with Kerby, Byrne & 
Co. dwl E s Chatham Place 

Hencken ( Claus) & Bro. (John Hencken) groceries, 
X B cor Powell and Yallejo, dwl 1506 Powell 

Hencken John (Hencken & Bro.) dwl 1506 Powell 



Hencken Martin, porter, 208 Front, dwl NW cor 

Harrison and Ritch 
Hencken Wm H. groceries and liquors, 41 7 Third 
Hendershen Edwd. laborer, dwl 431 Sutter, rear 
Henderson A. assistant porter City Hall, dwell 

City Hall 
Henderson Edwin R. clerk, dwl 220 Second 
HENDERSON FRANK, importer and jobber 

dry -goods, 313 Sacramento, dwl 640 Sac 
Henderson John, wood and coal, W s Brenham 

Place, dwl Twelfth bet Mission and Howard 
Henderson 0. F. St. Francis H. and L. No. 1 
Henderson Bros. (Samuel and Thomas H) dry- 
goods. 640 Sacramento and 14 Montgomery, 

dwl 132 Geary 
Henderson Thomas H. (Henderson Bros.) dwl S s 

Clay near Jones 
HENDERSON ( Walter 0.)& BROWN (Richard) 

proprietors Cochituate Baths, 217 Sansom, 

dwl 640 Howard 
Henderson William, bds What Cheer House 
Henderson William, hair-dresser Tremont House, 

dwl 612 Pine 
Henderson William, 'longshoreman, rooms SW 

cor Clay and East 
Henderson Win. P. butcher with G. H. Green 
Hendie Chas. drayman, dwl 1715 Stockton, rear 
Hendley Aaron C. (Shaltuck & H) dwell 19 

Prospect Place 
Hendren Henry, real estate, W s Tay nr Clay 
Hendricks Elizabeth Mrs. embroidery and fancy 

-nods. 23 Third 
Hendricks Jos. (colored) laborer, dwl 425 Union 
Hendricks L. packer with Wilson & Stevens 
Hendricks Nathaniel, broom-maker with C. W. 

■v <:. W. A' 

ricks W. B. engineer, dwl 011 Market 
! I( ii liickson Andrew, house-rais_er,dwl 317 Davis 
Hendrickson Henry W. special policeman, dwl 

81 Bush 
Hendrickson Jacob, painter, dwl S 8 Chestnut 

bet Mason and Taylor 
Hendrickson Justice O. capt. schooner Wm. 

Miehell, dwl 118 Clay 
Hendrickson Sam D. carriage manufacturer, 628 

and 630 Market 
Hendrie John W. (Lockwood & H.) dwl NE cor 

Montgomery and Market 
Hendrie Theodore, bds 816 Clay 
Bendy Francis, baker, 1309 Dupont 
Hendy James, drayman with Rountree Bros, dwl 

1718 Stockton 
ji it John C. jr. jeweler, dwl 217 Post 
Henes John, shoemaker, 906 Pacific 
Henk Valentine, hair-dresser, 129 Third 
Henkcn Martin, porter, dwl 303 Pine 
Henley .1. drayman 419 Clay 
Henley J. B. dwl 613 Dupont 
Henley John, laborer, dwl with Daniel Donnelly 
Patrick, laborer, bds with A. H. Houston 
HENLEY THOMAS J. (ex-Superintendent In- 
dian Affairs, Cal.) farmer, office 613 Dupont 
lence Mendocino, Cal 
Henley William, butcher, dwl 61SLombard 

lerick, surveyor McLean & Fowler, 

dwl 735 Market 
Hennessy Andrew, stone-cutter 412 California, 

dwl N s O'Farrell near Mason roar 

Hennessy John, boiler-maker Union Foundry 
Hennessy Mary, chambermaid Hotel Interna- 
Hennessy Mary, domestic with Gilbert Palache 
Hennessy Peter, carpenter, 510 Front, up stairs 
Hennig William, brass-finisher, dwl 222 Sutter 
Henuing Otto, cooper, dwl 708 Lombard 
Henriei Ernst, jeweler, dwl 217 Montgomery 
HENRIKSEN BENT. A. proprietor Alta Flour 
Mills, 10 Stevenson, dwl Kearny near Pine 
Henry Alexander, (Jacob Cohen & Co.) dwl 402 

Henry Benjamin, bar-keeper Boomerang saloon, 

dwl 819 Kearny 
Henry C. bds What Cheer House 
Henry Charles, cigar-maker, dwl 530 Yallejo 
Henry Chas. job cart, dwl 22 Dupont rear 
Henry H. tailor with B. Curran 
Henry H. A. Rev. Dr. pastor Congregation Sherith 

L'rael, dwl 736 Green 
Henry Henry, shoemaker, dwl N s Sixteenth 

bet Dolores and Guerrero 
Henry James, teamster at 5 Washington 
Henry John, waiter with H. W. Halleck 
Henry John, street contractor, dwl S s Sutter nr 

Henry John M. dwl 305 Bush 
Henry Louis, dwl 500 Broadway 
Henry Louis, engineer Pacific Mechanical Bakery, 

dwl 225 Dupont 
Henry Morris, express-wagon, cor Market and 
Second, dwl Kearny bet St. Marks Place 
and Post 
Henry Patrick, deck hand stmr Antelope 
Henry Samuel, furniture, 208 Pacific 
Henry Samuel H. attorney-at-law r , 526 Merchant, 

dwl N s Green bet Powell and Mason 
Henry Simon, builder, dwl 827 Sacramento rear 
Henry Walter, laborer with F. T. Eiscn 
Henry William, blacksmith, dwl 34 Natoma 
Henry William, Cosmopolitan saloon, 517 Merch 
Henry Wm. supercargo, rooms 813 Sacramento 
Hensch John E. (Henry Rosier & Co.) dwl 201 

HENSCHEL (77. L.) & MAURICE (E.) ship and 
Custom House brokers, 508 Battery, dwl 
717 Howard 
Henschmidt Caroline Madame, proptr Four Na- 
tions House, 540 California 
Henahaw J. S. accountant with Eargo & Co. rms 

BE cor Stockton and Jackson 
HensingOtto, cigars, 218 Kearny 

-lierger Joseph, clerk with Eppinger & 
Co. dwl N s Union bot Powell and Mason 
Hensley John P. ( Garwood <fc H.) 83 Washington 

Market, dwl 69 Natoma 
HENSLKY SAMUEL J. Oregon, Victoria and 
San Diego Steamship Line, office Washing- 
ton opposite Post Office, res San Jose 
Hent R. W. attorney-at-law. NW cor Montgom- 
ery and Merchant, dwl 529 Union 
Henterkes John, last-manufacturer, 636 Merch 
Hentrick Lewis, butcher, dwl W s Brannau Place 

near Given 
HENTSCH IlKN'RY, banker and assayer and 
consul for Switzerland, 432 Montgomery, 
dwl SW cor Dupont and Tine 
Hentzo Isaac, tailor, 131 Sansom 



Henzer George, cook at 305 Montgomery 
Heoflin Joseph, brewer with Adam Mever 
HEPBURN (K P.) & DWIXl-:LLE(7oA» W.) 

attorneya-at-law, NW cor Montgomery and 

Jackson, dwl 436 Jackson 
Hepburn J. dwl Union Club 
Hepp B. E. sash and blind maker with Brokaw 

& Metcalf, dwl First St. House 
Heppner Anne, (widow) dwl N s McLaren Lane 

near Mission 
Hepworth John M. special policeman, dwl 9 Au- 
Heral Michael, laborer, dwl SE cor Bryant and 

Herald James, salesman with J. B. Thomas, 619 

Herbert R. miner, dwl 22 Sansom 
Herbert Sydney C. surveyor, dwl City Hall 
Herbet M. cigar-maker 302 Jackson, dwl 121 Pac 
Hergadu Henry, waiter California Restaurant 
Herget John, gun-smith 114 Pacilic 
Herguth Henry, clerk, 145 Second 
HERINGHI B. jewelry and fancy goods, 426 

Commercial, dwl 222 Minna 
Heritage John, wood-yard, 513 Bush 
Herlock Robert E. mason, dwl 31 Hunt 
Herlock Robert E. jr. butcher, dwl 31 Hunt 
Herlock Thomas, boiler-maker, dwl 31 Hunt 
Herman Charles, steward German coffee saloon, 

614 Montgomerj'-, dwl N s Vallejo bet Du- 

pont and Kearny 
Herman J. (widow) dwl N s Presidio Road near 

Presidio House 
Herman J. carpenter, dwl Hayes' Valley, near 

Herman Jacob, seaman, dwl S s Clark nr Drumm 
Herman John, Pioneer Vinegar and Mustard 

Factory, E s San Jose Road nr Willows 
Hermance B. S. with W. H. Keith 
Hermann Charles, bung-maker with Henry 

Waas, dwl 213 Green 
Hermann Henry, clerk, dwl 1103 Powell 
Hermann J. groceries 301 Sutter 
Hermann J. musician, dwl 1100 Powell 
Hermann Martin, dwl 840 Kearny 
Hermann S. & Co. jobber provisions and dry- 
goods, 311 Sacramento, dwl 312 Stockton 
HERMANN SAMUEL, Notary Public, SW cor 

Merchant and Montgomery, dwl 1103 Powell 
Hermann William, clerk with Pioche & Bayer- 

que, dwl 1103 Powell nr Washington 
Hermeu William, boots and shoes, 121 Kearny 
Hcrmicla Augustine, pantryman, P. M. S. S. Co. 

dwl 432 Vallejo 
Htrmon J. bds What Cheer House 
Hermon Louis, carpenter, dwl 6 Sansom 
Hern Patrick, butcher with John G. Pryor, dwl 

Folsom bet Ninth and Tenth 
Hernandez Miguel, waiter with J. M. Mugar- 

rieta, dwl 818 Kearny 
Hernster George, tailor at 642 Clay, dwl 116 

Herold Rudolph, professor music, dwl S s Post 

nr Dupont 
Heron Daniel, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Heron James, seaman, dwl 21 Stevenson 
Heron John, book-keeper and cashier Alta Cal- 
ifornia, dwl 627 Sacramento 

Herran John M. drayman, dwl 6 Tehama 
Herran Thomas, wood-sawyer, dwl 37 Stevenson 
HERRERA FRANCISCO, editor El Echo del 

Pacifico, office 536 Sacramento, dwl 438 

Herrguth S. F. cabinet-maker, dwl 415 Sutter, 

Herrick George E. assistant engineer, S. F. C. 

Water Works 
Herrick Hazard P. carpenter, dwl SW cor 

Washington and Larkin 
Herrick Nelson R. machinist, 326 Pine, dwl 524 

Herrick William A. boat-building, N s Clark nr 

HERRICK WILLIAM F. secretary Savings and 

Loan Society, office 619 Clay, dwl S s Riley 

W Taylor 
Herring John, dwl 4 and 6 Sutter 
Herring John, paper-carrier, dwl 113 Silver 
Herring Morris, mason, dwl 1032 Kearny 
Herring William, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Herring William J. clerk, dwl 6 Sutter 
Herringer Charles, jr. jeweler with R. B. Gray & 

Co, dwl 217 Post 
Herringer John C. foreman R. B. Gray & Co. 

dwl 217 Post 
Herringtou William, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Herrifl Abram, tailor, 504 Mission 
Herrlich Augustus (StaUmann & H.) dwl S s 

Jackson above Stockton 
Herrmann Charles, tailor, dwl 510 Vallejo 
Herrmann Julius, clerk, dwl 312 Stockton 
Herrold Philip, blacksmith, 411 Third 
Herron David, silver miner, 215 Sacramento 
Herron J. second officer P. M. S. S. Co.'s steamer 

Herron Susan A. (widow) dwl 51 Clementina 
Hersee George (Briggs & //) liquors, San Bruno 

Road nr flume, dwl 4G Stewart 
Herser H. City Brewery, 3 St. Marks Place 
Hertchel Edward, cigars, Montgomery, rooms 

826 Sacramento 
Herteman E. Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. 

No. 2 
Herting Conrad, tailor, 818 Montgomery 
Herting Johannah, domestic, 716 Green 
Hertman N. drayman, 522 Washington 
Hertz Adolph, turner with Kunzce & Muller, 

dwl 26 Stevenson 
Hertz Alexander, clerk, 33 Stevenson, dwl 20 

Hertz Henry, musician, dwl 1015 Kearny 
Hertz Herman, meat-market, 33 Stevenson, dwl 

26 Stevenson 
Hertzer Louis, clerk, dwl 217 Montgomery 
Hertzperg M. jobber, 4 14 Sacramento 
Hertzwelder Herman, job-wagon, dwl 202 Du- 
Hervagault Albert, salesman with Adrien Gen- 
soul, dwl 419 Post 
Herwig William (Gray & H.) dwl 12 Harlan 

Herzberg Christian (Meier & U.) dwl 722 Front 
Herzberg Julius, accountant, dwl 821 Greenwich 
Herzen Edward, laborer, dwl cor Market and 

Herzoth Herman, wines, dwl 3 Hardie Place 



Heslem Henry, hardware, dwl 1021 Clay 

Heslep Augustus M. attorney-at-law, 625 Mer- 
chant, dwl 511 Lombard 
Editha W. dwl 150 Xatoma 

Heslep Philander, moulder Union Foundry, dwl 
150 Xatoma 

HESLER WILLIAM, American Bakery, 715 

PflCl fio 

editress, office 12 Montgomery 

l-igusle J.) ft Schutz (Julius) Washington 
Bakery, 110 Dupont 
Hess Charles, optician, 425 Kearny 

btarles, jobber dry and fancy goods, 408 
Sacramento, dwl S s Pacific bet Stockton & 
Hess Criss, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
HESS FREDERICK ft CO. (Theodore G. Koeh- 
lloya Bremer) editors and proprie- 
tors California Democrat, SE cor Mont and 
Sac, dwl XW cor Green and Dupont 
Hess Geo. B. (Seed &, H.) dwl 6 Brenham Place 
Hess Jacob, boot-maker, 746 Market 

Ibseph S. drayman Pacific Mail Steamship 
Co. dwl 87 Second 
Levi, clothing, dwl 300 Stockton 
Hess Lewis, night watchman, Original House 
Hesse James H. policeman City Hall, dwl 26 

City Hall 
Hesse Sigraund, book-keeper with L. King ft 
Brother, dwl 409 Bush bet Kearny and 

ilberg M. clerk, 419 Commercial 
i. cabin-boy stmr Antelope 
is Michael, job wagon cor Clay and 
Hettick William, laborer, dwl 118 Minna 
Hettrick John, oysters, SE cor Mont and Mcht, 

dwl 8 a Mission bet Second and Third 
Heuck Herman, cigars, 234 Kearny 
Heuer Philip, groceries and liquors, SE cor Jen- 

i and Lombard 
Heurlin O. W. accountant with Dickson, De 
Wolf & Co. dwl 1217 Powell 

A. marble worker with Murphy & Conner 
Houston Frederick G. clerk with J. Baum, dwl 
t Battery and Commercial 
uuel, rooms 828 Sacramento 
ner John, baker Original House 
HEVERIN M. stone yard W s Battery near 
a Iway, and Treasurers. F. F. D. dwl Ss 
ucisco bet Kearny and Dupont 
Hevner Samuel, master mason, dwl 559 Market 
Hewer David B. street contractor, dwl W s Lea- 
William, physician, dwl G03 Broadway 
venworth bet California and Sacramento 
Hewett A. Mrs. proprietress St Lawrence House 
Second and Third 
dwl 300 Minna 

St. Lawrence 
616 and 617 Market 
Hewett II. <L bda What Cheer House 
Hewitt A. L. captain sloop P. M. Randall, Pier 

it, dwl Suisuu 
Hewitt Charles EL 1st officer P. M. S. S. Sonora, 

dwl 223 First 
Hewitt II. I Burrell & Co. 

dwl SW cur Minna and Fourth 

Hewlin Norman A. dwl 541 Sacramento 
Hewson James jr. mariner, dwl W s Brandon 

Place nr Washington 
Hewston John jr. (Kellogg & H.) dwl 416 Mont 
Hey John ft Co. (Christian groceries and 

liquors, XE cor Folsom and Twelfth 
Heydenfeldt Angeline Mrs. dwl Virginia Block 
Heydenfeldt Anna, adjuster U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl Virginia Block 
Heydenfeldt Elcan, dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Heydenfeldt Solomon (Shafters II. & Gould) dwl 

112 Montgomery Block 
Heydenger Michael marble-cutter, dwl Bush nr 

Heyer Albert, groceries, 454 Third 
Heyer Julius (-1. Feukausen & Co.) dwl 322 

Heyfrom Joseph, wood and coal 716 Folsom 
Heyfrom Mathew, wood and coal, 716 Folsom 
Heyfrom Patrick, wood and coal, 716 Folsom 
Heyfrom Peter, wood and coal, 716 Folsom 
Heyl George, butcher with Swearingen ft Whit- 
tier, dwl 336 Bush 
Heyl Henry, groceries and liquors, 1301 Kearny 
Heyman Morris, furniture, 1131 Dupont 
Heynemann Henry, clerk with A. Wasserman & 

Co. dwl 31 St. Marks Place 
HEYNEMANN (Leonard D.) PICK (J/ 

CO. importers dry-goods, 311 and 313 Cal. 

resides Manchester, England 
Heywood Franklin, clerk with Heywood i. Har- 
mon, dwl 259 Kearny 
Heywood William B. with Heywood & Harmon, 

dwl W a Mary bet Minna and Xatoma 
Heywood (Zimra B.) ft Harmon (Samuel II.) 

lumber, pier 4 Stewart, dwl 1121 Kearny 
Hezefelden II. job-wagon, cor Kearny and Bush 
Hibberd P. S. stair-builder with Freeman, Hal- 

ler & Haskell, dwl SW cor Stockton and 

Hibernia Savings and Loan Society, 506 Jackson 
Hibernia Society, office T. J. Broderick Treasurer, 

220 Montgomery 
Hibner B. waiter German Hospital 
Hil.iy Jolagus, seaman, bda 24 Sacramento 

lam. stone-cutter, dwl 319 Rush, rear 
Hichborn A. C. drayman with Farg 
Hichborn John B. (J. B. Holmes & Co.) bds with 

J. B. Holmes 
Hichion Ellen, domestic, dwl with Thos. Black- 
Hichley Patrick, blacksmith with G. W. Coffee, 

dwl cor Taylor and Post 
Hickey James, wines and liquors, 520 Front, 

dwl 075 Harrison bet Second and Third 
Hickey Nicholas, boiler-maker Union Foundry 
Hickey Patrick, laborer, bds 116 Chaml 
Hickey Patrick J. silver miner, dwl 627 Mission 
y Thomas, butcher, dwl 9 Hunt 
Thomas, laborer, dwl 227 Sutter 
Hickman Edward (colored) shaving-saloon, 627 

Clay, dwl Leavenworth nr Pacific 
Hickox P. C. (widow) teacher embroidery, dwl 

■11.') Bush 
llieks Charles, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Hicks Daniel L. book-binder with A. Buswell, 

- Niantic Hotel 
Hicks Richard, dry goods 525 Mission 



Hickson H. iuspector Custom House, dwl N s 
Pacific nr Hyde 

Hickson Henry, Fremont Market, NE cor Fol- 
som and Fremont, dwl E s First bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 

Hiclmig E. draymau, 418 Battery 

Hidalgo Manuel, porter with Daniel Gibb & Co. 

Hider Charles, carpenter, dwl 108 Sutter 

Hiester A. C. printer Es'ening Bulletin, dwl 128 

Higcl Aleos, moulder Union Foundry, dwl Staten 
Island House 

Higgins Charles L. lard-refinery, dwl 54 Tehama 

Higgins C. W. bds Original House 

Higgins Elisha, wood-dealer, cor East and Jack- 
sou, dwl 510 Greenwich 

Higgins Frank, plasterer, dwl 24 Sansom 

Higgins George E. dwl 1028 Clay 

Higgins H. (widow) private school 34 Natoma 
is Hannah, domestic with J. Rone Lewis, 
XW cor Pine and Leavenworth 

Higgins James, watchman, dwl 237 Jackson 

Higgins James S. mariner, dwl 516 Greeuwich 

Higgins J. M. bds What Cheer House 

is John, bricklayer, bds Mechanics' Hotel 

Higgins John, groceries 906 Pacific, dwl 1315 

Higgins John, seaman, dwl with J. C. Price 

Higgins M. Mrs, Morning Star, liquors, San 
Jose road 

Higgins Marian, drayman, dwl S s O'Farrell nr 

Higgins Mary, domestic, dwl with Geo. 0. Wilson 

Higgins Patrick, boot-maker, 540 Market 

Higgins Patrick, porter U. S. Branch Mint 

Higgins Patrick, sailors' boarding E s Drumm 
•nr Jackson 

Higgins Peter, drayman, dwl 58 Everett 

Higgins Solomon, teamster 21 California, dwl S 
s Howard, bet Russ and Harris 

Higgins Walter B. machinist with Henry C. 
Hayden, dwl 21 Clara 

Higgins William, laborer, dwl W s Salmon bet 
Pacific and Broadway 

HIGGINS WILLIAM L. notary public 630 
Montgomery, dwl 933 Sacramento 

Higgins William M. apothecary City and County 
Hospital, SW cor Stockton and Francisco 

Higgins Wilson, seaman, dwl 12 Ritch 

Higgins W. V. barkeeper with J. E. Howard, 
dwl W s Dupont bet Wash and Jackson 

Higgs Henry W. teamster, dwl W s Leaven- 
worth nr Turk 

Highen Henry, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 

High ton Edward Rayner, secretary Taxpay- 
ers' Protective Union. Sutro House, dwl 122 

HIGHTON HENRY E. attorney-at-law with 
Shatters, Heydenfeldt & Goold, ofifice 11 
Montgomery Block, dwl 122 Kearny 

Higinbotham James C. Vallejo Street Bonded 
Warehouse, 221 Battery, bds Benton House 

Hildebrand George W. private school 210 Stock 

Hildebrand Henry, groceries 201 Kearny 

Hildebrandt ( Carsten) & Knop (Elferl) grocers 
NE cor Hinckley and Pinkney, W s Bran- 
nan nr Seventh (and Wendt <fc H.) dwl 664 

Hildebrandt F. saloon NW cor California and 

Hildebrandt Frederick (Hartrnan & If.) 550 Third 
Hildebrands Martin, liquor-saloon 127 Fremont 
HILDRETH RICHARD, liquors 524 Merchant, 

dwl 111 Silver 
Hildreth Thomas, butcher, dwl 28 O'Farrell 
Hileman William, butcher, dwl 644 Mission 
Hilford William, brickmaker, bds with P. Web- 
Hilken John, bowling-saloon, dwl 1518 Powell 
Hill Benjamin, ship-carpenter, dwlNWcr Second 

and Townsend 
Hill Catharine Miss, dwl S s Ashburton Place 

nr Dupont 
Hill Charles E. drayman 119 California, bds N s 

Howard bet Fourth and Firth 
Hill Edmund, law student, dwl 420 Bush 
Hill E. P. compositor Evening Bulletin, dwl 335 

Hill F. H. clerk with Henderson Bros, dwl cor 

Geary and Stockton 
Hill Frank, live^-stable, bds Hotel International 
Hill James, bedstead-manufacturer, dwl 104 

Hill James H. book-keeper 619 Clay, dwl E s 

Fourth nr Minna 
HILL J. BRYANT & CO. commission foreign 

and domestic fruits 515 and 517 Front, dwl 

15 Stockton 
Hill J. F. saloon NW cor Eighth and Turk 
Hill John, cook Brooks House, 20 Sansom 
Hill John, under-sheriff City Hall, dwl S s Card's 

Alley nr Stockton 
Hill J. P. bds What Cheer House 
Hill Michael, laborer, dwl W s Morey Alley bet 

Vallejo and Broadway 
Hill Samuel, steward Bank Exchange, dwl S s 

Sansom bet Mason and Taylor 
Hill Thomas, deputy collector Custom House, 

office third floor, dwl SW cor Stockton and 

Hill Thos. (Hopps, Kanary & H.) dwl 216 Sansom 
Hill William, clerk with Nicholas Bruns, dwl 

617 Davis 
Hill William, carpenter, dwl 605 Broadway 
Hill William, night-contractor, dwl Rassette 

Place nr Sutter 
Hillan James, watchman Metropolitan Hotel 
Hillard Peter, shoe-maker, dwl 323 Pine 
Hilldrant Fabian, liquor-saloon nr powder house 
Hiller Albert, coal-depot NE cor Battery and 

Pine, dwl 1116 Powell 
Hiller p]dward, at Oakley & Jackson's, rooms S 

s Hinckley bet Dupont and Kearny 
Hiller John R. carriage-maker with A. Folsom, 

dwl 226 Vallejo 
Hiller Rudolph, compositor California Democrat, 

dwl S s Bush nr Kearny 
Hilliard Benjamin F. dwl 818 Green 
Hilliston E. B. bds Union Hotel 
Hillman A. F. blacksmith with Gallagher & Far- 

reu, dwl 112 Bush 
Hillman Henry, drayman, NE cor California and 

Hillmus Andrew, waiter with Chas. Schroth 
Hills Fordyce F. tinsmith, 120 Front, rooms E s 

t'laraS of Bush 




Hills J. M. and W. H. [(colored) barbers 105 

Hills W. H. {J. M. & W. H. H.) dwl 105 Keamy 
Hillyer M. C. president Chollar Mining Co. NE 
' cor Mont and Jackson, dwl Bryant bet Fifth 
and Sixth 
Hilrnan J. S. dwl 71 Natoma 
Hilton G. K. & Co. {John C. Kernari) commission 

merchants 430 Front, dwl 625 Powell 
Hilton James, butcher, dwl 24 Sansom 
Hilton {John W.) & Day {David G.) fruits, 106 

Hilton Joshua, constable fourth district, office N 

sBushnr Mont, bds Sansom St. House 
Hime John, baker, dwl with Dedrick Kunkel 
Himmelman Andrew, broker, 637 Washington 
Hinciiey Lawrence, carpenter, bds 706 Battery 
Hiuchman Joseph A, secretary Postmaster, dwl 

Hotel International 
HENCHMAN T. W. ft CO. com. merchants, NE 
cor California and Montgomery, dwl 1823 
Hinck John H. {Haacke & II.) dwl 810 Sac 
Hinken Casper, groceries, SW cor Folsom and 

Sixth and Protrero S Brannan St. bridge 
Freeman) druggists, SE cor Clay and Kear- 
ny, dwl 906 Powell 
HINCKLEY {Dmid B.) ft CO. {William E. 
Worth and William A. Field) Fulton Foun- 
dry and Iron Works 47 First, dwl 518 Folsom 
Hinckley George E. physician and druggist, 660 

Mission, dwl 159 Minna 
Hinckley Henry, varnisher with Selling, Marx ft 

Co. dwl E 8 Stockton bet Clay and Wash 
Hinckley Luther, bds 40 Minna 
Hinckley William C. real estate, and supervisor 

seventh district, dwl 1 Milton Place 
Hinckley Wm. H. cabinet-maker, dwl 910 Stock 
Hinders {Henry) & Sackrnann {Henry) boots and 

shoes, 332 Kearny 
Hinds Ambrose, shipping-clerk with Flint, Pea- 
body & Co. dwl 737 Howard 
Hines Herman {Eden & H.) 712 Battery 
Hines James, laborer, dwl X s Lick Alley 
Hines X. M. book-keeper, dwl 672 Mission 
Hinkle Charles, carpenter, dwl W s Clara near 

Hinkle Phillip, lumber, 114 Sacramento 
Hiukley Edward X. {Page & H.) dwl 611 Jackson 
Hinman Louis A. book-keeper St. Loskv, Levy 

&Co. dwl 1207 Taylor 
Hinsey J. M. bds Original House 
Hinton George E. printer, dwl 613 Powell 
Hinton Wm. M. printer, dwl E s Taylor nr Clay 
Hintz August, groceries and liquors, 529 Market 
BintzeAugu 'o. )dwl 800 Dupont 

Hip Wo ft Co. (Chinese) merchants, 707 Dupont 
Hirelmao Philips, butcher with S. B. Sherwood, 

644 Mission 
Hiron Victor, pattern-maker with Yulcan Iron 

Works Co. dwl 25 Xatoina 
Hirsch Adolpli, office 616 Kearny, dwl cor Du- 
pont and Bush 
Hirsch Berobard, agent Frederick Frank & Co. 

SW cor Cal and Front, dwl 91 1 Dupont 
Hirsch Harris, dwl Ss Commercial near East 
Hirsch Leopold, dry goods, 1122 Dupont • 

Hirsch Marks, barkeeper St. Nicholas Hotel 
Hirschfeld Joseph, clerk 539 Washington, dwl 

430 Green 
Hirstel Edward H. {Leony & H.) dwl W s Sacra- 
mento nr Stockton 
Hisgen Peter, waiter with Charles Schroth 
Hisketh George, operative rope-walk 
Hissell Peter, seaman, dwl 32 Stewart 
Hitchcock Abraham F. machinist with H. C. 

Hayden, dwl Steamboat Point 
Hitchcock Charles E. {Lord& Co.) and Hawaiian 

consul, dwl 9 Laurel Place 
Hitchcock C. M. physician, 214 Bush 
HITCHCOCK GEORGE B. stationery, 423 San- 
som, dwl 1010 Powell 
Hitchcock P. laborer wiih G. W. Blasdell 
Hitchcock Wm. clerk with Voison, Riz & Web- 
ster, dwl 333 Minna 
Hitchcock Wm. B. turner with 0. L. Morrell, dwl 

27 Ecker 
Hitchcock William F. clerk with Gillespie & 

Gray, dwl W s Leavenworth near Paciiic 
Hitchen Wm. laborer at 1 1 2 Davis 
Hitchings Edward, drayman with D. J. Oliver, 

dwl 58 Everett 
Hitchings Edward W. upholsterer, dwl 510 Pine 
Hitchings M. silver miner, dwl 78 Sutro House 
Hittell John S. editor Alta California, dwl 126 

Hittell Theodore H. reporter, dwl 726 Folsom 
Hitzman John, jeweler, dwl 125 Post 
Hixon Henry, butcher, dwl X s Vallejo bet Lar- 

kin and Polk 
HIXOX WM. M. carpets, oil cloths, paper-hang- 
ings, etc. 606Clay 
Hoadley James H. assistant surveyor, dwl with 

Milo Hoadley 
HOADLEY MILO, civil engineer, superinten- 
dent's office S. F. & Mission Railroad, dwl 
N s Bush near L. M. Cemetery 
Hoadley Silas, ranch E of Cemetery, dwl N s 

Bush near Cemetery 
Hoag Francis, teamster with L. B. Garrison, dwl 

549 Market 
Hoag Horace, sign-painter, 64 First 
HoagJ. captain bark Gold nunter, pier 11 Stewart 
HOA( i LAND A\ M. C. architect and builder, 32S 
Montgomery, dwl 137 Silver 

■ad Abraham, seaman, rm Olive Branch n 
Hoare Henry, blacksmith with Murphy & Hart, 

dwl 405 Kearny 
Hoare M. H. Broderick Engine Co. Xo. 1 
Hoay Thomas, laborer, dwl 10 St. Marys Place 
Hoban Charles F. printer. Eureka Typographical 

Union rooms, 509 Montgomery 
1 In! art HL-njamin. bds American Exchange 

Hobart) importers and wholesale boots and 
Bhoes 223 California, dwl 204 Montgomery 
Hobart John R. lumber, bds 10 Third 
Hobart Joseph (llnbaii A Brother) iX\\\ 211 Mont 
HOBBIE THEODORE B. liquor saloon, 420 

Washington, dwl 526 Union 
HOBBS( Caleb 8.) < HLM< >EB ( Georgt W 

(Stephen A GUmore) San Francisco Planing 
Mills and Box Factory, and agents Califor- 
nia wines. S s Market bet Beale and Main, 
dwl 64 Jessie 



Hobbs William (colored) boot-black, dwl Broad- 
way near Vallejo 
Hobe Adolphus A. clothing 644 Clay, dwl W s 

Mason near Filbert 
Hobe Andrew, liquor-saloon, SE cor Dolores and 

HOBE {George J.) k WEIHE (Augusts) cigars, 
XE cor Wash and Dupont, dwl 910 Vallejo 
Hober John, saloon-keeper, dwl 7 St. Marks PI 
Hobert Michael, deck-hand stmr Antelope 
Hobron William, capt schooner Alfred Adams, 

dwl 39 Clementina 
Hobson Abraham, boot-maker, 54=1 Kearny, dwl 

123 Prospect Place 
Hobson John, gas-fitter with T. Day, dwl Pacific 

near Leavenworth 
Hobson (Thomas) & Doran (Joseph) Presidio 

Market. XE cor Leavenworth and Pacific 
Hoburg William Ti. dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Hoehkofier Rudolph, merchandise broker, 206 

California, dwl 30 Hawthorne 
Hochstadter E. (of Hochstadter & Bro. Marys- 

ville) 418 Sacramento, dwl C. II. Block 
HOOK (Hmry) k BRECK (S.) Mission R. R. 
Brewery. Valencia bt Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
Hoik Louis, dwl 500 Broadway 
I lodes A. cigars and tobacco, 323 East 
Hodgdin Charles, pattern-maker, Miners' Foun- 
dry, dwl X s Jessie bet Seventh and Eighth 
Hodgdon Joseph B. wood- wharf, dwl 16 Xatoma 
Hodgdon Samuel J. broom-maker at 117 Sacra- 
mento, bds 122 Davis 
HODGE (John G.) k WOOD (Frank S.) import- 
ing stationers and booksellers, 413 and 420 
Hodge Mathew, laborer, dwl S s Union nr Calhoun 
Hodge Michael, foreman Cunningham's Ware- 
house, dwl 334 Union 
Hodgeing Marcus W. rooms 828 Washington 
Hodgens Augustus, marble-cutter, bds 416 Pacific 
HODGES E. H. attorney-at-law and proctor in 

admiralty, 536 Washington room 1 
Hodges John, dwl E s Hodges Place nr Vallejo 
Hodges John, drayman with R. S. Eells k Co. 
Hodges William, carpenter, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Hodgkins E. A. painter with Thomas Robinson, 

dwl 28 Sansom 
Hodgkins Pillsbury, messenger Wells, Fargo & 

Co's Express 
Hodgkins William, bar Metropolitan Hotel, dwl 

249 Tehama 
Hodnett Jeremiah, teamster with J. Peirce 
Hoeg Geo. C. mariner, dwl X s Jessie nr Fourth 
HOELSCHER (August) WIELAND (John) & 
CO. (Henry Myers) proprietors Philadelphia 
Brewery, 230 Second near Folsom 
Hoelys B. O. bds St. Johns House 
Hoerchner Christian, barkeeper with A. Klaebe, 

dwl 131 Montgomery 
Hoesch (Henry) k Co. (Benjamin Iverger) coffee- 
saloon and restaurant. 614 Clay, dwl 612 Clay 
Hoey Thomas, stableman with Win. White, dwl 

St. Marys near Pine 
Hofedank William, sutler's clerk Presidio 
Hofercamp (Herman) k Co. (Nicholas Buschan) 

groceries, 501 Dupont, dwl 320 Dupont 
Hofen Leo, steward German Hospital 
Hoff John Wm. carrier Bulletin and Cal. Dem. 

Hoff William C. real-estate, dwl S 8 Sixteenth 

near Mission 
HOFFLIN (Isaac) k ROSENSTOCK (Samuel) 

importers boots and shoes, 303 Battery 
Hoffman Boylson, laborer, dwl 514 Filbert, rear 
Hoffman Charles, machinist, bds 9 Bagley Place 
Hoffman Christian, carpenter, dwl 275 Stevenson 
Hoffman II. F. W. accountant with C. A. Crane, 

dwl 41 Everett 
Hoffman Jacob, cigar-maker 118 Second, rooms 

16 Harlan Place 
Hoffman Louisa (widow) seamstress, dwell 9 

Bagley Place 
Hofl'man Ogden, Judge U. S. District Court 

Chambers, office 19 U. S. Court Building 
HOFFMAX (Victor) k MOOSER (William) 

architects, 36 Lyceum Building, XW corner 

Montgomery and Washington 
Hoffman Wm. (Teubner tfc H.) dwl 522 Kearny 
Hoffman William & Co. importer and wholesale 

straw-goods, 425 Montgomery, dwl 929 Sac 
Hoffman William T. Secretary Dashaway Asso- 
ciation, dwl cor Montgomery and Broadway 
Hoffmann Chas. F. draughtsman State Geologist, 

dwl 242 Stevenson 
Hoffmire W. II. (Graves, Smith & H.) dwell 5 

Hogan Dennis, newspaper carrier, dwl 13 Louisa 
Hogan Eugene, dwl 108 Davis, up stairs 
Hogan George, drayman with Brennan & Co. 

dwl W s Mason near Sutter 
Hogan Henry, painter and paper-hanger, dwl S s 

Summer near Montgomery 
Hogan James, laborer, bds 1 14 St. Marks Place 
Hogan John, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Hogan John, waiter with John Stock 
Hogan John, engineer, bds 26 Jessie 
Hogan John, laborer, dwl 415 Powell 
Hogan John, jobber wines and liquors, 208 

Jackson, dwl 722 Front 
Hogan John, sheet-iron- worker Union Foundry 
Hogan Mary (widow) domestic with H. F. 

Hogan Mary (widow) liquor-saloon, 1417 Dupont 
Hogan Michael, at I. H Knowles, dwl XE cor 

California and Davis 
Hogan Michael, laborer, bds 304 Pacific 
Hogan Michael, deck-hand stmr Antelope 
Hogan Michael, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Hogan Michael, mailing clerk Times office, dwl 

Union nr Dupont 
Hogan Michael, seaman, dwl XE cor Larkin and 

Hogan Patrick, laborer, bds 114 St. Marks 

Hogan Patrick, painter, dwl S s Summer nr 

Hogan Peter J. carpenter and builder, dwl E s 

Mason nr Greenwich 
Hogan Thomas, butcher, S s Pacific bet Hyde 

and Larkin, rear 
Hogan Thomas, tanner with Cox, Willcutt & Co. 

cor Brannan and Sixth 
Hogan W. H. (widow) dwl 308 Beale 
Hogan W. J. salt-worker with Oakley and 

Jackson, dwl Brooks House 
Hogan William, laborer, X s Sacramento nr 




Hogan William H. carpenter, dwl 10 Tehama 
Huge George G. W. student with Hoge & Wil- 
son, dwl E s Kearny bet Broadway and 
HOGE {Joseph P.) & WILSON (Samuel M.) 
attorneys-at-law, 3, 4 and 5 Montgomery 
Block, dwl 746 Howard 
Hogeboom Laurence V. second engineer steamer 

Chrysopolis, dwl 334 Tehama 
Hoger E. & Co. (C Kratzenstem) groceries, 525 

Washington, dwl 710 Powell 
Hogerman John, cooper Low's distillery 
Hogg Walter, clerk with M. O'Connor, dwl SW 

cor Mason and Filbert 
Hogon John, machinist, dwl 16 Sherwood Place 
Hoguez A. L. L. feed store, 53 Third 
Hohenschild George, salesman with George 

Hughes, dwl N W cor Clay and Sansom 
Hoie Isaac (colored) baker with William Horr, 

119 Lattery 
Hoit G. H. printer, Eureka Typographical Union 

rooms, 509 Montgomery 
Holalnin E. & M. Misses, millinery, 424 Kearny 
Holahan John, laborer, dwl 314 Beale 
Holahan M. Miss (E dc M. 11.) dwl 424 Kearny 
Holahan Patrick, drayman, dwl 314 Beale 
Holahan William, clerk with P. J. Cassiu, bds 

with Richard Holahan 
Holbrook B. F. clerk with Geary & Bennan, 

dwl Pine bet Kearny and Lupont 
Holbrook Charles E. student, dwl 660 Mission 
Holbrook C. M. carpenter, dwl 255 Stevenson 
Holbrook Edward, carrier Morning Call 
Holbrook Laura E. (widow) uwl 1004 Powell 
Holbrook William, teamster, dwl 603 Broadway 
Holcomb F, carpenter, dwl 324 Vallejo. rear 
Holcomb Henry A. accountant, 108 Front 
Holcomb W. B. clerk with J. T. Pennell, dwl 

564 Mission 
Holcomb Wm. clerk, dwl 108 Montgomery 
Holcombe Atkinson (Holcombe Brotliers) dwl 

Hotel International 
kinson) importers and jobbers boots and 

shoes, SE cor Sacramento and Leidesdorl)', 

and NW cor Kearny and Washington, dwl 

H"W cor Pacific and Stockton 
Holden Alfred (colored) keeper Pacific Engine Co. 
Holden (Charles) ,t Bailey ( William J.) proprie- 
tors Isthmus Bouse 54 First 
Holden Edward, painter, 308 Davis 
Holden George, engineer, dwl 818 Jackson 
Holden Isaac D. clerk with Redington & Co. dwl 

224 Montgomery 
Holden James, gardener, dwl S. W. cor Mission 

and McLaren Lane 
Holden J. B. & Co. (7'. W. Taliaferro) produce 

and commission merchants, cor East and 

Holden John P. butcher, dwl N s Mission bet 

Herman ami Ridley 
Holden Martin, shoemaker, 524 Pine, dwl 824 

Holden William, laborer, dwl E s Bannan Place 

n r Green 
Holderness S. & S. M. commission merchants, 

NW cor Front and Commercial, residence 

Ma/.atlan, Mexico 

Holderness S. M. (S. & S. M. H.) dwl NW cor 
Montgomery and Clay 

Holey Michael laborer, with A. H. Houston 

Holje Henry. Sieamboat Exchange, SW cor 
Jackson and East 

Holje J. B. Ship Chandlers' saloon, SW cor Mer- 
chant aud East 

Holladay Benjamin, stock-dealer, SE cor Sacra- 
mento aud Leidesdorll 

Holladay (Benjamin) k Flint (Edivard) agents 
California and Oregon steamers, 205 Leides- 
dorll', res New York 

Holladay Jesse, agent Benj. Holladay, dwl SW 
cor Washington and Stockton 

Holladay John, fruits, 3 Third 

11ULLA*LAY (Samuel IF.) & CARY (James G.) 
attorneys-at-law and city and county attor- 
ney, N W cor Montgomery and Merchant, 
dwl 416 Bryant 

Hollahand Lawrence, fruits, 138 First 

Holland Andrew, finishers. F. Woolen Factory, 
Black Point 

Holland Andrew, teamster, bds 44 Louisa 

Holland C. bargeman Custom House 

Holland Henry, agent Golden Gate Brewery, 541 

Holland J as. ear-ring maker, bds 115 Stevenson 

Holland James, fisherman, room Italian coffee 
house, Drnmm near Washington 

Holland James, stevedore, dwl 725 Davis 

Holland John K. sailors' boarding, E s Drumm 
near Jackson 

Holland Joseph G. saloon 621 Merchant, dwl 15 

Holland Nathaniel, attorney-at-law, 12 and 13 
Wells' building 

Holland P. Miner's Foundry, dwl withN. 0. Ames 

Holland Patrick, new National Theater, dwl 10 
Government House 

Holland Nicholas, wheelwright with Gallagher & 
Fallen, dwl 44 Louisa 

Holland S. M. engineer, dwl 411 Pine 

Holland Thomas, dwl 310 Vallejo 

Holland Thomas, blacksmith, dwl cor Mission 
and i 

Holland William, shoemaker with Jas. Murphy, 
dwl 11 Sansom 

Holland W. J. gas-litter, dwl 603 Broadway 

Holland* rf Claus, dwl lloo Clay 

HOLLENBECK J. C. wholesale groceries and 
provisions, 513 Front, dwl SE cor Chestnut 
and Taylor 

Hollerin Hannah Mrs. domestic, Virginia Block 

HollinJohn, laborer with A. 11. Houston 

Holling William, clerk with Bradabaw A Co. dwl 
256 Steveuson 

Hollinshead Jeremiah D. carpenter, dwl N s 
Howard bet Brown and Ellen 

Hollinshead William, carpenter, dwl with Jere- 
miah P. Hollinshead 

Hollis Win. law student with Wade &Brownson, 
dwl 902 Powell 

HOLLl'li A. & CO. (S. Konalsky and S. Silver- 
i, Allium- river) and 1'ublic Administra- 
tor, office SW cor Montgomery and Commer- 
cial, dwl 1513 Powell 

Hollwegs Richard, clerk 37 Kearny 

Holm Henry, painter, 343 Pine 



Holm Thomas, groceries, 339 Sutter 

Holman Edward, 'longshoreman, Vallejo near 

HOLM AX F. A. Waiting surgeon City and Coun- 
ty Hospital, office 804 Washington, dwl 

1107 Stockton 
Holman T. W. bottler with N. B. Jacobs & Co. 

dwl XW cor Stockton and Sacramento 
Ilolmas Thomas, liquor-saloon, W s Dolores nr 

Holmberg George, (Johnson it II.) dwl cor Moul- 

tou Place and Montgomery 
Holmes Aaron, real estate agent 317 Montgome- 
ry, dwl W s Mason bet Bush and Sutl 
Holmes B. W. barber with H. Jackson, dwl 108 

Holmes Charles S. book-keeper with Joseph A. 

Coolidge, dwl 808 Taylor 
Holmes Cornelius, mason, dwl S s Union bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Holmes 0. W. printer, bda Original House 
Holmes David, dwl 570 Howard 
Holmes Edward, moulder Vulcan Iron Works 
Holmes Edward B. clerk with R. Hochkofler, dwl 

51 Minna 
Holmes Edwin, machinist, dwl 570 Howard 
Holmes Edwin, with P. C. Hyman 
Holmes Ellis H. principal High School, dwl 1G 

Prospect Place 
Holmes Frank, laborer with P. H. Cootey 
Holmes Frank, seaman, dwl W s Montgomery 

near Union 
Holmes Freeland, merchandise broker, office with 

McRuer & Merrill, dwl N s Bush bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansom 
Holmes J. bda What Cheer House 
Holmes James, 'longshoreman, dwl 715 Davis 
Holmes James, carpenter, dwl 308 Vallejo 
Holmes J. B. & Co. (John E. Hichbom and A. P. 

Jewett) hay, grain and feed, Market near 

Stewart, dwl 78 Xatoma 
Holmes Richard T. salesman with R. S. Eells, 

dwl 034 Commercial 
Holmes Sarah D. Miss, dwl 3,20 Folsom 
Holmes Thomas W. drayman with Wilson Bros. 

dwl Fella Place 
Holscher Ernst, (Schmidk II.) dwl 331 and 333 

Holstein M. bds Original House 
Holt C. E. delivery clerk Appraiser's stor?, Cus- 
tom House 
Holt Francis D. bds 122 Davis 
Holt J. Henry, book-keeper Grover & Baker's 

depot, dwl 70 Clementina 
Holt Margaret Miss, dwl with Charles McClelland 
Holt S. W. carpenter, dwl 10 Xatoma 
Holt Thomas, bakery 23 Third 
Holt Thomas 11. (Barstovj k, II.) attorney-at-law, 

dwl 1211 Taylor 
Holt Warren, agent American School Institute, 

305 Montgomery 
Holt William, books, bds St. Lawrence House 
Holt Wm. H. clerk with Grover & Baker's agent, 

dwl 70 Clementina 
HOLT Z. broker, 018 Merchant 
Holtmeier Henry, clerk, 642 Broadway 
Holton Thomas, ship-carpenter, dwl cor Anthony 

and Mission 

Holtz J. II. butcher at 21 Jackson 
Eoltz Louis, clerk 33 Clementina 

Holt/. ( W.) & Benn (Frederick) groceries and 

liquors SW cor Montgomery and Pacific 
Holtzhenser Peter, butcher at 425 Washington, 

lids Empire House 
Holz G. wholesale cigars SE cor Commercial 

and Battery, dwl 144 Ecker 
Holz Louis, clerk with Joseph Isaac, dwi St. 

Nicholas Hotel 
Ilomans Harry S. collector S. F. Gas Co. 
Homburg Auguste, upholsterer, dwl 403 Bush 

and Sansom 
HOME INSURANCE CO. New York, George 

G. Lambert agent, NW cor Mont and Sac 
Homer Charles, dwl NW cor Bdwy and Taylor 
Homer Henry, dwl 243 Stevenson 
Homer James, teamster with R. Morton, dwl 

NE cor Taylor and O'Farrell 
Homer James, upholsterer with Frank Baker, 

rooms 923 Dupont 
Homestead Association, office County Clerk, City 

Hommitzsch, carpenter with J. H. Blumenberg 
Hondorf Henry, cabinet-maker, dwl 212 Fremont 
Honensbergen H. merchant, dwl 323 Pine 
Hongan A. carpenter, bds Original House 

Koopmanschap & Co. agents, office cor Bat- 
tery and Union 
Hong Lee (Chinese) washing, 146 Stewart 
Hong Lee (Chinese) washing, 113 Jackson 
Hondoff H. cabinet-maker with Easton & Bros. 
Honning Pauline (widow) bds with Louis Meyer 

McRuer & Merrill agents, 117 and 119 Cal 
HOXS (Frederick) & CO. (Alexander Pope) gro- 
ceries and liquors, 44 First 
Horseley Andrew J. rooms 604 Dupont 
Hood Louis G. drayman, dwl 2 First 
Hoofman Henry, laborer with G. Brekle 
Hoogan Richard, boarding 541 Mission 
HOOGS (Ociavian) & MADISON (John H.) 

house-brokers and real-estate agents, 418 

Montgomery, dwl 106 Ellis 
Hoogs Wm. H. coachman American Exchange, 

"dwl 417 Pine 
Hook Joseph, saloon-keeper, dwl 710 Howard 
Hook Theodore, bricklayer, Hardie Place 
Hook Thomas, bricklayer with Samuel Hevner 
Hooke William H. (Amos Phinney & Co.) dwell 

535 Howard 
Hooker J. II. bds What Cheer House 
Hooker John, gardener, dwl with Paul Beale 
Hoong Ga (Chinese) washing, 5:',.") Sacramento 
Hooper F. P. & J. A. lumber, XW cor California 

and Drumm, rooms 41 Xatoma 
Hooper George F. commission merchant 217 

Front, dwl 413 Second 
Hooper Henry O. sash and blind-maker, dwl 121 

Hooper J. A. (F. P. & J. A. Hooper) rooms 510 

Hooper Wm. comr funded debt 618 Merchant, 

dwl 1312 Taylor 
Hoover William L. clerk with C. G. Howard, 
dwl 321 Minna 



Hope Mining Company, office XW corner Mont- 
gomery and Merchant 
Hop Kee & Co. (Chinese) tea merchants, 705 

Hopkins Catherine, dwl 314 Bush 
Hopkins Catherine Mrs. domestic, 933 Pacific 
Hopkins C. G. silver miner, bds Rincon House 
Hopkins C. H. (Smith & H.) resides San Antonio 
Hopkins Charles, register-clerk Post Office 
HOPKINS C. T. secretary California Mutual M. 
I. Co. office SE cor Battery and Commercial, 
dwl W s Rincon Place 
Hopkins E. waterman, Market op Sansom 
Hopkins E. H. carpenter, dwl W s Spear near 

Hopkins Eldridge G. painter, dwFS s Boyd near 

Hopkins George W. painter, dwl 3 Auburn 
Hopkins Henry, cook City and County Hospital 
Hopkins J. laborer, rooms 114 Sacramento 
Hopkins Jessie P. newspaper-carrier, dwell 

23 Clary 
Hopkins John, liquors, 51 Stevenson 
Hopkins John L. real-estate, dwl 1720 Stockton 
Hopkins Michael, laborer, dwl 24 Jane 
Hopkins M. P. (Miller & II.) dwl 403 Kearny 
Hopkins R. C. keeper archives U. S. Surveyor- 
General, dwl N side Mission bet Potter and 
Hopkins S. A. dwl 308 Sutter 
Hopkins Samuel J. lumber, doors and windows 
112 Washington, dwl S s Sacramento bet 
Van Ness Avenue and Franklin 
Hopkins S. C. clerk with J. H. Coghill, dwl 

518 Sacramento 
Hopkins S. U. merchandise book-keeper ware- 
house department Custom House 
Hopkins T. bds What Cheer House 
Hopkins T. R. (Kennedy ft //.) dwl 432 Jackson 
Hopkins Wirt, watch-maker with C. E. Collins, 
dwl SW cor Sacramento and Van Ness Av 
Hopley Joseph, salesman with James P. Good- 
win, dwl 46 Government House 
Hoppe William, groceries and liquors, 533 Cal 
Hoppel Henry, bricklayer, dwl 8 Bardie Place 
Hopper (G. II.) ft Faulkner (P. F.) saloon, SE 

cor Pacific and Davis 
Hopper John, laborer rope-walk, Potrero 
Hoopping Thomas N. carpenter, 117 Battery 
HOPPS (Charles) K AN ARY (David) ft HILL 
(Thomas) house sign and ornamental paint- 
ers 216 San, dwl NE cor Geary and Mason 
Hopps .J. B, Rev. pastor Mission Baptist Church 
Hop Wo (chinese) packer, 810 Dupont 
Horan .T. 0. & Co. (G. W. Cleveland) importers 
and jobbers wines and liquors 415 Front, 
dwl W s Stockton bet Jackson and Pacific 
Horan John, stableman with B. F. Fish, dwl 

Bush nr Sansom 
Horan Patrick T. boiler-maker Union Foundry, 

dwl 529 Mission, rear 
Horden Owen, hostler, dwl Bryant Place 
Horgan F. B. plumber, dwl 28 Sansom 
Horgan John, blacksmith with Joseph Flintoff 
Horgan John, mason, dwl 429 Filbert 
Borgon Timothy, stone-cutter, dwl 316 Bdwy 
Horigan Daniel, clerk with .John Flanagan, lids 
What Cheer House 

Horlor J. E. bag-maker at 314 Davis 

HORN BARNEY, butcher Potrero S Braunan 

St. Bridge, dwl Potrero nr San Bruno Road 
HORN B. C. & CO. importers and jobbers cigars 

and tobacco, SW cor Clay and Front, resides 

Horn James, stevedore, dwl NW cor Filbert and 

Horn Phillip, First officer stmr Nevada 
Horn Phillip, proprietor First St. House, NW cor 

First and Mission 
Horn T. L. with B. C. Horn & Co. dwl 834 Clay 
Horn Wm. stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Horner Horatio G. book-keeper 640 Sacramento, 

dwl eor Stockton and Geary 
Horner R. H. captain stmr Panama, dwl 1825 

Horner William, hosier W s McLaren Lane bet 

Folsom and Howard 
Horning (A. F.) ft Bruns (Henry) groceries SW 

cor Davis and Com, dwl SE cor Davis and 

Horning Richard (Buhrmeister ft H.) dwl SW cor 

Mission and Beale 
Horr Wm. steamship bread and cracker bakery 

719 Battery, dwl 731 Yallejo 
Horstmann (//.) ft Co. (T. Hufschmidt) furniture 

534 Jackson, dwl Virginia bet Pacific and 

Horstmann John, groceries, dwl COS Powell 
Horswill Frederick, special policeman, dwl 325 

Hort Samuel (C. Adolph Low & Co.) 426 Cal, 

dwl 617 Bush 
Horton Alexander, book-keeper with Wm. T. 

Coleman ft Co. dwl 641 Folsom bet Second 

and Third 
Horton Benjamin B. seaman, dwl 130 First 
Horton Fred, carpenter, rooms 31 Kearny 
Horton George, carpenter, 210 Green 
Horton Israel, sash and blind maker with L. 

Emanuel A- Co. dwl Jessie nr Third 
Horton John, seaman, dwl 354 Third 
Horton Lewis F. dwl 56 Clementina 
Horton P. B. clerk with J. C. Johnson & Co. dwl 

S s Washington nr Mason 
Horton Richard, policeman City Hall, dwl 104 

Horton Richard jr. with Sawyer ft Clark, dwl 

cor Second and Jessie ■ 
Horton Thomas R. (Martin & II.) dwl 412 

Horton William, dwl 6 Montgomery 
Horton William, gardener, bds Isthmus House 
-•■ Jacob, captain ship Alexander, dwl SE 

cor Main and Folsom 
Hoskin Joseph II. tinsmith with B. F. Coj 

bds <:.• Clay 

William, laborer, dwl with Daniel Hutch- 
Hoslinger Valentime, dwl 605 Pacific 
B r Hciij. sheet ironworker. Union Foundry 

Hosmer Charles, merchant, oifico 409 Front, dwl 
8 l Montgomery Flock 

3. milkman, dwl S s Market nr 


r Granville, printer, Golden Era. dwl 932 



Hosmer M. H. Mrs. teacher, dwl 932 Clay 
HOSSBPROSS GEORGE II. Pacific Mechanical 

Bakery 326 Bush, dwl 530 Vallejo 
Hosworth William, dwl S s Union bet Taylor 

and Jones 
HOT A LING (Anaon P.) & CO. (John W. Griffin) 

importers wines, liquors and cigars 700 and 

702 Sansom, dwl E s Kearny nr Clay 
Ilotner John, butcher, 513 Pacific 
Hotop August, packer with Harden & Folger, 

dwl Jansen 
Hottandorf (Peter) & Co. (Claus Eottandorf) 

groceries and liquors 1100 Clay 
Houbhn P. printer Le Phare, SW cor Clay and 

Houe A. R. machinist with Marwedel & Otto, dwl 

5 St. Marys 
Hough Daniel E. fruit 76 Washington Market, 

residence Oakland 
Hough James F. book-keeper with E. H. Parker, 

dwl 553 Howard 
Houghtaling Abraham J. daguerrean artist, with 

Hamilton & Lovering, dwl 224 Third 
Houghton George, clerk with Geo. S. Haskell & 

Co. dwl Natoma 
Houghton S. 0. bds Hotel International 
Hou&child Caroline Miss, domestic 724 Green 
House Wm. plasterer, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Houseley John, laborer with A. H. Houston 
Housely Joseph W. coppersmith, dwl 567 Mission 
Houseman Herman, shoemaker ,1124 Dupont 
Houseman James S. ship-carpenter, dwl S s Fol- 

som nr Main 
Houseworth Thomas (Lawrence & H.) 637 Clay 
HOUSTON A. H. contractor, office 502 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 20 Rincon Place 
Houston Henry F. fireman steamer Antelope, 

dwl NW cor Green and Mason 
Houston Joseph, Pacific House, liquors, road to 

Ocean House 
Houston R. T. (colored) tailor, 645 Merchant 
Houston Samuel, dwl N s Sacramento nr Stock 
Hovet Henry R. clerk, dwl 700 Bush 
Hovey D. E. bds Original House 
Hovey George (Burbank & H.) dwl 806 Stockton 
Hovey George, wire-rope maker with Hallidie 

Howard (A. E.) & Lange (de C.) fruits, 1408 

Howard Alibnzo, fruits. 1430 Stockton 
Howard Benjamin C. (Pool & H.) office 221 Clay, 

dwl 421 Harrison 
Howard Calling, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Howard Carrie Miss, actress, dwl St. John's 

Howard C. G. attorney-at-law 614 Merchant, 

dwl 321 Minna 
Howard Charles (colored) whitewasher, SE cor 

Kearny and Clay 
Howard Charles A. dwl 6 St. Marys Place nr 

Howard Charles Webb, (Blackman, H. & Co.) dwl 

X K eor Montgomery and Jackson 
Howard Daniel S. (Kenton & H.) dwl 48 Silver 
Howard David, dwl Encinal Farming and Wool 

Factory, Mission Dolores 
Howard Edward, dwl 21 1 Montgomery 
Howard Fannie Miss, dwl 802 Kearny 

Howard George, bds Original House 
Howard George, clerk 64 Clay 
Howard George, seaman, lids 9 Washington 
Howard George H. real-estate, office 523 Mont 
Howard Henry O. wharfinger Central Wharf, 

dwl 523 Montgomery 
Howard Irvin, moulder Vulcan Iron Works, dwl 

34 Silver 
Howard James G. attorney-at-law 540 Clay, dwl 

Stockton nr Clay 
Howard J. E. liquors Dunbar Alley, dwl W s 

Dupont bet Washington and Jackson 
Howard J. L. dwl 528 Commercial 
Howard John, hostler, dwl 814 Sacramento rear 
Howard Julia Miss, dwl 827 Sacramento 
Howard Louisa L. (widow) dwl 211 Jackson 
Howard Mary (widow) Beale Street House, N s 

Beale nr Mission 
Howard M. E. clerk with D. E. Hough, dwl S s 

Brannan nr Second 
Howard Paul, bds Golden Gate Hotel 
Howard Phineas, dwl 120 Stevenson 
Howard Richard, blacksmith, bds 26 Jessie 
Howard Richard, porter with Wm. Horr, dwl 

719 Battery 
Howard Samuel A. clerk with Loring & Mason 
Howard Thomas, tinsmith, dwl 417 Pine, rear 
HOWARD VOLNEY E. attorney-at-law, office 

502 Montgomerv, res Oakland 
HOWARD W. D. M. estate of, office 523 Mont 
Howard William, boat-builder, dwl cor Market 

and East 
Howard William, gas-fitter with J. K. Prior, bds 

Manhattan House 
Howarth R. bds Original House 
Howarth Richard, carriage-maker, dwl Jessie nr 

Howden James, assistant with B. B. Thayer, 

dwl Sutter above Powell 
Howe Arabella Mrs. dwl with William R. Jos- 

Howe C. E. B. silver miner, 215 Sacramento 
Howe Edward, dwl 930 Clay 
Howe Erin, cigars 610 Clay, dwl Washington 

nr Montgomery 
Howe Frank, seaman, bds Miner's Exchange 
Howe George L. clerk with Badger & Lindenber- 

ger dwl 829 Bush 
Howe George W. printer Morning Call, dwl 11 

Howe Susan Mrs. dwl S s Sutter nr Jones 
Howe William, office cor Battery and Washing- 
ton, dwl 829 Bush 
Howe \V. M. Columbia Engine Co. No. 11 
HOWELL EDWARD S. importer and agent 

Eastern manufacturers, hardware, etc., 120 

Battery, up-stairs, dwl 25 Hawthorno 
Howell John G. wagon-maker, dwl 707 Front 
Howell Louis V. H. (Rtynolds & II) dwl E s 

Eleventh bet Mission and Market 
Howes Eben Foster, porter, dwl 525 Commercial 
Howes Edward K. (Elam & II.) dwl 930 Clay 
HOWES GEORGE & CO. (Jabes Iloives) com- 
mission merchants 309 Clay, dwl 930 Clay 
Howes Henry, porter, 315 Davis, dwl Mission 

beyond the Bridge 
Howes Henry, weighman, dwl S s Mission nr 




Howes Jabez ( Geoi-ge Howes & Co.) dwl 930 Clay 

Howes Reuben, book-keeper with James P. 
Goodwin, dwl W s Fourth near Everett 

Howes R. F. clerk James P. Goodwin, dwl 2 
Government House 

Howes Samuel P. carpenter, dwl SW cor Stock- 
ton and Chestnut 

Howgate George, dwl W s Main bet Folsom and 

Howland Frederick P. proprietor marine railway 
Rincon Point, dwl 315 Bryant 

Howland M. Mrs. dwl 50 and 51 Government 

Howland Rufus, carpenter, dwl 312 Beale 

Howland Stephen, Fountain-head Water-works, 
537 Market, bds National House 

Howland W. F. P. with S. H. Knowles, dwl 315 

Howland William, ship-carpenter, dwl Folsom 
near Main 

Howlett (John) & Co. (Henry Lux) feed, coal and 
wood, 1219 Powell 

Howley Angeline (widow) dwl S s Broadway nr 

Howragin James, laborer, dwl 54 Stevenson rear 

Howrake George, merchant, dwl Main nr Folsom 

Howser George W. waiter What Cheer House 

Hoxie B. S. cigars etc. 679 Market 

Hoxie Freeman M. boat-builder with Benj. South- 

HOY ALEXANDER, stoves and tin ware 711 
Jacksou, dwl W s Leavenworth bet Broad- 
way and Pacific 

Hoy Robert, Boomerang saloon, 819 Kearny 

Hoy Robert, waiter Hotel International 

Hoy Thomas, soaman, bds Miners' Exchange H 

Hoye Robert, laborer, U. S. Marine Hospital 

Hoyer Cornelius, porter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 
1303 Mason 

Hoyt Andrew J. porter with J. W. Brittan, dwl 
Mission near 

Hoyt Calvin S. stevedore with P. H. Cootey, dwl 
with George Coffin, Second 

noyt Charles, blacksmith, dwl 732 Folsom 
Elizabeth (widow) dwl 327 Green 

Hoyt Emily, domestic with Geo. W. Green 

Hoyt G. II. compositor Daily Mirror 

Hoyt James T. attorney-at-law 420 Montgome- 
ry, dwl 22 Perry 

Hoyt John, clerk with John T. Hoyt, dwl Orien- 
tal Hotel 

Hoyt John, clerk, dwl 211 Montgomery 

Ilwvt John, real estate, dwl 8 a Market nr Third 

HOYT JOHN C. agent underwriters and U. S. 
Inspector of Hulls, NE corner Battery and 
Washington, dwl Oriental Hotel 

Hoyt J. S. witli Nugent & Judah, dwl Adams 
House, Beale near Folsom 

Hoyt parous P. clerk with Loeko & Montague, 
dwl Milton Place near Bush 

Hovt N. B. tinsmith with B. F. Cogswell, res 

Hoyt S. D. first officer brig Crimea, pior9 Stewart 

lluant P. barkeeper, dwl 425 Green 

Huard Alexander N. physician, dwl 828 Jackson 

Hubash Joseph, manufacturing jeweler 610 
Montgomery, dwl N s Post bet Dupont and 

Hubbard Catherine (widow) saloon, 1142 Folsom 
Hubbard Dimon, office 505 Sansom, dwl 3 Mil- 
ton Place 
HUBBARD (Horace P.) & CO. stoves and tin- 
ware, 505 Sansom, dwl 540 Howard 
Hubbard John C. painter, dwl 9 Tehama Place 
Hubbard John M. copper-smith, dwl S s Valpa- 
raiso bet Mason and Taylor 
Hubbard Rodolphus, printer, dwl cor Sacramen- 
to and Powell 
Hubbard Samuel, clerk P. M. S. S. Co. dwl NE 
cor Pine and Leavenworth 

Hubbard dwl 518 Sacramento 

Huber Edward A. foreman with Chas. H. Mead, 

bds with Chas. H. Mead 
Huber (Franz) & Uhlig ( Chas.) beer-saloon, 603 

Hubert Charles, clerk with Arnold Lindau, rms 

218 Washington 
Hubert Martin Mrs. dwl 500 Broadway 
HUBERT NUMA, attorney-at-law, 51 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Hubinger John A. musician, dwl 605 Pacific 
Hublon J. F. E. 'longshoreman, dwl Alta bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Huchez Matilda Mrs. laces and embroidery, 407 

Huchez Paul, feed store, 673 Market, dwl 407 

Huchez Paid A. book-keeper with F. Henderson, 

dwl 407 Dupont 
Huck Henry, drayman, SW cor California and 

Front, rooms SW cor Dupont and Geary 
Hudson David, produce commission merchant 
11 Clay, dwl Charlton Farm, San Bruno rd 
Hudson Geortie, attorney-at-law, NE cor Clay 

and Montgomery, dwl 7 Anthony 
Hudson George A. real estate, office 217 Front, 

dwl SW cor Brannan and Second 
Hudson George B. salesman with T. G. Sanford, 

dwl 208 Minna 
Hudson (//. G.) & Co. (C. H. Williams) manufac- 
turers mustard and spices, SW cor Front 
and Pine, dwl !) Front 
Hudson Henry D. ship-carpenter, bds 208 Minna 
Hudson Henry P. book-keeper with Daniel Qibb 

& Co. res Oakland 
Hudson James, clerk with J. Alexander & Co. 

dwl 410 Commercial 
Hudson John, plumber, :>:> Webb 
Hudson Mathew 11. clerk, lids 208Minua 
HUDSON ( .V, Ison) .fc FORTUNE (James A.) im- 
porters and jobbers boots and shoes li 1 7 
Front, dwl 417 Bryant 
Hudson Pbineas, ship-oarponter, dwl 208 Minna 
Hudson Pbineas jr. clerk, Volunteer Engine (\>. 

No. 7 
Hudson Samuel, drayman, S s Wash near Front 
Hudson Samuel Sr. dwl S s Washington nr Front 
Hudson William, seaman, lids Empire House 
Hudson Wm. vice-consul Russia, 14 Est 
Hudson W. H. captain stmr Cortes, P. M. 8. 3. 

Co. office NW corner Sao and Loidesdorft* 
Hue Henry, saddler with A. Juquet 
Huefher William, reporter German Democrat, 
dwl E s Mason near Bush 

Herman, cook at Empire House 
Brt F. Aug. cigar manufacturer, 914 Dupon 



HUERNE (P.) &HARANT (P.) architects (and 
Sup. S. F. and Mission R. R.) 704 Sacra- 
men to. dwl 241 Stevenson 
Hueuscb C. miner, bds Original House 
Huff Oliver B. clerk with T. II. Stevens, dwell 

Clay Avenue near Clay 
Hurt" Wm. paper-carrier, dwl N s Lewis nr Taylor 
Hufecbmidt F. {ffortsmarm d- II.) dwl 322 Sutter 
Hug Augustus, harness-maker, 533 Broadway 
Hug Joseph, Faust Cellar SK cor Clay and Mont, 

dwl N s Howard bet Third and Fourth 
Hugene Amede, cook, dwl 820 Clay 
Sugg Henry, merchandise-broker, 115 California, 

' dwl 207 Second 
Hugh Lawrence, cooper with P. Molloy, dwell 

NB cor Lush and Sansom 
Hughes Arthur, wiili J. Lynch & Co. dwl 822 San 
Hughes Charles G. pressman Alta California, 

dwl 47 Clementina 
Hughes Daniel, bds with Oscar Lewis 
Hughes (David B.) &, Lovell (Samuel W.) con- 
tractors. Leav nr Cal, dwl 234 Stevenson 
Hughes David T. gas-fitter with Thomas Ross 
Hughes Iv bds Original House 
Hughes Edwd. steamboat-man, dwl 223 Jackson 
Hughes Edward A. dwl COS Montgomery 
Hughes George, fruits N\V cor Clay and Sansom, 

' dwl 325 Sixth 
Hughes Henry, bds 412 Davis 
Hughes Henry, broker NW cor Clay and Front, 

dwl 314 Lombard 
Hughes James, boarding, 15 Ecker 
Hughes James, waiter Brooklyn Hotel 
HUGHES JAMES (Slapleton & H.) saloon, 14 

Hughes Jesse (colored) whitewashes 842 Kearny, 

dwl Virginia near Broadway 
Hughes John, bricklayer, bds Brooklyn Hotel 
Hughes John, drayman, bds What Cheer House 
Hughes John, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Hughes John, laborer, dwl W s Price nr Mission 
Hughes John, moulder, dwl E s Tyson Place 
Hughes John G. (Donnelly & H.) dwl Metro- 
politan Hotel 
Hughes John R. boots and shoes, 605 Mont 
Hughes Margaret Miss, domestic, 1520 Stockton 
HUGHES MATHEW E. agent and manufac- 
turer Phelan's billiard-tables 720 Mont- 
gomery, manufactory N s Market bet Mont 
and Kearny, dwl SE cor Seventh and Godgh 
HUGHES (Mathew E.) k LYNCH (Daniel L.) 

billiard saloon, 720 Montgomery 
Hughes Owen, laborer with A. 11. Houston 
Hughes Owen, porter with Geo. F. Bragg & Co 
Hughes Peter, carriage-maker with Kimball & Co 
Hughes Sarah Ann Mrs. bds with J. J. Young 
Hughes T. silversmith with Vanderslice & Co. 

dwl 411 Pine 
Hughes T. laborer, P. M. S. S. Co's "Works, 

Folsom St Wharf 
HUGHES (T. A.) ft HUNTER, ship-brokers 
and general agents 504 Battery U. 8. Court 
Building, dwl 806 Bush above Mason 
Hughes Thos. laborer, dwl cor Market and East 
Hughes Wm. capt sloop Caroline, dwl 23 Everett 
Hughes Wm. capt sloop Perry, dwl 284 Minna 
Hulbener Emil, bds Union Hotel 
Ilulbert H. P. mariner, dwl 756 Howard 

Hulburt William, wagon-maker, dwl 587 Market 
Hiding H. Major, stage-carpenter Maguire's 

Opera House 
Hull Benjamin J. driver Wells, Fargo & Co's 

Ezpress, dwl NW cor Mont and California 
Hull D. miner, bds Original House 
Hull Daniel, tinsmith with Hubbard & Co. dwl 

335 Pine 
Hull Edward (of Hull & Lohman, Sacramento) 

office NW cor Front and Commercial, dwl 

718 Howard 
Hull George S. accountant with Thomas H. 

Selby & Co. 
Hull James, seaman, dwl 3 Ritch 
Hull Mitchell J. wood-worker with P. Witbeck, 

rooms 509 Pine 
Hull William 11. steward, dwl 415 Pine 
Hullund N. C. upholsterer with Gullixson & 

Hulsmann Henry, groceries, 311 Bush 
Hultz Wm. groceries, dwl E s Mont nr Pacific 
Humbert Jno. compositor Evening Tost, 600 Clay 
Humboldt Bay Line Packets, Charles McLean 

agent, pier 3 Stewart 

NEW YORK, C. A. Low & Co. agents, 426 

Humboldt, Europe, Line steamers, J. Boas agent, 

412 Sacramento 
Hume John jr. carpenter, bds 566 Thiol 
Hummel Charles, dwl Charley's Place San Jose 

Hummigtd William, carpenter, dwl W s Trinity 

N Sutter 
HUMORIST WEEKLY, J. Walter Walsh editor 

and proprietor, office 517 Clay 
Humphrey A. M. porter with J. H. Coghill & Co. 

dwl SW cor Front and Commercial 
Humphrey L. giain dealer 120 Clay, dwl W s 

Vassar Place nr Harrison 
Humphreys J. Major, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Humphreys Julius, dwl W s Mason nr Pine 
Humphreys L. A. Miss, assistant teacher Hyde 

St. School 
Humphreys W. P. surveyor, rooms 711 Dupont 
Hund Frederick, hair-dresser 305 Davis, rooms 

307 Davis 
Hunds George, hair-dresser 709 Front, bds 

Manhattan House 
Hung Son (chinese) butcher, 731 Sacramento 
Hung Tie & Co. (chinese) merchant, 741 Sac 
Hung Tun (chinese) washing, 213 Second 
Hunt A. J. (widow) actress, dwl NW cor Mont 

and Jackson 
Hunt Amos, calker, dwl 209 Harrison 
Hunt Bartholemew, miner, dwl W s Brooks bet 

Market and Geary, rear 
HUNT C. A. & CO. general brokers and com 

mchts 219 Clay, dwl N s Geary bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Hunt Carrie S. Miss, assistant teacher Denman 

Grammar School, dwl Jackson abv Powell 
Hunt Charles, calker, dwl 209 Harrison 
Hunt Daniel O. (Taplin & II.) dwl rear Mission 

Dolores Church 
Hunt David W. wind-mill maker, dwl 28 Second 
Hunt E. salesman with D. S. Barnes, dwl 27 



Hunt Edward, teller with M. Bruinagim & Co. 
dwl X s Bush bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Hunt Edwin, patent medicines, dwl 27 Minna 
Hunt Edwin 0. water- works 108 and 110 Jessie, 

dwl 28 Second 
Hunt Elias, rooms NE cor Front and Sacramento 
Hunt G. A. bds What Cheer House 
Hunt George, cashier with Wm T. Coleman & 

Co. dwl SE cor Leavenworth and Pine 
Hunt George E. P. sloop Amy Florence, Stewart 

St. Wharf 
Hunt Hannah (widow) boarding, 227 Minna 
Hunt James S. calker, dwl 14 Louisa 
HUNT J. P. & CO. (J. Lewis Hunt) agricultural 
implements and hardware 317 Washington, 
residence Xew York 
Hunt J. Lewis (J. D. Hunt & Co.) dwl W s 

Powell abv Jackson 
Hunt John (Baldwin & H.) dwl 34-1 Kearny 
Hunt John, calker, dwl SW cor Folsom and 

Hunt John, cook, dwl W s Calhoun nr Green 
Hunt (John) & Hall (Gardiner S.) milk-ranch 

Old San Jose Road, rear Beatty's 
Hunt John jr. clerk with Frank M. Pixley, dwl 

8 B Union bet Stockton and Kearny 
Hunt John D. dwl 907 Jackson 
Hunt Jonathan, dwl SE cr Pine and Leavenworth 
Hunt Michael, laborer, dwl 51 Stevenson 
HUNT PATRICK (J. Gardner & Co.) dwl 742 

Hunt Samuel R. shipwright, dwi 209 Harrison 
Hunt Sarah E. (widow) dwl 1007 Clay 
Hunt Sarah M. Miss, assistant teacher primary 

department Union St. School 
Hunt William, clerk 317 Washington, dwl Ss 

Jackson abv Powell 
Hunt William, machinist with Hinckley & Co. 

dwl Geary bet Kearny and Dupont 
Hunt Wm. porter with Conroy & O'Connor, bds 

Bush St. House 
Huntcmann Christopher A. collector, dwl SE cor 

VanXess Avenue and Green 
HUNTER C. C. commission merchant and bro- 
ker, NE cor Front and Commercial, dwl 
765 Mission 
Hunter D bds Original House 
Hunter David H. printer, dwl El Dorado Bdg 
Hunter Ellen, cook, with Mrs. Susan Miller 
Hunter Gilbert, wool-broker 24 Clay, dwl 713 

Hunter J. bds What Cheer House 
Hunter (James) & Co. (T. K Wand) importers 
liquors, etc. 612 Front, dwl S s Greenwich 
nr Dupont 
Hunter James, drayman with John Flanagan & 

Co. dwl 330 Yallejo 
Hunter James, laborer, Gauger's Department 

Custom House 
Hunter John, dwl Hunter's Point 
Hunter John, captain bark Florence, Pier 17 

Hunter John, baker, 1008 Dupont 
Hunter Lewis, steward, I2<; Sansom 
Hunter Lewis C. clerk with Curtis & Co. dwl 

812 Jackson 
Hunter Mary (widow) dwl 21 1 California 
Hunter Robert E. dwl Hunter's Point 

Hunter Schuyler, ranch Hunters Point 

Hunter William (colored) boot-black, dwl Filbert 

nr Dupont 
Huntington G. C. bds Original House 
Huntington Thomas, captain stmr Cortes, dwell 

403 Bryant 
Huntoon Isaac D. salesman with J. L. Taggard, 

bds American Exchange 
Huntoon John, cook. 619 Market 
Huntoon W. M. whcat-cleauing mill E s Beale 

near Mission, dwl 207 Second 
Huntsman Geo. H. salesman with J. W. Davidson 

& Co. dwl SW cor Clay and Montgomery 
Hup Lee (Chinese) washing, 103 First 
Huppert Thomas, cabinet-maker with Selling 

Marx A Co. dwl 431 Pacific 
Hurd , bookbinder with Bartling & Kim- 
ball, dwl Minna bet Second and Third 
Hurd J. M. printer with Towne & Bacon, rooms 

745 Clay 
Hurd W. I. bds Original House 
Hurd William, usher Maguire's Opera House, 

dwl 536 Jackson 
Hurdink John, tobacco manufactory, SE corner 

Beale and Market 
Hurentz P. bricklayer, 28 Sansom 
Hurlburt H. E. harness-maker with Main ft 

Hurlburt Hiram, dwl W s Larkin bet Tyler and 

Hurlbutt James M. ( Carmelich & II.) dwl SW 

cor Larkin and Tyler 
Hurley Charles, boot-maker with P. F. Dunn, 

dwl 12 Minna 
Hurley Charles, salesman with N. Skerrett, dwl 

515 Kearny 
Hurley James, butcher with Thomas C. Johnson, 

dwl 6 Dupont 
Hurlev Joseph G. bag-maker, dwl with Samuel 

6. Hurley 
Hurlev Michael, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery, 

d'wl 210 Fourth 
Hurley Patrick, carpenter, dwl SE cor Pacific 

and Gough 
Hurley Samuel G. bag-maker, dwl N s Chestnut 

near Stockton 
Hurley Thomas, lireman Dow's Distillery 
Hurley William, pressman with Blake A Mofhtt, 

dwl 14 Sansom 
Hnsing Albert, clerk with Henry Huaing & Co. 
Husiog Henry X- Co. (John I). Huaing) groceries 

and liquors SW cor Howard and Second, 

resides San Mateo 
Husing Henry, steward with Chas. II. Brickwedel 
Busing John ]\ (Henry Huaing & Co.) dwl SW 

corner Howard and Second 
Hosing (Rathye) ft Meyers (John) groceries and 

liquors, 'J'jo First 
Huss John, 'longshoreman, rooms 11 Clay 
Hussey Edmund, laborer, Presidio 
Huss.y F. 1'. drayman with S. F. Sugar R. Co. 

dwl Fisher House 
Hussey Frank (Harvey <fc II.) dwl Ss Stevenson 

near Second 
Hussey Joseph, tailor, 541 California 
Hussey P. dwl 803 Bush 
Hussy Banna Miss, milliner with Mdms Whito 

& Ridley 



Hussy Samuel, laborer, dwl TV s Mont nr Union 

Hustan I. bds What Cheer House 

Huston Paul, carpenter, dwl TV s Le Roy Place 

near --acramento 
(monthly) Brooks & Lawrence editors and 
proprietors, office 543 Clay 
Hutchings George, 'longshoreman, rooms SW 

corner Clay and East 
(Anthony) booksellers and publishers 602 
Montgomery, dwl NE cor Front and Sac 
Hutchinga John, stock-dealer, 219 Pine 
Hutchins (Charles E.) & Brother (Lemuel W.) 

Ellis Market, 38 Ellis 
Hutchins Lemuel W. (Hutchins & Brother) dwl 

38 Ellis 
Hutchinson Alexander, pattern-maker with 

Hinckley & Co. dwl 336 Bush 
Hutchinson Andrew, milkman, dwl with Daniel 

Hutchinson Anna Maria, dress-maker, dwl 49 

Hutchinson C. & TV. carpenters and block-letter 

cutters 304 Pine, dwl 16 Ritch 
Hutchinson Daniel, milkman, dwl N s Presidio 

Hutchinson E. F. Mrs. dwf with R. 0. Sturdivant 
Hutchinson I. C. merchandise, dwl XW corner 

Mis-ion and Fifteenth 
Hutchinson James 8. cashier with Sather & 
Church, dwl NW cor Howard and Fifteenth 
Hutchinson S. bds Hotel International 
Hutchinson Tally R. salesman with Badger & 
Lindenberger, dwl S s Market near Mason 
Hutchinson Thomas, tinsmith, bds Pacific Tem- 
perance House 
Hutchinson W. (C. & W. H.) 304 Pine, dwl 49 

Hutchinson William, lodgings. 716 Stockton 
Hutef Henry, clerk, 639 California 
Huter Gustav, porter with L. & E. Wortheimer, 

dwl 605 Broadway 
Huth Charles, shoemaker. 504 Green 
Hating Julia (widow) dwl 1302 Powell 
Hutoff Henry, office-saloon, 230 Commercial 
Hutter ( George) k Wantz (Frank) farmers, road 

to Ocean House 
Hutton Catherine Mrs. dwl S s Hayes near Van 

Ness Avenue 
Hutton D. bds Hotel International 
Hutton Henry, carpenter, dwl 12 Valparaiso 
Hutton Hugh S. reporter, dwl NW cor Valpa- 
raiso and Leavenworth 
Hutton Jacob, clerk 8 Clay, boards with Henry 

Hutton James, watchman City and County Hos- 
Hutton James, drayman with E. G. Mathews & 

& Co. dwl S s Green bet Larkin and Polk 
Hutton J. D. book-keeper with Duncan & Co. 

rooms Government House 
Hutton John, drayman with E. G. Matthews & 

Co. dwl SW cor Union and Larkin 
Hutton (John T.) &, Jordan (David) — (colored) 

fruits, 232 Third 
Huxley Charles S. gauger, dwl NE cor Front 
and Commercial 

Huxley J. Mead, State Gauger's office NW cor 

Commercial and Front, dwl 817 Wash 
Huzelman William, tailor, 307 Bush 
IIYAMS GEORGE J. S. & CO. clothing, etc. 

428 Commercial and 420 Sansom, dyvl SW 

cor Minna and First 
Hyams Leopold, physician 311 Montgomery, 

up stairs, dwl Jackson nr Powell 
HYATT CALEB, architect, 5 Post 
Hyatt B. drayman, dwl E s Ritter bet Harrison 

and Bryant 
Hyde C. C. dentist 726 Washington, dwl N s 

Vallejo nr Dupont 
Hvde George, attornev-at-law, dwl 25 Post 
Hyde Henry C. clerk with Hall McAllister, dwl 

1014 Powell 
Hyde Honora Miss, dwl 1014 Powell 
Hyde J. superintendent What Cheer House, dwl 

515 Sacramento 
Hyde Jas.T. physician 629 Front, dwl 24 Tehama 
Hyde Jane (widow) dwl 1014 Powell 
Hvde Martin, dwl 31 Stevenson 
Hvde Michael, Boston House, 115 Stevenson 
Hyde R. E. office 322 Commercial, dwl Metro- 
politan Hotel 
Hyde Richard, dwl 209 Bush 
Hyde Theodore, dwl 1014 Powell 
Hyde William, clerk with Crosby & Dibblee, dwl 

1014 Powell 
Hyde William C. book-keeper with Crosby & 

Dibblee, dwl 1014 Powell 
Hyde (William H.) & Chester (Henry) house 

raisers, dwl Mission bet Fourteenth and 

Hyer George, clerk, 201 Kearny 
Hyer Thomas, butcher, Potrero nr Brannan 

Street Bridge 
Hylan Bryan, bds Golden Gate Hotel 
Hyland Henry J. clerk, dwl Taylor near Clay 
Hyland John, blacksmith, dwl 669 Harrison 
Hyland Patrick, clerk Brooklyn Hotel 
Hyman Henry, clerk 424 Commercial 
Hyman J. jeweler, 103 Sansom 
Hyman Louis, steward Railroad House 
Hyman M. book-keeper with M. Hiller & Bros. 

dwl 422 Sacramento 
Hvman N. J. with Joseph Brothers, 607 Mont 
Hyman P. C. broker, 206 California, dwl 30 

Hymes George, dwl 118 First 
Hymes John, peddler, dwl 427 Commercial 
Hynes Earnest, real-estate agent, dwl S s Clay 

bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Hynes M. J. actor Maguire's Opera House, dwl 

307 Davis 

Ibats John, joiner, bds 520 Mission 

Iburg William, groceries, 401 Kearny 

Ichon Edward F. gents' furnishing goods 321 
Sansom, dwl E s St. Marys nr California 

Ickelheimer H. special policeman, dwl 288 Jessie 

Ide John, blacksmith, 812 Sansom 

Iela Robert, shoemaker, dwl N s Sixteenth bet 
Dolores and Guerrero 

Iffert Leonard, butcher N s Sixteenth bet Dolo- 
res and Guerrero 



IKEN FREDERICK, commission merchant, 212 

(old No. 50) Front, rooms S s Sutter bet 

Stockton and Powell 
lis Frank, salt-water baths, foot Powell North 

Us John G. stoves and tin-ware, 62S "Washington 
Use J. H. with Kellogg, Heuston & Co. 
Use "William A. assayer, dwl 119 Silver 
Imbrie A. C. merchant tailor 5 45 Jackson, dwl 

84 Kearny 
IMHAUS LOUIS, cigars and tobacco, NE cor 

Commercial and Sansom, dwl "W s Mason 

bet Chestnut and Lombard 
Imkamp Henry, barkeeper with Herman Mast 
Imloureger John, merchant, dwl 231 Mont 
DON, Falkner. Bell & Co. agents, 430 Cal 
Inas G. watecman, Market op Sansom 
Inberg E. H. boarding. 208 Commercial 
Inch Robert, boot-maker, dwl 10 Jane 
Inderstroth (Julius) & Boschen (Fabian) groce- 
ries and liquors, S s Frederick bet First and 


seven miles from Plaza 
Ing Andrew D. clerk with Joseph Boston, dwl 

733 Folsom 
Ingalls Luther B. carpenter, dwl 2 Hardie Place 
Ingargiola L. & Co. fruits 706 Kearny, dwl 1G11 

INGE S. W. attorney-at-law, dwl 408 Stockton 
Ingel Frederick, first officer schooner Josephine 

Willcutt, Pier 2 Stewart 
Ingersoll George S. clerk with Francis Read, dwl 

834 Broadway 
Ingerson James, seaman, bds Sailor's Home 
Ingolsby L. bds Hotel International 
Ingraham A. J. bds with S. B. Reed 
Ingraham J. cooper, S s Oregon nr Drumm 
Ingraham Joseph, machinist, dwl Davis bet 

Washington and Clay 
Ingraham William, steward steamer Sonoma 
Ingraham John A. coachman with Alsop & Co. 
Ingraham "William, Clay Street House, 62 Clay 
Inman J. carpenter, dwl Beale bet Howard and 

Innes Samuel, tinsmith with Johnston and Reay, 

dwl 411 Pine 
Inorrell H. M. L. waterman. N s Jessie nr Third 
Inslee (George W.) & Joseph (Michael J.) cigars, 

326 Montgomerv 

proprietors, N 8 Jackson bet Montgomery 

and Kearnv 
PANY, LONDON, Arthur B. Stout, M. D. 

agent, 832 Washington 
Intyne Charles, laborer, dwl 110 Sac, up-stairs 
Inwood George, dwl 1623 Powell 
I. O. OF O. F. Hall and office of Grand Secretary 

N K cor Bush and Kearny 
Iredale Alfred S. merchant, dwl S s Mission bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Irolan Samuel D. ship-calker, dwl W s Main bet 

Folsom and Rincon 
Irelan "William, shipwright and calker NW cor 

Folsom and Fifteenth, dwl W s Main bet 

Folsom and Rincon 

Ireland Louis F. book-keeper with I. S. Josephi, 
& Co. dwl NW cor Wash and Montgomery 

Irine Thomas, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 

Irish Benevolent Society, Hall S"W cor California 
and Kearny 

Irons A. A. teamster with Fountain & Randall, 
bds What Cheer House 

Irvin Brown, ship-master, dwl 220 Yallejo 

Irvin Henry J. oilman, dwl "W s Liberty Place 

Irvine Andrew, jeweler with R. B. Gray & Co. 
dwl El Dorado building 

Irvine (James) & Co. ( John Lyons) wholesale gro- 
cers 224 Front, bds 522 California 

Irvine M. bds Original House 

Irvine W. laborer P. M. S. S. Co.'s works, Fol- 
som St. Wharf 

Irvine Walter & Co. druggists, 613 Sacramento 

Irvine William, with J. Johnson dwl 630 Sac- 

Irvines Francis, cough candy, 923 Dupont 

Irving David, tailor, dwl 2 Delaware Court 

Irving Henry P. attorney-at-law 612 Clay, dwl 
El Dorado building 

Irving Herbert (Godfrey & /.) dwl 91 1 Kearny 

Irving James, bar-keeper with Thomas Gilmour 

Irving Samuel, salesman with Janson, Bond & 
Co. dwl 403 Battery 

Irwin Ann E. Mrs. children's clothing 413 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 420 Montgomery 

Irwin George H. importer cigars and leaf tobac- 
co 310 Commercial, dwl 420 Montgomery 

IRWIN JAMES, keeper Willows, Mission bet 
Eighteeenth and Nineteenth 

Irwin Margaret Mrs. bds 243 Minna 

Irwin Robert, salesman with F. Henderson, dwl 
149 Second 

Irwin Samuel, vegetable peddler, dwl E s Hay- 
wood near Third 

Irwin Samuel M. clerk, 1501 Powell 

Irwin Wm. II. ( Weir & J.) dwl N s Clementina 
near Fourth 

Irwin William H. dentist, 623 Third 

Isaac Dexter, with Charles E. Blake 

Isaac Isadora, dwl 638 Broadway 

ISAAC JOSEPH, importer stationery and liquor 
lain Is 527 Sansom, dwl Fourth bet How- 
ard and Folsom 

Isaac Michael, tailor, dwl W s Ohio nr Broadway 

Isaacs Albert, clothing, 907 Kearny 

Isaacs Benjamin, book-keeper with Ashim Bros. 
dwl 4."> Minna 

ISAACS BENRY I. Identical saloon, SE cor 
Sacramento and Battery 

Isaacs Jacob, clerk 425 Com, dwl 407 Com 

Isaacs Joseph F. vinegar factory 3 Stewart, dwl 
21 Sonoma Place 

Isaacs Morris, clerk. 409 Commercial 

Isaacson Benjamin, St. Francis Hook and Ladder 
Co. No. 1 

Isaacson Wm. job-wagon cor Kearny and Wash- 
ington, dwl :!7 St. Marks Place 

Isabel Francis, dwl 515 Sacramento 

I sack Morris, tailor, 327 Pine 

Isbel T. J. bds Original House 

Iseck Samuel, butcher with A. Averell 

Isen Nathan, book-keeper witli Levineft Bros. 

Isham J. B. »i. dwl with James W. White 

IsUrber Frederick, California laundry, 309 Pine 



Ism James, dwl 603 Broadway 

Ioson Samuel, watchmaker, 637 Pacific 

Israel Henry, with W. R. Olden, 219 Front, dwl 

with W. R. Olden 
Israel J. G. watchman U. S. Branch Mint 
Isward Aiment, shaving-saloon, 632 Pacific 
Italian Benevolent Society, office 415 Jackson 
Itgen Charles, groceries 133 Pacific, (and Henry 

Mencke & Co.) dwl SE cor Sansom and Bush 
It Loy (Chinese) coffee-saloon, Washington Alley 

near Jackson 
Ivancovich J. & Co. (JIarcVulicevich) foreign and 

domestic Iruits 422 Washington, dwl 423 

Iverger Benjamin, (Hoesch & Co.) dwl Hinckley 

near Vallejo 
Ives Richard, clerk Vulcan Iron Works Co. dwl 

546 Folsom 
Ives Charles S. clerk with Stevens, Baker & Co. 

dwl E s Leavenworth bet Washington and 


Jacatex.v Gabriel, vegetable wagon, dwl Mission 

Dolores near Catholic Church 
Jack Adam, butcher 417 Pacific, dwl Ohio bet 

Broadway and Pacific 
Jack Benedick, laborer, dwl S s O'Farrell nr Jones 
Jackman A. H. gardener, dwl with Robert B. 

Jackson A. hat-finisher, dwl E s Montgomery 

bet Vallejo and Green 
Jackson Andrew, bds What Cheer House 
Jackson Andrew, foreman witli Chas. A. Fisher 

& Co. dwl E s Montgomery bet Greenwich 

Jackson Andrew M. boarding house, 111 Sac 
Jackson Anthony, domestic with Jos. C. Palmer 
Jackson Archibald (colored) carpenter, dwl S s 

Filbert bet Jones and Taylor 
Jackson Charles ( Oaklty & J.) dwl 630 Vallejo 
Jackson Daniel, clerk with Wm. Hazeltine 
Jackson David B. watchman Custom House 
Jackson Eliza (widow) dwl 235 Stevenson 
Jackson F. W. drayman, SW cor Sansom and 

Jackson George, clerk with Robert Sargeant 
Jackson H. barber, 108 Bush 
Jackson Henry, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Jackson Jacob, clerk with J. W. Goldmann 
Jackson Jacob, steamboatman, rooms SW cor 

Sacramento and Drumm 
Jackson James, laborer, dwl 46 Jessie 
Jackson James, miner, bds What Cheer House 
Jackson James D. physician, dwl 42 Natoma 
Jackson John H. daguereaa artist with Joseph 

Silva, dwl 320 Vallejo 
Jackson Peter, liquor-saloon, 606 Pacific 
Jackson Pompey colored) dwl E s Turk bet 

Larkin and PoIk 
Jackson Root, coffee-stand 423 East, rooms SW 

cor East and Merchant 
Jackson Street Wharf Co. office Jackson Street 

Jackson Thos. machinist, dwl 537 Kearny 
Jackson Warren, laborer, dwl 53 Jessie 
Jackson Wm. clerk Pacific Temperance House 

Jackson Wm. fireman stmr Sophie McLane 
Jacob Abram, tailor, dwl 231 Pacific 
Jacob Pauline Mrs. clothing, 231 Pacific 
Jacobey F. insurance agent, rooms 606 Pine 
Jacobey Jacob, pawn-broker, 738 Commercial 
Jacobey Jacob, merchant tailor, 715 Commercial 
Jacobs A. express-wagon, dwl Rassette Place nr 

Jacobs A. carpenter, bds Original House 
Jacobs A. & Co. ( Wolf Rdnsch) importers hats 
325 Sacramento, dwl SE cor Sacramento 
and Leidesdorff 
Jacobs Albert (Pratt & Co.) rooms 118 Wash 
Jacobs J. clothing, 414 Commercial 
Jacobs J. drayman, 521 Sacramento 
Jacobs James R. inspector Custom House, dwl 

421 Green 
Jacobs John, waterman, dwl 528 Pacific 
Jacobs Joseph, tailor, 1327 Dupont 
Jacobs Julius, porter with L. Emanuel, dwl S s 

Union bet Kearny and Dupont 
Jacobs Marks, cabinet-maker, 116 Second 
Jacobs Morris, peddler, dwell E s Ohio near 

JACOBS N. B. & CO. ( IV. T. Eeynolds) native 
wines, NE cor Sansom and Commercial, dwl 
206 Bush 
Jacobs Peter, shoemaker, dwl 304 Dupont 
Jacobs Peter, groceries, dwl Mason bet Lombard 

and Greenwich 
Jacobs Samuel, clerk with Joseph Wolfson, dwl 

922 Dupont 
Jacobs Samuel, drayman with Hofflin & Rosen- 
stock, dwl 140 Natoma 
Jacobs Solomon, dry-goods 203 Kearny, dwl 134 

Jacobs Solomon, second-hand furniture, 606 

Jacobs William, fruits, 1606 Powell 
Jacobs Wm. porter, bds 25 St. Marks Place 
Jacobs Wm. seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Jacobs Landing Line Packets, Clay St. Wharf 
Jacobson Christian, mariner, bds 520 Mission 
Jacobson Ferdinand, cigar-maker, 403 Brannan 
Jacobson Harris, shoemaker, 343 Pine 
Jacobson Hyman, cigar-maker with Mamlok & 

Jacobson Jacob, seaman, bds 208 Commercial 
Jacobson John, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Jacobson J. W. camphene distiller with Bailey & 

Harrison, bds with George Crowley 
Jacobson Peter, sho